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									Policy into
   What to learn
   Planning
   Focus on learning
   Recording the learners progress
                            Latest research suggests that
                               it is the emotions aroused,
                             not the personal significance
                            of the event, that makes such
                              events easier to remember.

Edvard Munch – The scream
   Emotionally charged events are
    remembered better
   Pleasant emotions are usually remembered
    better than unpleasant ones
   Positive memories contain more contextual
    details (which in turn, helps memory)
   Strong emotion can impair memory for less
    emotional events and information
    experienced at the same time
   It's the emotional arousal, not the
    importance of the information, that helps
     know what they are after; they can tell
    others what it might look like once they
    have ‘it’
      Bounce back if they make a mistake and
    fall into a ‘hole’
   Solve their own problems; know what to do
    when they get stuck
   Share ideas with my partners
   get other peoples ideas into their head and
    help other people get ideas into their head
   Make others feel good about their success
   Give reasons for what they do and say
       Learning Detectives Evidence Sheet – Trowbridge Longmeadow – 10 November 2008
       Class: 1, year R
                                                                Evidence of good learning

                                       Keith: making        Kimberley: making    Alicia: was a good   Ben was making
Make others                            Anton feel good      Rachel feel good     learner with         Corie feel good
feel good about                        about his learning   about herself        Sharie
their success

                                       Ben was sharing a    Abigail sharing      Sharie is thinking   Alicia was sharing
                                       good idea with       good ideas with      well with Alicia     good ideas with
Share ideas                            Corie                Brineg                                    Kieran
with a partner                                                                                        Amy was really
                                                                                                      good at sharing

Put other                              Kinga gave ideas     Alicia gave
people’s ideas in                      to Abby              Kimberley a good
my head
                                       Anton                Kieran solved his    Alicia for
                                       remembered the       mistake              concentrating and
Bounce back                            rules after second                        smiling after
after a mistake                        time                                      figuring out her
                                       Alicia for solving   Very resilient
Solve my own                           her own problem      after picking many
problems                               and for choosing     children
                                       her own partner

Give reasons “I     because

think … because
  What to look and           This makes learning          What do I need to                What did I see or
     listen for               happen because:                say or do?                         hear?
Watch eye; on teacher        Better chance of listening   Watch the children’s eyes       I saw Amy Louise is
                                                          as the teacher talks            keeping good eye contact;
                                                                                          so was Chloe
Watch eyes: up, down, side   Better chance of thinking    Watch the children’s eyes       Bethany, Jake, Zac, Molly,
to side                                                   as they think                   Kia, Zoe, Emily, Nathan,
                                                                                          Beth, Ainsley, Paul – again
                                                                                          had good collaboration
Smiling                      It’s fun                     Watch the children’s faces      Colin, Amy, Louise, Amy,
                                                                                          James, Jack, Ben, Allis, Paul
                                                                                          – all smiling and having fun
Relaxed & alert              Better concentration         Watch the children’s faces      Jack, Zoe, Rebecca, Darce
                                                          and body to see if they are
                                                          relaxed but excited about
                                                          their learning
Confident answers            Better risk takers           Watch the children to see       Colin, James, Fin –
                                                          if they all put their hands     answering confidently
                                                          up                              Ainsly and Paul – confident
Listen to each other         We feel good, better         Watch the children to see       Amy Louise – listening to
                             chance of sharing ideas      if they are listening to each   Chloe
                                                          other                           Listening to each other
Development points: Bees        Good points: Stoats
 When laughing, practise        Good listening generally
  coming back to the learning    High levels of enthusiasm
  focus a little quicker          and positive about their
Good points: Bees                 learning
 Good listening                 Some very good sharing
 Some individuals solved         ideas
  their own problems             Came back to ‘task’ readily
 A very smiley class            Learned from each others’
 Supported each other when       mistakes
  they made mistakes –           Supportive to each other
  whispering ideas to each
  other                         Development points: Stoats
 Good resilience – lots of
                                 Concentrate on the person
  pupils bounce back from         that is sharing the idea
  their mistakes
                                 Look at the people that are
 Not many moaners in the
  class                           talking
Salisbury Primary
   Using Assessment for Enhancing Learning
   Managing assessment
   AfL for School governors

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