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									Novell, MnSCU,
      Today’s Topic

Student / Faculty / Parent Portals
          Novell exteNd

• What is Novell exteNd
• System requirements
• Installation
 Creating your first portal
•Q & A
                Business dilemma

Your Business    Employees   Partners    B2B   Customers

Leverage existing systems

                      Web                            Web
                    services                       services

                                        Business Process Management
        exteNd Composer                 XML Integration Services
        Screen Connect         Logic Connect       Data Connect

          3270, 5250             CICS/RPC,           SAP, EDI,
        Telnet, Tandem         JMS/MQ Series        XML, JDBC
        HP/3000, HTML
Deliver to Any User or Device

         JSP        Portlets          Servlets         .NET          Java Client

          exteNd Director           Transcoding User Profiling Content mgmt.

                  Bus. Rules   Workflow       Search     Caching         WebDav
                           Web                                  Web
                         services                             services

                         exteNd Composer
               Business Process Management XML Integration Services
         High Productivity

                                exteNd Director
                         Interaction & Portal Services Application Services
   exteNd                        Web                             Web
Visual Development             services                        services

                               exteNd Composer
                     Business Process Management XML Integration Services
Open, Standards-based Foundation

 J2EE                                     exteNd Director
                                   Interaction & Portal Services Application Services
 Novell      exteNd                        Web                             Web
          Visual Development             services                        services
                                         exteNd Composer
 Sun                           Business Process Management XML Integration Services
                            Novell Nsure


           Nsure                         Single Sign-On

J2EE                                 exteNd Director
Novell         exteNd
            Visual Development      User Profiling & Policy
Sun                                 exteNd Composer
                                 Access & Identity Synchronization
     What is exteNd Director?

• A cross-platform web-based service delivery

• Provides single point of access for web &
other resources

• Provides web-based single sign-on

• Available in Enterprise or Standard
exteNd Standard 4.1 Key Features

 • Identity-based content & management
     –Roles, Membership

 • Dynamic Groups
    –Membership based on attributes

 • Self and delegated management
    –User customization
    –Content assignment
exteNd Standard 4.1 Key features

• Communities
   –Self / Delegated management
exteNd Standard 4.1 Key features

• Alta Vista Search
   –Search results restricted based on

• Standards based
   –Java / J2EE

   –Appearance & Settings
          Directory Integration

Who you are in the
directory matters!!

All assignments are
based on user,
groups, containers…
even attributes
Directory Integration
     exteNd Standard Gadgets

• Portal content provided by ‘Gadgets’

• exteNd Standard provides a broad set
of collaboration and integration gadgets
 System Gadgets included with
System           HTML (SSO enabled)
Authentication   RSS
Shortcut         Self-Registration
PortalStats      iFrame (SSO enabled)
Portal Admin     User Admin
Password Mgmt    XML Remote
Application Gadgets included with
       exteNd Standard
Applet           Stock
 - SSO-enabled    - Portfolio
Citrix            - Ticker
 - SSO-enabled   Network Files
Weather           - SSO Enabled
News              - NT/NetWare
Phonebook         - iFolder
Collaboration Gadgets included with
        exteNd Standard
POP3/IMAP          JDBC Database
 - SSO-enabled     Community
GroupWise           - Chat
 - SSO-enabled      - Discussions
 -Inbox/Calendar    - Calendar
Lotus Notes         - Documents
 - SSO-enabled      - Messages
 - SSO-enabled
             exteNd Standard 4.1

Browser-based tools
Admin Tools
  – Portal Administration
  – User Admin
  – Self Admin

Stylesheet Builder
  – Generate themes with
    no XML coding
  – Quickly build and test
    new looks and
             exteNd Standard 4.1

  – Professional Skin Designs
     • Clean looks, java script,
       flash, and more.
  – Hierarchy
     • Easier navigation and
       more content in the
  – Drag-and drop layout
  – User Pages – Let users build their own!
  – ‘Safe’ personalization with admin-defined limits
            exteNd Standard 4.1

Portal ‘Commander’
  – ‘Miniature Menu’ is
    like a quicklaunch
    bar for your portal
  – Keeps portal session
  – Allows user to close
    the ‘big window’
    exteNd Standard Communities

Communities are designed to help people share
information. They are designed for end-users
and provide three ways to share information.
  exteNd Standard Communities

Public: Anyone can see and or join the

Restricted: Membership is requested and
approved by community owners.

Private: Users must be invited and accept the
invitation to join.
     exteNd Standard Communities

These Community types provide excellent
flexibility in membership and fully allow end-
users to create, manage, and delete
communities without the involvement of IS&T.
        Community Features

What can you do in a community?

Communities may provide six different
functions for the members they serve.
These functions can be configured by the
community owners and changed at
anytime. They include the following:
           Community Features

News       Simple news post area for community
           admins to post news.
Links      Community bookmark gadget for URLs.
Discussion Threaded discussions on topics that the
           community decides.
Calendar   A common shared calendar for community
           related events.
Chat       Chat with active community users
File       Upload and download common files.
        Community Features

These functions are selected at community
creation time and are available to the
community administrators to modify and
update as the community needs.
                Search Features

AltaVista In-the-Box
  –   Leading search provider
  –   Multiple language support
  –   Multiple platforms
  –   Introduced in SP2 – with rights
       based search now being added.
             Search Features

Index Solution Scenario
  – Dynamic association of classified indexes
    (content directories) to portal
    users/containers/portal groups

  – Easy to follow search interfaces, with
    simple and advanced options.
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   Novell exteNd
System requirements

 exteNd Standard Requirements

Operating Systems:
• Red Hat Linux 7
• Windows 2000 Server SP2
• Windows NT 4.0 Server SP6
• Netware 5 sp3
• Netware 6
• Solaris
 exteNd Standard Requirements

Java Versions:
• 1.2.2 with LDAP/JNDI
• 1.3.x
• 1.4.x

Tip: Always use the JDK version for
your server OS if available
   exteNd Standard Requirements

Web Server:
• Novell Enterprise Server 5.10

• Microsoft IIS 4.0/5.0

• Apache 1.3.14

• Apache 2

• iPlanet App Server w/servlet engine
  exteNd Standard Requirements

Application Server:
• Apache Foundation – Tomcat 3.2 / 4.0

• IBM WebSphere 4

• iPlanet App Server w/servlet engine
  exteNd Standard Requirements

LDAP v3 Directory:
• NDS eDirectory 8.5 or 8.6.1
   exteNd Standard Requirements

Web Browser:
• Internet Explorer 4.01 or greater

• Netscape Communicator 4.5

• iPlanet App Server w/servlet engine
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Up next…

Novell exteNd
    exteNd Standard Installation

Several different install scenarios
available – server side and client side

Most common:
  – Install from a Windows workstation
  – Make sure install PC has the Sun
  JDK 1.3 installed
    exteNd Standard Installation

Basic Steps
1. In Windows Explorer, locate the WAR
    file and double-click
2. Copy to your App Server
3. Provide required install data
   • Address of web server/app. server
   • LDAP server information
   • Container to place objects in, etc.
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    Novell exteNd
Creating your first portal
    Creating your first Portal

Three basic steps:
  1. Create and Assign a ‘Theme’
      - Look and feel
  2. Create and Assign pages
      - Organization
  3. Assign and configure Gadgets
      - Content
       Portal Administration

Login to the portal as Admin

 Address for new install:

 Address for NetWare 6 install:
Launch Portal Admin
Launch Portal Admin
            Create a Theme

1. Click on the Themes link on the left

2. Select the Create option

3. Fill out the fields

4. Choose a Portal Look or ‘Skin’
Launch Portal Admin
             Create a Theme

Choose a Portal Look or ‘Skin’
   Many themes are included
   Unique looks (personalization) for
   different groups/users are achieved by
   using multiple themes

    Employees, Citizens, Contractors
    Faculty, Students, Alumni
   exteNd Standard 4.1

                    • Choose your
Picture Here          appearance
exteNd Standard 4.1

               • Choose your
Picture Here     appearance
exteNd Standard 4.1

               • Choose your
Picture Here     appearance
exteNd Standard 4.1

               • Choose your
Picture Here     appearance
exteNd Standard 4.1

               • Choose your
Picture Here     appearance
         Assign the Theme

Assign the theme to users, groups,
   containers, dynamic groups, etc.

To get started, assign your theme at the
   ‘Organization’ level
Launch Portal Admin
Launch Portal Admin
            Create a Page

•   Pages are used to organize content
    or ‘Gadgets’

•   Create a Page by click on the Pages
    link on the left side of the Portal
    Admin window

•   Click ‘Create’ under general options
Launch Portal Admin
Launch Portal Admin
     Add Content to the Page

•   At the ‘Page Saved’ window, click on

•   Click on Add under ‘Gadget
Launch Portal Admin
     Add Content to the Page

•   Select iFrame from the list, then click

•   Enter ‘Home Page’ for Display

•   Click on the ‘Edit’ link next to ‘Wizard
    to help specify…’
      Add Content to the Page

•   In the iFrame Viewer fill out:
      URL: http://www.novell.com
      Height: 600
      Width: 600

•   Click ‘Update’ to preview

•   Click ‘Finish’
       Add Content to the Page

•   At the ‘Gadget Assignment’ window:
    Click ‘Continue’

•   At the ‘Edit a Page’ window:
    Click ‘Save’
Launch Portal Admin
Launch Portal Admin
Launch Portal Admin
            Assign the Page

Choose the Assign option to assign the
   page to the Organization, as you did
   with the Theme object earlier
Assign the Page
            View Your Portal!

1. Logout from the Admin tool

2. Logout of the Portal

3. Login as a user!

What does a finished portal look like?
 - Here is our Portal at Novell
What does a finished portal look like?
We’ll examine three:
 - MHEC ‘FirstLook’
     •   A sample portal you can login to
     •   Content clipping, email, file access, Citrix
         integration and more
     •   SSO-enabled
     •   You can login and test it yourself!
 - Novell eLogin
 - The Novell i-Login Portal
An example of Content Clipping
Done using the HTML Gadget
• Not good on Framed pages
• May cause problems with
    – Use iFrame for these!
•   Nice to add in ‘legacy’ content, or
    to pull (legal!) external content in
        Login to FirstLook!
1. Go to
2. Login as:
  •   User: MHEC1
  •   Password: ENTHYDB5
3. Explore!
           Novell eLogin
1. Go to http://www.novell.com
2. Choose ‘My Novell’
  - Create an account if you don’t have
3. Login
4. Visit the Support link
5. Check out the hold times!
Data from a Telnet
 brought in with
exteNd Composer
         • Novell internal initiative started in 1999
         • The Goals:

         1. Use our own (and other vendors!)
            products to transform Novell into a Net-
            centric company

Skip i-Login Slides
         2. Deliver ALL services:
                 - From ‘Day Zero’ of employee start date
                 - As web-based resources, requiring only a
                 - Relevant to role within the organization
         - Major Initiatives from the CIO:
                 - eNlightened Workforce
                 - eBusiness Lifestyle
                 - eQuipped Workforce

Skip i-Login Slides
Role- and Identity-Specific
Address Book – Novell eGuide
Printing – Novell iPrint
File Access – Novell iFolder
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After Q & A:
   Rob from MHEC

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