Elder tea year two

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					                                Elder Tea
                             Tuesday, May 10

                        The Interview/Biography

1. Choose an elder (an adult, over the age of 50, who has had an influence on

2. Plan to interview your elder. Set up a time. Plan questions in advance. Take
   notes. Record your interview, if possible (audio tape, video tape, and e-
   mail are great ways to get a word-for-word account of the interview).

3. Take the information you gather and write a biography on your elder. The
   biography should be at least 8 paragraphs, including an introduction and

4. Put your biography into a book. Plan and design a terrific cover, complete
   with pictures.

First draft of biography:      Due April 3 typed
Second draft of biography:     Due April 10 typed
Final copy:                    Due April 24 typed

Have your parents read Elder Tea packet and sign below:

Parent Signature________________________________________
                              DUE: April 28

       Your dedication page is simply a statement where you dedicate your book to your
       elder. Example:
       I dedicate this book to Grandpa Tom, the best grandpa a guy could ever have!

                               DUE: April 28th
In addition to your biography, your book will include a tribute to your elder. This can one
of the following:

Writing piece (one page):

        Write about a special time(s) that you and your elder shared together

       Write a bio-poem about your elder
       Make an acrostic about your elder

        Create a collage that represents your elder
        Create portrait of your elder
                       THE INTERVIEW
You may use any or all of the following questions as well as any you create! Have fun!

    Where have you lived?
    How many are in your family?
    What was school like for you?
    What was your favorite subject?
    Did you have a favorite teacher(s)?
    Who has influenced you through the years?
    How have people influenced you?
    What did you do for fun as a child?
    What inventions have you seen evolve over the years?
    Describe some sad, happy and exciting times during your life.

      What was your first car?
      What was the hardest thing to go through in your life?
      Who was your favorite president?
      Were you close to your parents?
      Do you remember how it was when my mom/dad was born?
      Do you remember how it was when I was born?
      Were your parents strict? How?
      What are you most proud of?
      Did you come from a poor or rich family?
      Did you have to work hard to obtain the money you needed?
      What was the world like when you were born? Growing up?
      Do you regret anything significant in your life?
      Describe a tragic point in your life.
      Any embarrassing moments?
      Are you happy with the choices you’ve made in life?
      If you could change on thing in your life, what would it be? Why?
      Were you afraid of anything?
      Did you ever play an instrument?
      Did you ever have any accidents or broken bones?
                   Elder Tea Checklist

 March 17: Ask an elder, set up an interview date and time
  between 3/20 and 3/31 and tell him/her about the “Tea” on
  May 10

 March 24: Must submit a list of interview questions by this

 March 31: Complete your interview by this date and bring it
  to class

 April 3: Typed, first draft due

 April 3-7: Revise & edit with Mrs. Levy & parent volunteers

 April 10: Second draft due (please hand in early if you are
  going on vacation early)

 April 10-14 Revise & edit with Mrs. Levy & parent volunteers

 April 24-27: Work on Tribute

 April 28: Tribute due

 May 1-3: Work on Speech (we will practice in class)

 May 4: Speech due in class

 May 5: FINAL elder book due bound with cover and back
  page: This is how the book will be presented.

 May 10: ELDER TEA
         How to Put the Elder Tea Booklet Together

                               DEDICATION                 Tribute
                                      I                   I chose to
      COVER                       dedicate                honor my papa
A BEAUTIFUL LIFE…                 this book               for Elder Tea
    JOHN SMITH                   to the best              because he
(picture if possible)          grandpa in the             has had a big
                                    world:                influence on
                                Papa Smith                my life by….
                                  Page 1                         Page 2

    Biography                              Patient
      It was a sunny day                   Always there
    in June when John                      Playful
    Smith entered this                     Awesome
    world. The birds
    were singing, flowers                       Page 6
         Pages 3-5                              (poem)

           Precious Moment                      Picture collage
         I will never forget
         the time Papa Smith
         took me fishing at
         Lake Warner in
               Page 7                                Page 8
              optional                             ( optional)

PARENTS: This year, the tribute page will be a poem, which we will do in
class. Please ignore the above requirements.

HOWEVER: your child can do as MUCH as they would like to.

The requirements are :
2.dedication page
3. tribute poem

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