Oswego Grill Dinner Features Jan 2012 by aerofan34

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									      Oswego Grill
     Dinner Features
           Parmesan  Crusted  Snapper  
 topped  with  oregon  bay  shrimp  and  roasted  red  
pepper  vinaigrette  dressing.    served  with  wild  rice  
  pilaf  and  hardwood  grilled  asparagus.    17.95  

                 Idaho  Rainbow  Trout  
   hardwood  grilled  trout,  topped  with  beurre  
  blanc  and  oregon  hazelnuts.    served  with  wild  
rice  pilaf  and  hardwood  grilled  asparagus.  17.95  

               Wild  Northwest  Salmon  
     wild  northwest  salmon  filet  grilled  over    
     hardwood.    served  with  wild  rice  pilaf  and    
        hardwood  grilled  asparagus.    23.95   

                      Flat  Iron  Steak  
 hardwood  grilled  flat  iron  steak,  marinated  in  
 soy  molasses  and  topped  with  house-made  onion  
      strings.    served  with  buttermilk  mashed    
potatoes  and  hardwood  grilled  asparagus.  18.95                        

              Beef  Tenderloin  Skewer  
  marinated  with  balsamic  vinaigrette  dressing,          
  olive  oil,  garlic,  onion,  red  peppers  and  green                
peppers.    served  with  buttermilk  mashed  potatoes  
     and  hardwood  grilled  asparagus.    17.95  

                        Stuffed  Pork    
stuffed  with  Provolone,  mozzarella,  spinach  and  
  topped  with  a  caper  cream  sauce.      served  with    
 buttermilk  mashed  potatoes,  butternut  squash,    
    and  hardwood  grilled  asparagus.    14.95                   

                     Chicken  Marsala  
    chicken  breast  sautéed  with  local  yamhill    
    mushrooms  in  a  marsala  wine  sauce.    served    
      with  buttermilk  mashed  potatoes  and    
       hardwood  grilled  asparagus.  16.95                  

             Sautéed  Beef  Tenderloins  
    beef  tenderloin  tips  sautéed  with  yamhill    
mushrooms  and  finished  with  a  cabernet  balsamic  
   demi  glaze.    served  with  buttermilk  mashed    
potatoes  and  hardwood  grilled  asparagus.  17.95                        



           New  York  Style  Cheesecake  
       a  decadent  house-  made  new  york  style    
         cheesecake,  with  strawberry  sauce.    
           topped  with  whipped  cream.    6.50   

         Oswego  Grill  Featured  Wine  
          Clos  Du  Bois  Cabernet  Sauvignon  
                      North  coast,  CA  

 in  the  heart  of  sonoma  county,  wine  maker  erik  
  olsen  crafts  each  vintage  to  achieve  balance  
      and  intensity.    the  deep  ruby  red  color  is  
  matched  with  vibrant  aroma,  full  body  and  is  
       velvety  on  the  palate.    $8.75  /  $32.95  


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