; Sean Sanger_ ASLA - LEED_ AP Principal résumés
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Sean Sanger_ ASLA - LEED_ AP Principal résumés


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									                                      résumés   ·   Sean Sanger, ASLA, LEED AP

                                                Sean Sanger, ASLA - LEED, AP

                                                Sean Sanger brings over twenty years of experience to the Copley
                                                Wolff Design Group team. He has managed projects from sche-
                                                matic design through construction documentation, has supervised
                                                support staff, written specifications, provided construction obser-
                                                vation, coordinated consultant work, reviewed and coordinated ir-
                                                rigation drawings on projects, aided with funding opportunities,
                                                and prepared presentation and document graphics.

Employment                                      Sean served as a key member in the completion of CWDG’s Central
Copley Wolff Design Group                       Artery/Tunnel Surface Restoration project in Downtown Boston.
2002 - Present
                                                His work on the Surface Restoration project was comprised of
                                                the northernmost section that included the design of Portal Park.
Copley/Wolff Joint Venture
2000 - 2001                                     In addition, Sean served as the project manager for the Central
Senior Landscape Architect                      Artery/Tunnel’s Wharf District Parks in downtown Boston, MA and
Ratio Architects                                the Camden Waterfront Park in Camden, NJ.
1995 - 2000
Landscape Architect, Associate
                                                Sean was the project manager for the University of Connecticut’s
Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf Inc.
                                                North Dining Facility in Storrs, CT, and the Worcester Trial Court
1990 - 1995
Landscape Architect, Associate                  in Worcester, MA. Security and inclusive accessibility through
Glatting Lopez Kercher Anglin, Inc.             landscape design has been stressed throughout the design for
1985 - 1990                                     the Worcester Trial Court facility.
Landscape Architect, Associate
Crose-Gardner and Associates                    Sean has also served as project manager on the Putnam Square
1984                                            renovation project for the Eagle Hill Civic Association in East Boston,
Office Assistant
                                                MA, the historic Wilcox Park in Westerly, RI for which he prepared
Registration                                    an award-winning master plan, and the Salesian Boys and Girls Club
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
No. 1348, Landscape Architect                   in East Boston. After conducting a series of community meetings,
State of Indiana                                Sean completed the BallardVale Master Plan in Andover, MA.
No. LA29500015, Landscape Architect
                                                In addition, Sean was the project manager for the rehabilitation
State of Florida
No. LA0001198, Landscape Architect              plan for the Olmsted-designed Blackstone and Franklin Square
CLARB                                           Parks in the South End of Boston, MA .
No. 6042, Landscape Architect

Iowa State University, 1984
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
                                              résumés   · Sean Sanger

                      Sean Sanger, ASLA

Professional Affiliations                                University/Recreation                    Hotel/Retail/Restaurant
American Society of                                     Northern Kentucky University Sports      Compri Hotel - Orlando, FL
    Landscape Architects                                Complex Master Plan                      Radisson Inn - Orlando, FL
Friends of the Boston Harbor Islands                    Indiana Wesleyan Sports Complex          Vista Centre Restaurants - Orlando, FL
                                                        Master Plan
                                                                                                 Rick’s Boatyard -Indianapolis, IN
                                                        Indiana State University Historic
Professional Development                                Quad                                     Miscellaneous
Nature Conservancy Prairie Burn
                                                        Indiana University Recreation Facility   Washington Street Streetscape
Indianapolis Clean City Design
                                                        Indiana University Foundation            Indiana Law Enforcement and
                                                        DePauw Student Union                          Fire Fighters Memorial
PGA Golf Marshall
                                                        DePauw Fine Arts Site Selection          Logansport City Park Competition
RCA Championship Volunteer
                                                        University of Southern Indiana           Second Presbyterian Church
IN Children’s Museum Haunted House
                                                        Student Housing                          North United Methodist Church
Humane Society’s County Fair
                                                        Indiana University Law School                 Design Competition
White River Clean-up
                                                        Museum                                   United Northwest Association
Charles River Clean Up
                                                        The Children’s Museum of                      Corridor Improvements
NEWCAC - North End Waterfront Central Artery
Committee                                               Indianapolis                             The Village of West Clay
Citizen Schools Apprentice Program                           Large Format Theater                     New Town public spaces
Old West Church Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator       The Children’s Museum of                 Indianpolis Motor Speedway
                                                        Indianapolis Ritchey Woods               Control Tower
NEWRA - North End / Waterfront Residents Association
                                                        Indiana State Museum                     Intech Business Park
Recent Projects                                         Conner Prairie Amphitheater              Brown County Public Library
Central Artery/Tunnel Wharf District Parks                                                       Private Residence - Indianapolis
Central Artery/Tunnel Surface Restoration                                                        BallardVale Master Plan
                                                        Wishard Memorial Hospital Clinic
Central Artery/Tunnel Surface Restoration -             - 38th and Post
     Portal Park                                        Wishard Memorial Hospital Clinic
Wilcox Park                                             - 25th and Arlington
Putnam Square Renovation                                Sandcrest Family Medical Center
Salesian Boys and Girls Club                            Rampart Professional Center
University of Connecticut Dining Hall                   North Park Health Center
Worcester Trial Court
                                                        Multi-Family Housing
Blackstone and Franklin Squares
Camden Waterfront Park
                                                        Post Crossing - Boynton Beach, FL
The Commons Playground
                                                        Post Crossing - Pompano Beach, FL
Corporate/Office                                         Post Cove - Daytona Beach, FL
Eli Lilly & Company Corporate Center                    Trammel Crow Vinings at Eagle
National FFA Center                                     Creek, IN
Emmis Broadcasting                                      Oxford - Ft. Myers, FL
Zeta Tau Alpha National                                 Recreation
                                                        Broadmoor Country Club -
The American College of Sports                          Clubhouse area
                                                        Prairies View Golf Club - Clubhouse
Telco Credit Union Corporate                            area
                                                        Woodstock Country Club -
United Presidential Life Insurance                      Clubhouse addition
Corporate Headquaters
                                                        Riverside Aquatic Center
                                                        Victory Field
                                                        Fairgrounds Road - Bike Path
                                                        Old South Road - Bike Path

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