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					      The Modernization of Company and Patent Registration

 Company Registration is one of the vital steps after the formation of a company as it gives an
identity and legal rights to it. Different countries follow different procedures; however all of the
                                 work today is becoming electronic.

One of the most crucial and initial steps after the formation of a Company is its registration. The act of
the incorporation of a company is called company registration.

Through it, the Government or the agencies recognize the company as a separate entity constituted by a
body of people, gaining a legal identity of its own. Today a new company registration has become a very
simple job in some parts of the world. In UK, for e.g., a new company can get electronically registered on
the same day as it is conceived. Solicitors and accountants are involved in the registrations and they
usually subcontract incorporation out to specialized company incorporation agents.

Most of the agents offer attractive schemes and company formation packages that cover the cost of
carrying out paper filing directly with Companies House, but does not cover the cost of witnessing
documents or preparation of memorandum & articles of association for the company which would
usually be carried out by a solicitor or accountant. The formation of a company through the paper filing
method takes about a month. Different countries have their own the Companies Act, which gets revised
from time to time. One of the requirements under the Act for forming a company is that the provision of
various documents and the registration fee to the Registrar of Companies.

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The Articles of Association, which is generally called just ‘articles’ is the document which provides for the
rules for the running of the internal affairs of the company. The company's articles sent to the Registrar
are to be signed and approved by each subscriber before the presence of witness who too, must attest
the signature. Form IN01 consists of the proposed situation of the Registered Office and the details of
the consenting Secretary and Director(s) and the subscribers. When it comes to a company limited by
shares, details of the share capital too, have to be furnished. The form would also include the Statement
of Compliance that acknowledges that compliance with the requirements of the Companies Act. The
Memorandum of Association is an important step for the company formation. Basically, this includes
the names and signatures of the subscribers who wish to form the company. For a company limited by
shares, a commitment has to be given by the subscribers to obtain at least one share each. Electronic
process is today being increasingly followed across the globe for company formation and copyright
registration, It is easy to use the procedures electronically, through compatible software which works
with the Companies House eFiling service and an account with Companies House. The agents, who are
linked up with the process have access to the details of those applying for the company registration.

The gents have their own websites and there could be differences in the processes due to their website
and software implementation. Companies House always possesses a list of company formation agents
that have been subject to and passed integration testing. In this way as outlined above, company
formation has become quite easy in today’s times.

For protecting your product or invention patent is must, patent registration is a restricted right decided
to a human being who has made-up a new-fangled and constructive news piece of writing or an
development on an existing object. The basic criteria for Patent registration of the patent the invention
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