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					2009 - 2010
    Annual Report
Enterprise Whitsundays
Mission, Values and Partners
At Enterprise Whitsundays our role is to play a leadership and
facilitation role in supporting our community to improve their
economic, social and environmental wellbeing by developing
the potential of our region, its assets and our people.

Mission                                                  Key Strategic Sectors
To sustainably advance the Whitsunday region for the
benefit of the community                                 The following are the key strategic sectors:
                                                         1.   Mining and Resources
Enterprise Whitsundays will:                             2.   Tourism
• Provide dynamic and motivating leadership              3.   Agribusiness - Agriculture / Horticulture / Food
• Seek out standards of excellence                       4.   Marine
• Create awareness of and promote the region             5.   Industrial and Commercial Development
 domestically and internationally as a place to live,    6.   Infrastructure
 work and invest                                         7.   Employment and Skills Development
• Nurture growth and new investment in the region        8.   Business and Industry
• Influence government policy and decision making
• Advocate for the provision of appropriate
• Increase the capacity and capabilities of businesses
• Facilitate industry sector development
• Foster employment and skill development initiatives
• Maximising funding opportunities and investment in
 the region, including attraction of grant funding and
 the development of private and public partnerships           Enterprise Whitsundays gratefully acknowledges
                                                              the support of its strategic partners:

                                                                                  enterprise whitsundays         2
               We’re serious about making a difference and we’re
         focussed on delivering real outcomes for business in our
         region. We believe that by supporting economic growth,
                                  we build stronger communities.

3   enterprise whitsundays
Chairman’s Report
On behalf of the Directors of the Enterprise Whitsundays, I am pleased to report on
the activities of the organisation for the 2009-2010 financial year.

Last year Enterprise Whitsundays negotiated a Memorandum of Understanding
and a new funding agreement with the Whitsunday Regional Council which
took effect from 1 July 2009. The council continues to be our principal strategic partner and I
acknowledge their support and the continued commitment to economic development.

I would also like to acknowledge the valuable support of our corporate sponsors over the
past year; RPS, Hancock Coal and North Queensland Bulk Ports. The board and management
of Enterprise Whitsundays greatly value the contribution and participation of the business

The contribution of our partners makes it possible for Enterprise Whitsundays to create
opportunities for all levels of business, from microenterprise, through to large corporations.

2009/10 saw Enterprise Whitsundays achieve numerous objectives, including the establishment
of Made in the Whitsundays, the Small Business Advisory Service and the Better Business Online
Program. In February 2010 Rebecca Andrews moved on to greener pastures and became CEO
of the Mackay Whitsunday Regional Development Authority. In June 2010 the Board appointed
Andrei Koeppen as the new CEO.

Enterprise Whitsundays is the region’s voice of business. The organisation advocates on behalf
of business, provides advice and support to business, endeavours to attract new business to the
region, and facilitates training and employment wherever possible. Our mission is to promote
sustainable economic growth in the Whitsundays.

We’re serious about making a difference and we’re focussed on delivering real outcomes for
business in our region. We believe that by supporting economic growth, we build stronger

I look forward to the year ahead and I’m sure the team at Enterprise Whitsundays will do their
best to help realise the potential prosperity that abounds in the Whitsunday region.

Jim Elder
           Enterprise Whitsundays - Board of Directors
            From top left to bottom right - Hon. Jim Elder
       Chairman, Mark Gaudry Deputy Chairman Council
        Representative, David Nebauer Bowen Collinsville
      Enterprise Representative, Jennifer Whitney Council
        Representative, Ian Roebuck WDC Representative,
               Lyn Gregson Tourism Sector, Terry Pilcher
      Construction Sector, Denise Kreymborg Agriculture
    Sector, Matthew Magin Industrial Development Sector

                                     Ex-Officio Positions
                    Local Government, State Government,
                                     Federal Government

                    Mayor – Whitsunday Regional Council
                  Department Infrastructure and Planning
                       Mackay Region RDA [Mark Gaudry].

                                                             The team at Enterprise Whitsundays. From Left; Karen
                                                               McNally, Marketing Manager; Melissa Wick, Enterprise
                                                                  Manager; Chantal Williams, Administration Officer;
                                                             Tamara Noble, Events Coordinator; Claire Dulieu, Project
                                                              Manager; Andrei Koeppen, CEO. Not shown; Ali Kronk,
                                                                                                   Finance Manager.

5      enterprise whitsundays
Chief Executive’s Report
  Enterprise Whitsundays was born out of the amalgamation of the Bowen Council
  and Whitsunday Council on March 15, 2008. The new Whitsunday Regional Council
  consolidated economic development into a single not-for-profit entity, governed by
  a board of regional business leaders and elected representatives of Council. The inaugral CEO,
  Rebecca Andrews, is to be applauded for the effort involved in establishing the new entity and the
  successful projects that have become the signature of Enterprise Whitsundays. I was appointed to
  the position on June 1, 2010 and was grateful to find the organization had been built on excellent
  governance models and good quality administration. I was fortunate to inherit a skilled and
  dedicated team.

  The year ending June 30, 2010 has seen significant growth and achievements for Enterprise

  Projects and Initiatives:

  •   Small Business Advisory Service – Federally Funded by AusIndustry began April 2009 and
      concluded June 2010. Results were excellent as 372 local businesses were assisted via one on
      one mentoring and over 700 people attended key small business events.
  •   Train2Gain – Training Program aimed at small business commenced October 2009 delivering
      monthly workshops in Cannonvale and Bowen. This program has been very successful
      hundreds of businesses have attended a variety of workshops over the 2 locations.
  •   Small Business Online Federal Funding was received from AusIndustry in March 2010 and
      the “Better Business Online program was developed for this purpose and is being delivered
      through to Dec 2010. More than the initial target of 45 businesses have enrolled in the training
      which is delivered in conjunction with BRIT (TAFE). This is a combination of accredited and non
      accredited training in IT and E-Business Train2Gain Workshops.
  •   State based QRDI Funding for the Whitsunday Food Circle was applied for in April 2010 and
      was successful in obtaining $100,000 over 2 years. This will carry on the MITW program and
      commence the attraction of farmer markets and the brand into Coles and Woolies.
  •   Made in the Whitsundays (MITW) Regional Branding Project continued to be rolled out. It
      was officially launched in October 2009 at the Brisbane Markets by Minister Tim Mulherin and
      locally in Bowen by State MP Jan Jarratt.
  •   MITW website became operational in October 2009 with details on members and promoting
      local producers.
  •   A principal partner – Whitsunday Regional Council and four Strategic Partners Hancock Coal,
      NQBP, TBH and RPS have been signed up and are receiving promotion through our events.
  •   The Bowen Business Breakfast and Airlie After Hours Events continue to gain in popularity
      with the former regularly receiving 200+ attendees and the latter gradually increasing to 100+

                                                                                 enterprise whitsundays   6
Staff Updates:

Enterprise Whitsundays would like to acknowledge and thank the staff who moved on to new
opportunities over the past year, including; Susan Franks (Media and PR Officer); Yvette Johnson (Major
Projects Officer); Jennifer O’Connor (Communications Officer); Chelsea Walk (Skills & Development
Officer); Jane Benson (Major Projects Officer); Karina Moss (Grants Officer); Rebecca Woods (Bookkeeper)
and Rebecca Andrews (CEO).

Ali Kronk rejoined Enterprise Whitsundays as Finance Officer after maternity leave and the arrival of Mila.
Tamara Noble, our Admin Trainee was offered a full time position as Project Coordinator and commenced
new duties February 2010. Chantal Williams was appointed as the new Admin Trainee on March 1st 2010,
unded by a DEEDI Grant and ACE Apprenticeships. Melissa Wick commenced April 2009 and continues as
Business Enterprise Manager – contracted until end of Jan 2011.

I would also like to acknowledge the support of our strategic partners, especially our principal partner,
Whitsunday Regional Council, and also our partners for 2009-2010 Hancock Coal, North Queensland Bulk
Ports, and RPS. I would also like to express gratitude for the support of the Commonwealth Government
and Queensland Government, who have provided significant assistance through grant funding.

I am optimistic about the year ahead. The Whitsunday region has enormous potential in so many sectors,
from hospitality and tourism, to mining, horticulture, agriculture, marine and retail. These are exciting
times and I am confident we can help our community realise their dreams of prosperity and fulfillment.

Andrei Koeppen
                                   Enterprise Whitsundays -
                                    Major Projects & Events

                                    Enterprise Whitsundays is involved with a number
                                   of key strategic projects that are in place to support
                                              the economic development of the region.

          Made in the Whitsundays                          University for Whitsunday Region
           Work In the Whitsundays                                     Broadband for region
                   The HR Network                                        Women In Business
The Education and Training Network                                         Women in Trades
The International Hospitality School                                  Weddings Whitsunday
               University for Bowen                                      Superyacht Cluster
                  Community Bank                         Bowen Business Information Forum
       Whitsunday Housing Project                                          Airlie After Hours
    Small Business Advisory Service                                               Train2Gain
     Small Business Online Program                                       Bowen After Hours
                   Water for Bowen                                  State Development Area
           Marine Discovery Centre                          Abbott Point Multi Cargo Facility
                  Whitsunday 2015                                    QR Missing Link Project
                  Airlie Main Street                                 Whitsunday Dive Wreck
                                                               Whitsunday Airport upgrade
                                                                   Invest in the Whitsundays
                                                                   Study in the Whitsundays
                                                            Bowen Water Treatment upgrade
                                                               Recycling in the Whitsundays
                                                                          Food Circle Project
Enterprise Whitsundays -
Fostering Industry Cluster Development

Business clusters have been a developing
component of the Whitsunday region’s
economy. Business clusters are a selected
group of companies or institutions that
manufacture products or deliver services to a
particular field or industry.

Clusters arise because they increase the productivity
with which companies within their sphere can compete,
and typically include companies in the same industry or
technology area that share infrastructure, suppliers, and
distribution networks.

Currently there are 3 clusters flourishing with the
support of Enterprise Whitsundays. They are:
•      Weddings Whitsundays
•      Women in Business
•      Super Yachts Group

Business clusters can often be a vibrant economic force,
which is why Enterprise Whitsundays, as the region’s
leading economic development agency, has prioritised
facilitating their development in the Whitsundays
Region. Future plans for clusters include;
•      Information Technology
•      Trades & Construction
•      Personal Services
•      Arts & Entertainment
•      Retailers

                                                            enterprise whitsundays   9
 Enterprise Whitsundays - Our Primary Function

                                 Enterprise Whitsundays primary function is to facilitate and promote
                             sustainable economic development in the Whitsunday region including:

           Retention, expansion and diversification of     Encourage local manufacturers, primary producers
           existing industries, and commercial activity       and business people generally to develop new
                                             generally;         products and enter new markets, to increase
                                                             production levels and create employment in the
               Attract new industries and commercial                                     Whitsunday region.
                                                                Advise any government or authority, local or
      Identify and promote prospective investments in         otherwise, on problems generally effecting the
                               the Whitsunday region;        Whitsunday region including matters relating to
                                                            industrial, commercial and tourism development.
        Identify, promote and market the industries of
                               the Whitsunday region;             Carry out research into any matter which is
                                                                                    within the objects of EW
             Identify gaps and opportunities that exist          Gather data and produce statistical reports;
                                          in the region
                                                                Provide a forum for the discussion of matters
          Maximise opportunities for government and                 relating to the Whitsunday region and its
          non-government funding for projects in the                    progress, growth and social impacts
                                   Whitsunday region;

         Establish effective consultation with the local
                                      community; and

           Establish strong working relationships with
                 Federal, State and Local Government.

10   enterprise whitsundays
Enterprise Whitsundays
Small Business Support
A key role of Enterprise Whitsundays is the support and encouragement of
small business.
                                                            as the Tourism Whitsundays Networking and Tourism
Small Business Advisory and Small Business Online           Bowen Committee.
Update 2009-2010
                                                            Melissa is currently writing the Grants for Enterprise
Melissa Wick has been the Small Business Advisor and        Whitsundays and is heading up the Whitsunday
Business Development Manager at EW since April 2009.        Business Enterprise Centre.

Since April 2009 to June 2010 Melissa has been              We would like to acknowledge AusIndustry as the
supporting local small businesses in development of         funding for the Small Business Online and Small
their business, marketing and financial planning. In this   Business Advisory Services program.
time Melissa has offered free mentoring and advice in
all aspects of business to over 370 businesses.

In October 2009 EW kicked off a new Training
Program that Melissa had developed which was called
Train2Gain. These have been growing in popularity
and very well received by the business community as a
whole and continue to be delivered on a monthly basis
with on average 12 businesses in each workshop.

In December 2009 Enterprise Whitsundays was advised
that they were successful in obtaining funding from
AusIndustry for the Small Business Online Program.
Melissa worked with Barrier Reef Institute of TAFE
to devise an accredited and non accredited training
program that has since delivered IT training to almost
100 participants. This program ends in December 2010
and will be acquitted and audited by January 2011.

The majority of the small businesses that Melissa has
worked with have come from networking opportunities
like the Enterprise Whitsundays Bowen Business
Information Forum and Airlie After Hours Events, as well

                                                                                   enterprise whitsundays            11
Made in the Whitsundays
Enterprise Whitsundays promotes economic development through specific
projects that support local enterprise

Made In the Whitsundays Update 2009-2010
                                                              The Made in the Whitsundays website went live 16th
Jennifer O’Connor was project officer for this program        October 2009, this was a continual WIP but all areas are
from July 2009 to June 2010. The overall purpose of           functioning.
this project is to strengthen the Whitsundays as a rural
community by helping to build a more social, liveable,        The regional project was officially launched in the
cultural and economically sustainable community               Whitsundays and in Brisbane, in October, 2009 with
environment. The project is about creating community          the Hon Tim Mulherin (Minister for Primary Industries,
pride and recognition of products which have been             Fisheries and Rural and Regional Qld) as special VIP
created, grown and processed in the Whitsunday’s. The         guest. The launch was well attended by Whitsunday
region includes Airlie Beach, Proserpine, Bowen and           growers and Denise Kreymborg, chairman of the Bowen
Collinsville.                                                 District Growers’ Association and EW Director, as well as
                                                              the media.
It is foreseen that this brand will instil pride in the
community via Whitsunday products. This will be               A double-sided, full-colour DL brochure was produced,
publicised to the tourism industry in an attempt              detailing key messages for initial launch and featuring
to generate economic growth for the region. It is             the logo on the front. This was distributed in Enterprise
considered tourists visiting the area will be more            Whitsundays’ foyer area and also at the Bowen
inclined to purchase goods ‘Made in the Whitsundays’          Agricultural Show in June 2009. A four page article also
for their freshness and tropical qualities. It is therefore   appeared in City Life magazine in Feb 2010.
the purpose of this project to capitalise on the
consumer goodwill associated with being ‘Made in the          We would like to acknowledge Blueprint for the Bush as
Whitsundays’.                                                 the funding for this program.

Main activities were as follows – the lawyers finalised
Trademark Rules, User’s Guide and User’s Agreement in
November 2009. These documents were lodged with
the ACCC and Trademark Office in 24th December 2009.
A set of easy-to understand guidelines for joining were
drafted in September 2009. All of the documents were
made available as downloadable PDFs on the Made in
the Whitsundays website.

                                                                                     enterprise whitsundays             12
Enterprise Whitsundays - Our Four Pillars

As a partner of Enterprise Whitsundays you have access to a broad range of
services which we have placed into four pillars.

1. Policy and Advocacy                                  3. Training & Employment
Representing all business at all levels of government   •    Accredited business training, partnerships with
and industry.                                                private training groups and TAFE.
                                                        •    Corporate workshops
2. Advice, information and services                     •    Help with employment, staff retention & skilling
•     Impartial business advice                         •    eMarketing Training
•     Online Resource Centre – Marketing reports,       •    Cross Cultural Training
      green papers, industry specific reports
•     Advice & referrals for HR, OH&S, Business Law &   4. Business Opportunities
      Accounting services                               •    Networking & events calendar
•     Online Market Place – offering trading of goods   •    Business Forums
      to members ie – used office furniture, excess     •    High profile speakers – specific to industry
      orders or staff sharing.                               sectors
•     Partner Benefit Program extended to employees,    •    Business helping business
      ie Negotiated rates for:                          •    Business Expos & Trade Shows
          Insurance                                     •    Business Seminars
          Health schemes                                •    Investment attraction
          Credit card fees
•     Meeting Room Hire
•     Sustainability and green advice
•     Small Business Advisory Service
•     eMarketing Software
•     Business Newsletter
•     Tender Alerts

                                                                            enterprise whitsundays             13
Enterprise Whitsundays - Economic
Enterprise Whitsundays is the Whitsunday
region’s recognised Regional Economic
Development Agency – providing support to
drive economic growth in the region.

Enterprise Whitsundays is committed to promoting           Enterprise Whitsundays will continue to represent
and developing sustainable economic growth and that        partners and the community to all levels of
means attracting new businesses and investment. We         government.
offer invaluable assistance to investors, including the
latest economic data, trends and projections.
                                                           Developing Local Capabilities
We also proactively seek out investment opportunities
                                                           & Expertise
and make presentations to investors on why they
                                                           Enterprise Whitsundays is dedicated to
should choose the Whitsundays.
                                                           recognising emerging industries and support
                                                           these sectors as well as identifying and
Infrastructure Advocacy                                    resolving potential issues impeding local
Enterprise Whitsundays is the trusted voice                capabilities.
when it comes to advocating for infrastructure

Our ability to act apolitically and independently as       Quality Economic Research
advocates for the region’s interests has been recognised   As the leading regional economic
with success. Enterprise Whitsundays is the leading        development agency, Enterprise Whitsundays
agency in advocating for projects such as:                 conducts in-depth research to provide sound
•      The International Hospitality School                arguments for a number of issues including
•      University for Bowen                                investment, infrastructure advocacy and
•      Whitsunday Housing Project                          emerging industry opportunities, as well as
•      Water for Bowen                                     providing vital economic data to partners.
•      Marine Discovery Centre
•      Whitsunday 2015
•      Airlie Main Street
•      State Development Area
•      Abbott Point Multi Cargo Facility
•      QR Missing Link Project
•      Whitsunday Airport upgrade
•      Bowen Water Treatment upgrade
•      Recycling in the Whitsunday region

                                                                                 enterprise whitsundays        14
Financial Reports 2009 - 2010

                        enterprise whitsundays   15
                          Phone 07 4946 0111 Fax 07 4946 0112
                                          ABN 45 107 054 848

                                         CANNONVALE OFFICE
Suite 2 Cumberland House 2-4 Island Drive Cannonvale QLD 4802
                              PO Box 479 Cannonvale QLD 4802

                                               BOWEN OFFICE
               WRC Building 67 Herbert Street Bowen QLD 4805

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