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									NEWSLETTER of                                                                    August 2010        Issue 73

   The Friendship Force of Wellington Inc.
                           P. O. Box 22-197, Khandallah, Wellington. New Zealand

                                        PresideP President:     Graham Wigley
                                        40 Lohia                13 Chilton Grove, Lower Hutt
                                                                 Phone (04) 972 5170
                                                                e-mail: wigley@clear.net.nz

                                                   Editor:      Sue Walker
                                                                23 Sailmaker Close
                                                                Phone (04) 234 6242
                                                                e-mail bobsuewalker@xtra.co.nz

                                                   Secretary:   Ian Speden
                                        40 Lohia                20A Avalon Crescent, Lower Hutt
                                                                Phone (04) 567 4568
                                                                e-mail: iespeden@xtra.co.nz

Upcoming Events

                                         Sunday September 12th

                            Time Cinema 191 Sutherland Road, Lyall Bay.
                                         Time 1.30 for 2pm.
                                  Cost $16 - Afternoon tea included.
                        Programme, old documentaries, cartoons, newsreels, etc.

                           Bring a friend, 20 people needed to break even.
       Send cheque to 20A Avalon Crescent, Lower Hutt, but make cheque out to Friendship Force.
                 Contact Erica 5674 568 or Jeanette 801 9679 if you need transport.

                                             IMPORTANT DATES

                               Sunday Sept 12 Time Cinema 1.30 - 2pm.
                   Sunday Sept 19 Meeting at Clarkes for Perth hosts & day hosts 2pm.
                           Wed Oct 6     Perth Exchange - Farewell Dinner
                            Sunday Nov 7 Xmas lunch Gear Homestead
                          Tues Nov 23    Brasov Exchange - Farewell Dinner
                              Sunday Dec 5 AGM - Parrot & Jigger 3pm

                                    HOSTS & DAY HOSTS REQUIRED

              Incoming Friendship Force exchange of 13 ambassadors from Brasov, Romania
                                        th                             th
                         Wednesday 17 November – Wednesday 24 November.

     There will be a programme which will show our ambassadors some of our beautiful fauna, flora and
    seascapes, and the cities of Wellington and the Hutt. This is an opportunity to learn something of the
                    heritage and culture of a part of the world not normally visited by Kiwis.

                  Please phone Judith Burch 476 4400 or e-mail artybees@actrix.gen.nz

Perth Inward Exchange Programme

An interesting programme has been arranged for the 24 ambassadors from the Perth Club who will be
hosted by members of the Wellington Club during the week of September 30 to October 7, 2010. Club
members are welcome to join events, and those wanting to participate should please contact Erica or Ian
Speden, Ph: (04) 567 4568), email: iespeden@xtra.co.nz .

Thursday 3/9 – Welcome Pot Luck Dinner, 6:30 pm, Lower Hutt Women’s Bowling
               Club,Waitako Street.

Friday 1/10   - Wellington City Bus Tour: departs Duck Pond, Avalon, Lower Hutt,
                9:15 am and Wellington Railway Station, Platform 9, at 9:45 am for
                Weta Workshop, California Garden Centre for lunch, Nairn Cottage
                and the Skyline Observation Point, returning c.4 pm. $17 entry fees
                and lunch.

Monday 4/10 - Wairarapa Train and Bus Tour: Departs Wellington Station for
              Carterton at 8:25 am (with stops at Waterloo, etc) with visits to
              Awaiti Gardens, a farm with lunch and the Paua Factory, returning to
              Wellington at 5:19 pm. Lunch $10, with train and entry charges to
              be confirmed.

Tuesday 5/10 - Visit to Kokiri Urban Marae, Barnes Street, Seaview, Lower Hutt, at
               10 am. Visit and lunch $5.

Wednesday 6/10 – Tour by private cars to Efildoog, Akatarawa Valley, Te Marua
                 Golf Club for lunch, and visit the commemorative tree site.
                 Departing the Duck Pond, Avalon, at 9:30 am. $25 lunch and fees
                 Farewell Dinner at the Hutt Men’s Bowling Club, Myrtle Street,
                 Lower Hutt, 6:30 pm. $23.

A meeting of hosts and day hosts is to be held at Brian and Judith Clarke’s, 31A St Ronans Avenue,
Lower Hutt, 2 pm, on Sunday, September 19, 2010.


Hi One and All,

We are getting to the ‘busy’ end of our year with Perth in September and Brasov in November
and then our AGM. If you are not involved in hosting – please consider how else you can help.
Contact the Exchange Directors.

Canada/USA 2011 – NOW is the time to think about this trip. Extras might include a trip
through the Rockies, or the Alaskan Coast. We may also catch up with the Edmonton Club who
we hosted recently. Please contact me by the end of the month if you would like to be part of
the team. Put your name on the list!

Thanks to our members who were able to assist with the Wairarapa Day visit. I have spoken to
their President and they have expressed their appreciation for an enjoyable day.

In friendship Graham
                                 Nominations for Exchange Director for next year’s Outward Exchange
                                to Canada and USA.

                                          PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION

            The following has been received from Friendship Force International so it’s time to
go through all your photos and see if you can win US$250

 We are seeking the very best of your most meaningful photographs to tell the story of Friendship
 Force International visually, for all the world to see, no matter the spoken language.

 The finalists’ photographs will be displayed at the Global Conference in Washington, D.C. in October,
 posted on the FFI website and shared in numerous other venues. The Grand Prize winner will receive
 a cash prize of US $250. You do not have to attend the conference to participate.

 There will be a category for each of the three Friendship Force themes: explore, understand, and
 serve. The winning photos will depict scenes, people or events that clearly show one of the three
 Friendship Force themes in action:

     ·    Explore: Exploring new cultures
     ·    Understand: Gaining understanding by making friends across the barriers that separate
     ·    Serve: Putting friendship in action by connecting with the local community

 Here’s how to enter:

     1. Select a maximum of five digital, high-quality photographs that were taken within the past five
          years during an official Friendship Force activity.
     2.   The minimum digital resolution should be 300 DPI (dots per inch). This information should be
          provided somewhere on your camera or in its instruction manual.
     3.   Attach your photos to an e-mail. Send the e-mail and the photo attachment to our contest
          coordinators at this e-mail address: photocontest@thefriendshipforce.org. Be sure to include
          your name, Friendship Force club, date and activity depicted in the photo(s) along with names
          of people pictured and the category your photo represents (Explore, Understand or Serve).
     4.   Entries should be sent by August 30th.
     5.   By entering the contest you agree to have your photos publicized by FFI, with your name
          attached to the photo.

Fridge Magnets available.

We have a new supply of Wellington FF fridge magnets available at $3 each. Please phone Erica on 567
4568 if interested.
Nut & Bolts Day

The Friendship Force of South Taranaki is holding a “Nuts & Bolts Day” in the Sanson Community Hall,
Philip Street, Sanson, on Sunday, August 29, 2010, 10:30 am to 3 pm, at $5 per person. The programme
includes Brief Exchange Promotions, competition for the “Nuts & Bolts Trophy, discussion on FF
Matters with the Area 3 Field Representative Yvonne Elliott to report, and a raffle (clubs are invited to
donate items with a value of about $15). Attendees are asked to bring a plate of finger food to share.
Please notify Ian Speden if interested in attending (numbers to be advised by 21/08/2010).

A shortened version of the Minutes of the Committee Meeting held Tuesday 29th June 2010.

·   Amendments to Minutes of 18/05/2010
      Ø for the Brasov Inwards Exchange, Kate Hector is on the Committee, with the Wigley’s to assist.
      Ø for the Minsk Inwards Exchange, Sue Walker is the ED, with Bob Walker and Lis Pyle to assist.
    Minutes with amendments approved Ian/Graham.
·   Parrs quote for badges approved. Graham/Lis. Kate Hector holds 40.
·   Jeanette to contact Gear House about its availability for the Christmas lunch on November 13, so that the
    Capetown visitors could participate.(Jeanette contacted, and informed that no Saturdays available until early
    2011; therefore, November 7 retained).
·   Field Representative nomination discussed, none to be made.
·   Value of “Nuts & Bolts Day’ discussed. Graham plans to attend the day session at Sanson on 29/08/2010;
    numbers to be advised by 21/08/2010.
·   Resignation of Margaret Stewart accepted; Graham has acknowledged the resignation and her contributions.
·   Kilmartin’s acknowledged the letter of sympathy.

Inwards Exchanges:
· Ian reported on plans for the Perth Inward Exchange, Sept. 30 to Oct. 7. Committee discussed the merits of
   musical entertainment, with a consensus that background music the best.
· Graham reported that a harbour cruise with fishing was being considered for the Brasov Inwards Exchange.
· Graham reported that the Minsk Inwards Exchange with 21 ambassadors was now coming only to New
   Zealand, to Wellington on 14 – 20 February, 2011, to Nelson on 20 – 26 and then to Christchurch. Graham
   has provided information on travel options, climate, etc. Planning to have new club members on the

Outwards Exchanges:
· Graham has been consulting about the club’s 2011 outwards exchange, with a proposed itinerary of
   Vancouver – Portland (Oregon) – Spokane (Utah) – Lethbridge possibly in July. Possible additions are a visit
   to Edmonton and an inland tour to Anchorage with an Alaskan cruise. The August newsletter will have an
   advertisement for an exchange director; Graham to prepare. As it is a joint exchange with the Napier Club a
   weekend visit to Napier is to be considered.

Treasurers Report:
· Not available. Speden’s to arrange to meet David and give him cash in hand and expenditure receipts for
   repayments. And to advise that the purchase of 300 badges from Parrs approved (done).

· Munro’s visited and membership confirmed; Sue to be given the contact details.
· No response to emails by Mr & Mrs Turner.
· Lis to send Sue revised members lists, one for the committee members and one for circulation in the
· Non- paid members to be contacted.
· Mudge’s possible hosts for dinners.
· October newsletter to include a notice that subscriptions to FFI now $(NZ)14.30 ($(US) 10).
Health and Welfare:
· Bernice Gleadow thriving. Erica to contact Lynn Pollock,

Social Activities:
· Mixing of members at social events very desirable, and to be promoted.
· Graham has contacted Wairarapa about their social visit on Monday, August 2, 2010, and is arranging a
   programme. Wellington members with cars to meet the visitors at the Skyline cable car site. Graham to
   provide Sue with details for a flyer
· A visit to the Times Theatre, Lyall Bay, scheduled for Sunday, September 12, 2010, with a programme of
   documentaries/cartoons/ newsreels preferred, and afternoon tea in an interval. Erica to send Sue information
   for a newsletter.

General Business:
· The lists of inwards and outwards exchanges to be circulated to committee members, Kate Hector and Duncan
   McDonald for review.
· Ian given permission to cull club files of unnecessary receipts and documents.
· Graham to review the draft advertisement on the Perth Exchange provided by Ian, and to decide the format,
   either news item or advertisement. David to be asked to distribute the advertisement to local newspapers.
· Graham to contact Colorado about their request for hosting individuals with, possibly, a notice to be included
   in the August newsletter seeking members interest in hosting.
· Bob receiving many emails from Ismi,Yogyakarta FF, about sending members to Whitirea for courses on
   teacher training and experience. Bob to consult, and confirm if hosting by club members is included.
· AGM to be held on the 5th December, 2010, location to be confirmed. To be notified in the August newsletter.
· Graham provided the secretary with a CD on the FF “2010 Ambassador and Host Exchange Director
   Manual”, for use by members. Secretary had also printed off a copy for use.

Upcoming New Zealand Exchanges

                          Confirmed Outward Exchanges from NZ in 2011.

April        Horowhenua.                  Ribeirao Preto & Campinas, Brazil
May          Howick                       Mount Barker & Sunshine Coast, Aust.
May          Auckland-North Shore         County Durham & Leicestershire, UK
June         Whangarei & Wanganui         Edmonton, Canada & Mid-Willamette Valley &
                                          Olympia, USA
June         Kapiti Coast                 Sapporo & Saitama, Japan
June         New Plymouth                 Haliburton Highlands & Quebec, Canada
July         Taupo                        Bundaberg & Kempsey, Aust.
August       Wellington & Napier.         Lethbridge, Canada & E. Washington-N.Idaho a&
                                          Columbia Cascade, USA
August       Marlborough                  Mount Gambier & Cairns & Southern Sydney,
September    South Taranaki               Hobart & Central Coast, Australia
September    Christchurch                 North Bay, Canada & Kansas, USA & Mundo
                                          Maya, Mexico
October      Western Waikato              Piracicaba & Belo Horizonte, Brazil & Houston,
November     Western Bay of Plenty        Sydney & Murray Bridge, Aust
November     Manawatu & Thames-           Adelaide & Perth, Aust & Cape Town, South
             Coromandel                   Africa
Howick and Wairarapa, NZ and Adelaide, Australia
Dates: 1st – 20th November 2010 (with add ons available after this)
Costs: Approx NZ$1,500 (includes FFI & Club Host fees and all transport costs during the
       exchange, but not the add on cost of NZ$500 plus. You will need to find your own way to
       Auckland 1st Nov, and own way home          from Adelaide on 20th Nov or Melbourne after the
       add on).
Contact: Trevor Davis (Capetown) davist@xsinet.co.za P O Box 748, Knysna, 6570 South Africa
       Phone - 27 (0) 44 382 1998 or Cell: 27 83 457 1049

Campinas & Ribeiroa Preto, Brazil.
Date: April/May 2011
Cost: Approx $5,300 (includes FFI & Club Host fees but not the add ons)
Contact: Joyce Hislop (Horowhenua) gjhislop@xtra.co.nz 06-368 4895.

Kempsey & Bundaberg, Australia,
Date: July 2011
Cost: Approx $1,300 (includes FFI & Club Host Fees and covers all costs from start in Sydney to
Contact: Chris Baddeley (Taupo) baddeleycm@clear.net.nz 07-372 8424.

Mount Barker and Sunshine Coast, Australia.
Date: May 2011.
Cost: $1700 (includes FFI & Club Host Fees)
Contact: Judy Burton (Howick) hinakura@xtra.co.nz 09-534 8080.

Haliburton Highlands and Quebec, Canada.
Date: Depart approx. June 20th 2011
Cost: Approx. $3500 (includes all air fares ex Auckland, FFI and Club Host Fees, but not optional
         add on possibilities such as Calgary Stampede, Rockies Tour, and Alaska Cruise). Note that
this is a joint exchange with Hamilton.
Contact: Dorothy Anderson (Club Sec. New Plymouth). d.and@clear.net.nz Tel 06-758 8754

                                                   * * *

September       Inward Exchange from Perth to Wellington, Marlborough & New Plymouth
November        Inward Exchange from Romania to Wellington, Manawatu & Whangarei

                                                  * * *

                              If you know of any members who are not well, had bereavement, had an
                              accident or are in hospital please let Claudie Mouzouri or Judith Clarke
                              know and they will send a card, visit or ring them up.

                                                  * * *


There are still some members who have not paid their subs for this year. If this is you, please contact
David Mazey on 478 7773 as soon as possible.
                                            Your Current 2010 Committee
President                Graham Wigley             13 Chilton Grove      Lower Hutt     phone 972 5170
Secretary:               Ian Speden                20A Avalon Crescent   Lower Hutt     phone 567 4568
Vice-President:          Bob Walker                23 Sailmaker Close    Whitby         phone 234 6242
Treasurer:               David Mazey               6 Meadowcroft Grove   Johnsonville   phone 478 7773
Committee                Sue Walker                23 Sailmaker Close    Whitby         phone 234 6242
                         Jeanette Page             7/22 Ghuznee Street   Wellington     phone 801 9679
                         Erica Speden              20A Avalon Crescent   Lower Hutt     phone 567 4568
                         Lis Pyle                  7 Petrel Lane         Whitby         phone 234 6655
                         Joy Turner                23 Laurel Grove       Lower Hutt     phone 587 0078
                         Margaret Stewart          15 Cecil Road         Tawa           phone 232 4202
Auditor                  Tony Bouzaid              43 Chapman Street     Johnsonville   phone 478 5963
Field Representative     Yvonne Elliott            30 MacArthur Street   Levin          phone (06) 368-5500

The Wellington Club website is http://www.newday.co.nz/site-ff/about

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