Help needed to buy new prayerbooks by pengxuezhi


									April 2002                                   Reform Congregation Oheb Sholom                                      Volume 38 No. 8

Notes from the President

Stop and think about expectations
By Ellen Azrael                              idea of creating covenants for our           informed about what is expected from
President                                    congregation is not new. I have visited      them, and in turn what the members can
    Spring has sprung and as you read this   many congregations during the past few       expect from the Temple. I have asked you
it probably is the middle of Passover. By    years and have been most impressed with      to think about what you would include in
now I hope I’ve had a chance to talk to      the covenants I have seen. These are         your list of expectations. When you do,
everyone who responded to my article last    simple “contracts” which congregants are     try to think about what you expect to
month. Thank you for your interest! The      asked to read and endorse. Members are                                (Continued on page 5)

From the Rabbi’s Study

Help needed to buy new prayerbooks
    Sitting on the shelf in my office is a   Shabbat and Weekdays.” This is what our      Weekdays” is a much more “user-
siddur (prayerbook) that I received when I   movement calls the interim prayerbook,       friendly” prayerbook. Firstly, it is much
                  was confirmed. It has      because a major rewrite of “Gates of         lighter than the blue prayerbook we now
Rabbi Brian been the siddur that I           Prayer” is due out in 2006. (However, the    use. It contains only three Friday evening
Michelson         have used and carried      publication date has been pushed back        services, compared to 10 in “Gates of
                  since the time I was       twice, already.)                             Prayer.” Secondly, it is written in gender
ordained. It is beginning to show its age.      It is with this in mind, the Ritual       inclusive language without sacrificing
The binding is not what it used to be and    Committee, Executive Committee and I         most of the poetry of the translation.
some of the gold ink on the cover has        invite you to help us purchase enough        Finally, it incorporates transliteration into
worn away.                                   copies of the “Gates of Prayer for Shabbat   the body of the service for sections that
   Standing next to it is a little gray      and Weekdays” for congregational use.        are often read or sung in Hebrew. This
volume entitled “Gates of Prayer for         “Gates of Prayer for Shabbat and             ensures that as many people as possible
                                                                                          can participate in services. I have been

                          April Highlights
                                                                                          using this prayerbook for the monthly
                                                                                          Shabbat morning services and it has been
                                                                                          very well received.
Friday, April 5 — Early Shabbat service, 6 p.m.                                               We currently have about two dozen of
Saturday, April 6 — Shabbat service, 10 a.m.                                              these newer prayerbooks; however, we
Fri.-Sun., April 12-14 — Scholar in Residence (Schedule on Page 7)                                                 (Continued on page 2)
Saturday, April 13 — Tot Shabbat, 10 a.m.
Friday, April 19 — Family Night, grade 1 participating, 6:30 p.m.
Sunday, April 21 — Men’s Club, 9:30 a.m.                                                    Bulletin sponsored by
                                                                                                Eva Bartos in
Friday, April 26 — Sisterhood Shabbat, 7:45 p.m.
Sunday, April 28 — Kauffman’s chicken sale at Temple, 11-2 p.m.
     Friday night services at 7:45 unless otherwise noted.                                       memory of
             Babysitting available at all services.
                                                                                                 Emil Bartos

              Inside the Bulletin of Reform Congregation Oheb Sholom:
              Religious School News, Page 2                                 Sisterhood News, Page 3
                                                          Our Temple                                                2

Religious School News
Quiet month . . . or is it?
By Holly Michelson, RJE                              Although we are only in April, we are    teaching, and learning themselves, about
Religious School Administrator                   already thinking about next year.            Judaism. We are looking for people who
   This year April is an interesting month in    Unfortunately, several teachers will not                      nd
                                                                                              have a love a respect for children as
regards to Religious School. Only the end of     be remaining on staff next year (two are     well as the ability to command respect in
Passover will be in this month. There are no     going off to college!). We are therefore     return. Please give me a call to discuss
other holidays, secular or religious, this       beginning the process of recruiting          this further if y ou are interested.
month. It seems at first, to be kind of quiet.   teachers for the school year 2002-2003.                   Important Dates:
We do, however, have some exciting events,       While at times challenging, the              April 2: No School
simchas and opportunities for learning this      opportunity to share knowledge and joy       April 7 & 21: PreK/K and Confirmation
month. There are three B'nei Mitzvot             for our Jewish Heritage is a rewarding       classes meet.
coming up at the end of the month, a grade 1     one. While we would prefer to have           April 19: Grade 1 Service
service, and a scholar in residence weekend.     those of you who are qualified teachers      April 20: Bar Mitzvah of Graham
All in all, not as quiet as it first seemed. I   join us, many of the best teachers I have    Gernsheimer.
hope everyone will be able to join us for        seen over the years have been those who      April 27: Bat Mitzvah of Kaylin Sigal.
these wonderful occasions.                       simply are excited at the prospect of both   May 4: Bat Mitzvah of Bari Neugroschel

(Continued from page 1)                          given in memory or in honor of someone       relevant information and mark the checks
need at least 60 additional books to             and we will prepare a nice bookplate and     for the new prayerbook.
ensure that we have enough for our               send a note, if appropriate, informing the       I hope that you can help us reach our
regular Shabbat services. The books are          person or family of your gift. Please        goal of 85 copies of the new prayerbook.
$15 each including shipping. They can be         make sure that you include all the

  new or used small freezer, upright or chest, for the                              Thank you…
                   Temple kitchen.                                      The Religious School Committee would like to thank all
   This will be used for freezing meals prepared by                       those who purchased freshly baked hamantaschen this
       Temple members for Temple members.                                Purim. Special thanks go to Ellice Gunter, Karen Hogg
        Please call the office for more details.                         and Lori Levin for organizing the baking and to all their
                                                                         helpers: Donna Zimmer, Lisa Ueberroth, Jeff Horowitz,
                                                                            Shirley Friedman, Fay Rubin, Lin Langlois, Karen
                                                                                McCracken, Barbara Rosenzweig and Esta
    Surprise someone. . .                                                 Neugroschel. It was a very successful fundraiser…67
                                                                        dozen of delicious hamantaschen were baked, boxed, and
   by honoring them with an Oneg,
 purchasing pulpit flowers or a food
 basket to be donated to the Greater
                                                                           Congregant becomes Eagle Scout
                                                                        Matthew Hrabak, son of Ronald and Sharon, has
 Berks Food Bank. It’s a great way to                                   attained the rank of Eagle Scout. For his Eagle
show your love and appreciation while                                   Scout service project, Matthew painted the mural of
  adding to our Shabbat celebration                                     religious symbols on the wall in the Religious School
                                                                        wing. Matthew is an Ordeal member of Kittatinny
 Call Ellice Gunter at                             610-775-             Lodge No. 5, Order of the Arrow and has received
                                                                        the Ner Tamid in Judaism honor. He is a member of
              4448                                                      Troop 236 and a senior at Gov. Mifflin High School.
         3                                                  Our Temple

Sisterhood News
Thanks for making Donor Lunch a success
By Elyse Horowitz                             be a certificate to a local eatery, and a        night. Please contact Donna Zimmer if
   I hoped everyone enjoyed their             bookstore gift certificate. You will not         you are interested. Thank you Donna for
Passover. The Sisterhood would like to        want to miss out on your chance to win           all your hard work. It has been greatly
thank everyone for attending the Donor        one of these great prizes.                       appreciated.
Lunch. It was an afternoon of great food         Here are a few dates to remember. The
and great fashion. A special thanks to all    Sisterhood Shabbat service is April 26 at            This is the slate of officers to be voted
our models for all their hard work. Thank     7:45. Please let Holly know if you would         on at the next board meeting;
you to Carol Cohn for the wonderful           like to participate. The Annual Sisterhood       President—Linda Bram
program idea, Karen Hogg for the              Spring Meeting will be May 14 at noon.           1st Vice President—Karen Hogg
beautiful flowers and Shirley Friedman        The program will be by Iris Lonker. She          2nd Vice President—Elyse Horowitz
for organizing the delicious lunch.           will be making scented bath oils and             3rd Vice President—Felice Stern
   Keep sending in your Pushke coupons.       candles. It should be fun. Hope to see           Treasure—Deborah Zelnick
Stop by the gift shop and see the beautiful   you there.                                       Recording Secretary—Marian Smith
jewelry prizes. There is a white and gray         The Sisterhood is looking for ladies to      Corresponding Secretary —Adriene
pearl necklace with jade chips, and a gold    take over as gift shop coordinator or to         Cardinal
and silver name bracelet. There will also     volunteer to run the gift shop one Friday        Financial Secretary—Shirley Friedman

Men’s Club News
Learn firsthand about life in the state police
By Marshall Azrael                            the barracks, and in the court house.            their friends.
Men’s Club president                             Yes! A member of the Pennsylvania                The officers of the Men's Club
   For ages, one of the most popular          State Police, Galen Glassmire, will tell us      welcome your ideas and participation:
venues for entertainment - books, radio,      about some of his experiences "on the            Marshall Azrael, President; Sidney
television and cinema - is crime and          force." Galen and his family attend              Symons, Vice President; Milton
punishment. From "Sherlock Holmes" to         Kesher Zion. As we will find out, the            Mendelsohn, Treasurer; Arthur Becker,
"Dragnet" to "Chips" to "Law & Order"         state police do a lot more than catching         Past President.
key players are the men and women of          speeders. Join us for his true-life stories in      Our next meeting is on May 19. We'll
law enforcement. Our guest speaker for        the line of fire.                                make-up the meeting that was snowed out
April 21 will give us a firsthand account        All congregants, guys and gals, are           with Stan Ramati, "2000 years - Jews in
of what really takes place on-the-road, in    welcome, and are encouraged to bring             Crises."

                                                     Mazel Tov !
  Irvin Cohen, founder and CEO of Construction Fasteners, Inc. has been inducted into the Junior
Achievement Business Hall of Fame. We lift up Irv's many accomplishments and contributions to our
                                   Reading-area community.

                                              NEWSLETTER STAFF
                                                Mark Nemirow—Editor
                               Sidney L. Symons—Advertising/Sponsorships Manager
                                            Lynn Bates — Assistant Editor
                    To get an item in the bulletin, call Mark, 610-370-2533 (
                                          or the Templeoffice, 610-375-6043.
                                       Deadline for the next issue is April 5.
                                                        Our Temple                                                4

                The Jane Henry Memorial Fund
  The Jane Henry Memorial Fund is not just a camp fund for youth. It will help anyone in
                            need, particularly young people.
         This fund will consider aiding someone during difficult, needy periods.
                                                                                                 Doesn't everyone need a
                                                                                               sprinkle of sunshine on their
                              A gift has been received from
                                      Sylvia H. Gross                                                    birthday?
                                                                                              If you would like to receive a
                     To Harold Po llack in honor of his 90th birthday
                            Hilde Gernsheimer & Fred Jakobs                                   birthday card on or near your
                      To Bernard Sher in honor of his 90th birthday
                                                                                                 birthday, please contact
                            Hilde Gernsheimer & Fred Jakobs                                  Adrienne Cardinal at 610-370-
       To Shirley and Norm Greenbaum in honor of their 55th wedding anniversary                    0058 or email her at
                                Maxine & Dick Henry                                    
   To Mr. and Mrs. Jay Rosenfeld in honor of their grandaughter, Alexa's Bat Mitzvah         Of course, we always welcome
                                Maxine & Dick Henry                                            donations to help defray the
                 To Adam and Lindy Leifer in memory of Annette Leifer                           cost of cards and postage.
                                Maxine & Dick Henry
                                                                                               When someone does send a
                            Yahrzeit in memory of Jane Henry                                  donation, we print their name
                               The Beck & Stoudt Families
                                                                                                 in the monthly bulletin!
                          Yahrzeit in memory of Edward Rosner                                I am always willing to sprinkle
                               Carole & Irv Beck & family
                                                                                                      some sunshine!
                    To Maxine Henry in honor of her special birthday
                               Bernice & Jay Rosenfeld

                         Yahrzeit in memory of William A. Miller
                                    Saul "Marty" Miller
                                                                                            Birthday greetings
                                                                                                           Pat Shore
                                                                                                          Kaye Ullman

      New Building Fund                           To Eva Bartos in memory of her sister
                                                            Mildred Lurio                    Yahrzeit in memory of Rose Knoblauch
To Irvin Cohen in honor of his induction into                Harriet Baskin                        Murry & Nancy Knoblauch
                                                   Heather Nazimov
  the Junior Achievement Business Hall of
                                                   Scarlata Memorial                        Rabbi’s Discretionary
           Rabbi Brian Michelson

  Yahrzeit in memory of Evelyn Levinger
  Norma, Marty, Andy & Erica Beckerman
                                                     In memory of Harold Nazimov
                                                          Larry & Sue Schlanger                     Fund
                                                          Philip & Shelly Bond             In appreciation of our Tot Shabbat program
  Landscaping Garden                                      Stuart & Joanne Zager                         Ryan & Leah Egolf

       of Eden                                  Greater Temple Fund
                                                                                                In memory of Morris D. Gilbert
                                                                                                    H. Robert & Sally Gilbert
 To Adam Leifer and family in memory of            Yahrzeit in memory of Bessie Stern
            Annette Leifer                                     Edythe Stern                        In honor of the birth of
          Bernard & Jane Sher                                                                     Talia Victoria Goldshtain,
                                                  To Eva Bartos in memory of her sister,       daughter of Nimrod Goldshtain &
To Milton Mendelsohn with get well wishes                    Mildred Lurio                             Janice Livingood
           Bernard & Jane Sher                            Rabbi Brian Michelson                          Harriet Baskin
                                                              Doris Kelsey
   To Eva Bartos in memory of her sister                                                        In memory of Anne Coopersmith
              Mildred Lurio                                                                      Sandee, Neal & Jonathan Nevitt
        Edith & Milton Mendelsohn
                                                To Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Toney in memory of
           Music Fund                                    brother Melvin Toney
                                                     Dolly, Joni, Margo, Ruie & Ruth
          5                                               Our Temple

(Continued from page 1)                        At Passover we remember that God                This Passover we must pay attention to
receive from your membership, as well as    delivered us from bondage. We are very          the plight of the Jews in Argentina, as
what it is that the Temple can expect you   fortunate to live in a country that offers us   well as the terror in Israel.
to do! In the next few months you will      the freedom to openly practice Judaism.             We cannot remain silent while many
receive an invitation to attend a “Kaffee   We are also entitled to free speech. There      incidents of anti-Semitism are occurring
Klatch” to talk about the Temple, what      are many people of many faiths in many          around the world (and in this country as
you like, what you don’t like, what we      countries who aren’t as fortunate as we         well).
can do to improve, and what we shouldn’t    are. Jews in America have always been at           We need to respond to these crises.
change. Hope to see many of you at these    the forefront of fighting injustices of all     It is up to us to make sure that the
sessions.                                   kinds, and we must continue.                    horrors of 60 years ago do not

It was wonderful to be remembered on my special birthday out here in the gorgeous southwest desert.
                                                                                              Thank you!        Ellis Friedman

                          Kauffman's Chicken Bar B Q returns
                                Our annual Chicken Sale will take place
                                            Sunday, April 28
                               from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
          For $6 you will get a half Bar-B-Q chicken and a baked potato.
     New this year will be a Bake Sale where you can purchase a whole or half
                           apple cake, kugel or brownies.
  Volunteers are needed to work with chairperson Neal Schneider. Interested
      in helping? Please give Neal a call or leave your name at the Temple
       office. Have you sold your 10 tickets? Do you need more? We need
  everyone's help to make this a successful sale. Tell your neighbors and co-
     workers. Pick up Sunday dinner when you pick up your children from
                                Religious School.
     Wanted, Bakers: We need apple cake, kugel and brownies to sell at the
   Chicken Sale. Evelyn Goodman will be coordinating the Bake Sale. Please
  call Evelyn at (610) 376-9827 or the Temple office if you will bake or can help
                                    on April 28.
   Please return your ticket money and any unsold tickets to the Temple office
                              by Friday, April 12th.
   For our elderly, homebound and those who just can't make it to the Temple
  April 28 to pick up a dinner, we will deliver. We have secured the services of
     some super Temple volunteers to deliver chicken and potatoes to your
  door. Arrangements MUST BE made in advance of April 28. Please call the
    Temple office, (610) 375-6034 if you would like chicken delivered to your
                                                          Our Temple                                                              6

            Sisterhood Florence Frank Offering Fund
 To Eva Bartos in memory of her                                                 on his special birthday
       sister Mildred Lurio                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Schlanger            To Mrs. Jack Schaeffer for a speedy
    Mr. & Mrs. Gene Friedman      To Milton Mendelsohn for a speedy                                                                recovery
      Mr. & Mrs. Irvin Balis                   recovery                   To Mrs. Ruth Balis for a speedy recovery             Mrs. Edith Blanck
         Mrs. Sylvia Schiff           Mr. & Mrs. William Meyers                    Mrs. Toni Guttman                  To Harriet Baskin in memory of
    Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Symons              Mrs. Toni Guttman                                                               her father, Samuel Miller
   Mr. & Mrs. William Meyers         Mr. & Mrs. Murry Knoblauch            To Richard Yashek for a speedy                 Mr. & Mrs. Gene Friedman
  Mrs. Hilde Gernsheimer & Fred            Mrs. Sue Wolfe                             recovery                                Mrs. Vivian Polter
               Jakobs                     Mrs. Edythe Stern                      Mrs. Toni Guttman                       Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Schlanger
      Mrs. Helen Rappoport                                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sherman
   Mr. & Mrs. Edward Jacobson       To Rae Rudnick on her special          To Joseph Schlanger for belated                      Mrs. Ruth Brok
                                             birthday                            birthday greetings                           Mrs. Toni Guttman
 To Hilda Feldman for a speedy       Mr. & Mrs. William Meyers                 Dr. & Mrs. Eric Zelnick                    Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Symons
           recovery                   Mr. & Mrs. Gene Friedman                                                                  Mrs. Sue Wolfe
        Mrs. Ruth Brok                                                    Congratulations to Dr. Stuart Cohn                   Mrs. Edythe Stern
                                   To Seymour Bloom in memory of             for conducting the Reading                      Mrs. Helen Rappoport
 To Clara Seymour for a speedy         his sister Annette Leifer                Symphony Orchestra                         Mr. & Mrs. Paul Isenberg
           recovery                        Mrs. Vivian Polter                Mr. & Mrs. Murry Knoblauch                    Mr. & Mrs. Lionel Asher
        Mrs. Ruth Brok                Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sherman                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Deutsch
        Mrs. Sue Wolfe                Mr. & Mrs. Gene Friedman            To Joseph Sherman in thinking of                            ?
       Mrs. Edythe Stern                                                        you with good wishes                   Kindly send Florence Frank
                                  In appreciation of greetings sent Joe        Dr. & Mrs. Eric Zelnick               Offering Fund contributions to Mrs.

Congregation joins MAZON partnership addressing hunger
   The Board of Trustees of Reform                 In MAZON's first 15 years, the                      organizations working to prevent and
Congregation Oheb Sholom has voted to           organization granted $23+ million to                   alleviate hunger.
join more than 800 synagogues                   nonprofit organizations confronting                        "Judaism teaches," according to Rabbi
nationwide in partnership with MAZON:           hunger in the United States, in Israel and             Brian I. Michelson, "the importance of
A Jewish Response to Hunger.                    in poor countries worldwide.                           sharing what we have with those who are
    MAZON, founded in 1985, is one of              In conjunction with its synagogue                   in need.
American Jewry's principal vehicles for         partners, Los Angeles-based MAZON                         “Becoming a Mazon partner
responding to the tragedy of hunger             ("food" in Hebrew) raises funds                        congregation helps us institutionalize this
worldwide.                                      principally by asking Jews to contribute               effort."
   Through MAZON, Jews support a vast           3% of the cost of their life cycle                        "We are delighted that Reform
network of food pantries, home -delivered       celebrations: weddings, b'nai mitzvah,                 Congregation Oheb Sholom has joined
meals programs, food banks, advocacy            anniversaries - every joyous                           Mazon as a partner, " said Executive
groups for the poor, multi-service              occasion. MAZON also conducts appeals                  Director H. Eric Schockman, Ph.
organizations offering food, shelter and        through its partner congregations during               D. "Support of Mazon gives modern
counseling and international relief and         the High Holy Days and Passover. Funds                 meaning and life to the ancient Jewish
development projects.                           raised are granted to nonprofit                        tradition of feeding the hungry, and we

                                                Mazel Tov to...
          Graham Gernsheimer, son of Jeffry and Jan Gernsheimer, Bar Mitzvah on April 20.
               Kaylin Sigal, daughter of Andrew and Sandy Siga, Bat Mitzvah on April 27.
          Bari Neugroschel, daughter of Randy and Esta Neugroschel, Bat Mitzvah on May 4.
                                              God's blessings to you all.
         7                                                  Our Temple

Support JCS during this critical time of need
By Sidney L. Symons                            and Muslims into our educational                 Your support for the Jewish
Chautauqua Chairman                            programs at all levels. JCS can introduce     Chautauqua Society will make a
   There are new religious realities in this   objective information about Muslims and       difference! It would be unfortunate if JCS
country. Since the Sept. 11 attacks, we        Jews into these courses as our Rabbis         would be forced to curtail these programs
have to recognize that our country is not      have been doing so well regarding             because of a lack of funds.
simply divided into Protestant, Catholic       Christian/Jewish relations. JCS lecturers          We have a great deal to do. Please
and Jew; but really into Christian, Muslim     are currently teaching full credit courses    allow us to move forward in 2002.
and Jewish. How will the JCS respond to        at secular colleges, universities, semin-        Send your contributions to: Jewish
this new framework? Clearly, we must           aries and theological institutions… and       Chautauqua Society, Dept. #60, PO Box
begin to integrate information about Jews      have requests for dozens more.                1000 Memphis, TN 38101-9978

From the Sea to the Mountain: The Essential Jewish Journey
   Mark your calendars and join in             will be with our children at Tot Shabbat     Jewish Community Center at 10 a.m. for a
welcoming Rabbi Paula Goldberg to              for a special story.                         light breakfast (cost $ 3 for JCC members,
RCOS the weekend of April 12-14.                  Saturday evening Havdalah, at 5 p.m.      $5 for non-members) and the last of Rabbi
   Friday, April 12 begins with our New        Rabbi Goldberg will present "Counting        Goldberg's presentations, "The Sinai
Member Shabbat dinner at 6:30 p.m.             the Days - Making Every Day Count"           Experience: Hearing the Word, Living the
followed by a service and Rabbi                followed by a Deli Supper. Cost for          Message".
Goldberg's message, "Jumping in with           supper is $7.50 per person. Call the            Rabbi Goldberg currently serves as the
Both Feet: the Individual and the              office with your reservation by Monday,      Rabbinic Scholar at Shir Ami in Newtown,
Community."                                    April 8.                                     Pa, coordinating and teaching Jewish
   Saturday at 10 a.m. Rabbi Goldberg             On Sunday join with others at the         Studies and Family Programming

                                                    Perpetual Memorials

                             April 5 -6                                                     Herman Bodenheimer
                          Henry Herman                                                           Jacob Weil
                         Bertha Goldsmith                                                      Sara Ada Cohn
                          Edward Miller                                                       Arthur Hammel
                         Anne Coopersmith                                                    Beatrice Hammel
                                                                                              Charles Hyman
                             April 12                                                        Herman Lightman
                       Amalie Schulhoff Feist                                                William A. Miller
                         J. Thomas Sher
                         Edard L. Berger                                                       May 3 and 4
                         Irma Camperlik                                                         Mary Isaacs
                          Olga S. Lurio                                                      Joseph Weinberg
                         Bertha Hammel                                                        Karl Camperlik
                        Louise C. Wolper                                                        Harry Stern
                        Sandel Bernheimer                                                     Ernestine Fisher
                                                                                             Helen P. Freedman
                              April 19
                          Ruth W. Frank
                         Ella L. Goldsmith
                        Hildegard Weinberg
                           Meyer Liefter
                              April 26
                                   Our Temple                                8

                      New Member Shabbat
                                  Do you know…..
                    Which new member moved from Rochester, N.Y.?
                   Who are the new members who just had a baby girl?
                         This new member is the mother of twins.
             Both husband and wife are doctors, but not practicing together.
           Who lives in Birdsboro, and their children attend Religious School?
Which new member is a nurse practitioner but at present likes being a homemaker and
                                   stay-at-home mom?
   Did you know that 18 family units have joined our Temple family so far this year?
 For all the answers as well as getting to meet our new members, attend New Member
Shabbat on Friday, April 12. There will be a catered chicken dinner at 6:30. followed by
Shabbat service at 7:45. with Scholar in Residence Rabbi Paula Goldberg. Let's fill the
                                Social Hall and sanctuary.
      9                                        Our Temple

      Help feed the hungry at festive season
 RCOS has been scheduled to work at the Kennedy House soup kitchen on Sunday, March 31. This is Easter
  Sunday and also falls during Passover. If you would like to work at the soup kitchen that day or if you are
interested in making a donation, please call Barbara Rosenzweig at 775-5383. We are asking for donations to
                 defray the cost of the special meal we would like to prepare for the holiday

                 Looking for some bakers
   Would you like to learn how to make a challah, how to make just the right
  braid? Iris Lonker has graciously agreed to bake our own challahs for our
Shabbat services. But she needs help. We are looking for some people to meet
  with Iris once a month in the Temple kitchen to bake challahs. Now is your
      chance to learn the fine art of challah making and a time to kibbitz.
           Call the Temple office to find out when the next challah making will take place.

                                   Please Support
                                   Our Advertisers!
                                                                                            Our Temple                                              10

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Affiliated with the Union of American Hebrew Congregations since 1907
                    555 Warwick Drive
                Wyomissing Hills, PA 19610
              610-375-6034, Fax: 610-375-6036

                     Brian I. Michelson, Rabbi
                 Alan G. Weitzman, Rabbi Emeritus
                                                                                                                                                 Non-Profit Organization
                EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                                                                              U.S. Postage
   Ellen Azrael.....................................................................
                                President                                                                                                        PAID
   Gene Friedman.................................................First Vice                                                                      Reading, PA
   Martin Beckerman.......................................Second Vice
   Gerald Sigal, Esq..............................................................                                                                   TIME VALUE
     Robert Bruck                       Bruce Cohen
                             Barbara Stein

                 BOARD OF TRUSTEES
Ted Aarons                    Harriet Baskin
Martin Beckerman              Amy W. Berger
Scott Bram                    Paul Cohn
Scott Davis                   Patricia Frankel, Esq.
Joseph Goldstein              Neil A. Hoffman M.D.
Nan Kurlancheek               Barbara Nazimov
James Rothstein               Howard Saidman
Sylvia Schiff                              Neal
Richard Schwartz              Jeffrey Sternlieb
Sue Viener                    Eric Zelnick

  Marshall Azrael.......................President of the Men’s Club
     Linda Bram............................................Sisterhood
  Alan Schlechter.........................................................Past
                                                                                       Bulletin published monthly, September through May. Items are due
                                                                                       no later than the 5th of the month prior to publication.

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