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                                                                                                                  Hospital Week
                                                                                                                  Events Planned
                                                                                                             Moses Cone Health System will
                                                                                                              celebrate Hospital Week with
                                                                                                            events on each main campus and
                                                                                                                a gift for each employee.
                                                                                                              See page 21 for complete
                                                                                                              listing of dates and times.

                                                                                           Debbie Grant, Vice
                                                                                           President, Nursing
                                                                                           and Patient Care
                                                                                           Services, discusses
                                                                                           infection prevention
                                                                                           at a mandatory
                                                                                           meeting of Moses
                                                                                           Cone Hospital
                                                                                           directors recently.

  Health System Renews
  Commitment to Hand Hygiene
  It’s difficult to imagine that 10,000 lives were lost in the devastating     “This is not meant to minimize the magnitude of cancer deaths
  earthquake and tsunami in Japan.                                           or the events in Japan,” Block wrote. “It is meant to put into
     But here’s another sobering thought: that is just 10 percent of the     perspective the magnitude of something that is within our ability to
  yearly death toll from hospital-acquired infections in the United          control through improved compliance with something as simple as
  States. Each year, an estimated 1.7 million people get hospital-           hand hygiene.”
  acquired infections, and 99,000 people die from them.                        Hospitals throughout Moses Cone Health System recently
     Looking at it another way, hospital-acquired infections claim           increased their focus on hand hygiene in the wake of data that
  more lives each year than breast cancer and colorectal cancer              showed a one-month uptick in MRSA rates at Moses Cone Hospital
  combined.                                                                  and Wesley Long Community Hospital.
     Vicki Block, Vice President, Heart and Vascular Center and
  Imaging Services, pointed out these facts recently in an email update                                                         continued, page 3
  to employees at The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital.

                                                                                                                                MAY 2011
                                                                                                 No matter what your needs,
Errand Solutions – Working for You                                                               check with Errand Solutions. You
                                                                                                 can reach them at 832-7007 or
Errand Solutions is a free benefit provided by Moses Cone Health System to assist staff
                                                                                                 stop by one of their locations:
with errands and other personal needs, so they can be more focused, engaged and
productive at work.                                                                              Moses Cone Hospital
  The service can help with common things like picking up dry cleaning; taking your car          Atrium
for an oil change, repair or washing; getting your shoes repaired; purchasing stamps,            Monday through Friday
buying movie tickets and providing Honey Baked Ham gift certificates.                            7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  They have also done party planning, arranged car rentals and researched home services
such as electricians, yard work and patio/deck maintenance. Of course, they also ran the         Wesley Long Community Hospital
NCAA basketball bracket contest (a free car wash was the prize), held the lottery for the        Desk beside Human Resources
ACC Tournament tickets, and distributed the new 2011 Employee Appreciation and                   Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Discount Books.                                                                                  7:30 a.m. - noon
  What are some less common things they have done?
                                                                                                 The Women’s Hospital of Greensboro
Planned a child’s birthday party
                                                                                                 Office beside Human Resources
An employee needed entertainment for her daughter’s birthday. Errand Solutions found
                                                                                                 Monday, Wednesday, Friday
the perfect fit, Abrakadoodle Remarkable Art Education, and called them on the
                                                                                                 1 - 5 p.m.
employee’s behalf. The company sent a teacher with a short lesson plan, and the kids
took home their creations as well as a keepsake T-shirt.
                                                                                                 Annie Penn Hospital
                                                                                                 Located to the right of the cafeteria
Arranged service for a riding lawn mower
                                                                                                 Tuesday, Thursday
An employee needed service for his riding lawn mower. Errand Solutions found several
                                                                                                 7:30 a.m. – noon
companies that would pick up the mower and presented quotes to the employee. After
the employee selected a company, Errand Solutions scheduled the appointment.
                                                                                                 Behavioral Health Center
                                                                                                 Errands on Demand
Travel arrangements
                                                                                                 Phone Option 1
An employee wanted to plan a bird-watching trip to Cancun, matching the arrival and
departure time of a friend. Errand Solutions tracked down some nature guides in and
around Cancun, got prices for some programs, and provided maps and specific times
that interesting birds could be seen.

Want to Be a Calendar Model for Wellness?
Have you ever dreamed of being a calendar pin-up? Want to win a $100 Visa gift card? Tell us your wellness success story.
 Have you:

• Used Errand Solutions to reduce your stress?             • Stopped smoking because of Quit Smart?
• Lost weight in the Biggest Loser challenge?              • Discovered high blood pressure during the annual
• Gotten stronger because of BodyPump?                       health screening?
• Enjoyed your workday more because of Zumba?              • Benefited from another wellness activity?
• Controlled your diabetes through Link to Wellness?
  If you improved your health by participating in our employee programs, we want to hear about it. Selected
winners will receive a $100 Visa gift card AND be featured in the Wellness program’s 2012 wall calendar.
  Submit details, along with a picture that reflects your story, by May 31 to or, or through interoffice mail to Human Resources at Northwood.
  Questions? Call 832-2590 or 832-8102.

2   MAY 2011
                                                                                              continued from cover

                                                                                                 Judy Schanel, President, Moses Cone
                                                                                              Hospital, and Executive Vice President,
                                                                                              Moses Cone Health System, and Paul
                                                                                              Jeffrey, President, Wesley Long
                                                                                              Community Hospital, have called
                                                                                              mandatory meetings for department
The Countdown is On                                                                           leadership to share this data and to ask
                                                                                              for renewed vigilance in protecting
This fall, employees who want to receive the $30 Healthy Lifestyle medical premium            patients as the Health System strives to
discount for 2012 must have their cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose tested and          be a national leader in quality, service
meet two of three healthy criteria in these areas. The biometric testing will also include    and cost.
testing for nicotine. (The $30 discount is an increase from the current $25 discount.)           “We’ve had some great feedback on the
   Will you be ready? Getting a physical is a good place to start. The Health System also     incredible work under way with the Step
offers weight-loss programs (Weight Watchers, Biggest Loser and more), free group             Up Scrub Up campaign, and we’re asking
exercise classes, smoking cessation programs, free select generic medication as               everyone to recommit to our compliance
prescribed by your doctor to decrease blood pressure and the new diabetic                     with hand hygiene,” Schanel says. “The
management program coordinated through Med-Link.                                              one single thing each and every one of us
   For more information, call the Benefits Service Center at 832-8777.                        can do to prevent hospital-acquired
                                                                                              infections is wash our hands. I ask each
                                                                                              of you to take this seriously and be
                                                                                              vigilant: Don’t let a single person enter or
403-B Match                                                                                   leave a patient’s room without cleansing
                                                                                              their hands. Remember and think about
The 403(b) match was made to employee accounts on March 31. Match amounts                     how you would feel if your mother,
should have been included on first-quarter statements from VALIC.                             father, spouse or child got one of these
  Moses Cone Health System contributed more than $5.3 million to employee                     infections.”
accounts for the match.                                                                          Jeffrey says he wants to issue a call to
   The 401(a) retirement plan contribution (for those in the defined contribution             action to all 8,000 Health System
retirement plan) will be posted to employee accounts the second quarter and will show         employees. “We are responsible not just
on second-quarter statements.                                                                 for our own actions,” he says. “We are
                                                                                              also patient advocates, and we are
                                                                                              responsible to make sure no one enters
                                                                                              any patient room or procedure room
                                                                                              without proper hand washing.”
                                                                                                 Mary Jo Cagle, MD, Executive Vice
                                                                                              President and Chief Quality Officer, and
                                                  Group Exercise                              Bill Bowman, MD, Executive Vice
                                                                                              President, Medical Affairs, share this
                                                  Room Now Open                               vigilance. They also stress that everyone
                                                  Becca Jones, Wellness Coordinator, and      who has contact with patients – including
                                                  Noel Burt, Executive Vice President,        vendors, visitors, family, food service
                                                  Administrative Services, slice through      workers, medical caregivers and
                                                  the ribbon to officially open the new       physicians – must be held to the same
                                                  exercise room for employees. As the         standard. That means that department
                                                  newest staff benefit, free group exercise   directors should feel free to approach
                                                  classes will be offered to all System       and/or report anyone – at any level of the
                                                  employees and volunteers at the facility
                                                                                              Health System – who is not complying
                                                  at 721 Green Valley Road, Suite 103.
                                                                                              with hand hygiene procedures.
                                                  Amenities include showers, changing
                                                  rooms, a state-of-the-art stereo system        “We are all responsible for our patients’
                                                  and shock absorbent floors. For more        safety and high-quality care,” they say.
                                                  information, go to the Intranet and look    “Health System leadership will support
                                                  under Resources / Benefits / Wellness is    you as you provide and insist upon the
                                                  Now / Group Fitness Classes.                highest quality of care for our patients.”

                                                                                                                               MAY 2011   3
      Cone HealthLink Features
      More than a Dozen Specialty
      Can a single electronic records platform handle both clinical and administrative functions? In the case of Cone
      HealthLink, the answer is a resounding “yes.”
        The new electronic records platform will contain more than a dozen specialty applications to support a wide
      range of tasks – from bed assignments to billing. Many of the workflows have been designed by our Health
      System staff in collaboration with Epic, a national leader in healthcare information systems.
         “Our Health System delivers a wide range of services, and we selected an electronic records platform to
      match,” says Steve Horsley, Vice President and Associate Chief Information Officer, Moses Cone Health System.
      “The applications are designed to meet the special needs of departments, while also remaining part of a single,
      integrated platform. That means we can easily share information System-wide and maintain a single chart for
      each patient. This is another step toward helping us reach national leadership in quality, service and cost.”
        Adoption of Cone HealthLink will begin during the first quarter of 2012. The system will be fully
      implemented into all inpatient settings by the end of 2012.
        Here is a handy guide to important Cone HealthLink applications:

       • ADT/Prelude supports registration and bed placement.               • Health Information Management tracks Health System
                                                                              data and produces reports related to performance and
       • ASAP is used to document care and enter physician orders in          outcomes.
         a fast-paced Emergency Department environment.
       • Beacon gives oncologists the ability to use a single chart to      • My Chart is a secure portal patients can use to access
         manage care and follow cancer patients through the course of         information and communicate with the Health System online.
         their treatment.                                                   • OpTime is used to schedule and document surgeries. It
                                                                              includes a “preference card management” capability to capture
       • Cadence enables more than 400 providers across more than             each surgeon’s preferences, ranging from the instruments
         100 sites to schedule and track patient appointments. It
         includes automated reminders and a “welcome” function for            needed to how the patient should be positioned.
         kiosk-based check-in.                                              • Radiant supports radiology services. Caregivers have
                                                                              immediate access to radiology results, posted alongside other
       • EpicCare Clinical Documentation helps clinicians access              test results and documentation in the single chart established
         and manage inpatient records and streamline daily tasks. A
         clinical decision support capability encourages compliance           for each patient.
         with best practices and promotes patient safety.                   • Resolute Hospital Billing improves financial performance
                                                                              by streamlining and coordinating billing and collections for
       • Epic Anesthesia makes it easier to order, document and               both inpatient and outpatient services.
         manage anesthesia services.
       • EpicCare Ambulatory is used to document outpatient office          • Resolute Professional Billing tracks billing for medical
         visits and provide ready access to patient history, medications,     practices owned by the Health System. It streamlines data
         allergies, health maintenance information and more.                  entry, reduces accounts receivable, produces accurate claims
                                                                              and supports paperless collections.
       • EpicCare Inpatient Orders computerizes physician order
         entry for inpatient care, making it easier to track and manage     • Willow helps pharmacy practitioners process medications
         treatment.                                                           and manage clinical information and patient data.

4   MAY 2011
                                                                                 Two Volunteer
                                                                                 Boards Join Forces
                                                                                 to Contribute More
                                                                                 than $35,000
                                                                                 The volunteer boards at The Moses H. Cone
                                                                                 Memorial Hospital and Wesley Long
                                                                                 Community Hospital plan to contribute more
                                                                                 than $35,000 to various hospital departments
                                                                                 and community agencies in 2011.
Tom Lanier, Occupational Therapist, Inpatient Rehabilitation Center, helps          The funds were generated through
patient Tilia Vazquez with arm-strengthening exercises as part of her            volunteer-supported hospital gift shop profits
recovery from a car accident.                                                    and annual volunteer fundraising activities, like
                                                                                 the Christmas Bake Sale.
                                                                                    “It is the goal of the volunteers at Wesley
Moses Cone Inpatient Rehabilitation                                              Long Community Hospital to allocate profits
                                                                                 from the Ivy Gift Shop and the fundraisers we
Center Recognized Among Top 10                                                   have throughout the year to support projects
                                                                                 and special needs within the hospital and
Percent Nationally                                                               community,” says Eldridge Compton, Volunteer
                                                                                 Board President, Wesley Long Community
The Moses Cone Inpatient Rehabilitation Center has been ranked in the            Hospital.
top 10 percent of inpatient rehabilitation facilities in the United States,         “These two wonderful groups continue to
both for quality outcomes and patient satisfaction.                              collaborate wherever they can, and it
  “These recognitions are the result of a true commitment to continually         strengthens our ability to help both in service
improving care for our patients,” says Anne Macner, Vice President and           and financially,” says Patricia Shoffner,
Service Line Administrator. “They confirm that our rehabilitation team is        Volunteer Board President, Moses Cone Hospital.
not only providing exceptional care, it is leading the nation in providing          It is the second year in a row that the two
service and achieving exceptional outcomes for our patients.”                    volunteer groups have combined their financial
  The quality ranking comes from the Uniform Data System for Medical             resources to assist hospital departments and
Rehabilitation (UDSMR), which manages the nation’s largest database of           community agencies. A few of the special needs
rehabilitation outcomes and evaluated the nation’s nearly 800 facilities.        being met include transportation funds for
The Moses Cone Inpatient Rehabilitation Center was among the highest-            indigent patients, bandages for lymphedema
performing facilities recognized for providing effective, efficient, timely      patients, diabetes education materials, adaptive
and patient-centered care.                                                       equipment for low-income patients, care bags
  The 2010 report also recognizes the Center’s success in promoting              for newly diagnosed cancer patients, and
patients’ functional gains and independence, discharging patients to a           specialty equipment and toys for children and
community setting such as the home or assisted living facility, and              adolescents admitted to the Moses Cone Health
reducing unplanned admissions to acute care hospitals.                           System Behavioral Health Center.
  “The top 10 percent ranking is a testament to the diligence and hard              “Not only do our volunteers make significant
work of the entire rehab team,” says Zach Swartz, MD, Medical Director,          service contributions, they also take every
Inpatient Rehabilitation Center. “I see firsthand each day our team’s efforts,   penny they raise and give it back to the people
which lead to excellent outcomes and excellent patient care. We all should       they work with on a daily basis,” says Robert
be proud of this honor.”                                                         Bessey, Director, Volunteer Services, Moses Cone
  In addition, the Moses Cone Inpatient Rehabilitation Center has ranked         Hospital and Wesley Long Community Hospital.
in the top 10 percent of inpatient rehabilitation facilities for patient         “They give of their time, talents and treasures.
satisfaction from October 2010 to March 2011, based on Press Ganey               It is an amazing group of giving people.”
patient surveys.

                                                                                                                           MAY 2011   5
     Education Offered Through
     Mock Organ Donation Cases
     Managing an organ donation is an                     Participants have roles as family
     understandably difficult process – physically,     members, the primary nurse and the                   Want to Learn More?
     mentally and emotionally.                          secondary nurse. The simulation then
                                                                                                             The next mock events for organ
       As a result, the Moses Cone Organ                begins with the referral and ends with the
                                                                                                             donation after cardiac death will be
     Donation Collaborative team has started            care provided to donor families.
                                                                                                             in the Nursing Education Center in
     providing educational events – complete              “We received lots of positive feedback,”
                                                                                                             the Northwood Building at the
     with patient simulations – to help staff with      says LaVern Delaney, RN, Nursing Service
                                                                                                             following times:
     the process of organ donation after a              Director. “Everyone left their session feeling
                                                                                                                  May 24, 8-10 a.m.
     cardiac death.                                     prepared for their next opportunity for a
                                                                                                                  May 31, 8 -10 p.m.
       With the help of several staff members,          donation after cardiac death. These classes
                                                                                                             Register in CBL. The events are for
     administration and Carolina Donor                  show our commitment to providing the best
                                                                                                             nurses who work in the Intensive
     Services, five sessions were offered in            quality care and service to our patients and
                                                                                                             Care Units, Emergency Departments
     October to nurses and physicians in the            families.”
                                                                                                             or Operative Services as well as
     Intensive Care Units, Emergency                      In addition to Delaney, those involved
                                                                                                             physicians, physician assistants, nurse
     Departments, PACU and Operative Services.          with the event included Sue Ashcraft, RN,
                                                                                                             practitioners, respiratory therapists,
     Additional sessions are planned for May.           Clinical Nurse Specialist; Belinda
                                                                                                             chaplains and PACU staff.
       Sessions are held in the new simulation lab      Hammond, RN, Clinical Nurse Educator;
     in the Nursing Education Center using a            Lisa Friesen, RN, Department 2300, Surgical
     mannequin that is able to change                   ICU, Moses Cone Hospital; Shawn Rayburn,
     physiologically. The sessions start with           Physician Assistant, Trauma Services; Jenna
     information on the donation process, the           Kindley, RN, Medical Surgical ICU, Moses
     difference between donations after cardiac         Cone Hospital; Liz Jasso, RN, formerly with
     death and donations after brain death; a           the Health System; and Carolina Donor
     discussion of the roles for each individual;       Services staff.
     and hospital policies about palliative care, do-
     not-resuscitate orders (DNR) and donation.

                                                                                   Helping Others
                                                                                    In March, Moses Cone Behavioral Health Center teamed with
                                                                                    Crossroads School to donate 1,250 non-perishable items for
                                                                                    Greensboro Urban Ministry. Shown here are (from left) Tanicia
                                                                                    Barnes, Secretary, Child and Adolescent Services, Behavioral
                                                                                    Health Center, and the co-chairwoman of Employee Council;
                                                                                    Shannon Walker, a Crossroads student who was instrumental
                                                                                    in the food drive; Anita Jones, Counselor, Child and Adolescent
                                                                                    Services, and the chairwoman of Employee Council; Pat Rush,
                                                                                    a Crossroads teacher, and Dawn Williams, Supervisor, Health
                                                                                    Information Management. Williams was the top contributor to
                                                                                    the food drive.

6   MAY 2011
for Prevention
Children and teachers from The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital
Children’s Corner gathered recently to “plant” pinwheels on
hospital grounds to raise awareness of child abuse as part of
April’s national Pinwheels for Prevention campaign. Suresh
Nagappan, MD, Medical Director, Pediatrics, Moses Cone Hospital,
says the hospital sees at least one abused child each week, and
parental stress can intensify both abuse and neglect. The Health
System collaborates on effective prevention strategies, including
intensive home nurse visits for at-risk families and providing
education and resources for parents.

                                                                    MAY 2011   7
       Snapshots from
    Service Awards
    More than 900 people recently attended the annual Service Awards Banquet at the Sheraton
    Greensboro Hotel at Four Seasons, including nearly 500 service-award recipients. Here are
    some photos taken at that event:

        1                                               2                                               3

        4                                       5                                              6

    1 Gerry Shoffner (left), Telecommunications Analyst, Management        5 It’s a family affair for Pam Paschall, Patient Accounting
      Systems, celebrates 25 years of service. She is shown here with        Representative, who is shown here with her husband Ken.
      her sister, Charlotte DeGraphenreid.                                   Celebrating 30 years of service, Paschall is one of three
                                                                             generations who work at the Health System. Her mother, Pat
    2 Shelby Weaver, Patient Accounting Specialist, marks 35 years of        Ore, Coder, Health Information Management, Annie Penn
      service. She is shown with Don Conrad, Supervisor, Admissions          Hospital, will have 50 years of service next year, and her son,
      Services, The Women’s Hospital of Greensboro.                          James Paschall, Clerical Assistant, Patient Accounting, joined the
                                                                             Health System this year. Her son-in-law is Steven Peterman,
    3 John McClamroch (left), Receptionist, Service Excellence,              Nursing Tech, Emergency Department, Annie Penn Hospital.
      celebrates 30 years of service. He is shown here with his brother,
      Mike McClamroch.                                                     6 Curtis Marshall, PC Systems Specialist, Management System,
                                                                             celebrates 25 years of service. He is shown here with his wife
    4 Carol Myers, RN, Telemetry/Urology, Wesley Long Community              Cheryl Marshall, RN, Department 6700, Moses Cone Hospital.
      Hospital, marks 30 years of service. She is shown here with her
      husband Steve.

8   MAY 2011
                                                    Tobacco-Free Parks?
Employee Reflects                                   Effort is Under Way
on Relationships
                                                    Cone Health Foundation is working to create tobacco-free parks in
at Service Awards                                   Greensboro. The effort is in line with one of the Foundation’s key
Banquet                                             funding areas: reducing substance abuse, including tobacco use.
                                                       “This initiative is part of the
                                                    Foundation’s 2011 goal to expand the
Ruthie Pompey, RN, Coordinator, Relationship        tobacco-free footprint in the
Based Care, sent this reflection following the      Greensboro area,” says Susan
annual Service Awards Banquet:                      Shumaker, President, Cone
                                                    Health Foundation. “The
                                                                                            Want to Help?
   I recently had the privilege of celebrating 20   Foundation’s strategic focus                 Visit Tobacco Free Parks
years of service at Moses Cone Health System.       also calls for increased                  Greensboro on Facebook or
   As I sat at the table with a wonderful group     advocacy, in addition to                  the Cone Health Foundation
                                                                                                         website at
of people during our Evening With the Stars         grantmaking, as another          
celebration, I was struck by the relationships we   method of measurably                       to learn how you can show
have formed during our varying years of             improving the health of people                     your support.
service in the organization. As I looked around     in the greater Greensboro area.”
the room, I experienced an “a-ha moment.” I            Every day in the United States an
realized that I was witnessing Relationship         estimated 3,450 young people between
Based Care (RBC) in action!                         the ages of 12 and 17 will smoke their first
   More than anything, I enjoyed hearing the        cigarette, and an estimated 850 youth will become daily cigarette
stories of our Employees of the Year and the        smokers.
impact they have had on the lives of our               Secondhand smoke exposure – which often occurs in public spaces
patients/families, co-workers and the               such as parks – is also a dangerous health risk and can be offensive
community at large. From Michael Reeves’            and detrimental to the health of children and adults.
navigating the military system to connect a son        “Parental actions, attitudes and opinions about tobacco use have a
with his family, to Jessica Jones caring for her    great deal of influence on whether children use tobacco,” Shumaker
co-workers by cleaning the restroom after a         says. “To help role model non-smoking behavior to children and to
patient, to Debbie Sparks clocking out to help a    provide children, youth and their families a safe, tobacco-free
distressed mother find her child, to Amy Black      environment, we encourage your support in making all parks within
performing the lead therapist role to see the       the city limits of Greensboro 100 percent tobacco free.”
care plan through to another facility, all the          Ample research demonstrates the health hazards of the use of
way to Sabrena Oliver’s quick thinking and          tobacco products, including smoking, the breathing of secondhand
commitment to help save a co-worker’s life.         smoke and the use of smokeless tobacco. Discarded cigarette litter
   I am so very proud to be a member of an          poses a risk of ingestion to small children and animals, and cleaning
organization where employees live RBC               this litter up is expensive.
everyday. I am excited when I think about RBC          “The City of Greensboro is fortunate to have an award-winning
spreading through every fiber of the                Parks and Recreation Department that oversees more than 4,000
organization.                                       acres of public parks within the city,” adds Sandra Boren, Vice
   Yeah, the food was great, but the                President and Senior Program Officer, Cone Health Foundation. “Our
relationships really made the evening exquisite!    parks are about clean air, natural beauty and engaging in healthy
                                                    activities. Our community has a unique opportunity to create and
                                                    sustain an environment that supports a non-tobacco norm through
                                                    the passage of a tobacco-free parks ordinance for the City of

                                                                                                                    MAY 2011   9
                                                    High-Tech Room
                                                    Disinfection System Aims
                                                    to Boost Patient Safety
                                                    No one likes to talk about it, but nasty     practice approved by our regulatory
                                                    bugs such as Norovirus, MRSA,                agencies,” says Jack Smith, Director,
                                                    Clostridium difficile (C. diff) and others   Environmental Services, The Moses H.
                                                    can contaminate hospital rooms and           Cone Memorial Hospital. “The cutting-
                                                    remain there even after thorough room        edge Xenex technology adds an extra
                                                    cleanings by trained hospital staff.         layer of protection to our cleaning
                                                       Moses Cone Health System is the first     processes to ensure our patients’ safety.”
                                                    in North Carolina to use a high tech            Studies have found that the Xenex
                                                    germ killer called the Xenex PX-UV           device is 20 times more effective than
                                                    Disinfection System. The device uses         chemical cleaning in killing germs.
                                                    ultraviolet light and can disinfect a           The Xenex PX-UV device uses a
                                                    patient room in less than eight minutes.     powerful xenon light bulb that rises
                                                       “The new Xenex technology enables         from the device once activated. Its pulses
                                                    our team to provide a more thorough          of UV light damage the DNA of bacteria
                                                    cleaning to every surface in a room,         and viruses, preventing them from being
      Moses Cone Health System is the first in      eliminating hard-to-kill organisms such      able to reproduce or mutate. The light
      North Carolina to use the high-tech           as MRSA in a fraction of the time,” says     kills germs on TV remotes, telephones,
      disinfection system by Xenex.                 Mary Jo Cagle, MD, Executive Vice            ceilings, curtains and other hard-to-
                                                    President and Chief Quality Officer,         disinfect surfaces.
                                                    Moses Cone Health System. “This                 “Innovative healthcare systems like
                                                    supports our mission to provide safe,        Moses Cone Health System are investing
      “The new Xenex technology enables
                                                    high-quality exceptional care to every       in Xenex disinfection technology to
       our team to provide a more thorough
                                                    patient.”                                    make their patients safer,” says Brian
       cleaning to every surface in a room,
                                                       Effective and efficient, the Xenex        Cruver, CEO of Xenex Healthcare. “The
       eliminating hard-to-kill organisms
                                                    device is a vacuum cleaner-like machine      Xenex system will help provide patients
       such as MRSA in a fraction of the
                                                    that is 36 inches tall. After thoroughly     at Moses Cone with a safer patient
       time. This supports our mission to
                                                    cleaning the patient room, the               environment by reducing the number of
       provide safe, high-quality, exceptional
                                                    environmental services worker plugs the      microorganisms which cause healthcare-
       care to every patient.”
                                                    device in, presses two buttons and leaves    associated infections – and that’s a big
                                                    the room. Eight minutes later, the room      step toward patient safety.”
                         — Mary Jo Cagle, MD
                                                    has been disinfected without the use of         Moses Cone Health System is using
                     Executive Vice President and
                Chief Quality Officer, Moses Cone   chemicals.                                   the device at Moses Cone Hospital,
                                    Health System      “The current methods our                  Wesley Long Community Hospital and
                                                    Environmental Services professionals         Annie Penn Hospital.
                                                    use for cleaning and disinfecting are
                                                    both highly effective and standard

10   MAY 2011
                                                                                        Francis Whitman,
                                                                                        Chair, Volunteer Guest
                                                                                        Services, (at left) and
                                                                                        Gaynell Dunlap,
                                                                                        Receptionist, Service
                                                                                        Excellence, staff the
                                                                                        new information desk
                                                                                        at The Moses H. Cone
                                                                                        Memorial Hospital.

Welcome - MayWe Help You?
Volunteers Have New Location
The next time you enter The Moses H. Cone          The changes in the information desk’s              “We know that just about every
Memorial Hospital through the main               location should also improve the hospital’s           visitor entering our facility
Atrium lobby, you will notice the most           ability to offer remarkable customer service,         comes here, often with
recent change – focused once again on            adds Lisa Woods, Office Manager, Service              heightened anxiety, fear and
improved service to patients and visitors.       Excellence. “We want to give the visitor the          apprehension. Our goal with
   The visitor information desk and the          best first impression of Moses Cone                   these changes is to do our very
Guest Services Volunteer office are now          Hospital that will have a lasting impact              best to greet and welcome
located much closer to the main entrance.        throughout their visit,” she says.                    visitors and, most importantly, to
   The information desk has moved from             The former information desk in the                  help them as quickly as we can.
the center of the Atrium to just inside the      center of the Atrium is now staffed by                We want to make what can be
entrance, on the left as you enter, making it    Errand Solutions. They are available to assist        a very stressful situation a little
easier for visitors to get help, directions or   employees and are cross-trained to assist             less overwhelming. This puts the
patient room information. Volunteer              guests and visitors.                                  volunteers in a better position to
Services’ Guest Services program – which           “Our goal as a hospital resource is to be           do more.”
helps with patient discharge, greeting           highly visible and to assist the staff and our
visitors, assisting with wheelchairs and more    guests in a variety of ways,” says Jarrod                             — Bob Bessey,
– moved into a new, glass-front office just      Swanger, Site Manager, Errand Solutions.                  Director, Volunteer Services,
behind the new information desk.                 “This new location will allow us to do a              Moses Cone Hospital and Wesley
   “We know that just about every visitor        better job of offering our services.”                                            Long
entering our facility comes here, often with       Francis Whitman, Volunteer Chair of                             Community Hospital
heightened anxiety, fear and apprehension,”      Guest Services, adds, “Being in the Atrium
says Bob Bessey, Director, Volunteer Services,   will give us more opportunities to serve by
Moses Cone Hospital and Wesley Long              being more available and visible to hospital
Community Hospital. “Our goal with these         visitors and guests as they enter the hospital.
changes is to do our very best to greet and      By adding responsibilities to Guest Services,
welcome visitors and, most importantly, to       there will be more ways for our volunteers
help them as quickly as we can. We want to       to become involved with staff, patients and
make what can be a very stressful situation a    visitors, and there should be some task to
little less overwhelming. This puts the          meet every volunteer’s needs and talents.”
volunteers in a better position to do more.”

                                                                                                                                 MAY 2011    11
      2011 Nursing
      Excellence Recipients
      As part of the celebration of National Nurses Week, Moses Cone Health System recognizes
      nurses, nursing techs and nursing secretaries for excellence. All award recipients are
      nominated and chosen by their peers. Congratulations to the following:

                                      2011 Nursing Excellence Recipients
              THE MOSES H. CONE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL                           Keisha Martini, RN, Regional Cancer Center
     Nerissa Abordo, RN, Cardiac Recovery                                   Kimberly Osborne, RN, Oncology
     Maryann Barbour, RN, Inpatient Rehabilitation                          Sharon Shoffner, RN, Pre-Surgical Testing
     Susan “Chris” Brown, RN, The Spine Center                              Jacqueline Thigpen, RN, Flexible Resources
     Nancy Caddy, RN, Pediatrics                                            Shannon Young, RN, Medical Unit
     Sally Caldwell, RN, Family Medicine Center
     Teresa Crabtree, RN, Urgent Care Center                                        THE WOMEN’S HOSPITAL OF GREENSBORO
     Kristin Cloer, RN, Cardiac Department                                  Norma Adams, CRNA, Anesthesia
     Lisa Friesen, RN, Surgical Intensive Care                              Taneika Baker, RN, Operating Room
     Kristie Garrett, RN, Operating Room                                    Angela Berrier, RN, Mother/Baby Unit
     Janice Goltare, RN, Medical/Renal                                      Sherry Bolen, RN, Adult Intensive Care Unit
     Janet Green, RN, Emergency Department                                  Susan Burns, RN, Nursery
     Marcella Hudgson, RN, Flexible Resources                               Jennifer Clark, RN, Women’s Unit
     Lisa Hughes, RN, Cardiac Rehabilitation                                Donna Coley, RN, Maternity Admission Unit
     Timothy Irby, RN, Intermediate Care                                    Caroline Jones, RN, Antenatal Unit
     Christy Johnson, RN, Cardiac Progressive Care Unit                     Ashley Olson, RN, PACU/Short Stay
     Eileen Laffan, RN, Radiology                                           Dawn Shockley, RN, NICU
     Cheryl Lindley, RN, Medical/Surgical Unit                              Catherine Stout, RN, Birthing Suites
     Kristyn Mills, RN, Emergency Department                                Cheryl Sutton, RN, NICU
     Alana Moore, RN, Neuro Operating Room
     Denise Muncy, RN, Step-down                                                              ANNIE PENN HOSPITAL
     Stacey Perkins, RN, Operating Room                                     Leigh Anne Hudson, RN, 300
     Bev Reed, RN, Orthopedics                                              Kimberly Moore, RN, PACU/Short Stay
     David Rees, RN, Urgent Care Center                                     Catherine Page, RN, OR/Anesthesia
     Kristin Reis, RN, Short Stay                                           Robbie Wagoner, RN, ICU
     Crystal Rice, RN, Coronary ICU/Step-down                               Noni Walker, RN, Emergency Department
     Tracie Rowe, RN, PACU
     Tara Tomlinson, RN, Coronary ICU/Step-down                                           BEHAVIORAL HEALTH CENTER
     Armecia White, RN, Endoscopy                                           Brooks “Stephen” Weaver, RN, Inpatient Adult Services
     Denise Wolfe, RN, Neuro Intensive Care                                 Kim Whitaker, RN, Child and Adolescent Services
     Mary Yonjof, RN, Palliative Care Unit
               WESLEY LONG COMMUNITY HOSPITAL                               Sara Adami, RN, eLink Critical Care
     Lacey Armistead, CRNA, Anesthesia                                      Shannon Bullins, RN, CareLink
     Dawn Brown, RN, 4th Floor Telemetry/Urology                            Kelly Brignac Gibson, RN, MedCenter High Point
     Linda Bryson, RN, GYN/Bariatrics                                       Gloria McConnell, RN, Moses Cone Surgery Center
     Tammy Campbell, RN, Short Stay                                         Victoria Sandritter, RN, IV Team
     Kathy Cook, RN, Emergency Department
     Rhonda Crowl, RN, Operating Room
     Barbara Crutchfield, RN, PACU
     Melissa Deal, RN, Orthopedics
     Karen Lockwood, RN, 4th Floor Telemetry/Urology
     Shelia Main, RN, ICU/Step-down

12   MAY 2011
                                                        Nurses Week and Beyond
                                                        Friday, May 6
                                                        Nurses’ Day
                                                          • Kick off Nursing Week with a celebration in your department.
                                                        Monday, May 9
                                                          • Celebrate the work of our Pacemakers – nurses who set the pace
           Leadership Excellence                            for excellence through publications, presentations, awards,
                                                            graduations, promotions and certifications. Those featured in
Paula Hoeger, RN, Assistant Director, Antenatal Unit,       Nursing Beat for one of these achievements during 2010 have
   The Women’s Hospital                                     been invited to a luncheon from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Rooms
Maryellen Paton, RN, Clinical Nurse Specialist,             0029-0031 at The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital.
   Systemwide Clinical Nursing Support
                                                        Tuesday, May 10
                                                        Nursing Secretary/Nursing Technician Excellence Celebration
                                                          • We will honor our Nursing Secretary and Nursing Technician
           Nursing Secretary/                               Excellence recipients with breakfast in Wesley Long Community
                                                            Hospital Education Center, Classroom 1, at 8 a.m. Please
       Tech Excellence Recipients                           congratulate these outstanding employees for their dedication to
                                                            the healthcare profession.
Christina Benoit, Flexible Resources,
  Wesley Long Community Hospital                        Wednesday, May 11
Diana Bond, Pediatrics, Moses Cone Hospital             Professional Organization/Certification/Education Fair
Nanette Carr, Cardiac Department, Moses Cone Hospital     • Join us from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. in our Nursing Education Center
Bonnie Carter, Step-down Unit, Moses Cone Hospital          in the Northwood Building. Drop in for tours, light refreshments
Jessica Chriscoe, Emergency Department,                     and more information about becoming certified in your specialty,
  Annie Penn Hospital                                       joining a professional organization and enrolling in educational
Angela Cook, Step-down Unit, Moses Cone Hospital            programs, including RN to BSN tracks. Be sure to enter the
Jennifer Dickerson, Medical Intensive Care Unit,            drawing for a chance to win a free one-year membership to the
  Moses Cone Hospital                                       professional organization of your choice.
Sarah Ferebee, Neuroscience, Moses Cone Hospital
Helen Flinchum-Land, PACU,                              Thursday, May 12
  Wesley Long Community Hospital                        Nursing Excellence Celebration
Benjamin Goodman, Inpatient Adult Services,               • We will honor our Nursing Excellence recipients at The Sheraton
  Behavioral Health Center                                  Greensboro at Four Seasons. Please congratulate these
April Goodwin, Intermediate Care Unit,                      outstanding nurses for their dedication to the nursing profession
  Moses Cone Hospital                                       and the patients and families we serve.
Gail Gray, Short Stay, Wesley Long Community Hospital
                                                        Friday, May 13
Sonya Jones, CareLink, Systemwide
                                                        Annual Nursing Research Day
Tamaryn Kelley, Child and Adolescent Services,
  Behavioral Health Center
                                                          • Join us for the upcoming annual Nursing Research Day –
                                                            Focusing on Nursing Research: “A Galactic View.” The
Barry Kimak, Coronary Intensive Care/Step-down,
                                                            workshop is from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the Wesley Long
  Moses Cone Hospital
                                                            Community Hospital Education Center, Classroom 1. Register
Lydia Konkel, 4th Floor Telemetry/Urology,
                                                            through CBL. Also, come by and check out our QI, Evidence-
  Wesley Long Community Hospital
                                                            Based Practice and Research posters.
Veronica Mensah, Inpatient Oncology,
  Wesley Long Community Hospital                        Throughout the Week of May 6-12
Nidia Robinson, 4th Floor Telemetry/Urology,            Blessing of Hands
  Wesley Long Community Hospital
                                                          • Pastoral Care will be available in your department for “Blessing
Pamela Slepp, Flexible Resources,                           of the Hands” ceremonies to recognize the work you do serving
  Wesley Long Community Hospital                            our patients, families and community.
Livia Sneed, Urgent Care Center, Moses Cone Hospital
Emma Staley, Maternity Admissions Unit,                 Letter Writing
  The Women’s Hospital of Greensboro                      • Let’s support our Relationship Based Care principles by writing a
                                                            letter to a nurse, nurse secretary or nurse technician who has
This list was provided by Nursing Administration.           inspired you.

                                                                                                                        MAY 2011   13
        Aspiring Leaders
        Program Kicks Off
        Moses Cone Health System has launched a new program for employees who are interested in developing as
        leaders within the Health System.
           The new program, called Aspiring Leaders, is composed of 25 high-potential employees who were
        selected to participate.
           This program is for non-management employees. There are many similarities between the development
        opportunities in this program and the existing MP3 program for those already in leadership positions. The
        Aspiring Leaders program focuses on providing training to develop the skills and experiences that a new
        frontline leader would need to be successful at the Health System.
           Participants will learn more about their own leadership styles and will have the opportunity to work
        with leaders across the Health System on projects that further Triple Aim performance.
           “Developing employees at all levels of the Health System helps ensure we have strong internal leaders to
        fill management roles,” says Robin Broadnax, Manager, Talent Development. “It also positions us in our
        work to attain national leadership in quality, service and cost. This is another step toward that goal.”

       2011 Aspiring Leaders Participants
       Sandra Allen, CRNA, Nurse Anesthetist,                          Sherri McMillen, Marketing Specialist,
         Wesley Long Community Hospital                                  Moses Cone Behavioral Health Center
       Jennifer Bell, RN, Orthopedics,                                 Debra Millikan, Mental Health Tech,
         Wesley Long Community Hospital                                  Moses Cone Behavioral Health Center
       Allison Causey, Care Coordinator,                               Walidah Muhammad, Certified Nurse Midwife,
         The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital                             The Women’s Hospital of Greensboro
       Terri Couch, Intermediate Accountant, Finance                   Ashley Olson, RN, PACU, The Women’s Hospital
       Kim Councilman, Cardiovascular Specialist,                      Julie Rakestraw, Employee Performance Coordinator,
         Cath Lab, Moses Cone Hospital                                   Human Resources
       Victoriano Dimaguila, Systems Project Leader,                   Charles Russell, Master Mechanic,
         Management Systems                                              Wesley Long Community Hospital
       Jennifer Eaves, Exercise Specialist, Cardiac Rehabilitation     Donna Salisbury, Physical Therapist,
       Kelly Gibson, RN, Emergency Department,                           Outpatient Rehabilitation
         MedCenter High Point                                          Melissa Shearer, Senior Planning Associate,
       April Green, RN, Operating Room, Moses Cone Hospital              Strategic Planning
       Helen Lee, RN, Medical Oncology,                                Kristen Soth, Physical Therapist, Neuro Rehabilitation
         Moses Cone Regional Cancer Center                             Michelle Turner, Clinical Pharmacist, Pharmacy
       Marissa Long, RN, Telemetry/Urology,                            Noni Walker, RN, Emergency Department,
         Wesley Long Community Hospital                                  Annie Penn Hospital
       Donna Loring, Certified Medical Assistant,                      Camellia Wood, RN, PACU, The Women’s Hospital
         Family Medicine Center
       Dawn Martin, Internal Communications Specialist,

14   MAY 2011
  Departments Take Stock,
  Order Resources to Improve                                            Two Hospitals to Begin
  Employee Engagement                                                   Room Service Menu
  Moses Cone Health System departments continue to focus on             As part of their effort to provide exceptional care and
  making changes to improve employee engagement, based on recent        service, Wesley Long Community Hospital and The
  employee survey results.                                              Women’s Hospital of Greensboro will begin offering
     For Debbie Malick, Director, Department 3300/Intermediate Care,    room service to patients in late May.
  The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital, one of the most important          Beginning May 24 at The Women’s Hospital and
  changes has been to ensure staff members have adequate resources      May 31 at Wesley Long Community Hospital,
  to do their jobs.                                                     patients will be able to order room service from a
     Like many departments across the Health System, Intermediate       menu in their room. The Sodexo At Your Request® –
  Care has made changes and ordered new supplies based on resource      Room Service Dining program will be available
  needs identified in the initial employee engagement survey, as well   between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. at The Women’s Hospital
  as in a later resource needs survey.                                  and between 6:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. at Wesley Long
     Staff members are working on a checklist to restock medical and    Community Hospital.
  surgical supplies, Malick says. Also, the team has straightened         Special operators take the patient’s orders, using a
  supply areas and put red tape on floors to indicate the appropriate   software program that informs the operator if a
  location for equipment so it will be easier to locate.                chosen item is not on their physician-prescribed diet.
     The department has ordered:                                        The operator can suggest an alternative that
                                                                        conforms to the diet’s requirements.
   • Five bedside commodes.            • Eight new wheelchairs with       As long as an item is permitted in the patient’s
   • Two dopplers.                       oxygen holders.                diet, it can be ordered at anytime, even if it is a
   • Portable pulse oxygen meters.     • A fax machine.                 burger at 8 a.m. The order will be prepared fresh and
   • 15 monitoring cables.             • Clipboards in each room for    delivered within 45 minutes or less.
   • Five suction regulators.            bedside report.                  Items can be ordered for guests and visitors, and
   • Manual, wall-mounted BP           • New electric pencil            paid for separately by credit card or cash, by calling
    manometers for every room,           sharpeners and staplers.       the menu line (2-MENU).
    with various size cuffs to use                                        “Enabling patients to order what they want to eat
    on the manometers.                                                  when they are ready results in less food waste,” says
                                                                        Cheryl Wolff, Director, Nutritional Services, The
  “The staff is pleased to have this equipment,” Malick says. “I        Women’s Hospital. “We hope it will also create
think it shows that we are committed to listening and meeting           happier and better nourished patients, cementing the
their needs.”                                                           Health System’s reputation for delivering great
  Staff members in other departments are encouraged to discuss          medical care and a great patient experience.”
any resource needs with their manager or director.

                                                                          Business of the Month
                                                                          Annie Penn Hospital received the April Business of the
                                                                          Month award from the Reidsville Chamber of Commerce.
                                                                          Shown here (from left) are Stokes Ann Hunt, Director,
                                                                          Community Outreach and Foundation, Annie Penn
                                                                          Hospital; Sharon Troxler, Director, Marketing and
                                                                          Volunteer Services, Annie Penn Hospital; Mickey Foster,
                                                                          President, Annie Penn Hospital; and Beth Simmons,
                                                                          President, Reidsville Chamber of Commerce.

                                                                                                                             MAY 2011   15
     Credit Union Sponsors
     ‘Connect & Collect’
     Membership Drive
     Members of the Greensboro Health Care Credit Union can earn $25 for
     referring new members – and the new members receive another $25.
        Spread the word about credit union membership to your
     connections – family members and eligible co-workers – and you can
     all cash in on the Connect & Collect Membership Drive.
        Earn $25 for each person you refer to the credit union who opens a
     savings account and then opens a checking account with direct deposit
     or receives a loan or credit card through the credit union. The newly
     referred member also will receive $25.
        To participate, complete a required referral form available at any
     credit union branch office or at
        Participants must meet membership eligibility requirements.
     Membership is open to employees of Moses Cone Health System,            Helen “Moe” Hooper (at left) is shown
     affiliates and associated companies of Moses Cone Health System, all    here at the Volunteer Luncheon with
     healthcare workers in Guilford County and the immediate families of     Diane Coad, Supervisor, Cardiac Rehab,
     such groups.                                                            Annie Penn Hospital.

                                                                             Annie Penn Hospital
     Bead Shop Assists with
                                                                             Recognizes Volunteer
     Program to Comfort
     Bereaved Families                                                       Helen “Moe” Hooper, a volunteer in Cardiac
                                                                             Rehabilitation, received the 2011 “Volunteer Annie’s Spirit
                                                                             Award” at Annie Penn Hospital’s annual Volunteer Awards
                              The Women’s Hospital of Greensboro is          Luncheon on April 26.
                                teaming with a local bead shop to              After completing cardiac rehabilitation, she began
                                 provide comfort to families who have        volunteering in the department as a way to support others
                                 suffered a loss.                            in recovery. She drives 45 minutes one way from her home
                                   The hospital’s Comfort Program will       in Caswell County to volunteer. She has continued to make
                               work with Indigo Beads Studio to provide      the lengthy trip even while undergoing aggressive
                              handmade “teardrop” pins to mothers who        chemotherapy.
                            have experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth or      “She was determined not to let down the cardiac rehab
                          infant death shortly after birth.                  patients or the manager of the center, Diane Coad,” says
                          Volunteers will continue to make the pins,         Sharon Troxler, Director, Marketing and Volunteer Services.
                     now with Indigo Bead’s assistance because of an           To show her appreciation, Coad sang a special song to
     increase in the number needed. More than 300 pins are given each        Hooper at the luncheon.
     year. The hospital Auxiliary will pay for them at $1 per pin.
       “The teardrop symbolizes the loss, and the beads represent our
     thoughts and prayers for the mother during this difficult time,” says
     Ginger Penley, Director, Volunteer Services, The Women’s Hospital.
       The pin is presented on a small heart pillow so the father has
     something to hold, with a small card explaining the symbolism.
       “The program does its best to help moms validate their loss and
     guide them toward healing,” Penley says. “The pins have proven to
     be so beneficial.”

16    MAY 2011
                                                        Cath Lab Featured in Global Trade Publication
                                                        The Cardiac Cath Lab at The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital was
                                                        featured in the March 2011 issue of Cath Lab Digest, a publication
                                                        circulated both nationally and internationally.
                                                           The publication highlighted the Cath Lab’s six cardiovascular labs,
Thank You Notes                                         two peripheral vascular labs and electrophysiology lab. It discussed
                                                        procedures performed, equipment used and the staff ’s teamwork that
Periodically, Code U will publish letters of thanks     combine to create an average door-to-balloon time of 45 minutes. This
from patients, visitors, employees or others. Many of   is two times faster than the national guidelines for treating heart
these letters exemplify employees living our mission:   attacks.
“We serve our communities by preventing illness,           “Our lab is unique in its camaraderie between the staff and
restoring health and providing comfort, through         physicians,” says Beth Ferguson, Cardiovascular Specialist, Cath Lab.
exceptional people delivering exceptional care.”        “We have a great support system that carries over into daily activities
                                                        as well as in acute situations.”
“I suffer from multiple sclerosis and have a
difficult time walking. After treatment at the
Emergency Room in October, I was referred to the        Patient Thanks Hospital for Valet Parking
Neurorehabilitation Center for follow-up
                                                        Moses Cone Health System Regional Cancer Center valet parking was
treatments. While there, I was seen by Christina
                                                        recently featured in the News & Record because of the exceptional service
Weaver, Rehab Program Specialist, and Karissa
                                                        it provided to a patient.
Hicks, Physical Therapy Assistant. They were able
                                                           The construction in the Center’s parking lot caused one patient’s wife to
to teach me some exercises to help my mobility.
                                                        worry about how she would get her husband in the building, find a place
Ms. Weaver also suggested a newer brace to help
                                                        to park and walk back with a bad knee. She was surprised to find that the
stabilize my leg.
                                                        Center had free valet parking.
   “After several visits, I am well on my way to a
                                                           “What a blessing and a relief,” she wrote in a letter to the newspaper.
much better quality of life. It was their true caring
                                                        “Thanks to the Center for making our life a whole lot easier that day.”
and encouragement that helped my continuing
battle. Ms. Weaver was even helpful in referring
me to continued treatment at a recreation center
closer to my home. I just wanted to relay my            The Women’s Hospital Auxiliary Announces
thanks to your staff on a job well done.”               New Leadership
                             — Christopher Greene,      The Women’s Hospital of Greensboro Auxiliary has announced new
                                        Greensboro      officers for the 2011-2012 year.
                                                          The leaders include: Carolyn Campbell, President, Georgie Riccio,
                                                        President-Elect, Susan Cochran and Sarah Wilkinson, Co-Treasurers;
  Have you received an impressive thank-you letter?
                                                        and Tomi Register, Secretary.
  Please drop a copy in interoffice mail to        ,
    Marketing, Administrative Services Building or
       email it to            The Women’s Hospital Announces New
                                                        Offerings for Staff
                                                        The farmer’s market at The Women’s Hospital of Greensboro returns to
                                                        the Sweet Pea Gift Shop in May to provide employees with a selection of
                                                        farm-fresh fruits and vegetables.
                                                          The hospital also will feature ice cream sales through Bruster’s in the
                                                        Vending Café area on the first floor.

                                                                                                                          MAY 2011   17
For Your Continuing
Professional Development
 These accredited continuing education and training programs are
 designed to meet the needs of health and human service
                                                                   It’s All About
 professionals within Moses Cone Health System.

                  UPCOMING PROGRAMS                                Stephanie Barber, Ultrasound Tech, Imaging Center,
 Go to or call 832-8025 for more information         MedCenter High Point, has passed her Ultrasound Physics
 or to register.                                                   boards.

      May 6               Second Annual Bariatric Symposium        Sarah Britt, Adam Hudy and Jenna McLawhon, all Rad
                          The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital,     Techs, Imaging Center, MedCenter High Point, are now CT
                          Room 0030                                registered.

      May 17              Wound Care Symposia 2011: Evolving       Mona Easter, RN, Director, Department 300, Annie Penn
                          Evidence in Wound Care                   Hospital; Mary Ann Dickerson, RN, Department 300, Annie
                          Moses Cone Hospital, Room 0030           Penn Hospital; and Angela Huffman, RN, Department 300,
                                                                   Annie Penn Hospital, were invited to present a poster,
      May 19              Introduction to Forensic Science,        “Assigning a Name to the Hour Improves Hourly
                          Medicine and Odontology                  Rounding,” at the Nursing 2011 Symposium, a national
                          Moses Cone Hospital, Room 0030           conference in Nashville, TN, on April 28. Elisa Haynes, RN,
                                                                   Day Surgery Center, Annie Penn Hospital, was invited to
      May 20              Second Annual Creative Aging             present two posters for the Operative Services Team at the
                          Symposium - Connecting Arts and          same conference. The posters were titled, “Leadership
                          Aging: Focus on Visual Arts and          Dedicated to Providing a Motivational Work Environment,”
                          Dance/Movement                           and “Anxious Peds have Special Needs.”
                          Wesley Long Community Hospital,
                          Education Center                         Amy Frate, RN, Director, Child and Adolescent Services,
                                                                   Moses Cone Behavioral Health Center, recently received her
      May 20              Common Disease Processes Across the      psychiatric nurse certification.
                          Life Span: What You Need to Know
                          Alamance Regional Medical Center,        Laurie McNichol, RN, Clinical Nurse Specialist, was elected
                          Burlington                               president of the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel. The
                                                                   panel, based in Washington, is a not-for-profit professional
      May 23              Comprehensive Approaches                 organization dedicated to the prevention and management
                          in Group Therapy                         of pressure ulcers.
                          Moses Cone Hospital, Room 0030
                                                                   Kerolos Rizk, Endoscopy Technician, received this year’s
      May 26              Child Forensic Interviewing at Age 30:   Samuel LeBauer Award for Professional Excellence. Rizk has
                          Taking Stock of Where We Are             been nominated numerous times for his outstanding
                          Wesley Long Community Hospital,          commitment to the Endoscopy department and patients.
                          Education Center                         Other nominees included: Rebecca Vernon, RN, Endoscopy,
                                                                   Patricia Ford, RN, Endoscopy, Daniel Madden, RN,
      June 3              What Do I Say? A Course in Talking       Endoscopy, Terri Brown, RN, Endoscopy, and James
                          About Death and Dying                    Shepard, Endoscopy Technician. The award was named for
                          Wesley Long Community Hospital,          Sam LeBauer, MD, who was instrumental in creating
                          Education Center                         Endoscopy labs across the System.
                                                                      The Health System Endoscopy Department also has
      June 9              Psychopharmacology for Non-              received national recognition for its high level of certified
                          Prescribing Professionals                staff. The department has been honored with an Excellence
                          Moses Cone Hospital, Room 0030           in Professionalism award from the American Board of
                                                                   Certification for Gastroenterology Nurses.
      June 10             Legally Implementing
                          End-of-Life Care Decisions
                          Moses Cone Hospital, Room 0030

18   MAY 2011
                                   Triple Aim Performance
                                            Fiscal Year 2011 System Dashboard
                                                    As of March 31, 2011


                 CATEGORY                   INDICATORS             ACTUAL      THRESHOLD      TARGET   STRETCH   GOAL MET?

                                     Risk-adjusted mortality
                 Mortality              index (RAMI) (1)            1.29          1.23          1.2     1.17

              Complications          complications index (1)       0.900          1.09         1.08     1.07

                                       PSI 4: Death among
                                     surgical inpatients with       2.99         2.852        2.480    2.108
                                   serious treatable condition
                                      PSI 12: Postoperative         3.66
                                   pulmonary embolism or DVT                      7.751       6.740    5.729

              Patient Safety*       PSI 18: Obstetric trauma -
                                      Vaginal delivery with         3.10          3.485       3.030    2.576
                                    PSI 19: Obstetric trauma -
                                     Vaginal delivery without       3.71          5.555       4.830    4.106


            Hospital Acquired                 MRSA                  0.27         0.391        0.340    0.289

                                        Acute Myocardial
                                          Infarction (2)            12%          19.4%       19.3%     19.2%

               Readmission               Heart Failure (2)          20%         23.15%       23.10%    22.90%

                                          Pneumonia (2)             11%          18.9%       18.7%     18.5%

                                        Acute Myocardial
                                          Infarction (3)           97.6%         98.0%       98.5%     98.8%

                                         Heart Failure (3)         95.5%         88.0%       89.0%     93.0%
              Core Measures
                                          Pneumonia (3)            95.7%         93.0%       95.0%     97.0%

                                          Surgical Care
                                     Improvement Project (3)        92%          87.0%       88.0%     90.0%

                                           Press Ganey
            Patient Satisfaction     (Patient rating of overall     84.3          85.0         85.5     86.0

                                      hospital performance)

                Employee              Employee Partnership
               Engagement                  Survey (4)               TBD           71.5         71.9     72.6

              Length of Stay            Length of Stay (5)          4.89          4.88         4.78     4.68

            Cost per Adjusted
               Discharge             Case Mix Adjusted (6)         $7,237        $8,109      $7,372    $6,635

                  Margin                Operating Margin           5.43%         3.31%       4.31%     5.31%

(1) January - Year to Date                           AT OR ABOVE TARGET            BELOW THRESHOLD      BETWEEN THRESHOLD
(2) December - Fiscal Year to Date                                                                      AND TARGET
(3) February - Fiscal Year to Date
(4) Updated Annually
(5) Target will change monthly, as documented in the budget. FY 2011 goal is 4.78.
(6) Target will change monthly, as documented in the budget. FY 2011 goal is $7525.
(7) Target will change monthly, as documented in the budget. FY 2011 goal is 5.82 percent.
 * January - Fiscal Year to Date
** February - Fiscal Year to Date

                                                                                                                             MAY 2011   19

 Award Winners Recognized
     Employee of the Month and Exceptional People Awards recognize employees who go above and beyond their
     normal job requirements and represent the values adopted by Moses Cone Health System.

            The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital                                        Wesley Long Community Hospital
                  Employee of the Month                                                    Employee of the Month
                           Frank Weithofer,                                                         Collyn Gillispie,
                  Security Officer, Security Services                                            RN, Telemetry West
                   Nominated by: Anthony Marlin,                                            Nominated by: Karen Spriggs,
                     Supervisor, Security Services,                                    RN, Care Coordinator, Telemetry/Urology
                 The Women’s Hospital of Greensboro
                                                                            Collyn Gillispie received Employee of the Month because of her
 Frank Weithofer received Employee of the Month because of his              quick action and diligence in assisting a patient in need. On
 outstanding service to visitors. One afternoon, Marlin received a          Valentine’s Day, Gillispie’s husband and children arrived at Wesley
 phone call from a visitor. “She explained that she could not find an       Long Community Hospital with a gift for her. When they arrived,
 available parking space until Frank directed her to a vacant one,”         they found a visitor in the main lobby who had “passed out” and
 Marlin writes. “When he observed her having difficulty getting out         needed immediate assistance. Gillispie’s husband instantly called
 of her car, he approached her and learned she suffered from                her, and she came to the lobby and promptly assessed the patient.
 neuropathy of the feet. He then helped her out of the car and              “Upon her assessment, she initiated a ‘Code Blue’ and began
 escorted her arm-in-arm into the entrance.” The visitor said that          immediate CPR,” Spriggs writes. “Once the Code Team arrived on
 this was one of the most thoughtful and kind gestures she had              the scene, she continued to assist in CPR. She then gave comfort
 experienced. Marlin was not surprised. “Frank is one of our                to a family member present until the Code Team could take the
 officers who will brave the cold and dampness, heat and humidity           patient to the Emergency Department.”
 each day to assist patients and visitors,” he said.
                                                                                              EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE
                  EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE                                        Michelle Wise Bednarek, Pharmacy Tech, Pharmacy
 Margie Roberson, Risk Management Coordinator,                              Kelly Moore, RN, ICU
   Risk Management
 Annedrea Stackhouse, Assistant Director,
   Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation                                             The Women’s Hospital of Greensboro/
 Pamela Yarboro, RN, Radiology Administration                                         Administrative Services Building
                                                                                          Employee of the Month
                    Behavioral Health Center
                    Employee of the Month                                                           Kristin Easley,
                                                                                                RN, Mother/Baby
                             Nancy Grace,                                                    Nominated by: Co-workers
                Mental Health Tech/Nursing Secretary,
               Inpatient Child and Adolescent Services                      Kristin Easley received Employee of the Month because of her
                   Nominated by: Michelle Mardis,                           hard work and willingness to help out when needed. In
             LPN, Inpatient Child and Adolescent Services                   February, after learning her grandmother had passed away, she
                                                                            came into work and did charge duties and her assignments.
                      Nancy Grace received Employee of the                    “After working all night, she had to travel to Mississippi for
                      Month for her outstanding work with                   the funeral,” write her co-workers. “She is an exceptional nurse
                      patients and staff. “Nancy is one of the most         here at The Women’s Hospital, and she gives exceptional care
                      creative people I’ve ever worked with,”               to the patients.”
                      Mardis writes. “She always takes the initiative
                      and does not need to be directed or                                   EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE
                      prompted. She engages the patients, always            Catherine Cobb, RN, Mother/Baby
                      does something therapeutic and is great at            Nicole Jones, RN, Nursery
                      one-on-one or in groups. She spends quality           Nakisha Patton, RN, Birthing Suites
    Nancy Grace
                      time with our patients and keeps nurses
 informed of patient progress and any changes. She is a great
 teacher to staff and patients.”
20    MAY 2011
               Annie Penn Hospital
              Employee of the Month
               Michael “Mike” McDaniel
          Registered Respiratory Therapist
  Nominated by: Regina Harris, Lead Radiology Tech              Hospital Week Events
    and Joanne Doggett, Nursing Tech, Radiology
                                                                Please join us for one of these Hospital Week celebrations.
                   Mike McDaniel received Employee of           Off-site employees may attend the most convenient location,
                   the Month for his great attitude and         or managers may contact their Human Resources office for
                   helping out whenever needed. “Mike is        alternate arrangements.
                   always willing to help out, no matter
                   what,” write his co-workers. “On             Behavioral Health Center
                   numerous occasions, Mike has come in         Monday, May 23
                   to help us move patients or lift patients,   2- 4 p.m.
                   even if he doesn’t have a reason to be in    Outpatient Parking Lot
                   that patient’s room. He is always so         *Inclement weather, event will move to the Gym
Mike McDaniel
                   pleasant and always has a smile.”            3rd shift: 11 p.m.- midnight in the Conference Room

                                                                Wesley Long Community Hospital
              Health Services Division                          Regional Cancer Center, LeBauer HealthCare
                                                                Tuesday, May 24
              Employee of the Month
                                                                2- 4:30 p.m.
                      Maggie May,                               Classroom 1
             RN, Diabetes Coordinator,                          3rd shift: 11 p.m.- midnight in Classroom 1
    Nutrition and Diabetes Management Center
    Nominated by: Eda Royal, Spanish Interpreter,               The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital
       The Women’s Hospital of Greensboro                       Wednesday, May 25
                                                                2:30- 4:30 p.m.
 Maggie May received Employee of the Month because of           Under the portico at the Moses Cone Heart and Vascular Center
 her outstanding work helping patients understand how           3rd shift: 11:30 p.m.-12:30 a.m. in the Atrium
 to eat healthier. “Maggie is not only wonderful at her job
 and quite knowledgeable, but she goes above and beyond         The Women’s Hospital of Greensboro,
 to do things for patients, including providing a new           Administrative Services Building
 easier menu for them to follow with foods they                 Thursday, May 26
 understand,” writes Royal. “She is extremely dedicated.        2- 4 p.m.
 We are lucky to have her.”                                     Under the breezeway outside the Cafeteria
                                                                3rd shift: 11:30 p.m.- 12:30 a.m.
                                                                in The Women’s Hospital cafeteria
                 LeBauer HealthCare
                                                                Annie Penn Hospital
                EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE                              Wednesday, June 1
 Cheryl Lohr, RN, LeBauer HealthCare –                          2- 4 p.m.
   Gastroenterology                                             Annie Penn Hospital Dining Room
                                                                3rd shift: 11:30 p.m.- 12:30 a.m. in the Dining Room

               Regional Cancer Center

                EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE
 Kim Welch, Lab Scheduler, Regional Cancer Center

                                                                                                                       MAY 2011   21
 Mark Your Calendars
 Hemorrhagic Stroke: Bleeding in the Brain                                Women and Diabetes: Know the Risks
 Pramod Sethi, MD, medical director of the Moses Cone Health              Maggie May, RN, a registered dietitian and certified diabetes
 System Stroke Center, discusses hemorrhagic strokes, often referred to   educator with the Moses Cone Nutrition and Diabetes Management
 as bleeding in the brain. While not the most common type of stroke,      Center, speaks on risk factors and ways women can prevent or
 they are responsible for more than 30 percent of all stroke deaths.      delay the development of diabetes through lifestyle changes.
 Thursday, May 12, 6-7:30 p.m.                                            Thursday, June 2, 6:30-8 p.m., The Women’s Hospital,
 The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital, AHEC Rooms 0029-0031                Classrooms 5 and 6
 Registration is required. Call 832-8000 or visit                         Registration is required. Call 832-8000 or visit                                             

 Skin Cancer Screening                                                    Cancer Prevention and Treatment Series:
 Open to everyone – men, women and children – who has not seen            Food Rules – Nutrition to Live By
 a dermatologist in the last year.                                        Lauren Sineath, Registered Dietitian, Moses Cone Health System,
 • Saturday, May 7, 9-11 a.m.,                                            focuses on some key “food rules” and how to apply them to
    Moses Cone Regional Cancer Center                                     everyday life.
 • Monday, May 9, 5:30-7:30 p.m., Annie Penn Hospital                     Monday, June 6, 6-7 p.m., Wesley Long Community Hospital
 • Thursday, May 12, 5:30-7:30 p.m., Annie Penn Hospital                  Education Center, Classroom 1
 • Monday, May 16, 5:30-7:30 p.m., Moses Cone Regional                    Registration is required. Call 832-8000 or visit
    Cancer Center at Stoney Creek                               
 Registration is required. Call 832-8000.
                                                                          The Spin on Vertigo
 Red Hot Mamas: Snap, Crackle, Pop … What You Need                        Christina Weaver, Physical Therapist, Moses Cone Outpatient
 to Know About Osteoporosis                                               Rehabilitation Center, discusses vertigo – the sensation of dizziness
 Tanya S. Pratt, MD, with the Center for Women’s Healthcare at            that impacts balance and mobility – and how to manage it.
 Kernersville, talks about osteoporosis and how to prevent, detect        Thursday, June 9, 6-7:30 p.m., Moses Cone Hospital, AHEC
 and treat bone loss during menopause.                                    Rooms 0029-0031
 Tuesday, May 17, 6:30-8 p.m., The Women’s Hospital of                    Registration is required. Call 832-8000 or visit
 Greensboro, Classrooms 5 and 6                                 
 Registration is required. Call 832-8000 or visit

 Management News
 Mark Beasley is the new Employee Performance Manager, Human              Alan Champ is the new Associate Director, Health Information
 Resources, The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital. He joins the             Management. He is responsible for the Scanning Center, which
 System from Palmetto Health in Columbia, SC, where he was a              processes all hospital discharge records into scanned images.
 Human Resources Business Partner. He has also worked in HR               Previously, he was the Health Information Management project leader.
 management roles at Gentiva Home Health Services in
 Huntersville and American Express in Greensboro.                         Nancy Hertlein has been promoted to Director, Urgent Care
                                                                          Center. Previously, she was manager of the Center.
 Kathleen Boss, RN, was promoted to Assistant Director,
 Department 2300, Surgical ICU, Moses Cone Hospital. Previously,          Gail Howard, RN, is the new Manager, Clinical Case Management.
 she was a staff nurse.                                                   Previously, she was the pediatric nurse case manager with Care
 Chad Brough is the new Executive Director, Service Excellence,
 Moses Cone Health System. He joins the System from The LAMP              Kameka Totten, RN, is the new Director, 5 East/Medical and
 Group in New Albany, IN, where he specialized in designing and           Flexible Resources, Wesley Long Community Hospital. Previously,
 training collaborative healthcare teams to ensure excellent patient      she was assistant director for 5 West at Wesley Long Community
 satisfaction and care. Before that, he was assistant vice president of   Hospital.
 Human Resources at Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s HealthCare in
 Louisville, KY. While there, he helped to earn 12 national awards        Jeannie Wilson, RN, has been promoted to Director, Bariatric
 for patient and employee satisfaction.                                   Services and Sleep Disorders Center. Previously, she was the bariatric
                                                                          program specialist.
22   MAY 2011
                                                                    Patient Satisfaction Scores
                                                                                                            INPATIENT SCORES
                                                                             These Press Ganey scores indicate the percentage of overall patient satisfaction.

                                                                                  Wesley Long                      The Women’s
                                            Moses Cone                            Community                          Hospital                       Annie Penn                         Behavioral
                                             Hospital                              Hospital                       of Greensboro                      Hospital                         Health Center

                                100                                   100                                   100                             100                                100

                                 95                                   95                                    95                              95                                 95

                                 90                                   90                                    90                              90                                 90
                                                                                                     GOAL                            88.0
                                                               GOAL                                                                                                     GOAL
                                 85                                                                  86.3 85                                                            86.0 85
                                                               85.5 85                                                                      85                                                            GOAL

                                 80                                   80                                    80                              80                                 80

                                 75                                   75                                    75                              75                                 75

                                 70                                   70                                    70                              70                                 70

                                 65                                   65                                    65                              65                                 65

                                 60                                   60                                    60                              60                                 60
                                       83.0 83.1 83.1                        85.2 86.2 86.1                       86.8 92.1 88.6                  83.8 83.1 79.6                     86.7 84.3 83.2
                                        JAN     FEB    MAR                    JAN     FEB    MAR                  JAN    FEB   MAR                JAN     FEB     MAR                JAN     FEB    MAR
                                 55                                   55                                    55                              55                                 55

                  SELECTED OUTPATIENT SCORES                                                                                                              EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT SCORES
                  These percentages show overall patient satisfaction.                                                                                          These percentages show overall patient satisfaction.

                                                                                                                                                                   Wesley Long
      Regional Cancer                    LeBauer                            Cone Physican                                       Moses Cone                         Community                         Annie Penn                       MedCenter
          Center                        HealthCare                            Network                                            Hospital                           Hospital                          Hospital                        High Point

100                            100                                  100                                                 100                              100                                100                               100

95                             95                                   95                                                  95                               95                                 95                                95
                        GOAL                                                                       GOAL
                        92.3                                 GOAL                                  92.8
90                             90                                   90                                                  90                               90                                 90                                90                      GOAL

85                             85                                   85                                                  85                        GOAL   85                          GOAL   85                         GOAL   85
                                                                                                                                                  84.3                               84.3                              84.3

80                             80                                   80                                                  80                               80                                 80                                80

75                             75                                   75                                                  75                               75                                 75                                75

70                             70                                   70                                                  70                               70                                 70                                70

65                             65                                   65                                                  65                               65                                 65                                65

60                             60                                   60                                                  60                               60                                 60                                60
      87.2 88.6 89.3                  91.6 93.0 90.0                       92.3 94.2 91.8                                      82.4 79.0 74.8                    82.9 82.9 79.9                    82.6 81.8 79.8                   89.6 92.1 83.1
      JAN   FEB   MAR                 JAN     FEB     MAR                   JAN     FEB     MAR                                JAN   FEB    MAR                   JAN   FEB    MAR                 JAN    FEB    MAR                JAN   FEB   MAR
55                             55                                   55                                                  55                               55                                 55                                55

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     MAY 2011      23
         More than 8,000 people now make up Moses Cone Health System, and
         the success of the System depends upon the strength of these                                                                                  Nonprofit Org.
         individuals. Code U was developed to showcase the strength of our                                                                              U.S. Postage
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         workforce as we strive to provide exceptional care.                           1200 North Elm Street                                           Permit No. 195
             Code U provides up-to-date news each month for employees and              Greensboro, NC 27401-1020                                       Greensboro, NC
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         friends of Moses Cone Health System. Comments, story suggestions,             Return Service Requested
         photos and signed letters to the editor are welcome.

                                    Newsletter Editor
                                Marketing Department
                               Moses Cone Health System
                                 1200 North Elm Street
                              Greensboro, NC 27401- 1020
                                Phone: (336) 832-6516
                                  Fax: (336) 832-7979

         TIM RICE                      President and Chief Executive Officer
         TERRY AKIN                    Chief Operating Officer
         CHUCK WALLINGTON              Vice President, Marketing
         DAWN MARTIN                   Editor,

                                 CONTRIBUTING WRITERS
          Doug Allred, Robert Bessey, Sandra Boren, Sarah Burchette, Genice DeCorte,
               LaVern Delaney, Linda Edgerton, Becca Jones, Tommye Morrison,
                  Sheryl Thornton, Sharon Troxler, Becky Windsor, Cheryl Wolff
                  Sarah Burchette, Bonnie King, Donna Propst, Sharon Troxler

                        Our Mission
   We serve our communities by preventing illness, restoring health and
providing comfort, through exceptional people delivering exceptional care.

Read                                                                                                               ENTRY FORM
Wina Prize!
Each month, Marketing will draw five entries from the correct responses and
                                                                                                Send your entries via interoffice mail to Marketing, Administrative
                                                                                                Services Building, by May 16. All correct entries will be placed into a
                                                                                                random drawing, and five meal-ticket winners will be announced in the
                                                                                                June newsletter. The contest is open to all employees and volunteers of
                                                                                                Moses Cone Health System. Marketing staff is not eligible. Previous
award five free $6 meal tickets, valid at any Moses Cone Health System cafeteria.               winners are not eligible in the calendar year that they won.
The following employees won the contest in April:                                                                           ANSWERS
Judy Brennan, Secretary, Volunteer Services, The Moses H. Cone Memorial
Hospital; Linda Hennis, Certified Medical Assistant, Employee Health, Wesley                     1.
Long Community Hospital; Debbie Sparks, Financial Administrative Analyst,
Health Services; Kim Tassone, Secretary, PICU, The Moses H. Cone Memorial
Hospital; and Camella Wood, RN, Post Anesthesia Care Unit, The Women’s                           3.
Hospital of Greensboro.                                                                          4.
                              This month’s quiz:
 1. What claims 99,000 lives each year?
 2. What will be offered at 8 p.m. May 31?
 3. What service can be reached at 832-7007?                                                                           Department, Campus
 4. How can you earn $25?
 5. Name one award winner featured in this issue.

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