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Mary Jo Dylla

Francisco Arevalo
Justin Jones
Dwayne Padalecki
Susann Baker
Walter Wyrwich

City Secretary
Barbara Pawelek
                               Minutes of the Regular Council Meeting

                                        December 3, 2009

        Mayor Mary Jo Dylla called the meeting to order at 7:32 p.m. at the City Hall.


       Roll call was taken. Members present were Councilwoman Susann Baker, Councilman
Dwayne Padalecki and Councilman Walter Wyrwich. Councilman Frank Arevalo and Councilman
Justin Jones were absent. A quorum was established. Barbara Pawelek presided as City


      The Mayor asked that council look over the minutes of the November 5th city council
meeting. Councilwoman Susann Baker moved to accept the minutes as written. Councilman
Dwayne Padalecki seconded the motion. All were in favor; the minutes of November 5th
meeting were approved.


      The financial summaries for council to approve were for the month of August, September,
and October.

       The Mayor told council the financial summary for August was not approved. The Mayor
asked if there were any questions. No one said anything.

       Councilwoman Susann Baker moved to approve the August financial summary. There
was no second. The Mayor asked council to let her know what the problem is with the August
financial summary is so that she can clarify it for them to approve at January’s meeting.

      The next financial summary for approval was September’s. The Mayor asked if there
were any questions regarding the September financial statement. Councilwoman Susann Baker

moved to accept the September financial statement as written. Councilman Dwayne Padalecki
seconded the motion. All were in favor; the September financial summary was approved.

       The final financial summary for approval was October’s. Councilman Dwayne Padalecki
moved to approve the financial summary. Councilwoman Susann Baker seconded the motion.
All were in favor; the financial summary for October was approved.


      Fire Chief Larry Padalecki reported for the St. Hedwig Volunteer Fire Department. For
the month of November there were a total of 18 calls. 13 EMS calls; 6 in the City, and 7 in the
County. There were 5 Fire calls; all in the County. Six of the EMS calls were car crashes.

       The Chief asked that everyone check their smoke detectors and carbon monoxide
detectors, and do not leave space heaters unattended.


      Kathy Palmer said they have two items on the agenda which are awaiting council’s
approval and depending on whether they are approved depends on when and what they will
work on.


      Kathy Palmer reported that it has been quiet. All issues that she was working on have
been resolved.


      There were no citizens to be heard.


      A. ROADS

      Councilman Jones was not present and the roads will be tabled till next month.

      B. CITY PARK

       Councilwoman Baker will be getting together with those interested in ordering benches
for the park. Mrs. Baker got prices for the benches. Each bench would cost about $735 per
bench plus $100 shipping. It was discussed whether the City should order extra benches to
make them cheaper. The more you order the cheaper it will be. However, customization is
included. What would we engrave on the extra ones? The Mayor thought it would be better to

order them as someone wanted to purchase one. The city will supply the cement pad that the
bench will be attached to.

        If you know of anyone who would like to buy a bench in loving memory of someone or
just to advertise, please contact the city hall as soon as possible. We would order them at the
beginning of the year and have them in by spring.


        Duke Carlisle with MD Systems talked about recycling. He sent out letters a few months
ago but did not have a good response. Mr. Carlisle now has recycling dumpsters. He would like
to put one on the city property for the citizens. You could put glass, cans, card board, plastic,
etc. The Mayor had concerns about citizens dumping their residential trash in it. How could we
police it? Would MD System check it often? Mr. Carlisle said he would check it twice a week.

       The Mayor suggested doing a city mail out with the information of recycling through MD.
We need to get the word out. Mr. Carlisle said he would provide a slightly smaller recycling can
for each individual that would like to recycle.

        The Mayor asked council what they thought about it. The Mayor said she definitely
wants the recycling and wanted to try to get enough citizens to do this. Mr. Carlisle needs 100
citizens to participate. After discussion, it was decided that MD Systems would send another
mailing when they do the Clean Up Day in March. It would be the 3rd week in March. The City
would put it on their website and put it on the marquee. Mr. Carlisle said he would bring the
recycling dumpster if the city council would like one to be it at the city hall, just to let him know.

       The Mayor thanked MD Systems for all they do for the community.


       Kathy Palmer said the city received a letter answering Councilman Padalecki’s questions
about a month and a half ago. She said basically the document was not signed by TX Dot
before funding was pulled, so we will be starting over, if and when the bridge will even be
considered, since funding dropped about 50%.

       E. BEXAR METRO 911

         A citizen residing on Lupon Road back in August made several 911 calls but she was told
they did not know where St. Hedwig was. This was brought to council’s attention and as a
result, we contacted Brett Schneider, Director of Operations with Bexar Metro 911. He attended
tonight’s city council meeting to address the citizens of the problem. Basically with wireless
calls, it boils down to two things; geography and cell phone tower placement. Mr. Schneider did
testing in several locations in the City of St. Hedwig. He said unfortunately there are some
holes, where there are small areas with limited or no coverage. In addition, when there is a

high call volume, calls are bounced to another tower in the vicinity, which may even be in a
different county since St. Hedwig is close to Bexar, Wilson and Guadalupe Counties. Mr.
Schneider said this is the problem with making a call from a cell phone and not a land line. After
testing, 58 calls were placed; approximately 38 calls were routed properly through Bexar
County; 3 went to the Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office, 6 went to the San Antonio Police
Department, and 6 went to Wilson County, the other five went elsewhere including Live Oak and
Converse. Mr. Schneider said let them know when you make a 911 call on a cell phone that you
are in Bexar County.

       The Mayor said when a citizen has an emergency, they are not thinking about anything
but getting help and that citizen should not be left in limbo.

      Council asked Mr. Schneider to do more testing and get with all the dispatching areas to
make them aware of the concerns and problem, and possibly placing an additional cell tower.
Mr. Schneider will keep the Mayor and city council informed.


       Kathy Palmer read the minutes of the Public Hearing on September 24th for the 2009 St.
Hedwig Zoning Ordinance. She read them to give an understanding of the amendments that
were incorporated. They were the November 2003 amendment that allows an extended family
residence in the agricultural/residential district, abiding by the five-acre minimum but allowing
for someone to put a 1000 square foot or less extended family residence strictly for family not
for rental. Also added was the establishment of fees for the Board of Adjustment and rezoning
requests hearings, and at that time an amendment to the zoning district to incorporate a super-
agricultural district of 35 acres or greater. That since has been dropped. Added was the
amendment reflecting the 2008 Zoning Map districts adopted by the council in 2008 and
incorporated those districts (dropping the super agricultural district), adjusting the fees
approved by council for rezoning and the Board of Adjustment hearings to cover the increased
cost and the amendment adopting the construction requirements in use of land within the HD-1
(Historic District) as referenced in the 2008 zoning map.

       The text changes in the document itself were strictly to change the zoning districts to
match the 2008 map and also to modify the Table of Use to reflect and match the 2008 zoning
map to define what would be allowed within light industrial, historic district, commercial, and
public districts.

       Mrs. Palmer stated that nothing was added to the Zoning Ordinance that was not
previously approved.

      Councilwoman Susann Baker moved to adopt the 2009 Zoning Ordinance. Councilman
Dwayne Padalecki seconded the motion. All were in favor; the 2009 Zoning Ordinance was
approved and labeled as Ordinance 0909.

         (MOBILITY PLAN)

       Kathy Palmer explained the Mobility Plan was based on conversations from the South
Central Texas Sub Regional Planning Commission meetings, St. Hedwig decided based on all of
the transportation concerns mainly TTC35, that we should put in place our own mobility plan
since we do not have adequate representation on the Metropolitan Planning Organization nor
the Regional Mobility Authority. This Mobility Plan Draft was created and presented to council
during the summer after 90 days worth of public comment. It was posted on the website, and
in the Wilson County News. No public comment was made. It went back to council for the final
draft with an additional 30 day comment period. Again no comments were made.

        Councilwoman Susann Baker commented that this mobility plan just validates St. Hedwig
as a City and its perceptions and positions on where we are and where we want to be in terms
of what going on that we don’t always have control over, and the fact that we now have these
documents in place that Planning and Zoning worked hard on these past few years, may make a
big difference in our future.

      With that, Councilwoman Susann Baker moved to adopt the St. Hedwig Rural
Transportation Plan also know as the Mobility Plan. Councilman Dwayne Padalecki seconded the
motion. All were in favor; the Mobility Plan is 0910.


      The Mayor clarified for everyone with the city hall and the city park, the building needs
up keep, grounds need mowing, parking lot, putting up signs, various things. Council had
approved to hire a handy man for the upcoming budget and anyone interested should send a
resume to the city hall by December 30th and possibly hired by the middle of January.

      Councilman Padalecki questioned if the handy man would do the spraying of the roads.
The Mayor said it is possible they could, but right now we have the handy man budgeted for 20
hours per week. We will just see how things go.



        The Mayor explained that this is an agreement between the City and CPS Energy for
collection of franchise fees from the utility. We had an agreement with CPS for 20 years that
expires on June 14, 2010. Everything is basically the same including the amount which is 3%.
The new agreement will be effective on June 15, 2010 and last once again for 20 years.

       Councilman Walter Wyrwich moved to sign the CPS Electric & Gas Franchise Fee
Ordinance for the 20 year period. Councilwoman Susann Baker seconded the motion. All were
in favor; Ordinance 0911 was approved.


              It was Mayor Dylla’s Birthday tonight and she is wished a Happy Birthday and
               many more!
              The Mayor wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

AGENDA FOR NEXT REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING                    January 7, 2009 at 7:30 PM

   1.    Call Meeting to Order
   2.    Roll call & Establish a Quorum
   3.    Reading and Approval of Minutes
   4.    Approval of Financial Summary
   5.    Report from VFD
   6.    Report from Planning & Zoning Commission
   7.    Report from Compliance Manager
   8.    Citizens to be Heard
   9.    Old Business
            a. Roads
            b. City Park
            c. Bexar Metro 911
            d. Recycling
            e. Handy Man
            f. Military Honor Wall
   10.   New Business
   11.   Announcements
   12.   Determine Agenda for next meeting
   13.   Adjournment

Councilwoman Baker moved to adjourn the city council meeting.
Councilman Walter Wyrwich seconded the motion. All were in favor; meeting was adjourned at
8:45 pm.


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