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              A Report of Our

                        hope to a




                        if e a t a ti

                 WEST SIDE
                 WEST SIDE
              CATHOLIC CENTER
              CATHOLIC CENTER

          West Side Catholic Center
  Grounded in faith, hope, love, and respect
  for those we serve, we assist all who come in
  need of food, clothing, shelter, and advocacy.

2009 Board of Directors                   Advisory Board
Terri Antonucci      Vince Hvizda         Jess* & Julie Bell
Barbara Arison       Richard Kirk         Peter & Rita Carfagna
Joseph Arnold        Robert Kushman       Rev. Thomas Fanta
Timothy Atkinson     Aaron Marinelli      Most Rev. Roger W. Gries O.S.B.
Jack Bedell          Robert Nicolay       Jim & Joan Livingston
Robert Drusendahl    Jerome Pleasant      George & Mary Lu Wasmer
William Forester     Karen McDevitt Qua   Rev. Robert J. Welsh S.J.
Fr. Timothy Gareau   Robin Ratliff
Colette Gibbons      Kevin Ryan
James Gulick         Michael Solecki      * Deceased
Eric Haddad          Sharon Tufts
Mary Hall            Traci Turner
Christina Hein

                                                                                         from the
                                                                                         Board of
    “Hope is not a dream but a way of making dreams a reality.”
    Steve had been married for several years and had a good job as a heavy equipment operator. He earned enough
    to support his family of four but certainly didn’t have much in reserve. While working on his car he popped
    a disc in his lower back. The injury was painful but not completely debilitating. It was bad enough however
    to keep him from working. He had been out of work six months when his wife left him. Now alone, with no
    savings left Steve isn’t sure where to turn.

    What are the chances that, frustrated with his inability to work, in constant pain, and depressed over his failed
    marriage, Steve will wake up every day, full of hope, energized and ready to face the huge challenges ahead? Or
    is Steve more likely to gradually do less and less, watch more TV and drink more beer?

    hardest, but also the most essential, is to instill hope. Our volunteers, staff and case managers always begin the
    same way. Our hospitality welcomes and reassures and our competency and compassion instill hope.

    quality, competent services. We are proud of our volunteers and staff who raise and account for the funds
    needed to provide those services.

    In a year of ever-increasing need our services kept pace. We served a record number of meals in 2009 and
    provided housing for more persons than ever before. In a dismal economy we met our fundraising goals and
    kept expenses below revenues.

    For over 33 years the “We” that have accomplished so much is “You” as well. Our entire community of donors,
    volunteers, friends, supporters and clients make the West Side Catholic Center possible.

    We proudly present you with this accounting of our stewardship and urge you to continue to work with us to
    make miracles on 32nd Street.

                           Gerald Skoch                                          Eric Haddad
                           Executive Director                                    Board President

Grounded in faith, love, hope, and respect for those we serve, we assist all who come in need of food, clothing, shelter, and advocacy.

                          Service Unit Statistics
                                          2008         2009       2009                2009      2009
                                         Units        Units   “Cash” Value         Market Value Cost
                                       of Service   of Service Unit Cost            Unit Cost  Savings
    Drop-In Center
    Meals                                56,888      63,042   $      2.85      $      5.43    $162,648
    Clothing Bags Distributed            66,297      63,024          2.17             5.93     236,970
    Street Survival Instances            13,892      12,329          9.49            13.92      54,617
    Outreach/Advocacy Cases               6,891       7,527         35.67            42.42      50,807
    Women and Children’s Shelter
    Bed Nights                         10,980        11,140   $      31.52     $      39.20   $ 85,555
    Case Management Transitions            60            65       2,893.54         3,467.00     37,275
    Youth Advocacy Child Cases             81            88       1,455.89         1,683.87     20,062
    Homeless Prevention Persons Served     72           136       1,039.79         1,122.70     11,275
    Zacchaeus Housing Solutions
    Families Housed                            34        36   $16,380.95       $16,565.15     $   6,631

                                                                            Total Savings     $665,840


      In 2009, 157,387 Units of Service
      were provided free of charge to our
      clients. The market value of these
      services is roughly $2.75 million
      dollars. The actual cash value cost to
      the Center was just over $2 million
      dollars, creating a cost savings of
      $665,840. This cost savings would
      not be possible without the donated
      time of over 500 volunteers and
      thousands of in-kind donations
      throughout the year.

      Thank you!


            Established in 1977, the founders of the West Side Catholic Center (WSCC)
            were struck by the plight of their neighbors who struggled to acquire the crucial
            items they needed to make it through the day. 33 years later, the core of our
            mission remains the provision of basic needs: food, clothing and shelter, but we

            Our programs have always responded to the needs of men, women, and children

            We have over 500 volunteers and 4,327 donors and an annual operating budget
            of $2.7 million dollars.

            The WSCC has 2 main facilities, with a 3rd facility to house case management
            and specialized client services due for completion in June 2010.

Grounded in faith, love, hope, and respect for those we serve, we assist all who come in need of food, clothing, shelter, and advocacy.

                               The Drop-In Center
        Open six days a week, the Drop-In Center provides respite day shelter for the poor and homeless,
        as well as outreach, wellness and self-sufficiency programs.

                                                    • Meals operates 6 days per week and
                                                      served 63,042 nutritious meals in 2009.

                                                    • Clothing & Household Items
                                                      Distribution provides clothing, toiletries
                                                      and household goods to over 2,300 people
                                                      annually. (63,024 bags of clothing)

                                                    • Street Survival Services offers
                                                      showers, a telephone, a mailbox, and
                                                      more to those living on the streets
                                                      of Cleveland. (12,329 units)

• Outreach & Advocacy is a highly
  personalized service that addresses
  many different situations such as
  helping clients find housing, obtain
  birth certificates and state identification,
  and fill out job and Social Security
  benefit applications. (7,527 services)

         The Women and Children’s Shelter
  The Women and Children’s Shelter provides a full range of transitional services that assists residents
  in moving from homelessness to stable housing and employment.

                                                                 •    Interim Housing provides a safe
                                                                      and nurturing place to live and nutritious
                                                                      meals. (11,140 nights of lodging)

                                                                 •    Case Management Services enables
                                                                      each woman to work directly with skilled staff to
                                                                      develop her individualized plan for permanent
                                                                      housing, stable income, self-sufficiency and
                                                                      education/training. (65 women transitioned)

                                                                 •    Youth Advocacy staff work with the children
                                                                      and their mothers to address each child’s unique
                                                                      needs; trauma service interventions are coordinated
                                                                      with other social service agencies, medical
                                                                      professionals, and educators. (88 children)

   •   Homeless Prevention provides rental and utility assistance, and
       case management services for up to one year. (101 individuals)

                  Zacchaeus Housing Solutions
  In 2008, WSCC assumed responsibility for all of the Family Transitional Housing programs and
  merged them with our own program to create Zacchaeus Housing Solutions. Through the following
  four services, Zacchaeus assists homeless individuals and families in securing and maintaining
                                                permanent housing:
                                                                 •   Client Rent Subsidies help clients
                                                                     locate housing, teaches them how to be a
                                                                     good tenant, and provides rent and utility
                                                                     assistance. (36 households/month)

                                                                 • In the Case Management Services
                                                                   staff work with individuals and families to
                                                                   develop a case plan for self-sufficiency with
                                                                   goals for income, self-development and
                                                                   education/job skills. (58 individuals)

                                                                 •   Life Skills help clients develop competencies
                                                                     in daily living, friends and family networks,
                                                                     general household maintenance, and accessing
                                                                     community resources.(58 individuals)

                                                                 •   Youth Services staff work with parents and
                                                                     children to assess each child, build parenting skills,
                                                                     and connect clients to available resources. (81 children)

Grounded in faith, love, hope, and respect for those we serve, we assist all who come in need of food, clothing, shelter, and advocacy.

                                               Corporate Support
Admiral Products, Inc.                 Hyland Software                            Progressive Casualty                     Three C’s Management and
Aetna Foundation, Inc.                 Immediate Pharmaceutical Services             Insurance Corporation                    Development Corp.
AIG Matching Grants Program            Implant Recycling                          Qualcomm Matching Gift Program           Tomorrows
Allstate Insurance Company             The Inn at Brandywine Falls                Quilt Design Studio                      Trader Joe’s
Alpha Engineering Corporation          Inner Bliss Institute                      Razzle’s                                 Tyco Employee Matching Gift Program
Alpine Valley Ski Area                 Integrated Engineering Consultants, Inc.   Reminger Foundation Company              Unilever United States Foundation Inc.
American Dance Exchange                Integrity Textile Services Company         Reville Tire Co Inc                      United Transportation Union
American Express Foundation            John Owens Adventure, Inc.                 River Oaks Racquet Club                  US Bank
American Greetings Corp                Johnny’s Downtown                          Rockport Early Childhood Center          USA Insulation Co., Inc.
AT&T                                   Jones Day                                  Roofers and Waterproofers Local 44       Verizon Wireless
Beck Center For The Cultural Arts      Joshen Paper & Packaging Co.               Rosati’s Frozen Custard                  Victoria’s Secret
Berardi’s Fresh Roast                  Joyce Buick Pontiac, Inc.                  RPM International, Inc.                  Visiting Nurse Association
Bertram Inn and Conference Center      Kadish, Hinkel & Weibel                    Schottenstein, Zox & Dunn                Vocon Design, Inc.
Bier Markt                             Kalt Manufacturing Company                 Schroeder Coverage                       The Wachovia Foundation
Blue Technologies, Inc.                Kerezy Communications Inc.                 Second Sole                              Walgreen’s North Olmsted
Borders Books and Music                Key Foundation                             A Secret Garden Floral Design            Waring Homestead
Bowne & Co.                            KeyBank                                    Sherwin-Williams Company                 Warwick Products Company
Bridon American                        Kip Kraft/Schoolbelles                     Shurtech Brands                          Wilson Thomarios and Gillissie, LLC
Broadcast Media Ideas, Ltd.            Kokosing Corporation
Brunswick Youth Sports                 Lago Restaurant and Wine Bar
Busch Funeral & Crematory Services     Laird Technologies
Busha-Okeson Insurance                 Lake County Captains
Charles Canepa                         Lake Erie Nature & Science Center
Carrabba’s Italian Grill               LexisNexis
Catawba Island Club                    Liggett-Stashower, Inc.
Chapman & Chapman                      Marine Hydraulic Systems Inc.
Chestnut Intermediate School           Marlene’s Bakers Supply
Clague Playhouse                       Marriott International, Inc.
Clearwater Pool Service                Mary Kay Cosmetics
Cleveland Bakers Local No. 19          Mazzella Lifting Technologies
Cleveland Browns                       McGorray -Hanna Funeral Homes
The Cleveland Clinic                   McMaster-Carr Supply Company
Cleveland Corporate Services           Merck Partnership for Giving
Cleveland Home Title                   Miceli’s Dairy Products
Cleveland Housing Network              Mitchell’s Ice Cream
Cleveland Indians                      Neighborhood Pediatrics, LLC
Cleveland Mediation Center             New Heights In Hair
Cohen & Company                        Nino’s
Custom Fabricators, Inc.               Nordson Corporation
CVS                                    Normandy Manor
Dave and Busters of Cleveland          North Royalton Police Department           Sievers Security, Inc                    Wirtanen Enterprises, Inc.
Dempsey Scheiman & Associates, Inc.    NorthStar Title Services, LLC              Ska Financial Services Inc               Woodbine Products Co. Inc.
Designer Consignor LLC                 Ohio Farm Bureau                           Skoda Minotti & Co.                      WSI Group
Dominion East Ohio Gas                 Old Navy                                   Smoky Bones Barbecue                     Zabor Funeral Home
Dominion Foundation Matching           OneLink                                    Society San Biagio                       ZENEX International
   Gift Program                        Onix Networking Corp.                      Solar Testing Labs                       Zinner & Co. LLPTyco Employee
Empty Nest
Energizer                                                                                                                  Foundation
Enpac, L.L.C.
European Wine Imports                                                                                                      Support
#1 Express Carwash and Detail Center
                                                                                                                           American Endowment Foundation
Fahrenheit Restaurant
                                                                                                                           The William Winfield Baker
Fairview Hospital
                                                                                                                               Family Foundation
Fannie May Candies
                                                                                                                           The Blaha Family Foundation
Fifth Third Bank
                                                                                                                           Eva L. and Joseph M. Bruening
First Place Bank
Fitness Serve
                                                                                                                           Carfagna Family Foundation
Frantz Ward LLP
                                                                                                                           The Catholic Diocese of
Freely Freely Inc.
                                                                                                                               Cleveland Foundation
Frontgate Outlet
                                                                                                                           The CBC Foundation
Furniture Nook
                                                                                                                           Charter One Foundation
Galaxy Balloons Inc.
                                                                                                                           The Cleveland Foundation
Gale’s Westlake Garden Center
                                                                                                                           Community West Foundation
GE Foundation
                                                                                                                           Congregation of St. Joseph
Giant Eagle Supermarket
golfTEC Cleveland West                                                and Sophomores                                       Cyrus Eaton Foundation
                                                                                                                           Deaconess Community Foundation
Gorman-Lavelle Corporation
                                                                                                                           Fedeli Family Charitable Foundation
Great Lakes Brewing Co.                Options Salon & Spa                        Sportstime Ohio
                                                                                                                           Harold K. & Catherine F. Folk
Half Price Books                       Parma Community General                    Staffing Solutions Enterprises
                                                                                                                               Charitable Foundation
Heinen’s Fine Foods                       Hospital                                Stonegate Center, LLC
                                                                                                                           The Giant Eagle Foundation
Hilton Garden Inn                      Peterson Nut-King Co.                      Stout Risius Ross
                                                                                                                           J. Harrington & Marie E.
Hoffman Insurance Group                Pickwick & Frolic Restaurant               Studio South Photographers
                                                                                                                               Glidden Foundation
Honey Baked Ham - Rocky River             and Club                                Sun Microsystems Foundation, Inc.
                                                                                                                           The George Gund Foundation
Honey Hut Ice Cream Shoppe             The Pre-Check Company                      Superior Beverage
                                                                                                                           Matthew R. & Marie M. Hopkins
Houlihan’s of Cleveland                PricewaterhouseCoopers                     Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP
House of Blues                         Professional Travel                        Target Stores
                                                                                                                           Arthur B. McBride, Sr. Family
Huntington National Bank               PROforma                                   Thompson & Hine

Grounded in faith, love, hope, and respect for those we serve, we assist all who come in need of food, clothing, shelter, and advocacy.
   Foundation                               Fraternal Order of Eagles #3505       St. Angela Merici School                    Stand Up For Kids
The Murphy Family Foundation                Friends of The WSCC                   St. Angela Merici SVDP                      Sts. Cosmas & Damian
Murlan J. Jr. and Susan B. Murphy           Galilee Bookstore                     St. Angela Merici YOSA                      Sts. Cyril & Methodius SVDP
   Hunger Fund                              Goddard School                        St. Ann                                     SW Chapter Divorced, Widowed &
David and Inez Myers Foundation             Hawken Grade School                   St. Anthony of Padua Parish                    Separated Catholics
John G. and Karen R. Nestor Fund            Holy Angels Parish                    St. Augustine Health Campus                 Telecom Pioneers Ohio Chapter 2
Nord Family Foundation                      Holy Cross Baby Corner                    Employees                               TGIFF West
Plain Dealer Holiday Spirit Grant           Holy Family Church                    St. Barnabas SVDP                           The Littlest Heroes
PNC Foundation                              Holy Family School                    St. Basil Adult Singles                     Triune Lutheran Church
Reinberger Foundation                       Holy Family Social Action             St. Basil the Great SVDP                    Tuesday Bible Study
Ridgecliff Foundation                       Holy Trinity - Avon                   St. Bernadette Church                       Urban Community School
Ronald McDonald House Charities of          Holy Trinity - Bedford                St. Bernadette Church Community             VFW of Ohio Charities
   Northeast Ohio, Inc.                     Huff-N-Pufferettes                        Action Committee                        Westlake Bay Village Rotary Club
Saint Luke’s Foundation                     Incarnate Word Academy                St. Bernadette Daisy Scout Troop #7129      Westside Ecumenical Ministry
Samuel H. & Maria Miller Foundation         Interfaith Hospitality Network        St. Bernadette PSR                          Youth Challenge
The Sherwin-Williams Foundation             International Anesthesia              St. Bernadette School
Sisters of Charity Foundation                  Research Society (IARS)            St. Brendan Parish                          The above parishes, schools, clubs and
Edward R. & Jean Geis Stell                 Isabella Guild of Father Ragan        St. Brendan School                          organizations provided support to the
   Foundation                                  Council #3269                      St. Bridget Good Samaritan Ministry         West Side Catholi Center in 2009. We are
The Thomas H. White Foundation              Jefferson United Methodist Church     St. Bridget Ladies Guild                    grateful to the many unnamed individuals
                                            Jewish Community Federation of        St. Charles Borromeo                        who contributed through their affiliations
These foundations provided grants for          Cleveland                          St. Charles Borromeo SVDP                   with these groups.
special projects as well as unrestricted    Julie Billiart School                 St. Charles Mens Christian Life
support to the West Side Catholic Center.   Knights Of Columbus Council 2643          Community
                                                                                  St. Charles School                          Angels -
                                                                                  St. Christopher Parish
                                                                                  St. Christopher PSR                         ($10,000 + )
                                                                                  St. Clare Parish
                                                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Amsdell
                                                                                  St. Clarence Parish
                                                                                                                              Mrs. Juliana Bell
                                                                                  St. Columbkille Parish
                                                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. George R. Blaha
                                                                                  St. Columbkille Parish Good
                                                                                                                              Eva L. and Joseph M. Bruening
                                                                                      Samaritan Ministry
                                                                                  St. Columbkille PSR
                                                                                                                              The Catholic Diocese of Cleveland
                                                                                  St. Dominic Parish
                                                                                  St. Edward High School
                                                                                                                              Catholic Hunger and Shelter Fund
                                                                                  St. Francis De Sales Social Justice Group
                                                                                  St. Francis Fraternity
                                                                                                                              Charter One Foundation
                                                                                  St. Ignatius High School
                                                                                                                              The Cleveland Foundation
                                                                                  St. Joan of Arc
                                                                                                                              Cleveland Corporate Services
                                                                                  St. John Bosco PSR
                                                                                                                              Community West Foundation
                                                                                  St. John Bosco SVDP
                                                                                                                              Deaconess Community Foundation
                                                                                  St. John Neumann Parish
                                                                                                                              Friends of The WSCC
                                                                                  St. John Neumann Vacation Bible School
                                                                                                                              The Giant Eagle Foundation
                                                                                  St. John Neumann Youth Ministry
                                                                                                                              J. Harrington & Marie E. Glidden
                                                                                  St. Joseph Elementary School
                                                                                  St. Joseph Parish
                                                                                                                              The George Gund Foundation
                                                                                  St. Justin Martyr
                                                                                                                              Hyland Software
                  Fifth Third Bank volunteers serve lunch!                        St. Ladislas Parish
                                                                                                                              The Lubrizol Foundation
                                                                                  St. Ladislas SVDP
                                                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Timothy F. McCarthy
                                            Knights of Columbus Lafayette         St. Leo the Great Parish
Church, School and                              Council No. 3970                  St. Malachi Parish
                                                                                                                              The Murphy Family Foundation
                                                                                                                              Murlan J. Jr. and Susan B. Murphy
                                            Ladies Ancient Order Of Hibernians    St. Mark Catholic Parish
Club Support                                Lakewood Catholic Academy             St. Martin of Tours
                                                                                                                                  Hunger Fund
                                                                                                                              John G. and Karen R. Nestor Fund
                                            Laurel School                         St. Martin of Tours School
AARP Library Lane 4490                                                                                                        Nord Family Foundation
                                            Little Flower Mission Circle #60      St. Mary - Berea
Academy of St. Bartholomew                                                                                                    Plain Dealer Holiday Spirit Grant
                                            Magnificat High School                St. Mary Magdalene Parish
Alcoholics Anonymous                                                                                                          PNC Foundation
                                            Monastery of Poor Clares              St. Mary of The Falls Parish
American Legion Auxiliary Unit 610                                                                                            Reinberger Foundation
                                            NALS of Northeast Ohio                St. Mary of The Falls School
Annunciation Parish                                                                                                           Ridgecliff Foundation
                                            New York Life Volunteers for Life     St. Michael Holy Name Society
Assumption Church SVDP                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Rini Sr.
                                            Normandy School                       St. Michael PSR
Assumption Human Care Needs                                                                                                   Saint Luke’s Foundation
                                            North Olmsted Middle School           St. Michael School
Assumption of Mary SVDP                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Dudley P. Sheffler
                                            North Royalton High School Key Club   St. Michael the Archangel
Assumption Parish                                                                                                             Sisters of Charity Foundation
                                            Northeast Ohio American               St. Paschal Baylon
Assumption Parish Holy Name Society                                                                                           St. Dominic Parish
                                                Corporate Counsel Association     St. Paschal Baylon Our Lady of the
BBH Preschool Mothers Club                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Sullivan, Sr.
                                            Northern Ohio Human Resources             Blessed Sacrament Guild
Beachcliff Women’s Club                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Tengel
                                                Conference                        St. Patrick (Bridge)
Blessed Sacrament HNS                                                                                                         Three C’s Management and
                                            Notre Dame Club of Cleveland          St. Patrick Church SVDP
Burton-Middlefield Rotary                                                                                                         Development Corp.
                                            Olmsted Falls Marching Band           St. Paul Lutheran Church
Case Western Reserve University                                                                                               United Way of Greater Cleveland
                                            Our Lady of Guadalupe Church          St. Pius X
The Church in Aurora                                                                                                          Mary Lu and George Wasmer
                                            Padua Franciscan High School          St. Procop HNS
Cleveland Central Catholic High School                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Weekley
                                            Pathway Baptist Church                St. Raphael Church PSR
Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival                                                                                             The Thomas H. White Foundation
                                            Red Hat Ladies                        St. Raphael Girl Scout Troup
Cleveland Leadership Center                 Resurrection of Our Lord Church       St. Raphael Ladies Guild
Community of St. Malachi
Community Service Alliance
                                            Rocky River United Methodist Church   St. Raphael Parish                          Saints -
                                            Samesa                                St. Raphael Social Concerns
Corpus Christi Altar and Rosary Guild
Corpus Christi Holy Name Society
                                            The Senior Knitters                   St. Richard Parish                          ($2,500-$9,999)
                                            Sherwin-Williams Women’s Club         St. Rita Parish SVDP
Corpus Christi Parish                       Sisters Of Charity of St Augustine    St. Rita School                             Admiral Products
Cuyahoga Community College                  Sisters of Humility of Mary           St. Rocco Parish                            American Endowment Foundation
Cuyahoga Community College                  Sisters of Notre Dame                 St. Rose of Lima SVDP                       Mrs. Barbara J. Arison
   Sunshine Fund                            St. Albert the Great Pro-Life         St. Stephen Parish                          Mr. and Mrs. Timothy B. Atkinson
Cuyahoga Heights Middle School              St. Albert the Great Youth Group      St. Thomas More School                      Mr. and Mrs. John M. Bedell
The Episcopal Church of the Advent          St. Ambrose Parish                    St. Vincent de Paul School                  Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Brigeman
Erieview Elementary School                  St. Angela Community Life Committee   St. Vincent de Paul Society                 Mr. James A. Carey
The First Catholic Slovak Ladies            St. Angela Merici Parish              St. Wendelin Parish                         Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Carfagna
   Association                                                                    St. William Parish                          Carfagna Family Foundation
Chapman & Chapman                      Mr. and Mrs. Ralph M. Betters            Schroeder Coverage                       Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Cole
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Cleary, Jr.     Bier Markt                               The Sherwin-Williams Foundation          Community Service Alliance
The Cleveland Clinic                   Mr. and Mrs. Terrence J. Brizz           Sherwin-Williams Women’s Club            Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Conrad
Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival      Mr. Daniel Brodnik and                   Mr. and Mrs. Michael Solecki             Mr. and Mrs. David Cratty
Cyrus Eaton Foundation                    Ms. Michelle A. Mazurek               Mr. Jeffrey Sords                        Dr. and Mrs. James E. Cuglewski
Enpac, L.L.C.                          Ms. Martha E. Cahill
Fifth Third Bank                       Dr. Charles Canepa and
First Place Bank                          Dr. Linda Canepa
Harold K. & Catherine F. Folk          Mr. and Mrs. William V. Carson, Jr.
                                                                                                   “Angels” provide the
    Charitable Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. William W. Francis
                                       The Church in Aurora                                    September Angel Match Fund
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Cleary
Frantz Ward LLP                        Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Cleary                     that ignites the WSCC Annual Appeal,
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Gardner
Ms. Julie Graham
                                       Cleveland Bakers Local No. 19                 this year raising over $254,000 – a new record!!
                                       Congregation of St. Joseph
Mr. and Mrs. James Gulick              Mr. and Mrs. David B. Consolo                          Special thanks go out to angels:
Holy Angels Parish                     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Cook
Thomas and Agnes Hoskin                Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Costello
Huntington National Bank               Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Dailey                               Barry and Loretta Amsdell
Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Hurtuk
Mr. Vincent C. Hvizda and Mrs.
                                       Mr. Michael J. Denk                                          George and Teresa Blaha
                                       Ms. Mary K. Dessoffy and
    Margaret A. Schroeder-Hvizda          Mr. Daniel L. Anthony                                     Jim and Joan Livingston
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hyland
Jewish Community Federation of
                                       Mr. Robert Drusendahl
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Dunne
                                                                                                      Chuck and Carol Rini
Mr. Joseph Jolson
                                       Mrs. Barbara A. Durkin                                     Mary Lu and George Wasmer
                                       The Episcopal Church of the Advent
Kadish, Hinkel & Weibel                Ms. Juliana Ersek                                          Tom and Margaret Weekley
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Kraay
                                       Ms. Sharon Faska                                                  and the entire
                                       Rev. Daniel R. Fickes
Mr. Dennis R. Lansdowne                Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Gallagher                            WSCC Board of Directors
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Livingston       Mr. and Mrs. Dave Gedeon
Mrs. Janet Loesch                      Mr. Harlan Hertz and
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron M. Marinelli           Ms. M. Colette Gibbons                St. Augustine Health Campus              Mr. and Mrs. Greggory Dantio
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mazzella          Mr. and Mrs. David P. Gilronan               Employees                            Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Delaat
Mazzella Lifting Technologies          Mrs. Anne M. Grevey                      St. Columbkille Parish Good Samaritan    Rev. Michael Denk
Arthur B. McBride, Sr. Family          Most Rev. Roger W. Gries, O.S.B.             Ministry                             Mr. Vincent W. Dennis
    Foundation                         Mr. and Mrs. Marlin J. Hall              St. Francis Fraternity                   Dominion East Ohio Gas
Miceli’s Dairy Products                Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Harrington, Jr.   St. John Neumann Youth Ministry          Ms. Patricia Dorenkott
Neighborhood Pediatrics, LLC           Matthew R. & Marie M. Hopkins            St. Mark Catholic Parish                 Ms. Mary A. Dowd and
PricewaterhouseCoopers                    Foundation                            Mr. and Mrs. Frank F. Stanton               Mr. Michael E. Harrington
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Rini Sr.       Mr. and Mrs. Keith Jenkins               Edward R. & Jean Geis Stell Foundation   Mr. Zachary J. Dress
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rosing             Mr. William R. Jones                     Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Stott              Ms. Michelle Duflo
RPM International, Inc.                Jones Day                                Stout Risius Ross                        Mrs. Mary Lou Durkin
Mr. and Mrs. Sal Russo                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kane              Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred J. Tremblay         Eaglesky
Sheffield Metals                       Mrs. Barbara J. Keefe                    Mr. Joseph T. Turgeon                    Emerson Charitable Trust
Gerald Skoch and                       Mr. and Mrs. David Kempton               Verizon Wireless                         Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Ertle
    Dr. Mary Kathleen Skoch            Ms. Kathleen T. Kilbane                  Rev. Neil G. Walters                     Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Famiano
Skoda Minotti & Co.                    Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Kirk             Mrs. Mary C. Warren                      Mr. and Mrs. Anthony D. Farone
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Sloan                Ms. Anne Kmiecik                         Warwick Products Company                 Mr. Jason Farro
Sportstime Ohio                        Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Kucler            Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Webb              Mr. and Mrs. Umberto Fedeli
St. Ann                                Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kushman           Wilson Thomarios and Gillissie, LLC      Fedeli Family Charitable Foundation
St. Basil the Great SVDP               Laird Technologies                       Woodbine Products Co. Inc.               Mr. Dan Filippi
St. Bernadette Church Community        Mr. Dean Larson                          Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Yaroma            Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Foos
    Action Committee                   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Latsko            Mr. and Mrs. Ted F. Zawadski             Mr. and Mrs. Greg Fox
St. Christopher Parish                 Ms. Miriam Kennedy Laub                  Mr. and Mrs. Harry Zilli                 Dr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Frantz
St. Ignatius High School               Ms. Christine M. Lavelle                 Ms. Marilyn Zubal                        The Honorable Eileen A. Gallagher
St. Joseph Parish                      Mr. and Mrs. Richard Linnevers                                                    GE Foundation
St. Ladislas Parish
St. Raphael Parish
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Litzler
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Marinelli
                                                                                Patrons -                                Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Giangrande
                                                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. James F. Guhde
St. Wendelin Parish
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sullivan
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Martin
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. McTighe
                                                                                ($500 - $999)                            Mr. and Mrs. James B. Hayes, Jr.
                                                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Heberle
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Sullivan         Mr. and Mrs. Tom Merriman                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Hegar
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Sullivan, Jr.   Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Messina                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. Hewitt
                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Joseph V. Allen
Target Stores                          Mr. Michael L. Minotti                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Hird
                                                                                Mr. Joseph Arnold
Margaret Treadwell                     Ms. Susan B. Murphy                                                               Mr. and Mrs. John D. Hofherr
                                                                                Assumption Human Care Needs
Mr. Stanley Ulchaker                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Nicolay                                                    Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hogan
US Bank                                Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Nock                                                        Ms. Ruth E. Hopkins
                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. E. Donald Bain
USA Insulation Co., Inc.               Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Nock                                                      Integrated Engineering Consultants, Inc.
                                                                                The William Winfield Baker Family
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Walters         Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. O’Bryan                                                   Mr. Rudy J. Jasko
                                       Dr. Casey L. O’Conor                                                              Mr. Adam Jusko and
                                                                                Mr. Clifford Biddulph
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Sean T. O’Reilly                                                        Ms. Jeanine R. Gergel
Guardians -                            Padua Franciscan High School
                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Biehl
                                                                                Mrs. Edward F. Bilek
                                                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. William E. Kalt
                                       Mr. A. George Palmer, Jr.                                                         Mr. Tony Kaniecki
($1,000- $2,499)                       Ms. Kathleen R. Palmieri
                                                                                Dr. and Mrs. Donald R. Blankenship
                                                                                Blue Technologies, Inc.
                                                                                                                         Dr. and Mrs. Edgardo B. Katigbak
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Leo R. Reichard                                                      Mr. Kevin M. Kelly
Academy of St. Bartholomew                                                      Ms. Rosemary Boschi
                                       Mr. J. Norman Riley and                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Ralph D. Ketchum
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Accorti                                                      Bridon American
                                          Mrs. Mary Davis Riley                                                          Key Foundation
Alpha Engineering Corporation                                                   Ms. Madeline A. Brignon
                                       Mr. Brad Roller and                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Kilbane
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Anderson                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Camino
                                          Ms. Laura Zena Pedersen                                                        Ms. Marian A. Koch
Anonymous                                                                       The CBC Foundation
                                       Mr. Mark Rouchard                                                                 Mrs. Patricia Korcheck
Miss Frances A. Archer                                                          Ms. Debbie A. Cherry
                                       Mr. & Mrs. Vince Sagan                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Ted Krevis
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Avdey                                                       Mr. Warren F. Chisholm, Jr.
                                       Samuel H. & Maria Miller Foundation                                               Mr. Keith T. Kurak
Mrs. Mary Ann Beargie                                                           Mr. and Mrs. John M. Cleary
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Schenkelberg                                              Dr. Larry C. Ledebur and
                                                                                Dr. and Mrs. Javier Clemente

Grounded in faith, love, hope, and respect for those we serve, we assist all who come in need of food, clothing, shelter, and advocacy.
                                                                                                                        Dr. David P. Cogan
                                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Cogan
                                                                                                                        Cohen & Company
                                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Colleran
                                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Stuart L. Collins
                                                                                                                        Community of St. Malachi
                                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Bart Connelly
                                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Connelly
                                                                                                                        Mr. Robert J. Conroy
                                                                                                                        Mr. Gerald A. Conway
                                                                                                                        Ms. Helen H. Cook
                                                                                                                        Ms. Jennifer Cook
                                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F. Corcoran
                                                                                                                        Corpus Christi Altar and Rosary Guild
                                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Correll
                                                                                                                        Mr. Timothy J. Coughlin
                                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Coyne
                                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Richard Coyne
                                                                                                                        Rev. Donald B. Cozzens
                                                                                                                        Mrs. Dolores M. Crane
                                                                                                                        Mr. James Critchlow
                                                                                                                        Mr. Gerard R. Crouse
                                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Kevin S. Cummins
                                                                                                                        Mr. Mike Cundey
                                                      Storytelling                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Curatolo
                                                                                                                        Custom Fabricators, Inc.
    Ms. Susan L. Whitelaw                   St. Paschal Baylon Our Lady of the    Ms. Vida Berlec                       Cuyahoga Community College
Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Lee                      Blessed Sacrament Guild           Ms. Susan Biasella                    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Davenport
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Leitch              St. Procop HNS                        Mr. and Mrs. Ron C. Biddle            Ms. Carol O. Dayton
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Madej               Ms. Anne Straitiff                    Ms. Dolores Biesiada                  Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DeFife
Mr. Dominick Mamone                         Mr. and Mrs. John P. Streisel         Mrs. Patricia Biesiadny               Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DeFranco
Ms. Michelle A. Maniscalco                  Mr. and Mrs. J. Mark Sutherland       Mr. Eduardo A. Bigornia and           Mr. Philip H. DeGroot
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Martin              Telecom Pioneers Ohio Chapter 2          Dr. Lina A. Bigornia               Mr. David Della Donna
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Mazzella                   United Way of Greater Cincinnati      Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Bihn           Ms. Kathleen Demchak
Mr. and Mrs. James C. McFarland             United Way of Summit County           Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bilecky          Ms. Diane E. DeMelo
Mr. Keith E. Miles                          Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. vanLier         Mr. Charles Bill                      Designer Consignor LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Miller                  VFW of Ohio Charities                 Ms. Jane Bilski                       Mr. Vincent J. DiCaprio
Mrs. Martha S. Miniello                     Ms. Anita B. Vilagossy                Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Blados           Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. DiCillo
Mr. John R. Mittendorf                      Vocon Design, Inc.                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Blair         Mr. Anthony DiNardo
Monastery of Poor Clares                    Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Volpe            Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Blakeslee        Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DiNardo
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Moscarino           The Wachovia Foundation               Mr. and Mrs. Theodore P. Blank        Ms. Tina DiNardo
Ms. Margaret Mucklo                         Mr. Laurence J. Werner                Blessed Sacrament HNS                 Mr. John DiRocco
David and Inez Myers Foundation             Mrs. Audrey J. Wolff                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Boehm          Ms. Catherine T. Doyle
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Mysliwiec            Dr. Richard Wyszynski                 Mr. Nick Borchers                     Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Doyle
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Nock                   Ms. Deborah Zbin                      Mr. Mark W. Borsody and               Mrs. Ann M. Dvorak
Northeast Ohio American Corporate           Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Zittnan              Ms. Monica J. Fusco                Mrs. Catherine Eaton
    Counsel Association                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Zunich         Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Borzi              Ms. Mary Eaton
Ms. Theresa Offenberger                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Boutton        Ms. Patricia A. Eiben
Mayor Thomas O’Grady Charity Ball
OneLink                                     Benefactors                           Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Bova
                                                                                  Ms. Shannon M. Bowes
                                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Eifel
                                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Elliot
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Palisin
Mr. Jeff Perry                              ($150 - $499)                         Mr. Thomas R. Bowne and
                                                                                     Ms. Hallie K. Dechant
                                                                                                                        Mr. Richard G. Ellis
                                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Elmore
Mr. Lawrence Petrus                                                               Bowne & Co.                           Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Englehart
                                            Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Abshire
Ms. Kathy Piraino                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Brady         Mr. Thomas Fabek
                                            Mrs. Sheila F. Adler
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Platten                                                    Broadcast Media Ideas, Ltd.           Mr. Steven B. Famiano
                                            Mr. and Mrs. George W. Advent
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence M. Polomsky                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Brown          Mr. Ross Farro
                                            Mr. and Mrs. James Aerni
The Pre-Check Company                                                             Mr. and Mrs. William M. Bruton        Mr. Edward J. Fassbender
                                            Aetna Foundation, Inc.
Progressive Casualty Insurance                                                    Ms. Alexandra W. Buchanan and         Ms. Amy E. Fedor
                                            Mr. Richard C. Alkire
    Corporation                                                                      Mr. William A. Whitney             Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Ferguson
                                            Mrs. Evelyn Allen
Ms. Robin Ratliff                                                                 Mr. Frank Buddie                      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Ferkovic
                                            Mr. and Mrs. Marion B. Amato
Ms. Mary S. Reed                                                                  Mr. Thomas J. Buehner                 Ms. Helen M. Finn
                                            Ms. Janet Amer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Riccardi                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Burke          The First Catholic Slovak Ladies
                                            American Express Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Richlovsky                                                 Busch Funeral & Crematory Services       Association
                                            American Greetings Corp
Dr. and Mrs. Bradford J. Richmond                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Bush           Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Fishburn
                                            Ms. Lynn Androsik
The Rodak Family                                                                  Busha-Okeson Insurance                Mr. and Mrs. John Fitzgerald
                                            Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Androsik, Jr.
Ronald McDonald House Charities of                                                Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Busson         Mr. Robert J. Fitzgerald
    Northeast Ohio, Inc.                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Ronald R. Butchko          Mr. and Mrs. George E. Foderaro
                                            Ms. Terri A. Antonucci
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Rowland                                                      Mr. Dennis F. Butler                  Mr. and Mrs. William E. Forester
                                            Ms. Carol L. Archuleta
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Scherzer                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Buza          Dr. and Mrs. Brian W. Forsgren
                                            Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Armstrong
Mr. James F. Schlecht                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Byrne          Rev. Sheldon M. Franz
                                            Assumption Parish Holy Name Society
Schottenstein, Zox & Dunn                                                         Ms. Karen M. Carcione                 Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Fulton
                                            Mr. and Mrs. Michael Atkinson
Dr. and Mrs. James B. Schram                                                      Mr. James P. Carey                    Ms. Elizabeth A. Gadosik
                                            Ms. Colleen Atkinson-Harding
Ms. Lydia M. Seidel                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Carey Jr.      Ms. Deborah Gaebelein
                                              and Mr. Mikel Harding
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sessions                                                      Mr. and Mrs. James E. Carlin          Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Gaidelis, Jr.
                                            Mr. and Mrs. Leo Bajic
Mr. Robert T. Shafer                                                              Dr. and Mrs. James F. Carney          Mr. and Mrs. John E. Gallagher
                                            Ms. Patricia Baker
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Simko                                                     Case Western Reserve University       Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Gallagher
                                            Mr. Edmund G. Bangert
Mr. Scott A. Slavik Sr.                                                           Mr. and Mrs. David Catanzarite        Ms. Mary Anne Gardner
                                            Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Barrett
Rev. Wilfred T. Smith                                                             Ms. Sheryl C. Charvat                 Rev. Timothy Gareau
                                            Mr. Roger Bates and
St. Albert the Great Youth Group                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Pellegrino G. Ciccarello   Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Garr
                                              Mrs. Mary Anne Gardner
St. Charles Borromeo SVDP                                                         Ms. Lisa Ciocia                       Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Garr
                                            Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Becka, Jr.
St. Columbkille Parish                                                            Ms. Alice M. Ciotta                   Ms. Mary J. Gartland
                                            Mr. John Beckler
St. Francis De Sales Social Justice Group                                         Mr. and Mrs. Leo Citro                Ms. Rosalie T. Garven
                                            Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Beercheck
St. Malachi Parish                                                                Mr. and Mrs. David T. Clarke          Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. Gecik
                                            Mr. and Mrs. Allan F. Bennett
St. Martin of Tours School                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Cleary        Ms. Nancy E. Gedeon
                                            Mr. Gerald D. Berger
St. Michael Holy Name Society                                                     Cleveland Home Title                  Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Gedeon
                                            Mr. and Mrs. William J. Bergold
St. Michael the Archangel                                                         Cleveland Leadership Center           Mr. and Mrs. Tom George
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Gerrity       Mr. Daniel R. Koch                    Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. McQuade   Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Petrello
Ms. Mary Kay Gilbride                Mr. Joseph A. Kochis                  Mr. and Mrs. Brian Menoni          Mrs. LaVerne Pfeifer
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Leo Gill        Kokosing Corporation                  Merck Partnership for Giving       Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Girardot     Ms. Diane L. Konschak                 Mrs. Mary E. Mertzlufft            Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Posta
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Glenn         Mr. and Mrs. Steve Korom              Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Metro       Mr. Joseph F. Presper
Mr. Anthony R. Glowiske              Mr. Bruce Kowalski                    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Meyers     Drs. Thomas and Theresa Pretlow
Mr. Martin W. Goellnitz              Mr. and Mrs. John T. Kozminski        Mr. Scott Michaels and             Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Previts
Mrs. Dianne E. Goold                 Ms. Susan M. Krosel                     Ms. Anne T. Welki                Mr. and Mrs. David F. Price
Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Gotch         Mr. Bill Krukemeyer                   Mrs. Ann Miley                     Ms. Carol Prince
Great Lakes Brewing Co.              Mr. Donald J. Kulchock                Mr. and Mrs. John Miller           Mr. and Mrs. Robert Quinn
Ms. Karen A. Green                   Ms. Rosemary A. Kwiatkowski           Mr. and Mrs. Francis G. Miller     Mr. and Mrs. F. Daniel Rable
Ms. Norelle H. Gress                 Ms. Dianne L. Laheta                  Ms. Jane M. Miller                 Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Rapacz
Mr. and Mrs. John Griffiths          Mr. Thomas J. Lahman                  Ms. Norma J. Miller                Mr. Lewis F. Rapp
Mr. John Grillo                      Rev. Jerome M. Lajack                 Mr. Thomas Miller                  Mr. Fereidoon Razavi
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Grimmer          Ms. Monica M. Landino                 Mr. and Mrs. James L. Monica       Reminger Foundation Company
Ms. Alice Grinnell                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Langan        Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Mooney      Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. George Haddad           Mr. Robert E. LaPlante and            Ms. Sheila Moore                   Mr. and Mrs. Simon A. Richlovsky
Ms. Mary C. Hagan
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Haggerty
Ms. Heather Hamilton
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Hamp
Ms. Kristen Harknett
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Hatton
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Hayden
Mr. Patrick A. Hayes
Mr. Michael Hays
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Hayward
Heinen’s Fine Foods
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Heiss, Jr.
Mrs. Herbert Heppler
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Herman
Mr. and Mrs. Fausto G. Hidalgo
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph P. Higgins Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Higgins
Mr. Daniel R. High
Rev. Joseph T. Hilinski
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T. Hirsch
Mr. and Mrs. Allan A. Hochschild
Mr. Scott Hodan
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Hoke
Holy Family Social Action
Rev. Craig M. Hovanec
Rev. Paul J. Hritz
Mr. Kevin J. Hughes
Ms. Joyce A. Humel
                                           Thanks to St. Bernadette and Mo Loesch for hosting “An Artisan Affair” to benefit WSCC.
Mrs. Charlene Hyland
Mr. James C. Hyland                     Dr. Mary E. LaPlante               Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Morford     Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Rini
Implant Recycling                    Mrs. Jean C. Latkovic                 Ms. Ann J. Morgan                  Mr. Marc Rodio
Incarnate Word Academy               Mr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Latragna      Mrs. Eloise M. Morgan              Ms. Rita A. Rohde
Integrity Textile Services Company   Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Latsko         Mr. Adam D. Musser                 Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Romanski
Interfaith Hospitality Network       Mrs. Patricia A. Lawler               Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Myers      Roofers and Waterproofers Local 44
Isabella Guild of Father Ragan       Dr. and Mrs. James A. Lehman, Jr.     Mrs. Carol A. Najda                Mr. and Mrs. James Ropas
   Council #3269                     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lekan             Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph D. Najda      Mr. and Mrs. William E. Rosenberg
Mr. Paul Jacklitch                   Mr. and Mrs. John E. Lenhard          Mr. and Mrs. Ronald N. Nemes       Ms. Deborah L. Rovito
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jacobs          Dr. and Mrs. Angelo A. Licata, M.D.   Mrs. Carla Neptune                 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Roward
Mr. and Mrs. Allan G. Jarr           Mr. Dean Liou                         Mr. and Mrs. James B. Niehaus      Mr. and Mrs. Desmond M. Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Johnson       Mrs. Antonette J. Liskay              Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Nolan       Mrs. Thelma Saade
Joyce Buick Pontiac, Inc             Mr. Edward L. Loucka                  Nordson Corporation                Mr. and Mrs. John C. Saccany
Julie Billiart School                Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Lunney         Ms. Camille T. Nordwig             Mr. and Mrs. James Sadowski
Ms. Barbara Kahoun                   Rev. Thomas D. Mahoney                NorthStar Title Services, LLC      Ms. Nikki Salupo
Mr. Donald P. Kazmaier               Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Maimbourg     Notre Dame Club of Cleveland       Rev. Robert J. Sanson
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Keefe        Mr. and Mrs. John Malloy, III         Mr. and Mrs. William J. O’Brien    Ms. Delores J. Scheer
Mrs. Louise Keith                    Mr. Gerard Mally                      Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Ockunzzi     Rev. Daniel F. Schlegel
Mr. and Mrs. K. D. Keller            Ms. Linda Mandryk                     Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Okicki         Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas R. Schmitz
Ms. Kathryn A. Kelley                Ms. Kathleen M. Manuel                Mr. William Oley                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Schnaterbeck
Mr. Kevin M. Kelly                   Mr. Miklos Martonhegyi                Ms. Marjorie G. O’Malley           Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Kelly           Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Marvar        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. O’Neill     Mrs. Jean E. Schriner
Mrs. Margaret M. Kelly               Ms. Linda Masek                       Mr. Thomas E. O’Rourke             Mr. Lawrence R. Schumacher
Mr. and Mrs. Scott W. Kermode        Ms. Sue Mason                         Mr. Richard Orr                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Sedlecky
Ms. Sadie R. Kestner                 Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Maurer        Our Lady of Guadalupe Church       Dr. and Mrs. William H. Seitz, Jr.
Mr. Theodore Keuchel                 Mrs. Catherine F. Mazanec             Mr. Nicholas Paez                  Ms. Sally Semega
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Kilbane       Ms. Susan Mazanec                     Ms. Laura Palascak                 Mr. and Mrs. George J. Sevcik
Ms. Marilyn C. Kilbane               Mr. and Mrs. James H. McAuley         Ms. Erin M. Palisin                Ms. Lori Shaffer
Ms. Denise Kinches                   Mrs. Mary T. McBride                  Mr. Gary J. Papson                 Mr. and Mrs. John S. Shimko
Mr. Bryan Kissling                   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. McDermott      Parma Community General Hospital   Mr. Frank Siedlack
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Klee            Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. McFarland      Ms. Kathleen Parrent               Mr. John T. Siedlecki
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Klem            McGorray -Hanna Funeral Homes         Mr. Joseph Paterniti               Sievers Security, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Klima        Mr. and Mrs. Bernard McKenna          Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Patton      Ms. Jane Silk
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kloos            Mr. and Mrs. James M. McLaughlin      Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. Paulus        Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Sims
Mr. and Mrs. Victor G. Kmetich       Ms. Lynn McMahon                      Ms. Caryn Mills and                Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Skoch
Knights Of Columbus Council 2643     Mrs. Robert C. McManamon                Mr. J. Michael Pereira           Mr. Robert L. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Koch         Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B. McNerney        Mr. Ronald J. Peters               Society San Biagio

Grounded in faith, love, hope, and respect for those we serve, we assist all who come in need of food, clothing, shelter, and advocacy.
Mr. Robert M. Soffer and              Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Adler            Mr. Ronald Arpajian                  Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Bellm
    Ms. Kathleen T. McGorray          Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Ahern             Ms. Peggy Arthur                     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Belovich
Solar Testing Labs                    AIG Matching Grants Program              Ms. Gloria Ashworth                  Mr. David Bender
Mrs. Catherine Soprano                Ms. Kelly M. Aims                        Mr. Lawrence J. Badar                Mr. and Mrs. Mark A Bender
St. Bernadette School                 Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Albanese         Ms. Nancy Bagnell                    Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Bender
St. Bridget Ladies Guild              Mr. Stephen Albanese                     Mr. & Mrs. William J Bailey          Mr. and Mrs. Nick Benick
St. Christopher PSR                   Mr. Adam W. Alber                        Mr. & Mrs. John Baker                Mr. and Mrs. Carl R Benninger
Mr. John B. St. John                  Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Albertino         Mr. and Mrs. William D. Bakula       Ms. Mary K. Benton
St. John Bosco SVDP                   Alcoholics Anonymous                     Ms. Phyllis S. Bambeck               Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Beran
St. Martin of Tours                   Ms. Angeline Alexander                   Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bando               Ms. Caroline Berlan
St. Stephen Parish                    Ms. Donna M. Alexander                   Mr. Michael Baran                    Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Berne
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Staysniak          Ms. Rose E. Alfidi                       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Barber        Mrs. Gertrude Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Stegmaier         Ms. Margaret M. Allen                    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Barko         Mr. Roger S. Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Stehura              Ms. Natalie Allen                        Mr. William C. Barnard               Mr. Alfred J. Bertolone
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon R. Steiner        Allstate Insurance Company               Ms. Eileen M. Barrett                Ms. Ruth Bertrand
Ms. Jan Steiner                       Mr. and Mrs. James E. Almady             Ms. Florence H. Barrett              Mr. Legborsi Bete
Mrs. Marsha Stellato                  Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Almady               Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Barrett            Mr. and Mrs. David J. Betz
Ms. Virginia Stellmah                 Mrs. Barbara A. Alten                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Barrett       Ms. Kathleen E. Betz
Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Stephen                                                                                        Mrs. Mary Anne Bevacqua
Mrs. Elaine M. Stephens                                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beverstock
Mr. Robert J. Stevens                                                                                               Mr. Roger Beyer
Ms. Nancy Stoessner                                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Beznoska, Jr.
Stonegate Center, LLC                                                                                               Ms. Donna M. Biehl
Mr. Robert Strang                                                                                                   Mr. Ryan Biehl
Mr. George Suchy                                                                                                    Ms. Maureen A. Bihn
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Sullivan                                                                                       Mr. Edward G. Bilek
Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Matt C. Bill
Mr. Timothy R. Tinnirello                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. John J. Binder
Mr. and Mrs. Norbert J. Tobbe                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Binder
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Tomecko                                                                                       Mr. Jerry R. Bintz
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Traeger                                                                                        Mr. Scott Bison
Ms. Dorothy Trunk                                                                                                   Mr. William Bistak
Ms. Sharon Lynne Tufts                                                                                              Mr. William V. Bitterman
Ms. Margaret M. Turk                                                                                                Mr. Theodore M. Blanda
Mr. John R. Ulan                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. George Blatt
United Way of Greater Lorain County                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Blau
United Way of Lake County, Inc.                                                                                     Mr. Damian X. Blazek
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Urbancic                                                                                    Mr. Scott Bliss
Mr. Clarence N. Ursem                                                                                               Ms. Virginia M. Bock
Mr. Richard Vadnal and                   Isabella, Stacy and Luciano Marinelli bring Easter to WSCC!                Mr. and Mrs. Randy E. Bodis
    Ms. Margaretta B. Harris                                                                                        Mrs. Frances G. Bodnar
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Valerian                                                                                     Mr. James M. Bodnar
Mr. and Mrs. Murray Van Epp           Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Alten            Mr. and Mrs. George Barrick          Mr. & Mrs. Mark Bodnar
Mrs. Doreas A. van Lier               Mr. and Mrs. Terry Althoff               Mr. & Mrs. Gerald J. Barry           Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Bodziony
Mr. Alejandro Vanegas                 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony B. Amaddio          Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Bartczak        Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Boehnlein, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James D. VanGieson       American Legion Auxiliary Unit 610       Ms. Mary T. Bartos                   Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Bogus
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Vargo          Ms. Georgia Anderson                     Mr. David C. Basalla                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Bohne
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Vargo         Mr. Patrick Anderson                     Mr. James Basich                     Ms. Joan M. Bohrer
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Vedda            Mr. Joseph A. Andrejcak                  Mr. and Mrs. Darold J. Basista       Mr. John Bojansky
Mr. Paul M. Voinovich                 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Andres            Ms. Mary Bastian                     Mr. Ollie Booker
Mrs. Mary Lou Walsh                   Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Androsik             Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Battista          Mr. Richard W. Borton
Dr. Gregory P. Warren                 Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Angbrandt        Mrs. Agnes K. Batule                 Ms. Elaine M. Boudreau
Ms. Denise Weaver                     Ms. Dolores A. Angelini                  Mr. and Mrs. James F. Bauhof         Mr. Kevin Bowers
Ms. Mary Jane Weiss                   Ms. Jenny Angers                         Mr. and Mrs. Clement F. Baumeister   Mr. Mitch Bowlus
Dr. and Mrs. James M. Wensink         Anonymous                                Mr. and Mrs. Norman T. Baxter, Jr.   Mr. David Boyce
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Wey           Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ansel                  Mr. and Mrs. William T. Beargie      Ms. Sandra Boyer
Ms. Lillian C. Wilson                 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Anter II            Ms. Jo M. Beckwith                   Ms. Jean M. Boylan
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Wilson          Mr. Fred A. Antonucci                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Beda II       Ms. Barbara Eileen Boyle
Mr. William A. Wilson and             Dr. Lynn Aprile                          Mr. Wilson Beers                     Ms. Myrna Becker Bradway
    Ms. Laura J. Beck-Wilson          Mr. and Mrs. Dwaine Arbogast             Mrs. Patrice K. Behnke               Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Brady
Ms. Mary Ann Winchester               Ms. Albina Archambault                   Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Beifuss      Ms. Susan Lind Bragan
Ms. Margaret Windsor                  Mr. August Argento Jr.                   Mr. and Mrs. John N. Beighey         Ms. Elaine M. Brandt
Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Wingenfeld     Mr. and Mrs. Philip Argento              Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Bell          Ms. Patricia Brandt
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Wirtanen         Dr. and Mrs. Scott Arndt                 Mr. and Mrs. David J. Bellini        Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Bratko
Wirtanen Enterprises, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Wolters
Ms. Judy Wooster
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Yates
Mr. and Mrs. Adam C. Zachlin
Ms. Donna Zajaczkowski
Mr. Alan J. Zelina
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Zentkovich
Ms. Ellen Zoller
Mr. Kevin R. Zupancic
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Zwilling

Friends -
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Aamoth
AARP Library Lane 4490
Ms. Anna B. Abood
Ms. Rita M. Ackerman
Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Adkins
                                                                           The incredible volunteer team of Jones Day!
                                                                              Ms. Nicole Cordova                   Dempsey Scheiman & Associates, Inc.
                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Cores        Mr. James K. Denk
                                                                              Mrs. Eileen M. Corrigan              Ms. Mary Sue Denk
                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Corrigan      Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Denlinger
                                                                              Ms. Irene T. Corrigan                Mr. James F. DePauw
                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. John P. Corrigan, Jr.   Mr. and Mrs. Donald Depew
                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. John W. Corrigan        Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Derethik
                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Corrigan      Mr. John Desmone
                                                                              Mrs. Virginia H. Corrigan            Mrs. Roberta M. Detmar
                                                                              Mrs. Mary N. Costas                  Mr. & Mrs. Daniel D’Ettore
                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Cote          Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Deucher
                                                                              Ms. Marilyn Cotman                   Ms. Rosemary Dever
                                                                              Ms. Nancy Covelli                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Dewees
                                                                              Ms. Christine C. Covey               Ms. Maureen Deyarmin
                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Covich         Ms. Fern A. Diaquila
                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. James B. Cowden Sr.     Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Dick
                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. John P. Craighead       Ms. Maureen Dickey
                                                                              Ms. Coletta Cramer                   Mr. and Mrs. Biagio DiDio
                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Crane              Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Didomenico
                                                                              Ms. Dianne L. Crawford               Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Diemer
                                                                              Ms. Susan Crawford                   Mr. Edward W. DiFiore
                                                                              Ms. Barb Craycraft                   Mr. James Dilling
                                                                              Ms. Marilyn Crisafi                  Mr. Larry J. DiLoreto
                                                                              Ms. Anne Marie Cronin                Reverend Mark DiNardo
                                                                              Mrs. John C. Crosley                 Mr. and Mrs. Sam DiNardo
                                                                              Mrs. Connie Crotty                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard DiNunzio
                                                                              Ms. Virginia E. Crouse               Ms. Estelle Dixon
                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. E. Richard Csoltko      Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Dlouhy
                                                                              Ms. Barb Cunningham                  Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Dobak
                    It’s never too young to start giving.                     Mr. George Curran                    Ms. Margaret Dobinson
                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Curtis         Ms. Patricia A. Dobras
Ms. Michelle Brearley                      Ms. Carolyn H. Leitch              Mr. Joseph M. Curtis                 Ms. Anna T. Doctor and
Mr. James K. Breen                      Mr. Michael J. Castrigano             Dr. and Mrs. Renato Cutarelli          Mr. William McClellan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Bremkamp, III   Ms. Jane F. Cavanaugh                 Ms. Eileen Cutler                    Mrs. Marlene M. Dole
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Brent                Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Celebrezze     Ms. Diana M. Cyganovich              Dominion Foundation Matching
Mrs. Kathryn Brichacek                  Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Cerny         Mr. and Mrs. Lee Czerniawski           Gift Program
Ms. Barbara J. Bridgman                 Ms. Tanya Cerrato                     Mr. and Mrs. Theodore H. Czupik      Ms. Barbara D. Doncaster
Mr. David J. Briggs                     Ms. Irene Chalko                      Ms. Kathleen Dailey                  Ms. Lucille M. Donnelly
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard P. Brinda          Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Chambers       Mr. Jeff Daney                       Ms. Mary Alice Donnelly
Ms. Helen M. Brinich                    Mr. & Mrs. Robert Charvat             Mr. and Mrs. Rudy D’Angelo           Mrs. Betty W. Donoughe
Mr. and Mrs. Eden Brodie                Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Cherok          Ms. Rosemary D’Anniballe             Ms. Janelle Dougherty
Mrs. Agnes M. Brodnik                   Mr. and Mrs. John J. Chinchar, Sr.    Mr. and Mrs. Alan H. Dant            Ms. Dolores M. Downey
Ms. Judith Brosovich                    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Chippi         Mr. Matt Davidson                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Downey
Ms. Anita E. Brown                      Mr. Donald D. Chlebina                Ms. Maura J. Day                     Ms. Margaret G. Doyle
Mr. and Mrs. David Joseph Bryan         Mr. and Mrs. James R. Chriszt         Ms. Gloria P. Dean                   Mrs. Mary M. Doyle
Rev. Ronald J. Bryda                    Ms. Alicia Chwals                     Mr. John Deane                       Ms. Bette Drake
Ms. Marian A. Buchan                    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Ciaravino     Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. DeCaro       Ms. Mary Driscoll
Mrs. Jean Budowanec                     Ms. Melanie Ciarrone                  Mr. Sean P. DeCrane                  Mr. Lester G. Drusendahl
Ms. Dorothy Budzek                      Mr. George J. Cicero                  Mr. and Mrs. Vincent F. DeCrane      Mr. and Mrs. Vichai Duangjak
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Buehner             Mr. Terence Civic                     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Dee           Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Dubay
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Buehner              Mr. and Mrs. Terrence P. Clancy       Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Dees          Ms. Mary Catherine Dubber
Ms. Frances E. Buford                   Mr. Jeffrey Clark                     Mr. John Deighan                     Ms. Sherrie Duerr
Mrs. William Bunevich                   Clearwater Pool Service               Mr. and Mrs. Stephen DeJohn          Mr. and Mrs. John A. Duffy
Rev. Robert A. Burge                    Ms. Sheila Cleary                     Mr. and Mrs. Nick E. Del Giudice     Mr. Mark Dugal
Ms. Therese M. Burger                   Rev. C. Thomas Cleaton                Mr. James M. Delaney                 Mrs. Mary Ann Dugan
Ms. Frances D. Burke                    Mr. William J. Clemens                Mrs. Elvira DeLury                   Mr. and Mrs. William R. Duge
Dr. and Mrs. Peter A. Burke             Ms. Wilma H. Clifford                 Ms. Joan Demko                       Mrs. Mary Duhigg
Ms. Marian T. Burkley                   Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Cmolik
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Burovac          Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Cochran
Burton-Middlefield Rotary               Mr. and Mrs. Reeves P. Cochran
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Bush                 Mr. Bruce D. Codner Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Bush               Mrs. Carol L. Coffey
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bush                  Mr. and Mrs. Gerard F. Cohan
Mr. Michael P. Butler                   Ms. Diane Coleman
Rev. James L. Caddy                     Ms. Irene Collins
Mr. and Mrs. James Patrick Cahill       Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Colombatto
Mrs. Theodore Cahill                    Mr. and Mrs. V. John Comanita
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Calhoun          Ms. Kathy Comella
Mr. Jeffrey Calhoun                     Ms. Marjorie Comella
Mr. Joseph H. Callahan                  Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Coming
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Caloccia             Mr. Ron Compiseno
Ms. Kathleen Calvey                     Dr. James Conforto
Ms. Kathleen D. Canepa                  Ms. Carol E. Connelly
Mr. Robert Carey                        Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Connors
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Carlin             Mr. and Mrs. Leo L. Conrad
Ms. Rita M. Carlin                      Mr. and Mrs. William E. Conroy
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Carr             Ms. Martha A. Considine
Ms. Christine Carson                    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Conway
Mr. Frank J. Caruso                     The Honorable Colleen Conway Cooney
Mr. Nicholas Caruso                     Mr. John Cooney and
Ms. Karen A. Casey                         Ms. Janet M. Lehane
Mr. Richard T. Castele and              Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Cooney
                                                                                             2008-2009 Jesuit volunteer, Greg Cahoun.

Grounded in faith, love, hope, and respect for those we serve, we assist all who come in need of food, clothing, shelter, and advocacy.
Ms. Kathleen M. Dunn                    Mr. and Mrs. Ramon A. Fisher      Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Friebel     Girl Scout Troop 70162
Ms. Kathryn C. Dunn                     Ms. Linda Fitzgerald              Ms. Marian R. Carey and            Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L.. Glick
Mrs. Lois Duperow                       Mr. Tim Fitzgerald                  Mr. James T. Friedel             Mr. and Mrs. Terence J. Gliha
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Duraney, Jr.         Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Flament      Mr. and Mrs. E. Tom Friedmann      Ms. Evelyn Globaker
Mr. Henry I. Durica                     Mr. Thomas P. Flave               Mr. and Mrs. Edward Frindt         Mr. and Mrs. John G. Goetz
Mr. John Durkalski                      Ms. Amanda Fleming                Mr. Robert Frindt                  Mr. Delvan Gold
Mr. Robert Durkin                       Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Flower     Ms. Kristin Froelich               Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Golinski
Mr. Carl J. Dyczek                      Mr. and Mrs. James K. Foley       Ms. Jennifer Frohlich              Ms. Mary Golrick
Ms. Jo Ann Dyson                        Ms. Virginia Foley                Mr. Joseph F. Frolik and           Mr. and Mrs. John M. Gonzalez
Ms. Janice M. Dzigiel                   Mrs. Judith Foley-Gawronski and     Ms. Karen R. Long                Ms. Mary Lou Gordon
Mr. Edward J. Eagle                       Mr. Bob Gawronski               Mr. and Mrs. John Frost            Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Gorensek
                                                                          Ms. Lottie Frygier                 Mr. and Mrs. Terrance J. Gorges
                                                                          Mrs. Alice E. Fumich               Gorman-Lavelle Corporation
                                                                          Ms. Sophie A. Furr                 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Grapo
                                                                          Mr. David W. Furry                 Mr. and Mrs. Terrance P. Gravens
                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Gable       Greater Cleveland Community Shares
                                                                          Ms. Linda Gadus                    Mr. Timothy J. Green
                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Michael Galeski       Ms. Loretta Gregoric
                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Hugh M. Gallagher     Mr. and Mrs. James L. Gress
                                                                          Ms. Jean M. Gallagher              Mr. and Mrs. Walter Griesmer
                                                                          Ms. Maureen Gallagher              Mr. Gregory C. Grospitch
                                                                          Ms. Grace Gallucci                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gross
                                                                          Mr. John F. Gannon                 Ms. Dorothy J. Grove
                                                                          Mr. David Gard                     Mr. Henry F. Gruss and Ms. Jane Ryan
                                                                          Ms. Gail S. Garon                  Mr. Mike Gruss and
                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Patrick G. Garry         Ms. Meghan Hoyer
                                                                          Mr. Lee Gase                       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Guarente
                                                                          Ms. Elizabeth M. Gates             Ms. Marilyn Gunsch
                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. James W. Gauntner     Mrs. Frances A. Gutta
                                                                          Ms. Katherine Gavel                Ms. Kathleen Haase-Falbo
                                                                          Mrs. Donna Gaydos                  Mr. Ed Hack
                                                                          Ms. Helen Gebura                   Mr. and Mrs. Eric Haddad
                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Rich Gecewich         Mr. and Mrs. John Rehak
                                                                          Mrs. Penelope Gedeon               Ms. Rosemary Haggerty
                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Gehring     Mr. and Mrs. Ernest E. Halal
                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Jay Geib              Ms. D. Eileen Hamblen
                                                                          Mr. Joseph J. Geiger, Jr.          Ms. Mary S. Hamill
                              School supplies!                            Mr. and Mrs. Mark Georgeadis       Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Hamm

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Edgehouse
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Edmister
R.H. Ehlers
Mrs. Helen Eink
Ms. Mary M. Eitzen
Mrs. Mary M. Eke
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Ellert
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Elshaw
Ms. Suzanne Englehart
Ms. Sharon A. English
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Enty
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Eppley
Mr. and Mrs. Norman C. Erb
Mrs. Ann Ertle
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Erzen
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Eubanks
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Evancho
Mr. Thomas A. Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Evans
Evans Family
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Eyerman, Sr.
Ms. Patricia J. Factor
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Fagan
Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Fain
Ms. Michelle M. Fain
Ms. Ann E. Fallon
Ms. Lee Frances Famiano
Mrs. Clare M. Fanta
Rev. Thomas G. Fanta
Ms. Kathleen M. Farago
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Faris
Ms. Margo E. Faulhaber
Ms. Theresa Fecek
Mr. & Mrs. David T. Fedders
Ms. Alice W. Ferry
Ms. Kathleen A. Ferry
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Fiamingo        Ms. Carrie A. Foliano             Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Gerencser   Ms. Evelyn A. Hammett
Ms. Virginia Fickel                     Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Foos      Mr. and Mrs. H. J. German          Mr. John F. Hammond
Mr. Paul Filippi                        Mr. Richard Forcht                Mr. and Mrs. James M. Gesing       Mr. and Mrs. John T. Hammond
Ms. Deborah S. Filla                    Ms. Josephine Fornal              Ms. Mary Ann Gesing                Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Haniewich
Mr. John C. Findeisen                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fort         Ms. Dolores J. Giampetro           Ms. Helen C. Hanlon
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Fink            Ms. Julie Foster                  Mr. Joseph Gibbons                 Mr. and Mrs. David R. Hanna
Ms. Betty Finkler                       Ms. Vivian S. Fox                 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gibbons          Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Hannan
Ms. Ruth E. Finley                      Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Fradette   Ms. Meghan Giblin                  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hannibal
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Finn                Mr. and Mrs. Wallace J. Franz     Mr. Eugene Gilbert                 Ms. Andrea Harchar
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Finnegan               Fraternal Order of Eagles #3505   Mrs. Aileen M. Gilmour             Ms. Julie Harden
Mr. and Mrs. Allen R. Fisher            Ms. Helene C. Fridrich            Ms. Joan Ginley                    Rev. Thomas A. Haren
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hargis              Ms. Marilyn A. Howarth                 Ms. Margaret Ann Jablonski          Ms. Rosemary Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Harkness          Mr. and Mrs. Michael Howell            Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Jaeb         Ms. Aldona M. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Harrigan          Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Hoza             Mr. and Mrs. William James          Ms. Carolyn G. Jones
Mr. Douglas E. Harrington             Mr. and Mrs. William F. Hronek         Ms. Mary Ann Jamieson               Mrs. Elizabeth L. Jones
Ms. Lydia M. Harris                   Lijun Huang                            Mr. Jeffrey Jandi                   Mr. Richard L. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence J. Harsa, Jr.   Mr. and Mrs. Alec Hudak                Mr. and Mrs. Edward Janis           Mr. William F. Jones and
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Harter    Ms. Ethel Hudak                        Mr. and Mrs. Russell H. Jankowski      Mrs. Therese Shaw-Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Hastings      Mr. Philip C. Hudak                    Ms. Mary Jankura                    Ms. Marie Joseph
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Hatgas        Mr. Timothy Hudak                      Mrs. Eleanor Janoch                 Joshen Paper & Packaging Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Roland J. Hauberg        Dr. and Mrs. Michael Hudec             Mrs. Leona T. Jarabek               Ms. Ann M. Joyce
Ms. Dolores Hauck                     Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Huelsenbeck        Mrs. Helen M. Jaracz                Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Joyce
Ms. Regina M. Hauck                   Huff-N-Pufferettes                     Mr. and Mrs. John M. Jenkins        Mrs. Janet M. Joyce
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hausser         Mrs. Carol M. Hughes                   Mr. Sean Jennings                   Mrs. Mary S. Joyce
Ms. Ann Marie Hawkins                 Mr. Daniel R. Hughes                   Ms. Myrtle E. Jira                  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Joyce
Dr. and Mrs. Edward F. Hawkins        Mr. Jeremy Hughes                      Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey G. Joecken     Ms. Barbara Julai
Mr. & Mrs. J. David Hebda             Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Hughes         Mrs. Mary Ann Johanek               Ms. Lillian Jurcec
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Heil             Ms. Sandra M. Hunt                     Mr. Andrew W. Johnson               Mrs. Agnes Just
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Heine                                                                                    Mr. David Kachadourian
Mr. Ernest Heinzmann                                                                                             Ms. Arline Kadel
Ms. Carin Helfer                                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kadlec
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Helkamp                                                                                       Mr. John J. Kahl, Sr.
Sr. Betty Herris, C.S.J.                                                                                         Mr. Srinivas Kairamkonda
Mr. J. Albert Herscher                                                                                           Mr. Robert J. Kaiser
Ms. Patricia Hesland                                                                                             Ms. Patricia Kalbac
Mr. and Mrs. Justin M. Hess                                                                                      Ms. Joanne M. Kalin
Mrs. Marjory C. Heyd                                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Kalinoski
Ms. Lidia Hidalgo                                                                                                Mrs. Eileen C. Kanda
Ms. Diane M. Higey                                                                                               Brother Daniel Q. Kane CSC
Ms. Katie Higgins                                                                                                Ms. Linda M. Kane
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Hildebrandt                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kane
Mr. Matt Hils                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kappus
Ms. Alice M. Hinkel                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kaput
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Hirsch                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Dale J. Karasek
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Hirzel                                                                                   Ms. Marie Karnak
Ms. Annie Hlad                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. William E. Karnatz, Sr.
Mr. Vincent J. Hlavin                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. John A. Karnuta
Joseph and Rita Hochman                                                                                          Ms. Lorice Kassouf
Mr. Bill Hodge                                                                                                   Mr. Gerald J. Kaufman
Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt Robert Hoeffler
                                                       William Denihan teaches art students.                     Ms. Rose Ann Kay
                                                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kazimer
                                                                             Mrs. Carol A. Johnson               Ms. Josephine Kazubski
                                                                             Ms. Virginia Johnson                Mr. and Mrs. John Kealy
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Johnston     Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kearney

 Friends of the WSCC, chairwoman, Evelyn Allen leads the effort
 to raise over $35,000 at the Women Helping Women Luncheon…

Mr. Joseph P. Hogan                   Mr. and Mrs. David R. Hunter
Ms. Susan E. Hogan                    Mr. John C. Hurajt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hogue          Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Hurst
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Hohman        Mr. Mark B. Ianni
Mr. Robert L. Holden                  Ms. Nancy Nash and
Rev. Mark Hollis                          Mr. Jonathan Ijaz
Mr. Matt Hollis                       Mrs. Michelle Ilc
Miss Margaret Holub                   Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Imbrigiotta
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Hopkins        Sr. Susan Imburgia, C.S.J.
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Horbol           Mr. and Mrs. August C. Indovina, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence L. Horner       Inner Bliss Institute
Mr. Duane Horning                     Mrs. Emily G. Ippolito
Dr. and Mrs. Edward P. Horvath, Jr.   Ms. Anna Marie Irwin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Hosier        Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Isabella
Ms. Joan M. Hotchkiss                 Ms. Sandie Isabella
Rickey Howard                         Ms. Carole Iseli
                                                                                       …and of course, the many incredible baskets!

Grounded in faith, love, hope, and respect for those we serve, we assist all who come in need of food, clothing, shelter, and advocacy.
                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Layton          Mr. William J. Malames
                                                                         Mr. Walter S. Lazuka                  Mr. and Mrs. James J. Malik
                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lear             Ms. Catherine B. Malloy
                                                                         Ms. Laura A. Leaton                   Mr. Richard P. Malloy
                                                                         Mr. Daniel Lebowitz                   Gabriele Malon
                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W. Lejsovka       Ms. Judith Maloney
                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. James S. Lelko           Mr. and Mrs. Fred F. Maloney
                                                                         Mr. Aaron P. LeMieux                  Mrs. Mary Maloney
                                                                         Ms. Jane T. Lenahan                   Ms. Maureen T. Mancuso
                                                                         Ms. Heliodora Lengel                  Mr. and Mrs. Michael A, Mandak
                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Leonard        Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Manfredonia
                                                                         Dr. and Mrs. John A. Leone            Mrs. Barbara Manill
                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Leotta         Ms. Faith Manning
                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Letizia           Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Manning
                                                                         LexisNexis                            Mr. William E. Manning
                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Ebert C. Libbey          Ms. Maureen Mannix
                                                                         Mr. Kevin M. Liebhardt                Mrs. Patricia Mannix
                                                                         Liggett-Stashower, Inc.               Mr. Barrett Mansfield
                                                                         Mr. Frank G. Likly                    Mr. William Marconi
                                                                         Ms. Jean M. Lillie                    Mr. and Mrs. David F. Marek
                                                                         Ms. Mary C. Lilly                     Mr. Raymond J. Marek
                                                                         Ms. Nancy Lincoln                     Dr. Rosanne Marek
Mr. Joseph C. Kearns                Ms. Donna Koler                      Ms. Patricia Lipaj                    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Margevicius
Mr. Frank Keating                   Ms. Anne Kolibab                     Mr. John Lisko                        Mr. Ryan Marimon
Ms. Geraldine Keator                Mr. and Mrs. Fred T. Koneval         Mr. and Mrs. Mark Little              Marine Hydraulic Systems Inc.
Mr. Robert J. Keberdle              Mr. amd Mrs. Marion Konkowski        Little Flower Mission Circle #60      Mr. and Mrs. Donald V. Maringo
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Keefe        Ms. Marie B. Konys                   Mr. and Mrs. William R. Litzler       Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Markley II
Dr. John P. Keefe                   Mrs. Rosemary Kopp                   Dr. Luis A. Llerena and               Ms. Mary B. Marks
Ms. Betty S. Keidel                 Mrs. Mira Kosem                         Dr. Amelia V. Llerena              Ms. Connie Marotta
Ms. Lois M. Kelly                   Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Kosiba          Mr. Ivan Locci                        Dr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Martau
Ms. Rosemary K. Kelly               Ms. Louise Kostick                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Loesch         Ms. Jacalyn L. Martin
Ms. Mary S. Kemer                   Ms. Christine A. Kotran              Ms. Elyse Logan                       Mr. & Mrs. Rollin C. Martin
Ms. Virginia M. Kemmerling          Mr. Michael Kovacina                 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Lohn             Mr. and Mrs. P. Robert Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Kennedy      Mr. and Mrs. Terrance Kovacs         Ms. Patricia Loke                     Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Martis
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Kenning       Mr. Thomas A. Koval                  Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Lombardo       Ms. Mary Alice Maruna
Ms. Kate Kenny                      Mr. and Mrs. John M. Kowalchik       Ms. Mitzi Long                        Mr. and Mrs. David A. Marunowski
Mr. and Mrs. David Kercher          Ms. Constance Kowalczyk              Mrs. Mary C. LoPresti                 Mr. and Mrs. Vincent T. Marusa
Kerezy Communications Inc.          Mr. Edward Krafcik                   Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Lorenzo          Sister Margaret Mary
Ms. Laura Kermode                   Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Kraft        Ms. Sheila M. Lowe                    Dr. Mark S. Massie, DPM
Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Kessler, Jr.   Mr. Eugene T. Krakowiak              Ms. Julie A. Loyke                    Mr. and Mrs. Kort F. Masteller
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T Kestner      Mr. and Mrs. George Kral             Ms. Lenetta Lozinski                  Mr. Louis Thomas Masterson
Mr. and Mrs. William Ketterer       Mr. and Mrs. Terrence R. Krane       Ms. Marlene L. Lucas                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Mate
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Keyes        Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence A Kreiser        Mrs. Patricia Ludick                  Ms. Marie A. Matel
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kierer         Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kresak           Mr. and Mrs. John M. Ludwig           Ms. Mary Lou Mathews
Mr. Glenn A. Kiesel                 Ms. Maureen Krietemeyer              Ms. Jean Luehring                     Ms. Agnes Matowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond D. Kikta       Mr. August Kristancic                Dr. Mary Joyce Lunn                   Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Matt
Mrs. Anne C. Kilbane                Mr. and Mrs. William Krivos          Mr. and Mrs. Denis A. Lynch, Jr.      Ms. Agata B. Matuszak
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kilbane        Mr. and Mrs. Victor A. Krosik
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Kilbane       Ms. Betty Kross
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Kilbane        Ms. Marjorie B. Krupansky
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Kilbane        Mr. and Mrs. Dale A. Kucaj
Ms. Judith B. Kilbane and           Ms. Cyrilla M. Kuchta
    Mr. Thomas H. Cooney            Ms. Virginia A. Kuharcik
Sr. Kathleen Kilbane, C.S.J.        Mr. Richard J. Kuhel
Mr. and Mrs. George Kilcoyne        Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Kuminski
Mr. John C. Kilroy                  Ms. Cheryl Kure
Ms. Mary Frances Kimble             Mrs. Lois M. Kurkul
Ms. Eileen L. King                  Mr. and Mrs. Ari D. Labell
Mr. Jason King                      Ms. Rita M. Labella
Mrs. Shirley M. King                Ms. Judith M. Lachvayder
Mr. and Mrs. Horst H. Kinscher      Mr. and Mrs. Leo L. Ladaika
Mr. Patrick T. Kirk, CPA            Ladies Ancient Order Of Hibernians
Mr. Mike Kirwan                     Mr. Alton S. LaForest, Jr.
Ms. Judy R. Kiss-Benke              Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Laheta
Ms. Margaret Klabik                 Lakewood Catholic Academy
Ms. Jean M. Klanac                  Ms. Francine P. Lamermier
Mr. Martin Klayko                   Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Landers
Mr. Joseph Kline                    Ms. Eileen Landl
Rev. Robert W. Kline                Mr. and Mrs. Anthony F. Lang
Ms. Dorothy M. Klonk                Mr. Robert D. Lang
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Klonowski         Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Lange                                         Art in Action
Ms. MacKenzie M. Klubnik            Mr. and Mrs. John F. Langkau
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Klugman          Mrs. Mary A. Lanser
Ms. Josephine M. Kmet               Mr. and Mrs. Dale LaPorte            Mr. and Mrs. Eamonn Lynch             Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Mayer, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kmieck            Mr. Robert Lapp                      Rev. John F. Lyons                    Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Mayer
Ms. Andrea Knapik                   Mr. and Mrs. James J. Lardie         Dr. Elizabeth P. MacIntyre            Mr. Eugene Mayher
Knights of Columbus Lafayette       Ms. Adrienne Larkman                 Ms. Barb Mackovjak                    Mr. and Mrs. Gary Mazaros
    Council No. 3970                Mr. Nick V. Lascu                    Mr. Wayne D. MacPherson               Ms. Donna Mazzarella
Ms. Angela Kochera                  Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Laskey       Ms. Frieda Macron                     Mrs. Patricia G. McAulay
Ms. Mary Ann Kochera                Mr. Theodore Laufik                  Ms. Mary Ellen Madden                 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. McBride
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Kocsan        Mrs. Corrinne R. Laule               Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Magni          Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McBride
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Koehler        Ms. Lucille Laule                    Mr. Arthur J. Mahall                  Ms. Donna McCafferty
Ms. Patty Koelewyn                  Brother Robert Lavelle, CSC          Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Maher          Mr. and Mrs. James J. McCall
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Koeth        Mr. Timothy Lavelle                  Ms. Lucille H. Maher                  Mrs. Jeanne E. McCarthy-Caparso
Ms. Mary Kay Kolenz                 Ms. Mary Alice Lavey                 Ms. Frances B. Majetic                Ms. Diane McChrystal
                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Alexander S. Makowski    Mr. James McClain
Ms. Nancy McClaine                  Mr. and Mrs. William C. Merriman   Mr. James Milligan                  Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Neitzel
Ms. Maureen McCormick               Mrs. Dolores M. Merva              Ms. Helen Milton                    Mr. Michael J. Nemeth
Mr. and Mrs. Jim McCrickard         Ms. Mary Ann Mescan                Mr. and Mrs. James E. Misak         Mr. and Mrs. William E. Nest
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McCrone        Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Meszaros     Mrs. Rita Mitchell                  Mr. and Mrs. James Nestor
Ms. Eileen McDermott                Ms. Sharon Meszaros                Mr. and Mrs. John P. Mohar          Ms. Carissa Nettle
Mr. and Mrs. John M. McDermott      Ms. Lisa Metcalf                   Chris Molchan                       Mr. and Mrs. David M. Nickels
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony F. McDevitt    Mr. Joseph E. Meyer                Ms. Paulina Q. Molina               Mrs. Kathleen L. Nickels
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Anthony F. Monachino   Ms. Patricia Nickels
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Montville Sr.   Ms. Cora Nicklas
                                                                       Ms. Elizabeth C. Mooney             Ms. Staci M. Nightingale
                                                                       Ms. Barbara J. Moore                Mr. Gary L. Noe Jr.
                                                                       Mr. Donald T. Moore, Jr.            Mrs. Catherine Noga
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. E. Moore      Mrs. Marguerite Noonan
                                                                       Ms. Kathleen E. Moore               Ms. Coletta T. Normile
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Moore       Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Norris
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Moore        Northern Ohio Human Resources
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Mooren             Conference
                                                                       Ms. Mary Ann Moos                   Mr. Richard L. Nosse
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Moran           Mr. Donald J. Novak
                                                                       Ms. Nancy J. Moran                  Mr. and Mrs. Franklin D. Novak
                                                                       Mrs. Charlotte Morar                Ms. Genevieve A. Novak
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. Morella      Mr. Michael T. Novak
                                                                       Ms. Joan Morgan                     Mr. and Mrs. David W. Novicky
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Morgan          Mr. and Mrs. Richard Novy
                                                                       Ms. Beverly Morgano                 Mrs. Bettina G. Nugent
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Morisky      Ms. Patricia Nugent
                                                                       Ms. Leslie C. Moritz                Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Nunney
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Paul Morrison          Mr. William R. Oatey
                                                                       Ms. Kathleen Moskin                 Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. O’Brien
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Jack Moss              Mr. and Mrs. Edmund J. O’Brien
                                                                       Ms. Ann K. Mozolits                 Mr. James T. O’Brien
                                                                       Ms. Carol A. Mrazik                 Ms. Jeananne O’Brien
                                                                       Ms. Jane Mueller                    Ms. Margaret E. O’Brien
                                                                       Mr. Mark J. Mueller                 Ms. Suzanne O’Connell
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Mueller     Mr. and Mrs. Francis B. O’Connor
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. James Mulgrew          Mr. Timothy P. O’Connor
                                                                       Mrs. Margaret Mullen                Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. O’Donnell
                                                                       Mrs. Catherine Murray               Ms. M. Maureen O’Donnell
                                                                       Dr. James F. Murray                 Mr. and Mrs. Michael O’Donnell
                                                                       Mr. William Murray                  Ms. Barbara Ogilvie
Mr. and Mrs. Gary F. McDonald       Mr. John Michalko                  Mr. and Mrs. John F. Murrin         Mrs. Mary M. O’Grady
Mrs. Kathleen McDonald              Mrs. Kathi Micklos                 Mrs. Jean Murtha                    Mayor and Mrs. Thomas E. O’Grady
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. McDonnell    Mr. Jeffrey J. Mieyal              Ms. Renee Musat                     Ms. Rhea M. Ohl
Mr. Kevin McDonough                 H. A. Mikel                        Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Mutschler   Ms. Constance M. Ohman
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. McEvoy       Ms. Diane Miklosovic               Ms. Anelize Nader                   Mrs. Marion L. Ohns
Mr. Brent McFerren and              Dr. and Mrs. James Mikula          Ms. Julie Nader                     Mr. Dan O’Leary
   Ms. Jolynn Steffan-McFerren      Mr. and Mrs. Stanley D. Mikulski   Ms. Aurora Naida                    Rev. Gregory J. Olszewski
Mr. Patrick McGannon                Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Milavec     Mr. and Mrs. John Nairus            Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. O’Malley
Mr. and Mrs. James R. McGinty       Mr. Joseph Mileti, Jr.             NALS of Northeast Ohio              Mr. and Mrs. Michael O’Malley
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O. McGinty     Mr. and Mrs. Carl Miller           Mr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Nandor       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. O’Malley
Ms. Alma M. McGrath                 Ms. Catherine C. Miller            Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Napaver      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. O’Malley
Ms. Joan E. McGuire                 Ms. Donna Miller                   Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Napoli, Jr.    Mr. and Mrs. Chet Omilanowski
Mr. and Mrs. Fred McGunagle         Mrs. Nancy D. Miller               Ms. Rita M. Nassif                  Ms. Hilda M. Onder
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard McHugh           Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Miller     Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Naughton       Mr. and Mrs. John L. O’Neill
Ms. Maureen McHugh
Mrs. Ellen McIntyre
Ms. Margo McKeegan
Mr. and Mrs. John J. McLaren
Mr. and Mrs. John C. McLaughlin
Ms. Marie Mclaughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Tom McLaughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. McLean
Mr. and Mrs. James McMenamin
Mr. John R. McNally, Jr.
Ms. Mary Ann McNamara
Dr. and Mrs. David L. McNamee
Mr. and Mrs. James J. McNamee
Rev. Jack B. McNulty
Rev. John P. McNulty
Ms. Mary L. McPhee
Mr. Michael F. McReynolds
Mr. Neil McReynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. McTaggart
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Meany                                                Sr. Rita Shinhearl, CSJ, WSCC Founder Sr. Kathleen Kilbane, CSJ
Ms. Mary Meiring
Mr. and Mrs. George Meister                                                                 and Sr. Pat Burke, CSJ.
Ms. Margaret Menard
Ms. Ruth N. Mendez                                                     Mr. Ronald Navratil                 Onix Networking Corp.
Ms. Monique Menefee                                                    Ms. Lillian Nawalanic               Mr. and Mrs. Frank Oravec
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Menger                                          Mr. and Mrs. Don E. Naymik          Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Orlando
M. Mercer                              Students lends a hand at        Ms. Donna Neal                      Mr. and Mrs. Steve Orlando
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Mercer                                                Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Neff         Ms. Monica Orlando

Grounded in faith, love, hope, and respect for those we serve, we assist all who come in need of food, clothing, shelter, and advocacy.
Ms. Sharyn A. Orr                     Mr. and Mrs. David W. Presley       Ms. Wendy M. Robinson                  Mr. & Mrs. Dwight E. Schulz
Ms. Theresa A. Oswald                 Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Prioletti      Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. Rockwood        Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Schupp
Ms. Walda Otankis                     Mr. Joseph Provenzale               Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rogers             Ms. Rebecca I. Scina
Ms. Mary Pat O’Toole                  Mr. and Mrs. Albert T. Prucha       Mr. and Mrs. John E. Rohde             Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Scola
Ms. Corinne Otto                      Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Przybysz    Ms. Sharon A. Roloff                   Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Scott
Ms. Kathleen Otto                     Mr. Joseph F. Ptak                  Ms. Jan C. Romano                      Ms. Virginia Scott
Ms. Eloise Suzanne Owens              Ms. Carol K. Puleo                  Mr. Theodore M. Roob                   Mr. and Mrs. Lee K. Scullin
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Owens          Mr. Louis H. Pumphrey               Mr. Gene Rorak                         Mrs. Evelyn Sedlak
Mr. Norbert A. Ozimek                 Ms. Helen C. Purper                 Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Roshetko        Ms. Claire Seeholzer
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Pae           Mr. Andrew C. Putka                 Mr. Raymond Rospotynski                Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Segedi
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Painting      Ms. Karen McDevitt Qua              Mr. Casimir Roszak                     Mr. and Mrs. Basil Segro
Ms. Patrice Palange                   Most Rev. Bishop A. James Quinn     Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Roth              Ms. Barb Sekerak
Mr. and Mrs. George Palgut            Ms. Colleen Radak                   Ms. Elizabeth Rowe                     Ms. Mary Ann Sekerak and
Mr. and Mrs. George Palisin           Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Radigan     Mr. John C. Rowland                       Mr. Keith L. Kubach
Mr. Joseph Palmer                     Mr. Jonathan Radwan                 Mrs. Rita J. Rudmann                   Ms. Madaline S. Semones
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Paluch        Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Raia           Ms. Jennifer Ruediger                  Ms. Therese Semproch
Ms. Lillian R. Pampush                Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Raicevich   Anthony Rus                            Mr. Gary Seng
Mrs. Ann Paolucci                     Mr. James J. Ramagli                Ms. Phyllis Ruvo                       Ms. Sharon Senick
Ms. Sarah Pap                         Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Ranchoff    Ms. Mary Margaret Ryan                 Mr. and Mrs. Gregg J. Sepic
Ms. Janice A. Papez                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rybarczyk          Ms. Philomena M. Serafin
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Parente, Jr.                                       Ms. Dorothy E. Rzepka                  Mr. Robert Sferra
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Parks                                                   Mr. Doug Sabin                         Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Shaffer
Mrs. Madeline Paryzek                                                     Mr. Anthony A. Sabolik                 Mr. and Mrs. Victor T. Shaia
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Paskert                                           Mr. and Mrs. Dick Sadd                 Ms. Mary A. Sharpe
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Pastor                                                     Mr. Donald Safranek                    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Shaughnessy
Mr. Mickey Pastor                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Victor M. Salkin            Mr. Raymond D. Shepard, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Pastrick                                            Mr. and Mrs. James A. Salzman          Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Sherman
Ms. Margaret A. Patten                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Randy J. Samsel           Ms. Millie M. Shernock
Ms. Marigene Pattison                                                     Ms. Donna Sanders                      Sherwin-Williams Company
Mr. Kevin Patton                                                          Mrs. Rosemary Sandoval                 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Shiban
Ms. Loretta M. Patton                                                     Ms. Jean Sandwick                      Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O. Shuman
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Pavell                                            Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sankovich          Mr. and Mrs. James W. Sikon
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Pecon                                             Mrs. Gloria Santoli-Mallett            Ms. Martha A. Sikora
Mr. Jerome F. Pekarek                                                     Ms. Nancy Sarro                        Ms. Shirley A. Sikora
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Pelegrin                                            Mr. and Mrs. Bernard L. Sater          Mr. Mike Silberman
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Penner                                              Mr. and Mrs. Donald Saxon              Mr. and Mrs. Daniel V. Sileo
Mrs. Carol J. Pennock                                                     Catherine and Kimberly Sayers          Mr. and Mrs. Frederick F. Simon
Mr. and Mrs. George Perek                                                 Mr. and Mrs. William F. Schabel, Jr.   Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Simoneau
Mr. and Mrs. Diego Perez-Stable                                           Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Schaefer        Mr. and Mrs. W. Eric Simons
Mr. Ronald Perger                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Schaefer        Sisters of Humility of Mary
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Perotti                                           Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Schafer         Ska Financial Services Inc
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Pesarchick                                           Mr. and Mrs. Joe Schager               Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Skapin
Mr. James Pesch                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Schaut          Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sklarz
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Pesta                                             Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Scheidt, Jr.   Ms. Mary Jane Skubby
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Petkash         Lil and Wally Wirtz celebrate      Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Schiavoni         Ms. Mary L. Skufca
Mrs. Marie A. Petras                                                      Rev. Mr. & Mrs. William E. Schill      Mr. and Mrs. Jerry J. Slabaugh
Ms. Ann Marie Petrik
                                      their 66th anniversary with us.     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schlather          Ms. Arline Slack
Ms. Honora M. Petrovic                                                    Mr. John B. Schlosser                  Ms. Mary Jo Slattery
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest P. Petti          Ms. Kaye Ranke                      Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Schmieler       Ms. Rosemary H. Slattery
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Phelan        Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Raskaus         Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Schmieler       Ms. Sophie A. Sleinsky
Mr. Charles J. Philipps               Ms. Catherine Rassie
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Allen Phillips   Mr. and Mrs. David A. Readler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Piccirilli     Dr. and Mrs. Leo V. Ready
Mrs. Therese J. Pickett               Mr. and Mrs. John E. Reagan
Ms. Anne Pietromica                   Mrs. Luba H. Reagan
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Pietromica    Ms. Donna M. Rechner
Pikes Peak United Way                 Red Hat Ladies
Mr. Frank Pikovsky                    Ms. Samantha Reefer
Ms. Lottie Pilat                      Ms. Mary Ellen Reese
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Pinchot        Mr. and Mrs. Mark Regotti
Mr. Carlos R. Pinzon                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Regovich
Ms. Christine V. Pisarek              Mr. and Mrs. Raphael F. Reichle
Mr. Edward F. Pisarek                 Ms. Terese Reid
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pischulla         Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Reidy
Mr. Russell J. Plywaczynski           Mr. and Mrs. William J. Reidy
Ms. Olivia Poggenpohl                 Mr. James Reilley
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Pole              Mr. and Mrs. Todd A. Reinart
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Polito           Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Reis
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Pollack          Mr. and Mrs. Richard Reniak
Ms. Cecelia D. Polomsky               Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rerko
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Ponstingl        Resurrection of Our Lord Church
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ponyik            Reville Tire Co Inc
Ms. Margie C. Pope                    Ms. Ingeborg Ribbert                       Cleveland Institute of Music – “Music for the Soul”.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Popelka        Mrs. Alberta S. Ricciardi
Mr. Ted Popiel and                    Mr. Daniel J. Rice
   Ms. Roselle F. Orlando             Mr. George T. Richard               Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Schmotzer      Mr. and Mrs. James P. Slivka
Mrs. Mary Jo Porach                   Mrs. Adeline M. Richards            Mr. Thomas J. Schneid and              Ms. Jeannette V. Slusarski
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Porter         Mr. and Mrs. George J. Richardson     Ms. Suzanne Alexander                Ms. Christine Slyman
Mrs. Rosemary E. Potokar              Ms. Julia Richlovsky                Mr. Allan E. Schon                     Mr. John Small
Ms. Pamela Poveroni-Conrad            Mr. and Mrs. William R. Ridmann     Ms. Sara M. Schoppenhorst              Mr. Nicholas Smilanich
Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Powell, Sr.      Mr. and Mrs. Jacque P. Riedel       Mr. Jason Schraibman                   Ms. Cynthia A. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Powell        Mr. Walter J. Riedel                Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Schram           Mr. and Mrs. Marty Smith
Mr. and Mrs. David James Powers       Ms. Lisa Riley                      Mr. and Mrs. Lee J. Schram             Ms. Mary Carole Smith
Mr. Kenneth R. Powers                 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Rini         Mr. & Mrs. Gordie Schroeder            Rev. Paul F. Smith
Ms. Mary Pozniak                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Rink         Ms. Mary Schroth
                                                                                                                 Mr. Ray Smith
Ms. Mary C. Prendergast               Mr. and Mrs. E. Fred Ritty          Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Schuerger
Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Smith          Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Syroney            Ms. Catherine V. Voitlein           Mr. and Mrs. John T. Wynne
Ms. Sharron Ann Smith                 Ms. Mary Jane Syroney                    Mr. Paul J. Vokac                   Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Wypasek
Mr. Timothy G. Smith                  Mrs. Renee Szabo                         Ms. Eileen Von Alt                  Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Wysocki
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg A. Smolik          Rita Szep                                Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Vonderau    Mrs. Margaret Yackin
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Snahnican        Ms. Theresa M. Szilagyi                  Mr. & Mrs. Stanley J. Vorell        Ms. Margaret M. Yarcusko
Mr. Joseph Sobera                     Mrs. Margaret A. Szuch-Stadler and       Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Voth         Ms. Stacey M. Yasenka
Mr. Richard J. Sobiech                   Mr. Raymond G. Stadler                Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Wagner         Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Yates
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sobolewski         Ms. Mary Jo Tadsen                       Ms. Rosemary Wagner                 Ms. Lotus C. Yee
Ms. Josephine R. Soeder               Ms. Betty J. Takitch                     Ms. Christine A. Wahl               Mr. Joseph J. Yencha
Ms. Marie E. Soeder                   Dr. Alan A. Tambe                        Mr. and Mrs. Marc R. Waite          Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Zabor
Ms. Gloria Solarz                     Mr. and Mrs. John Tanis                  Rev. Francis Walsh                  Zabor Funeral Home
Mr. & Mrs. Emil J. Solderitsch        Mr. Joe Taormina                         Ms. Kathleen M. Walsh               Ms. Louise Zaccardelli
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Somrack         Mr. James A. Tarr                        Ms. Mary G. Walsh                   Mr. Robert J. Zack
Mr. C.J. Sonnhalter                   Ms. Marilyn Terbraak                     Mr. and Mrs. David W. Walter        Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Zalar
Mr. and Mrs. Andro S. Sopiecha        Mr. and Mrs. Leo A. Terlep               Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Walters     Ms. Laura E. Zalent and
Mr. and Mrs. Russell V. Sopko         Ms. Constance Tesar                      Mr. and Mrs. John S Ward               Mr. Carl W. Levin
Mr. Joseph G. Spagnuolo               Ms. Ruth C. Tesar                        Mr. Ted Warholyk                    Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Zaleski
Ms. Ottilia H. Spath                  Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Tessmer        Waring Homestead                    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Zammikiel
The Honorable and                     TGIFF West                               Ms. Virginia Warnke                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zarzycki
    Mrs. Leo M. Spellacy              Ms. Colleen J. Theusch                   Mr. and Mrs. Alan A. Wasco          Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Zavesky
Mr. and Mrs. James Spinks             Ms. Isabel Thomas                        Mr. and Mrs. Paul Weaver            Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Zawadzki
Ms. Margaret Sponsler                 Ms. Margaret M. Thomas                   Mr. David Weber                     Ms. Joann Zelch
Ms. Garnett Springate                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Thomas            Mr. Douglas M. Weed                 Mr. Gerald Zelenka
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Squires         Thompson & Hine                          Ms. Brenda M. Weegar                Ms. June Zeszut
St. Basil Adult Singles               Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Thorne           Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Wehrung        Mr. and Mrs. Jack G. Zickes
St. Brendan School                    Mr. Hugh Thurnauer                       Mr. and Mrs. Bernard E. Weir, Jr.   Ms. Paulette Ziegfeld
St. Bridget Good Samaritan Ministry   Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Tinsley             Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Weir        Mr. Allen Zielinski
St. Charles Borromeo                  Mr. and Mrs. James E. Tipple Sr.         Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Weisbarth    Ms. Marilynne Zigman
St. Charles Mens Christian            Mr. and Mrs. H. James Tisch              Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Weisbarth    Zinner & Co. LLP
    Life Community                    Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Toft                Mr. and Mrs. William G. Weisbarth   Mr. and Mrs. William Zinni
St. Edward High School                Mr. and Mrs. Alan A. Tomaric             Mr. Richard Weiss                   Mr. Richard L. Zivsak
St. John Bosco PSR                    Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Tomick              Mr. Edward F. Weist                 Ms. Eileen Zix
St. Patrick (Bridge)                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Tomosko           Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weist           Mr. Robert F. Shields and
St. Patrick Church SVDP               Ms. Dolores Tompkins                     Ms. Beverly Welky                      Ms. Mary E. Zoller
St. Paul Lutheran Church              Mr. and Mrs. Phil Torsney                Ms. Donna Weller                    Mr. and Mrs. Cyril F. Zupan
St. Raphael Ladies Guild              Ms. Mary Claire Toth                     Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Welsh       Mr. Keith Zupancic
St. Thomas More School                Ms. Mary Ann Toth                        Mr. Thomas C. Wenderoth             Mr. Gary Zwick
Staffing Solutions Enterprises        Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Trayte              Rev. Robert F. Wenz
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Stanton          Mr. John A. Trecaso                      Ms. Melissa Werblan
Ms. Beth Ann Starks                   Mr. and Mrs. Francis W. Treiber          Mr. Richard B. Werner and           Every effort has been made
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Staub           Rev. Christopher J. Trenta                  Ms. Barbara Langhenry
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Steele           Ms. Lois A. Trombo                       Westlake Bay Village Rotary Club    to accurately record donors’
Mrs. Geraldine Steele                 Mr. and Mrs. Fred T. Tschanz             Ms. Florence White                  names. Please contact Joyce
Mrs. William E. Steele                Mrs. Anita A. Tucholski                  Mr. and Mrs. Joel Whitworth         Humel at 216-631-4741 x 127
Ms. Patricia A. Steele                Tuesday Bible Study                      Mr. and Mrs. Terrence M. Wichmann
Mrs. Rose Stefanik                    Mr. Julius R. Tufts                      Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wiehe          or jhumel@wsccenter.org to
Ms. Kathleen Steffner                 Mr. Dan Turcu                            Ms. Jacqueline J. Wiehn             report any discrepancies.
Mr. Samuel Steinhouse                 Mr. Robert L. Turek                      Mrs. Lynn Wieland
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Stemen        Mr. and Mrs. Michael Turk                Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Wilhelms
Mr. Ronald Stepanovik                 Ms. Susan Turk                           Dr. Howard J. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Stinn         Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Turkall              Ms. Elizabeth A. Wilson
Ms. Carol R. Strater                  Ms. Rita Turocy                          Mr. Eric B. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Stringer
Ms. Mary Stringer
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Tushar
                                      Tyco Employee Matching Gift Program
                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Wilson
                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Wilson
                                                                                                                     A very special
Ms. Jeanne J. Strok                   Ms. Jane Uebbing                         Mr. and Mrs. Scott Wilson             thanks to our
Mr. and Mrs. John Struk               Mr. John D. Uline                        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Wilson
Sts. Cyril & Methodius SVDP           Unilever United States Foundation Inc.   Ms. Michelle Wimmer                    United Way
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Sullivan       United Way of Central and                Mr. and Mrs. Rod Winkler
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Sullivan          Northeastern Connecticut              Mr. and Mrs. James S. Wirth            Community
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Sullivan      United Way of Southeastern               Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Wirtz
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Sullivan          Pennsylvania                          Mr. and Mrs. Waldemar C. Wirtz       Partners, whose
Mr. William F. Sullivan
Sun Microsystems Foundation, Inc.
                                      Mrs. Coletta P. Valentik
                                      Mr. James C. Vanderwist
                                                                               Mrs. Anne Wish
                                                                               Mr. Steven T. Wisnor
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard P Supinski
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Surdy
                                      Mr. and Mrs. William H. Vandeveer
                                      Mr. David Varga
                                                                               Mr. Joseph Wochna
                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wodzisz
                                                                                                                   donations for 2009
Mr. Bernard J. Survoy
Ms. Maryanne Sutherland
                                      Mr. and Mrs. William Varga
                                      Mrs. Irene Vasarab
                                                                               Ms. Bette Wohlgemuth
                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Woidke
                                                                                                                   exceeded $117,000.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Svihlik
SW Chapter Divorced, Widowed &
                                      Ms. Winifred M. Vaughn                   Ms. Frances K. Wolf                    Thank you!
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Vella             Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wolfe
    Separated Catholics               Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Verdi             Ms. Nancy Mahoney Wolfe
Ms. Margaret Swansegar                Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Verdino             Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Swartz         Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Victor            Ms. Allison Woodrick
Ms. Anne L. Sweeney                   Ms. Rosemary Victory                     Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Woods
Mr. Gerald F. Sweeney                 Mrs. Rozanne F. Victory                  Ms. Roberta Woods
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Sweeney         Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Vidovic             Ms. Jane Wright
Ms. Lillian Switaaj                   Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Voce                Ms. Ann Marie Wroten
Mr. and Mrs. Mathew G. Sylvester      Ms. Sandra Vodanoff                      WSI Group

Grounded in faith, love, hope, and respect for those we serve, we assist all who come in need of food, clothing, shelter, and advocacy.
To Honor and                      Michael Gates                 Dale Kovach                 Mrs. Ralph Reynolds
                                  Robbie Gates                  Mary Catherine Krakowiak    Tom Rocco
To Remember
                                  Nick Gavel                    Sr. Leanette Kramer         Connie Romano
Tribute gifts are a way in        Lucille Geiger                Mr. and Mrs. Emil Kroggel   Elizabeth Roszak
which donors can honor a          Patrick and Bob Goold         Nora Krukemeyer             Bill Rothman
family, an individual or a        Susan Greathouse              John Kurkul                 Russo Family
special event. They are also a
                                  Hope Gresner                  Carl Laule                  Jane Sears
way to memorialize a loved one
who has passed on. The West       Norelle Gress                 Fr. Jim Lewis, S.J.         Richard Seeger
Side Catholic Center gratefully   Mr. and Mrs. Ray Griffiths    Fr. John Libens, SJ.        Joanne and Larry Seman
acknowledges the receipt of       Jennifer Grosel               Robert Liskay               Lili Rachel Smith
the following gifts which         Mr. and Mrs. John Harknett    James Livingston            Robert Snyder
were given in the name of the     Monica Hayes                  Dan Lizanich                Andro Sopiecha
                                  Kevin Healey                  John Mahoney                Ed Stacey
Norville and Seville Allen        Maria Heinzmann               Henry Matts                 Norm Stadtler
August Argento                    Albert Heller                 Alex Humel McCann           Frank Stupczy
Margaret Atkinson                 Tom Herda                     Margaret McDermott          James and Pam Sweeney
Emma Auble                        Suzanne High                  Hugh McManamon              Rita Szep
Donald Baker                      Rev. R. Hilkert               John Melcher                Lillian Tovtin
Jeanne Bangert                    Rev. Robert Hoban             Ruth and Ty Merriman        Frank Traska
Mary Bauman                       Jan Holden                    Mary and Ed Mesbach         Thomas Vadasz
Paul Becka                        Regina Horn                   Erminia Miola               Dorothy Vokac
Maura Beth Becker                 Packy Hyland                  Eloise Morgan               Phillip Walsh
Dick and Judy Beercheck           Joyce Jelenic                 Stanley Morgan              Kevin and Bea Walsh
Glenn Bento                       Jack Jones                    Margaret Mulach             Warren Ware
Jenny Bielski                     Pearl Jontz                   Fr. Simon Nekic             Adolph Wichmann
Patricia Brett                    Marie Kalbrunner              Eleanor Noon                Rose Wichmann
Frank Brezina                     Jeanette Katona               Nancy Noonan                Dick Wirtz
Fran Breznay                      Anne Kazimour                 John and Eileen O’Brien     Stella Wlodarczyk
Bill Bunevich                     Edward and Catherine Keefe    Mike and Peggi O’Malley     Suzzi Woznicki
Lori Schram Burke                 John Keith                    Carole O’Mara               Helen Zaleski
Jim Carey                         Mary Kilbane                  Ann Pelegrin                Carole Zellner
Maureen Carrol                    Sr. Kathleen Kilbane, CSJ     Michael Pennock             John Zeman
Fady and Sally Chamoun            Roy King                      Alma Perkerson              Anna Zidek
Esther Conlon                     Carl Kleinhenz                Robert Petkash              Craig Zupancic
Gerald Corrigan                   Sr. Consolata Kline, HM       Bishop Anthony M. Pilla
Basil Crimaldi                    Marion Knabe                  Weido Poveroni
John Crosley                      Ray and Linda Kolenz          Frank and Ireren Proch
John Devlin
Pauline DiFiore
Beverly Dorman
Sr. Lucy Dragoniete
                                                               2009 WSCC Staff
Edward Durkin                        Josephine Adkins            John Fallon                Ashleigh Reese
Patricia Gilmore Dusenbury           Cassandra Bennett           Priscilla Franklin         Chesa Sevastopoulos
                                     Mary Blank                  Terrie Garr                Gerald Skoch
Michael Eaton                                                                               Angela Spring
                                     Silvia Castillo             Lana Hughes
Martha Enright                       Rebekah Chilcote            Joyce Humel                Susan Starkey
Lee Evangelista                      Barbara Clark               Ronetta Ingram             Marie Tables
                                     Anita Cook                  Judy Kern                  Barbara Taylor
Sue Evans                            Rhonda Daniels              Barb Ketterick             Verena Umanzor
Elizabeth Fassbender                 Ken Davis                   Lee King                   Ruby Wahid
                                     Sue DiNardo                 Lena Langston              Karen Webb
Daniel Flower
                                     Susan Ertle                 Mario McMichael            Allen Yunis
Helen Fulton                         Linda Falkner               Barbara Miller
Andrew Gadosik

                    2009 Events
Golf, Run and Gala Bring Supporters of WSCC Together
Twenty nine teams helped to raise more than $45,000 in the 15th Annual Charity Golf Scramble sponsored by
Hyland Software.

The 4th Annual 5K Run/1 Mile Walk and Pancake Breakfast, also sponsored by Hyland Software, was the most
successful ever with nearly 500 participants. The run raised $21,000.

A Roman Holiday was the theme for the sold-out Warm Hearts Winter Nights Gala. With 22 sponsors and 500
guests, more than $175,000 was raised.

 Grounded in faith, love, hope, and respect for those we serve, we assist all who come in need of food, clothing, shelter, and advocacy.

  WARM HEARTS                                                                15TH ANNUAL
 WINTER NIGHTS                                                               CHARITY GOLF
A ROMAN HOLIDAY                                                                SCRAMBLE
Honorary Chairs                                                           Presenting Sponsor
Tony and Gale Mazzella                                                    Hyland Software

Sponsors                                                                  Gold Sponsors
                                                                          Admiral Products
Gold Heart Sponsors                                                       Timothy Atkinson
Peter and Rita Carfagna                                                   Enpac
Mazzella Lifting Technologies/                                            Ernst & Young
  Sheffield Metals International                                          Jones Day
An Anonymous Angel                                                        Merrill Lynch
                                                                          Schroeder Coverage
Silver Heart Sponsors
                                                                          Sportstime Ohio
Huntington Bank
                                                                          Verizon Wireless
George and Mary Lu Wasmer                                                 Silver Sponsors
                                                                          Bakery Confectionery Tobacco
Bronze Heart Sponsors
                                                                            Workers & Grain Millers
The Timothy Atkinson Family
                                                                          CB Richard Ellis
Chapman & Chapman
                                                                          Cleveland Home Title
Community West Foundation
                                                                          Enpress LLC
Fairview Hospital
                                                                          Fifth Third Bank
Fifth Third Bank
                                                                          Herbruck Alder
Dr. and Mrs. William Francis
                                                                          Jenkins Funeral Chapel, Inc.
Vince Hvizda and
                                                                          Robert Nicolay
    Margaret Schroeder-Hvizda
                                                                          Casey O’Conor D.D.S.
Hyland Software
Kadish, Hinkel and Weibel
                                                                          Schottenstein Zox &
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Kraay
                                                                            Dunn Co., LPA
Aaron and Stacy Marinelli
                                                                          Stout Risius Ross
Joseph and Victoria Marinelli
                                                                          Warwick Products
Miceli Dairy
Carol and Charles Rini, Sr.                                               Hole Sponsors
Bill and Marcia Rosing                                                    Bowne & Co.
Skoda Minotti                                                             Broadcast Media Ideas
Spangenberg, Shibley & Liber                                              North Star Title Services
Sportstime Ohio                                                           The Pre-Check Company
St. Ignatius High School
USA Insulation
An Anonymous Friend

                                                                             4TH ANNUAL
                                                                                5K RUN/
                                                                             1 MILE WALK
                                                                            AND PANCAKE
                                                                         Presenting Sponsor
                                                                         Hyland Software

                                                                         The Pre-Check Company
                                                                         Integrated Engineering
                                                                         Robert, Christopher and
                                                                           Jill Harter, DDS
                                                                         Notre Dame Club of Cleveland
                                                                         Vocon Design
                                                                         WSI Group
    Warm Hearts Winter Nights Honorary Chairs, Gale and Tony Mazzella,
                      Mazzella Lifting Technologies.
Awards Honor Long Time Benefactors and Volunteers
         “Remember, O L how I have walked before you faithfully and with wholehearted
                    devotion and done what is good in your eyes.” Isaiah 38:8
A grateful “thank you” is something that the Center staff and clients say to donors and volunteers daily. In addition, however special
recognition is given twice yearly at awards ceremonies held at the Annual Volunteer Appreciation luncheon and the Warm Hearts
Winter Nights Gala.

Volunteers of the Year: Helen Cohan and Art Walters
                              The Dorothy Day Humanitarian Award is given to an individual or group linked
                              to the center who exemplifies the qualities of Dorothy Day’s life of service. The
                              2008 awards were presented to Art Walters and Helen Cohan.
                              Helen Cohan began serving at the West Side Catholic Center just six months after
                              it began. She is a reminder of the Center’s roots on the other side of Lorain, be-
                              fore a bowling alley was turned into a welcome place for all those in need. Helen
                              remembers all the years of serving peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and work-
                              ing directly with the guests to provide comfort to them. Helen and her husband
                              and fellow volunteer, Gerry have been married for 65 years.
                              Art Walters’ volunteer service to the West Side Catholic Center began 15 years
                              ago. His parents fed the unemployed during the Depression and always looked
                              out for those in need in their neighborhood. Art never forgot the love his par-
                              ents demonstrated. His first memory of WSCC is amazement at the number of people who needed help. He
remembers vividly the sheer crowdedness of the Center before renovation. Art provides a calm presence behind the Household Goods counter
working directly with each person to locate the needed items.

Giving Hope Award: The Community West Foundation
The Community West Foundation received the first annual Giving Hope award
The new award was initiated to honor a donor whose generous financial support
has had a cumulative, transformational effect on the Center.
                            In presenting the honor, Board President Eric Haddad
                            relayed a few of the many ways in which the Founda-
                            tion’s support has impacted the Center and provided
                            concrete help to the neediest in our community. From
                            the Basic Needs Program to Zacchaeus Housing Solu-
                            tions, the Community West Foundation has been at
the forefront of providing vital support for the Center’s mission.
The Community West Foundation’s motto is “Illuminating Hope.” David Dom-
browiak, President and Chief Executive of the Foundation said that “We are
called to bring light, warmth and a spark of hope to others.” For the West Side
Catholic Center and our clients, the Community West Foundation’s generosity
has brought more than just a spark of hope, but a flame that continues to burn

                                Walk in Faith Award:                                   Gerald Skoch, David Dombrowiak, Eric Haddad

                                Sr. Donna Hawk, CSJ
                                Sr. Donna Hawk, CSJ received the Sr. Kathleen Kilbane, CSJ Walk in Faith Award at A Roman Holiday, The
                                Warm Hearts Winter Nights Gala. The annual award is presented to a person who continues to advance and
                                support the mission of the West Side Catholic Center in faith-filled exceptional ways. Hallmark characteristics
                                of the award are respect, gentleness and reverence.
                                In 1980, Sr. Donna began her long association with the West Side Catholic Center, serving four years as the
                                co-director of the Shelter. She continued her association with the Center serving many years on the Board of
                                A 1982 newspaper article summarized Sr. Donna’s philosophy: “She lives as if the Sermon on the Mount and
                                the Proclamation of the Beatitudes were the latest dispatches off the news wires.” Sr. Donna herself says in
                                that article, referring to those she helps, “You have to see them as an extension of Christ, or you couldn’t work
                                with them.” Through a lifetime of service and advocacy, Sr. Donna has walked in faith. She has been a voice
                                for the voiceless, always remembering those whom too often society has forgotten.

                                                             You Can Help Shape Our Future
                                                    You have the opportunity to make a gift that will have a great impact on the
                                                    West Side Catholic Center and support both your personal and philanthropic
                                                    objectives equally. The following options have special advantages such as
                                                    increased tax benefits or a current income stream. At the same time, you can
                                                    enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that your gift provides vital future support
                                                    for those in need through the services and programs of WSCC. You can help
                                                    shape our future.

                                                    Future Gifts -Making a bequest to the West Side Catholic Center is a
                                               simple way to leave a lasting legacy. Made with cash, securities, real or
personal property, a charitable bequest is fully deductible for estate tax purposes. You may designate a specific sum or
asset, provide for a fixed dollar amount or gift a residuary of your estate to the West Side Catholic Center.

Designating the West Side Catholic Center as a beneficiary of a portion or all of your 401k, your IRA or other retirement
plan can be beneficial to your heirs as well as the WSCC. Using a retirement account to make a gift to WSCC also frees up
other assets such as cash and securities to leave for children and other family members.

Gifts that Provide Income -A charitable gift annuity may appeal to you if you are interested in making a gift to the
WSCC and would like the dependability of a fixed annual income for you and/or your spouse for life.

A charitable remainder trust is another way to plan for your future and that of the WSCC. Gifts of cash, securities or real
estate allow you to establish a trust that will make variable payments to you and other income beneficiaries, if you wish,
for life and serve as a useful hedge against inflation.

Contact your financial advisor to determine which type of planned gift best suits your needs or to discuss other aspects of your giving,
contact Susan Ertle at 216-631-4741, ext 132.

                                      Mustard Seed Society
The Mustard Seed Society honors those who have established a planned gift, included the West Side Catholic Center in the charitable
portion of their estate plan, or listed the Center as a beneficiary of memorial gifts. For more information about how to include the West
Side Catholic Center in your future financial plans, please contact Susan Ertle at (216)631-4741, ext. 132, or sertle@helpcleveland.org

     Margaret Atkinson                Josephine Henry                  Richard Seeger
     William T. Beargie              Mary Beth Homola                      Roy Seitz
           Jess Bell                Rev. Robert C. Hilkert              Arthur Sexton
    Thomas J. Biesiadny                  Regina Horn                  James Somerville
     Mary E. Bouman                 Deanna M. Hovanetz              Phyllis M. Somerville
        Frank Brezina                  Mary Hovanetz                Edward H. Stephens
     Louis D. Brodnik                   Audrey Kaiser                  Donald F. Susat
       Dorothy Claire                 Margaret L. Kahl                   Ellen Szaller
      John T. Doherty                  Mary A. Kilbane                     Rita Szep
        Sue Dowling                   Eleanor J. Kochis                Marcella Traffis
        Peter Dzurik                  Elizabeth Korom                    Jan van Lier
        Lawrence Eke                    Albert J. Krysa               William Valentik
      Lee Evangelista                   Lucille S. Licht               Emerald Velotta
         Sally Fisher                   Robert Loesch                  William Victory
          Earl Foos                       John Major                    Warren Ware
      Helen M. Fulton               Dr. Carlos Maldonado              Robert J. Walters
      Joyce Gallagher                 Daniel N. Mannix              George Whittingham
       Michael Gates                   John J. Mathews               Adolph Wichmann
     Leonard J. Geiger                  Peg McCarthy                   Rose Wichmann
     Kathryn Goepfert                  John H. Melcher                    Ron Wish
      Patrick D. Goold                  Patrick Murtha                  Nora Woidke
         Rick Gortz                    Shirley L. Patsey                Helen Zaleski
       Jennifer Grosel                   Judith Petek                    John Zeman
          Erin Hall                     Pam Ricciardi                     John Zorn
      Charles Heaton                  Irene Richlovsky                 Craig Zupancic
        Albert Heller               Rev. J. Norman Riley

Grounded in faith, love, hope, and respect for those we serve, we assist all who come in need of food, clothing, shelter, and advocacy.

                           2009 Statement of Activities and Net Assets
                                                                                  Year Ended December 31,
   REVENUES                                                                          2009           2008
      Contributions                                                           $ 1,112,621      $ 700,744
      Special Events (Net of $81,012, and $75,592 in direct expenses for          158,667        152,440
      2009 and 2008, respectively)
      United Way                                                                     113,228       755,251
      Grants                                                                       1,448,806     1,822,892
      Net Realized and unrealized gains and losses on investments                    208,477     (431,321)

        Investment Income                                                             29,052        43,447
        Other Income                                                                   2,094       185,653
        Loss on Sale of Fixed Assets                                               (301,454)
        Program Income                                                                29,939            -0-

              Total revenue and support                                            2,801,430     3,229,106

      Program Services:
          Shelter                                                                    839,916       824,222
          Center                                                                     723,415       635,996
          Housing                                                                    770,912       731,274

              Total program services                                               2,334,243     2,191,492

        Support Services:
            General and administrative                                               121,738       229,082
            Fundraising                                                              138,394       152,447

                  Total expenses                                                   2,594,375     2,573,021

        Total revenues over expenses                                           $     207,055    $ 656,085

   Net assets, beginning of year                                                   4,706,360     4,050,275

   NET ASSETS, end of year                                                     $ 4,913,415      $ 4,706,360

                Where Revenue Comes From                                                  How Revenue is Spent
                                   Loss on Sale of Fixed Assets                                 Fundraising
Program Income 1%                              9%                                                  5%
    United Way                                                                     4%
    Special                                                                                                         Programs
    Events                                                Contributions                                               28%
      5%                                                      32%
Investments                                                                 30%

    Foundations                                                                                                     Shelter
       16%                                                                                                           33%
                                                   Government Grants
                                2009 Statement of Financial Position
                                                                                                         December 31
                                                                                                 2009                      2008

Cash and cash equivalents                                                                $ 1,299,090                $ 1,077,014

Pledges receivable – Net                                                                     446,931                    690,604
   Grants receivable                                                                          85,732                    173,603
Prepaid expenses and other current assets                                                     15,948                     28,611
Deposits                                                                                       9,883                      9,883
Investments - Endowment                                                                    1,487,582                  1,212,880
Property and Equipment – Net                                                               1,773,206                  1,743,200
    TOTAL ASSETS                                                                         $ 5,118,372               $ 4,935,795

Accounts payable                                                                          $    23,772               $    40,962
Deferred revenue                                                                              128,404                   144,710
Accrued liabilities and other                                                                  52,781                    43,763
    TOTAL CURRENT LIABILITIES                                                                 204,957                   229,435
Unrestricted                                                                               3,101,700                  3,026,112
Temporarily restricted                                                                       818,204                    687,276
Permanently restricted                                                                       993,511                    992,972
    TOTAL NET ASSETS                                                                       4,913,415                  4,706,360
    TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS                                                     $ 5,118,372               $ 4,935,795

These financial statements are derived from the West Side Catholic Center’s audited financial statements as audited by Barnes Wendling, CPA’s Inc.,
                                   who expressed an unqualified opinion on their 2009 audited financial statements
                                             by letter to the Board of Directors dated February 12, 2010.

            Ask us for a complete copy of our audited financial statements or view them on line at: www. helpCleveland.org
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                                  Phone: (216) 631-4741                                    Cleveland, OH
                                  Fax: (216) 631-2379
                                                                                           Permit No. 4374

         if e a t a ti
                                  Website: www.helpCleveland.org


                         Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon                        April 23
                         5K Run/1 Mile Walk                                     June 12
                         Golf Outing                                            July 12

                                      West Side Catholic Center’s Annual Gala

                                  Saturday, November 13, 2010
                          Marriott Cleveland Downtown at Key Center

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