Demography is Destiny

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					Demography is Destiny
How Aging, Racial and Ethnic Diversity,
evolving Gender Relations, and
Immigration are Changing Everything

    Open Classroom
    January-April 2011

    Prof. Barry Bluestone
    Prof. John Sarvey
Sociological Issues
   The reshaping of the American Family

   Impact of demographic change on the nature of urban

   Generational Differences in Culture (e.g. Baby boomers
    vs. Gen X vs. Millennials)

   The impact of demography on Urban Space

   The impact of demographic change on visual space

   The impact of demographic change in public schools
Economic Issues
   “Who’s Going to do the Work?” Implications of an aging
    workforce on future employment levels and unemployment

   Role of older workers/”encore careers” in the workforce

   Impact of immigration on employment opportunity

   Need to retain and attract young workers to fill jobs and pay
    taxes (“Third Civil War”)

   Impact of aging on Social Security and health care finance

   Impact of aging on public sector pension programs

   Changing racial and ethnic composition and impact on jobs and
    the economy
Political Issues

 Impact of aging on elections

 Impact of changing racial, ethnic, and gender
  composition on elections

 Impact of changing racial, ethnic, and gender
  composition of elected officials
Demographic Change and Culture
Impact of demographic change on:
   Language
   Music
   Films
   Theater
   Art
   Literature
   Television
   Internet
   Facebook/Tweeter
International Affairs

 The role of demographics in explaining economic
  growth and political power in developed and
  developing countries

 Zero Population Growth (ZPG)/ Club of Rome
   Too much population growth?
   Too little population growth?
Week 1 – January 13
Demographic Change: From the Family to the
World Barry Bluestone; John Sarvey

   Family
   Community/Neighborhood
   Workplace
   School
   City
   State
   Nation
   World
Week 2 – January 19
What’s Happening to the American Family?
Kathryn Edin (Harvard) Kenneth Johnson (UNH)

 Changing role of men and women
 Changing family structure
 Changing Face of America’s Children
  and Impact on the Economy and
 How the concept of “Home and
  Hearth” may be changing
 Generational Change
Week 3 – January 26
Prismatic Communities Richard Chacon (MA
Office of Refugees & Immigrants); Mary Waters

 The New Demographics of our
  Immigrant Population

 Immigration & Intergroup Relations
Week 4 – February 2
The Changing American Workplace: Part I
Osborne Jackson (NU); Robert Triest (Boston Fed)

 Changing Role of Women in the workplace
 Changing Role of Minorities in the
 The Impact of Demographic Change on U.S.
  Labor Markets
 Impact of Immigration on job opportunity
 Changing culture due to generational shifts
Week 5 – February 9
The Changing American Workplace: Part II
Joe Quinn (Boston College); Phyllis Segal (Civic

 Impact of demographic change on
  employment and unemployment
 Impact of demographic change on
  Social Security and Retirement
 Role of Older Workers & Encore
 Role of Younger Workers
Week 6 – February 16
Demographic Change and our Public Schools
John Logan (Brown University)

 Changing racial/ethnic
  composition of urban and
  suburban schools
 Geography of Educational
Week 8 – February 23
Visualizing the Evolving American City
Johanna Londono (NU);
Peter Vandervarker (Photographer)

 Demographics and the Changing
  visual appearance of the cities and
March 2 – Spring Break
Week 7 – March 9
A Future for Older Industrial Cities?
Dan Okrent (Journalist); Teresa Lynch (ICIC)

 The Aging of Cities
 Impact of growing income and
  wealth inequality on city life
 Detroit: A Case Study
Week 9 – March 16
Will Demographics Bankrupt Massachusetts?
Alan Clayton-Matthews (NU); Alicia Sasser (Boston

 “Third Civil War” – Competition for
  young workers and families
 Domestic In-migration
 Impact of aging population on
  revenues and public spending
 Public Pension Crisis
Week 10 – March 23
Demographic Change, Politics, and Culture

 Impact of immigration, aging, and
  racial/ethnic change on elections,
  politics, and policy

 Demography and National Security

 Impact of demographic change on
  culture (e.g. language, music, film,
  theater, art, literature, TV, internet)
Week 11 – March 30
Can America Afford an Aging Society?
Deborah Banda (AARP)

 Impact of aging population on Social

 Impact of aging population on health
  care financing
Week 12 – April 6
Demographic Change and the Affluence of
Nations Martin Whyte (Harvard)

 Impact of demographic change on
   Japan – the Geriatric Society
   China and India – Racing with the
    population bomb
   Russia – Population decline and its
   Western Europe – The impacts of
Week 13 – April 13
Population Growth and National Stability
Larry Lowenthal; Denis Sullivan (NU)

 Israel & the Middle East
 Population Growth in Egypt
 The Environment/Population roots of
  instability and violence

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