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									  U       N     I    V      E      R     S      I     T     Y            O     F             H       A       W       A       I ‘ I

 Community Colleges
                                                                                             Volume 34, No. 5 ¥ October 1999

                    Reaching new heights on the valley isle

                              t the heart of Maui—surrounded by              trades. When the Island’s population grew after
                              parks, the ocean, the Maui Arts &              the war years, the Territorial legislature appropri-
                              Cultural Center, recreational activities and   ated funds for a new facility, which was con-
ChancellorÕs        shopping facilities—lies Maui Community                  structed at the present Ka‘ahumanu Avenue site.
 Message:           College. The college’s central location reveals          By 1958, the academic programs had expanded
  ACCESS            much about its role in the community. Maui CC,           to such an extent that the Department of Public
      page 2        with its workforce-related programs and high-tech        Education changed the name to Maui Technical
                    facilities, strives to be a driving force in Maui’s      School, denoting an upgrade of education to a
       x            economy and future. With a long history of
                    involvement in workforce training and develop-
                                                                             technical level. Then, along with three other
                                                                             technical schools on neighboring islands, the
                    ment on the island, Maui CC is now focusing its          school became incorporated into the UH
 Students           educational programs in areas that include infor-        Community College system in 1964 with the
 published          mation technologies, travel and science industries,      passage of Act 39. At the time, Maui CC
 nationally         and healthcare and related services on Maui. The         enrolled 237 students. In the fall of 1999, that
and receive         college, long a leader in distance education in the      number reached 2,841.
recognition         state and nationwide, is also increasing access to                                            continued on page 3
      page 4        the University’s educational programs through
                                                                             Maui CC’s new Ka Lama building features state-of-the-
                    new facilities and services on Lana‘i and Moloka‘i.
                                                                              art computer labs. Other new buildings include a “one-
                    MANY PAST ENDEAVORS
       x                Maui CC evolved from Maui Vocational
                                                                             stop” student services office and distance education facili-
                                                                                    ties—all to increase access and service for students.
                    School, which was established in 1931 and
                    offered training in auto mechanic,
   Hon CC           carpentry and machinist
with Thailand
tal concerns
      page 5

   in the
   page 11
                                                                               ( is designed to increase

                       Providing                                               access to many of our system resources.
                                                                                    As part of our commitment to access, I have
                                                                               begun “Stairway Conversations,” e-mail messages

                       Access                                                  to each faculty and staff member. Through these
                                                                               messages, I hope to keep everyone informed of
                                                                               important innovations and changes happening on
                                                                               our campuses. Access was the issue at hand in the
                           t is no accident that the first of the five goals   first systemwide “Stairway Conversation” I sent
   Joyce S.                listed in our UH Community Colleges Strategic       out, and it will be an important issue throughout
  Tsunoda              Plan 1997-2007 is “providing access.” The idea of       the coming accreditation year. In that message, I
 Senior Vice           increased access to higher education began nation-      stated that access with quality alone is not enough.
President and          ally with passage of the Morrill Act of 1862. Often          Achieving our goals requires not only high
Chancellor for         referred to as the Land Grant Act, this legislation     quality in our programs and services, but also rele-
 Community             expanded access to public higher education, offer-      vance. The relevance of the educational experiences
  Colleges             ing courses and teaching students previously            and services we provide is critical to our success.
                       excluded from higher education. The University of            First, our students’ learning experiences need to
                       Hawai‘i was established in part because of changes      provide relevant work and life skills. No matter
     x                 brought about by that Act.
                            Our Community Colleges were also born out
                                                                               what career or educational choices our students
                                                                               make later in life, their experiences with us should
                       of a need to increase access. When the Community        provide them with insights and abilities they can
“Our colleges          College Act of 1964 was enacted by Governor             use. A relevant education produces lifelong learners.
  must offer           John A. Burns, its purpose was to increase access            Secondly, we need to provide courses in a
 courses that          to educational opportunities for Hawai‘i’s people.      timely and convenient manner. If using the Web
 are relevant          Governor Burns also considered passage of Act 39        will add convenience, we will use it. If offering
                       the “most important victory given the administra-       short-term evening courses for a specific business
    to the
                       tion in the program of legislation it presented to      can help train a segment of the workforce, we will
communities            the Budget session.”                                    plan and implement such a program.
  we serve.”                For the past 35 years, we have remained true            This brings up the third point. Our colleges
                       to the intent of Act 39. At present, close to           must offer courses that are relevant to the com-
                       25,000 people annually attend one of the seven          munities we serve. To be relevant, our educational
     x                 UH Community Colleges, and at least 80,000              programs need to help Hawai‘i fill its present job
                       people take advantage of the non-credit educa-          market and move the state forward in promoting
                       tional services offered by the Colleges and the         the creation and growth of new industries and
                       Employment Training Center. Despite budget              technologies.
                       cuts and tough economic times, our UHCCs                     The UHCC commitment to access continues
                       have implemented many outstanding programs,             to bring change and innovation to our campuses.
                       created new facilities and successfully provided        However, relevance must be used as a qualifier in
                       students with access to quality education.              everything we do. Through a process of self-exam-
                            Just glancing through this issue of the CC         ination, we need to look at what we do, deter-
                       newsletter, our commitment to access and quality        mine why we do it, and observe whether or not
                       is apparent. Maui CC, for instance, is an expert at     we achieve the desired outcomes. If what we do is
                       providing access, overcoming many of the chal-          not relevant, we must decide how to change it. By
                       lenges of its tri-isle community through distance       examining the relevance of what we do, we can
                       education, a University Center, and convenient          update and streamline programs, improve service
                       Education Centers. Our nationally recognized fac-       and, ultimately, increase access.
                       ulty and award-winning support staff exemplify our
                       commitment to quality throughout the system.
                       The new Chancellor’s Office web page

2                UH Community Colleges
Maui CC creating Valley IsleÕs future                                                                  continued from page 1

                                                          expanded computer labs      The Skybridge interactive television
                                                          for these communities.      system began television instruction
                                                              In December, ground     in Hawai‘i and now connects to the
                                                          will be broken for a        HITS statewide system.
                                                          media/telecommunica-             Over the years, Maui CC has
                                                          tions center that will      received national recognition for
                                                          support distance educa-     many of its programs. The U.S.
                                                          tion, curricula in elec-    Department of Education recognized
                                                          tronics and computer        excellence in the Nursing Program.
                                                          engineering, computer       The first American Culinary
                                                          science, digital media,     Federation Education Institute
                                                          and television produc-      accreditation went to Maui CC’s
   Woodworking was just one of many evening adult          tion. A culinary arts      food services program. The National
classes offered at Maui Vocational School in the 1940s. facility is presently         Science Foundation awarded its first
                                                           under design and will be   Advanced Technology Education
FUTURE FORWARD                              started in late Spring.                   award among UHCCs to Maui CC’s
     In the past three decades, Maui              Two years ago, Maui CC estab-       electronics and computer engineer-
CC has kept pace with the growing           lished the first University Center in     ing technology program. Yet, possibly
needs of its island and campus com-         the UH System. Through this center,       the most important aspect of Maui
munities. The introduction of new           Maui residents may enroll in a num-       CC’s commitment to excellence lies
programs, consistent upgrades and           ber of programs including upper           in the growing partnerships it has
renovations of its facilities, and new      and graduate division educational         developed within its own community.
student and community services have programs from UH-Manoa, UH-      ¯                     As Provost Clyde M. Sakamoto
helped the campus                                               Hilo and UH-West      points out, “Each Maui CC techni-
remain responsive        Maui CC’s commitment to O‘ahu. The                           cal program is closely connected with
to its community’s excellence lies in the growing College’s continu-                  employers, forming the basis for
needs. In keeping       partnerships it has developed ing education serv-             Maui CC’s continuing movement to
with the college’s                                                                    fulfill its mission as an exemplary
mission to provide
                         within its own community. ices provide a wide
                                                                range of non-credit   community college that meets the
access to superior programs and serv-       offerings and customized programs         community’s highest expectations.”
ices, the College recently added more       for community businesses.                 Whether it is faculty collaborating
than 190,000 square feet of instruc-             Maui CC has had a presence on        with Maui’s High Performance
tional, student services and business       Moloka‘i for a long time, but had no      Computing Center to build super
office space. Renovations have              permanent facility until August 19 of     computer clusters, or student nurse
occurred at the College’s Hana and          this year. Residents of Moloka‘i take     volunteers taking blood pressure at a
Lana‘i Education Centers, providing         great pride in the first permanent        local Seniors’
                                            college facility on the island, made      Fair, the faculty,
                                            possible in part through a donation       staff and
                                            of land by Moloka‘i Ranch.                students of
                                                 With the Community Colleges’         Maui CC are
                                            only cable television channel, Maui       dedicated to
                                            CC provides its tri-isle community        fulfilling the
                                            (Maui, Moloka‘i and Lana‘i) with          needs of their
                                            instructional and cultural programs.      community.

                                                                                      October 1999                             3
CC Students published nationally
                                                 teven Andrew Martin, a member        “Reality Just Slows Down.”
                                                 of Hawai‘i CC’s Phi Theta Kappa           Congratulations also to Kaua‘i CC
                                                 chapter, was one of 27 entries       student Michael Molina, who recently
                                           chosen for publication in the Phi Theta    won a $500 scholarship from Solipsys
                                           Kappa anthology, Nota Bene. Nota Bene      Corporation for his website design. The
                                           was created in 1994 to showcase excep-     contest coincided with the opening of a
                                           tional work by Phi Theta Kappa mem-        new Solipsys office in Waimea, Kaua‘i,
                                           bers and promote the ideal of excellence   and winners were awarded prizes of $500
                                           in writing. Martin’s essay, “Great         each in four different age categories.
                                           Expectations,” was one out of a total of        You can visit Molina’s site at
                                           1,642 submissions.               
                                               Windward CC student Gabriel            testintro.html. It not only has a virtual
    WCC’s Gabriel Prince is the            Prince won first place in the personal     tour of the island, but also offers a mini-
    first UHCC student to place            essay category in the annual League for    lesson in Hawaiian language, a list of
    nationally in the League for           Innovation Community College Student       events, and links to other island sites.
    Innovation writing competition.        Literary Competition for his essay,

                                                                                           LCC will receive $378,946.
    Five CCs receive federal                                                             • Maui CC plans to use its
                                                                                           $138,658 in funds to expand the
    grants for Hawaiian Studies                                                            Hawaiian studies program, develop
                                                                                           a Native Hawaiian language pro-
                                                    education Hawaiian studies pro-

                ith the help of Senator                                                    gram and develop a media arts
                Daniel Inouye (D-                   grams and courses.                     program with emphasis on lan-
                Hawai‘i), Hawai‘i,                • Kapi‘olani CC receives $376,000        guage and culture.
    Kapi‘olani, Leeward, Maui and                   to develop new faculty, focus on     • Windward CC, with an award of
    Windward CC have received money                 curriculum support and enhance         $349,814, will expand its
    to expand Hawaiian studies pro-                 programs to prepare students for       Hawaiian studies courses, facilities,
    grams, develop new degree and                   employment.                            computer literacy, student services
    recruitment programs and renovate             • Leeward CC will launch a pro-          and library materials.
    Hawaiian studies facilities. The                gram to
    money comes from the new Federal                recruit more
    Strengthening Alaska Native and                 Hawaiians
    Native Hawaiian-Serving Institutions            into higher
    Programs. The colleges received                 education
    notice of the award in September                and provide
    and are hoping to implement the                 relevant edu-
    funds as soon as possible. The proj-            cation that
    ects are expected to be completed               emphasizes
    during the next five years. The                 Hawaiian
    grants will help meet the projects’             culture and
    year-one funding needs.                         prepares
    • Hawai‘i CC will use its $351,000              them for          WCC Hawaiian language students and Professor Kalani
      to develop three HITS distance                careers.                  Meinecke (back) rejoice about the grant.

4                  UH Community Colleges
                                                                                   Hon CC gets grant
                                                                                    for partnership
                                                                                     with Thailand

                                                                                            awai‘i was one of only four
                                                                                            states selected to receive a
                                                                                            matching fund grant by the
                                                                                 Council of State Governments’ State
                                                                                 Environmental Initiative. The gift was
                                                                                 for Honolulu Community College’s
                                                                                 proposal to work with institutions
                                                                                 and organizations in Thailand to
                                                                                 establish the Center for Environmen-
                                                                                 tal Management and Training. The

KauaÔi CC voices travel far                                                      CSG grants are used to match tech-
                                                                                 nologies and state regulatory and
                                             The fact that they were from        environmental expertise with Asian

    n June, the Kaua‘i Community
    College Chamber Singers par-        Kaua‘i attracted quite a bit of atten-   interests for environmental solutions.
    ticipated in the 21st annual        tion. Articles about them appeared           Hon CC’s proposal calls for the
Shrewsbury International Music          in the local newspaper, and Director     Center to act as a clearinghouse for
Festival where they performed daily     Greg Shepherd was even interviewed       information, training and consulta-
in a variety of venues. Shrewsbury is   for the BBC. One of the high             tion regarding pollution prevention,
a delightful Shropshire town near       points of the week was singing in        environmental management and
the Welsh border, a town where it is    the Shrewsbury Abbey, a church           emergency response strategies for
not uncommon to come across a           that dates back almost 1,000 years.      industry, government agencies and
shoe store doing business in a 500           Besides singing in 11th century     academic institutions. With a grant
year old building. The Chamber          churches, a hospice for the elderly,     of $142,825, Hon CC will work with
Singers were one of twelve ensembles    and a small village chapel, the          the Environmental Research Institute
participating in the festival and the   Chamber Singers also took in the         at Chulalongkorn University, the
adjective that came to everyone’s       sights. This included a day-long coach   Thailand Pollution Control Depart-
lips was “unforgettable.”               tour of Wales which afforded spectac-    ment and the Charoen Pokphand
                                        ular scenery and fields full of docile   Group to create the Center in
                                        sheep. The tours were varied enough      Thailand. Hon CC and its partners
  New website!                          that there was never an opportunity      will match the CSG award. The
                                                                                 grant’s three main activities are:

         he Chancellor’s Office         for “castle-fatigue” to set in.
         has updated and                     Plans for future trips have the     • Set up an environmental resource
         moved its website in           Chamber Singers considering New            center in Bangkok.
 order to serve students, staff         Zealand as their next destination for    • Provide training to environmental
                                        a music festival in 2001. But wher-        professionals and company execu-
 and the community better.
                                        ever they travel next, Shrewsbury          tives on the benefit of pollution
 Links to insitutional research,
                                        will always be special since it is the     prevention.
 human resources, news and
                                        first time that a KCC music group        • Demonstrate a pollution prevention
 publications are all accessible                                                   project at a petrochemical plant in
                                        has traveled internationally to per-
 through the new site. Check it                                                    Rayong, Thailand (making plastics
 out at                                                        from petrochem products).

                                                                                    October 1999                           5
                                                            K                          T
                                                                    api‘olani CC                 hree Kaua‘i CC staff mem-
                                                                    Provost John                 bers—Esther Miller, Cheryl
                                                                    Morton was                   Fujii, and Sharon Suzuki

             api‘olani CC Professor
                                                                    awarded a           (photo below)—successfully passed
             Marcia Armstrong, Medical
                                                                    medal by            Microsoft Certification tests in
             Laboratory Technician
                                                                    Governor Ben        August. They will be offering prepa-
     Program Director, has been elected
                                                                    Cayetano for        ration for certification courses
     to the Board of Directors of the
                                                                    being selected      through the Office of Continuing
     American Society for Clinical
                                                                    as UH               Education and Training. Miller and
     Laboratory Science for 1999-2002.
                                                                    Manager of          Suzuki are Computer Services staff
     The election was held in July at the
                                              the Year at ceremonies at the State       members. Fujii and Miller teach
     annual conference in New Orleans.
                                              Capitol on September 17.                  computer courses for OCET on the
                                                                                        Kaua`i CC campus.

             he Respiratory Care

                                                      he National Council for
             Program’s Associate Professor
                                                      Continuing Education and
             Steve Wehrman won the
                                                      Training (NCCET) is pre-
     1999 American Lung Association
                                              senting Lucy Gay with the Regional
     Volunteer Excellence Award for
                                              Leadership Award for the Southwest
     Innovative Team Projects for work
                                              Region. Lucy will be honored at the
     with children who have asthma.
                                              National NCCET Conference in
                                              Milwaukee, WI on October 11.

    ETC on campus & in the community                                           Call for proposals
              he Employment Training Center now offers a Nurse’s
              Aide training program which provides classroom and
                                                                                       A VIRTUAL ODYSSEY:
              supervised clinical training in the fundamentals of care-    What’s Ahead for New Technologies in Learning?
    giving. Students are taught how to take and record blood pres-          The 5th Annual Teaching in the Community
    sure, temperature, pulse and respiration; positioning; bathing;                Colleges Online Conference
    dressing; collecting specimens; and reporting procedures to the         (Conducted completely on-line via the Internet and Web)
    nursing staff. ETC has partnered with Hawaii Health Care
    Training Center to offer this training program.                         Conference Dates: April 12-14, 2000
         The short-term, intensive program prepares students for the        Proposal Deadline: January 10, 2000
    Hawaii State Nurse Assistant Competency Test. Successful com-           Sponsors:             University of Hawai‘i-
    pletion of the exam means the student can work as a certified                                 Kapi‘olani CC and
    nurse assistant in homes, hospitals and long-term care facilities.                            Teaching in the
         In October, ETC will open a kiosk located in front of the                                Community Colleges
    library at Leeward CC, selling sandwiches, bentos and snacks                                  Electronic Journal
    from 1:00 to 5:30pm. ETC’s culinary class at KCC opened the             The conference organizers are especially inter-
    Island Style Bistro in September. Students are learning to cook in a    ested in proposals from 2- and 4-year college
    real culinary setting where customers come to buy their lunch.          instructors, administrators, counselors, and
         A new program called Introduction To Construction                  support staff who are using the new technolo-
    Occupations began in September on the HCC campus. The                   gies to deliver, manage, or support instruction.
    16-week program teaches rough carpentry, finish carpentry, elec-        PARTICIPATION. For more information,
    tricity, plumbing, drywall, painting and masonry, and prepares          please contact Dr. Jim Shimabukuro
    students for careers in various areas of the construction industry.     (808) 734-9413, or Dr. Bert Kimura
                                                                            (808) 734-9840, conference coordinators.

6                UH Community Colleges
                                                       Community supports
                                                       CC culinary programs
                                                                                                          or those who
                                                                                                          enjoy Hawai‘i’s
                                                                                                          fabulous cuisine
                                                                                                   and want to support
                                                                                                   the UHCC culinary
 Michael Unebasami addresses Leeward CC’s APTs
           during their recent retreat.                                                            programs, mark your
                                                                                                   calendars. Several

LCC APT Retreat                                                                                    delectable events are on
                                                                                                   the horizon. And, the
                                                                                                   UHCC culinary pro-

         he first Leeward CC Administrative,
         Professional and Technical (APT) Group       grams and the Culinary Institute of the Pacific will benefit from
         retreat, “Planning Our Destiny: The          these events happening around Honolulu, including:
Prequel” was held in August at the James              • Sunday, October 3, Nicholas Nickolas Restaurant re-opens as
Campbell Estate Laulima Room in Kapolei.                 “Aaron’s Atop the Ala Moana” with a benefit reception for the
Participants enjoyed a day of questioning, reflect-      Hale‘Aina ‘Ohana and Hawai‘i Restaurant Association scholar-
ing, and interacting. Speakers included Harold           ships. The Hale ‘Aina ‘Ohana, composed of chefs, restaurateurs
Masumoto, Executive Director of RCUH; Peggy              and others in the industry, who promote Hawai‘i’s food indus-
Hong, Director of the Office of Human Resources          try through education and other activities. Tickets are $50.
for the University of Hawai‘i; and Michael               Call 536-9105 for reservations.
Unebasami, Vice Chancellor of Administrative          • Monday, October 4, from 6 to 9 p.m., the Hawai‘i Farm
Affairs for the UH Community Colleges.                   Bureau Federation and Roy Yamaguchi, together with the
     Stacy Thomas, APT Group Chair, says, “We’ve         Culinary Institute of the Pacific at Kapi‘olani CC, will high-
created awareness among ourselves about who we           light some of Hawai‘i’s most distinguished chefs and locally
are and the importance of our role on campus.”           grown agricultural products at Roy’s Restaurant in Hawaii Kai.
                                                         Tickets are $75.00 per person. To order, call 848-2074.
                                                      • Friday, October 15, the Food Network and Kapi‘olani CC
Hon CC can brag                                          celebrate the first Food Network Festival in Hawai‘i with a
                                                         fund-raiser at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Flavors of the

             ith a great excitement, Honolulu            Islands features Food Network celebrities, local food/produce
             Community College students                  prepared by UHCC culinary faculty and students, and a Palaka
             announced completion of a new “brag         Chef Cooking Challenge. Tickets are $125 and benefit the
book,” they created to showcase Hon CC’s pro-            UHCC culinary programs. Call 734-9570 for reservations.
grams, facilities and faculty. The cover of the       • Wednesday, October 27, Chef Mavro Restaurant celebrates its
publication resembles a CD case and throughout           first anniversary with a gala event featuring guest chef Mark
the book, color photos appear within CD-like             Franz of the award-winning Farallon Restaurant. The dinner
frames giving a high-tech look to the piece.             benefits the Culinary Institute of the Pacific at Kapi‘olani CC
     According to Hon CC Director of Public              and the James Beard Foundation. The six-course celebration
Affairs Louise Yamamoto, “This wonderful book            with wine pairings will cost $150 per person. Reservations can
is totally home-grown. Students interviewed the          be made by calling 944-4714.
subjects, took the photos, designed the layout and        The UH Community Colleges are indebted to these outstand-
created the theme.                                    ing professionals for their ongoing support.

                                                                                    October 1999                              7
Profiles in success
                                                With all the drastic changes in         Now, as the lead web designer
                                            the commercial art industry,           at Internet Emporium, Tokuno
                                            Tokuno admits much of the “con-        receives nothing but praise from
                                            tent” of what she learned at           her boss, Pete Martinez. “Michele
                                            Honolulu CC in the late 80s and        is a key asset of this company and,
                                            early 90s is now outdated. She         as its vice president, her talent and
                                            explains, “New technologies have       energy really make things happen.
                                            dramatically changed the tools used    With more than 135 websites to
                                            in print production and other          her credit, I would be surprised if
                                            forms of mass communication. Yet,      she is not the most prolific female
                                            at Honolulu CC I learned the           web page producer in Hawai‘i.”
                                                                                        Her longtime interest in anima-
                                             “Education helps in ways              tion has found another outlet in
                                                                                   the latest web technologies. Tokuno
                                             you may never even think
                                                                                   reports, “The web is becoming
                                                about as a student.”               more commercial, and new tools
            Michele Tokuno                                                         such as ‘Flash’ —the new technolo-
          Web Page Designer
                                            importance of keeping up with          gy for creating animations— are
      Hawaii Internet Emporium, Inc.
        Graduate of Honolulu CC             these changing trends. It helped       making it visually exciting.”
                                            make the transition from tradition-         Tokuno sees the worldwide web
                                            al production art methods to the

             here was no such profession                                           as an incredible tool for reaching
             as web page designer when      new digital media much easier for      out to the world. And still, as she
             Michele Tokuno initially       me.” Tokuno says she also benefit-     learned at Honolulu CC, it takes
    entered Honolulu CC’s commercial        ed from the support and input of       vigilance to stay on the edge of the
    art program in the fall of 1985. Yet,   her teachers. “Professor Bud Brooks    latest technological advances.
    the CMART program (now called                                                                            Tokuno
    the Communication Arts program)
    offered Tokuno the knowledge of
    design and print technology that
                                            Weaving a web                                              knows the impor-
                                                                                                       tance of educa-
                                                                                                       tion, too. Though
    would eventually lead her to
    become one of Honolulu’s most
    prolific web page designers.
                                            of success                              right now a busy life creating on
                                                                                    the Web has made it difficult for
                                                                                    her to pursue her education, she
        Tokuno, a 1985 Aiea High            helped me to see things in a differ-   dreams of some day returning to
    School graduate, knew she would         ent way. Professor Kit Kowalke was     school to get her baccalaureate
    benefit from a college education.       very encouraging in everything we      degree in art. She states,
    So, while working at a local print      students undertook. Instructor         “Education helps you to be a ‘well-
    shop to fund her education, she         Marcia Morse became my mentor          rounded’ person, no matter what
    enrolled at Honolulu CC and took        at HCC through a program they          career path you choose. As I
    as many courses per semester as she     offered to students who had inter-     learned from my experiences at
    could afford. Tokuno regards her        ests that were not covered in the      Honolulu CC, education helps in
    years at Honolulu CC as very            regular curricula. Marcia was          ways you may never even think
    important steps in her journey          assigned to me to help with my         about as a student.”
    toward where she is today.              interest in animation.”

8                 UH Community Colleges
Spotlight on successful Community College alumni

          odney Roberts was born in         Arts degree, Roberts attended UH-
          Mt. Vernon, NY but grew up        West Oahu and was working toward
          in the Bronx. He recalls,         his baccalaureate degree when a fam-
 “When I was young, I thought I             ily emergency forced him to return
 would become a Jazz musician. But          to the mainland. Back in New York,
 by the time I was well into high           he took a position with McGraw
 school, I felt that music presented        Hill Publishing Company. Roberts
 too uncertain a future. When I grad-       rose through the company quickly
 uated in ’76, I joined the Navy as a       and soon became the business man-
 means to gaining my independence,          ager of the firm’s video unit.
 financing a college education, and              However, in 1991, he came to
 learning new skills.”                      the realization that teaching philos-
      In the Navy, Roberts became           phy was what he really wanted to do.
 skilled as an electronics technician       Roberts and his wife moved to the
 and SCUBA diver. After seven years of      Midwest and he returned to college
 service, he requested an instructor tour   full time. He completed his B.G.S.
 at the Submarine Training Center,          degree at Indiana University and, fol-
                                                                                           Rodney C. Roberts, Ph.D.
                                                                                       Assistant Professor in Philosophy
 Pearl Harbor. He was stationed there       lowing a year of graduate study at
                                                                                         University of HawaiÔi at Ma
 for three years teaching electronic sys-   Western Michigan University, his                 Graduate of Leeward
 tems operations and maintenance. In        M.A. and Ph.D. in Philosophy at the               Community College
 1986, however, it became
 clear that he would have
 no other option upon re-    Exploring at LCC                                         sense of aloha I have always felt here,
                                                                                      so naturally I was thrilled to be offered

                                  was career
 enlisting except to return to sea on a
 submarine. Roberts decided it was
 time to be a civilian again. He soon
                                                                                      my dream job,” Roberts explained.
                                                                                           Roberts returned to Hawai‘i in the
                                                                                      summer of 1998 and now teaches
 began in earnest to pursue the educa-
 tion he had started by taking courses    key
                                            University of Wisconsin-
                                            Madison. Roberts’ first
                                                                                      undergraduate and graduate courses in
                                                                                      social/political philosphy and ethics.
 while still on active duty.                full-time teaching assignment was at      “When I was a student at LCC, the
      Roberts attended Leeward              Seattle Central Community College,        faculty members were very supportive.
 Community College during the day,          a position he accepted while working      Now, I am back in the Islands and
 worked as a bartender in the evening,      on his doctoral dissertation. Roberts                                  ¯
                                                                                      part of a department at Manoa that is
 and reared his pre-school age daugh-       said,“I was very excited to receive the   also very committed to its students.”
 ter as a single parent. It was during      offer. When I inquired about the               "Explore!” is Roberts’ suggestion
 that time he reached a turning point.      retiring faculty member I was replac-     for today’s students. “If I had not
 He recalls, “I had never taken a phi-      ing, I found out that he had been a       explored at LCC, I may never have
 losophy course until I enrolled in         visiting instructor at LCC and that I     considered becoming a philosopher.
 Professor West’s class at Leeward. But     had taken his course. He had even         Broadening your understanding
 before leaving LCC, I am sure I took       remembered having me as a student.”       through a liberal arts education, espe-
 every philosophy course available. It           Roberts loved teaching at SCCC,      cially in courses that require critical
 was while at LCC that I first con-         yet he and his wife (whom he met          thinking, is an unparalleled experi-
 ceived of the idea of teaching philos-     while a student at LCC) missed the        ence, almost certain to enhance your
 ophy—in particular, teaching philos-       islands. When he got the offer of an      life. And, just as in my case, it may
 ophy at UH-Manoa.”                         appointment at UHM, he quickly            do so in a way that you cannot yet
      After receiving his Associate in      accepted. “I love Hawai‘i and the         even imagine.”

                                                                                      October 1999                            9
                                                                          UPCOMING EVENTS
 Big hearts at LCC                                                  HON CC FAMILY FAIR

 donate marrow                                                      Saturday, October 23, 1999, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Hon
                                                                    CC Courtyard. Event features a Halloween Haunted
                                                                    House, plant sale, bake sale, white elephant sale and

     t seems that Leeward CC faculty not                            face painting. For more information, call Ellen
     only give of their time and talents,                           Matsumoto at 845-9136.
     they give of their marrow as well.
 Anthropology Professor Grace Miller                                LCC 10TH ANNUAL FAMILY FUN /CRAFT FAIR
 donated bone marrow to an anonymous                                Saturday, October 30, 1999, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
 donee about two years ago. In looking                              Leeward CC campus. Craft and food booths, educa-
 back, she recalls, “The procedure was           Moser, above,      tional and children’s games, entertainment, free
 minimal considering that you can save           recently got to    admission and parking. Call 455-0251 for info.
 someone’s life.”                              meet his marrow      HONCC 4-MILE HALLOWEEN FUN RUN/WALK
      Then, about a year ago, LCC Upward recipient in San           Sunday, October 31, 1999, 7:30 a.m. Prizes for finish-
 Bound Director Michael Moser donated              Francisco.       ers and costume categories. Start/finish at HCC’s
 bone marrow. Moser signed up as a donor when the Alana             Aero-nautics Maintenance Technology Center,
 Dunne search was on and was selected shortly thereafter.           Lagoon Dricw. Post-race refreshments, entertainment
 Moser explains, “My donee is now doing well with my                and door prizes. Benefits HonCC educational pro-
 immune system, so I had the opportunity to meet him in             grams. Deadline for entries: October 23 at HCC’s
 August.” To Moser, the value of being a donor goes beyond          Family Fair (Cost $30). For information, call Ellen
 his own experience. In addition to being a donor, his moth-        Matsumoto at 845-9136.
 er-in-law was the first kidney transplant recipient in Hawai‘i.
      Now, Professor Manny Cabral has been tested and his           COLLEGE & CAREER FAIR
 marrow matched with a baby less than a year old. Final             Thursday, November 11, 3 p.m. to 8 p.m., and
 selection process has not been determined yet, but Cabral          Friday, November 12, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Blaisdell
 says, “I am overjoyed about the possibility of being a part in     Center Exhibition Hall. 134 colleges and 10,000 stu-
 giving life to someone.”                                           dents expected to attend. UHCCs participate with
      Our appreciation and admiration go out to these and           demonstrations and entertainment. Stop by to meet
 other UHCC faculty and staff members who give so gener-            some of our potential students and others in the edu-
 ously of themselves to their community.                            cational community.

                                                                    JAZZ CONCERT
 Could you use CASH?                                                October 15, 8 p.m. Regina Carter, one of the hottest
                                                                    jazz septets touring today, in person at LCC’s theatre.
                                                                    Call LCC Box Office at 455-0385 for information.

           he UH website has a link called CASH, which is a
           great resource for students, potential students, coun-
                                                                    WEBNET '99
           selors, parents, and others interested in scholarships
                                                                    World Conference on the WWW and the Internet
 and financial aid:
                                                                    hosted by the University of Hawaii. This annual con-
      CASH is a large database with basic information about
                                                                    ference serves as a multi-disciplinary forum for the
 all sorts of money available for funding education. However,
                                                                    exchange of information on the research, develop-
 UH relies on UHCC faculty and staff to keep the informa-
                                                                    ment, and applications of all topics related to the
 tion about UHCC scholarships up-to-date. So, if you are
                                                                    Web. Monday, October 25, through Saturday,
 using CASH and come across information that needs to be
                                                                    October 30. To find out more visit:
 updated, revised or edited, please inform the CASH web-
 master. It is the only way to keep a good resource great.

10              UH Community Colleges
                               EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION
Guest writers share their viewpoints and expertise in teaching and working at the UH Community Colleges.
                                                                                    of presentation makes all parts of
Using Web technology to                                                             the report immediately accessible to
                                                                                    all members of the group so that
augment science courses                                                             they can work on it interactively.
                                                                                    Eventually, the results of group proj-
                     By Robert H. Snider, Kapi‘olani CC Biology Instructor          ects are made available to the entire
                      Snider uses WebCT in his classroom to supplement and          class as study materials. This method
                      stimulate learning. His on-line Biology course includes a     of public presentation brings out the
                      virtual fetal pig dissection, supplemented with visual aids   best in the students, provides inter-
                      and graphics. During the second semester, students are        action among the members of the
                      required to design their own web pages in order to fur-       class and stimulates creativity.
                      ther assist understanding of the course material.                  WebCT is a tool that facilitates
                                         dents with information about their         the creation of sophisticated World

          uring the year-long general
                                         test results and standing in the class.    Wide Web-based educational envi-
          biology course for majors,
                                              The second semester of this           ronments. It can be used to create
          Biology 171-172, Internet
                                         course features more collaborative         entire on-line courses, or to simply
technology is incorporated in two
                                         work centered on the creation of           publish materials that supplement
stages. In the beginning, the stu-
                                         web pages. Initially, the students         existing courses.
dents use a bulletin board to discuss
                                         gather material on a topic from the             My latest use of computer tech-
biological topics currently in the
                                         Internet and incorporate it into a         nology is an ON-LINE version of
news and available as online publi-
                                         Web page. The emphasis during              Biology 130, using WebCT and a
cations. Recent topics have included
                                         this phase is on learning how to cre-      CD-ROM I created for the stu-
the transgenesis work of Dr.
                                         ate and manipulate HTML files.             dents’ use. The CD contains all the
Yanagimachi and the use of human
                                         Going beyond this, late in the             big files, images and soundfiles. So
embryonic cells in medical research.
                                         semester, they publish the results of      the students’ access is approximately
Discussions center on ethics and the
                                         their laboratory experiments as web        equal and quite fast, regardless of
details of the science. In addition,
                                         pages within WebCT. This method            their internet connection speed.
WebCT is used to provide the stu-

ACCREDITATION SELF-STUDY UPDATE                               accomplishing our strategic goals, we must identify and
                                                              utilize appropriate assessment instruments. Conducting
T    he ten standards of accreditation share a common
     focus, consisting of these key questions:
• Does the institution have a planning and assessment
                                                              and reporting these assessments—and then using the
                                                              results to determine if changes are needed in the plan-
                                                              ning processes—is the self-study effort’s major task. Such
  process in place?
                                                              assessment and analysis is currently in progress. This
• Does the institution use the process it has in place?
                                                              broad-scale effort involves the cooperation of many indi-
• Does the institution evaluate the outcomes of its
                                                              viduals and groups within and outside of our institutions.
  various programs and services, and does it use that
                                                              Students, staff, alumni, advisory committee members,
  knowledge to make changes in its practices?
                                                              employers, colleagues in secondary and post-secondary
The work now being done by campus and system self-            education, community members—all have unique per-
study committees evolves from these key questions.            spectives from which to offer assessment of the job we
    Our UHCC Strategic Plan and the campus                    are doing. The members of our self-study committees
Academic Development Plans reflect our planning               are grateful for such cooperation.
processes. To provide evidence of how well we are

                                                                                     October 19990                           11
Staff honored for outstanding service
                                                                            In addi-     Manaba, Educational Specialist,
                                                                        tion to          Advisor, Educational Opportunity
                                                                        acknowledg-      Center on Moloka‘i, Maui CC; Ann
                                                                        ing each         Omiya, Library Technician, Circulation
                                                                        campus win-      Manager,Windward CC; and
                                                                        ner, an over-    Raymond Sokugawa, Budget
                                                                        all winner is    Specialist, Budget and Planning,
                                                                        announced        UHCC Chancellor’s Office.
                                                                        during the
                                                                        This year,        U N I V E R S I T Y   O F   H A W A I ‘ I
                                                                        John Messina,     Community Colleges
                                                                                              is published by the Office of the
                                                                        Services            Chancellor for Community Colleges.
 The 1999 UH Community Colleges’ Outstanding Service award-winners Officer at
                                                                                                      Joyce S. Tsunoda
     (l to r) Ann Omiya, Peggy Yoshizumi, Clayton Ayakawa, Diane        Kapi‘olani        Senior Vice President, UH/Chancellor for
 Nakagawa, Dolores “Dodie” Manaba, and John Messina. Not shown are                                  Community Colleges
                                                                        CC, was
   winners Kent Tanigawa, Raymond Sokugawa and Ellen Matsumoto.                                     Kathleen M. Jaycox
                                                                        selected over-      Acting Vice Chancellor for Student &

         t the annual UHCC Awards            all for his skill and dedication in run-                Community Affairs
         Ceremony on September 7, the ning Kapi‘olani CC’s complex auxiliary                  Marilyn Walsh, Editor, 956-3862
         UH Community Colleges hon- services. This years’ campus honorees                        CORRESPONDENTS
ored nine highly deserving staff mem-        are: Diane Nakagawa, Clerk Typist,             Verna Post           Karen Hastings
                                                                                           Hawai‘i CC            Honolulu CC
bers for their outstanding service to the Student Services, ETC; Peggy Yoshizumi,                    Carol Hoshiko
Community Colleges. The winners of           Secretary, General Education Division,                   Kapi‘olani CC
the Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Hawai‘i CC; Ellen Matsumoto,                              Bobbie Bulatao-Franklin
Service, which annually recognizes one Secretary to the Dean of Instruction,                            Kaua‘i CC
non-faculty member from each                 Honolulu CC; Kent Tanigawa,                   Cindy Martin and Beth Kupper-Herr
                                                                                                       Leeward CC
Community College campus and ETC, Electronics Technician, Kaua‘i CC;                      Mona Stevenson         Libby Young
were honored as part of this special         Clayton Ayakawa, Educational                   Maui CC             Windward CC
awards celebration that is held in con-      Specialist, Automotive Technology                      Dave Murakami
junction with the UH Convocation.            Program, Leeward CC; Dolores                      Employment Training Center

                                University of Hawai‘i                                                                 Non-Profit Org.
                                Office of the Chancellor for Community Colleges                                        U.S. Postage
                                2327 Dole Street                                                                         PA I D
UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI‘I           Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96822
Community Colleges                                                                                                     Honolulu, HI
                                                                                                                      Permit No. 278
      Island of OÔahu
 Honolulu Community College
 Kapi‘olani Community College   ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED
  Leeward Community College
 Windward Community College
  Employment Training Center
    Island of HawaiÔi
  Hawai‘i Community College
     Island of KauaÔi
  Kaua‘i Community College
 Islands of Maui, LanaÔi
      and MolokaÔi
   Maui Community College

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