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					                                           “Our mission is to protect and guarantee the right
                                            to pursue the time-honored traditions of hunting
                                               and fishing, and related activities, for every
                                           Minnesota citizen, in perpetuity, through legislative
                                                 action, public awareness and education.”

                                 S ON                                                                          1st Quarter 2011
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                           FA     moh
                                     om/                          A word from our President
                             ebo                                                       Don McMillan
                     .fa c
                                         I would like to start by saying Happy New Year to all of the dedicated sportsmen and women in
In This Issue                          Minnesota. We offer our sincere thanks for your continued support of our activities on your
                                       behalf in 2010. We look forward to a new year along with new challenges in our mission to
Hunting Works for MN            2      preserve the outdoor traditions that we enjoy in Minnesota.
Capable Partners Deer Hunt      3
                                       Our next event will be our Annual Legislative Banquet on Tuesday, February 15, 2011 that will
MN Waterfowl Symposium
                                       again be held at the Holiday Inn East at I 94 and McKnight Road just east of downtown St. Paul.
MDCA Decoy Show                 4      Please mark your calendars for this event. You will receive an invitation and information about
                                       this event in the near future.
Pope & Young Convention 5

NWTF MN Convention              6      The elections in November made some major changes in the Minnesota Legislature. We lost
                                       some good friends and we now have new leadership at the Capitol. Fortunately we still have the
NWTF Registration Form          7
                                       vast majority of members of both parties who appreciate the outdoors and support our mission to
NWTF Hand Call Contest          8      protect and guarantee the right to pursue the time-honored traditions of hunting, fishing,
MOHA Legislative Banquet               trapping and related activities, for every Minnesota citizen, in perpetuity, through legislative
MN Waterfowl Hall of Fame
                                       action, public awareness and education.                             Zach Jackson with a MN night sea-
The Wild Sheep Foundation                                                                                     son 39 lbs. common carp
                                       We hope to expand the Minnesota Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus in 2011 and continue to
Explore the Outdoors            10
                                       develop a major group of legislators who support our mission. I just returned from the annual
LLBA Annual Meeting and         11     meeting of the National Assembly of Sportsmen’s Caucuses where I gave a presentation on the
Banquet                                formation and operation of groups like MOHA, which was one of the first states to form a
MOHA President (cont.)         12      Sportsmen’s Caucus modeled after the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus and Foundation in
Trout Unlimited Banquet                Washington, DC. Senator Satveer Chaudhary, our Caucus Chair in 2010 also gave a presentation
Good Old Days                  13
                                       outlining some of our legislative successes here in Minnesota. We have much to be proud of here
Skunk Smell Remover
                                       in Minnesota regarding the state of our respective outdoor activities, and we are definitely at the
                                       forefront when it comes to having laws in place to protect our activities. Three more states
Thunderhook FLY-INS            14
                                       passed amendments to their constitution that guarantee the right to hunt and fish as we did
RiverWood Cabins LLC.          15      many years ago. It failed in one state, Arizona, due to a large expenditure and misleading
                                       advertising campaign by the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS). HSUS continues to be our
Events Calendar                16
                                       major enemy in this country and in Minnesota.                          (Continued on Page 4)
MOHA Member List               17
MINNESOTA           OUTDOOR           HERITAGE           ALLIANCE                                                    PAGE         2

                  Hunting Works for Minnesota
MISSION STATEMENT                                                                       New Partners
Hunting Works for Minnesota exists to promote the strong            Hunting Works for Minnesota welcomes our new
economic partnership between the hunting and shooting
                                                                    partners: Blue Water Outdoors (Bemidji), Buffalo
communities and the local economy of Minnesota.
                                                                    Express Convenience Store (Buffalo), Clear Lake Amoco
WHO WE ARE                                                          Convenience Store (Clear Lake), Grand Rapids Area
Our membership consists of businesses representing a
                                                                    Chamber of Commerce, International Falls Area
cross-section of the Minnesotan economy. These include
sporting retailers big and small, restaurant owners, hotel, motel   Chamber of Commerce, Larson’s Boats (Little Falls), St.
and resort operators, gas stations and convenience stores,          Cloud Area Visitors and Convention Bureau, Visit
hunting and shooting organizations, chambers of commerce and        Bemidji and Women of the Wild Outdoors TV Show. We
of course all the taxpayers of Minnesota (hunters and               currently have 98 partners from throughout the state
non-hunters alike) who benefit economically and aesthetically       and if you want to see the entire list please
from the license fees, taxes, and jobs the hunting and shooting
                                                           If your group or
industry provides both directly and indirectly.
                                                                    business is not listed as a partner or if you know of other
WHAT WE DO                                                          businesses or organizations who might be interested in
Hunting Works For Minnesota advocates for public policy that
                                                                    becoming a partner please contact me.
supports jobs and economic prosperity. As a grassroots
organization, we help tell the story of the role hunting and
shooting sports play in both the heritage and economic health of
Minnesota.                                                                                   2011
Our partners have a story to tell about the important economic
chain involving hunting and shooting sports that supports many      We are looking ahead to next year please
jobs, both rural and urban, across the state of Minnesota. We       let me know if you have ideas for projects
believe that communication is important. Hunters and shooters
face an ever increasing number of challenges today. Public           or key events we should attend in 2011.
policy decisions that impact hunting and shooting ultimately
impact Minnesota’s jobs. Hunting Works For Minnesota serves
as a vehicle to facilitate this important public policy dialogue
and to tell the story about preservation and conservation and

                                          Thank you for your support!
                                                           Nate Prouty
                                            Coordinator, Hunting Works for Minnesota
                                                     Office: 612-313-2620
                                                      Cell: 612-741-6277
                                               Follow us on Twitter and Facebook
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       Capable Partners 2010                                     MINNESOTA WATERFOWL
            Deer Hunt                                               SYMPOSIUM 2011
Another Cambridge Capable Partners deer hunt has come
and gone. We were able to shoot 7 deer this year and were
                                                                 The 14th Annual Symposium will be held at the
disappointed with the snowfall we received for the last          Ramada Mall of America, 2300 East American
weekend hunt. We were not able to get the guys out for the          Boulevard, Bloomington MN, Saturday,
hunt because of snow. We harvested on nice 8 point buck              February 5, 2011, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM.
and he was dispatched in one shot by Dan Breljie. Dan also
got a nice 2-3 year old doe. Tom Gindorf and George Bruhn        The 2011 Symposium is dedicated in memory of Harvey K.
sharing a stand because we had to many hunters and not           Nelson, Symposium Founder. Symposium will be held in
enough blinds each shot a doe Tom got the mother and             conjunction with the Minnesota Decoy Collectors Show.
George got the yearling that was with it. Ted Perron who is      Presentations will be made by leading waterfowl and wetland
terminally ill and never will know when he will not be with us   experts from Minnesota, neighboring states and provinces, and
was able to shoot the first deer of his life with his father     members of the migratory bird hunting community. The
                                                                 program will address the current status of waterfowl
beside him. Ted is 10 years old and loves hunting. He
                                                                 populations, hunting regulations, species management
harvested a bear in Wisconsin this past year also. We were all
                                                                 problems, decoys and calling, duck hunter’s views and the
very happy for him and I initiated him to deer hunting by        future of waterfowl hunting. There will be special displays to
wiping his face in blood. He told me he was going to school      support program topics. The Symposium is sponsored by the
on Monday and show it off. Jim Vorderbrueggen who has            Minnesota Waterfowl Association, and the U. S. Fish and
hunted with us shot a doe. He was using a Winchester 30:30       Wildlife Service, with support from Minnesota Department of
that was from the early 1900's with an octagon barrel. He        Natural Resources, Ducks Unlimited, Delta Waterfowl, and
says that's all he has ever used. Jim Hamlin also got a doe      other organizations and individuals.
out of blind 2. Jim has harvested a deer every year at
Becklin. The hunters again were very grateful for the chance     The will be no pre-registration or registration fee. Attendance
                                                                 will be limited to 250 on a first come basis, so make your plans
to enjoy this hunt and wanted me to send their thanks to the
                                                                 accordingly and arrive early. Refreshments will be served at the
MN DNR and Isanti Parks. We look forward to the new land
                                                                 morning and afternoon breaks. Lunch will not be provided, but
acquisition from the Robert Kelly Farm to the west of
                                                                 is available at the hotel or other restaurants in the area. You
the WMA.                                                         will also have an opportunity to view the Decoy Show displays
                                                                 and mingle with other waterfowl enthusiasts.

Gregory M. Waite                                                 Lodging is available at the Ramada Mall of America. There will
Board Member Capable Partners, Inc. Helping physically           be free parking in the adjacent hotel ramp. When making
disabled to hunt and                   reservations refer to the Waterfowl Symposium. Reservations
                                                                 should be made as soon as possible, but not later than Friday,
                                                                 January 15, 2010.(Phone 952-854-3411 or 1-800-272-6232,
                                                                 or Fax: 952-548-3601).

                                                                 For further information contact the Minnesota Waterfowl
                                                                 Association State Office at 952-767-0320 or
                                                        or see
MINNESOTA           OUTDOOR           HERITAGE           ALLIANCE                                                          PAGE      6

                 NWTF Minnesota State Convention
                   January 21 st and 22 nd 2011
                Thumper Pond Resort Ottertail, MN
   Make plans to join us this year for the Annual State Convention and Awards Banquet! The location is
  geared for family fun. And that is how we are going to plan our activities. Below are a couple of photos
                        from the water park attached to the resort! So bring the kids!

Make this one of your family’s Weekend Winter destinations!
    •    Friday Night Welcome Party – This year’s theme – I AM Proud to be a Minnesotan!

                    And whatever that means’s to you! Sports Team – MN Personality – Whomever! Prince?

    •    We are having an Ice Fishing Contest on Saturday Morning from 9-11 AM

    •    Bring the snowmobiles! The resort is right on the Ottertail Snowmobile Trail!

    •    Seminars on turkey hunting, JAKES events, Youth Hunts, and wild turkey habitat!

                           •       Wild Turkey Calling Contest – Divisions; State, Hunter, Junior, Youth

                           •       Handmade Turkey Call Contest will be held this weekend – this event continues to grow every
                                year! Many of the calls are on the Silent Auction at the Awards Dinner!

                         The Annual Minnesota State NWTF Awards Banquet is Saturday Night! Only 250
                         tickets can be sold! (We will have the Kids Pizza Party with adult supervision while
                         the banquet is going on) We will sell out!

 Ron Schara – Host of Minnesota Bound and the first MN State Chapter President will be our Keynote
  Speaker – The Early Days of the Wild Turkey in Minnesota and how the NWTF started in Minnesota!
More information will be coming out on other details in the near future

Bring your cross country skis too! And Ice skating rink on site.
Check out the resort online at
All Rooms are suites – call 218-367-2000 for reservations!

Room Rates are $85/$90/$99 depending on what type of room you reserve (The room block comes off by January 1st!)
After that it is first come/first served to the General Public – All room rates include passes to the Indoor Water Park!!! (One note –
change from the previous Convention held here – there is no free continental breakfast)
                                                                                  (See Page 5 for registration form)
MINNESOTA    OUTDOOR          HERITAGE              ALLIANCE                                                   PAGE    7

   For reserving your room at the Thumper Pond Hotel: Call 218-367-2000
                  (our room block goes away on January 1st)

             2011 NWTF MN State Convention Registration Form
     Welcome Party & Reception – I AM PROUD TO BE A MINNESOTAN theme! Whatever that
     means to you! This is going to be fun, attendees have gotten more and more into this each year!
            Friday, January 21st , 2011          7:00 – 10:00 pm                        _____ X $20 each = _________
     Hunting Heritage & MN State Awards Banquet
            Saturday, January 22nd , 2011 Door Open 5:30 pm                             _____ X $35 each = _________
     JAKES Pizza Party and Fun Night (ages 5 –12)
          names of kids _____________,_____________,___________,____________
            Saturday, January 22nd , 2011 5:30 – 9:00 pm                         _____X $15 each child =     _______
     I(we) plan on coming to the Membership Meeting and would like to have lunch on the State
     Chapter following meeting (this is paid for with Fall Raffle income) _____ X free
     Tickets for lunch will be handed out at the meeting
     Please mail a check payable to: MN NWTF                                     Total Enclosed _______________
              Early Bird Drawing for 2 - $250 gift cards to Gander Mountain!
               Early Bird Deadline Is Monday January 10th!!!! Extra $10 at Door!

     Name____________________________________ Spouses Name ____________________
     Address__________________________________City _____________ MN ____________

                     (Or bill my credit card – charges will be processed on the weekend of the convention)

     Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Discover Acct #______________________________

     Expiration Date____________ Signature ______________________________________

                                   All Tickets will be held at registration

Mail Registration form to: Tom Glines, 13075 Linnet St. NW, Coon Rapids MN 55448
and we’ll see you there!
MINNESOTA                 OUTDOOR                HERITAGE               ALLIANCE                                        PAGE     8

                                                                                        **Preliminary Notice – Save the Date**

                                                                                           Tuesday, February 15, 2011
                                                                                         MOHA Annual Legislative Banquet
2011 MN NWTF Hand Made Call Contest Entry Form

Call Maker_______________________________________
                                                                                       PLEASE SAVE THE DATE AND MARK
Address_________________________________________                                       YOUR CALENDARS FOR THE ANNUAL
                                                                                       MOHA LEGISLATIVE BANQUET
City _________________________ State _____________ Zip ___________
                                                                                       WHICH WILL BE HELD ON TUESDAY
Phone # ________________________________________                                       EVENING, FEBRUARY 15, 2011 AT THE
                                                                                       ST. PAUL HOLIDAY INN EAST JUST
Email Address ___________________________________
                                                                                       EAST OF DOWNTOWN ST. PAUL AT I
Use a separate form with each call and check which category you would like this        94 AND MCKNIGHT ROAD. LAST
call to be entered in:
                                                                                       YEAR WE HAD CLOSE TO 200
Category: 1. Decorative Box call             ___________                               ATTENDEES AND A RECORD CROWD
          2. Pot Call                        ___________                               SO BE SURE TO SEND IN YOUR
          3. Wing bone Call                  ___________
                                                                                       RESERVATION WHEN YOU RECEIVE
          4. Working Box Call                ___________
          5. Scratch Call                    ___________                               IT IN JANUARY. THIS EVENT
New       6. Trumpet Yelper                  ___________                               PROVIDES AN OPPORTUNITY FOR
New       7. Call Set                        ___________
                                                                                       UNITING KEY MEMBERS OF THE
Entry Fee: $10.00 per call $20 entry fee for the Call Set Category 2 or more calls     MINNESOTA LEGISLATURE, THE
All calls entered must be signed by the maker and dated with the contest year.         GOVERNOR AND HIS
If donated (100%), entry fee will be waived and artisan will not receive any money
for the sale of call. But will still receive ribbons and Cabela’s Gift Card            ADMINISTRATION WITH ALL OF THE
                                                                                       MAJOR SPORTSMEN AND WOMEN’S
Call makers may place business cards by call after judging and ribbon placement.
                                                                                       GROUPS IN MINNESOTA. WE ALSO
Three ribbons for each category, 1st, 2nd, 3rd place. Top Call in each category will
also receive a $50 Cabela’s Gift Card.                                                 MIX THIS EVENT WITH A BIT OF
                                                                                       FUN AND FUNDRAISING FOR MOHA
50/50 split_____________________ you will receive a check for ½ of the call
                                                                                       WITH A RAFFLE FOR FIREARMS AND
sale price
100% Donation_________________                                                         OTHER ITEMS PLUS A GREAT SILENT
I would like to keep my call _______                                                   AUCTION. WE WILL CONTINUE TO
We will have a special area set aside during the Minnesota State Awards banquet
                                                                                       RESERVE TABLES FOR ANY GROUP
for the Handmade Call Silent Auction.                                                  SO PLAN TO BRING OTHERS FROM
Bring entry form & entry to MN NWTF Convention to Thumper Pond Resort, Otter-          YOUR RESPECTIVE ORGANIZATIONS
tail, MN by 11 a.m. on Saturday January 22nd or have a friend bring your call or
get it to one of the NWTF Regional Directors                                           AND REMEMBER THAT GUESTS,
                                                                                       SPOUSES AND OTHERS ARE MOST
For additional information contact the contest coordinator Warren Robertson,
                                                                                       WELCOME AT THIS EVENT. LOOK
                                                                                       FOR AN INVITATION AND MORE
                                                                                       DETAILS LATER IN THE MONTH.
MINNESOTA          OUTDOOR          HERITAGE         ALLIANCE                                                         PAGE       9

     M I N N E S OTA WAT E R F OW L                                THE WILD SHEEP FOUNDATION-
                                                                    MIDWEST CHAPTER’S ANNUAL
     H A L L O F FA M E B A N Q U E T

                                                               The Wild Sheep Foundation – Midwest Chapter will be holding its
The Minnesota Waterfowl Hall of Fame, begun in 2010
                                                               annual fundraiser on March 4-5, 2011 at the Minneapolis
to recognize and honor individuals who have made a             Marriott Southwest in Minnetonka, Minnesota. During this
impact, have work to improve and have a lasting legacy         two-day event we will be having two live auctions, two silent
on waterfowling hunting and conservation in                    auctions, many raffles items, a ladies wine tasting, as well as a
Minnesota. It is important to honor all of those who           Friday night buffet, Saturday morning breakfast and Saturday
have had an influence on waterfowl conservation. One           evening sit down banquet.

can make an impact on the lives of many and Minnesota
                                                               Some of the auction items include:
without being well know.                                       •  California Bighorn Sheep Tag donated by Nevada Department
                                                                  of Wildlife
The inaugural class included James Ford Bell, Paul             • Wyoming Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep License donated by
Englund, Ray Hangge, Art Hawkins, Robert Head, Don                Wyoming Game and Fish
                                                               • Oregon Statewide Elk Tag donated by the State of Oregon
“The Duckman” Helmeke, Les Kouba, Richard Lindell,
                                                               • Combination Hunt donated by Nebraska Game and Parks
Harvey K. Nelson, Jimmy Robinson and Tom Tubbs. They              Commission
and their families where recognized with a medallion.          • Life-sized Sheep Mount, donated by Taxidermy Unlimited
Each inductee will have their biography and photo              • Jewelry donated by Ideal Diamond
displayed in a developing permanent location.                  • New Zealand Tahr Hunt, donated by Gary Herbert
                                                               • Bronze Sculpture, donated by Rick Taylor
                                                               • Trophy Fallow Deer Hunt in New Zealand, donated by Close
The second class will be inducted on Saturday, February
5, 2011 during the Minnesota Waterfowl Hall of Fame
                                                               • Mule Deer Hunt donated by Ty Miller
and Minnesota Waterfowl Association Awards Banquet,            • Whitetail Deer Hunt, donated by Dean Sandulak
at the Ramada Inn – Mall of America, Bloomington, MN.          • African Map Made from African Animal Hides, donated by
The Banquet starts at 6 p.m with a social hour, 7 p.m.            Luke’s Animal Artworks
dinner. Reservations are $35 per person in advance or          • Moose Hunt, donated by Bruce Ambler
                                                               • Pond Construction donated by the Pond Squad
$45 at the door, if available. Reservations can be made
                                                               • Mountain Lion Hunt, donated by Yavapai Outfitters
by calling the Minnesota Waterfowl Association at
                                                               • Fly Fishing Trip, donated by Terry Sandmeier
952-767-0320 with a credit card or via check to 907
First Street N, Hopkins, MN 55343.                      One of the big raffle items this year will be a 10-Day Dall or Fannin
                                                               Hunt with Jim Fink of Blackstone Outfitters. Tickets for the raffles
Nominations for future classes of the Minnesota                will only be available at our Fundraiser.
Waterfowl Hall of Fame can be submitted to Brad Nylin
                                                               Our auction and raffle list continues to grow daily. Check out our
( For more information             website at to see additional items as well as
and to review the biographies of the first class see           information on registering for our event. If you have additional                                           questions, please call Patti Murry at our main office at
                                                               (507) 645-8811 or email her at Hope to
                                                               see you in March!
MINNESOTA             OUTDOOR            HERITAGE            ALLIANCE
MINNESOTA             OUTDOOR            HERITAGE            ALLIANCE                                                                     PAGE   12

     A word from the President
                                                                    President                                  Vice-President
                                                                    Don McMillan                               Brian Petschl
One of our good friends that we lost in the past election is        Safari Club International                  Land of Lakes Bowfishing Association
Senator Satveer Chaudhary. Senator Chaudhary was Chairman           763.559.5435                     
of the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee
and was a very strong supporter of the MOHA mission and the                                                    Secretary
sportsmen and women in Minnesota. We wish Senator                   Dan Peterson                               Marv Ziner
Chaudhary well in his future endeavors and we also hope that        LarsonAllen LLP                            Friends of Advanced Hunter Ed
he will be with us in the future.                                   612.376.4709                               763.441.2822
MOHA is a one hundred percent volunteer organization with
many dedicated individuals working to keep us as the largest
and most effective alliance of sportsmen and women’s groups
in Minnesota. I want to take this opportunity to thank our
Board of Directors and member groups who have helped us
                                                                    Jim Bezat                                 Dan Richmond
achieve and continue that status. A special thanks to Brian         Legislative Liaison                       Pheasants Forever
Petschl, our Vice President and Newsletter Editor and Jim           952.892.0606                              612-819-8837
Bezat, our MOHA Legislative Liaison for their valuable activities        
on our behalf this last year. We are extremely fortunate to have
                                                                    Joe Duggan                                Kirk Schnitker
these two gentlemen on our team.                                    Pheasants Forever                         Schnitker & Associates
                                                                    651.773.2000                              763.252.0114
Our bi-weekly Caucus meetings will begin in early January so              hammsclub@hammsclub
look for a schedule and location by the end of the month. We
                                                                    Greg Flor                                 John Schroers, Past President
will most likely be meeting every other Wednesday from 11:30        Minnesota Trappers Association            Minnesota Duck & Goose Callers
AM to 12:30 PM as in previous sessions. We hope to see all of       612.822.1884                              952.445-2207
you at the Capitol sometime in 2011.                                    

                                                                    Roger Goeschel                            Tim Spreck
 Trout Unlimited Banquet                                            Minnesota Darkhouse & Angling             Minnesota Darkhouse & Angling
                                                                    Association                               Association
                                                                    952-898-4406                              651-439-1110
The Minnesota Chapters of Trout Unlimited will be
                                                                    Warren Kapsner                            Donna Tirpak
holding our annual Banquet on March 19 at                           Safari Club International                 Becoming an Outdoors Women in
Hazeltine National Golf Course. The banquet will                    763.781.6931                              Minnesota
include dinner as well as silent and live auctions.                                                 
We encourage all MOHA members to join us for a fun                  Jim Klatt, Past President
                                                                    Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Project   Pat McMullen
and beneficial evening. Proceeds will support our                   952.933.5939                              Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
ongoing work with the Lessard-Sams projects as                                       877-255-9540
well as our many independent projects.                              Sven Lindquist
Registration will be at the door as well as online                  Safari Club International                 Doug Evans
                                                                    651.293.1119                              Safari Club International
at Please watch for                             763-420-8207
further information. We hope to see as many of your                                                 
                                                                    Carrie Mellesmoen
members there as possible!                                          North American Bear Foundation
MINNESOTA      OUTDOOR      HERITAGE      ALLIANCE                                                      PAGE      13

                                                           MOHA E-NEWSLETTER
      Advertising in the MOHA                                I N F O R M AT I O N
              E-Newsletter                       Welcome all to MOHA’s E-Newsletter. The intention of this
                                                 newsletter is for MOHA and it’s member groups to get the word
As we look for ways to help fund MOHA the        out about information important to Minnesota
                                                 sportsmen/women. Information we are seeking is articles,
board is supporting advertising in our
                                                 photos, events/banquets, meetings, and anything that is
e-newsletter. The cost will be $500 for a full   important to MOHA and MOHA members! What a better way to
page, $250 for a half page, and gives            reach out to your members and let them to get to know MOHA a
advertisers the opportunity to reach out to      little better.

new customers for 4 (quarterly) newsletters.     We urge members to take advantage of this extremely cost
If you are interested in advertising in the      effective way to provide information to a very large audience.
MOHA E-Newsletter please feel free to contact    Ask your newsletter editors/coordinators to provide items by the
                                                 deadline (the 20th before each quarter) to Brian Petschl at
Brian Petschl at
                                        Articles must be emailed on a
                                                 Microsoft word document or a pdf file, proof read and ready to be
                                                 published upon sending. One page flyers, sent in a pdf file, can
                                                 also be added to the newsletter.

                                                 Our hope is many will take advantage of this offering from MOHA.
                                                 This is another great way to reach out to Minnesota sportsman
                                                 and women to provide them with your information. We hope you
                                                 will participate in the future but more importantly you enjoy future
                                                 MOHA e-newsletters. If you have any questions or suggestions
                                                 please also let us know how we can improve the newsletter.

                                                 Brian Petschl

                                                                  Skunk Smell Remover

                                                                   1 Quart Hydrogen Peroxide
                                                                      1 Cup of baking soda
                                                                  1 Teaspoon liquid dish soap
                                                        Mix all ingredients together in an open bucket.
                                                            Use a sponge or cloth to wipe animal,
                                                                   Including inside of mouth.
                                                                       KEEP OUT OF EYES!

                CALL TODAY (218)-780-2278
               State Representative David Dill


MINNESOTA           OUTDOOR           HERITAGE       ALLIANCE                                                       PAGE   16

 Banquets/Fundraisers                          Conventions                             Events
 February 15th                                 Jan 21st and 22nd                       Feb. 2nd—5th
 MOHA Annual Legislative Banquet               National Wild Turkey Federation –MN     2011 MDCA Decoy Show
 Future details to be found on MOHA website    See Page 6 for information              See Page 4 for information

 March 19th                                    April 6th—9th                           February 5th
 Trout Unlimited Banquet                       Pope & Young Club National Convention   MN Waterfowl Symposium
 See Page 12 for information                   See Page 5 for information              See Page 3 for information

 March 19th                                                                            February 5th
 Land of Lakes Bowfishing Association Annual                                           MN Waterfowl Hall of Fame
 Meeting and Banquet                                                                   See Page 9 for information
 See Page 11 for information
                                                                                       February 18-19, 2011
                                                                                       Minnesota Chapter Safari Club
                                                                                       International World Hunting Expo
                                                                                       Northland Inn, Brooklyn Park, MN
                                                                                       Contact: Monique Navarrette
                                                                                       952-693-1461 or

                                                                                       May 21st—22nd
                                                                                       MN Outdoor Youth Expo
                                                                                       See Page 10 for information

                                               MOHA Board of Directors—2nd
                                               Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm.
                                               For location contact Don McMillan at
MINNESOTA      OUTDOOR       HERITAGE   ALLIANCE                                      PAGE   17

 American Longrifle Association               Minnesota Trail Hound Association

 Becoming an Outdoors Woman                   Minnesota Trappers Association

 Bluffland Whitetails Association             Minnesota Volunteer Safety Instructors Association

 Cook County Dog Mushers                      Minnesota Waterfowl Association

 Capable Partners, Inc.                       Minnesota Weapons Collectors Association

 Ducks Unlimited                              Minnesota/Wisconsin Wild Sheep Foundation

 Fish & Wildlife Legislative Alliance         Montgomery Sportsmen’s Club

 Friends of Advanced Hunter Education         National Wild Turkey Federation

 German Shorthaired Pointer Club of           Nicollet Conservation Club
                                              North American Bear Foundation
 Land of Lakes Bowfishing Association
                                              North American Fishing Club
 Lake Country Retriever Club
                                              North American Hunting Club
 Leech Lake Area Watershed Foundation
                                              North Country Bowhunters
 Minnesota Bass Federation
                                              North Star Sled Dog Club
 Minnesota Bowhunters, Inc.
                                              Outdoor Heritage Education Center
 Minnesota Catfish and Sturgeon Alliance
                                              Pheasants Forever
 Minnesota Darkhouse & Angling
 Association                                  Ruffed Grouse Society

 Minnesota Department of Natural              RGS Twin Cities Chapter
                                              Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
 Minnesota Deer Hunters Association
                                              Safari Club International
 Minnesota Duck & Goose Callers
                                              Shooting Preserve Association
 Minnesota Falconers Association
                                              Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership
 Minnesota Federation of Field Trials Clubs
                                              Tradition Creek LLC
 Minnesota Firearms Instructions              Trout Unlimited
                                              Turn In Poachers
 Minnesota Fur Harvesters
                                              Wild Wings
 Minnesota Game Breeders
                                              Wings North
 Minnesota Muskie Alliance
                                              Women Anglers of Minnesota
 Minnesota Rifle and Revolver Association
                                              Zumbro valley rifle club
 Minnesota Sportsmen’s Club

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