September 29, 2010                                CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — SENATE                                                                  S7733
                                                      and spend the money. You immediately                    ing the same answer from Republicans                     A decorated World War II pilot who
                                                      pay your bills and go to the store and                  in the Senate when we propose sound                   survived a deadly 1978 plane crash, Sen-
                                                      keep up with your mortgage payments.                    legislation like this to give them a                  ator Stevens was the longest-serving
                                                        You spend it on the basics and the                    hand when they’re hurting the most.                   Republican Senator in the Nation’s his-
                                                      bare necessities while you look for                       Americans need jobs. Nevadans need                  tory and Alaska’s most beloved polit-
                                                      work. The money goes right back into                    jobs. And it is our job to help them.                 ical figure. Known as a giant in the
                                                      the economy, which strengthens it,                                        f                                   Senate and affectionately referred to
                                                      fuels growth and ultimately lets busi-                                                                        as ‘‘Uncle Ted’’ by his constituents,
                                                                                                                 REMEMBERING SENATOR TED
                                                      nesses create the very jobs the unem-                                                                         Stevens helped usher Alaska into
                                                      ployed have been looking for, for so                                                                          statehood in 1959 and was instrumental
                                                      long.                                                     Mr. KYL. Mr. President, I offer my                  in its economic growth. He was first
                                                        But those benefits don’t last forever.                condolences to Catherine Stevens and                  and foremost a devoted advocate of
                                                      They expire. And in a crisis like to-                   to the entire family of Senator Ted                   Alaska and its people.
                                                      day’s, expiring benefits are leaving too                Stevens and to the families of those                     Born in Indianapolis, IN, Senator
                                                      many out in the cold. The Nevada De-                    who also lost their lives in that tragic              Stevens attended Oregon State Univer-
                                                      partment of Employment, Training and                    August 9 accident.                                    sity before serving as an Air Force
                                                      Rehabilitation said that 22,000 Nevad-                    I knew Ted for many years and will                  pilot in World War II. He went on to
                                                      ans have exhausted both their state                     always remember his devotion to the                   graduate from the University of Cali-
                                                      and federal benefits. Nationwide, that                  U.S. Senate and, of course, to the State              fornia Los Angeles—UCLA—with a
                                                                                                              of Alaska. Ted tirelessly committed                   bachelor of arts degree in political
                                                      number reaches well into the millions.
                                                        I am proud to cosponsor Senator                       himself to help transform Alaska into                 science, and from Harvard University
                                                      STABENOW’s bill to help the hardest hit                 a modern State. Even if he had not be-                with a juris doctor degree in law. After
                                                      among us: out-of-work Americans who                     come the longest serving Republican                   a successful career as a member of the
                                                      have exhausted their unemployment                       Senator in history, with a career span-               Alaska House of Representatives, Ste-
                                                                                                              ning over 38 years, ‘‘Uncle Ted’’ would               vens was appointed to the U.S. Senate,
                                                      insurance. It is called the Americans
                                                                                                              still have become an Alaskan legend.                  making him the third Senator in the
                                                      Want to Work Act, and it is called that
                                                                                                              He was beloved throughout the State.                  State’s history.
                                                      for a very good reason.
                                                        Contrary to the other side’s reckless                 And his love for his State was well                      Senator Stevens is greatly admired
                                                                                                              known, from the largest cities to the                 for what he did during his four decades
                                                      and heartless spin, the people we are
                                                                                                              smallest towns.                                       of service in the U.S. Senate. I had the
                                                      trying to help want to find work.
                                                                                                                Ted devoted his whole life to public                pleasure of seeing the Senator in ac-
                                                      They’re trying to find work. And they                   service. Before he was elected to Con-
                                                      would much rather get a paycheck                                                                              tion on many occasions and particu-
                                                                                                              gress, Ted went through pilot training                larly admired his deep commitment to
                                                      than an unemployment check.                             in Douglas, AZ, and earned his Army
                                                        These are people who have tried and                                                                         working across the aisle to get things
                                                                                                              Air Corps wings in May 1944. For his                  done. Senator Stevens was one of the
                                                      tried to find work, who scour job list-                 service in World War II, he received the
                                                                              ´    ´
                                                      ings, who send out resumes, who fill                                                                          Senate’s most effective Members, both
                                                                                                              Air Medal and the Distinguished Fly-                  as a valuable ally and worthy oppo-
                                                      out applications, who go to inter-                      ing Cross.
                                                      views—but who haven’t had any luck                                                                            nent. Stevens’ colleagues, both Repub-
                                                                                                                Incidentally, Ted often told me of his
                                                      for weeks and months and, in some                                                                             licans and Democrats alike, greatly en-
                                                                                                              appreciation for the time he spent
                                                      cases, years.                                                                                                 joyed working with him and respected
                                                                                                              training in Arizona, my home State.
                                                        The Americans Want to Work Act                        He often spoke, too, of the town of                   his views. We can all learn from the ex-
                                                      recognizes that we can do more to help                  Wickenburg, AZ, where his wife is                     ample he set.
                                                      those who lost their jobs through no                                                                             I ask that the U.S. Senate join me in
                                                      fault of their own.                                       During his time in the Senate, Ted                  commemorating Senator Ted Stevens’
                                                        First, it extends unemployment bene-                  became a master of Senate procedure.                  lifelong dedication to the service of our
                                                      fits for an additional 20 weeks—the                     Republicans would often ask him to sit                country and to the State of Alaska. He
                                                      longest extension ever to match the                     in the Presiding Officer’s chair during               was a courageous advocate for his
                                                      most painful crisis we’ve seen in gen-                  an important vote because we knew he                  State, and a dear friend who will be
                                                      erations.                                               would handle all of the procedural de-                greatly missed by all.
                                                        Second, it takes the powerful and                     tails and intricacies perfectly.                                     f
                                                      successful incentives we’re giving busi-                  Not only was he a good legislator, he                BUDGET SCOREKEEPING REPORT
                                                      nesses to hire and makes them even                      was a tough legislator. Ted was not shy
                                                      better. We passed a bill this year—the                                                                          Mr. CONRAD. Mr. President, I rise to
                                                                                                              about inviting comparisons with the
                                                      HIRE Act—that says to businesses: If                                                                          submit to the Senate the seventh budg-
                                                                                                              Incredible Hulk. When he debated an
                                                      you hire unemployed workers, we will                                                                          et scorekeeping report for the 2010
                                                                                                              issue that meant a lot to him, he would
                                                      give you a tax cut—you don’t have to                                                                          budget resolution. The report, which
                                                                                                              wear his Incredible Hulk necktie. In-
                                                      pay the Social Security payroll tax                                                                           covers fiscal year 2010, was prepared by
                                                                                                              deed, that necktie saw many a political
                                                      this year. These incentives are already                                                                       the Congressional Budget Office pursu-
                                                      working; businesses are starting to                       As much as I admired Ted for his                    ant to section 308(b) and in aid of sec-
                                                      hire because of it. Senator STABENOW’s                  tough side, I will most fondly recall his             tion 311 of the Congressional Budget
                                                      bill will extend that tax credit through                gentle spirit and his compassion for the              Act of 1974, as amended.
                                                      next year, too.                                                                                                 The report shows the effects of con-
                                                                                                              people he was so proud to represent.
                                                        It will also double the tax credit                                                                          gressional action through September
                                                                                                              His soft side and kind nature were so
                                                      we’re giving businesses for keeping                                                                           24, 2010, and includes the effects of leg-
                                                                                                              apparent I sometimes wondered how
                                                      those previously long-term unem-                                                                              islation enacted since I filed my last
                                                                                                              much of his feistier side was for effect.
                                                      ployed workers on the payroll for at                      It was an honor to have known him                   report for fiscal year 2010 in June. The
                                                      least one year. The HIRE Act gave                       and a privilege to have served along-                 new legislation includes:
                                                      businesses a $1,000 tax credit for each                                                                         Public Law 111–191, an act to amend the Oil
                                                                                                              side him here in the Senate.

                                                                                                                                                                    Pollution Act of 1990 to authorize advances
                                                      such new hire. Senator STABENOW’s bill                    Mr. GRAHAM. Mr. President, I ask
                                                                                                                                                                    from the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund for
                                                      will raise that tax credit to $2,000 for                my colleagues to join me in honoring                  the Deepwater Horizon oil spill;
                                                      workers who have exhausted their un-                    the memory of a dedicated public serv-                  Public Law 111–192, Preservation of Access
                                                      employment benefits.                                    ant and leader, Senator Ted Stevens.                  to Care for Medicare Beneficiaries and Pen-
                                                        Hundreds of thousands of Nevadans                     After a lifetime of unprecedented serv-               sion Relief Act of 2010;
                                                      and millions of Americans want to                       ice to his State and Nation, Senator                    Public Law 111–197, Airport and Airway Ex-
                                                      work. Like Scott Headrick, they seek,                   Stevens passed away in Alaska on Au-                  tension Act of 2010, Part II;
                                                                                                                                                                      Public Law 111–198, Homebuyer Assistance
                                                      search and apply, but time and again                    gust 9, 2010, at the age of 86. His death             and Improvement Act of 2010;
                                                      they hear nothing but ‘‘no’’ in return.                 was a loss to the U.S. Senate, the State                Public Law 111–205, Unemployment Com-
                                                      What a shame it is that they are hear-                  of Alaska, and the Nation.                            pensation Extension Act of 2010;

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