Amos by ewghwehws


   3:1 – 4:13
• Amos was a shepherd and fig-gatherer called
  to be a prophet
  – Sent mostly to the northern kingdom of Israel
  – Though his message in chapters 1 & 2 was
    directed to 8 nations (including Israel)
• Now we move to the second section of the
  book – Sermons against the sins of Israel
  – Each sermon begins with “Hear this word . . .”
  – There are three sermons
    • We’ll look at the first two in this lesson
           Fellowship with God
• The nature of Israel’s fellowship with God
  – Amos 3:1-3
  – Began from Egypt
     • God took special notice of them
     • God revealed Himself and His law to them
  – No other nation could claim such fellowship
    with God
  – Therefore, the sins of Israel must be punished
     • Other nations knew of Israel’s fellowship with
       God and might think God condoned the sins
  – After all, to have fellowship, both parties have to
    be agreed about their path
           Fellowship with God
• Listening to warnings – Amos 3:4-8
  – If you hear a lion roar, you know he has caught
  – If you see a bird caught in a trap, you know
    someone set the trap
  – If you see a trap sprung, you know something
    sprung the trap
  – If you hear a warning trumpet, you know the
    enemy is approaching
  – God has been warning through His prophets
    • God warns because He wants to have fellowship
       – And Israel is no longer on the path with God
    • You better pay attention and be afraid
           Fellowship with God
• Public Punishment for Sin – Amos 3:9-11
  – Outsiders will be witnesses to Israel’s
    • Because Israel did not do what was right
  – Israel will be conquered, taken captive, and
           Fellowship with God
• A remnant saved – Amos 3:12-15
  – As a shepherd might fight a lion to save a few
    • God will save a remnant (small portion) of Israel
      from the punishment He just described
    • Those to be punished are described as living at
      ease on their couches
       – Further expanded to mean materialistic
          » Multiple houses
          » Expensive houses
          » Huge mansions
            Fellowship with God
• Lessons
  – If you want to have fellowship with God . . .
    • You have to walk His path, not your own
    • If you get off His path
       – He will give warning, in His word
    • If you don’t listen to the warning
       – You will be punished
    • The few who do listen will be restored to God’s
  – Materialism is a sign that one is not in God’s
    • Oddly most people think wealth is a sign of favor
            Facing God’s wrath
• The sins of Israel – Amos 4:1
  – Bashan was excellent pastureland east of
    Jordan River
     • Well-known for its very fat cattle
     • Israel, under Jeroboam II, was like Bashan cattle
       – Overfed, under-worked
  – They were already well-off and got more by
    oppressing those who had less
  – And then celebrated their increased wealth
            Facing God’s wrath
• God’s reaction – Amos 4:2-3
  – Because of His holiness
    • Need to remain separate from sin
  – He will drag Israel way captive
    • Painfully (like dragged by fishhooks)
  – And He will destroy the walls of their cities
• This is God’s warning of the consequences of
  their sin
            Facing God’s wrath
• Sarcasm – Amos 4:4-5
  – Considering God’s warning, God sarcastically
    tells Israel to . . .
    • Continue with idol worship (golden calves) in
      Bethel and Gilgal
       – Even says to increase their tithes (to their idols)
         from weekly to every 3 days
    • Might as well include leaven in their offerings
       – Silly to be worried about whether the offering has
         leaven when they are worshipping idols
    • Make a big fuss about your “piety”
       – Because you love being thought religious
  – If you are determined to ignore God, then you
    might as well completely ignore Him
           Facing God’s wrath
• God warned, but no repentance – Amos 4:6-11
  – He sent famine, no repentance
  – He sent drought, no repentance
  – He sent blight, mildew, & locusts, no repentance
  – He sent plague and war, no repentance
  – He destroyed some of their cities, no
• God had given them many warnings of their sin
  – They had refused to repent, maybe even refused
    to acknowledge the warnings as from God
             Facing God’s wrath
• Prepare to meet your God – Amos 4:12-13
  – If you won’t listen to His warnings
  – If you won’t repent of your sins
  – Then get ready to meet God!
    •   He is the creator (omnipotent)
    •   He knows all your thoughts (omniscient)
    •   He can control nature (omnipotent)
    •   He is everywhere (omnipresent)
  – He is Jehovah, God of hosts
    • Are you truly ready to stand face-to-face with Him
      and give account of your actions?
            Facing God’s wrath
• Lessons
  – God knows all our sins
  – God has warned us, in His word, of the
    consequence of sin (Rom 6:23, etc)
  – If you don’t think you need to pay attention to
    God’s word, then you might as well stop
    pretending to follow it at all
  – If you won’t repent . . .
    • Prepare to meet your God!
• Are you in fellowship with God?
  – Are you walking His path or going your own
  – Are you more concerned with God’s word or
    with making money and accumulating material
• Are you listening to God’s word?
  – Especially when He tells you that you are in sin
• Have you repented (returned to God)?
• Are you ready to meet your God?

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