ORMUS Is It The Philosopher's Stone

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					                             ORMUS Is It The Philosopher's Stone?
                                                   Barry Carter

Since ancient Egyptian times, alchemists have worked in secret, searching to produce something called the
Philosopher's Stone or the Elixir of Life. Barry Carter and other researchers believe that ORMUS is related to
this search.

Since 1995, Barry Carter has been conducting experiments with water modified by ORMUS. He has written
numerous articles on the subject and leads workshops around the country where he demonstrates three methods
of producing ORMUS water.

ORMUS comes from the acronym Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements, or ORMEs. It was discovered
in the late 1970s by David Hudson, an Arizona farmer who noticed some very strange materials on his land as
he was mining for gold. During the next decade, Hudson spent several million dollars trying to understand how
to create this substance and work with it.

ORMUS, which is made from water and other substances, has also been called monoatomic gold, white gold,
white powder gold, m-state, AuM, microclusters, and manna.

Adams: There's a quote by D. H. Lawrence that says, "Water is hydrogen two parts, oxygen one part, and
something else, though we don't know what it is." What did Lawrence mean by that?

Carter: There are many unusual properties of water that aren't explainable by the known properties of hydrogen
and oxygen or by any concept of how a compound of those two elements should behave.

There are perhaps thirty-two anomalous properties of water that are unexpected. We believe that those
properties are due to the presence of ORMUS in most water molecules.

Generally, it is believed that the water molecule is dodecahedral or icosohedral. In other words, the molecule is
the shape of a geodesic dome, and this shape allows for a lot of space inside the molecule.

Some of us believe that the ORMUS elements hide out in that inner space, inside the dome. From that space, the
ORMUS can change the configuration of the water molecule so that it tightens or expands. This is the way we
think that these elements may modify the structure of water.

It's very clear that there's something else other than H2O — two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen — in
ordinary water. One person that I've worked with said that triple distilled water, weighs eight pounds per gallon,
but water that's made by burning hydrogen in oxygen weighs seven pounds per gallon. The difference between
seven versus eight pounds per gallon indicates that there's a pound of something else in the water.

Adams: What exactly is ORMUS?

Carter: We think it's a new form of matter that appears to have properties of Spirit. It seems to be a transition
between physical reality and spiritual reality. We believe that it can be used as a communication tool between
spirit and matter. It is, literally, precious metal elements in a new form, a new state of matter. In this state they
don't assay or analyze as the precious metal elements. They look like a white powder instead of like a metal.
They can even show up as an oil.
Because these materials look like other things, they have not been recognized by science.

We've extracted the ORMUS element from the air, from rocks, and from water, including the water of the body.
We believe that, perhaps as part of the water molecule, they are the carrier of the information that restructures
water. Any system for structuring water depends on the ORMUS elements.

Adams: What elements can be found in ORMUS?

Carter: The ORMUS or m-state materials are thought to be the precious metal elements in a different atomic
state. Cobalt 27, Nickel 28, Copper 29, Ruthenium 44, Rhodium 45, Palladium 46, Silver 47, Osmium 76,
Iridium 77, Platinum 78, Gold 79, and Mercury 80 have been identified in this different state of matter and, with
the exception of mercury, are listed in Hudson's patents.

Adams: How was ORMUS first discovered?

Carter: These elements appear to have been known in ancient times. The ancient Egyptians were clearly
working with the ORMUS materials in their alchemical processes, and the ancient alchemists also were working
with the ORMUS elements. You hear in alchemy about "oil of gold" — which is something we've made using
the various ORMUS processes. David Hudson also spoke of the oil of the elements, or the oil of metals. Some
people actually claim that they remember past lives in which they were working with these materials.

Hudson discovered ORMUS when he was working with a gold-mining process. He was the first to make it
known, but it's ancient knowledge that has been rediscovered. Now we are applying the tools of modern science
to this ancient knowledge.

The ancient Egyptians talked about the "white powder of gold." They have pictures on their bas reliefs of little
cones called "shewbread." They say these little cones are white bread, and they also say they're gold. How could
something be white bread and gold at the same time? Well, now we know. We've got the technology to make
the white powder of gold and form it into a cone-shaped bread if we want to.

Several of the procedures for extracting or making ORMUS have been adapted from ancient alchemical texts.
We believe that the Philosopher's Stone and the Biblical manna are both variations on this state of matter. Some
recommended alchemical texts related to the Philosopher's Stone are Sacred Science by R.A. Schwaller De
Lubicz, Le Mystere des Cathedrales by Fulcanelli, and Occult Chemistry by Leadbeater and Besant. The
premier treatise on the subject may be The Secret Book by Artephius.

Adams: Why do you think this information has become available now?

Carter: I think it's because all of the areas of science are dealing with the question of how Spirit and matter are
connected, and ORMUS helps explain this.

All the areas of science are bumping up against this question. We see people in physics saying there's a non-
physical realm. David Bohm called it the Implicate Order. According to Bohm, the Explicate Order — physical
reality as we know it — is a projection or a manifestation of this non-physical template.

The ORMUS elements clearly connect the realms of the spiritual and the physical. We like to compare ORMUS
to the use of cellphones. It used to be we always had to use hard-wired phones, now we've got cellphones and
we can walk around and talk and communicate with anybody else. So imagine that every cell in the body has a
cellphone, and that they communicate with one another until the cellphone batteries go dead or the antennae are
In this analogy, we think the ORMUS elements go in and recharge the batteries on the cellphones and rebuild
the antennas. Instead of just being able to talk to the cell next door, the cell in your hand now can talk to the cell
in your big toe. In other words, all of the cells are instantly and continuously in communication.

Physicists and biologists call this phenomenon of instant communication "quantum coherence." Everything is
coherent and in total communication, instantaneously, all at once. Each water molecule gets into resonance with
every other water molecule in the body. As the water molecules change their shape and structure, the water is
patterned, and changes happen in the body. Information is imparted to the cell and to the immune system, as
well as to the other systems of the body. These changes allow the body to heal more rapidly because the
communication is perfect.

Adams: Do you have evidence to prove that ORMUS has healing capabilities?

Carter: We have photos of a woman's tooth. The tooth had been broken in
a stair-step manner, and it literally filled in just from drinking ORMUS

Hundreds of people have reported benefits that include pain reduction, and
improvement or recovery from serious diseases like cancer, AIDS, diabetes,
and so on. You can find some of these stories on our Subtle Energies

Several people have noticed that the ingestion of ORMUS seems to stimulate the kundalini energy flow in the
body. A couple of people have said that it's like vacuuming the restricted areas of the kundalini, so that it opens
the chakras that are tight or closed.

Some people who have a tight heart chakra feel as though they're having a heart attack when they drink
ORMUS water. The ORMUS is actually opening the heart chakra. A couple of people with heart problems have
gone to the doctor and were told that their hearts had become totally healthy.

Different ORMUS elements seem to stimulate the different chakras in a beneficial way. We're not really clear
about which ones go with which chakra but there's some speculation about that. One of these days we'll get it
nailed down, I'm sure.

Adams: What kind of benefits have you experienced yourself from ingesting ORMUS?

Carter: I don't hurt anymore. In my mid-forties I noticed that I had carpal tunnel in my wrist, my back ached,
and I had general joint pain. When I stood up I would ache a bit. I've been taking ORMUS materials for six
years and I don't hurt anymore. Now I jump up from my chair — I don't feel like I have to stand up carefully.
I'm fifty-three and I feel great. I feel better than I felt when I was seventeen.

I've also been taking one of the other ORMUS elements called ORMUS copper, and my beard is clearly getting
dark again. So I've had some very great benefits. I feel as though the clock is rolling back for me.

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