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									                             IT DEPARTMENT

                     Weekly Preventive Maintenance Checklist For PC
User : ………….
Department : ……………
Date : ………….
Task/Item                           Condition/ action                      WIN   WIN   Remarks
                                                                           XP     7
                                        Anti-Virus and Spyware
AV version          Should be less than 2 yrs old. Upgrade if not.

Anti-virus          Check for 30-day or longer expiry. If not, renew
subscription        or upgrade to new version
Anti-virus          Current- less than 10 days old. If not, check status
definitions         of auto-download
AV File system      Enable if not enabled
real time protect
Last full virus     No more than 45 days ago. Enable monthly                            
scan                schedule if older.
Spyware             Install spyware checker if not present. Free
                    version of ad-aware for non-commercial use
Scan for            Update definitions, scan hard disk and delete
Spyware             found spyware. Repeat if all are not deleted.
                                     Windows Operating System
Windows             Check and apply as needed
Service Pack
Critical Updates    Win 98/ME- check if critical update notification
                    enabled, install all critical updates for Windows
                    and IE
                    Windows 2000 Pro and XP: Enable automatic
                    download and scheduled install
Other Microsoft     Download and install as per current spec.
Driver updates      Apply as needed to eliminate errors or enhance
Registry            Run Reg clean 2 or more times
Virtual Memory      Should be managed by Windows unless
                    performance is slow
Networking          Check adapters,. Drivers and services loaded.
                    Enable active adapters and TCP/IP only. Remove
                    unnecessary entries
Restore Point       Create new full restore point

                                 Hardware and Disk Maintenance
Disk Cleanup        Perform on all hard disk volumes
Disk Error          Perform full once per year, standard once or more
Check(Scandisk)     per year as indicated
Task/Item                           Condition/ action                     WIN   WIN   Remarks
                                                                          XP     7
Disk Defrag         Perform as needed: days since last for Win
                    98/ME, Analysis of file fragmentation result in
                    Win 2K/XP
Disk Space on C     Should be >15% free
RAM                 Should be greater than amounts noted for good
Display             15” monitor: 800x600
resolution          17” monitor or 15” LCD: 1024 x 768
Display refresh     Monitors: Optimal or >70 Hz
                    LCD: 60 or 75Hz as supported
Display color       Max allowed by video memory and performance
depth               depending on nature of usage ≥ 16 bpp for general
                    use, ≥ 24 bpp for digital photography or graphic
BIOS                Check for updates and apply as needed
                               Internet Security and Performance
Firewall            Install / adjust as needed
Internet Explorer   Upgrade to version 6.0 SP1 depending on RAM

                                   Other Applications and Utilities
CD Burner           Update and patch as needed
MS Office           Office 2000 and later: check on MS site and apply
Service Packs       all service packs and critical updates as relevant.
                    Office 97: SP2
                                             Backup Related
Data Backup         Check if user performs regular data backup
System Image        Suggest disaster recovery options for critical
backup              systems. Suggest partitioning drive or additional
                    HD/ removable or portable storage

       ALL the above checks have been performed and employee accept level of service

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