MKT460 Syllabus -Khan by MichaelAmes


									                       MKT 460: Marketing Information and Analysis
                                       Fall 2006
                                Professor Romana Khan

Meeting Times:

Section Unique Day Time                                     Location
1       04805 TTH 8:00 - 9:30                               CBA 4.348
              W   10:00 - 11:00 (Lab Session)               CBA 5.304 (MODLAB WEST)

2       04810 TTH 11:00 - 12:30                             UTC 1.132
              W   2:00 - 3:00 (Lab Session)                 CBA 5.304 (MODLAB WEST)

3       04820 TTH 2:00 - 3:30
                                                            UTC 1.116
              W   12:00 - 1:00 (Lab Session)
                                                            CBA 5.304 (MODLAB WEST)

You may:
   • attend any of the three lecture sessions
   • take your tests in any of the three lecture sessions
   • attend any of the three mod lab sessions, but try to attend the mod lab session for
      your section.

Contact Information:
Office: CBA 7.216
Office Hours: T 9.30 am - 10.30 am; 12.30 pm - 1.30 pm or by appointment
Phone: (512) 232 – 2793

Course Objectives:
The objective of this course is to provide a fundamental understanding of marketing research
methods. Marketing research is an organized approach to developing and providing information for
decision-making purposes. The quality of the information depends on the rigor and care exercised
in executing the various steps of the market research process. This course will guide you through
these steps and develop the tools and skills necessary for analysis in marketing decision-making.

The course objectives are:
   • To understand how to formulate research objectives to address marketing problems
   • To learn how to set up a research design
   • To know and understand different methods of data collection
   • To know and understand different methods of data analysis
   • To understand how to interpret the results of data analysis to address the research
   • objectives
   • To train you to analyze real life marketing problems
Course Format:
To achieve course objectives a combination of lectures, lab sessions, individual exercises,
group projects, and case discussions will be used.
   • Class lectures are designed to teach you the theoretical aspects of the market research
       process. Additionally, you will be asked to prepare for case discussion as a basis for
       understanding the application of these concepts in real world situations.

   •   The MOD LAB sessions are designed to develop your skill set through application of the
       theory discussed in class. Attendance at the MOD LAB sessions is required and is an
       integral part of the course. MOD LAB will meet as noted on the class schedule. Reminders
       of Mod Lab meetings will be announced in class.

   •   A series of individual exercises and group projects will provide you the opportunity to
       enhance your learning through practice. They are designed to develop your practical skills
       and analytical toolbox.

Course Materials:
Title: Marketing Research Methodological Foundations
Authors: Gilbert Churchill, Dawn Iacobucci
Publisher: Thomson Southwestern
Edition: Either 8th or 9th edition

The 9th edition of this textbook is available at the bookstore. Cheaper copies are available online.
Do not ask me to recommend a website – I cannot do this.

Various articles and cases will be distributed in class throughout the course.

Class Lecture Outline:
At the beginning of each lecture session, I will provide an outline of the lecture slides. This is to
facilitate note-taking during the lecture and help you organize your notes. At the end of the day,
extra copies of the lecture outline will be put in a folder outside my office. If you miss class, it is
your responsibility to pick up a copy of the outline. It is also your responsibility to get the class
notes from another student in the class. The outline will also be posted on blackboard.

If we do not complete the notes/slides during the lecture, please be sure to bring the outline to the
next lecture session.

Course Website:
We will use Blackboard to post all relevant materials. Schedules, class notes, team projects, cases,
lab sessions, and all other information will be made available at the time they are needed. Please
check Blackboard regularly for updates.

Accommodation for Students with Disabilities:
The University of Texas at Austin provides upon request appropriate academic adjustments for
qualified students with disabilities. For more information, contact the Office of the Dean of
Students at (512) 471-6259.
Assignments are due by 4pm on the date indicated on the syllabus. Assignments not turned in
during class should be put under the door of my office. You may turn in homework late. Each day
that the homework is late will result in a 10% penalty.
You must print a hard copy of your assignment to turn in. Emailed assignments will not be
accepted. You must staple the pages of your assignment (folded corners and papers clips are not
acceptable alternatives).

Attendance is mandatory for all tests. If, for valid reasons, you cannot attend the test session you
must inform me in advance. Valid reasons include illness, personal bereavement, religious holiday,
and travel for a school authorized activity.
Five tests will be administered during the course of the semester. In the calculation of the final
grade, the lowest test score will be dropped. The level of difficulty will vary across tests. It is in
your interest to take all the tests and put forth your best effort for each test.
You must bring a pencil and eraser to each test.

   1. If you miss class for a medical reason, personal bereavement or religious holiday, I will
       assist you in catching up. If you miss class for any other reason, please contact your
       classmates for missed notes, announcements, etc.

   2. If you miss class, contact your classmates as the first source of information on material
      missed, announcements, etc.

   3. The instructor and teaching assistants will be available to you throughout the course to
      assist you with any issues related to the coursework. If you miss a class or a MOD LAB
      session, you are responsible for the material covered. The instructor and the teaching
      assistants will not provide individual instruction.

   4. If you plan to leave class before the end of the session, please inform me.

   5. Do not carry on personal conversations during class. Do not use your cell phones for
      personal conversations or text messaging.

   6. Pay attention in class and take notes. Do not use class time to complete (or copy) homework
      or to complete work for another class.

   7. The overwhelming majority of the students in the business school conduct themselves with
      the highest standards of professionalism. It is to this standard that the students in this class
      will be held.
Evaluation of Student Work:
The course will be graded on a ‘curve’.

   1. Tests – 60 % (4 out of 5 tests)
      There will be five tests. Each test will cover a subsection of the course material. There will
      be no cumulative final examination of the course material.
      In the calculation of the final grade, the lowest test score will be dropped. It is in your
      interest to take all the tests and put forth your best effort for each test.

   2. Individual Assignments – 20% (3 assignments)
      The individual homework assignments will give you an opportunity to learn the
      mechanics of the analysis tools. The purpose of the assignments is to ensure that
      you have an understanding of basic analysis tools in marketing research.

       Assignment 1: Basic Data Analysis and Report – 10%
       Assignment 2: Basic Regression Analysis – 5%
       Assignment 3: Database Marketing Target Selection – 5%

   3. Team Projects - 14% (2 projects)
      Your team will apply marketing research principles and techniques to practical
      business situations. This will also give you experience working as a team and develop skills
      such as negotiating work load. We will use peer evaluations to avoid ‘free rides’.

       Project 1: Questionnaire Design – 10%
       Project 2: Ethnographic/Observational Study – 4%

   4. Team Presentation – 3% (1 presentation)
      We will use a series of newspaper articles and cases to illustrate concepts and generate class
      discussion. Your team will be asked to prepare and present one article during the semester.
      The entire class is expected to read the material and participate in class discussion.

   5. Attendance – 3%
      You are expected to prepare for, attend, and participate in class. Attendance will be taken at
      10 random times during the semester. If you are present for at least 7 of these 10 occasions
      you will receive the full score.
Course Outline
         I.    Introduction to Marketing Research

         II.    The Marketing Research Process
                 a. Setting the Research Purpose and Objectives

         III.   Research Design: Overview
                 a. Exploratory
                 b. Descriptive
                 c. Causal

         IV.    Descriptive Research
                 a. Data Analysis
                      i. Basic Descriptive Statistics
                     ii. Hypothesis Testing
                    iii. Basic Segmentation
                 b. Data Collection
                      i. Survey Design
                     ii. Attitude Measurement
                 c. Sampling Issues
                      i. Sampling Frame
                     ii. Sample Size
                 d. Regression Analysis and Applications
                      i. Demand Estimation
                     ii. Sales Forecasting

         V.     Special Topic: Conjoint Analysis

         VI.    Special Topic: CRM and Database Marketing

         VII.   Exploratory Research
                 a. Qualitative Research
                 b. Secondary Data
                 c. Ethnographic Research

         VIII. Causal Research
                a. Experimental Design
                b. Test Markets

         IX.    Special Topic: New Product Development

         X.     Course Conclusion
              MKTG 460: Information and Analysis              Class Schedule TENTATIVE
Week   Date     TOPIC                           Assignment Due          Presentation Schedule
 1     30-Aug   Course Intro
 2     5-Sep    What is Marketing Research
       7-Sep    Marketing Research Process
 3     12-Sep   Research Design/Types of Data                           Team 1: Spying on the Sales Floor
       14-Sep   Basic Data Analysis                                     Team 2: Palm Case
 4     19-Sep   Basic Data Analysis                                     Team 3: Personal Data
       20-Sep   MODLAB 1: PIVOT TABLES
       21-Sep   Segmentation                                            Team 4: Beer
 5     26-Sep   Hypothesis Testing                                      Team 5: Mobile Phones
       28-Sep                                             TEST 1
 6     3-Oct    Hypothesis Testing
                MODLAB 2: Hypothesis
       4-Oct    Testing
       5-Oct    Questionnaire Design                                        Team 6: Kodak
 7     10-Oct   Attitude Measurement            Individual Assignment 1     Team 7: TV Advertising
       11-Oct   MODLAB 3: ONLINE SURVEY
       12-Oct                                             TEST 2
 8     17-Oct   Sampling Procedures
       19-Oct   Sample Size
 9     24-Oct                                             TEST 3
       26-Oct   Regression
 10    31-Oct   Regression                      Team Project 1
       1-Nov    MODLAB 4: Regression 1
       2-Nov    Forecasting                                                 Team 8: French Wine
 11    7-Nov    Conjoint Analysis               Individual Assignment 2
                MODLAB 5: Regression 2
       9-Nov                                              TEST 4
 12    14-Nov   CRM Database Marketing                                      Team 9: ClubCards
       16-Nov   Exploratory Research                                        Team 10: Harrahs
 13    21-Nov   Causal Research                 Individual Assignment 3
       23-Nov                                            Thanksgiving
 14    28-Nov   Test Markets
       30-Nov   New Product Development
 15    5-Dec    Course Conclusion               Team Project 2
       7-Dec                                              TEST 5

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