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Faculty email pre-reg spring 2012 semester in - Amherst College


									To:   All Faculty Advisors
From: Kathleen Goff, Registrar
Re:   Advising week and pre-registration- spring 2012
Date: November 1, 2011

Important Dates:

Advising Week: Thursday November 3- Wednesday November 9, 2011
        Meet with all advisees to review course schedule and give online advisor approval
Pre-registration: Thursday November 10 – Wednesday November 16, 2011
        Students complete pre-registration for spring 2012. Students will need your online approval to complete their
registration process.

If you have any issues during pre-registration, use the Report Problems link on the Registrar’s web page which can be
found on the online registration page. We will be monitoring and responding to problems as they are received. Please
see known problems for some information on items already documented and addressed.

See Online Registration Calendar for more detailed information.

You should review the documentation regarding online registration on the Registrar’s web page under

Students will be asked to create their preferred course schedule prior to their advising meeting. They are expected to
meet with their advisor in person. Once you agree on a schedule, you must give your online approval so that the student
may finalize their schedule during pre-registration. Remember that after meeting with you, the student must submit
their approved courses via ACDATA to be officially enrolled.

    Seniors (2012-2013E)            Thursday, November 10 (12:00am) – Sunday, November 12 (11:59pm)
    Juniors (2013 – 2104E)          Friday, November 11 (12:00am) – Monday, November 14 (11:59pm)
    Sophomores (2014 -2015E)        Sunday, November 13 (12:00am) – Tuesday, November 15 (11:59pm)
    First Years (2015)              Monday, November 14 (12:00am) - Wednesday, November 16 (11:59 pm)
    Post Bacs., High School Students, Teaching Assistants, Language Assistants and Exchange Students will have the
      same timeframe as the First Years but will need to come to the Registrar’s office to complete the transaction).

       *We have been asked by the other 4 colleges to send 5-college enrollments in class order as listed above. We are
       setting our pre-registration appointment days and times to give our students the best advantage in the 5-college
       system. These times are not reflective of any priority at Amherst. Encourage your advisees to get their 5-college
       registrations completed as early as possible. Be sure they have all co-requisites listed on their forms and remind
       students that there is a 5-college process in addition to placing the place-holder course in ACDATA. Those
       instructions can be found here:

Helpful Hints:
    Students must have online instructor approval if they are planning to enroll in an instructor permission required
    Students should be sure to include all co-requisites of a course on their preferred course lists.
    Be sure to check pre-requisites when advising, the system is not yet checking pre-requisites, we are working on
        that feature for a future date.
    You have access to run the anomaly report via ACDATA. The CEP has requested that this report be sent
        following pre-registration.

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