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									                              The Courier
VOLUME 2011 ISSUE 3                                                                                            JUN/JUL 2011

                                                 TAMPA, Florida - The large turnout at our recent Mid-Year
                                        Conference proves that a full agenda mixed with some fun and topped off with
                                        great Official Visitors will “Create Some Interest”. That was certainly the
                                        case in Tampa this past April.
                                                 The Official Visitor for the Women of the Moose was Past Director of
                                        Finance for the Women of the Moose Jeanenne Lautzenheiser and she certainly
                                        made her presence known. Not only did she bring some great information but
                                        she also, to the delight of all in
                                        attendance at the Saturday Night
                                        Banquet, regaled us with song.
                                        When Jeanenne, DGR Phyllis
   Deputy Grand Regent Phyllis Jewett
                                        Jewett and Academy of
       and Past Director of Finance     Friendship Board Member
         Jeanenne Lautenheiser          Gloria Petrea joined the men
                                        on Saturday morning, they were
treated to a standing ovation with thunderous applause before they
were allowed to speak.
          The Loyal Order of Moose Official Visitor was Shawn Baile,
Director of Membership and he proved to be a most gracious guest
with an infectious sense of humor. He spoke passionately about                Regional Manager for Alaska, Hawaii and Parts of
Mooseheart and Moosehaven. Shawn reminded us that we must                        Canada Jim Reid, Illinois’ Regional Manager
all strive to increase the strength of our order and work harder at           Austin Howard, F.B.M.A. President Chuck Myers,
keeping our existing members.                                                 Director of Membership Shawn Baile and Florida’s
          Two surprise visitors were Jim Reid, Regional Manager for                     Regional Manager Jerry Monk
Alaska, Hawaii and Parts of Canada and Austin Howard the new
Regional Manager for Illinois. Both Jim and Austin were great fun and good naturedly bore the brunt of some
friendly jokes and even made a couple of “financial apologies”. When speaking more seriously, they both expressed
their admiration for the F.B.M.A. and in particular our organizational structure. In fact Austin, who used to work
in the Training and Education Department at Moose International, said he will establish an Illinois State Fraternal
Education Committee modeled after the F.B.M.A.’s Committee.
          In summation, even though our Mid-Year Conference was inadvertently held over Easter Weekend, due to
the positive attitude of everyone in attendance, an enjoyable and productive time was had by all.
                                                                                                         Article by David J. Smith
                                                                                                    Photographs by Debra J. Smith

                                                  Details of the First Quarter Incentive Program can be found on page 10
                                                              and the Annual Campaign details are on page 3.
                               F.B.M.A. 2010 - 2011 OFFICERS
EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE            ASST INNER GUARD                DISTRICT #8                    DISTRICT #19
                               William (Bill) Catlow           Robert Sava                    James Persing
REGIONAL MANAGER               921 SW 132nd Terrace            1780 Manatee Court             2804 Blush Drive
Jerry Monk                     Davie, FL 33325                 Merritt Island, FL 32952       Lakeland, FL 33813
605 Spring Meadows Road        Cell 954-366-8782               321-452-1780                   863-647-3080
Quincy, FL 32351               legion46@mooseunits.org         rsava18@cfl.rr.com             genpersing@msn.com
Cell-850-510-6870              OUTER GUARD                     DISTRICT #9                    DISTRICT #20
jmonk@mooseintl.org            William Birk                    Jim Nadeau                     Ernie Gill
                               25415 Rupert Road               4259 Fort Courage Circle       124 South 4th Street
SECRETARY                      Punta Gorda, FL 33983           Kissimmee, FL 34746            Haines City, FL 33844
Scott A. Cushing               941-485-7333                    407-518-9790                   863-422-5645
PO Box 278017                  Fax 941-412-0043                ram55jn@aol.com                egill54@aol.com
Miramar, FL 33027              lodge1308@mooseunits.org
954-499-3242                                                   DISTRICT #10                   DISTRICT #21
Fax 954-517-9309               ASST OUTER GUARD                Bobby Baker                    John Holbach Jr.
cushingscott87@comcast.net     Kristopher (Kris) Hummer        PO Box 390091                  100 Hampton Road #17
                               11900 NW 29th Street            Deltona, FL 30739-0091         Clearwater, Fl 33759
PRESIDENT                      Sunrise, FL 33323               Cell 386-561-0937              727-410-1092
Charles (Chuck) Myers          954-849-0616                    bobbybaker@ymail.com           johnholbach@yahoo.com
4109 Meredith Drive
Valrico, FL 33594              DISTRICT PRESIDENTS             DISTRICT #11                   DISTRICT #22
813-654-2631                                                   Richard Wolfe                  Frank Cooper III
Puckervillesouth@verizon.net   DISTRICT #1                     136 Centennial Park Drive      2510 W Shellpoint Rd., Lot 153
                               Louis Dydek                     Daytona Beach, FL 32124        Ruskin, FL 33570
VICE PRESIDENT                 501 46th St                     386-274-4148                   813-641-8871
David J. Smith                 Marathon, FL 33050              wvawolfe7@cfl.rr.com           fhcooper3@yahoo.com
11512 68th Street North        Cell 305-304-0474
West Palm Beach, FL 33412      305-743-4528                    DISTRICT #12                   DISTRICT #23
561-795-5526                   wolf226@netzero.com             David Walters                  Gary Dunford Jr.
apexalum@bellsouth.net                                         1705 Birchwood Road            2626 Hewlett Road
                               DISTRICT #2                     Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250   Avon Park, FL 33825
TREASURER                      Louie Sclease                   904-249-0893                   863-452-0192
Lynn Klein                     201 SW 2nd Ave. Suite 121       beachgator56@comcast.net       am2rnot@yahoo.com
4257 Indiana Circle            Florida City, FL 33034
Pace, FL 32571                 305-253-7042                    DISTRICT #13                   DISTRICT #24
850-994-4883                   lsclease@aol.com                James White                    Emile Flamand
lynnk5970@att.net                                              4573 Johns Cemetery Road       9316 Mandy Street
                               DISTRICT #3                     Middleburg, FL 32068           Punta Gorda, FL 33982
PRELATE                        B. J. Friedel                   904-291-0755                   941-637-0730
Richard B. Jones               700 SW 64th Way                 je_wht@yahoo.com               emile2@comcast.net
4445 Stonemeadow Drive         Pembroke Pines, FL 33023
Orlando, FL 32826              Cell 561-324-8139               DISTRICT #14                   DISTRICT #25
407-282-0450                   jamesfriedel@comcast.net        Rudolph (Rudy) Waters          Jerry Stover
rjones48@cfl.rr.com                                            11613 Highway 90               104 NE 10th Avenue
                               DISTRICT #4                     Glen St Mary, FL 32040         Cape Coral, FL 33909
JR. PAST PRESIDENT             Edward McGurn                   904-226-4110                   239-772-1997
Steve DelCorso                 68 W Palm Drive                 lodge2412@mooseunits.org       Cell 239-823-1070
5147 N Peppermint Drive        Margate, FL 33063                                              Fax 239-573-0467
Beverly Hills, FL 34465        Cell 754-366-6521               DISTRICT #15                   Nittanylions2088@embarqmail.com
352-527-8288                   edinfla@hotmail.com             John Hodgdon
sdelcorso@embarqmail.com                                       1535 Bush Street               DISTRICT #26
                               DISTRICT #5                     Pensacola, FL 32534            Allen Wisniewski
APPOINTED OFFICERS             Brian Larkin                    850-602-6222                   13129 Broadhurts Loop #3
                               12124 153rd Court North         mooselegion557@aol.com         Fort Myers, FL 33919
SGT AT ARMS                    Jupiter, FL 33478                                              239-989-4868
Keith Headley                  561-307-3883                    DISTRICT #16                   allen.moose55@yahoo.com
1105 SW Khan Drive             lbrianl127@aol.com              Thomas Morgan
Port St. Lucie, FL 34953                                       19814 SW 85th Loop             DISTRICT #27
772-336-9029                   DISTRICT #6                     Dunnellon, FL 34432            Jim Hurst
1headley@comcast.net           Richard Martin                  352-489-6805                   10341 Morningside Lane
                               4706 Buchanan Drive             tinymorga@yahoo.com            Bonita Springs, FL 34135
ASST SGT AT ARMS               Fort Pierce, FL 34982                                          239-225-8204
William (Bill) Norris          772-461-9148                    DISTRICT #17                   jimh@safezones.wfl.com
8654 Dellbridge Court          lodge513@mooseunits.org         Jeffrey Goldensoph
Jacksonville, FL 32244                                         18424 Hamilton Road            DISTRICT #28
904-771-3553                   DISTRICT #7                     Dade City, FL 33523            Tim Dorr
legion81@mooseunits.org        W. Scott Duncan                 352-424-0790                   74 Big Oak Lane
                               2407 Hagoplan Ave SW            jgoldensoph@hughes.net         Wildwood, FL 4785
INNER GUARD                    Palm Bay, FL 32908-4729                                        352-748-2549
Fred Van Nostrand              (321) 409-8614                  DISTRICT #18                   timmyd51@aol.com
29430 Pine Villa Circle        Cell 321-501-7180               Michael Waldron
Punta Gorda, Fl 33982          wduncan11@cfl.rr.com            11328 Black Walnut St
941-457-1107 Cell                                              Hudson, FL 34669-2345
lodge1693@mooseunits.org                                       Cell 727-858-8067              (continued on page 35)
                            CREATE SOME INTEREST

CONTENTS                                PAGE        CONTENTS                                   PAGE

Mid-Year Conference                     Cover       Top Producing Lodges and Chapters          16
F.B.M.A. Officers                       2           Quota Busters                              17
International Membership Campaign       3           Shining Star Nominees                      18
Regional Manager’s Message              4           Community Service and Fundraising          19-22
President’s Message                     5           Loyal Order of Moose News                  23-25
Deputy Grand Regent’s Message           5           Women of the Moose News                    26
Secretary’s Message                     6           Women of the Moose Ritual Results          27
Fraternal Education                     6           Moose Legion News                          28-29
F.B.M.A. Membership Campaign            7           Moose Riders                               30
Moosehaven                              8-9         Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches             31
Mooseheart                              9           Moose Members Benefits                     32
International Membership Campaign       10          Sports Talk                                33
Membership Awards                       10          F.B.M.A. 2011 Calendar                     34
L.O.O.M. International 5 Club           11-12       F.B.M.A. Officers (continued from pg. 1)   35
W.O.T.M. International 5 Club           12-14       F.B.M.A. Committee Chairmen                35
L.O.O.M. 25 Club and W.O.T.M. 25 Club   15          Courier Deadline and Subscription Form     Back
                            MESSAGE FROM THE REGIONAL MANAGER

                             We are off and running in a new Moose Year. We had a great year, we surpassed
                             our Association Quota by more that 2100 applications. We also had a gain in
                             membership of 111. The WOTM had a gain in membership as well, so as you see
                             it was a great year. The $0 Application fee did the job it was intended to do. 42%
                             of the LOOM applications for the year were collected during the three months of
                             this program. I hope many of you will be in Anaheim to see if we are in the
                             running for Top Association.

                             The Mid-Year was a success despite being held over Easter Weekend. I want
                             to give a special thanks to all who attended. I also want to thank Moosehaven’s
                             Reverend Helen Taylor for officiating the Sunday morning service.

It is now time to “Create Some Interest” as we look forward to the 2011-2012 Moose Year. Moose
International has released the Annual Campaign and the first quarter incentive program. The Moose CSI
(Create Some Interest) was released on May 1, 2011. This is the first time that I can remember the campaign
being released prior to the International Convention. The FBMA also released its annual campaign, Mission
Possible. We also still have the 7 Come 11 Campaign that runs until July 31, 2011. These campaigns, along
with the new Retention Program, should ensure that we have a gain in membership on April 30, 2012. Our
goal is to have every Lodge realize an increase active membership by at least one by the end of April. If your
Lodge is the “Friendliest Place In Town” you should have no problem having a gain in membership.

Every Lodge should, by now, have a game plan to ensure it earns the Premier Lodge Award. There have
been changes to the program and the information is on the Moose International Web Site under the Lodge
Operations Portal. It is pretty simple, operate as a Moose Lodge and follow the General Laws and your
Lodge will definitely earn this award.

We have our work cut out for us but I am confident that we will have a gain in membership by April 30, 2012
and I am also confident that we are in the running for the Top Association for this year. However I am
even more confident that when we come back here to Tampa for the International Convention in 2012 we

As we look forward to the International Convention in Anaheim, I want to remind everyone that Florida is
always seated front left (FL) and don’t forget when you hear Florida or any Lodge, Moose Legion, Chapter or
member mentioned yell out “GIT ER DONE.” Let’s show the entire fraternity that “WE ARE NUMBER

Let’s start today to make 2011-2012 the best year we have ever had, and remember to “Create Some
Fraternally, Jerry Monk, Regional Manager

     "Search the Internet, make the difference." This is the motto of newly developed search engine called GoodSearch.com.
        This new engine, powered by Yahoo, was created by Ken and JJ Ramberg and allows users to search the Internet
                               while donating money to a charity of their choice at the same time.
                            FROM THE DESK OF THE PRESIDENT

   What a great Mid-Year Conference we had in April. I was pleased to see so
many members turn out on Easter weekend. Thank you, one and all. And thank
you Reverend Helen Taylor from Moosehaven for conducting the Easter Sunday
Service. While the Conference was well attended, the WOTM once again topped
us with their attendance figures. OK, men - enough of this! Let's each pledge to
encourage someone who does not usually attend conferences and conventions to
be at the October Convention. I know we can outnumber the WOTM if we try,
and I also think it would make a big difference in the Lodges throughout the state.
What do you say?
   I hope many of you are going to the International Convention in Anaheim. Will
we be the Top Association? We'll see. If so, WONDERFUL! If not, let's make sure
we are when we go to the Convention next year in Tampa. Our fearless leader, Regional Manager Jerry
Monk, has had a taste of it once and we need to show him WE CAN DO IT! After all, we are A CUT
ABOVE THE REST! All four of our Lodges in Hillsborough County should be bustling with activities
during that time. But what about the rest of the time? What about your Lodge? Do you have something
going on during the week? Do you have activities planned for various age groups? Our emphasis is on
membership, and that is one of the big qualifiers for Top Association. The Supreme Council has given us
some tools to use, such as the No More Dues incentive. But what are you doing at the Lodge level? I am
challenging each of our Lodges in Florida to come up with one new activity each month for the rest of the
year. As the new membership campaign - CSI - for stands Create Some Interest. Not only will it help
you to sign up new members but it will definitely help you to keep some of the members you have. Let's
get to work!
Charles (Chuck) Myers, F.B.M.A. President


    Co-workers, what a WONDERFUL conference we had in April!!! Although our
attendance was down from last year we conferred 121 NEW FRIENDS with the Academy
of Friendship Degree. Wow!!
    And what can I say about Jeanenne Lautzenheiser, she was just great and a lot of fun
besides. I really enjoyed getting to see some of my long time friends and making new ones.
    Congratulations to Martha Wright of Merritt Island Chapter #1544 on receiving Novice
Co-worker of the Year. To the family of Co-worker Eleanor Sipe of Satellite Beach Chapter
#1983, I wish to thank you for allowing her to give her time and talents to the Women of
the Moose and being named Co-Worker of the Year.
    Are you ready for Anaheim? You need to make every effort to get there since the
WOTM of Florida have an increase in active members this year. Can we be number ONE?
I think so and I am looking forward to yelling really loud when we are recognized.
    Have you had your first meeting with your chairmen? This is very important as this will allow you to get your
calendar in effect and plan your social functions as well.
                          To all the Chapter Officers, I hope you have a wonderful year and every chapter in Florida
                       makes their Award of Achievement. Good luck to all of you.
                          And always remember: Friends are angels who lift our feet when our own wings have trouble
                       remembering how to fly.
                               Love to all of you and have a wonderful summer.
                               Phyllis Jewett
                             Deputy Grand Regent

                                       I would say that the Mid-Year Conference was a great success with a super turnout. Thanks
                             to the Women of the Moose for the donations to the FBMA Special Project, which is the Moosehaven
                             Sign, of almost $3,400. Thanks to all the Chapters for their support for all our projects. Some of the
                             companies that have the video machines in the Lodges donated $46,000 to Moose Charities which were
                             directed to FBMA projects. The March of Checks, where some of the Lodges made out checks to the
                             FBMA and some to Moose Charities, amounted to a little over $46.000 with and an additional check
                             for $10,000 which was presented to our Official Visitor, Shawn Baile, for the Endowment Fund from
                             the District President's collections at their District Meetings. A little over $2,600 was collected for the
                             MDA with over $4,500 collected for the Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranches. All in all, the donations were
                             very generous from the Lodges, Chapters, Moose Legions and Council of Higher Degrees. Thanks to
                             all the units.
                                       As a reminder, there are still sixteen (16) Lodges that have not paid their Association Dues.
                             Contact me if you are not sure whether you have paid or not. Remember if your Association dues
are not paid, your members can not play in any state sports tournaments, be District Officers and the Lodge would not get any
recommendations for Higher Degrees; get those dues paid.
         I know it is expensive to go to the International Convention in Anaheim but if you are going remember to sit in the Front
Left part of the Convention meeting room. Just remember FL (front left) and remember to holler and let them now the Green
Machine is in the house.
         Incidentally, I have checked and the 2012 Mid-Year Conference is the week after EASTER!!!!
         Scott A. Cushing, F.B.M.A. Secretary                    NEW E-MAIL cushingscott87@comcast.net

                                              FRATERNAL EDUCATION CORNER
                                     I attended a Leadership Training Session before this article was written. It was at a Lodge that I
                               had never visited before. What I always do and have found extremely informative is walk around the
                               Lodge and see the information they are providing the men and women of their Lodge and their
                               Community Service events. There was an article posted that I found very interesting called “A Gentle
                               Hint” and I think many people will have experienced this feeling. It read as follows:
                               I SEE YOU AT THE MEETINGS, BUT YOU NEVER SAY “HELLO”.
                               I SIT AMONG THE FELLOWS, AND YET I’M A LONELY GUY.
                               THE NEW FISH ARE AS STRANGE AS I. YOU OLD FELLOWS PASS ME BY.
                               WHY CAN’T YOU NOD AND SAY “HELLO” OR STOP AND SHAKE MY HAND?
                                           I have gone to these sessions many times over the years and I always seem to learn
something new. One of the things I learned at this Session was about Loss Prevention. I knew the Lodges were to do monthly
inspections and submit a Lodge Safety Inspection form twice a year. I didn’t realize that there is a section in the General Laws
that refers to the Loss Prevention Committee under the Trustees duties and that the One Year Trustee is the Chairman. During the
Leadership session there were a couple of exercises I really enjoyed doing but of course there are always some that are geared more
for new members and officers and I don’t get as enthused doing those. I hope that many of you attended a session in your area and
that all Lodges were represented.
     The Lodge Leadership and House Committee participant books have changed along with the topics being presented. There is a
lot to be learned during these Session however you will have the books to refer to and there is a lot of good information to rely on
without trying to find it in the General Laws which prevail if there are any discrepancies. (Dave Flood said I had to use one big
word in each article, and I had to look it up). You were given the new book called Officers’ and Committeemen’s Handbook with
a lot of valuable information and you received a copy of the latest (August, 2010) General Laws.
     What will really be interesting is that I going to Mooseheart in May (hopefully, no snow) to attend the Train The Trainer
Session which provides the tools for Trainers to use in the Leadership Training Sessions. I am attending another session after I
get back to Florida and I feel a little sorry for the Trainer as I am sure I will be all enthusiastic and he will be repeating what I just
spent 5 days going over at Mooseheart.
     Since this article is about education, let me inform you of some texting codes now being used by seniors. BTW (Bring The
Wheelchair); CBM (Covered By Medicare); GHA (Got Heartburn Again); LOL (Living On Liptor); WWNO (Walker Wheels
Need Oil).                                                            6
     Fraternally, Jerry Thompson FEC chairman
         ORANGE PARK, Florida - Many of us who were at Moosehaven on Sunday, March 27th, 2011 got a first look at the
newly re-furbished Moosehaven Cemetery. Thanks to the urging of Ann Saladin in particular, as well as many others and the
generosity of the Illinois Moose Association, a multi-year clean-up and beautification project has been successfully completed.
         After everyone had an opportunity to admire the grounds,
Moosehaven Executive Director John Capes led everyone in the dedication
of the wrought iron bench honoring Ann’s memory which was recently
donated by the Florida Bermuda Moose Association. John spoke lovingly
about Ann and in particular, her determination to see the cemetery cleaned
up. Moosehaven Chaplain, Reverend Helen Taylor was on hand to lead us
in prayer and formerly dedicate the bench.
         A visibly moved Jr. Past Supreme Governor Liguori Saladin
echoed John’s comments and added that Ann would be truly impressed
by the efforts made by everyone involved in the project and thanked the
FBMA for the bench. Finally, FBMA Vice President David Smith,
speaking on behalf of FBMA President Chuck Myers, gave thanks to
Ann and Liguori’s efforts and said that the Association looks forward
to working with Liguori for many more years to come.                           Pictured from left to right: FBMA Prelate Richard Jones,
                                                                  If any       Moosehaven Executive Director John Capes, Reverend Helen
                                                        Member or any          Taylor, Jr. Past Supreme Governor Liguori Saladin, FBMA
                                                                               Regional Manager Jerry Monk, FBMA Jr. Past President Steve
                                                        Moose Unit would       Del Corso and FBMA Vice-President David J. Smith
                                                        also like to pay
                                                        tribute to a deceased member in a meaningful and lasting way and help
                                                        Moosehaven at the same time, there are four additional concrete benches
                                                        that need dedication plaques. Each plaque, approximately two inches high
                                                        and eight inches long can be purchased for $500.00 and will be tastefully
                                                        engraved to your specifications. With proper notice, a dedication ceremony
                                                        can be arranged. There are also other tribute opportunities available. Please
                                                        contact Moosehaven Executive Director John Capes by e-mail at
                                                        jcapes@moosehaven.org or by phone at 904-278-1210 for more details.
                                                                                                           Article by David J. Smith
                                                                                                           Photographs by Debra J. Smith

                                      FLORIDA DAY AT MOOSEHAVEN
ORANGE PARK, Florida - Brothers and Co-Workers from all over the state gathered at Moosehaven on March 27th for the
Annual Florida Day Picnic. Below are just a few photographs of the day’s activities. To view more Florida Day photographs online
visit floridamoose.org click on the Photographs by Debbie Smith link and enter the password gimmefive.

 Tommy Moose and DGR Phyllis Jewett         Moosehaven Residents Marvin and JoAnn Davis       First place raffle ticket winner Joan Jaffe with
                                            with Ft. Pierce members Chris Alberts and         F.B.M.A. Secretary Scott Cushing
                                            Governor Mickey Messina 8
                                                                                                             Photographs by Debra J. Smith
                              MOOSEHAVEN EASTER EGG HUNT
                             DRAWS RECORD 3,238 PARTICIPANTS
         ORANGE PARK, FL, April 26 -- Each year, Moosehaven's "Heart of the Community" Easter
Egg Hunt gets bigger --and this year was the largest in the four-year history of the event, which -- like the
community's Halloween event in October -- has doubled in size each year it has taken place!
         A total of 3,238 egg hunters participated in four age-specific hunts, in which they went in search
of over 13,000 eggs hidden on the Moosehaven campus on a beautiful Saturday, April 23. Among these
                          eggs were eight Gold Prize eggs with $25 apiece in them. A further eight eggs
                          contained a Silver Prize of $15 apiece.
                                   But while the event was certainly about hunting for those eggs and
                          even perhaps opening one with some cash inside, there was so much more to do
                          -- and those thousands of visitors took advantage of a number of free activities,
                          such as a pair of rideable trains, three bounce-houses, pony rides and a petting
                                   There was face-painting and a clown with balloons. And of course, no
                          Easter egg hunt is complete without a visit from the Easter Bunny. Mr. Peep and the Moose fraternity's
                          own Tommy Moose also made appearances and posed for photographs. And when visitors got hungry,
                          there was plenty of food for sale.
                                   The Orange Park Presbyterian Church, which co-sponsored the event, had its jazz band perform
                          at the event.
                                                          Article and photographs excerpted from the Moosehaven website at www.mooseintl.org


                                       MARK YOUR CALENDARS

                     TUNE IN TO MEMBERSHIP

      3 YEAR MEMBERSHIP AWARD JUNE 1, 2010 - JULY 31, 2013
              LOOM                                       WOTM
Al McCleod           Islamorada 2151          Ada Guy           Marianna 1286
Antonio Suares       Port Charlotte 2121      Angelina Barber   Port Charlotte 1619
Scott Farrar         Zephyrhills 2276         Emily Wolfe       Daytona Beach 1019
Bob Guy              Marianna 1026            Phyllis Jewett    Merritt Island 1544
Bob Lanigan          Port Charlotte 2121      Vie Swinamer      Port Charlotte 1619
Edward Cuccinelli    Palm Bch Gardens 2010    Sandra Zenzel     Anna Maria island 1601
Ernest Casali, Jr.   Anna Maria Island 2188   Monica Smith      Four Townes 1939
Fred Jewett          Merritt Island 2073
Jim Nadeau           Kissimmee 2056
Michael Terry        Cape Coral 2199
Tony Valdes          Bonita Springs 1454
                    2010-2011 Qualifiers International Five Club
                          New Qualifiers received February 26 through April 30, 2011

      LOOM Qualifiers receive their personalized 2010-2011 Moose International Five Club wallet card
        and will be recognized for their support of the Sidewalk Replacement Project at Mooseheart.
                They will also be invited to the Five Club Party at the 2011 State Convention.
Larry Adkins                      Palatka 184                Kenneth Martin                 St Petersburg 1145
Charles Williams Jr               Palatka 184                Thomas Brown                   Miramar 1150
Peter Syros                       Lake Worth 994             Kenneth Morsch                 Miramar 1150
Sanford King                      Venice 1308                Rick Davidson                  Golden Gate 1654
Todd Anderson                     Panama City 1389           Scott Denney                   Naples 1782
Glen Carvalho                     Brooksville 1676           Benjamin Ross                  Cape Coral 2199
Phillip Dunn                      Brandon 1880               Jerry Stover                   Cape Coral 2199
James Bragg                       Land O’Lakes 1903          Eric Teipen                    Lake Wales 2391
Rodney Hammond                    Kissimmee 2056             John Lorne                     County Line 2427
Patrick Gagliardi                 Cape Coral 2199            William Mills                  Halifax River 2516
Michael Beck                      Lauderdale Lakes 2267      Jerry Wooden                   Palatka 184
Cecil Glass Jr                    Pine Castle 2345           Joy Sylvia                     Spring Hill 521
Timothy Hatfield                  Nassau 2352                Ervin Fonda                    Gulf Gate 608
Hank Aylward                      Halifax River 2516         Mike Faralli                   Lake City 624
Danny Mann                        West Volusia 2538          Robert Ford                    Lake City 624
Al Parker                         Quincy 2672                Lawrence Brown                 North Port 764
James White                       Palatka 184                Raymond Sellie Jr              Ruskin 813
Richard Marinelli                 Port St Lucie 513          Frank Slotwinski               Ruskin 813
Redd Stringer                     Gulf Gate 608              Skip Anufrom                   Fort Myers Beach 964
Walter Juszkiewicz                Golden Triangle 874        Robert Turner                  Ocala 1014
James Bowen Sr                    Daytona Beach 1263         Albert Johns                   Deland 1126
Richard Cunningham                Venice 1308                Michael Jordan                 Tice And The Shores 1297
Lee Ickes                         Venice 1308                James "Sparky" Sparks          Panama City 1389
Michael McNeely                   Okeechobee 1753            Brian Smith                    Melbourne 1406
Robert Bench                      Sebastian River 1767       Stephen Del Corso              Bonita Spring 1454
Joe Zaragoza                      West Dade 1825             Leon Moore                     Crescent City 1641
Robert Skrentny                   Fort Myers 1899            Ronald Colburn                 Punta Gorda 1693
Ron Bokros                        Pine Island 1954           Robert Clary                   Palmetto 2117
Russell Scott Batchelder Jr       Titusville 1962            Bernard Kay                    Islamorada 2151
Geoffrey Adam Vester              Marco Island 1990          David Warren Marshall          Anna Maria Island 2188
Dominick Cappelli                 Lake Shore 2020            Bob Nelson                     Leisure City 2258
Ezra Tim Knight                   Pompano Beach 2157         Charles "Buddy" Franklin       Zephyrhills 2276
Adrianus Bos                      Cape Coral 2199            Ron Kostin                     Satellite Beach 2367
Tim Halley                        Lauderdale Lakes 2267      David Morrow                   La Belle 2398
Kevin Dionne                      Zephyrhills 2276           Joseph Hvizdo                  Sebastian River 1767
Clyde Disbrow                     Zephyrhills 2276           Paul Hedrick                   North Port 764
Nicholas Blazensky                Palm Bay 2311              Patrick Walsh                  North Port 764
Vincent Linquanti                 Azalea Park 2591           David Zirgibel                 Interbay Tampa 912
John Hester                       Mandarin 42                Robert Irwin                   Fort Myers Beach 964
Richard Martin                    Port St Lucie 513          Johnny Tucker                  Winter Haven 1023
Gene Herbst                       North Port 764             Ron Materioli                  Stuart 1282
John Van Harden                   Winter Haven 1023          Jeff Stevenson                 Tice And The Shores 1297
Samuel Enterline                  Deland 1126                Richard Biggs                  Tarpon Spring 1429
Steve Petras                      Crescent City 1641         Ron Gagliano                   Crystal River 2013
Eugene Franzello                  Davie 1798                 James Howsare                  Crystal River 2013
Jeff Farney                       Palm Beach Gardens 2010    Mike Conley                    Sebring 2259
John Scheithauer                  Merritt Island 2073        Bill Martin                    Zephyrhills 2276
Joe Swords                        Fort Walton Beach 2193     William Sickles                West Pasco 2366
Lawrence Prief                    Cape Coral 2199            Tim Dorr                       Leesburg 1271
Dennis Sullivan                   Cape Coral 2199            William Walker                 Arcadia 1327
Peter Viernes                     Spring Hill 521            Ed
                                                            11 Thomas                       Panama City 1389
Jason Daigneault                  Lake Worth 994             Kim Horn                       Crescent City 1641
                           2010-2011 Qualifiers International Five Club
                          New Qualifiers received February 26 through April 30, 2011 (continued)

Dwight Goodner             Vero Beach 1822              Ron Luckerman                    Anna Maria Island 2188
Rabbi Arthur Pedowitz      Lauderdale Lakes 2267        Jack Hultman                     Lauderdale Lakes 2267
Ronald Jennings            West Volusia 2538            Patrick McInerney                Lauderdale Lakes 2267
John Funk Jr               Spring Hill 521              Robert Giles                     Dunnellon 2308
Louis Petit Jr             Lake City 624                Lonzie Johns                     Macclenny 2412
Mark Reid                  Tallahassee 1075             Eugene Lindsey                   Macclenny 2412
William O'Donnell          Venice 1308                  Walt Dickson                     Wakulla County 2510
Tony Javorkuti             Sarasota 1319                Clutch Sims                      Wakulla County 2510
Victor Calvacca            South Lake County 1615       Herb Clark                       Suwannee River 325
Kerry Moss                 Cocoa 1717                   Joseph Tarlentino                Port St Lucie 513
Chester Bricko             Okeechobee 1753              Timothy James Brooke             North Port 764
James Kelly III            Naples 1782                  Duane Clark McClellan            Fort Myers Beach 964
Scott St John              Naples 1782                  Jim Hurst                        Bonita Spring 1454
Don Dickey                 Vero Beach 1822              Stephen Mauriello                Big Pine Key 1585
John Panse                 Pine Island 1954             David Murray Sr                  North Hillsboro 1741
James Green                Titusville 1962              David Thrasher                   Brandon 1880
Richard Robert             Inverness 2112               Joseph Jay Andrade               Englewood 1933
                                                        Robert Anderson                  Indian River 2304

                            WOTM Qualifiers International Five Club
                                 New Qualifiers received February 26 through April 30, 2011
                                   WOTM qualifiers receive their personalized wallet card
                        and will be recognized for their support of the Sidewalk Replacement Project.

Joye Davis                 Lake Worth 46               Lenore Paterson                   Davie 1686
Elsa Webb                  Lake Worth 46               Shirley Beck                      Jupiter 1690
Agnes Wyatt-Syros          Lake Worth 46               Marilyn Echlov                    Lauderdale Lakes 1699
Robin Reichelt             Fort Myer Beach 551         Wendy McHenry-Kitson              Ruskin 1718
Jean Sherry                Cape Coral 815              Mary Call                         Sebastian River 1764
Linda Peltier              Riverview 1031              Jill Waggoner                     Gulf Gate 1770
Marilyn Lee                Mandarin 1218               Joyce Ruman                       Ocala Forest 2182
Kay Pastor                 Palmetto 1225               Patricia Carr                     Astor 2219
Josephine Cook             Crystal River 1434          Barbara Coniff                    Tice And The Shores 562
Eileen Sutton              West Dade 1472              Mary Sultini                      Venice 758
Alice Stenlund             Port Charlotte 1619         Jean Lane                         New Port Richey 925
Patricia Maciejewski       Lauderdale Lakes 1699       Maureen Holland                   Marathon 1027
Meredith Bourassa          Palatka 1915                Edith Crislip                     Leesburg 1034
Katura Cundiff             Palatka 1915                Viola Cressman                    Melbourne 1046
Carla Johnson              Palatka 1915                Rosemary Wilson                   South Lake County 1170
Sherry Brading             Lake Wales 1974             Maria Armendarez,                 Port St Lucie 1236
Jodi Best                  West Pasco 2051             Rita Marinelli                    Port St Lucie 1236
Theresa Santos             West Pasco 2051             Jeanne Thrasher                   Brandon 1596
Lynn Mahoney               Pompano Beach 600           Dian Burge                        Arcadia 1597
Deborah Spencer            Pensacola 898               Deborah Snook                     Anna Maria Island 1601
Nelda Cauley               Winter Haven 1152           Patty Hertvik                     Jupiter 1690
Melanie Strongosky         Jacksonville Beach 1381     Lynn Bell                         Islamorada 1715
Joanne Bishop              Palm Beach Gardens 1471     Linda Wimpee                      Pine Island 1843
Gloria Shurack             Palm Beach Gardens 1471     Michelle Carman                   Indian River 1926
Donna Norris               Lake Shore 1495             Frances Ohrt                      Indian River 1926
Deborah Secor              Vero Beach 1541             Joan Hagler                       Venice 758
Vivian Kay                 Key Largo 1565              Mary Lanning                      Venice 758
Barbara Livieri            Leisure City 1572           Karen Van Nostrand                Punta Gorda 777
Joanne Eyester             Anna Maria Island 1601      Karla McCauley-Hayes              Sebring 873
Debra Callegari            Tarpon Springs 1614        12
                                                       Billie Sterr                      Pensacola 898
Jennifer Britt             Davie 1686                  Barbara Gehrlein                  Melbourne 1046
                  WOTM Qualifiers International Five Club
                New Qualifiers received February 26 through April 30, 2011 (continued)

Margaret Nelson               Bradenton 1072              Kimberly Noey                  Daytona Beach 1019
Carolyn Golembiewski          Winter Haven 1152           Palma Swinehart                Daytona Beach 1019
Bonnie Marburg                Key West 1414               Helen McGee                    Melbourne 1046
Myra Jakubaszek               Palm Beach Gardens 1471     Ruth Atwood                    Winter Haven 1152
Joanne Burkhead               New Smyrna Beach 1515       Sharon Garrison                Golden Triangle 1389
Jo Demperio                   Merritt Island 1544         Eduarda Addie Del Mar          Crystal River 1434
Robin Farless                 Lauderdale Lakes 1699       Rhonda D'Ambra                 Anna Maria Island 1601
Joan Grenier                  Kissimmee 1849              Wendy Dee Quin                 Anna Maria Island 1601
Jeannie Biddle                Palatka 1915                Valerie Stark Carter           Anna Maria Island 1601
Betty Davis                   Four Townes 1939            Ninette Duncan                 Tarpon Springs 1614
Thelma Anderson               South Lakeland 1970         Bonnie Soubel                  Davie 1686
Carolyn Keen                  Lake Wales 1974             Mary Heinen                    Largo 1697
Jessica Marquis               Palm Bay 2193               Bernadette Terpstra            Gulf Gate 1770
Jane Hastings                 Daytona Beach 1019          Tammy Bader                    Palatka 1915
Cheryl Speake                 Fort Myers 1020             Robin Padgett                  Palatka 1915
Lynne Kelly                   Naples 1304                 Eileen Shedd                   Lake Wales 1974
Joyce Smith                   Golden Triangle 1389        Lorraine Socquet               Hallandale 652
Helen Wooten                  Palm Beach Gardens 1471     Deborah McNeill                Cape Coral 815
Joanna Cavosi                 Anna Maria Island 1601      Valarie Nestopoulos            Bradenton 1072
Terri Plourde                 Zephyrhills 1682            Jean Correia                   Port St Lucie 1236
Janice Sellie                 Ruskin 1718                 Darlene Somerville             Cocoa 1383
Lori Venezia                  Sebastian River 1764        Jean Moore                     Golden Triangle 1389
Sandra Bygler                 Big Pine Key 1810           Kimberly Evangelista           Crystal River 1434
Patricia Moore                Crescent City 1865          Mary Jacobs                    Palm Beach Gardens 1471
Ann Shrum                     Highlands County 2256       Rosanne Sloan                  Vero Beach 1541
Elaine Trundy                 Fort Walton Beach 2320      Cheri Northcut                 Leisure City 1572
Deborah Millek                Cape Coral 815              Arlene Stacy                   Port Charlotte 1619
Jeanie Evans                  Pensacola 898               Peggy Bracknell                Zephyrhills 1682
Vivian Kelly                  Pensacola 898               Debra Franklin                 Zephyrhills 1682
Jeanne Mullis                 Pensacola 898               Marie Cooper                   Ruskin 1718
Tracey Purdy                  Daytona Beach 1019          Judy Vail                      Ruskin 1718
Donna Gandy                   Tallahassee 1103            Dawn Woods                     Spring Hill 1765
Linda Walker Bradway          Winter Haven 1152           Deborah Williams               North Port 1892
Grace Kelley                  Winter Haven 1152           Susan Watkins                  Palatka 1915
Terri Brown                   Mandarin 1218               Dorothy Renee Morrow           Macclenny 2026
Jody Aust                     Palmetto 1225               Becky Del Santo                Buck Head Ridge 2036
Carol Menkello                Naples 1304                 Patricia Cole                  Ocala Forest 2182
Teresa Principe               Naples 1304                 Lillian Hendricks              Highlands County 2256
Kendra Wayne                  Lehigh Acres 1324           Suzanne Gigantelli             Venice 758
Maryann Franklin              Crystal River 1434          Shirley Ayres                  Cape Coral 815
Joan Franklin                 Palm Beach Gardens 1471     Judith Hannon                  Cape Coral 815
Anita Marie Franks            Lake Shore 1495             Deborah Sager                  Cape Coral 815
Patricia Keller               Merritt Island 1544         Sharon Terry                   Cape Coral 815
Marilyn Lawson                Merritt Island 1544         Josephine Reyes                Okeechobee 956
Diane Horn                    Englewood 1582              Mary Ann Tuten                 Okeechobee 956
Tamara Carbone                Zephyrhills 1682            Kim Virgil                     Okeechobee 956
Ada Guy                       Marianna 1286               Sharon Riffle                  Riverview 1031
Noreen Petras                 Crescent City 1865          Elva Mueller                   Leesburg 1034
Linda Porter                  Palatka 1915                Charlotte Bauer                Melbourne 1046
Virginia Wooden               Palatka 1915                Lois Brumfield                 Melbourne 1046
Susan Hutchins                Tice And The Shores 562     Patricia Ferdiani              Melbourne 1046
Sharyn Heller                 Venice 758                  Irene Wilds                    Interbay Tampa 1254
Barbara Poole                 Punta Gorda 777             Lois Baldwin                   Jacksonville Beach 1381
Carmela Carleo                Daytona Beach 1019          Kay Davey
                                                         13                              Palm Beach Gardens 1471
Mary Larcom                   Daytona Beach 1019          Dorothy Fulton                 Anna Maria Island 1601
                        WOTM Qualifiers International Five Club
                       New Qualifiers received February 26 through April 30, 2011 (continued)

Kimberly Mills               Anna Maria Island 1601       Sandra Boatwright               Orlando 1002
Jo Ann Thompson              Anna Maria Island 1601       Stella Garrett                  Orlando 1002
Dianne Balderstone           Dade City 1747               Betty Ragins                    Orlando 1002
Ruth Bennett                 Panama City 1756             Kimberly Ricci                  Orlando 1002
Wendy Michelle Panse         Pine Island 1843             Virginia Stoner                 Orlando 1002
Judy Sturgell                La Belle 1999                Anna Salvato                    Daytona Beach 1019
Helen Taylor                 Middleburg 2029              Deby Stinson                    Daytona Beach 1019
Debra Judd                   County Line 2103             Bonnie Jilek                    Fort Pierce 1121
Martha Riley                 County Line 2103             Nancy Flanagan                  Palm Beach Gardens 1471
Shannon Farrell              Kendale Lakes 2208           Carol Owens                     Dunnellon 1662
Mary Jo Butler               Gulf Cove 2252               Denise Buzbee                   Ruskin 1718
Caroline Enes                West Boca Raton 2273         Kathleen Landis                 North Hillsboro 1763
Madeline Skiba               West Boca Raton 2273         Catherine Saier                 Sebastian River 1764
Shannon Bryant               Jacksonville                 Judy Butner                     Big Pine Key 1810
Patricia Gillen              Cape Coral 815               Regina Carr                     Big Pine Key 1810
Lillian Glaude               Cape Coral 815               Geraldine Merrill               West Marion 1929
Lisa Pizzetti                Cape Coral 815               Deidre McLean                   Fort Walton Beach 2320

                                 Heart of Distinction Qualifiers
                             Angela Barber                    Port Charlotte 1619
                             Ada Guy                          Marianna 1286
                             Emily Wolfe                      Daytona Beach 1019
                             Leora Wilson                     Interbay Tampa 1254
                             Monica Smith                     Four Townes 1939
                             Phyllis Jewett                   Merritt Island 1544
                             Sandra Zenzel                    Anna Maria 1601
                             Vie Swinamer                     Port Charlotte 1619

                                25 Club Report
                        Congratulations and Thanks to                   Advanced to the 250 Division
                       The Fraternity’s Top Salespersons      Antonio Suares                   Port Charlotte 2121
                          (Recent Qualifiers, Reports
                            Received March 4, 2011                      Advanced to the 300 Division
                                                              Bob Winnubst                     Palm Beach Gardens 2010
                            through April 30, 2011)

                         LOOM                                                            WOTM

                                                                        Newly Qualified for the 25 Club
           Newly Qualified for the 25 Club                    Carol Cuccinelli                 Palm Beach Gardens 1471
Albert Johns                      Deland 1126                 Patricia Moore                   Crescent City 1825
Gary Mundorf                      Davie 1798                  Shirley Davidson Deppert         Pompano Beach 600
James "Sparky" Sparks             Panama City 1389            Agnes Wyatt-Syros                Lake Worth 46
Craig Wilson                      South Lake County 1615      Cindy Fowler                     Halifax River 2170
Fred Scott                        West Boca Raton 204         Diana Hebert                     Zephyrhills 1682
Marvin Hall                       Largo 2205                  Diane McKee                      Cape Coral 815
Robert Mullen                     Gulf Gate 608               Ellen Hack                       Lake Panasoffkee 1590
Gary Brock                        Cape Coral 2199             Emily Bopp                       Melbourne 1046
Kenneth Alan Singleton            Merritt Island 2073         Katherine Williams               Nassau 2355
Darren Wilbur                     Lauderdale Lakes 2267       Lynn Brown                       North Port 1892
                                                              Ninette Duncan                   Tarpon Springs 1614
                 Advanced to the 50 Division                  Sandra Zenzel                    Anna Maria Island 1601
Dan Morgan                        Zephyrhills 2276            Carolyn L. Schwall               Jupiter 1690
Gordon Gaither                    Englewood 1933              Mary Beck                        Lauderdale Lakes 1699
Alfred Fontana                    Venice 1308                 Bridget Bauer                    Cape Coral 815
Archie Head                       Crystal River 2013          Cynthia Hurley                   Daytona Beach 1019
Arlindo Chico Enes                West Boca Raton 204         Rita Pelletier                   West Marion 1929
Glen Carvalho                     Brooksville 1676            Sandy Jennings                   Pine Island 1843
Philip Bernard                    Port Charlotte 2121         Teri Hoff                        Golden Triangle 1389
Robert J. Callegari               Tarpon Springs 1429         Wynell Green                     Lake City 1399
Lou Dydek                         Marathon 1058
                                                                               Advanced to the 50 Division
                 Advanced to the 75 Division                  Marilyn Tanguay                  Port Charlotte 1609
Al McGlashan                      Macclenny 2412              Ruth Atwood                      Winter Haven 1152
Larry Adkins                      Palatka 184                 Anita Nadeau                     Kissimmee 1849
Doug Deierlein                    Sebring 2259                Becky Del Santo                  Buck Head Ridge 2036
Ed Conner                         Fort Myers Beach 964        Carol O’Connor                   Golden Triangle 1389
Roger Tripp                       Zephyrhills 2276            Pamela Davis                     Anna Maria Island 1601
                                                              Regina Carr                      Big Pine Key 1810
                                                              Ruth Bernard                     Port Charlotte 1609
           Advanced to the 100 Division
Charles Daniels, Jr.              Buck Head Ridge 2417
Richard Farrell                   Kendale Lakes 2086                           Advanced to the 75 Division
Robert Sorenson                   Tice And The Shores 1297    Sandra Treffinger                Lake Shore 1495
Gary Dunford Sr                   Highlands County 2494       Glenda Busscher                  Pine Island 1843
John Backer Sr                    Spring Hill 521
Robert Greenwood                  Zephyrhills 2276                      Advanced to the 100 Division
                                                              Linda Parker                     Englewood 1582
           Advanced to the 125 Division                       Ada Guy                          Marianna 1286
Carl Comeau                       Astor 2552
Richard Wolfe                     Daytona Beach 1263                    Advanced to the 125 Division
John Lavelle                      Suwannee River 325          Angelina Barber                  Port Charlotte 1619
James Evans                       Kissimmee 2056              Salleann Mills                   Merritt Island 1544

           Advanced to the 150 Division                                 Advanced to the 150 Division
Richard Crawford                  Caloosahatchee 2395         Emily P. Wolfe                   Daytona Beach 1019
Joe Heard                         Key Largo 2287
                                                                        Advanced to the 175 Division
           Advanced to the 200 Division                       Gloria Shurack                   Palm Beach Gardens 1471
Bob Guy                           Marianna 1026
                 TOP 25 PRODUCING LODGES AND
                    CHAPTERS AS OF 4/30/2011
Lodge #     Lodge Name            Florida          National   Total Apps
2199        Cape Coral            1                1          645
2188        Anna Maria Island     2                5          468
1308        Venice                3                7          425
2276        Zephyrhills           4                12         337
2121        Port Charlotte        5                23         275
1223        Bradenton             6                31         256
184         Palatka               7                36         235
2267        Lauderdale Lakes      8                39         228
1782        Naples                9                43         216
964         Fort Myers Beach      10               48         204
2259        Sebring               11               50         199
813         Ruskin                12               60         186
2073        Merritt Island        13               64         180
2013        Crystal River         14               66         178
2010        Palm Beach Gardens    15               67         177
557         Pensacola             16               78         161
1899        Fort Myers            17               83         154
1263        Daytona Beach         18               89         148
1954        Pine Island           19               94         143
1880        Brandon               20               95         142
874         Golden Triangle       21               97         140
766         Orlando               22               98         139
2151        Islamorada            23               99         136
1297        Tice And The Shores   24               104        131
1822        Vero Beach            25               106        129
Chapter #   Chapter Name          Florida          National   Total Applications
815         Cape Coral            1                1          483
1601        Anna Maria Island     2                3          368
758         Venice                3                4          345
1619        Port Charlotte        4                9          262
1019        Daytona Beach         5                10         261
1915        Palatka               6                14         236
1544        Merritt Island        7                16         232
1682        Zephyrhills           8                23         209
1471        Palm Beach Gardens    9                30         189
1002        Orlando               10               36         181
1699        Lauderdale Lakes      11               39         175
1072        Bradenton             12               40         173
1434        Crystal River         13               42         169
1304        Naples                14               56         145
1152        Winter Haven          15               65         133
1046        Melbourne             16               69         129
898         Pensacola             17               71         124
1389        Golden Triangle       18               74         119
1770        Gulf Gate             19               75         118
1495        Lake Shore            20               76         117
1596        Brandon               20               76         117
873         Sebring               21               77         115
1690        Jupiter               22               80         111
1225        Palmetto              23               81         110
551         Fort Myers Beach      24               86         103
777         Punta Gorda           25               87         102
1020        Fort Myers            25               87         102
1236        Port St Lucie         25               87         102
1718        Ruskin                25               87         102
                  The following Lodges have met or exceeded
                       their Quotas as of April 30, 2011
Lodge     Name                   1319   Sarasota                  1903   Land O'Lakes           2308   Dunnellon
0042      Mandarin               1389   Panama City               1954   Pine Island            2311   Palm Bay
0184      Palatka                1461   West Palm Beach           1962   Titusville             2345   Pine Castle
0204      West Boca Raton        1487   Wauchula                  2010   Palm Beach Gardens     2352   Nassau
0248      Fort Pierce            1558   Jacksonville Beach        2013   Crystal River          2356   West Marion
0397      Dade City              1585   Big Pine Key              2056   Kissimmee              2366   West Pasco
0455      Jacksonville           1615   South Lake County         2083   Haines City            2367   Satellite Beach
0521      Spring Hill            1641   Crescent City             2086   Kendale Lakes          2373   North Bay
0557      Pensacola              1654   Golden Gate               2151   Islamorada             2374   Lake Placid
0608      Gulf Gate              1676   Brooksville               2157   Pompano Beach          2391   Lake Wales
0764      North Port             1690   Jensen Beach              2158   Riverview              2395   Caloosahatchee
0813      Ruskin                 1693   Punta Gorda               2188   Anna Maria Island      2412   Macclenny
0874      Golden Triangle        1717   Cocoa                     2193   Fort Walton Beach      2417   Buck Head Ridge
0912      Interbay Tampa         1741   North Hillsboro           2199   Cape Coral             2427   County Line
0964      Fort Myers Beach       1747   New Port Richey           2205   Largo                  2494   Highlands County
1026      Marianna               1753   Okeechobee                2237   Jupiter- Tequesta      2510   Wakulla County
1058      Marathon               1782   Naples                    2258   Leisure City           2516   Halifax River
1074      Hialeah                1798   Davie                     2259   Sebring                2538   West Volusia
1075      Tallahassee            1822   Vero Beach                2266   Lehigh Acres           2552   Astor
1126      Deland                 1825   West Dade                 2267   Lauderdale Lakes       2554   Gulf Cove
1150      Miramar                1835   New Smyrna Beach          2276   Zephyrhills            2577   Palm Coast
1223      Bradenton              1851   Sanford                   2287   Key Largo              2591   Azalea Park
1297      Tice And The Shores    1880   Brandon                   2295   S. Lakeland-Mulberry   2672   Quincy
1308      Venice                 1899   Fort Myers                2304   Indian River           2689   Auburndale

  The following Chapters have met or exceeded their Quotas as of April 30, 2011
Chapter    Name                  1152   Winter Haven              1601   Anna Maria Island      1960   Lake Placid
0030       Palm Harbor           1170   South Lake County         1610   Perrine                1968   Sarasota
0046       Lake Worth            1218   Mandarin                  1611   Bonita Springs         1970   South Lakeland
0229       Brooksville           1225   Palmetto                  1619   Port Charlotte         1974   Lake Wales
0305       Jacksonville          1236   Port St Lucie             1662   Dunnellon              1983   Satellite Beach
0494       Suwannee River        1254   Interbay Tampa            1682   Zephyrhills            1984   Caloosahatchee
0551       Fort Myers Beach      1286   Marianna                  1686   Davie                  1999   La Belle
0562       Tice And The Shores   1304   Naples                    1690   Jupiter                2026   Macclenny
0600       Pompano Beach         1324   Lehigh Acres              1697   Largo                  2029   Middleburg
0652       Hallandale            1381   Jacksonville Beach        1698   Miramar                2036   Buckhead Ridge
0758       Venice                1383   Cocoa                     1699   Lauderdale Lakes       2051   West Pasco
0777       Punta Gorda           1389   Golden Triangle           1715   Islamorada             2103   County Line
0815       Cape Coral            1399   Lake City                 1718   Ruskin                 2127   Haines City
0873       Sebring               1404   Sanford                   1747   Dade City              2170   Halifax River
0898       Pensacola             1414   Key West                  1756   Panama City            2182   Ocala Forest
0925       New Port Richey       1434   Crystal River             1763   North Hillsboro        2193   Palm Bay
0938       West Palm Beach       1471   Palm Beach Gardens        1765   Spring Hill            2202   West Volusia
0956       Okeechobee            1472   West Dade                 1770   Gulf Gate              2208   Kendale Lakes
1002       Orlando               1485   Titusville                1773   Inverness              2219   Astor
1003       Deland                1495   Lake Shore                1810   Big Pine Key           2224   Wakulla County
1019       Daytona Beach         1515   New Smyrna Beach          1821   Jensen Beach           2240   Palm Coast
1020       Fort Myers            1517   North Jacksonville        1825   Crescent City          2252   Gulf Cove
1027       Marathon              1541   Vero Beach                1843   Pine Island            2256   Highlands County
1031       Riverview             1544   Merritt Island            1849   Kissimmee              2273   West Boca Raton
1034       Leesburg              1565   Key Largo                 1892   North Port             2303   North Bay
1046       Melbourne             1572   Leisure City              1915   Palatka                2307   Azalea Park
1056       Pembroke Pines        1582   Englewood                 1917   Pine Castle            2320   Fort Walton Beach
1072       Bradenton             1590   Lake Panasoffkee          1926   Indian River           2322   Land O'Lakes
1103       Tallahassee           1596   Brandon                   1929   West Marion            2355   Nassau
1121       Fort Pierce           1597   Arcadia                   1939   Four Townes            2398   Quincy
                                                             17                                 2400   Wauchula
                               LODGE OF THE YEAR
                           MACCLENNY MOOSE LODGE 2412

                                CHAPTER OF THE YEAR
                                 VENICE CHAPTER 758
                               CAPE CORAL CHAPTER 815

                         ADMINISTRATOR OF THE YEAR
                    DANIEL “BUDDY” DUGGAR MACCLENNY 2412

                             ROOKIE OF THE YEAR
                     DONALD KLEINATLAND BROOKSVILLE 1676

                               MOOSE OF THE YEAR
                           KEITH DELANO WEST DADE 1825

                     MOOSE LEGIONNAIRE OF THE YEAR

                                   FROM THE EDITOR

        Due to the amount of information submitted for this Issue of the Courier I will not
be publishing Mid-year Conference photograph highlights. To view the photographs online
visit floridamoose.org and click on the Photographs by Debbie Smith link, enter the
password gimmefive and enjoy!
        Debra J. Smith, Courier Editor
                                   PIE-IN-THE FACE NETS $2,700.00
  TAMPA, Florida - Past Presidents of Florida-Bermuda Moose Association put their faces up for ransom at the
  Mid-Year Conference Fun Night on Thursday, April 21, for a good time and for a successful fund raising project.
  brothers and co-workers bid for the opportunity to apply a “pie” (actually shaving cream on a paper plate)
  to 18 Past Presidents, including Honorary Past Presidents. By the time the shaving cream had cleared, $2700.00
  had been raised and donated to the newly constructed LED sign at the entrance to Moosehaven

     Past International Moose Legion        Moose Charities Director John Reiter, Mike Brady      International Moose Legion
         President Levis Hughes               and Florida’s Regional Manager Jerry Monk           Ambassador Jesse McKenzie

Participating Past Presidents                 Donation and Fund Gatherers
Ed Fischer              Paul Hedrick                   Fred Van Nostrand        Charlie Parker
Bolting Bunting         Bob Barbieri                   B. J. Friedel            Lee Singleton
Tom Saunders            Bob Lanigan                    Bob Barbieri             Emile Flamand
Levis Hughes            Bob Ostertag                   Roy Suarez               Leora Wilson
Jerry Thompson          Jesse McKenzie                 Jim Bright               Larry Cundiff
Scott Cushing           David Flood                    Bob Ostertag             Charles Geary
Jim Malsbury            Jerry Monk                     David Smith              Mike Brady
John Reiter             Liguori Saladin
Steve Del Corso         Rodney Hammond                 THANKS TO ALL DONORS
Bob Bullock
It was another great Moose project—doing a good thing, and having fun doing it.

                                                                     Article by Rodney Hammond, photographs by Debra J. Smith

BUNNELL, Florida - On April 9, Palm Coast Lodge
2577 and Chapter 2240 members conducted their monthly
Community Service road clean up along Florida State
Road 100 (Moody Blvd) in Bunnell, Florida.

Pictured left to right are: Dennis Beynon, Teresa Wodecki,
Dave Butler, JoAnn Kaleda-Butler, Laurie Dixon Day and
Kandace Dimas.
   Information and photograph submitted by William Mulligan
                                     STAR RECORDERS SHINE
                                                         LAKE WORTH, Florida - Members of Lake Worth
                                                         Chapter 46 Star Recorder Committee donated Tommy
                                                         Moose and stuffed bears to the Palm Beach County Sheriffs
                                                         Department’s Lake Worth Substation. These stuffed
                                                         animals will be used to comfort children that have been
                                                         involved in an accident or placed in a traumatic situation.

                                                         Pictured from left to right: Deputy Michael Smith,
                                                         Ethel Spade, Mary Helen Parker, Mary Ann Joyner,
                                                         Cora Sparrow and Sheriffs Deputy Ron Paiva,
                                                          Information and photograph submitted by J. A. Davis Publicity Chairman Chapter 46

                                                                   Tommy Moose
HOLLYWOOD, Florida - On April 20, 2011, the                        received an update in
Women of the Moose of Hollywood Chapter #1053                      2007, to a new, more
presented Tommy Moose to Captain Edward                            cuddly appearance,
O'Brien of the Davie Fire Rescue Department.                       trademarked and
                                                                   exclusive to Moose
Captain O'Brien told the Co-workers that the                       International -- and
Tommy Moose were used to demonstrate to                            since then, he's been
children what procedure was going to be preformed                  even more welcome
on them. The children were given the Tommy
                                                                   in police cars, fire
Moose to hold and this makes the injured
children more at ease with the procedure and less                  trucks and ambulances than ever before.
frightened. When they were done being treated the                  While it was extremely important to continue
children were told, since they were so good, the                   the success that Tommy Moose has spread
Tommy Moose were theirs to keep and help them                      throughout the fraternity, it was equally
to get better.                                                     important to assure that the new design was
                                                                   flexible enough to be utilized in other arenas.
Pictured left to right are Charlene Greco, Mary Ann                Fraternal units will continue to be encouraged
Hicks, Captain O'Brien, RoseAnn Arcardo, Sharon                    to purchase plush Tommy Moose through
Darling and Ann Cirioni.                                           Catalog Sales and present the items to
                                                                   emergency services personnel in their
                                                                   respective communities. Units that have made
                                                                   an initial presentation should stay in contact
                                                                   with these personnel and replenish their stock
                                                                   when necessary.
                                                                   The newly designed Tommy Moose remains
                                                                   priced at $75 per dozen; the catalog item
                                                                   number is 130. To order, call 630-966-2250;
                                                                   fax 630-859-3505; or e-mail order details to
    Article and photograph submitted by Sharon Darling        20

07-26-2010 - East Naples Fire Rescue
             In memory of Chapter 1304 member and loyal Lodge employee, Darlene Nielson

08-16-2010 - Lee Healthcare System Pediatrics Intensive Care
             In Memory of Charlie Minard, age 26 months. Nephew of Chapter 1304 member,
             Carol Booher.

08-17-2010 - Omaha, NE Police Department
             In memory of Officer Larry Minard, killed in the line of duty on 08-17-1970.
             Officer Minard is Carol Booher's father.

09-22-2010 - Florida Highway Patrol, Naples, Florida Station.

10-10-2010 - Brockton, MA Fire Department
             In memory of Ryan Orcutt, nephew of Jim Kelly, Lodge 1782 Governor, 2009/2010
             and 2010/2011. Ryan's father is a Fire Lieutenant in Brockton.

11-17 -2010 - Florida Department of Children and Families

02-23-2011 - Collier County Sheriff's Department, Collier County EMS, East Naples Fire Rescue
             and North Naples Fire Rescue. Featured presenter was Lodge Brother, Cpl. Joe Kelly,
             USMC and son of Lodge Governor Jim Kelly.

03-23-2011 - North Collier Hospital Pediatrics Unit

          All funding for the Lodge 1782 Tommy Moose Program comes from member donations.
                                       No Lodge funds were used.

               Information and photographs submitted by Albert Newcomb, Tommy Moose Committee Chairman
                           10-24 simply put is TROUBLE SEND HELP.
                                                         PALATKA, Florida - 10-24 is a code used by our Law
                                                Enforcement Officers when they are in desperate need of immediate help.
                                                        Sheila Jennette, the wife of Putnam County Sheriffs Deputy Nick
                                                Jennette, was diagnosed two years ago with terminal cancer. Shelia has
                                                been going through treatments to slow the progression of her cancer. In
                                                December 2010 Deputy Sheriff Nick Jennette was also stricken with a
                                                very aggressive cancer and diagnosed as terminal. He has been given
                                                roughly six months to live.
                                                        With their large medical bills doubled, the Code 10-24 was put out
                                                to the public. Help came for Nick and Sheila Jennette, when our Moose
                                                Members agreed to let the Putnam County Sheriffs Office Host a Benefit
                                                at Palatka Lodge 184 on Saturday April 9th, 2011. 185 Motorcycles joined
             Shelia and Nick Jennette
                                                the Law Enforcement escorted 60-mile ride, which both started and ended
                                               at the Palatka Moose Lodge.
     Kickstands went up at 10:00 am and the ride
began while an army of volunteers stayed behind
to help set up for the riders return to the Lodge
where they were provided lunch and entertainment.
The volunteers worked with such precision and
speed, it was like watching a Broadway Show
Production. All the while, more and more people
     In all, more than 500 hundred people attended
the Benefit during the course of the day. Sheriff
Jeff Hardy and Victims Advocate Kim Daley
gratefully announced donations had risen above
$15,000.00.                                               Article and photographs submitted by Palatka Lodge Governor Bill Watkins
     A Very Good Day at Palatka Moose Lodge for
a Very Worthy Cause.

                Visit the Moose Charities link on the Moose International Website at www.mooseintl.org
           to get more information on the many programs available to help Mooseheart Child City and School.

                        LOYAL ORDER OF THE MOOSE
         PORT CHARLOTTE, Florida - Dr. Ted Piotrowski has
been an active member of the Fraternity since 1961, first joining
Lodge #961 in Teaneck, NJ, followed by stops at Lodges #1971 and
#1907 in New Jersey along the way to Florida. Ted said he and his
wife Judy have always enjoyed the friendship and socializing that is
easily found at a Moose Lodge, particularly in Port Charlotte.
         Brother Ted celebrated his 79th birthday in the first week of
March but still comes to Port Charlotte #2121 every Tuesday with
his wife Judy, as he has for the past 15 years, to have lunch and catch
up with friends. He said that he may have missed the Tuesday ritual
one week a year due to unforeseen circumstances.
         Ted feels that the biggest loss to the Moose over the past half
-century is the performing of the Nine O'clock Ceremony.                       (Left to Right) Administrator Bob Lanigan,
Without fail, he said, it used to be conducted daily in every Moose Lodge     Treasurer/District 24 President Emile Fland,
                                                                                       and Honoree Ted Piotrowski
to remind members about our obligation to the children at
Mooseheart. He also lamented the rise in the cost of beer. Back in        Article and photograph submitted by Tom Hartnett
1961 he could get a case of Budweiser for $3 - not any more!                         Webmaster, Port Charlotte 2121

                              MIGHTY MOOSE PLANTED ON LODGE
                                                           BRADENTON BEACH, Florida - An aluminum moose was
                                                 put into position on the Anna Maria Island Moose Lodge, 110 Gulf Drive
                                                 S., Bradenton Beach. Steve Berquist of Bimini Bay Construction built and
                                                 mounted the moose. Ron Luckerman of the volunteer firehouse housed the
                                                 moose before it was raised to the lodge roof.
                                                           Moose are known to possess super strength. The mighty moose
                                                 standing tall over the Lodge can take wind speeds up to 130 mph.
                                                           The new moose is made of aluminum, with a height of 6 feet and a
                                                 full frame of antlers that spread like the palm fronds of nearby trees, said
                                                 Ernie Casali, administrator of the Anna Maria Island Moose Lodge 2188.
                                                           The moose was installed on the lodge roof about a week ago,
                                                 and was unveiled May 1, with Bradenton Beach Mayor Bob Bartelt and
Bradenton Beach Police Chief Sam Speciale (pictured above) removing a tarp to reveal the statue to a cheering,
applauding crowd.
         In the parking lot, the lodge served barbecue ribs and sausages, with proceeds benefiting the organization’s
Christmas fund for the Safe Children’s Coalition. Casali encouraged the crowd to eat, and guests to visit inside the
         The lodge was once adorned with a real moose head that was encased in fiberglass, but still not resilient to the
salty air. Casali said the head was refurbished twice before it was removed. “He was too far gone to refurbish again.
He was sent to the bone yard,” he said.
         Other changes have occurred to spruce up the Moose lodge, including a new railing along the west side of the
parking lot, which will curb people from leaping from the lot to the back patio. Inside, the dining room has been
decorated in Key West colors, with new tablecloths added. Also, said Casali, “We are adding tiki poles.”
         Earlier this year, Casali told city officials, several of whom are members of the 42-year-old lodge, about long-
and short-term plans.
         Eventually, the membership might pursue adding a second story. “We are seeking advice from an experienced
builder on the Island for a price guestimate,” Casali said. He added, “We are not going to sit idle. We are constantly
doing some sort of improvement.”                      Article by Lisa Neff, Islander reporter and submitted for publication by Ernie Casali
                           LOYAL ORDER OF THE MOOSE
          WOW! It’s great to be a Moose member in the great State of Florida! Jacksonville Lodge 455, the first Moose
Lodge in Florida, celebrated their 100th birthday for the whole month of January, and what an event it was.
          First, we started with a Moose Legion Celebration on January 7th. Seminole Moose Legion 81 also celebrated
their 90th birthday that month. We had International Moose Legion President Bruce Berger come and visit our Lodge.
He is a great motivational speaker. As we continued with the Moose Legion Celebration, two of our very own members
joined the Moose Legion - Trustee Gene Wilfong and Governor Tony Seifert. Everyone had a great time. Thank you
Seminole 81.
                                            The next weekend, January 15th, we
                                   had the F.B.M.A. Executive State Board over for
                                   a night to remember. We started out with a Steak
                                   and Shrimp Dinner with all the trimmings. State
                                   President Chuck Meyers cut the cake that we had
                                   made for the F.B.M.A. for their support of our 100
                                   Year Celebration. Orlando Lodge 766 came up for
                                   the event and performed the Golden Ball and even
                                   got some of the members of the audience to
                                   participate. To cap off the evening, the Johnston
                                   Duo Band played late into the night so everyone
                                   could dance the night away.
 F.B.M.A. President Chuck Myers              On January 21st, our actual birthday        The Golden Ball being preformed by
 and Secretary Scott Cushing                                                             members of Orlando Lodge 766
                                   weekend, we started off by having some of the
                                                      Moosehaven Residents over for a steak dinner with music performed
                                                      by the Bocats. We had so much fun dancing and carrying on with the
                                                      Moosehaven residents and I am pretty sure they had a great time also.
                                                      Then as if that was not enough excitement, the next night our guest
                                                      was none other than G.W. McCullough III, our Supreme Governor
                                                      and his lovely wife Sue. G.W. is such a good sport that after dinner
                                                      we thought we would have a little fun, so for his visit we got some
                                                      G. W. McCullough III Bobbleheads and then we made some rubber
                                                      band guns and charged 4 shots for a dollar. Of course G.W. was the
                                                      first one in line. However he did not do as well as Ray Bennet. Ray
                                                      hit the G. W. Bobblehead and won a 100-year celebration t-shirt.
                                                      All the money collected, $972.00, went to the endowment fund and
Junior Past Governor Harold Bechore, Governor Tony
                                                      was presented by Jacksonville Lodge 455 to Supreme Governor
Seifert, Celebration Coordinator George Bryant,
Supreme Governor G. W. McCollough III and Junior      McCullough.                                                          .
Governor Thomas Beyer
         Later that evening we paid tribute to our living
Past Governors and Past Senior Regents. We also had a
Memorial Service for our fallen Past Governors and
Senior Regents.
         The fun continued on with our Governor Tony
Seifert and Junior Regent Patsy Hopson presenting gifts
of appreciation to our Supreme Governor and his wife
Sue. However the night did not end there, our group of
motorcycle riders were so excited that G. W. was coming
that they presented him with a special gift - a Black
Leather vest with our 100 year logo embroidered on the
back and their rider patch on the front Also on the                     Past Governors of Jacksonville Lode 455 and
(continued on next page)                                    24          Past Regents of Jacksonville Chapter xxx
                                                               front of the vest was a special
                                                               name that the bikers thought was
                                                               fitting for our Supreme Governor
                                                               - “BULLWINKLE”. G. W.
                                                               laughed and wore the vest
                                                               proudly rest of the night.
                                                                        After the presentations
                                                               Governor Tony Seifert , Supreme
                                                               Governor G. W. McCullough III
                                                               and George Bryant, Coordinator
                                                               of the Celebration, cut the cake
 Supreme Governor McCollough being presented with his own
                                                               for our 100 year birthday.             G. W. proudly wearing his
 Anniversary edition of the Jacksonville Moose Riders vest     Following the cake cutting             Moose Riders Vest
                                                               ceremony Lakeshore Lodge 2020
                                                  performed the Legacy of the Moose. They did a great job and we ended the
                                                  evening with dancing.
                                                           The last weekend,
                                                  January 29th, we had the First
                                                  Annual Polar Bear Poker Run
                                                  for Special Olympics. With over
                                                  75 bikes and riders, we were able
                                                  to raise over $1300.00 and
                                                  presented a check to some of the
                                                  management staff for the Special
                                                  Olympics of North Florida.
 Governor Tony Seifert , Supreme Governor         Some of the athletes were there
 G. W. McCullough and George Bryant,
 Coordinator of the Celebration,
                                                  selling raffles tickets for the
                                                  50/50 drawing and were having
a blast. What a fantastic organization. I am so proud to be a part of the Moose!               Usual Suspects - Members of
                                                                                               Jacksonville Lodge Moose Riders
         Thanks to everyone who participated and volunteered in this most
memorable month at Jacksonville 455. Now you know why I said at the beginning, Wow! Isn’t it Great To Be A
Moose Member in Florida?                                                           Article and photographs submitted by George Bryant

                                  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
                              A bobblehead doll, also known as a bobbing head doll,
                              nodder, or wobbler, is a type of collectible toy. Its head is
                              often oversized compared to its body. Instead of a solid
                              connection, its head is connected to the body by a spring
                              in such a way that a light tap will cause the head to
                              bobble, hence the name.

                         Although bobblehead dolls have been made with a wide
                         variety of figures such as vampiric cereal pitchman
                         Count Chocula, beat generation author Jack Kerouac,
                         and Nobel-prize-winning geneticist James D. Watson,
Supreme Governor G. W.   the figure is most associated with athletes, especially Carl Hoover presented Regional Manager
McCullough Bobblehead    baseball players. Bobblehead dolls are sometimes given Jerry Monk with his very own Bobblehead
                         out to ticket buyers at sporting events as a promotion.
Corporations including Taco Bell (the 'Yo Quiero Taco Bell' Chihuahua), McDonald's (Ronald McDonald), and Empire
Today (The Empire Man) have also produced popular bobbleheads of the characters used in their advertisements.
                                WOMEN OF THE MOOSE
                                                               TAMPA, Florida - On Sunday, April 24, 2011 the
                                                        Women of the Moose welcomed one hundred and twenty-one
                                                        (121) new Friends. The youngest Co-Worker to be conferred
                                                        was 23 year Maria Cappelli from Lake Shore Chapter 1495
                                                        and the oldest Co-Worker was 92 year old Velma Hicks from
                                                        Brooksville Chapter 229.
                                                               Also receiving her Academy of Friendship Degree was
                                                        80 year old Moosehaven Resident Avis Ferguson who held a
                                                        multiple membership with Lake Shore Chapter in order to earn
                                                        her Degree.
    Deputy Grand Regent Phyllis Jewett with new                                       Article and photographs by Debra J. Smith
       Academy of Friendship members from
            Merritt Island Chapter 1544

     New Friends Maria Cappelli                   Moosehaven Resident Avis Ferguson             Velma Hicks and Academy of
   age 23 and Velma Hicks age 92                                                            Friendship Board Member Gloria Petrea

                       CHAPTERS KEEPING ‘GIMME FIVE’ ALIVE
       TAMPA, Florida - Florida’s Co-Workers continue to contribute to the Gimme Five Program in a
big way. Pictured below presenting checks to State Gimme Five Chairman Linda Mulligan are Co-Workers
from Venice Chapter 758 and Punta Gorda Chapter 777.

                                                                                                        Photographs by Debra J. Smith
                                    WOMEN OF THE MOOSE
                               W.O.T.M. RITUAL IS BACK IN FLORIDA!

     TAMPA, Florida - April 3, 2011 - The last time the Women of the Moose Ritual Competition was held in
Florida was October 2008. We all remember the Saturday Night Banquets where the excitement seemed to grow into
a living thing as everyone anticipated the announcement of the Women’s Ritual Competition results. Well this past Mid
-Year Conference was the venue for the new W.O.T.M. Ritual Competition.
     Although only two teams competed this year, the appreciation shown by the Banquet attendees was awesome.
For those that have not seen the Ritual performed, I must say that it is both elegant and impressive.
The two teams, Palm Beach Gardens/Jupiter and Lake Winter Brook, worked very hard in preparation for competition
especially considering that they had to incorporate changes to the ritual almost up to the time of competition.
     Both teams are going on to International Competition in Anaheim this July and I am sure that they will make
Florida proud.
     Hopefully, we will see more teams at State Competition next year now that the W.O.T.M. Ritual has been
reestablished. I know that many of us have missed the infectious excitement of the Saturday night Awards Ceremony.
     For information concerning the W.O.T.M. Ritual, please contact Paula Hughes at phuges81@comcast.net or
Vera Smallridge at mynan@bellsouth.net.

   First Place Team - Palm Beach Gardens/Jupiter           Second Place Team - Lake Winter Brook                  High Scoring Ritualist
   (left to right) Chaplain Rachel Prestano, Registrar     (left to right) Registrar Beverly Lowe, Chaplain       Christine Flego
   JoAnn Klaus, Coach Myrna Rynerson, Chairman             Ellen Palmer Hack, Coach Gloria Petrea, Chairman
   Patty Hertvik and Historian Debra Smith                 Christine Flego and Historian Sherri Simon

                                                               Article by David J. Smith photographs by Debra J Smith and Sharon Krutulis

                                                         NOTE OF THANKS
First I want to say that FYI: on my way home from the airport, the guy on the radio stated that it will be another 90
years before Easter will ever fall on this weekend again. So I think Scott should be very safe in his scheduling.

I want to thank the Association for all they do to support the Women of the Moose Ritual Program. The room and
meals were absolutely wonderful. The dinners were filled with great food, fun and fellowship. To the Women, you
have always made my visits unforgettable and I never leave without a new group of friends. At a very young age
I was taught a song that I live with each day:
                     "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold."
So, I may not have won any drawings, I still left Florida with plenty of Silver and Gold.

To those of you on your way to California, be safe, have fun and if you see me, say Hey.......

Until we meet again,                                                27
Kathy Schultz, International Ritual Judge
                                               MOOSE LEGION
                                               Message from Dave
                                    International Moose Legion Ambassador
   What a ride and experience it has been as an International Moose Legion Ambassador the past three (3) years serving
Cypress 202, Indian River 178, St Johns River 227 and Northwest 182. Jeanette and I have enjoyed many great visits
and celebrations with new friends we probably would never had the chance to get to know as closely as we have. Yes,
we covered a few miles here in Florida as well, some we probably would have never seen if not for the assignment.
   As time changes all of our lives, memories live on. We cherish those memories and have many photos that were
taken enabling us to look at and enjoy, especially on those nights when it is snowing hard and (oops, I forgot this is
Florida). Oh well, as I said time changes us all and I think maybe the mind is already ahead on the change.
   Sincere thanks to all members for their support to the jurisdiction and the progress that was made in all areas. The
cooperation between the Directors, LMLC Committees, the Moose “Legionettes”, the Conferral Staffs, the host Lodges
and all others that have made the jurisdictions as strong and prosperous as they are. I for one have been extremely proud
of all the accomplishments.
   Please support all Board of Directors and the future of the Moose Legion. To quote our FBMA President Chuck
Myers, you are a “cut-above-the rest”. Our charge for the next and future years is to strengthen our Moose Legion by
keeping the members we have, getting new members and put the fun back into being a Moose Legionnaire. We must
do a better job of “Mentoring” and build for the future. Search for that one new Moose Legionnaire that shows an
interest in furthering the Moose Legion Mission and Vision. By doing that, you will ensure our future will be bright
and lasting.
   To the all the ladies, “Thanks” for all that you do. There is no doubt no Moose Legion jurisdiction could not exist
without all of you. We need you, we appreciate you and we love you all.
   As you won’t be seeing Jeanette and me as much as in the recent past, we still invite you to say “HI” when you see
us out and about. Please keep us in mind as we head down the paths of our destiny.
  Fraternally and God Bless (also HOO-RAH)
  Dave and Jeanette Flood

Photographs from the Cypress 202 Moose Legion Celebration held at Inverness Lodge #2112 held April 9, 2011 submitted by Dave Flood.
Photo 1 - The class of incoming Moose Legionnaires, Photo 2 - Jester (Buddy Elmore) and King (Leonard Siebenthal) preparing to confer
the Imperial Degree, Photo 3 - International Moose Legion Ambassador Dave Flood and Moose Legionnaire of the Year Bill Jacobs,
Photo 4 - Tom Hickman receiving a certificate for Golden Triangle 874 Moose Legion Committee’s outstanding service, Photo 5 -
Fred Csaszar of Dunnellon Lodge 2308 receiving the John Sanders Traveling Community Service Trophy
                                         MOOSE LEGION
         PUNTA GORDA, Florida - The latest Manatee 58
Conferral held at Punta Gorda Lodge 1693 was in honor of outgoing
Moose Legion Secretary, Bob Willin. Bob has served as Manatee 58
Moose Legion Secretary for 20 years, and has led the way in making
Manatee 58 not only Number One in the state, but Number One in
the nation.
   One of Bob's many programs was to collect aluminum tabs to be
used to help fund scholarships for Manatee 58 students. Pictured at
                                                                    Bob Willin, Moose Legion Assistant Secretary
right is Ken presenting almost 100 lbs of tabs collected by Venice
                                                                    Ken Onstott and Manatee 58 Moose Legion
Lodge 1308.                                                         Secretary Tom Bartell
                           Article and photograph submitted by Ken Onstott

                                       DIRECTOR’S KEY CLUB
                                               SANFORD, Florida - For the second consecutive year Saint
                                               John's River Moose Legion 227 earned the Director's Key Club.
                                               Jesse McKenzie, International Moose Legion Ambassador,
                                               awarded the Directors of Moose Legion 227 with their pins on
                                               April 3rd at their Moose Legion Celebration following the
                                               Conferral of new Moose Legionnaires.

                                               Pictured from left to right: Vice President Dave Wheeler,
                                               Secretary Keith Bradshaw, President William Mulligan,
                                               International Moose Legion Ambassador Jesse McKenzie,
                                               Chaplin Al Camine, Financial Director Paul Corp and Fraternal
      Information and photograph submitted     Director, Everett C. Goodwin. Not pictured is Junior Past
                      by William Mulligan
                                               President David Wheaton.

       Your Degree Jackets that are just hanging in your closets, both Men’s and Women’s.
       We will also take ties, buttons, anything that is a degree item. They will be passed on
       to someone that needs them. You can also exchange your items for another size.
       This is all done at No Cost to you. These items are 100% FREE.
       If you want to donate or need one of these items, contact Nancy Lanigan by mail at
       3263 DeSoto Drive, Punta Gorda, Fl. 33983 or by Phone at Home 941-743-0879 or
                                                                        Cell 941-661-6717.
       Thank you for your help with this project.
       Nancy Lanigan
                                      MOOSE RIDERS

                   TO FLORIDA YOUTH RANCHERS
         At the recent Mid-Year Conference Frank Kenny, Donor Relations Officer - Florida Sheriffs Youth
Ranches, reported that the FBMA Moose Riders had just presented to him a “Publishing Workstation” for
the Ranchers at the Live Oak facility. The workstation consisted of a 6-G desktop computer, a 22” LCD
monitor, a combination printer/scanner/copier and a camcorder equipped with a still-photo option and
carrying case. The workstation donation was precipitated by a casual email to the Moose Riders State
Secretary about a newsletter, “M.E.N.”, started by a handful of boys at the Ranch. This led to an article in
the Moose Rider newsletter “Pipes” featuring the boys’ newsletter and a brief description of how it all got
                               started. Impressed by the boy’s initiative, Florida Moose Riders asked if they
                               needed any help to continue to develop their journalism and desktop publishing
                               skills. We found out that a better computer and printer were on their wish list.
                               The Moose Riders stepped up to the plate. Within a short period of time over
                               $1500.00 worth of computer equipment was purchased so that the boys would
                               have what they needed before the end of the school year. Unfortunately, due to
                               the Easter Holiday and spring break schedules, the boys were not able to be at the
                               Conference to accept the donation in person. However, Frank Kenny personally
                               delivered the “workstation” to the boys at the Ranch when they returned from
                               their break. According to an email from Frank, “You had some pretty excited
                               boys. They thought it was Christmas.”
         The young journalists also hope to publish the 2011 Live Oak Ranch “Yearbook” on their new
equipment. Moose Riders are excited to see them develop these graphic design, journalism and computer
skills, which we know will be extremely valuable to them when they leave the Ranch. A ride to the Live
Oak Ranch is already scheduled in early October for the Open House and hopefully we will get to meet
these young men and see the equipment in action. Maybe they will “feature” Moose Riders in their next
issue of “M.E.N.”.
         FBMA Moose Riders are proud of their nearly 1000 members throughout the state, all of whom
work hard to raise money for Mooseheart, Moosehaven, Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches, and other national
and local charities in their areas, many of which aid children and the military. At this year’s Mid-Year
Conference, State Moose Riders reported raising over $42,000 in the months from October 2010 to
April 2011 and by October are hoping to eclipse last year’s annual fundraising figure of nearly $67,000.

Kickstands Up and be safe.—Joan Fedora, FBMA Moose Riders State Secretary

                                Help Raise Money for the Youth Ranches!
                                           Shop online at GoodShop.com
                          and a percentage of each purchase will be donated to our cause!
                                More than 600 top stores are participating including
                                   Amazon, Target, Staples, Best Buy and more!


          LIVE OAK, Florida – May 12, 2011 – School is almost out and summer is fast approaching. For the staff and
volunteers of the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches, that means the beginning of Summer Camp is right around the corner.
                                    The Sheriffs Youth Ranches camping
                           staff are busy preparing and planning a
                           summer full of activities at Youth Camp,
                           Caruth Camp and the mobile camp sites
                           around the state. Kids may participate in
                           swimming, challenge course activities, arts
                           and crafts, sports, singing, and other related
                           recreational adventures. Our motto at camp
                           is “Law Officers are Your Friends!”
                                    Our program wide goal is to guide
   A camper challenges
    herself on the high   young people away from the path of future           Campers enjoy swimming during the hot summer months
       ropes course       delinquency. By providing a safe place and caring environment at our Summer Camps,
Florida’s children are given an opportunity to grow and learn that there is a better way to live their lives. The positive
relationships that campers develop with staff, as well as Sheriff’s Deputies, gives each child a firm base to make better
decisions when they return home.
                                                                 Many deputies from around the state come out to the camp
                                                        sites and volunteer their time. The kids love interacting with the
                                                        deputies and spending time with them during activities. They look
                                                        up to them as positive role models. These relationships make an
                                                        impact on boys and girls that will last a lifetime.
                                                                 Our counselors and law enforcement volunteers take the time
                                                        to make each boy and girl feel special and ensure they have a great
                                                        camp experience. Canoeing, archery and swimming, as well as many
                                                        other esteem building recreational activities, allow boys and girls the
                                                        opportunity to participate in groups, building teamwork and positive
   Campers show a deputy the crawfish claw they found
         at Camp Caruth near Yankeetown, Florida        peer communications skills.
          Camping services also offers special community or school
programs, through the mobile camp initiatives, which are aimed at
reducing violence, racial tensions and negative behavior and increasing
communication, cooperation, and cultural understanding.
          If you would like more information on how to help sponsor a
child at camp, please contact Frank Kenny, Donor Relations Officer
at 1-800-765-3797 or visit us at www.youthranches.org.

Jim Karantinos,
Communications Manager
Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches, Inc.                                               Last year Mobile Camp kids in Suwannee County
                                                               31                         were treated to a K-9 demonstration

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                        MEDICAL NEEDS DISCOUNTS
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                                          SPORTS TALK

         I want to thank all who played in your regional pool tournaments. We had a good
turn out so we should have a super State Tournament when we get to Orlando. The State
Tournament will be held on Labor Day weekend at Orlando Lodge 766. All the host Lodges
did an outstanding job with the tournaments. Lodges wishing to host the tournaments in
2012 should start thinking about it now and get your application in early. To bid for the Jack
and Jill and the Golf Tournament your application must be in by the first week of July. To
bid on all other tournaments your application must be in by November 1st. This is one of
the best ways to make $$$ and have fun at your Lodge.
         On July 9th and 10th, the woman of the state will be in Merritt Island for the
Woman’s State Pool Tournament. We are expecting more than 300 to sign in on Friday
night. The Lodge will have everything ready to go on Friday night. Fred and Phyllis Jewett,
along with all of the members of Merritt Island Lodge, are great hosts and will make the
weekend one to remember.
         Below are the results of the Men’s Regional Pool Tournaments and again I want to thank all the Regional
Pool Chairman who volunteered their time to work on the weekend and make it a fun filled time for all.
         That’s all for now and always remember “THINK FUN”
         Ed Layton F.B.M.A. Sports Chairman & Member of the International Activities Committee.

REGION 1 A BRACKET                                                                 FUN NIGHT WINNERS
1st Place Fort Walton #1   2nd Place Fort Walton #2   3rd Place Macclenny
Rick Moore                 Scott Carroll              Joey Mathis
Tommy Gaynoe               Robert Farmham             Van Wildman
Frank Burns                Alex Kameenui              Craig Sorkness
Bill Grady                 Jesse Wilkinsin            Cliff Riendeau

1st Place Tallahassee #2   2nd Place Macclenny #3     3rd Place Tallahassee #2
Juan Martinez              Bob Morae                  Phil Gould
John Zetrouer              Larwance Conner            Tony Allbaugh
Joel Barineau              Charlie Underwood          Andrew Youngman                 Farkel Winners: 1st-Norma McKenzie,
                                                                                    2nd-Charlotte Rodman and 3rd-JoAnn Klaus
Ronnie Gay                 Charlie Warren             Shannon Porter

1st Place Stuart #5        2nd Place Daytona #2       3rd Place Stuart #1
Chris Gintile              Steve Vigliotti            Dave LaBonte
John Groza                 Harry Richards             Bryan Brown
Doug Tittle                Tim Hart                   Steve Hafner
Tony Groza                 Ken Bradley                Dan Payne

1st Place Orlando #1       2nd Place Zephyrhills #2   3rd Place Zephyrhills #1      Tony Valdes, Steve DelCorso and Show Me
Tracey Truelove            Joe Turner                 Scott Egan                       the Money big Winner Paul Harvey
Joey Ball                  Wes Burden                 Joe Fox
Dave Romanowski            Nelson Spoto               Greg Hook
Mark Peters                Scott Farrar               Denny Fields

1st Place Bradenton #3     2nd Place Bradenton #1     3rd Place Bradenton #2
John Johnson               Brian Dixon                Gregg A. Banfill
Bill Wenth                 John Dequette              Jose Rivera
Doug Marsh                 Tyson Marx                 Tim Krone
Tim Baron                  Bill Eisenhard             Greg Lewis
                                                                                    Texas Hold’em Winners: 2nd-George Miller,
                                                           33                        1st-Margaret Nickell and 3rd-Tim Morris
                                                                                          Photographs by Debra J. Smith
                 2011 F. B. M. A. CALENDAR OF EVENTS
Jun 3-5th                    So Florida 46 Celebration                 Naples Lodge 1782
Jun 3-5th                    Seminole 81 Celebration                   Lake City Lodge 624
Jun 4th            9:00 AM   WOTM Training Session (VS)                Dunnellon 1662
Jun 4th                      Pilgrim Conferral/Mooseheart Graduation   Mooseheart
Jun 4-5th                    Thunderbolt 201 Celebration               Ruskin Lodge 813
Jun 4-5th                    Cypress 202 Celebration                   Ocala Lodge 1014
Jun 4-5th                    Indian River 178 Celebration              Merritt Island Lodge 2073
Jun 11-12th                  FBMA Annual Golf Tournament               Lauderdale Lakes Golf Course
Jun 18th           9:00 AM   WOTM Training Session (MS)                Hollywood 1053
Jun 18th           9:00 AM   WOTM Training Session (PP)                Lake City 1399
Jun 18-19th                  Manatee 58 Celebration                    Bonita Springs Lodge 1454
Jun 18-19th                  Sailfish 197 Celebration                  Port St Lucie Lodge 513
Jun 18-19th        8:30 AM   2-day HOTT Class                          Tarpon Springs Lodge 1429 (FULL)
Jun 25th           9:00 AM   WOTM Training Session (GP)                Zephyrhills 1682
Jun 25-26th                  Orange Blossom 125 Celebration            North Hillsboro Lodge 1741
Jun 30-Jul 6th               Moose Int'l Convention                    Anaheim, CA

Jul 16th           9:00 AM   WOTM Training Session (GD)                Orlando 1002
Jul 16-17th        8:30 AM   2-day HOTT Class                          Leisure City Lodge 2258
Jul 16-17th                  Northwest 182 Celebration                 Ft Walton Beach Lodge 2193
Jul 23rd           9:00 AM   WOTM Training Session (BB)                Indian River 1926
Jul 23rd           9:00 AM   WOTM Training Session (GW)                Lake Worth 46
Jul 23-24th                  St Johns River 227 Celebration            Four Townes Lodge 655
Jul 22-23rd                  FBMA Full Board Meeting                   Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk
Jul 24th           9:00 AM   WOTM Training Session (BB)                Vero Beach 1541
Jul 30th           9:00 AM   WOTM Training Session (GP)                Palmetto 1225
Jul 30-31st        8:30 AM   2-day HOTT Class                          Daytona Beach Lodge 1263 (FULL)

Aug 5-7th                    International Golf Tournament             Palm Beach Gardens 2010 (Host)
Aug 6th            9:00 AM   WOTM Training Session (BB)                Sebring 873
Aug 6th            9:00 AM   WOTM Training Session (MS)                Ft Myers Beach 551
Aug 13th           9:00 AM   WOTM Training Session (PH)                Panama City 1756
Aug 13th           9:00 AM   WOTM Training Session (CN)                Daytona Beach 1019
Aug 17-18th        8:30 AM   2-day HOTT Class                          MacClenny Lodge 2412
Aug 20th           9:00 AM   WOTM Training Session (GW)                Big Pine Key 1810

Sep 3-4th                    Thunderbolt 201 Celebration               Auburndale Lodge 2689
Sep 3-4th                    Indian River 178 Celebration              Indian River Lodge 2304
Sep 9-11th                   Pilgrim Outing (reservations only)        Kissimmee Roadhouse
Sep 10-11th                  Cypress 202 Celebration                   Spring Hill Lodge 521
Sep 16-18th                  Moose Riders Fall Rally                   Leisure City Lodge 2258
Sep 17-19th                  Sailfish 197 Celebration                  Satellite Beach Lodge 2367
Sep 17-18th                  Manatee 58 Celebration                    Caloosahatchee Lodge 2395
Sept 23-25th                 Seminole 81 Get-A-Way weekend             TBA
Sep 24th           9:00 AM   WOTM Training Session (CR)                New Port Richey 925
Sep 24-25th                  So Florida 46 Celebration                 Miramar Lodge 1150
Sep 24-25th                                           34
                             Orange Blossom 125 Celebration            Brandon Lodge 1880
Sep 24-25th        8:30 AM   2-day HOTT Class                          Stuart Lodge 1282
       F.B.M.A. 2010 - 2011 OFFICERS (continued from page 2)
Liguori Saladin           Arthur (Dale) Brown            MOOSE LEGION PRESIDENTS      Brenda Brady
                          Robert Lanigan                 Scott A. Cushing             Home 772-288-2859
SUPREME INNER GUARD                                      Levis Hughes                 Work 772-287-9800 x26
Steve Del Corso           DEPUTY REGIONAL MANAGERS                                    Cell 772-201-1060
                          Edward Fisher                  ACADEMY OF FRIENDSHIP
MOOSEHAVEN EXECUTIVE      David Flood                    BOARD MEMBER                 Germaine Davis
DIRECTOR                  C. R. (Bob) Ostertag           Gloria Petrea                407-855-4699
John Capes                John Reiter
                                                         DEPUTY GRAND REGENT          Paula Hughes
MOOSEHAVEN DIRECTOR         INTERNATIONAL MOOSE          Phyllis Jewett               850-580-1777
Rodney Hammond              LEGION AMBASSADORS
                            David Flood                  CHAPTER ANALYST              Caroline Reichardt
MOOSE CHARITIES DIRECTOR    Jesse McKenzie               ADMINISTRATOR                772-372-372-7991
John Reiter                 Charlie Parker, Jr.          Gloria Petrea                Work 727-863-7971 x1250
                            Charlie Daniels, Jr.         Home 352-799-5722            Cell 727-488-7785
ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE                                     Cell 813-294-0836
MEMBER                      DEPUTY DIRECTOR OF                                        Vera Smallridge
Edward (Think Fun) Layton   LODGE OPERATIONS                                          352-489-2202
                            Tom Burke                                                 Cell 352-362-9202
PAST SUPREME GOVERNOR       49 Choctaw Trail
Robert M. Bullock           Ormond Beach, FL 32174                                    Gloria “Honey” Winnubst
Robert Stillwell            386-672-0380                                              561-622-1686
F. Ross Fleet               tburke@mooseintl.org

                    F.B.M.A. 2010 - 2011 COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN
CAP                         FINANCE                      HISTORICAL                   MOOSE RIDERS
Jerry Stover                Gayle Haymon                 Ron Rodman                   Gary Mundorf
239-772-1997                352-568-0556                 904-282-2912                 954-260-7265
COMMUNITY SERVICE           FLORIDA SHERIFFS                                          ORGAN DONOR
Robert M. Barbieri          YOUTH FUND CHAIRMAN          HOSPITALITY                  Mike Terry
561-798-0607                Frank Kenny                  Don Patterson                239-574-8822
Cell-561-248-3371           800-765-3797                 727-433-1858
FAX 561-798-0479            386-688-3635                                              PILGRIM CHAIRMAN
                                                         LCL COORDINATOR              Carl Hoover
COUNCILS OF                 FRATERNAL EDUCATION          Brenda Brady                 352-796-8285
HIGHER DEGREES              RECORDING SECRETARY          772-978-9148
Charles Geary               Jerry Thompson                                            RETENTION
813-929-8039                352-249-7873                 LEADERSHIP TRAINING          Don Patterson
                                                         COORDINATOR                  Cell 727-433-1858
COURIER EDITOR              FRATERNAL FUNDRAISING        David J. Smith               Home 727 330-7430
Debra J, Smith              Larry Cundiff                561-248-6590
561-315-9982                386-325-3091                                              RITUAL
                            Cell-386-546-8547            LEGAL ADVISOR                James Malsbury, Sr.
CREDENTIALS                                              Gene Lipscher                863-993-0084
David Flood                 FRATERNAL PROMOTIONS         561-747-4848
727-729-8204                Paul Arceneaux                                            SAFE SURFING
Cell 813-997-3067           305-230-0439                 MEMBERSHIP                   Buddy Franklin
                                                         Fred Scott                   352-523-0259
Tim Dorr                    Ed Lessard                   Madeline Skiba               SPECIAL OLYMPICS
352-748-2549                Home 813-831-9070            954-366-4002                 Gerry Ricke
                            Office 813- 832-6152                                      Cell 352-636-5207
EMERGENCY RELIEF &                                       MOOSE ALERT
WEBMASTER                   GIMME FIVE                   E. T. Ryan                   SPORTS
Steve Caraccio              FLORID SHERIFFS YOUTH        407-925-7806                 Ed Layton
561-967-7631                RANCHES FUNDRAISING                                       772-664-3331
561-615-0012                Tom Burnam                   MOOSE CHARITIES
                            Cell 813-924-2560            Guy Trone                    VETERAN AFFAIRS
ENDOWMENT FUND              John Lavelle                 Cell 352-238-3187            Tommy Nichols Sr.
Levis R. Hughes             352-213-0507                 Work 954-636-3232 x1005      352-343-1473
850-580-1777                                             Gloria (Honey) Winnubst
                            GOVERNMENT RELATIONS         561-626-4417                 YOUTH AWARENESS
FAMILY ACTIVITIES           Ken Onstott                                               Jesse McKenzie (North)
Richard B. Jones            941-484-8430                                              904-374-0410
407-282-0450                                                                          Ken Onstott (South)
                                                        35                            941-234-6568
        P.O. BOX 278017
        MIRAMAR, FL 33027

                                                     CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED


         VISIT THE F.B.M.A. WEBSITE AT               www.floridamoose.org
“The information contained herein is both                    EDITOR’S NOTE
confidential and privileged and shall only           DEADLINE FOR AUG/SEPT 2011 ISSUE
be available to and used by good-standing                     IS JULY 1, 2011
members of the Loyal Order of Moose and
Women of the Moose for fraternal purposes.                Submit articles & photos to:
Any use of the information contained herein                  Debra J. Smith, Editor
for private gain or for any commercial,                     11512 68th Street North
political or business purpose is strictly                 West Palm Beach, FL 33412
prohibited.”                                              Phone: 561-795-5526 Home
                             Steven F. Greene                  561-315-9982 Cell
                             General Governor              courierdjs@bellsouth.net



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