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      Western Union Employees Association
                                  P. O. Box 413, Montgomery, NY 12549
  NEWSLETTER NO. 217                                                                    FIRST QUARTER 2010

                                       PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
Greetings to Everyone,
                                            JERRY HOROWITZ
    For those of you who may not have heard, our Regional Affairs Manager, JERRY HOROWITZ passed away
suddenly in September while in the former Western Union building at 60 Hudson St. NY. He was working on
providing a WU display in the building lobby at the time. Jerry made a number of presentations at “Gatherings”
throughout the country and was well received by all who attended. The Board of the Retirees Association and its
members extend our sympathy to his family. More about Jerry in the obituary section of this Newsletter.
     Let us now look as to where we are as we begin the second decade of the 21st Century. It seems like only
yesterday that we were celebrating the year 2000. Many events of the last ten years, both in our personal lives and
on the international stage have had a profound effect on all of us, both good and bad. In most cases the result of
these events were beyond our control. I’m sure that if you take a few minutes to reflect on the past ten years you
will agree. In general these years weren’t all that bad.
     In looking back however, I cannot help but feel that we as a people have the uncanny ability to adapt to the
effects of any event. If you consider what has transpired over the past decade, I think we have all adapted well.
     Let’s hope the next ten years (although I’ll take them one at a time) will provide new and wonderful experiences
for all of us. Adaptability is the key to helping us all enjoy the coming decade. While I’m not a fan of making New
Year’s Resolutions mainly because most of us – including myself – never follow through on them, I think we can
do some things that should be relatively simple. We should resolve to maintain tight family bonds by visiting and
keeping in contact by phone and not just seeing them on holidays or at weddings and funerals. Our friends are
important also and we should maintain strong relationships with them. Let’s all try to make this one simple resolution
as we enter 2010.
             On behalf of the Board I wish to extend our wishes for a healthy and prosperous New Year.
             Looking forward to Spring, but in the meantime enjoy and be well – and keep the resolution
                                              about family and friends.
                                                       Jack David

   You may wish to retain the following information for use when necessary.
   Information regarding Pension Benefits
       Western Union Pension Service Center             Phone: 1-800-811-0684, Monday - Friday
       Box #114                                         6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time
       1001 16th St., B-180                             E-mail:
       Denver, CO 80265                                 Fax: 1-720-904-3602
   Information regarding Health Benefit (Life) Plans     Western Union Benefits Call Center
                                                        1-866-651-1484, Monday - Friday
                                                        6:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Central Time

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    Please send to:                                               P. O. Box 413, Montgomery, NY 12549
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   Questions or general correspondence:                           RWUEA, Secretary
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                                                                  e-mail at (Jim Reilly)

                                   RWUEA OFFICIAL WEB SITE
     Our web site has recently been downsized to only a few pages. We have been unable to develop the site as was
originally envisioned and, as a result, much of the information contained on the site was either incorrect and /or
out of date. Currently, we have four (4) pages on our site – Home Page; Recent Deaths; Coming Events and Contact
Us. Those pages will be updated as required and the Recent Deaths and Coming Events pages will be updated at
least quarterly.
    To find out if someone you know is a member of our organization, please email one of the following and we
will provide you that information including address and email address (if available):; or Please send all address changes and email address additions or changes
to Loanne Carroll at with copies to Mike Brown at and Harold Smith at Thank you.

                                         RELATED WEB SITES
                This site, which is updated frequently, has, among many categories:
                • Links to MIT’s collection of all WU Technical Reviews
                • Availability of a CD containing all the Technical Reviews that can be purchased for $5.00
                • Several links to various photo albums
                • Several links to historical WU documents
                • Stories from retirees and a request for more such historical stories
    A Collection of “Telegraph News” has been scanned and is available on a CD or DVD (the cost is $5. to cover
the production and mailing expense). 107 of the 137 volumes published have been obtained and scanned. Harold
Smith, web-master of this site, would like to complete the set and is looking for the following volumes: 1, 2, 3, 15
through 24, then 42, 55, 79, 84, 95, 96, 97, 106, 109, 112.
    If you have any of these, please mail or ship to the WU Alumni web-master: Harold Smith, 153 Mason Avenue,
Rochester, NY 14626. Your copy will be scanned and returned promptly.
    Also, Harold is still looking for a photograph of the Richmond reperforator building. If you have one please
send it to Harold at the address above. Harold is also looking for someone that has a love of the Western Union
Telegraph Company similar to his own to assist him with operating the web site. If you are interested, you can
contact him at

                            NEWS OF WESTERN UNION TODAY

    The 3rd quarter 2009 results continue to show that Western Union remains affected by the sluggish world
economy. Revenues were $1.314 billion, down 5% from 2008’s 3rd quarter. During the 3rd quarter 2009, Western
Union handled some 50 million consumer-to-consumer transactions, a 3% increase over the same period in 2008.
The number of worldwide agents now exceeds 400,000.

     During the third quarter, Western Union was awarded the sum of $16.5 million for Moneygram’s infringement
of its “Money Transfer by Phone Patents”. Moneygram has challenged the verdict and therefore Western Union
has not yet recognized the gain.

                       FRAUDS AND MEASURES TO PREVENT IT
                          NATIONAL NEWS

     Recently, our local newspaper has featured two articles on money transfer fraud and measures to prevent it.
The articles described how the thieves persuaded Americans to wire money to Canada for a variety of reasons,
such as a relative being in an accident, the phony check/secret shopper scam, were guaranteed loans, won a lottery,
etc. The FTC fined Moneygram $18 million for a “volume of complaints that were astonishingly high and growing
every year”. The FTC accused Moneygram’s agents of helping fraudulent telemarketers and other con artists trick
U. S. consumers into wiring more than $84 million within the United States and to Canada between 2004 and 2008.
(Editor’s Note: I like to think that WU is not involved due both to superior fraud prevention systems and the operators
and customer relations clerks at Bridgeton who were fantastic at catching fraud attempts.)
     Although all of these fraud types are important to avoid, we all need to be especially diligent to avoid one in
particular. The “grandchild in an accident, in jail, etc.” fraud type is particularly repulsive because it trades on
grandparents’ love for their grandchildren. As the author of the article said: “As a skeptic, I can’t imagine falling
for such a ploy. But as a grandfather four times over, willing to do almost anything for my grandchildren, I’m not
so sure.” So, if you ever get such a call, remember to make sure before you send any money! Remember, they are
out to get us.
     I have two types of scams to tell you about. The first involves one of our members who was visiting England.
Somehow, somebody got hold of her name and sent an email to one of her acquaintances (I don’t know how they
got that information) stating that she had been robbed in their hotel and they had no money, credit cards, etc.
Supposedly, there was no way that she could be contacted and she was so embarrassed that she couldn’t call her
home or office herself. The acquaintance was asked to send 1,200 pounds (the equivalent of some $1,800 or so and
then, after sending a wire transfer via Western Union to let the scam artist know the Money transfer Control Number,
which of course would allow the scam artist to pick up the money. Fortunately, she was already home when this
happened and the acquaintance called her and then sent her the email that she had received.
   Western Union advises anyone who receives suspect emails to forward them to the FBI Internet Fraud
Complaint Center (IFCC) at
      The second is for veterans – the Department of veterans Affairs is warning veterans about a telephone scam.
The callers say that they work for the VA in the “Patient Care Group” and telling veterans that the VA has changed
its procedure for prescriptions and that a credit Card is needed for payment before the pharmacy wuill fill their
medication requests. THIS IS FALSE – no procedures have been changed and the VA does not call veterans asking
to disclose personal financial information over the phone.

         A woman accompanied her husband to the doctor’s office. After his checkup, the doctor called the wife
    into his office alone. He said, “Your husband is suffering from a very severe stress disorder. If you don’t
    follow my instructions carefully, your husband will surely die. Each morning, fix him a healthy breakfast. Be
    pleasant at all times. For lunch make him a nutritious meal. For dinner prepare an especially nice meal
    for him. Don’t burden him with chores. Don’t discuss your problems with him; it will only make his stress
    worse. Do not nag him. Most importantly, give him loving whenever he wants. If you can do this for the
    next 10 months to a year, I think your husband will regain his health completely.”
         On the way home, the husband asked his wife, “What did the doctor say?”
         “He said you’re going to die,” she replied.

        A priest, a minister, and a rabbi want to see who’s best at his job. So they each go into the woods, find
    a bear and attempt to convert it. Later they get together.
        The priest begins: “When I found the bear, I read to him from the Catechism and sprinkled him with holy
    water. Next week is his first communion.”
        “I found a bear by the stream,” says the minister, “and preached God’s holy word. The bear was so
    mesmerized that he let me baptize him.”
        They both look down at the rabbi, who is lying on a gurney in a body cast. “Looking back,” he says,
    “maybe I shouldn’t have started with the circumcision.”

                         2010 DATES TO REMEMBER
              Gatherings (In Alphabetical City or Regional Sequence)
            – Semi-annual and Annual Events in Italics – next meeting Dates Bolded
ALLENTOWN, PA – (third Sat. in May & Sept.) – Sat., May 15, 2010, 8 AM at Perkin’s Restaurant, Cedar Crest and
Hamilton Blvd. Contact Check Zaengle at for information.
ARKANSAS KEEP IN TOUCH CLUB – ARKIT – Little Rock, Arkansas – (second Saturdays in April and October)
Saturday, April 10, 2010 at Ryan’s (Hot off the Grill), 4000 Springhill Plaza Court, N. Little Rock, AR 72117. Contact
Frank Stinebaugh at for information.
ATLANTA, GA – (second Wednesdays in March, June, September and December) - 11 AM at the Piccadilly
Cafeteria, 1265 Mt. Zion Rd., Morrow, GA across from the Southland Mall. Scheduled dates in 2010 are: March 10,
June 9, Sept. 8 and Dec. 8. Contact Brenda Brooks, President, at 770-459-0230 or e-mail daydreamerbjb@bellsouth.
net or Ed Faust, Secretary, at for further information.
CHATTANOOGA, TN – (second Monday of April and October ) – April 12, 2010, 12 Noon at the Golden Corral
Buffet near Hamilton Place Mall across the parking lot from Target on Gunbarrel Road. Contact Bill Webster at wilwebst@aol.
com for more information.
CHICAGO, IL – Retired plant technicians and other former Western Union employees will meet for a pizza party at Papa
Passaro’s Restaurant, 6326 South Cass Ave. in Westmont, IL, Saturday, April 24, 2010, at 6:00PM. Call Allan Fail at
773-585-3055 for further information.
DALLAS, TX – THE KEEP IN TOUCH (KIT) KLUB meets the 2nd Tuesday each month at 10:45 AM at Raymond’s
Bar-B-Que, 12920 Garland Rd., Dallas. Scheduled 2010 dates are: Jan. 12, Feb. 9, Mar. 9, April 13, May 11,
June 8, July 13, Aug. 10, Sept. 14, Oct. 12, Nov. 9 and Dec. 14. Contact Louise Jones at email
for more information.
DALLAS, TX – THE ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY is currently scheduled for the Friday before Thanksgiving,
Nov. 19, 2010. Location to be determined. Contact Louise Jones at email or Pat Frazier at for information.
DENVER, CO – THE ANNUAL PICNIC in 2010 will be held in August on a Sunday at the American Legion Post #178,
1655 Simms, Lakewood, CO. Please call either Wendell “Fitz” Fitzpatrick (303-985-4861) or Bob DeVault (620-663-2698) for
details regarding 2010 plans.
DETROIT, MI – (third Thursday in May and October) – at noon on Thursday, May 20, 2010 at the Gazebo in Warren,
MI. Contact Helen Porter at 248-474-5004 for information.
GULF DIVISION – Different Location – The 2009 reunion was held in Tyler, Texas at the Holiday Inn Select April 17
and April 18. Contact Louise Jones at or Dovie Jacoby at for further information
regarding 2010 plans.
KANSAS CITY, MO – (usually first Wednesday of each month at various restaurants). Tentative 2010 dates are:
Jan. 6, Feb. 3, Mar. 3, Apr. 7, May 5, June 2, July 7, Aug. 4, Sept. 1, Oct. 6, Nov. 3, and Dec. 1. Contact Laura
Merten at 816-353-1392 for details.
KANSAS CITY, MO – Annual Reunion Announcement: There is no event scheduled at this time. Contact
Laura Merten at 816-353-1392 for further information.
KENTUCKY/SOUTHERN INDIANA REGION – NEW LOCATION – (second Saturday in April and October)
– Saturday, April 10, 2010 at Buckhead Mountain Grill, 4112 Outer Loop, Louisville, KY. Contact Chester Collier at for further information.
KNOXVILLE, TN - (twice a year, usually in May and December) – Noon at Ramsey’s Cafeteria, located at the corner of
Merchants Rd. and Center, Knoxville, TN. (I-75 North, exit East at Merchants Rd and left at the first traffic light.) Contact any
of the following for information and directions: Ruth Burchell, 865-577-6391; Fred Dodson, 865-688-1766, e-mail dodbldr@aol.
com; Ben Bowlen 865-599-4861 or 865-524-5561, e-mail
LONG ISLAND, NY – Friday, October 1, 2010, 12 noon to 4 pm at Galaxie Caterers, 1184 Route 109, Lindenhurst,
NY. Tel 631-957-9595. The cost will be provided later. A buffet meal will be served and beer, wine and soda will be provided.
Contacts for directions or further information are: Herb Gold, 516-731-5498; Rich Maffucci, 631-698-0102; or Bill Staskel,
631-234-6628 or e-mail
LONG ISLAND – Unscheduled Breakfasts – At various times throughout the year, some of the group that attend the
above Long Island banquet get together for breakfast. Anyone who would like to get on the notification list should
call one of the three Long Island names listed above.
MILWAUKEE, WI – (first Thursday of each month) – 11:30 AM luncheon at the Old Country Buffet, 4902 S. 74th
St., Greenfield, WI. Contact Bill McQuerry at for further information. Tentative 2010 dates
are: Jan. 7, Feb. 4, Mar. 4, Apr. 1, May 6, June 3, July 1, Aug. 5, Sept. 2, Oct. 7, Nov. 4 and Dec. 2.
MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL, MN – ENTIRE GROUP meets the first Mondays of May, August and December at
Nye’s, 125 East Hennepin, Minneapolis, MN. Tentative 2010 Dates are: May 3, August 2, and December 6.

                                      2010 DATES TO REMEMBER                                                   (continued)
MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL, MN – LADIES GROUP meets for luncheon at noon on the second Tuesday of most
months. Locations vary – call Zoe Mary Cunningham for more information at 952-948-2421.
CANCELLATION – NEW ENGLAND AREA – There was no New England gathering in 2008/2009. Contact Nick
Tessitore, 128 Winslow Ave., Norwood, MA 02062, 781-769-4295 or Ralph Haynes at 978-369-5019 for information about
future plans.
NEW JERSEY/NEW YORK – SEMI-ANNUAL BANQUET – The Retired Western Union Employees Association (RWUEA)
Spring 2010 Banquet will be held on Saturday, April 24, 2010, at The Courtyard by Marriott located at 100 Chestnut
Ridge Road – the corner of Chestnut Ridge Road and Grand Ave., (Lake St.) – in Montvale, NJ, starting at 11:30 AM.
Contact Jim Forbes at 201-825-0523 for more information.
NEW JERSEY/NEW YORK – BREAKFAST on the first Wed. of each month (except in December) at 9:30 AM at
the Tiffany Diner, 1045 Rt. 17 So., Ramsey, NJ for “The Golden Girls.” Contact Jackie Velten, 201-825-1057 for further
information. Tentative 2010 dates are: Jan. 6, Feb. 3, Mar. 3, Apr. 7, May 5, June 2, July 7, Aug. 4, Sept. 1, Oct. 6,
Nov. 3, and the Christmas Party in December.
NEW YORK CITY – THE “60 HUDSON ST IRREGULARS” meet at noon on the last Monday of every other
month at Brady’s Tavern, 67 Murray St., Manhattan, NYC with tentative 2010 dates: Feb. 22, Apr. 26, June 28,
Aug. 30, Oct. 25 and Dec. 27. (Please confirm this event and provide a contact person.)
NORTHERN CALIFORNIA/NEVADA – No details on location and date for 2010. Contact John Mathieson at john. for information about 2010 plans. You can also call him at cell 415-672-0519. He also has a new blog
to keep people informed of plans as they develop –
OHIO DISTRICT – The annual reunion will be held at 1:00 PM Sunday, July 25, 2010 at The Barn in Smithville, Ohio.
Contact Diane (Gibbs) Dinkens at 330-673-3064 or e-mail for further information.
OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma City WU/Autodin Retirement Group meets for breakfast at 9:00 AM the first
Saturday of each month at “Don’s Alley” restaurant in Del City OK, 29th and Vicky. Tentative 2010 dates are:
Jan. 2, Feb. 6, Mar. 6, Apr. 3, May 1, June 5, July 3, Aug. 7, Sept. 4, Oct. 2, Nov. 6 and Dec. 4. Contact Lee Wheeler
at email: telegrapher62 for more information.
PHILADELPHIA – Usually meets on the first Wednesday of May and October. Luncheon will be held at Chili’s Bar & Grill,
13th and Filbert Sts. in Philadelphia on Wednesday, May 5, 2010, at 12 Noon. Each person orders from the menu and
pays his/her own bill. Contact Frank Senner to confirm or for further information at E-mail: or telephone
PORTLAND, OREGON AND THE PACIFIC NW – No information currently available concerning 2010
plans – Contact Juyne Walker at e-mail: or telephone 360-574-1952 or 360-901-3010 for information
regarding 2010 plans.
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA – No events scheduled at this time.
SAINT PETERSBURG, FLORIDA – Unable to confirm this event.
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – No information available concerning 2010 plans. All WU employees and friends
are welcome – just for fun and socializing. For more information, call Frannie Smith – 360-426-7137 or Alpha Palmer – 360-
SOUTH ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI – Breakfast meetings are held at 9:00 AM the first Tuesday every month at
Gingham’s Restaurant on So. Lindbergh in South St. Louis. Contact Leo Matthews at
for information. Tentative 2010 dates: Jan. 5, Feb. 2, Mar. 2, Apr. 6, May 4, June 1, July 6, Aug. 3, Sept. 7, Oct. 5,
Nov. 2 and Dec. 7.
SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA – Luncheon meetings will be held at Columbo’s Restaurant, 1833 Colorado Blvd., in
Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, CA 90041. 323-254-9138. (We usually meet on the first Saturday of April , April 3. 2010
and 1st Saturday in December [12/4/10] at 12:30 PM.) Please contact Martha Houston, Secretary-Treasurer, at
6411 Haas Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90047, 323-752-2248, for reservations and additional information. Due to members’
summer vacation plans, the summer luncheon has been cancelled.
cancelled for 2009. Contact Dick Brockert for information concerning 2010 plans at 301-424-1663 or e-mail JetRCB@verizon.
net. All Western Union retirees and former employees and guests are welcome to attend. A picnic notice will be mailed out
locally about a month in advance.
held on the last Thursday in October at Pier Seven Restaurant, 650 Water St., Washington, DC. Contact Margaret
Dean at 301-423-4723 or Dick Brockert at 301-424-1663 or e-mail for further information.
WEST VIRGINIA – The annual reunion of Western Union employees and families scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 26,
2009 in Flatwoods, WV, was cancelled. Contact Ron Deeds for further information on future events at 304-736-6448 or e-mail

    This year the New York group had another memorable afternoon with 50 in attendance, including a record
number of spouses present. Jack and Phyllis David made the trip from New Jersey and Jack preceded the festivities
by informing the group that Jerry Horowitz had passed away suddenly on September 19. Jerry had provided books,
picture albums and clocks for the event and was scheduled to attend. Jack spoke of Jerry’s passion about Western
Union history and his many accomplishments in discovering and presenting historical facts about Western Union
and the many famous people associated with the company. Jerry will be missed.
      “Other couples who attended: Sid and Bonita Buxbaum (Sid celebrated his 92nd birthday!!), Frank and Millie
Bergman (again making the trip down from the Lake George area and shoveling tons of snow to escape – just
kidding!), Tony and Joann Buccheri (making the trip from upstate N.Y.), Fred and Marie Gambale (coming up from
South Jersey), Leon and Nola Golembeski (Leon says to get ready for a breakfast meeting in November), Rich and
Vi Maffucci (Thanks, Rich for your continued work for our reunion), Jim and Pat McGuire, Phil and Anna O’Leary
(up from flooded Georgia, but didn’t affect his cotton crop), Bob and Marie Rodman, Sal and Jennie Sciametta
(good to hear your daughter continues to make progress after her accident), Rich and Jerri Schoeller and Rudy Jr.
and Ronnie Wolfe (his first reunion but promises to return). Thanks to you spouses for attending and tolerating
the many stories for the umpteenth time.
      “Noticeably absent were two regular attendees, Dave Turk and Tom Semmler. I have learned that Dave
had a valve replacement and a subsequent stroke on the right side. It seems that a brain clot occurred during the
replacement. Dave sounded well and time will determine the extent of recovery. Our prayers are with you for a
speedy and successful recovery.
      “Most of us remember our dear departed friend, Mike Vaccaro, who passed away in Florida several years ago.
His son, also Mike Vaccaro, is a prominent sports writer for the New York Post newspaper and has written a recently
published book: The First Fall Classic: the Giants, and the Cast of Players, Pugs and Politicos who re-invented the World
Series in 1912 . It’s available in book-stores, and, on link –
      “The other attendees who made this reunion enjoyable were: Rob Abrahamsen, Al Bauer, Joe Bova (Joe,
remember how close we came?), Marty Brandler, Donald Cain, Ray Censaprano (aka Goomba Ray), Carmine
DeStefano (Yankees never called?), Herb Gold (How many thanks can we bestow on you for the great job you do
every year?), Ciro and Mario Iannacone (our breakfast regulars), Lou Ingoglia, Joe Keegan, George Kellerman,
Peter Koundourakis, Artie and Joe Lombardi (also breakfast regulars), Don Middlemiss, Al Muscarella, Bill Pyne
(good recovery from recent neck surgery), Joe Sansone (I’m his designated driver and Al Bauer his pathfinder),
Gordon Skau, Bill Staskel (Thanks for your photography used for the album handout), and Jack Wolfe (Jack, you
looked magnificent but disappeared early. What happened?).
      “Arrangements have already been made for next year and we hope you all will be there. Once again, it’s been
only the Technical Facilities Department in the NY Area. Where are you other people? All you have to do is send
a check to Herb Gold and arrive. Everything else is done. Hope to see some of you others next year.”

                               GATHERINGS                     (continued)

                                                    GATHERINGS                                                  (continued)

     John wrote that the breakfast group had one of their unscheduled breakfasts at their usual diner on October 29.
Surprisingly strong turnout with some regular attendees absent including: John Falkenberg (medical appointment),
Al Bauer (in Florida), Sal Sciametta (had to take his daughter to rehab), Don Cain, Bill Pyne and Bill Staskel.
     “Tom Semmler was back to his jokes and WU tales that always make the session so enjoyable. Others attending
were: the dynamic traveling trio of Al Muscarella, Lou Ingoglia, Rich Maffucci, the Lombardi brothers Art and
Joe along with their friend, Bill Corbin, the Iannacone brothers, Ciro and Mario, Jim Chivelli (getting too cold
for a motorcycle?), Don Middlemiss, Jim McGuire (getting ready to escape to Florida?), Carmine DeStefano (still
waiting for Joe Girardi to call him) and Rich Schoeller.”
      Remember, anyone else interested in attending these breakfasts should notify Herb Gold or Rich Maffucci.

     The Chicago group met on Saturday October 17 at Papa Passaro’s restaurant in Westmont. There were 34 present
with three new people (Anita Lemmler, Madonna Klepac and Bev Dejonge) attending. Present were: Jim Jordan,
Richard Ward, Granville Ware, Dan Collins, Mac McConnaughay, Charles Zielinski and his wife, Carl Lemmler,
Jim Murphy, Joe Guido, Lou Ebrom, Jackie Sheehan, Ron Highley, Denise Highley, Al Heiden, Anita Lemmler,
Madonna Klepac, Bev Dejonge, Lupe Lloyd, Mike Mroski, John Quintavalle, Tom Wengel, Fran Johnson, Jane
Ray, Jim Bonnet, Neil Foran, Darrell Herzog, Carol Jackson, Vito Colella, Hank Bodnar and Allan Fail.

 Hank Bodnar, Allan Fail        Tom Wengel, Fran Johnson,        Mac McConnaughay Anita Lemmler, Madonna Klepac, Bev Dejonge
                                  Jane Ray, Carl Lemmler

  Al Heiden, Vito Colella        Lupe Loyd, Madonna Klepac             Dan Collins, Al Heiden     Jackie Sheehan, Ron Highley,
                                                                                                         Denise Highley

Darrell Herzog, Carol Jackson      Joe Guido, Lou Ebrom          Mr. & Mrs. Charles Zielinski    Jim Jordan, Richard Ward

    Jim Bonnet, Neil Foran         Granville Ware, Dan Collins    Carl Lemmler, Jim Murphy      Mike Mroski, James Jordan,
                                                                                                     John Quintavalle

                                                GATHERINGS                                                    (continued)

    The Dallas group held its normal monthly meetings at Raymond’s Bar-B-Que in September, October and
November. In October, prayers were offered for Grady King who passed away on September 30, 2009. In November,
prayers were offered for Marilyn Fontenot, wife of Tony Fontenot, who passed away on
    Due to very inclement weather in October, only 15 members were able to attend. 30 members and visitors attended
in Sept. and 26 in November. Those attending at one or more meetings were: Betty Bedwell, Doris Howard, Jay
Summers, Martha Holland, Sashi Tillman (Honorary Member), Yogi Myers, Jerry Vickers (Honorary Member),
Max Hamilton, Rita Forbes, Louise Jones, Tony & Marilyn Fontenot, Leo Whelan, John Riddle, Minnie Barnett,
Willis & Helen McKinney, Carl & Bonnie Brenneman, Glen & Lois McNeil, Lloyd & Tillie Bellinger, Frances
& Jack Slater, Iwana Virgil, Seamus Dollins (Honorary Member), Myrtis Phillips, Pat & Neville Frazier Chris
Serchio, Joe Homelson, Bonnie Chipman, Velma Slocum, Larry Munro, Bruce Richards, Geraldine Pruett, Minnie
Barnett, Dovie Jacoby, Ruby Fite, and Tony & Connie Gennarelli.
    Happy Birthday was sung and door prizes contributed by various members were given out to lucky winners.
Reminders were mentioned about the VFW party on November 20 and about the Christmas Party on December 8.
Ladies were reminded to wrap their presents in Red and the men to wrap in Green. The price for the gift should
be $10.

     Bill reports that although attendance
was down at their fall meeting, the 19 people
present enjoyed great fellowship. The group’s
admiration was expressed to those dedicated
individuals, namely Len and Muriel Coble,
Warren and Hilda Nash and Elsie Fugate, who
drove some 80 plus miles through some heavy
rain in order to attend the meeting. James
Steele won a copy of the book — The Western
Union Story. The attendees, who are pictured     Front row L to R: Hilda Nash, Muriel Coble, Becky Goins, Sara Steele
below, are: Hilda & Warren Nash, Muriel          Back row L to R: Warren Nash, Len Coble, J.C. Goins, James Steele
and Len Coble, Becky & J.C. Gains, Sara &
James Steele, Irene & Dennis Brown, Helen
Green and J.W. Travis, Maxine Sedman and
Ben Pendergrass, Elsie Fugate and the Rev.
Ernest Sutton, Cleo King, Ann Webster and
Bill Webster. Bill invites anyone in the area
or passing through to join the group’s Spring
2010 meeting on April 12, 2010. See Dates To
Remember for details.
                                                               L to R: Cleo King, Ann Webster, Bill Webster

                                                                    Front row L to R: Irene Brown, Helen Green,
                                                                    Maxine Sedman, Elsie Fugate
                                                                    Back row L to R: Dennis Brown, J.W. Travis,
                                                                    Ben Pendergrass, Rev. Ernest Sutton

                                                  GATHERINGS                                                    (continued)

      Frank writes that many of the regulars were unable to attend the fall luncheon due to “minor” medical issues or
ill-timed vacations (One not so minor medical issue was Jim Murphy recuperating after a double hip replacement).
Other “younger” co-workers were unable to come because they are still working and, in this economy, it is tough to
take a day off to attend the retiree luncheon – maybe next time. All at the luncheon expressed their sympathies at
the death of Jerry Horowitz, who had been a regular attendee at the Philadelphia luncheons in recent years. Jerry’s
presentations about Western Union’s history and its colorful people were always enjoyed by the Philadelphia group.
Frank also mentioned that he was surprised at the death of Richard Utz who he had hoped to meet during a planned
vacation to Florida in November.
       The fall luncheon was held at Chili’s instead of Applebees when Applebees was unable to confirm the room to
Frank. Although there were only 28 in attendance, everyone had a great time. Attendees were: Ed Anderson, Tony
Avitollo, Louise Bordihn, Charles Bradshaw, Joe Burke, Mary Lou Burns, Jon Cushing, Dennis Emmett and son
Jeff, Lou Gaul, Rose Gerdelmann, Chick Hellwarth, Len Kowalko, Russ Miller, Matt Patterson, Dot Pearce, Jim
Poulson, Joe Puleio, Charlie Robinson, Gordon Schillinger, Ken Sears, Frank & Barbara Senner, Marie Thomas,
Al & Eileen Vaillancourt, Janet Willlis and Bob Wright.
       Don’t forget!! The Philadelphia Spring 2010 luncheon will be held at Chili’s Bar & Grill at 13th & Filbert Sts in Phila
on Wednesday, May 5, 2010. You order off the menu and pay yourself. But please RSVP to Frank at foxyfrank7@aol.
com so he has a count to give to Chili’s. Hope the following will be able to join the group: Jim Murphy, Vince Scali,
Ginny Smith (she and her sister Frannie as well), Elmer McIlhenny, Sarah & Larry Lowe, Teresa Sweeney, Jim
& Barbara Maurer, Charlie Malin, Pete Mastovito, Ed Dolan, Lou Baska, Walt Dziuk, Kathy Chavis, Jean & Joe
McGheehan, Pete McHugh, Roy Mitchell, John Powell, Lou Kassa, Bill Young, Carol Lingo & her sister Kathy,
Ralph & Ann Saldutti and Lou Miller. Also looking for John Giardino to join us as his trip from Virginia is a lot
shorter than from South Carolina and Walt Garvin if the Phillies are not in town on that date.

                                 GATHERINGS   (continued)


                                                   GATHERINGS                                                     (continued)

    There were eighteen people at the September 19th breakfast, they were: Angelo Ardo, Willie Jones, Jerry Moyer,
Terry Smith, Chuck Zaengle, Barry Wanamaker, Kermit Vandergrift, Vince Yeakel, Louise Toth, Jerry Williams
and his wife, Bob Zellers, Mike Ackerman, Nancy Folweiler, Bob Heydt, Ron Brosius, Norman Stevens, and
Rosemary Roseberry. A good time was had by all, and for those who couldn’t make it this time you were missed,
hope you can make it in May. It is the third Saturday in May, May 15th, at 8 AM at Perkins Restaurant on the corner
of Cedar Crest and Hamilton Blvds. Allentown. It is always nice to see all the people you used to work with and
hear how they are doing and hear stories from the past. The winners of two books – The Western Union Story – were
Kermit Vandergrift and Jerry Williams. The group photo below includes all except Bob Zellers (who took the
photo), Jerry Moser, Louise Toth and Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Williams.

                                        September Gathering in Allentown, PA
   Left to Right: Bob Heydt, Ron Brosius, Nancy Folweiler, Angelo Ardo, Willie Jones, Barry Wanamaker, Norman Stevens,
            Mike Ackerman, Terry Smith, Chuck Zaengle, Rosemary Rosenberry, Kermit Vandergrift, Vince Yeakel.
Missing from the picture, but at the gathering: Bob Zellers (photographer), Jerry Moyer, Louise Toth & Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Williams

                                              GATHERINGS                                                (continued)

     Although the weather was somewhat soggy, the Spring 2009 gathering was very well attended with over
70 people at the luncheon. Recognition for those traveling the furthest to attend the luncheon went to Leo and
Alice Whelan from Garland, Texas who were up in the area visiting relatives and attended the luncheon. Leo is
the President of the very active Dallas KIT (Keep In Touch) group that meets every month. Mary, the daughter
of George Gildersleeve, who passed away earlier in the year, attended our luncheon to express her thanks for all
the members of our group that attended the funeral services for George. As luck would have it, she won the book
– The Western Union Story – that was given away as a door prize. Many thanks to the committee that arranges our
luncheons, Jim Forbes assisted by Jim Reillly, Lorraine Schwacke, Jean Stritt and Jackie Velten. Kudos are also
due to our greeters, Brenda and Dick Dexter, and also to our raffle committee, Barbara Gibney, Loanne Carroll
and Jackie Velten and to our MC, Frank Rodriguez.
     Those attending the luncheon were: Gene Adamkiewicz, Lou Arlotta, Mary Ann Arlotta, Jack Bailey, Louis
Baska, William Benton, Roger Carman, Janet Castro, Dorinda Checke, Leslie Collins, Wendell Datesman, Jack
David, Norma DeLauro, Frank De Lauro, Lou DeRespino, Brenda Dexter, Dick Dexter, Kay Doyle, Jack Durkin,
Terry Durkin, Carroll Feldman, Jim Forbes, Pat Forbes, Jim Galleshaw, Jane Ghiringhelli, Barbara Gibney, Claire
Haupter, Helen Ingoglia, Vivian Jackovitz, Renny Jackson, Steve Katz, Barbara Katz, Vinnie Kempf, Al LaFrance,
Kay Lally, John Liddy, Patrick Maloy, Elizabeth Mehnert, Earl Mansfield, Stan McHenry, Marie Meenen, Herb
Micales, John Pastier, George Parowski, Helga Pfau, Bob Reeves, Barbara Rodenheiser, Francis Rodriguez, Rick
Rover, Charles Saunders, Shelly Schlanger, Lorraine Schwacke, Joyce Schoening, Lovina Schoenmakers, Mike
Setteducato, Howard Schuh, Bernard Shippee, John Skelton, Ronald Slizewski, Jean Stritt, George Strunz, Joe
Tieng, William Toohey, Homer Vanides. Jackie Velten, Don Wasson, Harold Werner, Leo Whelan and Alice Whelan.
Due to last minute commitments, Loanne Carroll and Jim Reilly were unable to attend. In addition to the eight table
photos below, there are five individual shots of prize winners of the children’s rocker provided by John Skelton,
the replica clock provided by Jerry Horowitz
and a copy of his book – Western Union Time, the
book – The Western Union Story – and a photo of
RWUEA’s President, Jack David, welcoming all the
attendees. Along with our intrepid photographer,
Joe Tieng, displaying his prize, the copy of Jerry
Horowitz’s book, our MC, Frank Rodriguez, is in
the background.

                                                                                       Chair and clock winner!

                               The Western Union
                               Story winner!

                               RWUEA President
                               Jack David welcoming
                               attendees                 Frank Rodriquez and Joe Tieng, winner of Western Union Time

                                 GATHERINGS    (continued)


                                                     GATHERINGS                                                    (continued)

    Dick reports that they had 36 people attend their annual luncheon. Two others,
Noel Lighthart and Andrew Sullivan, had signed up but were unable to make it. The
group enjoyed the luncheon and also the “Album” prepared by the late Jerry Horowitz.
The door prizes included a replica clock sent by Jerry, two The Western Union Story
books, 25 gold dollar coins as well as their 50/50 drawing. Faith Dick and Glenn
Moore won the two books, Lee Cole won the replica clock, Charlie Tinker won the
coins and Catherine Maxson won the 50/50 drawing. Photos of the group are shown
below along with a photo of Dick Brockert presiding at the podium.

                                                                                                         Dick Brockert

Standing (L-R): Harry Milstead, Sadie Milstead and                          Standing (L-R): John Smith and George Beu. Seated
Georgia Sharp. Seated (L-R): Glenn Moore, Zane                              (L-R): Sandra Tinker, Charlie Tinker, William Gilmore
Dick, Stephanie Moore and Faith Dick.                                       and Shirley Wright.

Standing (L-R): Bob Herschberger,                                                          Standing (L-R): Dave Coddington
Fred Dropko and Ralph Smith. Seated                                                        and Dick Brockert. Seated (L-R):
(L-R): Bill Galanis, Jim Lichford, Lee                                                     Pat Jacobsen, Frankie Santini, Betty
Cole, Ed Cole and Jim Sheppard.                                                            Sclater, Margaret Dean and Esther

                                         Standing (L-R): Harry Milstead, Gus Hernandez,
                                         Catherine Maxson and Arturo Carroll. Seated
                                         (L-R): Ed Link, Roy Rumsey, Jim Jansco and Todd

                                             GATHERINGS                                              (continued)

      The entire Mpls/St. Paul group met in August at Nye’s for lunch. There were 20 present including John Born
who was up visiting from the Atlanta, Georgia area. Those present were: Arvid Anderson, Carol Anderson, Kathleen
Anderson, John Borg, Zoe Mary Cunningham, Marge Delfs, Mary Dunham, Dave Gustafson, Kay Hogar, Tracy
Hogar, Gene Le Vitre, Al Nieters, Louise Nieters, Ken Oestrich, Pat Oestrich, Borys Polec, Rosalie Polec, Janice
Thoraldson, Shirley Winnick and Cliff Wyman. The group meets on the first Mondays in May, August and December.
See Dates To Remember for details. The ladies group met on November 10 at the Oak Grill Room at Macy’s – present
were: Kathleen Anderson, Zoe Mary Cunningham, Marge Delfs, Mary Dunham and Louise Nieters. The ladies
group meets on the second Tuesdays of most months. Due to questionable weather during the winter months, the
next scheduled luncheon is scheduled for March. Mention was made of the death of John Genosky, widower of
Mary. John, born in Slovakia in 1906 passed away on September 11, 2009 at the age of 103. Mary and three of their
sons were employees of Western Union. Mention was also made of the death of Ralph Notaro, Sr., husband of
former WU employee Lois. During the summer, Janice Thoraldson, Pearl Johnson and Zoe Mary Cunningham
visited with Gen Stahosky at her home in Cambridge, MN.

                                           Minneapolis Ladies Group
                                           Zoe Mary Cunningham is top left

      Frank wrote that their October meeting was the smallest since forming the club but they have been having
a lot of rain, wind and chilly weather. Those attending the October 10th meeting were: Jim Bias, Ray & Dorothy
Hess, Bill & Martha Venable and Frank & Yvonne Stinebaugh. Due to Frank’s inability to be at the Spring 2009
meeting, two of the books – The Western Union Story – were given out at the October meeting by a drawing from all
active members of the club. The winners were: David Ellis and Bill Venable. Their next meeting will be on April
10, 2010. See Dates To Remember for details.

                                                 GATHERINGS                                                    (continued)

     Laurali reports that the RWUEA of Southern California held their Christmas Luncheon on December 5 at
Columbo’s Restaurant. A nice crowd of 21 members were present. Members and guests were: Karen Anderson and
daughter, Cheryl Echols and granddaughters Taneea Slocum and Devrianna Shelby, Bernie Cain, Charlie Cope, Bill
and Laurali Fey (President), Martha Houston (Secretary-Treasurer), Ron and Dee Larson, Stanley Paige, Eric and
Jeannette Rosen, Georgia Roberts, George Royal, Terry Shane, Warren and Barbara Snitzer, Art and June Stein.
     Following the Pledge of Allegiance and President Lori Fey’s invocation “Christmas is Eternal” by Clay Harrison,
a moment of silence was observed for the following former co-workers: Jerry Horowitz, Richard Utz, James Bruner,
Ida Cline, Izeal Gray, Robert Larkin and all those deceased who were unreported.
     Copies of a photo album prepared by and sent by Jerry Horowitz were presented to all in attendance. Highlights
of the afternoon included a gift exchange and raffle. Charlie Cope (who came all the way from Washington State)
won the money bell center piece that was decorated by Martha Houston.
     The Spring 2010 luncheon will be held on April 3 – see Dates To Remember for details. Due to members’ vacations
plans, the Summer luncheon has been cancelled. All former employees and guests are welcome.

     Leo reports that the monthly breakfasts at Gingham’s Restaurant continue and that there were 14 attendees
at their December breakfast on December 1. Those present were: Don Hagman, Denis Ling, John Kinane, Judy
Kinane, Bill Cole, Jim Stow, Bob Fowler, Joe Gaglio, Richard Rehfeldt, Jim Korynta, Leo Matthews, Henry
Blumenkemper, Gene Briggs and Earline Jones. See Dates To Remember for the 2010 schedule.

     The group’s regular fall get-together luncheon was held on Saturday, October 10 at Buckhead Mountain Grill
in Louisville. The group’s President. Kathleen Thomas, was out of town so Betty Kessinger filled in and did an
excellent job. L. B. Bunch was in Florida sunning. Maxine Evans was still sick and unable to attend. Many others
who were unable to attend were also missed.
     Those attending were: Coy Bray, who gave our prayer, Chester & Eve Collier, Bertha Graf, Betty Kessinger
and son David and his wife Kathy, David & Lee McDonald, Wayne & Barbara Ray, John & Clara Jean Wheatley,
Ethel Cooper & daughter Michelle, and O.P Wilkerson who came all the way from Winchester, TN. All enjoyed
reminising with good company and conversation and an enjoyable lunch too! The group extends best wishes to all
for an enjoyable Holiday Season.


     In May 1934, the Western Union publication Dots and Dashes told of President Roosevelt tapping the golden
telegraph key at the White House to send a signal to Mt. Davidson in San Francisco which lighted up what was
believed at that time to be the largest cross in the world. It is a concrete cross 103 feet in height. The idea for a cross
in that location was conceived by James G. Decatur, who served WU fifty-six years in capacities from messenger to
executive before his retirement in October 1930. Mr. Decatur worked with a committee of San Francisco citizens for
years before the cross was constructed at a cost of $25,000 in a mountain-top park owned by the City and County
of San Francisco.
      According to a recent search of Wikipedia, in 1991 several groups suied the city over its ownership of the cross.
After several court battles that the city lost, in 1997 the city auctioned off the 0.38 acres of land (1,538 square meters),
including the cross, to the highest bidder. The cross was purchased for $26,000 by the Council of Armenian-American
Organizations of Northern California.

                            NATIONAL NEWS       MUSEUMS

    Carlos Van Orden writes that he has some suggestions for what to do with your free time should you happen
to be in either the Rochester, NY area, Washington, DC or Pensacola, Florida.
    A set of The Western Union Technical Review publications are now a part of the Rochester Museum and
Science Center at 657 East Avenue in Rochester, NY. The Museum has an area for the restored office of D. Alonzo
Watson, treasurer of the newly reorganized Western Union Telegraph Company done there in 1861. For a complete
story of the initial WUTELCO go to and for specific information contact Lea Kemp at lkemp@rmsc.
org --- and on the alumni web site go to
    Another set is in the library of the National Cryptologic Museum of the National Security Agency at Fort
George Meade in Maryland. If you are in the Washington, D. C. area the museum has an incredible array of
equipment and devices relating to cryptology and communications.
    Another set is in the museum of the National Cryptologic Veterans Association onboard Corry Station at
Pensacola, Florida. Use its toll-free number 1-800-usa-ncva for visitation information.
    Few of our WU retirees have knowledge of the part Western Union played in the spy business started in the late
1930s and greatly enlarged by the efforts of President Roosevelt

                             NATIONAL NEWS       MEMORIES

                                                 THE ANSWER TO JERRY’S LAST QUIZ

                                                     The gentleman in the photo with the WU uniform on is Hugh
                                                 Laurie (not the Hugh Laurie of House fame). He was born in 1884
                                                 and died in 1966. He was a playwright and comedian who appeared
                                                 in “Hellzapoppin”, a famous movie. He was in Elizabeth Taylor’s
                                                 first movie. “Hoo Hoo Hoo” were his famous words and the
                                                 inspiration for Donald Duck. Unfortunately, Jerry’s computer is
                                                 password protected and his widow, Lois, has been unable to open
                                                 his email files so we are unable to declare a winner at this time. Mrs.
                                                 Horowitz will let us know as soon as she is able to open the files

     “Wiring Buttermilk” – John Sampaga’s story about wiring money reminded me of the one that was still being
told in the Jacksonville, Florida main office when I was there in the management training program in the late 1950’s.
During the Korean conflict, a woman came up to the main office counter with a pail of freshly churned buttermilk
in her hand and told the clerk she would like to wire it to her son who was in basic training at Fort Stewart, GA.
With a straight face, the clerk said: “Gee, ma’am, I’m sorry but we just wired some flowers to Savannah and they
got stuck on the wire. I don’t think we will be able to take anything else today.” The woman thanked him and left,
pail of buttermilk in hand.
      “At Cookeville, TN, the manager frequently received messages telephoned in from Tennessee Congressman
Joe Evins’ office in Smithville, TN. In those years the rural phone lines weren’t as good as today, and the situation
was not improved when representative Evins secretary was trying to spell a word the Cookeville manager didn’t
understand, and she said, “No, it’s E as in Italy.
      “Western Union closed the office at Sewanee, TN in 1951 when I was a student at the University of the South.
The university took on the agency and I worked the agency for several school years as a student work job. Sewanee,
even after conversion to an agency, handled a number of three-star points in the Cumberland Plateau. At that time
most of the communities only had one or two telephones. Fortunately I had a good working relationship with
the long distance operators at Winchester and Tracy City. The Winchester operator (Bell System) would take the
information, then ring Tracy City (then the Tennessee Consolidated Telephone Co.). Frequently, Tracy City couldn’t
understand the women operators in Winchester, but it seemed my voice carried better than theirs on poor connections,
so I usually ended up telling Tracy City the number or party I wanted. One day with a message for an individual
in Beersheba Springs, I placed a person-to-person call to the person, and said to the Tracy City operator, “Let’s see
if they know her at Brown’s Store.” The operator said: “Do you mean Smith’s store?” I replied, “Yes, you know
– the only phone in Beersheba Springs.” She quickly responded, “We may have only one telephone there, but we
have lots of good grapevines.”

     A little while ago, Vance wrote asking me how many people were in the RWUEA. I wrote back that we currently
had slightly over 2200 members. Vance then wrote me that he was checking out a couple of the Rosters we used to
publish and found that, in 1989, we had 4,700 members out of an approximate retiree base of 12,000. In 2001, the
count was down to a little over 3200 members. As Vance said: “You might say it isn’t surprising when you see how
many are on the IN MEMORIAM pages each quarter.”
      Vance also told me how he finally figured out how to avoid being fired because he seemed unable to get up for
work in the morning. In our last issue, Vance said he tried using three alarm clocks. When that still wasn’t doing
the job, Vance used a Time-Switch (used on customer machines to shut them off when the office was closed) along
with a little control box and rigged it up to turn on a big alarm bell over his bed at 6am each weekday morning.
He would then push a button to shut the alarm off when he woke up. Vance even sought out professional help to
eliminate his problem – you certainly have to give the man A for effort. Vance says his health is pretty good. Vance
is currently working on writing stories for the Newsletter but he plans to shorten them to a page or less. (Editor’s
Note: Thanks, Vance, as space is usually at a premium.)

                                                 MEMORIES                                                 (continued)

Ralph sent in this photo of the Statos Class in the Spring of 1976 at USR. Ralph doesn’t have the presence of mind
to jot down the all the names but he thinks (correctly) that the person on the right end was an Instructor named
Jeff Harlow. Except for another instructor, whose name he doesn’t know and who has a mustache, the rest of
the group are sales reps from across the country. When I asked Ralph where he was in the photo, he told me the
following story: “Well, naturally, I am the best and most professionally looking person. With that information
you should have no problem in locating me. But, in the event I gave you too much or too little information for
a positive identification, scroll down. Because after working in the commercial office public arena for 20 years
before running out of bumping positions, I had to take a FFR in 1973 and eventually a severance package. So
from 1973 to 1976, I did various somewhat non-descript jobs ending up as a shoe salesman for Baker Shoes in
Westland Mall, Michigan. Dan Buckley, who was district sales manager and a friend, approached me about
becoming a re-hire. From there I went on as a sales rep, Mailgram coordinator for MI, OH, IN. Then was
promoted to MMS (Mgr. Marketing support) for the same 3 states. Before retiring I also for a stint was Asst
District Mgr for dealer Operations. In 1988, after 12 years as a rehire and WU was in all sorts of change.............
I saw the handwriting on the wall. So I retired and accepted a sales position with Telecomp (an ASR) in
Indianapolis. That only lasted six months because once I got in I saw how riddled it was with nepotism. No way
to survive in that environment. At any rate, when I was rehired, my age was at the maximum for a rehire (40
years old).” Ralph is the “guy on the far left with a blue suit and regretfully to this day the pair of buff colored
shoes. Gads!! ‘How not to dress for success’.”

                                 STATOS Class – Upper Saddle River, Spring of 1976

                                                 MEMORIES                                                 (continued)

     I recently received a package from Marguerite Cooper, daughter of former member Walter Andrews who passed
away in 1999. She was cleaning out some of his things and thought that we might appreciate some of the articles
she had come across. First is the letter Walter typed up on December 1923 (whether at his own volition or as
requested from his manager I don’t know). Second item is a copy of his Diploma from the Western Union School
in Bloomfield, NJ in July of 1934. Third is a copy of the results of his final Test on “Training In Simplex Operation”.
Then we have a very interesting copy of a photo of the famous General John J. Pershing with an inscription “To
Western Union Messengers: Prompt and careful attention to duty inevitably leads to success. Very sincerely, John
J. Pershing.” Lastly, but certainly not least is a photo of the graduates and instructors of the July 1934 class of the
Bloomfield, NJ Western Union School - all 131 of them.

MEMORIES   (continued)

                                            FROM THE EDITOR

     In our last issue I mentioned that we welcome all kinds of submissions – email or not. Obviously our preference
is for email submissions and for group shots at gatherings when possible to save space in the Newsletter. Well, I
received a letter from my friend Dorothy McCubbins who is not ashamed to admit that she is the one who wrote
the mildly blistering letter stating that she didn’t use the Internet and were we trying to stifle her very entertaining
submissions. Well, Dorothy has written a poem to apologize for the misunderstanding:

               There must be ‘RULES’ and ‘ORDERS’                     And we’ll live our lives together
               In every phase of life;                                And try to stay in place.

               Without then, we’d run rampart                         Thanks for straightening me out
               Amid the TOILS and STRIFE.                             I’ll try to toe the line;

               ’Tho some are not ideal                                Obeying ‘rules’ and ‘bosses’
               For reasons best unknown;                              then everything will be fine.

               We try to live our lives –                             According to my lineage
               However seeds are sown.                                as part of things I’ve learned;

               Sometimes financial matters                             I’ll just go on being ‘Me’
               Will take us by the horn;                              Forgetting things for which I’ve yearned.

               Or lack of understanding                               Though none of us are EQUAL
               According to how we’re born.                           Each of us is UNIQUE;

               But we will do our best                                So LET’S JUST ALL SHAKE HANDS
               (or drop out of the race;)                             AND THINK BEFORE WE SPEAK.

                                             CAN YOU HELP ?

    George Boyle is an architect working with the current owners of 60 Hudson who is very interested in finding any
historic photos of both the storefronts and elevators and any other historic photos of 60 Hudson Street that might
be available. Mr. Boyle is attempting to really understand the historical elements and how they can incorporate to
future renovations. If you can help, please contact Mr. Boyle at 180 Duane St., NYC, NY 10013 – telephone 212-226-
0984 or 212-343-1494.

                                    NEW MEMBERS: WELCOME!

               John D. Fowler                P.O. Box 266, Tupelo, OK 74572
               Ed Howard                     8 Hickory RD, Sloatsburg, NY 10974
               Sally Weaver                  737 Kimsey LN,# 214, Henderson, KY 42420
               Vern Zuehlke                  7547 W 165th ST, Tinley Park, IL 60477

                                         RWUEA 85 YEAR CLUB

     When retired employees who are members of the RWUEA reach the age of 85, they are entitled to become
HONORARY MEMBERS and then are no longer required to pay annual dues. Our records do not indicate member
ages, so it will be necessary for you to advise us when you reach age 85. If you are age 85 or older and we don’t have
you as an Honorary Member (The term HONORARY MBR will appear above your mailing address on the last page
of this Newsletter), please send in the application on this Newsletter – last page, to the RWUEA Treasurer, P.O. Box 13,
Montgomery, NY 12549. We are pleased to welcome the following to the RWUEA “85 Year Club.”

     Edith Brown                               50 Lacey RD # B213, Whiting, NJ 08759
     Ruth M Burchell                           220 Kasson RD, Knoxville, TN 37920
     Janet Combs                               P.O. Box 46, Lyons, IN 47443
     Wayne G Early                             8518 Richardo LN, Hixson, TN 37343
     Charlotte F Griffin                        146 Sugaloch Cove, Jackson, MS 39211
     Bert Huber                                2101 26th ST, SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
     Helen “Pat” Jacobson                      10821 Forest Hills DR, Tampa, FL 33612
     Elmer V Mc Ilhenny                        9338 Tulip ST, Philadelphia, PA 19114
     Joseph A Overhage                         8624 Mapleview DR, Indianapolis, IN 46217
     Violet J Prince                           2919 Marmore AV, Parma, OH 44134
     Jack R Riley                              90 Glen Abbey, Abilene, TX 79606
     Norma I Wade                              14132 37 AV S, # 104, Tukwila, WA 98168
     George E Wilson                           P.O. Box 691, Dunnellon FL 34430

                                                 IN MEMORIAM
     Our sympathy to family and friends of the following Western Union retirees, who passed away recently. Most of the names
below are furnished by Western Union and reflect the city/state location of the deceased at the time of death. Western Union has
privacy concerns about releasing more detailed address information. RWUEA members are indicated in bold type and we provide
street address information as indicated in our records. We also include names and addresses as provided to us by individuals.
Name                                             Mailing Address                                            Date of Death
Ameln, Diana                        St. Louis, MO                                                             11/6/09
Anderson, Ruby                      Voorhees, NJ                                                              7/26/09
Andes, Robert                       3906 Rolling Terr DR, Spring, TX 77388                                    7/31/09
Augustave, Jeanette                 Newark, NJ                                                                9/9/09
Babb, Florence                      Glensod, IL                                                               10/2/09
Barbosa, Louise                     3937 Spencer Way, Sacramento, CA 95821                                    8/31/09
Bradley Sr., Andrew                 1010 Samantha LN # 201, Odenton, MD 21113                                 10/22/09
Calandra, Thomas                    15 Netcong RD, Budd Lake, NJ 07828                                        11/13/09
Cameron, Charles                    Long View, WA                                                             8/12/09
Chicoine, Armand                    Essex Junction, VT                                                        10/1/09
Cook, Avis                          Oklahoma City, OK                                                         8/28/09
Craft, Senie                        Miami, FL                                                                 7/30/09
Crandall, Gregory                   Coon Rapids, MN                                                           9/6/09
Cummings, Ethel                     Garden City, NY                                                           9/26/09
Dalton, Gilbert                     Creal Springs, IL                                                         9/15/09
Davis, Philip                       440 Chicken Creek RD, Frankewig, TN 39459                                 9/14/09
Deese, Elsie                        1707 Main ST, Suite #105m, La Crosse, WI 54601                            10/31/09
Deverell, Mary                      Storm Lake, IA                                                            8/26/09
Dugan, Edward                       South Natick, MA                                                          11/3/09
Fakess, Ida                         Beckley, WV                                                               9/13/09
Fisk, Aubrey                        Whitney, TX                                                               10/23/09
Forgione, Antoinette                Manchester, NJ                                                            9/8/09
Freeman, Theodore                   Silver Spring, MD                                                         8/20/09
Goaslind, Carole                    Tulare, CA                                                                11/22/09
*Grant, Geraldine “Gerry”           Philadelphia, PA                                                          10/14/09
Graves, Robert                      Secane, PA                                                                11/2/09
Green, Earnest                      Aurora, CO                                                                8/24/09
Hale, Charles                       Indianapolis, IN                                                          9/30/09
Hill, Mary                          Collinsville, IL                                                          9/24/09
*Horowitz, Jerome “Jerry”           25 Godwin AV, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410                                         9/18/09
**Johnson, Mary                     Miller Place, NY                                                          9/25/09
Kimsey, Robbie                      Macon, GA                                                                 11/14/09
*King, Grady O’Neal                 8325 Cabrera DR, Dallas, TX 75228                                         9/30/09
Kober, Ora                          Rochester, NY                                                             10/27/09
**Laine, Allan                      Salt Lake City, UT                                                        8/19/09
Lauro, Florence                     Spring Hill, FL                                                           9/24/09
*Lawrence, Juanita                  Detroit, MI                                                               12/1/09
Lee, James                          Washington, DC                                                            9/10/09
Lilu, Aurelian                      W. Bloomfield, MI                                                          8/12/09
Lindner, Marie                      Phoenix, AZ                                                               8/19/09
Luttrell, Elzy                      El Sobrante, CA                                                           10/2/09
Lydon, Peter                        Redwood City, CA                                                          10/29/09
Mardis, Allen                       Covington, KY                                                             8/17/09
Marshall, Paul                      Wills Point, TX                                                           9/10/09
McCanna, William                    2140 Agatite AV, Chicago, IL 60625                                        10/1/09
McCarthy, Betty                     Dobbs Ferry, NY                                                           10/16/09
Miller, Christian                   Hagerstown, MD                                                            11/10/09
Miller, Edward                      Arlington, TN                                                             11/15/09

                                        IN MEMORIAM                                           (continued)
Name                                     Mailing Address                                 Date of Death
*Moore, James                Grosse Point Park, MI                                         11/29/09
Owen, William                Redford Township, MI                                          10/6/09
Pink, Martha                 Newark, DE                                                    9/7/09
Porcelli, Frank              PO Box 8704, Fedhaven, FL 33854                               8/16/09
Porter, Eleanore             Cedarburg, WI                                                 10/22/09
Raczkowski, Lucille          10 Canton DR, #A, Whiting, NJ 08759                           10/16/09
Rehrig, Florence             Providence, RI                                                9/14/09
Romines, Judy                Sabetha, KS                                                   9/24/09
Romo, Cresciano “Chris”      3034 South Barnes, Springfield, MO 65804                       11/9/09
Rose, Billy                  Conway, SC                                                    11/22/09
Sadvary, Pete                Camas, WA                                                     6/29/09
Santos, Louise               Red Hook, NY                                                  8/17/09
Schweitzer, Albert           Medford, NY                                                   11/3/09
Shedd, Cleo                  Cartersville, GA                                              10/7/09
Sheets, Eugene               Lakewood, CA                                                  9/14/09
Siperko, Charles             Ellicott City, MD                                             11/2/09
St. John, James              Reston, VA                                                    9/24/09
Stewart, Gwyn                Gibsonville, NC                                               10/12/09
Strauss, John                Whitehall, PA                                                 10/16/09
Swilley, Clyde               SunCity Center, FL                                            11/8/09
Thomas, Dorothy              Phoenix, AZ                                                   9/23/09
Thompson, Donald             1706 Olive Spring RD, Soquel, CA 95073                        9/29/09
Troutman, Greene             Denver, CO                                                    10/24/09
Utz, Richard                 10855 Beverly CT, Clermont, FL 34711                          10/7/09
Wheat, Mary                  Pittsburgh, PA                                                10/27/09
Wilcox, Cecelia              Bladenboro, NC                                                6/6/09
Wise, Fredda                 Glendora, CA                                                  9/18/09
Wolfberg, Morton             1432 Brookhollow DR, Orlando, FL 32824                        10/1/09
* These deaths notices furnished by other than Western Union
** These addresses differ from our records

                              Jerome “Jerry” Horowitz passed away on September 18, 2009 at the age of
                        76. Jerry was a member of the Board of Directors of the RWUEA for several years
                        and was responsible for Regional Affairs. In this capacity, Jerry visited several
                        of our Regional groups around the country making presentations about Western
                        Union’s history and some of the famous people that either worked for Western
                        Union or were associated with it in other ways. Jerry also either took along with
                        him or sent to regions he didn’t visit replica WU clocks and copies of his book
                        Western Union Time. Jerry was also a heavy contributor to the book that has been
                        sent out to regions for awards as door prizes – The Western Union Story. He was
                        very interested in learning all about Western Union’s history and sharing that
       Jerry Horowitz   information as much as he could. When I advised the regional people about
                        Jerry’s death, the tributes and messages of condolences to his family flowed in.
John Mathieson out in San Francisco, Laurali Fey in Los Angeles, Dick Brockert in Washington DC and
Frank Senner in Philadelphia among others. As Frank Senner expressed it, “The people in Philly really
enjoyed his presentations. He most certainly will be missed. He kept Western Union alive for all of us.
We learned much more about the history of Western Union than we thought we knew.”
     Jerry was an engineer by training and was a video engineer for Western Union at 60 Hudson Street
developing training videos. A veteran of the Navy Armed Forces Radio Services, Jerry was stationed in
Japan and became fluent in the Japanese language. His outside activities and interests were quite varied
including: Rotary International membership, helping to establish and run an urban farm in Fair Lawn,
traveling to northern China, Lithuania and Egypt for Rotary, Cub Scout Master, 4-H Leader.

                                         IN MEMORIAM                                            (continued)

     Richard passed away on Wednesday, October 7, 2009 at the age of 82. Richard was a long-time member
of the RWUEA and was the founder of the web site. He retired from Western
Union as a microwave installer/maintainer. Richard is survived by his wife, Joyce, one son, David, one
daughter, Deborah, and two grandchildren. He will be missed by all who knew him.

     Frank Senner advised us that fellow Philadelphia co-worker Gerry passed away on October 14, 2009.
Gerry worked in the Commercial Department as a clerk in the branch offices in Philly and then transferred
to the Moorestown, NJ CTB. Frank writes that Gerry attended several Philadelphia luncheons until health
problems prevented her from attending.

    Grady passed away on September 30, 2009. Grady was an Honorary Member of RWUEA and was very
active in all the retiree activities in the Dallas Area. He ran the annual Christmas Party held at the VFW
on the Friday before Thanksgiving every year. He worked for Western Union for over 41 years holding
various jobs in Dallas, Galveston and Fort Worth as line crewman on the railroad, lineman, technician,
Assistant Foreman and retiring as an Equipment Inspector in Dallas in 1983. He will be missed by all
who knew him.

   Ora passed away on October 27, 2009 at the age of 97. She was employed by Western Union in
Rochester, NY for many years.

    Aubrey passed away on October 23, 2009 at the age of 84. Aubrey held many positions in the Dallas
Area including spending several years at the National Processing Center in Farmers Branch, Texas.

    Rose Samarripa advised us that Jeri Cook passed away on August 28, 2009 at the age of 77. She
worked for Western Union for 35 years primarily as a Telephone Operator, retiring in 1988. Preceded in
death by her husband, Thomas, she is survived by two sons, one daughter, three grandchildren and four

     Ivar, whose death was reported in our 3rd qtr 2009 issue, died on April 25, 2009 at the age of 88-3/4.
Ivar started on a bike delivering telegrams. He worked for Western Union for 35 years. His daughter,
Patricia, says that Ivar’s wife preceded him in death in 2001. The family misses them both.

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