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					Electronic Portfolios
   Business Information
      Management 2
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 Portfolio        Hyperlink
 Electronic       Reflection
  Portfolio        Biography
 Concentration    Core  class
 Artifact         Elective class
 Dreamweaver
 Web Page
Key Terms
 Electronic Portfolio – a collection of key
  artifacts and assignments and reflections
  on assignments created in a digital format
  & stored digitally (for example on a CD)
 Portfolio – a collection of key
  assignments & artifacts stored in a folder,
  box, file, notebook, etc.
 Artifact – a piece of work completed in
  any class. It may be written text,
  audiovisual, or scanned.
Key Terms
   General Education Courses – required courses
    for all graduates.
   Concentration – area of study that is your
    special focus (Career Path)
   Reflection on Artifact – one or several
    paragraphs that accompany each artifact in your
    portfolio and provide your comments as to why
    the artifact was selected, how the piece
    demonstrates one or more core values, why new
    learning took place & how the pieces relates to
    the impact of your education & future.
Web Examples
   http://edweb.sdsu.edu/courses/edtec596r
    /students/Abrenica/Abrenica.html (Defines
What Is an Electronic Portfolio
   For educational purposes, the definition of
    a portfolio is a collection of student work
    over a period of time.
Why Create an Electronic Portfolio
 Traditional portfolios include files,
  boxes and or binders holding papers,
  cassettes, pictures, drawings would take
  up lots of space.
 Electronic portfolio stores information
  which can be easily stored in a computer
  hard drive , floppy disc, CD or other.
 Electronic portfolios not only take up
  little physical space, but can hold a great
  deal of information.
Why Create an Electronic Portfolio?
 http://www.yourstudentportfolio.com/why
 A Student Portfolio is important to high
  school students
       applying for a job
       during the college admissions and scholarship
        application process.
       to college students for career preparation and
        interviewing as well as graduate school
What to Include
   Exemplary Academic Work
   Experiential Learning: such as
    apprenticeships, field trips, special projects and
    employment. Upload and describe photos, job
    descriptions and completed projects which are
    then viewable through the online portfolio.
   Electronic Resume: The cover page of a
    student's portfolio provides a high level summary
    of a students achievements and an opportunity to
    make a great first impression. You can provide a
    personal vision statement, personal philosophy of
    leadership, academic and life goals, etc.
What to Include
   Reflections: Students can enter
    reflections on their learning into their
    online portfolio. Reflection doubles every
    learning opportunity and helps develop a
    deeper understanding of their total
    learning experience and the
    interconnections among academics,
    extracurricular, community service,
    hobbies, reading, college and career
What to Include
   Organization and Planning: Your student
    portfolio helps organize academic experiences and
   Our online student portfolio is organized:
       First, links are provided on every page for user definable
        achievement categories such as Academics, Community
        Service, Extracurricular, Athletics, etc.
       Second, organized by grade level (e.g. Freshman,
        Sophomore, Junior, Senior). Within these grade levels a
        student may record details about their particular courses
        and curriculum for that year.
       Third, an unlimited number of additional pages can be
        added including personals, hobbies, favorites, etc.
More Web Links - Samples
   http://www.cesa8.k12.wi.us/teares/sampl
Electronic Portfolio Assignment
 Use Dreamweaver to create a home page
 Create at least 4 additional pages and
  provide links from the home page to these
  pages (add background & text colors)
 Provide links to best assignments &
 Pages should be well designed and
 Include pictures and graphics
This Assignment Will Be Continuous
 You will be adding data and artifacts
  throughout this school year.
 You may bring a CD on which to store
  your portfolio
Suggestions: Include the following
   Resume, Excel
    portfolio, best projects
   Reflections on events
    or projects
   College & Career
   Web links: Princeton
    Review, colleges,
    employment websites
   Personal: favorite
    sites, hobbies,
   Much more
Major Grade

    Update Your E-Portfolio
    Each Six Weeks Period
Have Fun
   This is your creation!

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