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How To Make A Website by Rasyameivaldi



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									You’ve come to the conclusion you need to make a website and want to
build it yourself; however, you’re not too sure on how to go about
getting this done. Relax! You’ll be glad to know that this article is a
step by step website building guide that will show you how to make a
website and have it running within an hour.

What’s the first thing you need to know about building a website? Before
you create it, you need to have the right domain name and a web hosting
service you find reliable. Be mindful of the services you pick since it
can have a significant role on your website’s performance such as speed,
stability, up-time, etc.

Do you know what a domain is? Simply put, it’s your website’s main
address… although many folks just call it a URL ( Bear
in mind that the domain by itself, while important, is not the actual
representation of your website. Rather, it’s a pointer to where people
can find your website on the Internet after you have created it.

This is why your website will need a hosting service, as it gives the
Internet space needed to support all the content. Basically, it’s the
skeleton for your website’s “skin”.

Once you have effectively set up the domain name and web hosting service
for your website (this will take you approximately 15 minutes), you can
configure the website. This article uses the free and popular CMS
platform known as WordPress. It’s an easy platform that allows users to
create a professional looking website in mere minutes.

Are you ready to begin making your website? lets get going!

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