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Ethics Quiz Technical Section


									Ethics Quiz                          Computer Ethics, Society and Technology

Which of these involve ethical decisions?

                                                                        Ethical    Non-ethical
                                                                        Decision   Decision

1.   Deciding whether or not to return the extra $10.00 that the
     cashier gave you as change.

2.   Deciding whether to buy Tide or Arm and Hammer detergent.

3.   Deciding where to go to college.

4.   Deciding whether to become a police officer or fire fighter.

5.   Deciding whether to invest in South Africa or China.

6.   Deciding whether to copy software---freeware.

7.   Deciding whether to copy software--not freeware.

8.   Reading the assigned reading for class or watching the video your friend

9.   Watching a video or writing a long overdue letter to a friend.

10. Spending spring break on the beach or working on a Habitat project.

11. Deciding whether to buy a term paper online.

12. Deciding whether to make your Website handicap

13. Requiring that all freshmen buy laptops.

14. Deciding whether to meet your software
    engineering project group or to go to the movies.

15. Deciding to sell personal information acquired at your
    Web site.

16. Creating and using a virus to explore the security holes of a network.

17. Deciding to release your product to meet a deadline even though
    testing has not been completed.

18. Forwarding a chain letter through email.

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