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Franke Tobey Jones Retirement Estates & Community Programs                                     January & February 2009

                             Holiday Magic
                                      at Franke Tobey Jones
                                         & our Pt. Defiance-Ruston                       Senior Center
                                                             ‘Tis the Season
                                                            to be thankful for
                                                           our many blessings
                                                      Below: Our Place resident, Tom
                                                      Sawyer (center), and family.

   Above: Garden Apartment residents Betty
   Mears (right) & Betty Buhre jam with the band.

                                                                                       Above: Health Care resident Mildred
                                                                                       Broussard with Santa.

                                                                                                       Left: Holiday fun at our
                                                                                                       Pt. Defiance-Ruston
                                                                                                       Senior Center.

                                         Left: FTJ

                                                                   We at Franke Tobey Jones
                                                                     wish you happiness,
                                                                        good health and
                                                                       financial security
                                                                          in 2009 and
                                                                      the years to come.
Above: Lillian Pratt Holiday Lunch.
 Franke-ly Speaking                                      2                                January & February 2009

                                                                 Edward C. Mawe             2008/2009
                   Ed’s Corner                                   President/C.E.O.           Board of Directors
                                                                                            BZ Zenczak, Chair
                                                                                            Mark Patterson, Vice Chair
                                                                                            Janet Moore Werner,
                         Farewell Friends                                                     Secretary
                                                                                            Robert Whitney, M.D.,

                                                                                            Dave Edwards, Immediate
        his year, Franke Tobey Jones is     and I hope it will demonstrate that as a          Past Chair
         doing something we believe to be   non-profit organization, we put residents       Sue Brabham
         somewhat unprecedented in          and mission above dollars.                      Debbie Crawford
response to the current economic crisis                                                     Orvis Harrelson
                                            There is also one major change occurring        Nancy Gee Locke
affecting all of us. Particularly hard hit  at Franke Tobey Jones in this New Year.         Anne Katterhagen
are our seniors, many of whom I believe     After 13 years at the helm of this terrific     Judith Sloan
live on relatively fixed incomes. In some   organization, I am leaving to pursue            Linda Thomas
cases, retirees are seeing their incomes    another opportunity in Oregon. This is a        Tom Valentine
decline as a result                                                                         Jim Walton
                                                                        tremendous          Jeff Watts
of the depreciating                                                     career
values of their           I have seen, and been a part                  opportunity for
                                                                                            Senior Management
stock, bond and                                                                             Edward C. Mawe
                          of, something very special here me to dig into a                  President and CEO
real estate hold-                                                       whole new
ings. We are very         at Franke Tobey Jones.                                            Kathie Mikita, A.R.N.P.
                                                                        challenge with      Sr. Director of Clinical Services
sensitive to the                                                                            Judy Dunn
                                                                        incredible          V.P. of Finance & Support
trials of our                               development potential.                             Services
residents in this regard, and many have                                                     Sarah Idstrom
expressed their concerns to us directly.    I leave feeling good about all the growth       Sr. Director of Development
                                            in buildings, services, programs, and           Michelle Matz
We all have been affected in ways not                                                       Sr. Director of Residential
seen even in some past severe recessions.   financial strength that have now become            Accommodations
                                            integral to our world-class retirement          Laura C. Runkle
In trying to work through various           community. I have seen, and been a part
                                                                                            Sr. Director of Marketing
                                                                                               and Public Relations
scenarios to help our residents during this of, something very special here at Franke       Jim Tonjann
particularly tough time, Franke Tobey       Tobey Jones. I feel secure in knowing that      Sr. Director of Dining Services
Jones made the decision to postpone our     this organization has a strong and solid
annual January rate increases until April   future in extending and enriching the lives
2009. While the current economic situa-     of seniors in our community.
tion is not likely to be resolved by April,
perhaps we may begin to see some slight     I leave with a full heart, and with the        Franke-ly Speaking
improvements that will at least regenerate warmth you all have extended to me over                 is a publication of
hope in an improving economy.               the years. I will miss you.                    FRANKE TOBEY JONES
                                                                                              Retirement Estates
Nonetheless, the three-month reprieve       Godspeed and Best Wishes,                       & Community Programs
will help our residents to some degree,
                                                                    Ed Mawe                   5340 North Bristol Street
                                                                                                Tacoma, WA 98407
                                                                                                  (253) 752-6621
 Please join us!                                  Sunday, February 8th           
                                                                                               Editors: Terri Vickery

       Valentine’s                                  seatings at 11am & 1pm

                                                   Open to family & friends!
                                                                                                 & Sarah Idstrom
                                                                                            To update your address or
                                                                                              to be added or removed

          Brunch                                    Call (253) 752-6621 for more
                                                     information & reservations.
                                                                                               from our mailing list,
                                                                                            please call Terri Vickery at
                                                                                                  (253) 756-6327.
 Franke-ly Speaking                                         3                                January & February 2009

Talent, passion showcased at 2nd Annual FTJ Senior Art Show
    And the winners are...
 Best of Show: Dave Miner
                – A Pretty Place
 1st Place: Ted Sanford – Tenements
 2nd Place: Patsy Suhr O’Connell
             – Hide and Seek
 Honorable Mentions:
 Bonnie Cargol – Ghost Trees
 Kathy Bethueun – Splash
 Marshall Perrow – Mortuary Poles
 Marlo Thompson – Iris Window Box

        ur most gracious thanks to Pat
                                                                                    A Pretty Place by Dave Miner.
        Shuman for chairing this
        wonderful community event; to
our sponsors: Bill and Bobby Street,          Tenements by Ted Sanford.
Museum Quality Framing, American Art
Company, Tacoma Art Supply, and William Traver Gallery/Vetri                       Hide and Seek by Patsy Suhr O’Connell.
                       International Glass; and to our jurors: Margaret
                       Bullock–Curator Collections/Spec. Exhibitions,
                       Tacoma Art Museum; Janet Marcavage–Assistant
                       Professor of Art, University of Puget Sound; and
                       Craig Radford–Owner, American Art Company.
                       This year’s Senior Art Show was enjoyed by more
than 300 residents and community visitors. We look forward to hosting
the show again next year. Look for details on our 2009 Senior Art Show
in future editions of Franke-ly Speaking.

  Serena’s                           Make Good Choices for Health
 Wellness                     Here it is–a new year, and        where we can keep you as healthy as possible for the
                Tips          a chance for positive
                              change. How healthy
                                                                rest of your life. And, we can’t wait to begin the
                                                                process with you.
 would you like to be? One more time–HOW
                                                                One of President-elect Barack Obama’s first
                                                                challenges in improving the United States’ health
 choices, you know. Plenty of fatty foods, no exercise,
                                                                score card is to transform symptom-centric mental-
 and cigarettes can lead to heart disease, diabetes, lung
                                                                ity into a more proactive one, embedding preven-
 cancer or a stroke. But you knew that, didn’t you?
                                                                tion and wellness programs more aggressively.
 Why not develop a healthy attitude and join the Wicks
                                                                It is now up to you to make your choice, and we can
 Wellness Center here at Franke Tobey Jones? Our
                                                                help. SIGN UP FOR A WELLNESS CLASS
 challenge, our passion, is to get you on a program that
                                                                WITH US TODAY by calling (253) 752-6621.
 you will enjoy, where you will meet new friends,
Franke-ly Speaking                                              4                                    January & February 2009

  Thank you! We would like to thank all those who made gifts between October 1                          st
                                                                                                             and November 30th,
  2008 to Franke Tobey Jones and its Community Programs.
Where Need                     Charitable Subsidy                   Flex-a-lite Consolidates, Inc.   William Gallagher
 is Greatest                   Laura Barnes                         Marcia Goldsmith                 In Memory (cont.)
Harold Allen                   Ruth Daugherty                       Johnson Stone & Pagano
                                                                                                     Dorothy (Dee) Morley
Anonymous                      Evergreen Fire & Security            Walt and Charlotte Kotchik
                                                                                                     Betty Buhre
Anita Austin                   William Gallagher                    Gary and Roberta Larson
                                                                                                     Ruth Daugherty
Anthony Balazic                Lesley Garban                        Harriet Nichols
                                                                                                     Marcia Goldsmith
Beverly Ballard                Diane Harkness                       Lois G. Ricker
                                                                                                     Bradley Nelson
Bank of America                Janet Haskin                         Lavonne Stewart-Campbell
                                                                                                     Eldred Redd
Dick and Joan Brown            Vivian M. Howell                     Wellness                         Scott Redd and Jeanine Dow
Betty Buhre                    Sarah and John Idstrom               Anonymous                        Sandy Shaub
Mike and Lenita Callahan       Patricia Illman                      Roberta Chapman                  Bank of America
Debbie and Frank Crawford      Sue Jackson                          Glenn and Dorothy Collins        Alice Stevens
Charlotte Crimmins             Anne Katterhagen                     Jim and Susan Doyle              Roberta Chapman
Edward and Jean Doyle          Melinda Kessler                      Eleanor Jarrett                  Winfield Wilson
Robert and Ann Edington        Edward and Lynn Mawe                 Robert and Laurel McElroy        Cynthia Wilson
Barbara G. Farron              Karla McLane
                                                                                                     In Honor
                                                                    Bill and Jean Sampson
Larry and Karen Flamoe         Katherine J. Mikita                                                   Cleta Jackson
Eudora P. Fulkerson            Patricia Nearing                     In Memory                        Sue Jackson
Alene Gilchrist                Bradley Nelson                                                        William Jackson
                                                                    Kaye Allen
Tom and Mimi Hackleman         Doug and Theresa Owen                                                 Sue Jackson
                                                                    Harold Allen
Jack R. Hamilton               Scott Redd and Jeanine Dow                                            Nurses and Aids
                                                                    Marjorie Callahan
Orvis and Beverly Harrelson    Robblee’s Total Security, Inc.                                        Sandra and Stephen Roy
                                                                    Mike and Lenita Callahan
Janet Haskin                   Richard and Terri Vickery            Gladys Nylund Davis              In Appreciation
Margaret N. Hatchard           Cynthia Wilson                       Betty Buhre                      Wellness Staff
Don and Nancy Hoff             Employee                             Charlotte Crimmins               Eleanor Jarrett
Matilda J. Hunt                                                     Bradley Nelson
                                Scholarships                                                           Thanks to everyone
Ernest and Marilyn Karlstrom                                        Viola Rowe
Fae Korsmo
                               Howard Cox                           Jerome and Gladys Schneider          who helped us
Jon and Jean Malmin                                                 Anne Doty
Carl Mawe                      Patricia Illman
                                                                    Maxine Crookham
                                                                                                     achieve our 2008 goal!
Donna McCullough               Esther McCann
                                                                    Johnson Stone & Pagano
Patricia Mills                 Bradley Nelson
                               Sandra and Stephen Roy               Flex-a-lite Consolidates, Inc.            $102,266!
Peggy Morrison                                                      Walt and Charlotte Kotchik
Bradley Nelson                 Buel and Luana Sever
                               Katharine Sinnitt                    Peggy Morrison                                     $100,000
Jim and Janet Nelson                                                Gordon and Shirley Petrie                              Goal
Harold Nielsen, Jr.            Florence Swanson
                               Cynthia Wilson                       Lois G. Ricker
Frances Oberhofer                                                   Bradley Nelson
Maris R. Peters                Pat Wollenburg
                                                                    Buel and Luana Sever
Gordon and Shirley Petrie      Health Care                          Lavonne Stewart-Campbell
Pierce County Security         Earl and Leah Cashar                 Edith Drennen
Jim and Barbara Radonich       William Gallagher                    Matilda J. Hunt
John Renforth                  Barbara Oblinger                     Harold Fisher
Joanne Rieke                   Lois G. Ricker                       Eudora P. Fulkerson
Viola Rowe                                                          Janet Haskin
Jerome and Gladys Schneider    Other                                Harold Nielsen
Daniel Skelley                 Bill and Bobby Street                Harold Nielsen, Jr.              Editor’s Note: A complete list
Maryann Suriano                                                     Gordon and Elinor Korsmo         of 2008 donors will be
                               Planned Gift
Totem Electric                                                      Fae Korsmo                       published in our 2008 Annual
Constance Twardowski           Edith G. Bowditch
                                                                    Dock Lee                         Report. Also, if we have made
Jan and Signe Twardowski       Senior University                    Betty Buhre                      an error in spelling or omitting
Tom and Roberta Valentine                                           Bradley Nelson                   your name, please accept our
                               Betty Buhre
Wanda Vancil                                                        Marilyn McLane                   apologies and call the
Liselotte Werner               Glenn and Dorothy Collins
                                                                    Karla McLane                     Development Office at
Carol White                    Maxine Crookham
                                                                    Marjorie Gallagher               (253) 756-6327 so that we may
Robert and Janet Witter        Robert and Patricia Deal
                                                                      McManamin                      correct our records.
 Franke-ly Speaking                                          5                                 January & February 2009

    Developing a D ifference                                                                               Sarah Idstrom
                                                                                             Sr. Director of Development

                       Edith G . Richards Bowditch
                            Bequest to Franke Tobey Jones

          n October 21st of this year, David McGoldrick          and asked about Edith’s interests, they unanimously said
         from the law firm Morton McGoldrick, visited            “teaching and helping people reach their full potential.”
       Ed Mawe and me to present us with a check for
$358,147, which was Edith Bowditch’s bequest to
Franke Tobey Jones. We were both truly
                                                                 B    ecause Edith’s gift came to us as unrestricted, we
                                                                      wanted to make sure that it was directed to areas
                                                                      and programs here at FTJ that aligned with her
honored to receive such a wonderful gift                              values. The Development Committee, comprised of
from a former resident who touched the                                FTJ Board, community and resident members,
lives of so many here at Franke Tobey                                 recommended allocations for Edith’s bequest to the
Jones (FTJ).                                                          full FTJ Board at its November meeting. The
Edith was a resident of both the Tobey                                following allocations were approved: funding the
Jones and Lillian Pratt buildings for                                 FTJ Employee Scholarship Fund for three years,
almost five years, and loved being here.                              funding a half-time Senior University Director
She was such a positive, upbeat, and                                  position for three years, and a naming opportunity
happy woman. Whenever I saw Edith,                                    for the new corner property development at FTJ.
                                             Edith Bowditch (12/07)
she had a smile on her face and some-                                 We believe that Edith would be pleased with the
                                             with one of her great-
thing nice to say. She had a very nurtur- great-grandchildren.        educational focus we have chosen for her gift, as
ing personality, which made her a                                     well as further enhancing programs and services at
wonderful teacher. And, indeed, when I met with Edith a Franke Tobey Jones. She regularly gave to the Employee
few years ago, she told me of her dedication to teaching. Scholarship Fund, attended programs and activities
She received her teaching degree from the University of offered on campus, and loved her life here at Franke
Wisconsin, Madison, and then taught at Oregon State.             Tobey Jones. We are honored to be able to use her
For the last 15 years of her career, she taught at the           wonderful gift to further our mission to enrich and
University of Puget Sound, before retiring in 1984.              extend the quality of life for seniors in our community.
When I met with some of Edith’s friends here at FTJ,

Charitable Gift Annuity Opportunity                                           Charitable IRA Rollover
 You may like the idea of making a gift, but are concerned about the          Did you know in 2008 and 2009 you can
 current economic uncertainty. If this is the case, why not take your IRA’s   make an IRA charitable rollover gift that
 required minimum distribution and establish a charitable gift annuity?       lowers your 2008 income taxes while also
 An individual 70 years of age would receive a fixed payment of 6.10%         helping your favorite charity? If you are over
 annually. Older individuals would receive an even higher payout.             70-1/2 years of age, you may, in ‘08 and
                                                                              ‘09, make a gift from your IRA of up to
 If you use your required minimum distribution this way, you will be
                                                                              $100,000 directly to public charities like
 subject to income tax. However, you will also receive a charitable
                                                                              FTJ. The good news is that this rollover will
 income tax deduction which will result in tax savings that will offset
                                                                              count as part, or all, of your “required
 your income tax on the distribution. Talk with your CPA or tax advisor
                                                                              minimum distribution” and will not be
 to explore the benefits of an IRA charitable rollover or funding a gift
                                                                              included in your federal taxable income.
 annuity with an IRA distribution.
Franke-ly Speaking                                                6                                  January & February 2009

             Pt. Defiance~Ruston Senior Center                                                                   Emily Happy
                                                                                                       Senior Center Director
                                                                                                              (253) 756-0601
                             Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.
                                                                              -Maori Proverb

        appy New Year from the Pt. Defiance~Ruston                    In the works for 2009 is a new, third wellness class on
        Senior Center! As we turn our faces and attention             Wednesdays. Our wellness/exercise classes are central to
        to the year ahead, I thought I would take this                attracting the “new” generation of seniors, and for keep-
opportunity to give you a snapshot of what the Senior                 ing all seniors healthy and independent. They regain
Center is about.                                                      strength and balance. They bounce back more quickly
                                                                      from surgery or injury. Chronic illnesses are kept at bay
The Senior Center is a special place. More than 300
                                                                      and mental health is improved. We provide these classes
different seniors come to the Center each month for
                                                                      for minimal fees so finances do not become a barrier to
necessary services, fun activities and events, camaraderie
                                                                      health and wellbeing.
and support, and nutritious meals. On an average month,
we exceed an impressive 1,100 senior visits to our cozy               During tough economic times, community senior centers
and homey Center. The seniors come not only from Ruston               become even more essential to help fill the gaps and
and North Tacoma, but from Lakewood, University Place,                provide programming to prevent isolation, depression and
Fircrest, Gig Harbor, Puyallup, Lacey and even south                  malnourishment. And we have a lot of fun to boot! We
Seattle. Many of our seniors are low- or fixed-income, so             hope you will visit us this year, as a guest, participant or
activities are inexpensive or free, including the lunch               supporter. You are always welcome! To request a free copy
program, which we serve for a suggested contribution of               of our monthly activity calendar, please call (253) 756-
only $2.50.                                                           0601, or download the calendar from our website:
          We would like to thank all those who made gifts
          between October 1st and November 30th, 2008 to               City Councilman
          the Pt. Defiance~Ruston Senior Center.
Thomas Allen                     Russell and Elizabeth Pedersen
                                                                       Mike Lonergan
Ruth Brones
Melvin Bumgardner
                                 Millicent Poole
                                 Janice Rosell
                                                                       visits Senior Center
Dawn Carl                        Dave Rowlands
Rodney Carlson                   Kathleen Scott                        Councilman Mike Lonergan
Richard and Eleanor Clarke       Senior Center Participants
Barbara and Mathew Cleary        Senior Footcare, Inc.                 recently visited the Pt.
Kathleen Cooper                  Colleen Smith                         Defiance-Ruston Senior
Sara Davelaar                    Esther Stillwell                      Center. He serves in the at-
Bonnie Brooke Davis              Shirley Summers
June Eads                        Stanley and Lois Tuell                large position 6 City Council
Mary Egeland                     Ilene and Floyd Urschel               seat, and was Deputy Mayor
Katherine Evansich               Martha Williams                       in 2006.
Hugh and Lois Farmer             In Memory
Lee Halversen                    Harold Fisher                         Lonergan served for 20 years
Emily Happy
Dolores Haugen
                                 Richard and Eleanor Clarke            as an executive of Christian
                                 Gladys Urschel Jordan
Tom and Dolores Hayes            Ilene and Floyd Urschel               social service organizations,
Jim and Virginia Kennedy         Ruth Lund                             including the Tacoma Rescue
Stanley Kurka
Nadine Link
                                 Millicent Poole                       Mission and The Salvation Army.
                                 Clarice Lynn
Kathy Lynch                      Richard Lynn                          Lonergan previously served as Executive Director of
Richard H. Lynn                  Russ McClelland
Ginette Magnuson                 LaVonne McClelland
                                                                       the Tacoma Rescue Mission for more than 12 years.
LaVonne McClelland
                                 In Appreciation                       He also hosted talk programs on local radio and
Florence Murphy                                                        television stations, the NAACP and the New Tacoma
Harriet Nichols                  Lee and Frances Haugen
Phyllis and Stan Olsen           Dolores Haugen                        Neighborhood Council.
Pamelia Olson                    In Kind
Erika Parker                     Anne Havens
Franke-ly Speaking                                            7                                 January & February 2009
                                                                                                              Laura Runkle

   CCRCs Provide Life-Changing Benefits                                                           Sr. Director of Marketing
                                                                                                       and Public Relations

         s seniors continue to live well into their 90s           well as the utilization of health and wellness facilities.
         and 100s, it is essential that their environment         We celebrate the overall resident participation in physi-
         be supportive and comprehensive as early in              cal activity at Franke Tobey Jones, which is 63% of
their senior years as possible. Several research studies          residents capable of physical activity.
have proven retirement living in a Continuing Care                � In a report to the American Seniors Housing Asso-
Retirement Community (CCRC) provides life-changing                ciation authored by Jim Moore, cost of living compari-
benefits for seniors:                                             sons indicate little difference for independent residents in
� Dr. Margaret A. Wyles conducted a recent study                  a retirement community versus seniors continuing to live
entitled The Benefits of Independent Living – a Com-              in their own home. The information suggests that many
parative Analysis of Residents versus Non-residents.              seniors, family members and financial advisors lack
Over 200 retirement communities were included in the              accurate information about retirement community living
survey. The American Seniors Housing Association                  costs. Most underestimate the current cost of living for
published the report which found that seniors who live            the senior, and therefore experience “sticker shock”
in CCRCs are more satisfied with their daily lives, and           when exploring retirement communities. Furthermore,
are more likely to be happy than seniors who remain in            the data reports that pent-up home equity in a senior’s
their own homes. It further confirmed the social and              home can lose income-producing potential that could be
recreational benefits found at CCRCs. More impor-                 realized in other investments and new cash income.
tantly, the results found CCRC residents report greater           Most importantly, seniors who move to a retirement
health improvement over the prior two years, compared             community most often greatly enhance the later years of
to seniors who still lived in their own homes.                    life as compared to staying in their own home. A cost
� The National Institute of Aging reported in 2008                comparison sheet is available on the Franke Tobey Jones
that the physical activity level of seniors was flat-lining       website to help ascertain the actual difference in ex-
from 1997 through 2006, showing only 22% of those                 penses for retirement community living versus your own
ages 65 to 74 are engaged in regular physical activity,           home. Visit us at:
20% for ages 75-84, and only 9% for those 85+. Resi-              If you or someone you know is interested in discussing
dents at most CCRCs experience much higher involve-               the advantages of living at Franke Tobey Jones, please
ment in regular physical activity due to the convenience          contact Michelle Matz or Megan Erickson, (253) 752-
of activities, the nature of the active environment, as           6621. Beautiful view units are currently available.
                                                                  Enjoy a delicious meal on us and a tour. Celebrate with
                                                                  us as we share our 85th Anniversary Year in 2009!

                                                     New Event this year at Franke Tobey Jones: Family
                                                     and Friends Holiday Open House! We celebrated the
                                                     season with Family and Friends on December 9th in
                                                     all three buildings’ parlors. It was a beautiful way of
                                                                sharing our home with loved ones.
     Franke-ly Speaking
Franke-ly Speaking                                                                         January & February 2009

New Residents                      Senior University
   Health Care                   Come join our campus residents and community seniors in lifelong learning
                                 at Senior University ~ Franke Tobey Jones. Most programs are FREE OF
  Shirley Douglas
                                 CHARGE and open to seniors 55 or older. This exciting program continues
   Louise Hewitt                 to offer a wide selection of opportunities to enrich your life. If you are inter-
David “Bud” Hurlow               ested in being added to our mailing list for the monthly Senior U calendars,
   Helen Pilcher                 please call (253) 752-7796. You can download the calendar and get more
  Clarence Query                 details at our website, www.

   Our Place                    Upcoming Senior U Offerings:
 Marietta Vlahovich
                                 The Human Body – Virtual College Course
                                 ZUMBA Gold
IN MEMORY                        NW Sinfonietta with Christophe Chagnard
We will miss these dear          Beginning and Intermediate Computer Classes
 residents who have              Landmark Series Lectures
recently passed away.
                                 Religious Studies
                                 Merrill Lynch Investing for Seniors
Gladys Nylund Davis
                                 Dr. Paul Music Classes
     Anne Doty
                                 UWT and UPS Lecture Series
    Dora Dugan                   Spanish Classes
   Leona Everson                 NEW! Tacoma Opera Series -- starting in February!
     Dock Lee
    Eldred Redd
   Mary Shigley                 The Mission of Franke Tobey Jones: To enrich and extend the quality of life for
                                seniors in our community. As a non-profit organization, we provide senior residential
   Don Woodard                  services, a supportive continuum of care, and innovative community outreach.

                                                                                                      Non Profit Org.
                                                                                                       U.S. Postage
                                                                                                       Tacoma, WA
                                                                                                      Permit No. 1006

    5340 North Bristol Street
      Tacoma, WA 98407

       Return Service Requested

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