Universal Rubric IB + 6 v3REV-1-1 by tmccabe524


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                     6 - Self-Initiating                   5        4 - Mostly Independent                     3       2 - Needs Teacher Support                    1

             • Explicit memorable words make                   • Functional language makes message                 • Words create no clear message
             message clear                                     reasonably clear                                    • Words are misused or not meaningful
             • Writer knows the language of the                • Writer familiar with language of content          • Writer consistently chooses words or
             content area-uses it with skill and ease          area uses most terms correctly                      phrases that do not speak to the reader
             • Powerful verbs give writing energy              • Occasional strong verbs or just right
             • Text free of wordiness, jargon, tired           phrases
             phrases, vague language                           • Wordiness, jargon, and vague language a
             •Varies Word Choice                               problem

             • Relevant, quality details give the              • Clear, focused, explicit thesis                   • Random thoughts combined with popular
             reader important information that goes            • Writer pulls info from multiple sources           belief
             beyond the obvious or predictable                 • Accurate, relevant, helpful support gives         • Reader can vaguely understand an emerging
                                                               weight to main idea                                 thesis
                                                                                                                   • Evidence/Support not helpful
                                                                                                                   • Ideas are foggy (no land in sight)

             •                                                 •                                                   •
             •                                                 •                                                   •
             •                                                 •                                                   •
             •An inviting introduction draws the               • The paper has a recognizable introduction         • No real lead to set up what follows, no real
             reader in. A satisfying conclusion leaves         and conclusion. The intro may not create a          conclusion to wrap things up
             the reader with a sense of closure.               strong sense of anticipation; the conclusion        • Paragraphing is attempted but may run
             • Paragraphs are constructed in a way             may not tie up all loose ends.                      together or begin in the wrong place.
             that underscores and enhances the                 • Paragraphing is sound and reinforces the          • Ideas overlap in multiple paragraphs
             meaning, length may vary.                         organizational structure.                           • Transitions missing, puzzling, or not
             • Transitions clarify significant                 • Transitions provide important connections         attempted
             connections between and within                    between paragraphs
             paragraph, give the piece cohesiveness.

              • Sentences are constructed in a way             • Sentences are clear, direct and to the            • Even if this piece were flawlessly edited,
             that underscores and enhances the                 point                                               the sentences would not hang together, a
             meaning                                           • Varied length and structure add interest          massive jumble of language.
             • Sentences vary in length as well as             • Dialogue, if present, sounds natural              • Many sentences begin the same way and
             structure                                                                                             may have the same patterns
             •Fragments, if used, add style                                                                        • Confusing structure, demands re-reading
                                                                                                                   • You can read it if you are patient (and

             • Punctuation is accurate, even creative          • Punctuation is accurate                           • Spelling errors are frequent even in
             and guides the reader through the text,           • Thorough understanding and consistent             common words
             enhances meaning                                  application of capitalization skills                • Capitalization is random and only the
                                                               • Applies taught spelling patterns and uses         easiest of instances show awareness of
                                                               appropriate resources to correctly spell            correct use

             • Piece begs to be read                           • Reader can sense the writer’s effort              • Voice just missing
             • Confident tone reflects knowledge,              • Writer speaks to readers, and then                • No voice or voice decidedly inappropriate.
             inspires the reader’s trust.                      retreats behind lists or facts.                     • The writer is not present in this writing.
             • Passionate, vibrant, electric, compelling       • Confidence appears in spurts, reflects            • Writer does not know or like the topic –
             • As individual as fingerprints                   variable knowledge of subject.                      writing just to get it done
                                                               • Enthusiastic moments encourage readers
                                                               to hang on.




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