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									Presented by: Amalia and LeAnna
A is for…
            America, autumn, and
            Atlantic. America
            because the pilgrims
            sailed to America.
            Autumn because it
            was autumn. Atlantic
            because they sailed on
            the Atlantic ocean.
B is for…
            Building because the
            pilgrims built houses.
C is for…
            Crops, colony, Cape
            Cod. Crops because
            the pilgrims grew
            them. Colony because
            the pilgrims made the
            colony Plymouth, and
            Cape Cod because the
            pilgrims landed there.
D is for…
            Death, discovery, and
            Dutch. Death because
            the pilgrims were
            dying of sickness.
            Discovery because the
            pilgrims discovered
            how to do new things.
            Dutch because for a
            while the pilgrims
            were with the Dutch.
E is for…
 Effort, England,
 explore. Effort
 because the pilgrims
 put forth effort in
 building. England
 because they separated
 themselves from the
 church of England.
F is for…
 Farming, feast, festival.
 Farming because the
 pilgrims farmed for their
 own food. Feast because
 the pilgrims had a feast
 during Thanksgiving.
 Festival because the
 pilgrims had festivals
 during Thanksgiving.
G is for…
 Government because
 the pilgrims made
 their own form of
H is for…
 Harvest, Holland, and
 humble. Harvest because
 the pilgrims harvested
 food. Holland because the
 pilgrims were in Holland
 for a small amount of
 time. Humble because the
 pilgrims were and tried to
 be humble.
I is for…
 Indians because the
 pilgrims made friends
 with the Indians.
J is for…
 Journey because the
 pilgrims made a
 journey to America.
K is for…
 King because in
 England, the king
 demanded for them to
 be a certain religion.
L is for…
 Land because the
 pilgrims were on sea
 for a long time, and
 after over two months,
 they spotted land.
M is for…
 Mayflower, Massachusetts,and Mayflower
 Compact. Mayflower because the pilgrims
 sailed on the Mayflower. Massachusetts
 because back then, Virginia was HUGE,
 and now, where Virginia had once been,is
 now Massachusetts. Mayflower Compact
 because the Mayflower Compact was the
 pilgrims form of government.
N is for…
            New Land and
            November. New Land
            because the pilgrims
            sailed to the New
            Land. November
            because they reached
            the New Land in
O is for…
            Ocean because they
            sailed on the ocean on
            the Mayflower.
            October because they
            went on the
            Mayflower in October
P is for …
 Plymouth because the the pilgrims lived in
 Plymouth and they named another land after
 Plymouth but it was spelled a different way.
 Pilgrims because they were the people who
 created Thanksgiving.
 Puritans because they were called Puritans
 because they did not like fancy churches.
Q is for…
            Quarry because they
            hunted animals for
R is for…
            Religion because they
            separated from the
            church of England to
            go to Holland.
S is for…
 Squanto because the Squanto Indians helped the Pilgrims
 by giving them food and they signed a peace treaty so they
 would not harm any of their colonies.
 Saints because the Pilgrims were called the Saints because
 of their religion.
 Strangers because they called people they don’t know
 Settlement because they made their own settlement.
 Separatist because the Pilgrims were called Separatists
 because they separated from the church of England.
T is for…
 Treaty because they signed a peace treaty to the
 Tribe because they met a lot of Indians tribes in
 the New World.
 Thanksgiving because they created Thanksgiving
 so they can give thanks to the Indians.
 Trade because they traded from the Indians to get
U is for…
 Unselfish because the pilgrims were and
 tried to be unselfish and humble because
 that was what their religion said to do.
V is for…
 Virginia because in Virginia they made
 another Plymouth their.
 Voyage because they have been on a
 voyage on the Mayflower.
 Village because the Indians lived in a
W is for…
 Wampanoag because they met an Indian
 tribe called Wampanoag.
 Worship because they worshipped for a
 long time.
 Wood because they worshipped on wood
 for hours.
X,Y,and Z is for…
                    Year because they
                    don’t know what year
                    they landed on the
                    Plymouth rock.
                    Zest because they
                    were excited to go on
                    the Mayflower.
Why did they want to go to
 Because they wanted to get away from the
 church of England and make a new church.
Problems and Successes
 The problems were        The successes were
 that a lot of Pilgrims   that they met friendly
 died because of scurvy   Indians and they gave
 and other deadly         they taught them how
 diseases. Only 50        to grow food.
 people survived.
Where the colony is located…
                 The colony is located
                 in Plymouth
How the People were viewed by
the Natives
 They were not interested in them and they
 did not like them at all.
Interesting Facts…
                     They created
                     They signed a peace
                     treaty by the Indians.
                     And they made friends
                     with the Indians.

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