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ACORN Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now Statement from Margaret Williams Board Member Maryland ACORN September 10 2009 Fox’s attempt to smear ACORN Thursday September 10 2

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Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now

Statement from Margaret Williams, Board Member, Maryland ACORN September 10, 2009
Fox’s attempt to smear ACORN Thursday September 10, 2009 is despicable, part of a coordinated, long-term campaign by Fox to damage ACORN, the premiere community organization of low- and moderate-income people in the United States. Every day ACORN members are working for health care reform, living wage jobs, to end the foreclosure crisis, and to strengthen our public schools. For its part, Fox is running a campaign to demonize ACORN. They will get attention, but they will not succeed. In July 2009, Fox agents attempted to enter ACORN offices in New York, in Philadelphia, in San Diego, in Los Angeles, and possibly other locales. In each case they were turned away, and in Philadelphia ACORN staff were concerned enough that a police report was filed. In Baltimore, the Fox squad deceived ACORN staff by consistently misrepresenting their intentions. No tax returns were filed and no assistance was provided. But the ACORN personnel in question have been terminated because their handling of the Fox agents provocateurs did not meet ACORN’s standards of professionalism. The larger pattern of Fox’s irresponsible actions here is the real news. From Glenn Beck calling President Obama a racist, to Fox inciting racism and threats of violence with the Teaparties, to Fox unleashing a hit job on ACORN the day after an inspiring Presidential healthcare speech before Congress, Fox has long since abandoned any journalistic pretense. It is clear and not coincidence that FOX continues to attack and divide our nation along racial lines. We believe our country is beyond this type of attack and call on all Americans to demand that FOX stop its racist coverage.

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