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					        AN N UAL R E P ORT 200 9

We are servants who provide free care and assistance to those in need and act as advocates for systemic change.
                             M E S SAG E FR OM TH E CHAI R MAN OF TH E B OAR D

                              We’re proud to share our 2009 report with you, our partners in service. As your
                              agents, we continue to provide free care and assistance to those in need and act as
                              advocates for systemic change.

                              As you know, the program does not generate any revenue other than that received
                              as donations, and in the face of a severe economic recession we have been
                              awed by the expansive support for the mission as provided by you, our community
                              of donors.

                              Your Medical and Dental services, Social Services, Family Center and Comprehensive
                              CARE Center continue to expand their outreach to meet the growing demand and
                              need, all of which would not be possible if it were not for your support.

                              On behalf of your Board of Directors and the entire SOS Team, I thank you for your
                              support and assure you that the mission continues with unabated passion.

                              Gwyn P. Parry, M.D.
                              Chair, Board of Directors


                                                                                                   S H A R E O U R S E LV E S
 I am most pleased to present our 2009 Annual Report which outlines the incredible
 journey of SOS in a year of immense challenge and change for our organization. As
 always, SOS seeks to respond to all that we do with great respect for our clients and
 patients while providing services that are efficient, timely, of highest quality, and while
 managing costs to do more with less. In the following pages you will see the results of this
 process and dedication to our community.
 You will also note our strong collaborations, volunteer support, and creative programs
 assure we continue to weave a strong safety net for our community. I have often been told

                                                                                                   ANNUAL REPORT 2009
 that charities are nice, but I am sure you will agree as you read our pages that we are more
 than nice. We are a values based business, delivering critical services to the County of
 Orange and we do all of this while never losing sight of our mission. SOS hears the voice
 of the poor and vulnerable on a daily basis, therefore, we shall always seek to assure the
 wisdom and suffering of the community is communicated with strength and authority.
 In closing, I thank all of you who participate in our journey, believe in our mission, and know
 the challenges of caring for one another is not a burden but a blessing. I believe this call
 to care for the poor and vulnerable is our personal opportunity for greatness and a gift to
 future generations. SOS shall not fail you as we partner together.
 Most sincerely and with deep gratitude to all,

 Karen L. McGlinn
 Executive Director
 Share Our Selves

                             AB OUT S OS

                                     “At a time when our world is becoming so overwhelming…SOS was and is a ray of sunlight.”
                                                                                  – SOS Client

                              SOCIAL SERVICES provides comprehensive, effective, and efficient safety net services to struggling Orange
                              County residents. Clients include seniors on fixed incomes, the disabled, the unemployed, and the working poor.
                              Food, clothing, financial assistance, case management, legal aid, education/training, resources/referrals, and
                              seasonal programs are provided for 100,000+ individuals, primarily through volunteers. This program is an excellent
                              example of service integration, cutting across multiple service systems to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

                              The FREE MEDICAL CLINIC serves those who are uninsured or underinsured and have no other option for health
                              care. The clinic offers chronic care and walk-in/urgent care on an appointment and walk-in basis. Volunteer and

                              paid staff work together to provide diagnostic services, lab tests, medications, routine doctor visits, and patient
                              education. Specialty clinics include women’s services and an eye clinic that provides eye exams and glasses. Local
                              doctors, hospitals, labs, and other medical care facilities make themselves available to our patients at no charge for
                              additional services. Chronic care patients are in need of extensive and regular medical care, and are provided with
                              medications, lab work, and specialty care as needed. Share Our Selves’ relationship with the surrounding medical
                              community, especially Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian, allows our patients extraordinary access to care.

                              The FREE DENTAL CLINIC is the only comprehensive free dental clinic for adults in the County. The primary goal
                              is to assist patients in preserving and maintaining their natural permanent teeth whenever possible and full mouth
                              restoration when needed. To reach this goal, the Dental Clinic provides high quality emergency and preventive
                              dental services five days a week. The dental clinic offers education, hygiene, radiographs, fillings, extractions, root
                              canals, dentures, and partials. Many of these patients have never been to a dentist before or have never experienced
                              routine dental care. They often come in pain from infections and are in need of extensive treatment. Volunteers work
                              alongside SOS dentists, restoring smiles and confidence for our patients.

                              The COMPREHENSIVE CARE CENTER provides mental health assessment and treatment including depression
                              and anxiety screening, crisis intervention, support groups, counseling, and case management to low-income County
                              residents. The Center integrates behavioral health services in a primary care setting, providing tools for patients to
                              self-manage their health.

                              The SOS FAMILY CENTER provides health education and in-home support services for pregnant women and
                              families with young children. The SOS Family Center provides a direct link for young parents to the many additional
                              services at SOS — helping them start their families with a strong foundation.

                              This integration of services puts SOS on the cutting edge of the health care system, where it is becoming
                              increasingly clear that integration of services is critical when caring for patients. The comprehensive and accessible
                              services SOS provides are the reason the local school system, hospitals, community groups, faith based
                              organizations, and county agencies refer individuals and families to SOS to receive vital services. All programs make
                              extensive use of volunteers and train the next generation of professionals on the importance of community service.

                             S OS LEAD E R S H I P

                              Karen L. McGlinn, Executive Director                      Patricia Lenahan, Comprehensive CARE Center Director
                              Dr. Margarita Pereyda, Medical Director                   Maryann Huntsman, PharmD, Pharmacy Director
                              Dr. Patrick Chen, Associate Medical Director              Karen Harrington, Director of Development
                              Dr. Jila Nikkhah, Dental Director                         David Scott, Director of Information Technology
                              Dr. Diane Beyaoju, Associate Dental Director              Mary Lear, Financial Officer

                                                                                                                      S H A R E O U R S E LV E S
 15,235     Medical Patient Visits
   8,116    Dent al Patient Visits
  17,0 15   Financial Aid Visits
 6 1,6 19   B ags of food distributed through the S O S Food Pantry
   1,8 02   Comprehensive CAR E Center Visits — Counseling and Case Management
     29 1   Home Visits for New Mothers
   1,755    Families with 6,43 8 children received Christmas gifts and food through the
            Adopt A Family Program
  1,75 1    Children received backpacks and school supplies through the B ack to School Program
    500     Children received costumes through the Halloween Costume Drive

                                                                                                                      ANNUAL REPORT 2009
 April        Alan Greeley, Chef/Owner of The Golden Truffle, received the Costa Mesa Chamber of Commerce Hall
 2009         of Fame Community Spirit Award for his generous work with SOS and many other local organizations.

 May          Larry Kugelman, SOS Board Member, received an Orange County Human Relations Commission
 2009         Community Leader Award in recognition for his involvement with SOS and for his efforts in support of
              international peace.
              SOS received a 2009 CalOptima Mary K. Dewane Safety Net Award in recognition
              of the high quality health care given to residents of Orange County who have no other access to care.

 October      SOS and Board Member/volunteer Patricia Harrigan were recognized by The Kiwanis Club of Costa Mesa
 2009         for outstanding service to the community.

 November     SOS and Karen McGlinn, Executive Director, received the Chancellor’s Award for the Outstanding
 2009         Community Based Organization from the UCI Institute for Clinical and Translational Science,
              Community Action Planning Group.
              The Anaheim Ducks/Honda Center received the National Philanthropy Day Outstanding Large
              Corporation for their outstanding contributions to SOS and to the entire community.                        5
                             VOLU NTE E R S—OU R F OU N DATI ON

                              Thank you to our wonderful team of volunteers! In 2009, SOS benefited from over 41,952 volunteer hours.
                              Your support to our agency and the Orange County community is invaluable. Included are regular volunteers
                              from January 1, 2009-December 31, 2009. Thank you, also, to all of our occasional and seasonal volunteers!

                              S OCIAL S E RVI CE S VOLU NTE E R S
                              Colleen Aase          Virginia Davis         Patricia Harrigan      Jim Lester          Cheryl Rosenberg
                              Lois Abbott           Megan DeRisio          Kathy Harrison         Kathy Lewis         Teresa Ross
                              Suzanne Ackley        Irmeli Desenberg       Ski Harrison           Jack Loesel         Stephen Ross
                              Roni Adair            Madonna Donoghue       Susan Hart             Paul Macmillin      Jacquie Samson
                              Steve Allison         Maureen Drake          Don Harvey             Amy Mamo            Kathleen Schmidl
                              Cathy Alosio          Denmark (Mark) Duong   Ronald Hata            Pamela Manke        Bob Schrimmer
                              Mary Anderson         Susan Eaton            Dean Hayward           Ellen Mansour       Sam Schulman
                              Davida Anderson       Ken Eberhard           Carolyn Helmuth        Brigitte Martinet   Natalie Sellers
                              Julie Askelson        Ellen Elghobashi       Barbara Henderson      Bill Matheus        Chris Siegfried
                              Marseilla Barth       Susan Epstein          Joan Herdrich          David McElroy       Anne Simpson
                              David Barth           Meryl Fainbarg         Susan Herman           Laurie McKenzie     Shawn Slayton
                              Peter Batrow          Parviz Farmand         Jane Herrington        Mike McNulty        Pat Soshnik
                              Benedicte Binoche     Susan Fearnley         Lorrie Herrera         Hal Meany           Bob Stedman
                              Marla Bird            Wendi Fields           Linda Hogsett          Laura Meisenbach    Wil Swan
                              Barbara Boies         Jeanne Fisher          Project Independence   Alberto Mendoza     Jean Sweet
                              Linda Boyd            Gerard Fobes           Suzanne Jarmusz        Brandon Meneses     Roohi Tale Yazdi
                              Susan Boyd            Stephen Fobes          Lilly Johnson          Mary Morales        Barbara Tate
                              Lydia Boyd            Daniel Ford            Robert Jordan          Lisa Morsey         Rebecca Trinklein
                              Hazel Brown           Kay Foster-Pulcini     Boris Kayhan           Jane Muslin         Bill Troy
                              Scott Buchert         Vantage Foundation     Carol Keilin           Marilee Nielsen     Don Turner
                              Anne Butcher          Walter Fredrickson     Jerry Kelly            June Nomura         Beatrice Uljanic
                              Mary Butler           Carol Fredrickson      Chayanne Khosravi      Myrenna Ogbu        Fiona Van Der Laan
                              Judi Butler           Pat Freitag            Sue Kim                Robert Ontiveros    Victor Vega
                              Erin Cannon           Bill Freitag           Jessica Kim            Israel Ortiz        Gayle Walker
                              Joanne Carson         Christina Gannon       Steve Kime             Freesia Parekh      Sally Warrick
                              Royal Cathcart        Erline Garn            Dorothy Kimmel         Bill Parten         Don Weld
                              Wayne Chase           Marlene Gavelin        Wayne King             Sophie Pecquerie    Sally Westcott
                              Jesi Chavez           Lisa George            Helen Kinsey           Marilyn Pells       Clark Westcott
                              Ronald Chez           Susan Ghormley         Annick Klatte          Neil Perlman        Linda Wheeler
                              Kathy Cirbo           Randy Gibbon           Henry Konopka          Christina Persek    David Wilson
                              Cathan Cokas          Ana Gibson             Walter Lachman         Han Pham            Debra Yanaga
                              JoAnn Cokas           Stewart Gitlin         Elizabeth Landeros     Berry Piper         Maryann Ybarra
                              Maureen Cole          Veronica Gonzales      Leo Larson             Joyce Piper         Dianne Younkin
                              Mary Collier          Susan Gruber           JoAnn Larson           Brian Quick         Larry Zirbes
                              Chris Crampton        Matthew Gula           Trish Lawson           Beth Rasmussen
                              Bridget Crook         Neal Gulati            Bill Laycock           Millie Ries
                              Louis D’Ambrosio      Arlene Hamann          Frank Legrand          Sue Romaine
Dr. Donald Abrahm           Dr. David Crnic          Dr. Colin Joyo            Newport Emergency          Dr. Ajit Sawhney
Dr. Valerie Acevedo         Dr. Jeffrey Dembner      Dr. Tejinder Kalra           Physicians              Dr. Jerry Sebag

                                                                                                                                  S H A R E O U R S E LV E S
Dr. Jacob Ahdoot            Dr. Parminder Dhaliwal   Dr. Ronald Katz           Newport Harbor             Dr. Paul Selecky
Dr. Lalitha Ananth          Dr. Dale Di Stefano      Dr. Joel Katz                Anesthesia              Dr. Manouchehr
Dr. William Anderson        Dr. William Dobkin       Dr. David Kaufman         Newport Harbor Pathology      Seyfzadeh
Dr. Michelle Aszterbaum     Dr. Martin Fee           Lou Anne Keith, NP        Newport Harbor Radiology   Dr. Adarsh Sharma
Dr. Stephen Auerbach        Dr. Chris Feier          Dr. Timothy Kelly         Newport Heart              Dr. Patrick Sheehy
Dr. Robert Bae              Dr. Rhonda Flora         Dr. Doan Kim              Newport Orthopedic         Dr. Jack Shohet
Dr. Charles Bailey          Carol Fracalosy, PT      Dr. Jeffrey Klein            Institute               Dr. Jerald Sigala
Dr. Leslie Bain             Dr. Cecil Folmar         Dr. Warren Kramer III     Dr. Daniel Ng              Dr. Nancy Silverberg
Dr. Norman Bain             Dr. Warren Fong          Dr. Paul Kuhn             Dr. Phuong Nguyen          Dr. Jack Skinner
Dr. Daniel Bank             Dr. Ray Gandhi           Dr. Tam Le                Dr. C, Philip O'Carroll    Dr. Lincoln Snyder
Dr. Gregory Barme           Dr. Jayne Ge             Dr. Christine Leehealey   Dr. Seijo Oi               Dr. Ronald Solomon
Dr. Henry Bikhazi           Dr. David Gehret         Dr. Lawrence Lewin        Orange Coast Urology       Dr. Barry Steele
Dr. Bonnie Bock             Dr. Pierre Giammanco     Debbie Lew-Kaya,          Pacific Hospitalist        Dr. Thanh Tran
Brain & Spine Surgeons of   Dr. Michael Gleeson         Pharm.D.                  Associates              Dr. Mark Van Houten

                                                                                                                                  ANNUAL REPORT 2009
   Orange County            Carrie Granoff, RN       Dr. Huey Lin              Dr. Ronald Pennington      Dr. Richard Van Meter
Dr. Cory Brame              Dr. Richard Graves       Dr. Joel Lipkin           Dr. Anatol Podolsky        Dr. Stacie VanBodegon
Nicholas Brecht, PA         Dr. Marshall Grossman    Dr. Kenneth Litwack       Dr. Alice Police           Dr. Jacob Verghese
Dr. Peter Broekelschen      Dr. Lisa Guerra          Dr. John Maggiano         Leonard Polonsky,          Dr. Arthur Walton
Chris Burkette, PA          Gynecologic Oncology     Dr. Arash Mahdavi            Pharm.D.                Dr. Nancy Way
Dr. Robert Burns               Associates            Dr. Khosrow Mahdavi       Dr. David Porzio           Dr. Donald Weir
Dr. Janet Chance            Karen Hertz, RN          Dr. Anne Marie McNeill    Dr. Richard Quist          Dr. Richard Weiss
Dr. Stephanie Chen          Sharron Hetzel, RN       Dr. Thomas Meyer          Dr. Aidan Raney            Dr. David Wirta
Dr. Philip Chironis         Dr. Michael Hurwitz      Dr. Santosh Mohanty       Dr. John Ravera            Dr. Janice Young
Dr. Andrew Cies             Dr. Dipti Itchhaporia    Dr. Mark Montano          Dr. Dorothy Ray            Dr. Jay Zubrin
Clarity Eye Group           Dr. Kris Iyer            Dr. George Moro           Dr. Gary Reiter            Dr. Kenneth Zuckerman
Dr. Matthew Clark           Dr. Haresh Jhangiani     Dr. Mark Newman           Dr. Mel Ross               Dr. Douglas Zusman
Dr. Craig Cox               Dr. Robert Jones         Newport Coast Radiation   Dr. Ivar Roth
                                                        Oncology               Dr. Lori Sakamoto

Julie Afable                Chris Faris              Amy Kyi                   David Ni                   Sahar Semnani
Sabrina Ahmad               Marilyn Freeman          Paul Lapis                Alex Nourishad             Amir Sharim
Brenton Alexander           Maria Frick              Michael LaPointe          Junko Ohara                Tiffany Shaw
Kristin Alix                Nathaniel Fung           Jhyme Laude               Rocio Ortega               Sepehr Shojaei
Ann Anderson                Sandra Gajewski          Steven Le                 Lisa Pagler                Alexander Silverman
Rosscar Bagorio             Rachel Gardner           Long Le                   Shenil Patel               Shama Simjee
Melody Besharati            Luis Gomez               David Lee                 Pina Patel                 Aneesh Sinha
Tanvi Bhakta                Luisana Gomez            Michael Lee               Dimpi Patel                Tandis Soltani
Delphine Bioche             Audrianna Gonzalez       Robert Lee                Akash Patel                Myrta Sparkes
Laine Butler                Cynthia Gonzalez         Nelda Martinez            Gerardo Perez              Pat Sparkuhl
Marinelle Camilon           Prescilla Gonzalez       Carmen McCord             Sarah Perez                Amy Stacey
Mae Caparas                 Kelsey Goodman           Kelly McCoy               Lucia Perez                Bradley Stoker
Kelly Carman                Jon Grace                Audrey McLaughlin         Romela Petrosyan           Adela Stroescu
Pei Wen Chain               Ambar Grijalva           Vikram Mehta              Amy Pham                   Mizuki Tadokoro
Jeffrey Chang               Hamed Hafizi             Ernest Mejia              Jessica Pham               Diane Tan
David Chang                 Sarah Herrera            Patricia Mersch           Liana Pham                 Susan Tang
Mindy Chen                  Eric Hoang               Christopher Monsour       Rebecca Post               Anjali Tapadia
Wesley Chin                 Elizabeth Hoyt           Melissa Morales           Cesar Preciado             Kathleen Teves
Jennifer Chou               Bon Huynh                Blanca Morales            Rebecca Quiroz             Andrew Ton
Anthony Chu                 Michael Iskander         Mary Moyer                Eric Rabey                 Huyentran Tran
Sarah Chung                 Leilani Isozaki          Elizabeth Munguia         Neala Rafijah              Tiffany Tu
Clelia Corona               Richard Jaramillo        Bahar Naderi              Rupal Ramani               Kevin Urmaza
Melanie Cortez              Eri Joyo                 Michael Ng                Brendan Ramos              Maryjane Vennat
Samantha Costantini         Benjamin Kaska           Janine Ng                 Nishitha Reddy             Brian Verrett
Jayson de Guzman            Sarah Kasko              Alex (Giathinh) Ngo       Tranquilina Reyes          Andres Victoria
Brittany de Lara            Khushboo Kaushal         Ben (Bao Nhan) Nguyen     Brian Riding               Jose Victorino
Mauna Desai                 Kristin Khalaf           Janice Nguyen             Jacqueline Roueiheb        Betty Vu
Lidia Diaz                  Ladi Khoddam             Chris Nguyen              Antonious Sadek            Amy Vu
Michelle Doelitzsch         Carmen Khoury            Cristina Nguyen           Monica Salama              Alicia White
Maggi Dorsey                Kate Kiely               Anne Nguyen               Naadiya Salihue            Almira Yang
Linda Duong                 Erinn Kim                Christina Nguyen          Yas Sanaiha                Audrey Yeh
Megan Durbin                Roy Kim                  Huong Nguyen              Phillip Saunders           Sonia Yu
Tyler Ewing                 Sindhu Krishnan          Tracey Nguyen             Raspinder Seewat
Meryl Fainbarg              Peter Kuon               Eric Nguyen               Joseph Seif
                             LI CE N S E D D E NTAL PR OVI D E R S
                             Dr. Jeffrey Elo          Dr. Mueni Mutinga        Dr. Nina Nielson
                             Dr. James Kloss          Dr. Holly Nguyen         Ina Rydalch, RDH

                             D E NTAL VOLU NTE E R S
                             Salina Massei            Tiffany Tsui             Audrey (Minh-An)      Holly Aguigam            Christine Kim
                             Diane Ko                 Danelle Lim                La-Pham             Stanley Lin              Dylan Do
                             Vennus Bahrami           Matthew Magar            Moon Kang             Ajay Amin                Samuel Cho
                             Bryant Lee               Leiza Walia              Lydia Lawanson        Anthony Nguyen           Christina Diep
                             Greer McMichael          Michelle Zin             Brandon Meneses       Jaimini Patel            Neal Gulati
                             Victor Sun               Viviana Han              Disha Donga           Mili Shah                Aaron Harada
                             Jennifer Hom             Sonya Sharma             Chris Cheong          Robert Banh              Eric Rabey

                             COM PR E H E N S IVE CAR E CE NTE R

                             Nelda Martinez           Patricia Mersch          Rebecca Quiroz        Sahar Semnani
                             Carmen McCord            Sarah Pedraza            Tranquilina Reye

                             Kathy Thompson,          Joanne Bowen             Doretta Ensign        Margaret Nord            Carol LeVeque Uri
                               President              Pamela Canfield          Shirley Hospers       Ann Peterson             Maryann Wentworth
                             Ann Anderson             Marjorie Chapman         Terese Ivory          Jill Simpson             Beverly White
                             Esther Behnam            Penny Darling            Siret Jurison         Anita Tabib              Harriet Wieder
                             Marla Bird               Catherine Emmi           Sherry Nord Marron    Marilyn Thompson         Gwen Williams

                             STAR TEAM
                             Tia Anderson             Debbie Day               Bill Gray and Keats   Allison McLane           Iva M. Swayne
                             Tony Beran               Joseph and Verna            Hayden             Brian and Kay Mulvaney   Richard and Jane Taylor
                             Alice Blair                 Degenhardt            Dorothy Gray          Noble Viking Charities   Jerry and Kathy
                             Susan Bohan              April Egbert             Loretta Haugen        Dr. S.R. Nord               Thompson
                             Samir and Macara Bonja   James and Catherine      Karen James           Carol Reisner            Joe and Susan Udvare
                             Donna Brantman              Emmi                  Jaak Jurison          Michael Russell          Dr. Ludwig Uri
                             James and Cynthia        Ellie Faber              Gina Kay              Henry and Carol          Pilar Wayne
                                Lloyd-Butler          Simon and Gloria Fluor   Elaine Keck              Schielein             George Wentworth
                             Nancy Caldwell           Barbara Foster           Dr. Jack and Marena   Warren Reed and Rita     Gwen Williams
                             Lewis Canfield           Carol Fracalosy             Larson                Sprinkel
                             Janet Curci              Ann French               Jerry Mack            Marit Store

John Acuna               Michele Dismukes         John Jarmusz         Marilyn Pells          Isabel Sotelo
Pam Adams                Frank Duarte             Lily Johnson         Sandi Perez            Denise Sparks

                                                                                                                     S H A R E O U R S E LV E S
Georgia Adams            Susan Eaton              Bob Jordan           Jennifer Perkins       Peter Stewart
Agility                  Teri Eggers              Jerry Kelly          Romela Petrosyan       Adeka Stroesco
Victor Aguilar           Cynthia Eggers           Steve Kime           Jessica Pham           Wil Swan
Sabrin Ahmed             Sue Epstein              Dorothy Kimmel       Berry Piper            Roohi Tale-Yazdi
Steve Allison            Estancia High School     Pat Kramer           Joyce Piper            Shirin Tale-Yazdi
Rita Armendariz          Sharon Fairborn          Dutch Kramer         Jayne Price            Diane Tan
Ana Maria Armendariz     John Fairborn            Peter Kuon           Project Hope           Susan Tang
Anaheim Ducks/Honda      Steve Forbath            Elizabeth Landeros   Rebecca Quiroz         Vivian Ternet
   Center                Carol Fredrickson        Trish Lawson         Brendan Ramos          Kathleen Teves
Julie Askelson           Walter Fredrickson       Bill Laycock         Janine Ranes           Jason Thomas
Maria Ballesteros        Marilyn Freeman          Frank Legrand        Lina Reyes             Janis Thompson
Carmen Barrios           Rosa Gaitan              Jim Lester           Ruth Rigg              Bruce Thompson
Doshia Bell              Christina Gannon         Jack Loesel          Veronica Rodarte       Rebecca Trinklin

                                                                                                                     ANNUAL REPORT 2009
Ed Bell                  Robert Gannon            Lisa Luna            Annette Roqueri        Bill Troy
Jim Bergman              Emily Gelbaum            Paul Macmillan       Charlie Rosenau        Beatrice Uljanic
Jeffrey Bicket           Stewart Gitlin           Theresa Madden       Teresa Ross            United Health Care
Jerome Blackman          Jeanette Glavinic        Carmen McCord        Stephen Ross           Kevin Urmaza
Judy Blackman            Christine Goldhammer     Ashley McNamee       Millie Ross            Fiona Van der Laan
AJ Blackwood             Alex Goldhammer          Esther McNamee       Jacquie Roueiheb       MJ Vennat
Barbara Boies            Luis Gomez               Alison McNeice       Carmen Royce           Amy Vu
Valentina Bonev          Gina Gonzales            Rita Miles           John Royce             Gayle Walker
Linda Boyd               Chris Gowins             Sydney Miles         Laurie Rybacyk         Sally Warrick
Robin Boyd               Sylvia Guerrero          Amy Missal           Yas Sanaiha            Vincent Wetzel
Joanne Carson            Matthew Gula             Susan Mislagle       Save Our Youth (SOY)   Cecilia Wetzel
Angela Casares           Aaron Harada             Tyler Moorlach       Kimberly Scarborough   Teresa Wetzel
Barbara Cesneros         Tricia Harrigan          Jean Morris          Linda Schroller        John Wetzel
Jeffrey Chang            Susan Hart               Mary Moyer           Heidi Schultheis       Linda Wheeler
Wayne Chase              Barbara Henderson        Maria Munez          Don Schwaiger          Martha Wida
Jesi Chavez              Hoag Memorial Hospital   Trevor Murphy        Raspinder Seewat       Kim Wilde
Cindy Cheung                Presbyterian          Cristina Nguyen      Natalie Sellers        Alexandra Williamson
Anthony Chu              Ilona Honeyman           Eric Nguyen          Lauren Serrano         Katie Wood
Cathan Cokas             Hot Topic                Huong Nguyen         Andy Serrano           Anna Wooten
JoAnn Cokas              Pam Howard               Gloria Nickerson     Mili Shah              Debra Yanaga
Costa Mesa High School   Joan Howe                Jane Nomura          Shawkey Family         Yard House
Sister Joan Cunningham   Tracey Hurd              Maryann O'Connell    Gretta Silva           Maryann Ybarra
Louis D'Ambrosio         Michael Iskander         Robert Ontiveros     Stewart Silva          Yolanda Ybarra
Linda Davies             Leilani Isozaki          Susan Orozco         Hannah Silva           Dianne Younkin
Amanda De La Cerda       Jerry Jahn               Susan Pantle         Claire Silva           Sonia Yu
Brittany de Lara         Richard Jaramillo        Tom Pantle           Anne Simpson
Dan Deuel                Suzanne Jarmusz          Peggy Paradise       Aneesh Sinha

                             EVE NTS

                              4th Annual Festival of the Trees 2009

                              TR E E D E S I G N E R S
                              ATELIER                        Elegant by Design             Living Landscapes                   Prizant Design
                              Barrett-Jackson                Karen Fabian Designs          Lori Weinraub                       Sally Hicks
                              Bonne Fleur                    The Lab/The Camp              Molly Wood Garden Design            Tangram Interiors
                              Carol Campbell and Laura       Les Deux Ames                 Peg Berens Interior Design

                              G I N G E R B R EAD H OU S E D E S I G N E R S
                              Blackmarket Bakery and the     Hilton Anaheim                Lisa Mertins Illustration

                                Advanced Baking and Pastry   Hilton Orange County/Costa    Palm Terrace at The Island Hotel
                                Students from Cypress           Mesa                       Surf and Sand Resort
                                College                      Julie Lancia

                              S P ON S OR S AN D U N D E RWR ITE R S
                              Anaheim Ducks & Honda          BC Displays and Signage       Hilton Hotels Corporation           Penn-Mayflower Moving and
                                 Center                      Linda and Robin Boyd          Hoag Memorial Hospital                 Storage
                              Andy Templeton Photography     Coast Mailing Service            Presbyterian                     St. John the Baptist Handbell
                              Artist Donna with All Ways     Daily Pilot                   Elaine Keck                            Choir
                                 Entertainment               Victoria Brown                Mark Wood Entertainment             Steve Breen
                              Party Fun by Dave Lewis        El Sol Academy                McCord Designs                      William Swinnerton, Santa
                              Arty Brush Strokes Face and    Epiphany Books                Penguin Book Group                  Richard and Jane Taylor
                                 Body Painting               Kristin A. Erickson

                              COM M ITTE E M E M B E R S
                              Minnie Ballard                 Elizabeth Evans               Keith Lambert                       Patty Nesbit
                              Kathleen Bruski                Emily Evans                   Julie Larson                        Bonny Rago
                              Carol Campbell                 Laura Flores                  Theresa Madden                      Shaun Robinson
                              Ashley Carlton                 Karen Harrington              Karen McGlinn                       Tay Simmons

                              16TH Annual Wild & Crazy Taco Night 2009

                              COM M ITTE E M E M B E R S
                              Dr. Eric Alcouloumre           Cyndy Cheek                  Elizabeth Evans                     Scott McKown
                              Minnie Ballard                 Bill Cowles                  Emily Evans                         Mary Moyer
                              Sheri Blackwood                Leslie Cowles                Keri Follmer                        Ryan Murillo
                              Kathleen Bruski                Katherine D’Zmura            Yvette Garcia                       Patty Nesbit
                              Shannon Burns                  Elaine Echenique             Karen Harrington                    Kris Olah
                              Phil Campanelli                Jeannine Eile                Julie Larson                        Cindy Schrank
                              Ashley Carlton                 Jeff Eile                    Karen McGlinn                       Louise Stewardson

19TH Annual Celebrity Chef Dinner 2009


                                                                                                                                                S H A R E O U R S E LV E S
Minnie Ballard             Jason Coulston                Jeff Eile                    Keith Lambert               Patty Nesbit
Sheri Blackwood            Bill Cowles                   Elizabeth Evans              Julie Larson                Louise Stewardson
Kathleen Bruski            Leslie Cowles                 Emily Evans                  Karen McGlinn
Shannon Burns              Jason Coulston                Keri Follmer                 Scott McKown
Ashley Carlton             Elaine Echenique              Karen Harrington             Mary Moyer

Absolut                    Coast Mailing Services        Hi-Time Wine Cellars         Martin Ray Winery           Southern Wine & Spirits
Anonymous                  Costco Wholesale              Hoag Memorial Hospital       MillerCoors                    of America, Inc.
American Beverage          Louis D’Ambrosio                 Presbyterian              Eileen Murphy               St. Joseph Health
Andy Templeton             David Ballard Electrical      Ingardia Brothers            Newport Emergency              System
   Photography             E.A. Beck & Co.                  Produce, Inc.                Medical Group, Inc.      Nancy and Geoffrey

                                                                                                                                                ANNUAL REPORT 2009
Azonic Insurance           Family Tree Produce           The Kang Family              National Services Group        Stack
   Agency, Inc.            Diversity Equity              Kavanaugh Family Fund        Newport Beach Plaza         Michael and Diane
BC Display and Signage        Investment                 Cindy Kipers                    Retirement Community        Stephens
Bill Chico and His            Corporation                Ernie and Annick Klatte      OC Custom Wine              Taco Bell Corporation
   Traveling Trio          Frome Family Foundation       Larry and Dulcie             Pacific Prime, Inc.         The Patron Spirits Co.
Black, Starr & Frost       Galardi Group, Inc.              Kugelman                  Penjoyan Produce            Trefethen Family
Chateau Ste. Michelle      Yvette Garcia and Mary        LA & SF Specialty            Polito Farms                   Vineyards
Christopher L. Blank          Gallegos                      Produce                   Alfreda and Melvin Posin    Visser's Florist
Marcia BMarthaler          Jack and Mary Ellen           La Tradición                 Primrose Ice Company        Wine Warehouse
Barbara and Bob Boies         Glaser                     Robert M. and Diana          PSAV Presentation           Richard and Helen Wrate
Burns & Associates         Global Parking System            Leaverton Charitable         Services                 Yosemite Water
Campanelli & Associates    Henry Wine Group                 Gift Fund                 Rutan & Tucker
Patrick Chen, M.D          In Memory of Ed               Link, Murrel & Co., Wm.      Fred Siegel Foundation
Classic Party Rentals         Hirschman                     Gary Crouch               J.R. Simplot Company

Bert Agor                          Jeff Dobkin and Jason                    Chad Krahling                        Scott Robbe
Ruth’s Chris Steak House           Coulston                                 Hilton Orange County/                Salt Creek Grille
                                   The Hidden Kitchen                          Costa Mesa
Franco Barone                                                                                                    Michael Rossi
Antonello Ristorante               Alan Greeley                             David Man                            Ambrosia
David Bentley                      The Golden Truffle                       The Island Hotel                     Adrien Sbrana
Stella’s Serious Italian           Tom Hope                                 Rich Mead                            Sam & Harry’s, Newport Beach
  Restaurant and Lounge            TAPS Fish House and Brewery              Sage Restaurant and Sage               Marriott Resort
                                                                              on the Coast
Bill Bracken                       Carlito Jocson                                                                Don Schoenburg
The Island Hotel                   Yard House                               Lalo Morales                         Leatherby’s Café Rouge
Dennis Brask                       Louie Jocson                             The Rusty Pelican                    Paul Squicciarini
Five Crowns                        Pacific Prime, Inc.                      Ken Mukai                            OC Wine and Food Center
Paul Buchanan                      Michael Kang                             Yoshi’s Sushi
Primal Alchemy                     5’                                       Pascal Olhats
Mark Cleveland and Tanya           Jason Kordas                             Tradition by Pascal
Fuqua                              Jason’s Downtown Restaurant              Alessandro Pirozzi
Avanti Café                                                                 Cucina Alessá                                                          11
                             ORAN G E AI D

                              ORAN G E AI D F OOD D ON OR S

                              Founded in 1992, the SOS Orange Aid project retrieves excess food from local food vendors and distributes
                              to those lacking food security through our food pantry. SOS staff and volunteer drivers pickup donated food
                              from 27 sites, 6 days a week. Packaged by SOS volunteers, the food is distributed to approximately 300
                              individuals and families a day. Collectively, the resources of the Orange Aid fundraising events have allowed
                              for the construction of the SOS food distribution center and the purchase of two vans and a truck for food
                              collection. Please visit the following Project donors and say thank you!

                              5’                                        Macy’s Signature Kitchen, Costa Mesa   Rusty Pelican
                              Ambrosia                                  Melissa’s Produce Co.                  Ruth’s Chris Steak House
                              Andrei’s Concious Cuisine                 Mesa Verde Methodist Church            Sage and Sage on the Coast
                              A Restaurant                              Mothers, Costa Mesa                    Sage Hill School
                              Avanti Café                               Mothers, Huntington Beach              Salt Creek Grille
                              Balboa Bay Club                           Mothers, Irvine                        Sam and Harry’s Steak House
                              Bluewater Grill, Newport Beach            Mothers, Laguna Woods                  Shir Ha-Ma’ A lot
                              Congregation Bnai’ Tzedek                 Newport Rib Company                    SOL Cocina
                              Costa Mesa High School                    Odwalla                                St. Andrew’s Presbyterian
                              Costco, Fountain Valley                   Oh Those Donuts, Costa Mesa            St. Killian’s Mission Viejo
                              Costco, Laguna Niguel                     Our Lady of Mt. Carmel                 Starbucks, Costa Mesa
                              Cucina Alessá                             Our Lady Queen of Angels               Starbucks, Huntington Beach
                              El Torito Grill, Irvine                   Pacific Prime, Inc.                    Stella’s Serious Italian Restaurant
                              El Torito Grill, Newport Beach            Pacific Whey Café                      Sunflour Bakery, Costa Mesa
                              El Torito Grill, Rancho Santa Margarita   Panera Bread                           Taco Bell
                              Family Tree Produce                       Pavilions, NB (Bayside)                Taco Mesa/Taco Rosa
                              Five Crowns                               Pavilions, NB (Lido)                   TAPS Fish House and Brewery
                              Flemings Prime Steakhouse                 Pavilions, Newport Coast               Temple Bat Yahm
                              Food For Less, Stanton                    Pavilions NB (San Miguel)              The Golden Truffle
                              Frieda’s Inc                              Peet’s Coffee and Bakery               Island Hotel
                              Harbor Day School                         Penjoyan Produce                       The Melting Pot
                              Hilton Orange County/Costa Mesa           Pick Up Stix                           Toshiba Senior Classic
                              Jason’s Downtown Restaurant               Pizza Hut, Irvine                      Trader Joe’s, Costa Mesa
                              Laguna Culinary Arts, Inc.                Primal Alchemy                         Tradition by Pascal
                              The Lido Deck Restaurant and              Roy’s Newport Beach                    Yard House
                                 Wine Bar                               Royal Thai Cuisine                     Yoshi’s Sushi


                                                                                                                                                                        S H A R E O U R S E LV E S
 As a volunteer-based organization, SOS relies on the generosity of others. Through gifts of funds, time, talent,
 food, services, and resources received from friends throughout Orange County, SOS makes a difference in
 the community. For more information on any of the opportunities below, please contact the SOS Director of
 Development, at 949-270-2131.

   • Volunteer onsite or offsite in social services programs or in the             • Remember SOS in your will.
     medical or dental clinic.                                                     • Purchase a Charitable Gift Annuity for the benefit of SOS.
   • Volunteer to collect food from local stores and restaurants for               • Participate in one of our many programs such as Back to School
     our food pantry.                                                                or Adopt A Family.
   • Hold a food drive at your workplace, school, or place of worship.             • Attend an SOS event – Wild & Crazy Taco Night, Celebrity Chef
     Staple food items are always needed and appreciated.                            Dinner, or Festival of Trees.

                                                                                                                                                                        ANNUAL REPORT 2009
   • Make a financial donation.                                                    • Donate baby items – clothing, food, diapers and layette items.
   • Make a gift In Honor Of, or In Memory Of.                                     • Donate your used vehicle.

 The donor giving program thanks and recognizes our supporters for their partnership with SOS. For more
 information on any of the groups below, please contact the Director of Development, at 949-270-2131.

                                Description                                                Recognition Includes…
 Supporter                      Supporter is a donor recognition group for individuals     • Invitations to all SOS events
                                who give gifts of $1-$99 to Share Our Selves within a      • Recognition in Annual Report
                                12-month period.

 Friend                         Friend is a donor recognition group for individuals who • Invitations to all SOS events
                                give gifts from $100-$499 to Share Our Selves within • Bi-monthly insider email from SOS Executive Director
                                a 12-month period.                                      • Recognition in Annual Report

 Provider                       Provider is a donor recognition group for individuals      •   Invitation to a special annual donor appreciation event
                                who give cumulative gifts of $500-$999 to Share Our        •   Invitations to all SOS events
                                Selves within a 12-month period.                           •   Bi-monthly insider email from SOS Executive Director
                                                                                           •   Recognition in Annual Report

 Partner                        Partner is a donor recognition group for individuals       •   Special commemorative gift of gratitude
                                who give cumulative gifts of $1,000-$4,999 to Share        •   Invitation to a special annual donor appreciation event
                                Our Selves within a 12-month period.                       •   Invitations to all SOS events
                                                                                           •   Bi-monthly insider email from SOS Executive Director
                                                                                           •   Recognition in Annual Report

 Guardian                       Guardian is a donor recognition group for individuals      •   Invitation to Annual Guardian Donor and Legacy Society Recognition Tea
                                who give cumulative gifts of $5,000 or more to Share       •   Special commemorative gift of gratitude
                                Our Selves within a 12-month period.                       •   Invitation to a special annual donor appreciation event
                                                                                           •   Invitations to all SOS events
                                                                                           •   Bi-monthly insider email from SOS Executive Director
                                                                                           •   Recognition in Annual Report

 SOS Legacy Society             The SOS Legacy Society recognizes individuals who          •   Invitation to Annual Guardian Donor and Legacy Society Recognition Tea
                                have included Share Our Selves through their will,         •   Each new member receives a special commemorative gift of gratitude
                                living trust, or estate plan; named SOS as a beneficiary   •   Invitation to a special annual donor appreciation event
                                of an insurance or retirement plan, or have created        •   Invitations to all SOS events
                                a charitable gift annuity or trust to benefit Share Our    •   Bi-monthly insider email from SOS Executive Director
                                Selves.                                                    •   Recognition in Annual Report
 Corporate Partners             Corporate Partner is a donor recognition group for         •   Recognition and logo on the SOS website
                                businesses and organizations that give cumulative          •   Invitation to a special annual donor appreciation event
                                gifts of $1,500 or more to Share Our Selves within a       •   Invitations to all SOS events
                                12-month period.                                           •   Bi-monthly insider email from SOS Executive Director
                                                                                           •   Recognition in Annual Report
                             FI S CAL YEAR 200 9 D ON OR S*

                              G UAR D IAN ($5,000 or more)

                              Anonymous                      Steve Camp and Cynthia       Lawrence N. and Dulcie       JenEve Slater                 Steven C. and Martha J.
                              Michael C. and Roberta L.        S. Grace                     Kugelman                   Richard and Jane Parkford       Topik
                                Burkitt                      Charles M. Haberman          Mary L. Lattner                 Taylor                     Robert P. and Lori
                              Patricia Fredricks Dolson      Robert E. and Patricia F.    Helen F. Mahr                William S. and Nancy E.         Warmington
                              Mark and Heidi Draper            Harrigan                   Selma J. Mann                   Thompson, Jr.              Helen and Richard E.
                              Susan Baerg Epstein            Doug and Linda Heller        Robert T. McCaffrey          Bart and Deborah A.             Wrate
                              John W. and Mary Ellen         Ted L. and Sheri D. Hoover   Patricia F. and Don Mersch      Thomsen

                              PARTN E R ($1,000–$4,9 9 9)
                              Jean G. Ashby                  Janet Louise Curci           Ann B. Heiney                Capt. Richard H. and          Frank C. and Christine M.

                              Mark and Julie Askelson        Kevin C. and Susan T. Daly   Evan C. and Deborah D.          Kathryn Moore                 Sims
                              Bob and Audrey Augustine       Zella H. De Welles              Henry                     Bobbie M. and Roger           Marilyn V. Smith
                              Truman and Frances Bailey      Robert E. and Catherine      Anne M. Hirschman               Moore                      Harvey and Roberta Ford
                              Dr. Iman Abdel Bar                T. Deck                   Cindy R. Hughes and Paul     Norman E. and Mary L.            Smith
                              Paul and Cathleen Bardon       Joe and Verna G.                A. Schmidhauser              Moyer                      Henry A. and Christine F.
                              David and Marseilla Barth         Degenhardt                David Alan Hurlburt          George H. Mulcahy                Smith
                              John L. and Mary E.            Anthony P. and Shirley M.    Roni Jackson and Bill        John C. and Bonny L.          Warren Reed and Rita
                                 Barthelmass                    Deniger                      Pierce                       Mulvihill                     Sprinkel
                              Robert F. and Ali              Thomas C. and Barbara L.     Mary Katherine Jenson and    Gray and Patty Nesbit         Dr. Jeanne Spudick
                                 Bartholomew                    Denmark                      Dave Collins              John D. and Patricia D.       Geoffrey L. and Nancy
                              George C. and Linda F.         Terrence P. Dowell           Kathy Jones                     O’Donnell                     Stack
                                 Bauer                       Joanna L. Duffy              Frank and Susan              Marcia Faye O’Hern            Michael D. and Diane K.
                              Sue Ann Beaty                  Steven and Maria Dzida          Kavanaugh                 Stephen and Kit                  Stephens
                              Hal and Pamela Bennett         Steve and April A. Egbert    Steven and Kathryn Keefer       Parmentier                 Timothy S. Stone
                              Randall and Cynthia            Jennifer and Scott           Don and Georgine Kent        Peggy Penjoyan                Thomas C. and Marilyn P.
                                 Benton                         Ellsworth                 W. Russell and Anne J.       Thomas and Norma                 Sutton
                              Steven R. and Alice Rene       James and Catherine             Kerr                         Ponton                     Peter J. and Mary Eileen
                                 Blair                          Emmi                      Joan Kitchens                Herbert M. and Gwen E.           Tennyson
                              Larry and Claire Bianchi       Cheryl Fagnano and Faryar    Ernest W. and Jane Klatte       Quick                      Gerald L. and Kathleen A.
                              Christopher L. Blank              Jabbari                   Ernie and Annick Klatte      Jerry and Agnes Rapport          Thompson
                              Bob and Barbara Boies          Arnold Feuerstein            Alex J. Kochnuk and Billy    Robert M. and Maura K.        Chris and Connie Torrey
                              Robin and Linda Boyd           Si and Gloria Fluor             Spratlin                     Rasch                      Donald E. Turner and
                              Robert L. and Mary Jane        William G. and Patricia M.   Gene P. and Barbara M.       Ronald Rathgeber                 Dorothy Gray
                                 Brown                          Freitag                      Kraus                     Larry and Kathleen Rausch     Joe Udvare and Susan
                              Thomas C. Buchmueller          The Friedmann Family         Teresa J. Le Page and        Carol Reisner                    Maher
                                 and Elizabeth H. Phillips   Hugh and Kathleen R.            Scott D. Rychnovsky       Edward J. and Carlene         Gary A. Waldron and Dr.
                              Mary L. Butler                    Gaffney                   Allen Charitable Lead           Reuscher                      Carol A. Foster
                              Gary Butts                     Armando A. Galindo           Mingo and Cindy Lee          Beverly M. Roberts            Mark and Rochelle Welker
                              Christine Cameron and          David James and Karen        Jay Lichman and Hennie       Glyn and Holly Robinson       George and Maryann
                                 William G. Butler, Jr.         Louise Gilmore               Sondel                    Melvyn B. and Ruth Ross          Wentworth
                              Francis A. and Francesca       Bill Gray and Keats          Orlando and Dorothy M.       Joel B. Rothman               Jeffrey and Jodi B.
                                 M. Cancian                     Hayden                       Ludovise                  Giovanni Santanche               Wertheimer
                              Cesar A. and Mary F.           John and Joan Greenman       Frank Martel                 Charlene Savage               Stephen B. and Nova S.
                                 Cappellini                  James M. and Diane M.        Paul J. and Catherine Matt   Robert Schneider, Jr.            Wheeler
                              Steve and Ashley Carlton          Griffiths                 Daniel T. and Abigail M.     Andrew and Elisabeth          Rose Mary Whitbeck and
                              Travis and Maura K. Carr       Frank R. and Patricia Hall      McGuire                      Schutz                        John Larkins
                              Patrick and Patty Chen         Karen S. Harrington          Roland A. and Laurell R.     Pamela Selber                 Gwen Williams
                              Edmond and Sue Connor          James H. and Susan P.           McMinn                    Dennis A. and Janet C.        Kenneth M. and Jan K.
                              Earle M. and Brett E. Craig       Hart                      Michael J. and Denise C.        Shannon                       Wirgler
                              Greg and Carolyn Creed         Dr. E. William Hauser           Moon                      Royce and Tracey Sharf        Greg and Sharon Wohl

                              PR OVI D E R ($5 00–$9 9 9)
                              Matt and Chadia                Peter W. Bahan               Dana M. Brault               Cyndie Chen                   Patricia S. Culpepper
                                 Alameddin                   Sara Barragan                Stanley Brockhoff            Dr. Ronald A. Chez            Bruce W. and Dina M.
                              Leonard J. and Beatrice T.     Jerrel C. and Janice D.      Victoria Brown               Dominick G. and Susan G.         Cuppinger
                                 Albert                         Barto                     Raymond J. Brucks               Clemente                   Jeana Daily
                              Kelsie Anderson                Anthony V. Beran             Chris Burke                  E. Coors, R. Coors Jr., and   Deborah V. Day
                              Paul M. and Marian E.          Kim and Diane Beyaoju        Harold N. and Ruth              J. Wallin                  Dr. Kenneth and Karen
                                 Anderson                    Marla C. Bird                   Burkhart                  Samuel M. and Mylee W.           Deck
                              Irene Aviles                   Samir and Macara Bonja       Jody and Scott Burnham          Costantini                 William M. Dewberry
                              Kamyab and Debbie              Donna M. Brantman            Pamela and Lewis Canfield    Edwin J. Cowan                John Diehl and Dale
14                               Azabdaftari                                                                           Joan J. Cox                      DeAtley
PR OVI D E R (cont.)
Patrick Dineen                Joy E. Gilmer               Nicholas Kotsikos             Mona Morales                 Robert Scholle
Les and Pam Dobson            Marcella A. Gilmore and     Irene Krinsky                 Brendan and Erin Morrison    Steven and Linda

                                                                                                                                                 S H A R E O U R S E LV E S
Dirk and Brenda Eastman          Edward S. Muehl          Lucille Kuehn                 Jane Marks Muslin and           Schwartz
Cynthia S. Edes               Mary Lou and Richard A.     Byron Landau                      Jean Sweet               Clay and Susan Seger
Roy English                      Giska                    Dr. Jack B. and Marena        Florence Nedeff Martin       Selim Shahine
Randall L. Erickson and       Kam Gleason                    Larsen                     Thomas and Deborah           Chris B. and Joyce
   Kristy M. Maurer           Tom and Mary A. Gordon      Mary Lear                         Newmeyer                    Siegfried
Tom and Heather Fangrow       William and Ilene Graney    Robert M. and Diana           Wilbert F. Newton            Dr. John F. and Nancy
Kevin C. and Joanne           John and Kathleen Grimley      Leaverton                  Eric and Marilee Nielsen        Thorne Skinner
   Fawley                     Janet Hadley and Larry      William S. and Ellen K. Lee   Ruth M. O’Connell            Mark A. Stehly
John Fearnley                    Webb                     Robert E. and Patricia J.     Andre J. Ouellette and Ann   Katherine K. Stockmar
Roberta Feuerstein            Charles A. and Carleen         Leeper                         Van Sant                 John and Angela
Franco Fieramosca and            Haggerty                 Mary Alice LeFebvre           Joseph A. Perricone             Stollsteimer
   Cristina Nannelli          F. Austin Harmon            Tim and Margaret Leyden       John C. Petry                Iva M. Swayne
Barbara Foster                Debbie Hartunian            Denise and Fred Macias        Joan S. Petty                Anita M. Swigart
Leo and Carol Fracalosy       Michael L. and Robyn E.     Amy A. and Maurice C.         Kate Phillips and Michael    Oscar G. Taylor

                                                                                                                                                 ANNUAL REPORT 2009
Glen Frank                       Hawkins                     Mamo                           L. Ross                  Lee Terry and Jeri
James Franklin                Thomas and Lori Heaton      Michael A. and Julie A.       Kay Pugh                        Rubendall
Roy L. Freeman                John B. Heffernan              Matthews                   Gregory and Kathleen         Jeffrey Dobkin and Julie
Norman and Lucille Fricker    Michael and Tiare Hotra     Kerry N. and Richard P.           Quinn                       Thompson-Dobkin
Gilbert J. Friese             Bruce and Lisa Hughes          Maynard, Jr.               Noel and Ann M. Quinn        Timothy C. and Amy Tyson
Raymond Fujii                 Robert D. and Ruth Ann      Estella and John McElrath     Bonny Rago                   Heidi Von Szeliski
Ron Funk                         Hyson                    Karen L. and John S.          Fernando Ramirez             Alan Wallace
Karen L. and George M.        George R. James and            McGlinn                    Roger D. Reading             Richard C. and Shirley A.
   Gans III                      Isabel Gowen-James       Audrey W. and Dick            Ellen F. Roeder                 Watts
James A. and Louise           James and Susie Jaqua          McLaughlin                 Jitka Rollova                Jeremy and Megan Webb
   Garrison                   Ann Wright Johnson          Michael J. and Judith V.      Dr. and Mrs. Rajarathnam     Rami Weinberg
Valerie Gart                  Marian Jones                   McNulty                        Sainath                  Charles E. Wert
Dariush Ghara and Coleen      Andrew Joosten              Richard J. Meyer              Samuel Sarria and Joanne     Eric and Laura A. Wolff
   S. Scherf-Ghara            Jaak and Siret Jaanus       Sheryl Hilton Meyer               Nakamine-Sarria          Steve Zarate and Robin
Ted A. and Catharine M.          Jurison                  Jack D. and Jan M. Miller     Nancy W. Schmoldt               Elliott
   Gibson                     Cynthia D. Kipers           James W. and Stephanie        Cheryl Schoellerman
FR I E N D ($100–$4 9 9)
Linda Black                   Steven J. and Gina A.       Fredrick Anvia and Dixie      Adrienne Berkes              Myra W. Brown
Michael and Teri Cho             Rosansky                     Alexander                 Myra Berman                  Raymond C. and Margaret
Linda Johannesson             Clinton E. Abbott           Margaret Armstrong            Loretta Bertrand                R. Brown
Carolyn Light                 Lois A. Abbott              Barbara W. Aune               Matt and Chadia Betinnis     Marcy A. Brown
Thomas A. and Barbara A.      Raymond Abe                 Lee and Elizabeth             Jean Bianchi                 Scott and Mary Ellen
   Schramer                   Ahmad Nour and Salam M.         Aydelotte                 Karen Bianchi                   Brownell
Davi Wilson                      Abouzaher                Alan L. and Victoria Baer     W.I. and Sharon Bilbeisi     Ronald M. and Caroline
George and Charlotte          Barbara Abshier             William L. and Muriel F.      Seymour N. and P.D. Black       Bruder
   Hanna                      Steven and Samantha             Bagley                    Sheri Blackwood              Jeffrey and Sandra A.
Karen Fabian                     Ackad                    James F. and Diane S.         Dr. Robert I. Blau              Bruss
Mary J. Alcala                Veronica Aiken                  Bailey                    Jane P. Blazina              Gary D. and Wendy R.
Mark Bittman and Pat A.       Ingrid Akers                Dr. Michael Bain              Natalie Bodenhamer              Bryan
   Bittmann                   James D. Akins, Jr.         Lynne Baker                   Susan C. Bohan               Dr. Gregory S. Buchert
John H. and Carol Bovaird     Eric Alcouloumre and        Thomas G. and Lu Anne         George L. and Joyce M.          and Dr. Arline M.
Eleanor J. Bryant                Annee Della Donna            Baker                        Bonvecchio                   Tsuchiya
Glenn and Mina Dassoff        Mary E. Aldridge            Stephanie Bangert             Gregory Borchardt            Leonard F. and Margaret
Lea Gallup                    Russell G. and Joan Allen   Brian and Jeanne Barber       Gilda Boswell                   J. Burke
Jose and Mercedes             Ettore and Cathy Alosio     Jeffrey Barkehanai and        Connie Boyd                  Carol A. Burke
   Gonzalez                   Philip H. and Loretta H.        Angela C. Olson           Raymond K. and Judith E.     John Burnett
Edmond J. and Rosemary           Alspach                  Martha M. Barker                 Brandt                    Judith A. Burns
   Keane                      Nita Alvarado-Westphal      Barbara A. Barnard            Marc C. and Debra A.         Joan Burns
Lee E. and Carol P. Orr       Richard and Kathleen H.     Lillian Barnett                  Branson                   Bette Butler
Delbert W. and Darlene K.        Alvarez                  Stanley and Irene Bassin      Michael Brantley             Kirk and Cathy Buttermore
   Parsons                    Louise B. and Edwin W.      Helmut and Brigitte Bauer     Gregory S. Schoenbaum        John and Mary Byers
Donald J. and Sara Regan         Amyes                    Bill and Tracy Bavasi            and Kathy Bright-         Norbert E. and Sally L.
Virginia F. Rostvold          Karen M. and S.K.           Vicki L. Ruiz and Victor         Schoenbaum                   Cahill
Cynthia A. Schrank               Andersen                     Becerra                   Mary K. Brock                Nancy Caldwell
Jack S. and Ann A. Smith      Bernie L. and Connie K.     Allan and Jean Beek           Peggy Brockhoff and Carin    Nelson G. and Ann H.
Joan Springhetti                 Anderson                 Dr. Kenneth E. and               Brockhoff                    Callahan
Richard P. and Cynthia L.     Gary and Janice Anderson        Roberta W. Bell           Peter H. and Andra C.        Patrick Callanan
   Succa                      Tia Anderson                F. Gordon and Ina Joy            Broekelschen              Phil Campanelli and Cyndy
Louis and Jacqueline Zitnik   Shari Anhalt                    Benhard                   Walter E. and Ann E. Bron       Cheek
                                                          Bill and Shoko Bennett        Marilyn Brooks                                              15
                             FR I E N D (cont.)
                             Richard D. and France         Joe DeBilio                  Luke and Missy FitzSimons   Diana Hamilton              Susan West Jarrett
                                M-A Campbell               Arthur H. and Dolores        Margaret Flanagan           Max and Carol M. Hamlin     Diana and John Jason

                             Janis Lee Campshure              DeCubellis                Douglas B. and Sally W.     Raymond E. and Emilie       Steven Keith and Judith L.
                             Lee T. and Lorraine B.        Edwin and Annamarie             Fletcher                    Jean Hammeras               Johnson
                                Carleton                      deFerrante                Howard and Susan Floom      Kunigar C. and William R.   Glenn Johnson
                             Carl Robert and Judith A.     Sandrine Dehove              Dolores C. Flora               Haney, Jr.               Mike C. and Dolores C.
                                Carlson                    Suzanne Assis DeMoraes       Edward R. and Maria         Ingrid Hanson and Susan        Johnson
                             Jeff and Jan Carsten          Irmeli Desenberg                Flores                      Hudson                   James R. and Gwendolyn
                             John M. Cartaya               Dan Deuel                    Elizabeth M. Flynn          Ski and Kathy Harrison         D. Johnson
                             Margaret E. Casey and         F.M. Deutsch                 Stephen J. and Jeanne C.    Kelly Harrity and Michael   Roger Alan and Cynthia
                                Spencer Grant              Ronald E. and Nancy W.          Fobes                       Goulden                     Jean Johnston
                             Winston Chen                     Deutsch                   Gerard Fobes                James Hart                  Drew and Dedie Jones
                             Erwin and Donna L.            Devo L. and June             Joe and Alli Forbath        Terry and Sharon            Robert and Pat Jones
                                Chessen                       DeVincenzi                Frank and Jean Forbath         Hartshorn                Roy H. and Gayle Jones
                             Dr. Woodrow W. Hyung Ki       Jane Devine                  Daniel J. and Dory Ford     June Harvey                 Donald and Andrea Jones
                                Chung                      Joseph T. Devlin and         Brian Fracalosy             Loretta J. Haugen           Albert H. and Jane P.

                             Deborah A. Clapp                 Maura Villelli            R. I. and Anne Frank        Brian Williamson and           Jones
                             Mary E. Clark and Laurie      Patty A. De Young            Jeffrey K. and Diane           Pamela Haugland          Marty and Melinda Jones
                                C. Blamey                  Brenda Dickerson                Freeman                  William L. and Norma Kay    Milford L. Jones
                             Karen H. Clark                John T. and Kelly M. Diehl   Richard D. and Jane B.         Healey                   Kate Joy
                             William Cloud and Corrine     James W. Diffley                Freeman                  Willis D. and Paula R.      Terrence C. and Gale
                                Nunez                      Robert J. and Margaret J.    Robert and Ann French          Heard                       Jurgensen
                             Michael and Ashley               Doedens                   Kenneth C. and Mary C.      Betsey Helie                Ann P. Kaganoff
                                Coelho                     Robin Dolmage                   Freund                   Lionel and Carol Heller     Shirley M. Kahan
                             Barbara C. Colville           Joan M. Donahue              Starlyn A. Frischmuth       Richard A. and Carolyn H.   Marc J. and Ann L. Kaiser
                             David M. and Catherine        Esmaiel and Sheila L.        Jurgen and Patricia E.         Helmuth                  Edward K. and Janet
                                Conant                        Doostmard                    Froehlich                Joan F. Herdrich               Kamiya
                             Robert A. and Cynthia A.      Don Dorkowski                Stan and Mari Scott Frome   Pete Herrera                Marcus H. Kanda and
                                Connolly                   Christine J. Doyle           Elizabeth A. Fry            Patricia A. Herrick            Susan C. Espolong-
                             Michael F. and Donna          Jim and Patricia Doyle       Rachael Gabriel             Ellen M. and T. Edson          Kanda
                                Contino                    Maureen Drake                Armando J. Galindo             Hickoff, Jr.             Patrice Kaska
                             Hunter and Barbara Cook       Walter and Marcia Drew       R. Giles Ganey and Janis    Jim and Tish Hilbert        Jennifer and Charles Kaska
                             Henry J. Coopersmith          Bethanne Drewery                M. Cenedella             Robert V. Hine              James and Kerin Kazarian
                             Ed Vandenbossche and          Gail Dufour                  Christina and Robert C.     Frederic and Diane Hite     David W. and Alice M.
                                Jean Copeland              Ronald D. and Jill Duncan       Gannon, Jr.              John M. and Ruth               Keirsey
                             Mario J. and Maureen E.       Michael P. Dunne             Idalia Garcia                  Hollenbeck               John C. Keith
                                Cordina                    Julie A. Dupuy               Theodore E. and Anne N.     James R. and Marjorie M.    Dennis G. and Joanne
                             Joe and Jean Patierno         Toni and Rad Dwyer              Gazda                       Holt                        Keith
                                Cornyn                     Susan A. and Barry D.        Roger Genereux              William E. and Corinne      Dr. Irwin Kempler and
                             Susan F. Craft                   Eaton                     Timothy K. and Linda L.        Holzer                      Virginia Kempler
                             Danny and Heather Craig       Ken and Sandra Eberhard         Giel                     Jerry Horowitz              Russell S. Kennedy and
                             Oliver N. and Cecilia Crary   Elaine M. Echenique          Constance W. Glenn          Samuel and La Juan             Anita Varela
                             James E. Crawford             Andrea J. Eickhoff           Kit and Julie Gobel            Horton                   Lauren S. and David J.
                             Jack D. and Jill Crevier      Jeremy and Ana Elkins        Arthur E. and Mary Ellen    Robert R. Hovard and           Kennedy
                             John V. and Barbara C.        John G. and Robin A. Ellis      Goddard                     Adrian Sweet-Hovard      Roger F. and Lois G.
                                Cronin                     Lloyd W. Elston              Lawrence Goelman and        Donald and Janet Howell        Kennedy
                             Gary and Sandra Crouch        Ronald D. Epperson              Virginia Cirica          A.P.R. and Kathleen         Erwin J. and Mary K. Keup
                             Nancy J. Cumming              Kristin Erickson             Judge Thomas M. and            Humphreys                Christine Kiger
                             Kim Cunningham                Brent and Emily B. Evans        Patricia Goethals        Ernest J. and Patricia A.   Vince and Carlene
                             Sister Joan Cunningham        Donald P. and Karen          Cesar Gonzalez                 Hunter                      Kikugawa
                             Dennis Cunningham                Evarts                    Annette Goode-Parker        Richard Hunter              Walter S. and Joyce E.
                             Jennie M. and Joseph J.       Barry and Eleanor C.         Harlene R. Goodrich         Robert J. and Dorothy V.       King
                                Cusimano                      Faber                     Merry Ann Grasska and          Huntsberger              Eugenia T. Kirchner
                             Christianne C. D’Ambrosio     Gary and Robin Fayette          Robert Friedman          Jane Hurley-Fillian         Raymond A. and Sandra
                             Donald R. and Arden L.        Dr. Chris Ciprian Feier      Nancy R. Greaves            Paula Hurwitz                  L. Kjar
                                Daniels                    Michael Feinman              Oliver and Gloria Green     Robert A. and Ann Iacino    William J. and Judith A.
                             Diana Danielson               Thomas P. and Nancy A.       Joan Gregorius              Allen A. and Rosemarie         Klenk
                             Michael R. and Barbara           Feit                      Lynda Greer                    R. Ilano                 Sage and Peggy Knauft
                                Danzi                      Lori L. and Dwayne E.        Fred Greve and Sheila J.    Kay Imada                   Stephen C. and Lynne S.
                             Fouad L. and Suzanne L.          Fernandez                    Vaughn                   Christopher W. Ingalls,        Koffler
                                Darweesh                   Eduardo and Felicity         Evan M. and Jane L.            Ph.D.                    Jerry F. Konecny
                             Jamshed H. and Shireen J.        Figueroa                     Gruber                   James W. Ivens              Florian M. and Margaret
                                Dastur                     Elizabeth Filet              Richard and Darla Guess     Kurt A. and Nancy Berg         Kos
                             Allen H. and Virginia H.      Stephen and Janet            Elizabeth May Guthrie          Jackson                  Lynn Tommie Kozlov
                                Davis                         Fischman                  Amy H. and Sebastian E.     Michael K. and Pamela D.    Lynne M. and William
                             Randy and Shelly Davis        Janice Fish                     Gutierrez                   Jacobs                      Kronmuller
                             Donald and Rene Day           C. W. and Donna Fisher       Linda Hafezizadeh           John D. Jadia               Jenny Krumm
                             Rui and Isabel De             Kenneth and Betty Lynn       Hope Smith Hagen            Gwendolyn R. James          Joan Kunkler
                                Figueiredo                                              Lynne Halley                Karen and Warren James
16                                                            Fitzpatrick
FR I E N D (cont.)
Dr. Linda and David          S. David and Cheryl Anne     Annemarie and Albert         Mary Kay and Kelly Payne     Ricardo O. and Judith A.
   Kuntzman                     Mandala                      Mooiweer                  Marilyn Pease                     Romero

                                                                                                                                                  S H A R E O U R S E LV E S
Mary Frances Kusch           Sylvia and Mario Maneffa     Eileen Moore and Michael     Sharon Pence                 Mary W. Roosevelt
Edward L. and Marilyn H.     Girard M. and Pamela            S. Fields                 Don and Virginia Pender      Henry C. and Sally H.
   Laird                        Manke                     Geoffrey M. and Gia M.       Shirley Pepys                     Rosas
Richard W. and Linda G.      Dr. Lincoln L. Manzi            Moore                     Frank E. Wagenseller and     Lucy E. Rose
   Lambert                   Edward H. Marthaler and      Lee A. and Mary T. Moore        Dr. Margarita Pereyda     Judy B. and Joe Rosener
Keith R. Lambert                Marcia R. BMarthaler      Eleanor Christine Moore      Neil and Micky Perlman       Stephen and Theresa G.
Nelda J. Landers and Mary    Vicki L. Martin              Helen Morales                Tracy M. Perrelle                 Ross
   Kathleen Genereux         Rick Martin                  Maxwell B. Morgan            Lynn T. Petersen             Paula Rowan
Brad F. and Christina M.     Rufino C. Martinez and       Tracy Morgan                 Joseph T. and Margaret R.    Chuck and Jeanne Rowley
   Larkins                      Maria T. Solis-Martinez   Joel P. and Ann D.              Peterson                  Claudia D. Roxburgh
Michael and Diane La         Elizabeth Martyn and Gary       Moskowitz                 Ann Peterson                 Dierdre Rubarth
   Rocco                        Williams                  Nancy A. Moss                Mary Robins Philpot          John A. and Margaret S.
Julie Ann Larson             Jennifer Massey              Patricia and James Muffie    Robert and Barbara Blair          Rumsfeld
Mitchell Lauford             Shawn Mastos                 Anthony and Alice Mumolo        Piatt                     Daniel H. and Jane E.

                                                                                                                                                  ANNUAL REPORT 2009
Gloria Laun                  Miguel and Adrianna Mata     Ryan Murillo                 Joyce A. Piercey                  Runner
William R. and Kathleen      Dan and Teri Mather          Eileen A. Murphy             Ruth Piercy and Katherine    Steve Rutkowski
   Laycock                   Marcel and Jean Mathevet-    M. James and Janet              M. McDonald               Richard E. and Tehnaz E.
Kevin J. and Darla J. Lea       Femling                      Murphy                    Todd and Christy Piper            Rutledge
Craig and Leilani Leathers   Laetitia E. May              Gerald Ross and Carie        Beryl and Eric Piper         Lenore and J. Edgar Rutter
Max D. and Dale Lechtman     Wayne and Sandra                Murphy-Ross               Doris Perry Pipes and        Ken and Tina Ryder
Willa Doretha Lee               McEwan                    Jack R. Musselman               Debbie E. Pipes           Rebecca A. Sabatino
Warren and Marie-France      Bernadette McBride           Mueni Mutinga                Robert Pittman               George and Stephanie
   Lefebvre                  Joan B. McCarthy             Scott Naramore               Penny Poorman                     Sakioka
Robert B. Leggett            Terry A. McCarthy and        Pamela Neale                 Shirley Price and Roland     Melanie Salas
Deborah Ann Lepman              Curtis Anthony Talley     Marlys E. Nelson                Schinzinger               Art and Laura Salazar
Peter J. and Robin C.        Drs. Douglas and Gigi        Robin Nelson                 Jayne E. Price               Dora A. Sanger
   Levasseur                    McConnaughey              E.H. and Anne M.             James T. and Christine E.    Robert L. and Nancy W.
Dr. Eugene B. Levin          James M. and Mary E.            Newland, III                 Probst                         Sattler
Richard Dean Lewis              Marquez McConnell         Robert W. and Linda          Jeff Puchalski and Carla     Christ and Barbara
Frank Lewis                  William E. and Lydia            Georgianna Newsom            Furuno                         Saunders
T. W. Lewis                     McCroskey                 Janine Ng                    James L. Gula and Dr.        Julieta Sayer
Ming J. and Yueh C. Lin      John J. and Dianne           Dr. Alan Nguyen                 Peggy A. Pugh             Paul L. and Louise H.
Tom and Karen Linden            McGinnis                  June and Robert W.           Kathryn Pugsley                   Scauzillo
Diane J. Lindros             David and Kris McHone           Nichols                   Gary Pulford                 Steven and Marcia
Marsha F. and James P.       Lynn McLeod                  Alan R. Nicholson            Thomas J. and Mary E.             Schechter
   Lindsey                   Bruce H. and Gail K.         Pat Nigrelli                    Ralph                     Joyce C. Scheid
Gregory P. and Carol            McManigal                 Clayton Nolde                David L. and Deborah G.      Maxine Schmidl
   Lindstrom                 Sandra McNeill               Dr. S. Robert and Margaret      Rector                    Deborah M. Schneider
David M. Link and Hope E.    Hal and Hannah Meany            L. Nord                   Terry and Carol A.           Janet Schneider
   Calleros                  Angela Meier                 Joseph V. and Joann             Reinhold                  Robert F. and Carla
Richard Little               Mike and Laura A.               Noyes                     Gary and Shawn Rettig             Schneider
James and Cynthia Lloyd-        Meisenbach                Kristina Nylander            Grant Reynolds               Kathy Schuler
   Butler                    Michael L. and Joan L.       Peggy O’Brien Hakes and      Winifred W. Rhodes-Bea       Michelle M. Schuller
Robert and Sherry Lobel         Meissenburg                  Carolyn Carey             Walter and Susan             Samuel and Ruth
John L. and Barbara M.       Mary C. Meister              Ralph K. and Genevieve M.       Richardson                     Schulman
   Loesel                    James D. and Susan G.           Odenwald                  Robert and Hillary Ridland   Jean E. Schwalbe
Robert D. and Diana D.          Melton                    Dennis and Marcia O’Hern     Rodney O. and Sandra         Thomas L. and Barbara C.
   Long                      Mike and Rochelle            Susan E. Ohnemus                Riehl                          Schworer
Robert and Barbara Love         Mendonis                  Peter and Kristina Olah      Callie M. and Sheryl Rimer   Marianne Scott
Mark A. Lowry                Dale and Mary Jo Meredith    Robert K. and Karen Olson    Walter B. and Dagmar M.      Christian and Suzanne
Marta N. and Ignacio E.      Hildy B. Meyers and          Robert and Sandra               Rios                           Scott
   Lozano, Jr.                  Beverly Sansone              O’Rourke                  Jean Ritter                  John L. and Sheryl A. Scott
Willie L. and Nancy Lu       Dennis R. and Madalyn        Loida I. and Patrick M.      Leyda Rivera                 Robert J. and Francine
Nora Lusk                       Mielke                       Oshea                     Ira G. Rivin and Anne             Serynek
Catherine Lynch              Paul L. Migdal               Fred J. and Ann M. Owens        Goodwin                   Martha L. Shaebanyan-
Frank W. and Molly L.        Marylyn Milburn              Melanie Ozonur               Michael D. and Carol D.           Bady
   Lynch                     Audrey L. and Ronald C.      Jennifer Palermo                Roberts                   Nazli Shariatmadari
Patricia E. MacGregor           Milfs                     Tina Palmer                  Sara J. Robinson             Robert H. and Barbara
Gerald C. Mack               Ronald R. Miller             Stephen J. and Marion C.     Thomas and Suzy                   Shelton
Theresa Madden               Jan Schwartz and Laurie         Parker                       Robinson                  Ray and Sandra Janich
Kathy Mader and Brian           H. Miller-Schwartz        Jane C. and Robert A.        Irma R. Rodriguez and             Sherrard
   Dauk                      Marguerite Milner               Parker                       Fred Fernandez            Robert and Teresa Siglock
William M. and Stephanie     Luther and Sarah Mitchell    Jerry M. and Linda Moulton   Steve Rodriguez and Ellen    Jeanette Z. and Phil Silk
   L. Maier                  James E. Mitchell               Patterson                    Druffel                   Jerry and Michele Silver
Irene Malone                 Patrick C. Mok               Mary and Brian Paul          Everett and Loretta Roe      Robert and Tara Simmons
Alex and Carrie Malone       Richard and Candy Ann        Marilyn J. Payn              Glen Rogers                  Jill C. Simpson
                                Montevideo                                                                          Victoria Simpson                 17
                             FR I E N D (cont.)
                             Donald G. Skrede              Lee Straus and Ellin          Heather E. and James W.       Victor Vega and Terry         Chris and Marsh Wilkinson
                             Joel and Judy Slutzky            McNamara                       Temple, Jr.                  Bayer                      Hugh and Lillian Martha

                             Ken and Pat Smart             Bruce C. and Katherine E.     Allison Terrel                Mark T. and Maura Villelli       Wilkoff
                             Philip L. and Jacqueline H.      Shaw Stuart                Conrad W. Tetrault            John and Karlene Von          Jeremy P. and Michelle
                                Smith                      Elaine M. Stuckey             Terry and Jodi Thien             Szeliski                      Wilks
                             Peter Thomson Smith           Marshall J. and Earla Styll   Jeannette L. Thomas           James Von Tungeln             Paul and Betty Willemsen
                             Marion Smith                  Marianne E. Suane             James and Marilyn             Joseph and Melanie            Alice Willer Zelden
                             Mark C. Smitt and Anne        Carol Sudbeck                     Thompson                     Wagner                     Jocelyn Williams
                                McInnis                    Maggie and Patrick Suozzi     Kenneth E. Thompson and       Dorothy L. and Arthur C.      Patricia A. Wilsey
                             Rose Mary Snyder              Dr. Greg and Sallie Jane          Linda J. Watkins             Wahlstedt, Jr.             Mark Wilson
                             Helen W. Snyder                  Schneider Super            Vu Thoo                       John Walker                   Hunter and Daryl F. Wilson
                             Beatriz Garcia Soto           Dr. Siegfred I. and Helen     Gene and Janet Tidgewell      Mary Janice Wallace           Steve Wolff
                             Dixie Souleles                   R. Surber                  Iris Timmons                  Norma G. Walsh and Joe        Barbara L. Wright
                             Ben and Susan Space           Lynne M. and James F.         Barbara Toal                     Gonzales                   Robert and Jill Wright
                             Robert and Julie Sparks          Sutter                     Mr. and Mrs. Michele Ann      Bill Applegate or Tim Ward    William A. and Ellen E.
                             Eric J. and Polly             Vikki L. Swanson                  Townsend                  Raymond and Connie Way           Wright

                                Stanbridge                 Katherine R. Swigart          Ernest W. and Beverly         Scott G. and Susan T.         Randy and Debra Yanaga
                             Robert M. and Patricia        William Swinnerton                M. Toy                       Weaver                     E. Kurt and Barbara K.
                                Westbrook Stayner          Kevin Takabayashi             Chris Tramontano              Lawrence G. and Frances          Yeager
                             Bob Stedman                   Roohi and Farhad Tale-        Hien Thi and Trung Tri Tran      Whaley                     Donna Yelich
                             Carole A. Steele                 Yazdi                      Micah and Christina Tsern     James and Bettymae            Varooge Yerganian
                             David M. Stennes              John and Karen Tallichet      Dennis and Wendy Turley          Wharton                    Karen Tobey Yoches
                             Russell and Patricia Stern    Wayne and Louise Tarshis      Keiji and Rebecca Uesugi      Martin E. and Nancy C.        Jay and Linda Young
                             Ralph and Sue Stern           Patsy Tartaglia               Lea Umnas                        Whelan, Jr.                Dianne and Bob Younkin
                             Scott McKown and Louise       Dorothy V. and H. LLoyd       Jesse and Pilar Upchurch      Howard R. and Sandra J.       Rafael and Gabriela Zavala
                                Stewardson                    Taylor                     Louise Upham                     Whitcomb                   Stacy Zeller
                             James and April Stickney      Ann Taylor                    Ludwig and Carol Uri          David and Barbara White       Mary Mark Zeyen
                             Bryan A. and Jeanne           Jo A. Taylor                  Fran and Karen Ursini         John, Leslie, and Elizabeth   A.R. and Marguerite
                                Stirrat                    David Tedeschi                Dr. Raul and Mary A.             Widera                        Zimbaldi
                             John and Marit Store          Daniel A. and Diane D.            Varela                    Karen Wiley                   Patricia V. Zorn

                             S U PP ORTE R ($1–$9 9)
                             Jeanne E. Achtien             Bill and MaryBeth Bangert     Mercedes L. Bond              John P. and Margaret G.       Vincent D. and Rita A.
                             Heather and C. Kael Alden     Fred E. and Martha Barrett    Jo Ann Bonot                     Callanan                      Cook
                             Rita Alderete                 Cynthia L. Barry              Mario S. Bonura               Lucyann W. Cameron            John F. Cook and Heather
                             Susan A. Alexander            Nancy Anne Bartelt            Barry and Laurie Booth        Rick and LuAnn Campo             C. Glen
                             B. Lorraine Allen             Jean and Cyril Baumann        Steven D. and Susan I.        Ron and Patricia A.           Arthur G. and Terri S.
                             Robert F. and Ann S.          Alan L. and M. Joan Bayley       Bottom                        Candelaria                    Coons
                                Anderson                   Margaret Becker               Carolyn P. Boyd               Thang Q. Cao                  John L. and Alice C.
                             Judith Anderson               Norman E. and Elsa            David Bramlet                 Marcia B. and Ivor E.            Coons
                             Phyllis Anderson                 Bender                     Susan Brevoort                   Carden                     Lucy M. Corcoran
                             Douglas J. and Donna L.       Theresa A. Beno               Clark J. and Cherelyn D.      William D. and Dennys R.      Clelia Corona
                                Anderson                   Paul and V. Marlene              Brinker                       Carney                     Patrick and Janet C. Cory
                             Mildred J. and Gari B.           Bergdahl                   Paul J. Brockel               Andrea Carpenter              Willard and Gayle
                                Andreini                   Linda L. Bertone              Norman S. and Lorraine E.     Andrea Casella                   Courtney
                             Alan V. and Mary Elizabeth    Aaron Bettencourt                Brody                      Judy Cassedy                  Stanley Crandon
                                Andrews                    Franco and Lydia M.           Billy P. and Dixie L. Brown   Laura Cavener                 Mark Crisler
                             Terry C. and Jill Andrus         Bianchini                  Peter H. and Yvette A.        Richard W. Chambers           Linda Crook-Amendola
                             Geetu M. and Randy            James T. and Marta M.            Brown                      Ronald J. and Susan           Curtis W. and Christina M.
                                Argrellas                     Birchfield                 Dr. Lawrence W. Browne           Channels                      Cross
                             Rita Armendariz               Jeanne E. Bishop              Evelyn Brownstone             Maria Chapman                 Michael Culliton
                             Bernice Armendariz and        Iryne C. Black                Kenneth A. and Virginia R.    Margery Chapman               Mary Alice and Laura
                                Janet L. Berkstresser      Linda Black                      Bruner                     Mary Chelius                     Culver
                             Marie T. Arndt                Diana Teran Blaisure          Kathleen Bruski               Robin J. Chesnie              John B. and Alicia A.
                             Susan Atooli                  Ronald D. and Carole          Philip A. and Barbara A.      David Chong and Melissa          Cummings
                             Thomas Atteridge, III            Blake                         Buckley                       Taylor-Chong               Mary D. Avila-Gonzalez
                             Arthur and Kristan            Michael A. and Laurie Lynn    Linda Buckley                 Glenna Christie               Dr. Dailey
                                Auerbach                      Blasing                    Paul T. Burkart               April Ciotta                  Louis I D’Ambrosio
                             Chris Ayayo and Deborah       Julie Blumberg                Michael and Kathleen A.       Mary Lee Clark                Charles E. and Margaret K.
                                Young                      Aaron D. and Jennifer            Burnham                    Dawna Clark                      Daniher
                             Charline Babb                    Boeck                      Denise M. Burton              Jack M. and Marsha H.         Judy Davis
                             Ron and Sandra W. Baers       Anne Boghosian                Chester and Margaret             Clark                      Ken Davis
                             Henry C. and Myrtle M.        Matthew and Ursula               Burwick                    Michelle B. Clark             Kelly Davis
                                Baird                         Bohen                      Anne Marie Butcher and        Ivan P. Cohen                 Jana Davy
                             Larry Ballard                 Donna Bohnett                    Michael A. Lane            Christopher Collins           John S. Small and Yvonne
                             Sue Ballou                    Mary Louise Bolter            Denise B. Callahan                                             T. Del Rio
S U PP ORTE R (cont.)
Mary Louise and              Mary Kay Garcia               Cheryl M. Haworth            Michael J. and Patricia L.   Eric J. Linzmeyer and
   Marguerite De La Torre    Joseph F. and Mary E.         William P. and Winifred L.      Kennedy                      Jennifer D. Linzmeyer,

                                                                                                                                                   S H A R E O U R S E LV E S
Wells and Dorothy               Garibotti                      Hayes                    Desirae M. Keppler              D.O.
   DeLoach                   John C. and Carolyn C.        Laird and Maggie Hayes       Nicole Kerr                  Virginia M. Lockabey
Charles R. Demory               Garrett                    Lee Healy                    Adam and Julie Khan          Stanley L. and Jerri Loeb
Charles and Jennifer         Clarence B. Gauldin           Steven R. and Gincy-Jane     Richard L. and Sue Ann       Edmund W. and Helen R.
   Denney                    Robert M. and Adele               S. Heins                    Kidder                       Loeffler
Margaret Dern                   Gianerakis                 Jane E. Henley               M. Daniel and Betty M.       Arthur C. and Nancy Lee
William and Linda Deutsch    Thomas S. Gibbons             Jeffrey M. Herdman              Kilmer                       Loesch
Paula W. Dezellar            Thomas A. and Judith M.       Barbara M. Herte             Marie Kimball                Gladys Lorenzo
Dr. Thomas and Paulette         Gielow                     Margaret C. Hickey           Dorothy Kimmel               Rosalyn M. Lostrom
   Diamant                   William E. and Ronda          Katy Higgins                 John J. and Barbara J.       Todd Lounsbury
Mary L. Dische                  Gilbert                    Melissa Hilal                   Kincaid                   Donald M. and Mary Lynn
Barbara F. Dixon             Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Gill   Werner W. and Judith C.      Edith L. Kinner                 Lowry
Margaret Doane               Jean E. Gill                      Hinz                     Jeremy and Tanya Kinton      Richard C. and Deborrah
Daniel W. Dodt               Gregory and Agnes             Allison Nicole Hoff          Edward G. and Eleanor           M. Lugo

                                                                                                                                                   ANNUAL REPORT 2009
Jeanne M. Doig                  Gilmore                    Robert L. and Ursula M.         Klein                     Anders C. Lund
F. Susan Dole                James G. and Mary L.              Hoshaw                   Patricia Knapp               Michael and Debi Luther
Jan Dorian                      Giordano                   Julia Houten                 Ronald Knecht                Daniel H. and Marjorie W.
Patrick H. and Gisela        Joshua J. and Kari M.         Pamela G. Howard             Paula Knight                    Luxenberg
   Driskill                     Glandorf                   Ann Howard, Deanne           Robert and Shirley           Jay and Marcia Lynch
Lance and Melanie Dumas      Brian and Melanie Glaser          Winokur, and Thad           Knutsen                   Lois W. Machida
Robert W. Dunbar             Jeanette Glavinic                 Howard                   Frederick and Doris M.       Jules and Wendy Marine
George and Joyce             John and Tina Gleason         Peter and Amelia Howell         Koch                      Sherrie Marks
   Dunigan                   Jacob Gonzels                 Evelyn Huebner               Rose Marie Koehn             Bill D. Marler
Frances L. Dye               Jack L. and Jean Ann          Mark K. and Lillian          Rosemary Lee Koenig          Francis J. and Akiko Martin
Andy and Rita Edmond            Goodgame                       Huibregtse               Paul Y. Koh                  Katherine Martin and
John and Mary Egan           John and Jane Goodnight       Jen Hurlburt                 Philip D. and Patti L.M.        Derek Dunn-Rankin
Lynn Eisenhut                Patricia Gorinac and          Bob and Carolyn Hurley          Kohn                      Laurie D. Martinez
Kathleen Eldred                 Daniel Pawlowski           Mark and Roxanne Hurwitz     Frank Krampe and Lorraine    Cynthia J. Mascio
Mitchell Lee and Ann A.      Danielle M. Gorsha            William H. Ihrke                Tsutsumida-Krampe         Marina L. Massari
   Engle                     Thomas and Jennifer           Jacqueline Ingels            Betty B. Krantz              Kathy R. Masuda
Elizabeth Esteras               Gourde                     Kirsten Allyson C. and       Beverly Krassner-Bulas       Angel Mata
Elizabeth Evans              Kathe Graham                      Jeffrey Bruce Ingham     Alexander Kugelman           Link Mathewson
Ruth Ann Ewing               James E. and Verrill          Stanley and Lois Isenberg    Grace S. Kunz                Bruce L. and Catherine
Mark and Gloria Fahey           Granbery                   Judy C. Jackson              Maret Kunze                     May
Shirley A. and Frank L.      Judith Grandinette            Richard Jacobsohn and        Harry A. Kunze and Jack S.   Thomas and Gloria Mayer
   Feller                    Thomas M. Grebel                  Marsha Michelle King        Milosan                   Michele Maynard
Hubert C. and Janice Ferry   Carol Green                   Leonard W. Jaffe             Maureen Lagrandeur           David A. and Marcia L.
Kathryn and Jeffrey A.       Lucie Greville                David and Suzanne            Robert I. and Sidney            Maze
   Fielding                  Lori Grigas                       Jarmusz                     Laham                     Clementina Mazzeo
Jack P. and Suzanne T.       Ellen L. Gross                Colleen A. Jeffreys and      Robin Lane                   Kathleen McClellan
   Finney                    Georga Anne Grupe                 Mary Jane Protzko        David W. and Betty Jane      Gerald W. and Ellen E.
Joseph Fischman              Vanessa Guevara               Deborah E. Johnson              Lang                         McClellan
Judy Flanders                Ellen Marie Gutierrez         Barbara Sandberg             Karen Lanzone                Ronald W. Tracy and Peg
Robert B. and Shirley L.     Ronald Guziak                     Johnson                  Simone Laplante                 A. McClenahan
   Fleming                   Rodger and Olwen              Kendra Jones                 Jack and Lois A. Laquidara   Dyan McDowell
Marian Fleming                  Hageman                    Fred Jones, Travis Jones     Joseph and Tracy Ann         Virginia and Michael
Bette A. Flick               Sally L. Hagerty                  and Cynthia Woodroof        Larsen                       McEvoy
Kristine Flicker             Ed Halbrook                   Browynn Jones                Thomas and Rebecca M.        Vicky J. McGavack
Joan E. Flinn                Kathleen M. Hall              William H. and Mary E.          Lautermilch               Betty Jean McGavran
Susan Forbath                Helen M. Hammond                  Kagey                    Andrew and Linda Lawler      John and Mary McHugh
Tom and Stancie Foss         William and Janet D. Hand     Dr. Michael J. and Carole    Walter H. and Gwen M.        James F. and Betty Ann
Edward G. and Karen A.       Cheryl Hanna                      E. Kamper                   Lazicki                      McKinnon
   Fratantaro                Guy T. Harden                 Doris Kaneubbe               Grace R. Leavitt             Shari McMahan and
Harold Frazer                Jean Hardy                    Neil Kaplan                  Nancy Lee                       Samuel L. Richardson
Barbara Freeman              Julie A. Harmatiuk            Joeann Karibo                Irene E. and Howard W.       Julie McMillan
Marilyn A. Freeman           Drew G. and Kay C.            Elliot and Cynthia Depoeli      Lefebvre                  Hal and Mary Ann Meade
Lisa Frei                       Harper                         Kaufman                  Frank E. and Marie J.        James and Donnabelle L.
Dick and Carolyn M.          Tim and Jenny Harrington      Gina Kegel                      Legrand                      Medved
   Friederich                Jack L. and Kelly M.          Carolyn B. Keilin and        Katherine A. Leland          Lauri and Mike Mendenhall
Susan B. Gabriel                Hartfelder                     Norman Shulman           Patricia Lenahan             Lawrence and Carol
Gladys Gabrielian            W. H. and Jane Hartloff       Andrew Kelley                Elizabeth Lewis                 Mettler
Robyn Gaines Moss            Charles L. Hartmann           G. Berk and Laura B.         Rachael Lewis                Fred Michael
Robert H. and Patricia G.    Robert E. and P.A. Harvey         Kellogg                  Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Lindblom   John M. and Sharon L.
   Gallivan                  Patricia Hatfield             Patricia and Stan J.         L. H. and Phyllis Eleanor       Mikulka, Jr.
John K. and Martha L.        William and Phyllis               Kennedy                     Linder                    Pam Miller
   Ganoung                      Hawkins
                             S U PP ORTE R (cont.)
                             Martin S. and Kris Ann       Margaret Percival             Helen J. Roberts            Mike and Connie Skibba       Richard and Mary S.
                                 Miller                   Marion Helen Pernie           Charles and Norma Ann       Paul C. and Carolyn L.          Thomas Vallens

                             Dr. Don F. and Yvonne G.     Marian Perrin                      Roberts                    Slayback                 Louise H. Van Cott
                                 Mills                    Christina M. Persek           Lenore M. Robertson         Jacqueline D. Smith          Hans and Barbara Van
                             Robert P. and Loretta        Richard L. and Diane H.       Claire L. Robinson          David Snow and Roberta          Ligten
                                 Milton                      Peter                      Carlos Robles                   Lessor                   Harold and Eleanor Van
                             Edward Miskevich and         Anne and George A.            Albert R. and Gladys M.     Sue Snyder                      Nostrand, Jr.
                                 Scott Westerfield           Peters                          Rodriguez              James Joseph Solano          Kimberly Vaswani
                             Laura Mitchell               Arne J. and Sandra J.         Carol Ann Rohr              Martha Somers                Catherine A. Viles
                             Henry W. and Georgiana          Petersen                   Mary G. Rooney              Monica L. Sonnie             Claire H. Vincent
                                 Moore                    Stacey Noelle Petersen        Gary and Sheryl S. Rorden   Joseph M. and Faith St.      David and Elayne Vogel
                             Jane L. Moralice             Frank C. and Rose             Beverly Rose                    Denis                    Khoi Vu
                             Richard Morgan                  Petruzzelli                Kenneth S. and Barbara      Joan and Ray Stewart         Arthur G. and Carol N.
                             W. W. and Clara              John F. and Alma M.                M. Ross                Dayne W. and Anne Stiles        Wahlers
                                 Morningstar                 Peyton                     Matthew K. Ross             David J. and Clarisse N.     Meredith Walako
                             Johnny R. and Pamela R.      Candace Phan                  Suzanne J. Roth                 Stiller                  Trish and Dean Walsh

                                 Morrisette               J. Richard and Joan S.        Jill D. Rothell             Phyllis M. Stockman          Jack P. Wang
                             Esperanza Munoz                 Phillips                   George B. and Gail H.       John and Betty Storch        Sally Warrick
                             James E. and Dorothy R.      Pam Phillips                       Rothman                Donald F. and Doris M.       Laurie Wasserman
                                 Munroe                   Nancy Pierre-Paul             Harry F. and Marrion C.         Stoughton                Ruth Watson
                             Rachel Murphy                Dr. Wm. Frank and Emily            Roxstrom               Frances C. Sullivan          Lois Waydelich
                             David J. and Sharon D.          Pierson                    Tuhina Roy                  Sherry L. Sumner             Jeffrey and Vanessa
                                 Murphy                   Debbi Pilon                   Etienne and Louise Runge    Stacey Sun                      Webster
                             Lorraine C. and Michael D.   Debra R. Pineda               Carol Ryan                  Greg J. and Neda             Anthony and Constance
                                 Nadler                   Thomas M. and Patricia G.     Barbara Rycroft                 Swedelson                   M. Welenc
                             T.C. and Audrey Jean            Place                      Robert L. and Eva Sachs     Richard B. and Jody H.       Norman P. Wells
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                             Elizabeth A. Nedza              Pomeranz                        Mangano Samuelian      Bernard F. and Betty D.      Robert and Beverly White
                             Laura A. Nelson              Alfreda Posin                 Pete and Carol Sandro           Syfan                    Clay White Jr. and
                             Constance E. Nelson          Anita and Francisco J.        Edward C. and Carol I.      Tei and Jane Tanaka             Beverley A. Khalil-White
                             George Nevin                    Preciado                        Saunders               Thomas and Mary Louise       Jeanne and Paul
                             Robert and Elizabeth         Bill Prendergast              Karin Savisaar                  Tersigni                    Wickstrom
                                 Newcomb                  Robert E. and Joyce S.        Dan and Cynthia Schafer     Greg and Constance           George and Margot
                             Verlie Newquist                 Price                      Dusty and Christan              Thamann                     Wilfert III
                             H. Lan Nguyen                Cecil M. and Irma E. Proulx        Schiefelbein           Jeff and Veronica Thies      David and Darlene
                             Patrick L. Nichols and       John C. and Jannine A.        Dr. Philip and Willa        Kathleen M. Thomas              Williams
                                 Kathleen Watte-Nichols      Provinzino                      Schlegel               Richard L. and Barbara A.    Lurie Williams
                             Jila Nikkhah, D.D.S.         Dorothea K. Pyka              Elinor V. Schmidt               Thompson                 Arthur B. Williams
                             Trudy Nisco                  Dr. Lawrence Quan             James and Julie             Tanis Thorne                 Robert E. and Barbara S.
                             Marge Moore and John W.      Shannon Quinn                      Schmiesing             Patricia A. and Richard         Williams
                                 Norek                    Juan Manod Quiroz Perez       Joan Schonig                    O. Ting                  Howard and Yvonne
                             Robert R. and Constance      James E. and Richard L.       Jon A. and Sharon Schrum    Marianne F. Tobin               Wilson
                                 A. Novielli                 Raulston                   Keith A. and Deborah S.     Dr. Jerome S. and Hazel      Ellen Wofford
                             John J. and Denise M.        Dean D. and Marjorie L.            Schwaiger                  Tobis                    Susan Wojtaszek
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                             Jeffrey M. and Lynn L.       Mary Redaelli                 Devereau B. and W. A.       Liliana M. Toro                 Wold
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                             Robert and Carolyn Off       Helga Refaie                  Mary Jo Semonsen            Tiffany Thien-Huong Tran        Wolff
                             Mary Ann Olsen               Elaine J. Regan               Haskell and Patricia        Cecilia Tran                 Heidi Woodring, RN, CDE
                             Diane J. Olson               Hermann Reiss                      Shapiro                Naomi Janee Tratar           Roy B. and Louise
                             Margaret A. Omara            Sandy Rettig                  Marvin and Mary Ann         Gene and Francis Tribolet       Woolsey
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                             Anastacia Orbacz             Carol Reynolds                Janet K. Shaw               Charles J. and Jean M.       Glen and Amy
                             Elvira Pacheco               Marion and Janice Rhoads      Amanda Shea                     Trom                        Worthington
                             Sandra S. Padilla            Dennis and Elizabeth          Richard S. and Arlene H.    Sylvia Trull                 Henry Yang
                             Jessica Pakzad                  Ribant                          Sheff                  Peter and Kay Tucker         Ronald A. Young
                             Laura J. Parker              Dwight E. Rice                Anne M. Shereshevsky and    Rusty and Mary Lynn          Don and Jerry Young
                             Sherry Gaskin-Parker         Michele Richards                   Michael P. Conlon          Turner                   Harold and Audrey Zook
                             Christi L. Parnell           Trudy Richey                  J. Marie Silva              Ava Turner                   Margaux Hart and Family
                             Shirley A. Parra             Leslie S. Riehl               Dennis J. and Joan          Robert B. and Doris M.
                             Cindy R. Patelski            Shaun Douglas Riley                Silverman                  Underwood
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                             Christopher Peduzzi          Carl and Lois Robbert         F. Leonard and Margaret     Providencia and Max S.
                             Dr. Ronald and Michelle      Janet M. Robbins                   J. Sisk                    Valdes

Louise B. and Edwin W.      James and Catherine        Lisa Larkin                   June and Robert W.          Donald E. Turner and
  Amyes                        Emmi                    Jeffry A. Markel                 Nichols                    Dorothy Gray

                                                                                                                                            S H A R E O U R S E LV E S
Anonymous                   Patricia Gorinac and       Robert T. McCaffrey           Jack Schiffiler and Helen   Rose Mary Whitbeck and
Sandra J. Brodie               Daniel Pawlowski        Jacqueline G. McCauley           Krumwiede                  John Larkins
Rex J. Burrows and          Marie Kimball              Lauri and Mike Mendenhall     Richard and Jane Parkford
  Gretchen Grawunder        Elaine S. Larkin                                            Taylor

COR P ORATE PARTN E R S ($1,5 00 and above)
Newport Emergency           CalOptima                  Law Offices of Robert I.      Hoag Memorail Hospital      Waldron & Bragg, LLP
  Medical Group, Inc.       Link, Murrel and Company      Kotob, Inc.                  Presbyterian,             Coventry Health Care
The Augustine Company       Black, Starr & Frost       Kraus Management                Department of             Anaheim Ducks & Honda
David Ballard Electrical    Taco Bell                     Services, Inc.               Community Medicine           Center
  Contractors, Inc.         Newport Beach Plaza        Azonic Insurance Agency,      Griswold Industries         Experian
California Academy of          Retirement Community       Inc.                       Sand Canyon Medical         JHSC & S Enterprises

                                                                                                                                            ANNUAL REPORT 2009
  Physician Assistants      Crew West Marine           Diversified Equity              Center                    LPL Financial
Hyundai Motor America          Electronics, Inc.          Investment Coporation      R2A Architecture            Industrial Valco, Inc.
U Pick U Save Self Serv     Jocson Enterprises, Inc.   Wamco, Inc.                   The Balboa Bay Club &       Pacific Hospitalist
  Auto Dismantling          Snell & Wilmer             Wallace Air Cargo               Resort                       Associates
Oranco Development, Inc.    Rutan & Tucker, LLP                                      Smart & Final

786 Foundation              Draper Family Foundation   Marguerite Casey              SCHULEIN FAMILY             CA Consumer Protection
Allergan Foundation         Eberhard Foundation           Foundation                    Philanthropic Fund          Foundation
Beall Family Foundation     Edwards Lifesciences       Morgan Foundation             Livingston Family           Weingart Foundation
Blue Shield of California      Fund                    National Philantropic Trust      Foundation               William Knight Russell
   Foundation               Elaine Lucas Keck          Edward and Helen              St. Joseph Health System       Family Foundation
Robert J. and Ladorna          Foundation Fund            Shanbrom Family Fund       Susan G. Komen for the      Wm. Gillespie Foundation
   Eichenberg               Employees Community        Orange County                    Cure Orange County       Linda and Todd White
California Community           Fund of Boeing             Community Foundation       The Aaron and Peggy            Charitable Fund
   Foundation                  California              Richard and Elizabeth            Selber Foundation        The John L. Mulvaney
Capital Group Companies     Fred Siegel Foundation        Steele Fund                The Bernice Heffernan          Foundation
   Charitable Foundation    Frome Family Foundation    Orange County                    Family Foundation        Smith & Walker
City Of Santa Ana           George Hoag Family            Emergency Food and         The Crean Foundation           Foundation
Coalition of Orange            Foundation                 Shelter Program            Anonymous                   Livingston Family
   County Community         J. Stanley & Mary W.       Pacific Life Foundation       The Reso Foundation            Foundation
   Clinics                     Johnson Family          Raymond & Mildred             Tides Foundation            Gilbert Heritage
Community Foundation of        Foundation                 Hegwer Foundation          Ueberroth Family               Foundation
   the Jewish Federation    Joel Kuperberg & Lydia     Roy E. Crummer                   Foundation               Lortie Family Charitable
Cotton Foundation              Levin Philanthropic        Foundation                 Orange County United           Fund
County of Orange               Fund                    Russell Family Foundation        Way

* N ov e m b e r 1 , 2 0 0 8 t o O c t o b e r 3 1 , 2 0 0 9. Every effor t has been made to ensure accuracy, we
apologize for any omissions.

                             COLLAB ORATOR S
                              Thank you to all of our community partners. Together we are able to better provide a safety net for those in

                              need in the Orange County Community.

                             S OCIAL S E RVI CE S
                              211                                             Eberhard Foundation                                    Organic Gardening Group
                              Access California                               Emergency Food and Shelter Program                     Orange County Fair and Event Center
                              Adult Mental Health                             Families Forward                                       Neighborhood Housing Services of Orange County
                              Aids Services Foundation                        Friendship Shelter                                     Patient Advocate Foundation
                              Alzheimer’s Association                         Fullerton Interfaith                                   Planned Parenthood
                              American Cancer Society,                        Health Care Agency                                     Project Hope School
                                 Road to Recovery Service Program             H.I.S. House                                           Public Law Center
                              Assistance League of Orange County              Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian,                   Regional Center
                              Beckstrand Cancer Foundation                        Department of Community Medicine                   Salvation Army
                              Breast Cancer Angels                            Hospital Association of Southern California            Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County

                              Breast Cancer Survivor                          Human Options                                          Someone Cares Soup Kitchen
                              Bethany House                                   Junior League of Orange County                         South County Outreach
                              CAA Task Force                                  Kids Start                                             SPIN
                              CalOptima                                       La Habra Community Resources Care Center               St. Joseph Hospital (Cancer Support Group)
                              Cancer Care                                     Laura’s House                                          TeleCare
                              Cancer Legal Resource Center                    Legal Aid Society of Orange County                     The Center of Orange County
                              Casa de la Familia                              Madres Militares                                       Thomas House Shelter
                              Catholic Charities                              Mariposa Women’s Center                                Travelers Aid Society
                              Catholic Worker: Isaiah’s House                 Mental Health Association                              Tides
                              Charlie Street Detox                            Mercy House                                            Orange County United Way
                              City of Santa Ana                               National Charity League                                Wells Fargo Bank
                              County Social Services Agency                   Neighborhood Housing Services                          WIC
                              Community Action Partnership of Orange County   Newport Beach Plaza Retirement Community               WISE Place for Women
                              Cordelia Knott Wellness Foundation              Newport Mesa Unified School District                   Women Helping Women
                              Dayle McIntosh                                  Office on Aging                                        Women’s Transitional Living Center
                              Drug and Alcohol Services, Orange County        One Stop Center                                        Wraparound Center

                             M E D I CAL CLI N I C
                              American Cancer Society Access OC               Lestonnac Free Clinic                                  St. Joseph Hospital
                              CAL IT2, UCI                                    OC Health Care Agency                                  UCI Institute for Clinical Translational Science
                              Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian             Orange County Coalition of                             Westcliff Medical Laboratories
                              Latino Health Access                               Community Clinics

                             D E NTAL CLI N I C
                              Cypress Community College,                      Henry Schein Cares                                     Orange Coast Community College,
                                Dental Hygiene Program                        Loma Linda School of Dentistry                           Dental Assisting Program

                             COM PR E H E N S IVE CAR E CE NTE R
                              California State University, Fullerton          California State University, Long Beach                University of Southern California
                                (Social Work Interns)                           (Social Work Interns)                                   (Social Work Interns)

                             PHAR MACY
                              Direct Relief International                     OC Health Care Agency                                  White Front Pharmacy
                              Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy        University of Southern California School of Pharmacy

                             FAM I LY CE NTE R
                              Catholic Charities                              Help Me Grow                                           PADRE Foundation
                              CHOC Clinic, Costa Mesa                         Hope Clinic                                            Planned Parenthood
                              Christian Outreach Ministries                   Human Options                                          Public Law Center
                              Dr. Iman Bar                                    Latino Medical Clinic                                  Regional Center Orange County
                              Family Support Network                          Legal Aide                                             SANO
                              Fountain Valley Regional Hospital and           MIKA                                                   Save Our Youth (SOY)
                                 Medical Center                               MOMS Orange County                                     Teen MOPS
                              Garden Grove Hospital and Medical Center        NMUSD, LEAPS Program                                   WIC
                              HABLA                                           Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center            Women Helping Women
                              Healthy Smiles                                  Orange County Head Start

                             VOLU NTE E R S
                              California State University, Fullerton          Orange Coast Community College                         Vanguard University
                              California State University, Long Beach         Orange County Parrot Heads Club                        Western University of Health Sciences
                              Concordia University                            University of California, Irvine
                              Irvine Valley College                           University of California, Riverside


                                                                                                                                            S H A R E O U R S E LV E S
 Tot al Revenue Including Services Not Reflected in the Financial St atement
                                              Source                                                                          Amount
                                              Revenue and other support presented in the annual report.                 $10,227,003.00
                                              Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian Ancillary/Inkind support               $1,3 8 9,712.00
                                              represents the value of services Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian
                                              provides to the patients of the SOS Free Medical Clinic and includes
                                              advanced diagnostics, surgery, and medication.
                                              SOS Cares Pharmacy is the value of donated medications donated             $1,003,4 03.00
                                              through pharmaceutical companies’ Patient Assistance Programs and
                                              additional inkind medications.

                                                                                                                                            ANNUAL REPORT 2009
                                              Volunteer Providers refers to the value of donated services by licensed         $261,55 0
                                              health care professionals donating their services to SOS patients.
                                              Total Services                                                            $12,8 81,6 6 8.00
                                              *In March 200 9, S O S received an anonymous donation of $5,000,000. This
                                              most generous gift was allocated over three years for program expansion by
 AG E N CY E X PE N S E S                     the S O S B oard of Directors.

       Social Services                                   Medical
                                29%         29%

         Family Center                      18%           Dental
 Comprehensive CARE                                Administrative

 CHAIR                                      Larry Kugelman                                     Michael Stephens
 Dr. Gwyn Parry                             Retired President                                  Retired President
 Director, Community Medicine               The Health Plan of America                         Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian
 Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian        Juan Laguna                                        Matthew Stewart
 Mary Cappellini                            Attorney                                           CEO, National Services Group
 Author, Educational Consultant             Kathy Lewis                                        Bob Warmington
 Dr. Jack Glaser                            Retired President, PSD                             President, Warmington Land Company
 VP of Theology and Ethics                  Western Digital Corporation
                                                                                               Ellen Wright
 St. Joseph Health System                   Mike Lewis                                         Retired Educator
 Patricia Harrigan                          CFO, Collectors Universe
                                                                                               TRUSTEE COUNCIL
 SOS Volunteer                              Gabriela Robles                                    Jean Forbath
 Doug Heller                                Executive Director                                 Founder, Share Our Selves
 Vice President of Finance                  St. Joseph Health System Foundation
 Anaheim Ducks                                                                                 Michael Kang
                                            Sr. Suzanne Sassus                                 Restaurateur, 5’ Restaurant
 Ernest Klatte, III                         Sr. Vice President Sponsorship
 Partner, Rutan & Tucker                    St. Joseph Health System                           Timothy C. Tyson
                                                                                               Chairman and CEO, Aptuit, Inc.

                                                                                                                              U.S. POSTAGE

                                1550 Superior Avenue
                                                                                                                               SANTA ANA, CA
                                Costa Mesa, CA 92627                                                                          PERMIT NO. 4039

                             CALE N DAR OF EVE NTS 2010

                              Share Our Selves proudly announces the following upcoming events and programs. For more information on any
                              of these events, please call Ashley Carlton, Special Events Coordinator, at 949-270-2134.

                                          AU G U ST    Star Team Annual B B Q

                                       AU G U ST 5     Open House 8:00am-1:00pm

                                      AU G U ST 28     15th Annual Back to School Day

                                      AU G U ST 29     Major Donor Thank You Event

                                     O CTO B E R 9     20th Annual Celebrity Chef Dinner

                                   N OVE M B E R 4     Open House 8:00am-1:00pm

                              N OVE M B E R 15-19      Thanksgiving Food Drive

                                 N OV. 3 0-D E C. 2    5th Annual Festival of Trees

                              D E C E M B E R 13-16    41st Annual Adopt A Family Program

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