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2011 USTA Northern Community Tennis Grant Application



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									                         2011 Community Tennis Grant

USTA Northern is committed to promoting tennis at the local level. To that end, USTA Northern offers
grants to help initiate or expand community tennis activities. All proposals that demonstrate a plan to
promote and develop the growth of tennis are considered. Please be creative in your requests and contact
USTA Northern if you have questions. Grants submitted to USTA Northern are sent through the Grants
Committee for review. The committee’s long-term goal is to help programs become self-sufficient.
Therefore, grants are non-renewable. Community Tennis Grants are based on need and awarded based on
availability. Funding amounts typically range from $250 - $3,000 in a calendar year, depending on size of the
organization and scope of the project.

The mission of USTA Northern is to promote and develop the growth of tennis. We measure success
through: participation, retention, customer service/partnerships, diversity, membership, and awareness. Two
Community Tennis Grant types are available:
Project/Program Funds for a specific program or project promoting the growth and development of
Support              tennis. Funding priorities include:
                           Team-based Tennis Program Development: After-school teams, USTA Jr. Team
                             Tennis, USTA League Tennis, Tennis on Campus, etc.
                           New Play Formats: QuickStart format for ages 10 & under, innovative
                             adult/junior tournaments, Tri-Level Adult Leagues, etc.
Capacity             Funds available to improve organizational effectiveness and performance through sound
Building             management, board development, and a persistent rededication to achieving results.
                     Requests might include funding for: starting or restructuring a CTA/NJTL Chapter,
                     training and education of staff/volunteers, website development, developing strategic
                     partnerships, etc.

The following guidelines will be helpful in determining eligibility and preparing your application:
    All grant applications MUST be typed. All other submissions will be sent back to the applicant.
    Checks may NOT be made payable to individuals. Individuals may submit grant requests under the
       umbrella of a non-profit sponsoring organization with a Federal Tax ID Number. USTA Northern will
       work with unincorporated Community Tennis Association’s to draft articles of incorporation, bylaws,
       and seek legal consulting as needed.
    The sponsoring organization must be or become a USTA organizational member prior to receiving
       funding. Call 1-800-990-USTA or visit to purchase an
       ORGANIZATIONAL membership. In addition, applying CTA’s, NJTL Chapters and Park & Recreation
       agencies must have a current registration on file with USTA.
    USTA Northern does not provide general operating support for running tennis programs. Participant
       fees should be charged according to your market. Applicant must show plan for financial sustainability
       in future years (i.e. gradual increase of participant fees).

      The program must agree to an on-site visit by a grant evaluator and the program must return a year-
       end accountability report.
      This grant does not fund capital projects. If you seek funding for tennis court construction,
       maintenance or fixed amenities, please visit for information on Public Facility
       Assistance or contact Becky at 952-358-3291.

          Application Deadline:                     Notification of Committee Decision:
          December 31, 2010                         January 31
          February 28, 2011                         March 31
          April 15, 2011                            May 16
          August 15, 2011                           September 15

If you need assistance in completing your proposal, please contact us. Once completed, please
email, fax, or mail application form to:

                                              USTA Northern
                                           Attn: Becky Cantellano
                                       1001 W. 98th Street, Suite 101
                                          Bloomington, MN 55431
                                             Fax : 952-887-5061
                               Phone: 952-358-3291 or 800-536-6982 ext.121

Looking for an electronic version of this application form ? Email Becky or visit to
download an application that allows you to type in the form fields.

                       2010 Community Tennis Grant
                               Cover Sheet

Organization Name:
USTA Organizational Membership #:          (see grant guidelines for enrollment info)
Contact Person:             Position with Organization:
Work Phone:                 Home Phone:                   Email Address:
Name of Person Completing This Form (if different than above contact person):
Phone:              Email Address:
Name of Program/League (if different than organization name):

Make Check Payable To: Grant checks must be made payable to a non-profit organization with a Federal
Tax ID Number. Individuals must partner with a sponsoring organization to receive funding.

Organization Name:                     Tax ID Number:
Mailing Address:                       City:       State:           Zip:

Please give a summary of grant request (two to three sentences):
Population served:        (Number of participants, demographics)
Geographic area served:         (Cities/counties)
Funds are being requested for (check one):       Project/Program Support        Capacity Building
Total Organization Budget: $          Total Tennis Budget (if not a tennis-specific organization): $
Total Expenses Associated with this Proposal: $
Amount Requesting: $             (maximum granted is $3,000)
Period of time in which funds will be spent: From           to        .

Have you or your sponsoring organization previously received funding from the USTA or USTA Northern? If
yes, please indicate year(s) received and amount awarded.
    No                     Yes

Have you or a representative from your organization participated in any USTA professional development
opportunities within the past 3 years? Check all that apply and indicate year(s) of attendance.
Opportunity:                                      Name/Number of Attendees:             Year(s) of Attendance:
     Recreational Coach Workshop
     QuickStart Tennis Workshop
     USTA School Teacher In-Service
     Tennis Festival of the North                                                                 2010
     USTA Northern Regional Community Tennis
     Development Workshop
     USTA Community Tennis Development
     Workshop (national conference)
     USTA Tennis Teachers Conference (national

Is your organization registered with the USTA through any of the following systems?
 Tennis In the Parks Registration (         Yes       No        Unsure
 Community Tennis Association Registration (         Yes        No        Unsure
 NJTL Chapter Registration (        Yes       No        Unsure
If you answered no to all of the above, please include a brief organizational description with your application
packet that includes; a list of tennis programs/services offered by your organization and the key staff and
volunteers involved.

Please detail your request with a narrative outline no more than two pages in length. Be sure to cover
these key topics:
                    Statement of the need you seek to address
                    What are your goals & objectives?
                    What strategies/activities will be employed to meet goals/objectives?
                    What are your anticipated outcomes?
                    How will this grant affect the overall picture of tennis in the community?
                    How will the project be financially sustained after the conclusion of the grant period?
                    How will you evaluate the success of your efforts?
                    Number of staff & volunteers involved with names/titles provided, where appropriate
                    Who is your target audience?
                    Identify collaborations with other groups/organizations
                    Timeline

Attach a budget that details all revenues and expenses associated with this request. Keep in mind that
additional sources of income are encouraged. A sample budget template is available on page 5 of this
application packet.

By signing below I verify that the information provided in my application packet is accurate.

Signature:                                                                                 Date:
Print Name:

Wait! Before sending in your request, check to make sure you included:
  Cover Sheet (this form)
  Proposal Narrative (no more than two pages in length)
  Organization/Project Budget
  Organization Description (only needed if not a registered, CTA, NJTL or TIP community)

Budget Forecast Template
Period of time in which funds will be spent: From     to       .
EXPENDITURES:                                                      REVENUE:
                     Description                       Amount                           Description                        Amount
PERSONNEL                                                          GRANTS
   1.                                                                1.
   2.                                                                2.
TRAVEL                                                               3.
   1.                                                              SPONSORS
   2.                                                                1.
SUPPLIES                                                             2.
   1.                                                                3.
   2.                                                              PROGRAM FEES
PUBLICATIONS                                                         1.
   1.                                                                2.
   2.                                                                3.
EQUIPMENT                                                          OTHER REVENUE
   1.                                                                1.
   2.                                                                2.
MARKETING                                                            3.
TOTAL EXPENDITURES                                                 TOTAL REVENUE

Please itemize all expenses and revenue. For example, categorize supplies and provide a list of paid positions with wage and hours
worked in personnel category.


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