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					                      GEOGRAPHY QUESTIONS
What is the location? What is the climate? What are the physical
features? How did the people adapt to their environment? What is the
wildlife? What is the vegetation?

                        SOCIAL QUESTIONS
How do the people get along with each other? What is their family life?
What do they do for fun? What is the education? How are marriages set
up? What is the role of woman? What is important? What is the music,
artwork, crafts, dance, literature of the people?

                         POLITICAL QUESTIONS
What is the form of government? Who runs the government? How are
leaders brought into office? What rules are followed? How much are the
people a part to the government and what goes on? What happens to those
who go against the ways of the government?

                        ECONOMIC QUESTIONS
What are the jobs? How do people make a living? Is there equal pay? What
do people spend their money on? How do people get housing? Is there a
social system?

                            BELIEF QUESTIONS
What values do people believe in? Is there a religion? Are people
monotheistic or polytheistic? Is there national pride?

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