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“The coming together of more than
        one media area”

       A presentation by
  What is Media Convergence ?

In this video media students and experts try to explain
• With improvements in technology over the past ten years many media
  areas such as film and television are crossing over into others.
• You will notice that there is a convergence between film and magazines,
  the internet and advertising.
                                                The site offers
                                                •Trailers and films of forthcoming films
                                                •Reviews of newly released films
                                                •User poll, voting on favourite categories
                                                of films already released
                                                •Interviews with actors, directors,
                                                producers etc.
                                                •Daily quiz and competitions with prizes
                                                •Updates on newly released DVDs
                                                •Readers’ views and opinions and
                                                relevant fan information, eg. BFI film
                                                This is a good example of convergent
                                                media showing how media areas work
                                                There are links for example to:-
                                                •Advertisements for recording television
                                                programmes to PS3 consoles and Play TV
                                                •Information on films released to DVD
                                                •Links to television sites
                                                •Links to magazine offers
      TV, Music and Internet Convergence
In much the same way as Empireonline does for converging their magazine with the
Internet, the two web sites below converge TV, popular music, and the Internet converges                       X FACTOR provides up to the
the TV Pop Music Channel                    minute interactive news, views
“MTV” with the Internet to                  and music converging the ITV
feature music videos, movie                 show “X Factor” with the Internet
trailers , shows, games,                    to feature music videos, show
news and radio with online                  highlights via ITV player, with
advertising, mobile apps                    online advertising, mobile apps
and an online shop.                         and an online XMag.
      Activity Task –

Insert some slides into this presentation to present your answers to the questions below
1.      Take some screen grabs of the site to show how media areas of film, TV,
        games and the print version of the magazine converge on this online site.
2.      List some of the current films being highlighted on the site
3.      Which games and consoles are featured on the site ?
4.      Which TV channels and programmes are featured on the site ?
5.      Make a note of some of the featured advertisements – how do you think this brings in revenue ?
6.      Why does the site integrate
              RSS feeds,
              iPhone App
              and Empire DVD rental ?
(hints: target audience, customer loyalty, marketing promotion, social networking)
 Activity Task - Technological Convergence
Select your choice of mobile technological devices or multimedia games
consoles below and make a final slide to show how they enable digital
convergence of music, TV, radio, games, film, Internet, advertising, print
media and telecommunication

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