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                                                 Volume 13 #6      7 January 2010

            THEATRE SCHOOL NEWS                                                                        Next Issue: 3 February 2010

PEOPLEnews                                                      All times listed are Central
                                                       Standard. Check your local listings.     2009-2010 Season
                                                                                                         THE THEATRE SCHOOL SHOWCASE
AARON ABRAMS (BFA, Acting, „01) is in Amelia, the Amelia Earhart biopic starring
Hilary Swank, where he plays her eccentric pilot Slim Gordon. He is also in the romantic                                   1001
                                                                                                                     by Jason Grote
comedies At Home, by Myself... with You and The Twelve Men of Christmas opposite                          directed by Carlos Murillo (Faculty)
Kristen Chenoweth. He will also be in the film The Chicago 8, now in post production. He                  10/2-10/11/09, (previews 9/30 & 10/1)
also plays the role of Donovan Boyd on the upcoming ABC drama Copper.
                                                                                                                    A Raisin in the Sun
NANETTE ACOSTA (BFA, Costume Design, „90) is the Costume Shop Manager for the                                     by Lorrain Hansberry
Seattle Children‟s Theatre, and runs a design business called Mud Flap Grrrl Designs                       directed by Phyllis Griffin (Faculty)
                                                                                                             2/5-2/14/10, (previews 2/3 & 2/4)
available on Etsy.
APRIL ADAMS (BFA, Dramaturgy/Criticism, „02) is in her first year in the Masters in                                    Electricidad
                                                                                                                      by Luis Alfaro
School Counseling program at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY. She is an administrative/                     directed by Lisa Portes (Faculty)
research assistant at Buffalo Neuroimaging Analysis Center, part of the Jacobs                             4/16-4/25/10, (previews 4/14 & 4/15)
Neurological Institute.
                                                                                                                   Thieves Like Us
JOHNNA ADAMS (BFA, Acting, „95) is the sales support manager for the Tillinghast                                 by Edward Anderson
business of Towers Perrin in Manhattan. Her play Sans Merci won the 2009 Riva Shiner                      adapted by Damon Kiely (Faculty)
                                                                                                     directed by Kimberly Senior (Adjust Faculty)
Award. She invites you to visit her website.                                                   An ensemble piece to be performed by MFAIII actors 5/14-
                                                                                                            5/23/10, (previews 5/12 & 5/13)
ROB (ZENCHELSKY) ADLER (BFA, Acting, „99) teaches Spolin-based Acting workshops
in Hollywood, CA, and an Improvisational Acting class on Sundays. For more info, email or call 323/394-8307.
                                                                                                             CHICAGO PLAYWORKS
GREG ALCOCK (BFA, Theatre Studies, „01) is the Senior Director for the NYU Child                       FOR FAMILIES AND YOUNG AUDIENCES
Study Center, the nation‟s leading institution for research, prevention, treatment of child
and adolescent mental health and learning disorders.                                                    by Louis Sachar, adapted from his novel
NARDA ALCORN (BFA, Production Management, „92) teaches at SUNY Purchase in                                 directed by John Jenkins (Faculty)
                                                                                                                    10/27/09 – 12/5/09
NYC, heading the Stage Management Program
                                                                                                            A Midsummer Night’s Dream
THEONI ALDREDGE (Costume Design, GSD) designed the costumes for the national                                  by William Shakespeare
tour (currently in Houston, TX) of the revival of A Chorus Line.                                 adapted and directed by Catherine Weidner (Faculty)
                                                                                                                   1/12/10 – 3/2/10
GREG ALLEN (Faculty) is the founding director of The Neo-Futurists, ORIANA FOWLER
(BFA, Theatre Management, „05) is the development director and PHIL RIDARELLI (BFA,                          Haroun and the Sea of Stories
Acting, „87) is in the cast of Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind, at The Neo-                         by Salman Rushdie, adaptor TBA
                                                                                                           directed by Damon Kiely (Faculty)
Futurarium, open run.                                                                                               3/30/10 – 5/22/10
TERRY AMY (BFA, Acting, „82) runs a reading program for Daycare and Head Start
Centers in the Pasadena, CA area. She also continues her work with Flights of Fantasy,
an LA based theatre group that does children's productions through libraries, schools and                      NEW DIRECTORS SERIES
similar programs.                                                                                                    The Pillowman
                                                                                                                  by Martin McDonagh
HEDVIG ANDER (BFA, Costume Design, „84) invites you to visit her website (it‟s in                    directed by Jenn BeVard (MFA, Directing, ‗10)
Swedish). She has started her own line of women‟s clothing; the 1st collection is in stores               11/6-11/15/09, (previews 11/4 & 11/5)
in Sweden and Portugal.                                                                                          The Three Musketeers
                                                                                                    by Alexander Dumas, adapted by Ken Ludwig
CHRISTIAN ANDERSON (BFA Acting Program, „95-‟97) invites you to visit his website.              directed by Stephen James Anderson (MFA, Directing,
CLAUDIA ANDERSON (Faculty) invites everyone to visit her blog about voice/speech                                           ‗10)
                                                                                                          2/12-2/21/10, (previews 2/10 & 2/11)
and The Theatre School.
GILLIAN ANDERSON (BFA, Acting, „90) is in the film Moby Dick with Ethan Hawke,
William Hurt and Donald Sutherland. Gillian will produce and star in a movie based on the                    NEW PLAYWRIGHTS SERIES
life of famed journalist Martha Gellhorn. Gillian and David Duchovny starred in The X                                   The Civic
Files: I Want To Believe sequel directed by series creator Chris Carter, written by Frank             by Patrick McLean (BFA, Playwrighting, ‗10)
                                                                                                               directed by Sandy Shinner
Spotnitz. Her upcoming films include No One Gets Off in This Town with John Hurt and
Brenda Blethyn; Boogie Woogie with Alan Cumming and Charlotte Rampling; and The
Smell of Apples with Julian McMahon. Gillian did nine seasons in her Emmy award-
winning role of Agent Dana Scully in The X-Files, now in syndication. Her official website                         WORKSHOP SERIES
                                                                                                                Title/Author/Director TBA
is here.
SARAH ANDERSON (MFA, Acting, „07) shot a commercial and viral                                  Box Office: (312) 922-1999
                                                                                               Remember that alumni are eligible for a complimentary
DARIN ANTHONY (BFA, Acting, „93) is directing Sidhe, Road Theatre Company, North               ticket for any of these shows, subject to availability. Call
                                                                                               the box office, and identify yourself as an alum to reserve
    Read this and past editions of Theatre School News online at:                              your comp.

TSNews: Theatre School News                    Volume 13 #6    7 January 2010                                                                2
 TSNews is published monthly for          Hollywood, CA, previews begin 1/24/10, opens 1/29/10 and runs through 3/20/10. Darin is the Co-
 alumni, students, faculty, staff         Artistic Director of the Living Room Series for The Blank Theatre Company in LA, and a member of
 and friends of The Theatre School        Syzygy Theatre Group.
 at    DePaul      Universit y.
 Submissions,         inquiries,          ANDREA ARTHUR (BFA, Playwrighting, „05) is the executive director of the Theatre League of
 comments and letters are                 South Florida. She is also the South Florida Region Representative for the Dramatists Guild
 welcome and should be                    ERICA ARVOLD (BFA, Theatre Studies, „91) produced the winning video in the Organizing for
 addressed to:                            America Health Reform Video Challenge. There were nearly 1000 submissions. You can view the
                                          winning video here. Congratulations, Erica! Erica heads Plumcot Productions in Charlottesville, VA
 TSNews                                   for film and television endeavors.
 The Theatre School
 DePaul University                        ANNA ASHLEY (BFA, Stage Management, „09) is a Backstage Manager on the Cirque du Soleil
 2135 N. Kenmore Avenue                   tour Corteo, currently in Japan.
 Chicago, Illinois 60614-4111             LAURA (NIZNY) ASHMORE (BFA, Theatre Studies, „91) is a family law attorney with the Chicago
                                          law firm Lake Tobak. In 2008 and 2009, she was named an Illinois Top Young Family Law Attorney.
                                          BRANDY AUSTIN (MFA, Directing, „06) is one of four leaders taking a spiritual pilgrimage to Peru
 John Bridges, Editor                     which will include touring the sacred sites in Cuzco and Machu Picchu, working with a powerful
                                          Perfuvian Shaman, participating in the ayhuasca ceremony and holding a firewall deep in the
 Mark Lancaster & Josh Maniglia,
                                          rainforest, 6/18—6/27/10. For more info, contact Jeri LaVigne at or 678-
 Graphic Design
                                          886-5995. Brandi teaches at Belmont University in Nashville, TN
   The Theatre School Website:            RICHARD AVEN (MFA, Directing, „87) is on the board of directors for the rUDE mECHANICALS         Theater Company in NYC. Richard is co-producer for Rough Sketch with rUDE mECHANICALS at
                                          59E59 in NYC, opens 1/14/10 and runs through 1/31/10; BETH STEGMAN (BFA, Stage
 DePaul Alumni Relations Website:         Management,‟05) is the Production Stage Manager. Richard is also founding member of Mixed             Phoenix Theatre Group (MPTC).
 DAN BACHNER (BFA, Acting, „85) is a Catholic priest currently assigned to St. Petronille parish in Glen Ellyn, IL
 DOUGLAS BACK (BFA, Lighting Design, „04) is the Web Designer and Digital Media Producer at Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, a
 private arts non-profit in NYC. In September 2009, they launched LMCC LentSpace, "a free outdoor cultural space open to the public, made
 possible by the loan of a Trinity Real Estate development site."
 GRETCHEN BAKER (BFA, Theatre Studies, „98) is working as a concierge at the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel
 MARCY BANNOR (BFA, Acting, „67) is a full-time theater arts teacher in Spring Branch Independent School District in Houston, TX. In her
 spare time, she records voice dubbing for anime films. Marcy also does national award-winning voiceovers and is a grandmother of two.
 SARAH BARKOWSKI (BFA, Theatre Studies, „04) is the Director of Engagement Finance for Broadway in Chicago.
 DAVID-MATTHEW BARNES (BFA Playwrighting Program, „96-‟97) was in an episode of the television show Trauma. His young adult novel
 Mesmerized will be published sometime this year by Bold Strokes Books, and his one-act play Are You All Right in There? received it
 twentieth production at Saint Bede Academy in Peru, IL. His stage play Pensacola will (finally) be available in print early this year from JAC
 Publishing, and they will also be publishing his ten-minute play Clean in the spring. David is teaching two online courses for Griffin Technical
 College in Griffin, GA, and he invites you to view his blog or check out his twitter page.
 JOE BASILE (BFA, Acting, „98) is part of the NYC production of Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind (show originated in Chicago),
 open run. Joe is also a licensed massage therapist with his own practice in NYC.
 LARRY BATES (BFA, Acting, „99) is in Fences, Costa Mesa, CA, opens 1/22/10 and runs through 2/21/10. He is also in the film Expecting

                                                                                                 MOREthan a few
 Mary with Linda Gray, Elliot Gould, Fred Willard, Cloris Leachman, Cybil Shepard, and
 Della Reese.
 MIKE BAUDER (BFA Production Management Program, „90-‟91) has his own company,
 MB Productions, based out of the Washington, D.C. area. Upcoming projects include the
 upcoming Electric Company Tour.
                                                                                                  Emerald City Children‘s Theatre
 JASON BECK (BFA, Acting, „98 and Staff) and MITSU GEE (Staff) are engaged. Wedding
 will be in October of 2010. Congratulations to both!                                                                     -
 TALON BEESON (MFA, Acting, „07) is signed with William Morris for Voiceover and
 Venture IAB for Commercial On-camera. He is also the voice for two National Johnsonville
                                                                                                 ERNIE NOLAN (MFA, Direcing,‘04)
 Sausage commercials.
                                                                                                 directedand choreographed The True
 PATRICK BELTON (BFA, Acting, „97) has partnered with a friend, expanding the DJ work            Story of The 3 Little Pigs!, Emerald City at
 he‟s been doing for a while in LA.                                                              the Apollo Theater, opens 1/16/10 and
 JUDITH-MARIE BERGAN (BFA, Acting, „71) is a company member of the Oregon                        runs through 3/25/10. NIC JONES (BFA,
 Shakespeare Festival.                                                                           Lighting Design,‘08) will design the lights.

 MARY JANE BERNARDY-WELLS-SANDER (GSD, „56) produces and directs The Brini
 Maxwell Show, which appears on the Time Warner channel 35 in Manhattan (NY), Friday             NIC JONES (BFA, Lighting Design, ‗08) is
 nights, 8:30PM uptown, 9:30PM downtown.                                                         Emerald City‘s Resident Assistant
 NATALIE BERNING (BFA, Theatre Studies, „01) is working as a Broadcast Producer in               Lighting Designer and Master Electrician,
 Minneapolis, MN, where she is managing creative production of commercials, web videos           ERNIE NOLAN (MFA, Directing, ‗04) is the
                                                                                                 Associate Artistic Director and LAURA
 and infomercials for several colleges in the Midwest. She invites you to visit her
                                                                                                 SCALES (BFA, Stage Management, ‘06) is
 professional website.
                                                                                                 the Production Manager.
TSNews: Theatre School News                         13 #6 7 April 2008
                                             Volume 11 #9 16January 2010                                                                3

 ANA BERRY (BFA, Acting, „05) is currently living in NYC. She is in the film Baby Bomber, and her movie Powder Blue, starring Forrest
 Whitaker, Ray Liota and Jessica Biel, is available on DVD. She is in development of the show America’s Gypsy. She is also writing a
 monthly column about American Gypsy for; you can also visit her website.
 KEVIN BIGLEY (BFA, Acting, „09) is in Killer Joe, Profiles Theatre, previews begin 1/8/10, opens 1/14/10 and runs through 2/28/10.
 CLAUDE BINDER (Faculty) is the interim managing director for Alma Dance Co.
 ED BLATCHFORD (MFA, Acting, „84) is an ensemble member of American Blues Theatre.
 ANDREW BLOCK (MFA, Acting, '05) and BRENNAN PARKS (MFA, Directing, '05) curate a late-night series, producing 3-4 works each
 season, for Rogue Machine in LA.
 GREG BLOXHAM (BFA, Lighting Design, „02) is the Assistant Lighting Designer on In The Heights, open run. Greg is a member of the
 United Scenic Artists Local USA 829. Currently, Greg is working as an associate lighting designer and programmer for National Harbor, a
 real estate development in the DC area.
 DARREN BOCHAT (BFA, Acting, „91) is the Director of Visiting Services at the Chicago Botanic Garden.
 TRACEY BONNER (MFA, Acting, „05) is an artistic associate for Congo
 Square Theatre Company. She is also an AFAA Certified Trainer, SCW
                                                                                 GOING wireless
 Fitness Certified Trainer, and a YMCA Certified Trainer. She is currently in
 two radio commercials for American Family Insurance, and is the voice of this   Estimated percentages of households with only
 ConAgra Video Game.                                                             wireless phones in 2007 – Top Five: Oklahoma (26.2%),
                                                                                 Utah (25,5%), Nebraska (23.2%), Arkansas (22.6%), and
 ARIEL BOROFF (BFA, Costume Design, „07) is in her 3rd year of the MFA in        Idaho (22.1%). Bottom Five: Rhode Island (7.9%),
 Costume Design program at CalArts. She designed costumes for a                  South Dakota (6.4%), Delaware (5.7%), Connecticut
 Butterfinger spot entitled “Corporate Espionage” for an online competition.     (5.6%), and Vermont (5.1%).
 JEN BOSWORTH-RAMIREZ (BFA, Acting, „98) lives in LA and works for Nicolas Cage‟s production company, Saturn Films, as the personal
 assistant to Mr. Cage‟s producing partner, Norm Golightly. Jen is also working on her MA in Psychology.
 BRUCE BOXLEITNER (Certificate, Acting, „71) is on the National Board of Directors for SAG.
 ANDREW BRADLEY (MFA Acting Program, „89-‟91) spent 5 years in Seattle doing commercial and theatre work after leaving The Theatre
 School. He then moved to Philadelphia and worked at various jobs including teaching. He‟s currently enjoying life in Korea.
 DEBBIE BRANSCUM (BFA, Theatre Management, „07) is the site manager for Fountain Square in Cincinnati, OH.
 MEGAN BREEN (BFA, Dramaturgy/Criticism, „02) is in her 3rd year of the MFA Playwrighting program at USC School of Theatre where
 LORA ZANE (Certificate, Acting, „81) is the senior lecturer.
 SUE BREEZE (BFA, Acting, „68) has been teaching Performing Arts classes to children and adults for the past 12 years in Colorado Springs,
 KATE BRIERE (MFA, Directing, „01) teaches Intro to Performance at University of Tennessee, Chattanooga.
 KEN BROCIOUS (BFA, Directing, „72) is working toward his Masters in Theatre at California State University, Northridge.
 JANE BRODY (Faculty) is writing a blog about various aspects of acting.
 JASON BROWN (BFA, Lighting Design, „02) and ANNE DETTMER (BFA, Scenic Design, „04) got engaged this past March. Congrats!
 W. EARL BROWN (MFA, Acting, „89) has completed post-production on Provinces Of Night, a feature film he wrote and produced which
 stars Kris Kristofferson, Val Kilmer, Frances Conroy, Dwight Yoakam, and Hillary Duff. T Bone Burnett is the film's Executive Producer and
 music supervisor/composer. Earl's band, Sacred Cowboys, was on the bill at this spring's Stagecoach 09 Festival in Coachella and has
 music on the Provinces... soundtrack. As an actor, Earl guest-starred on recent episodes of CBS‟s CSI and TNT‟s HawthoRNe.
 LENORA INEZ BROWN (Faculty) is part of the 2011 ASSITEJ/Congress Advisory Panel as one of five artists from various countries. She
 has also signed a contract to publish her book The Art of Active Dramaturgy.
 CHARLES BROWNING (BFA, Acting, „00) teaches Acting and Movement/Voice at Manhattan Theatre Lab High School.
 JEFF BRUCKERHOFF (BFA, Lighting Design, „94) is the lighting supervisor for the Washington National Opera, and was recently awarded
 the MetroDC dance award for excellence in lighting for his work on Wunderland for the Washington Ballet. Recent projects include Traviata
                                                for the Kentucky Opera (September ‟09) and Barber of Seville for The Washington National
 MOREthan a few                                 Opera (August „09). Upcoming projects include The Great Gatsby for the Washington Ballet
                                                opening February 2010, Knuffle Bunny for the Kennedy Center opening May 2010, and
                                                Lucia di Lammermoor for the Green Mountain Opera Festival in June 2010 He invites you
          Strawdog Theatre                      to visit his website.
                                                 JESSICA (SUMMERS) BUCZEK (MFA, Scene Design, „98) is the Technical Director at
      3829 N. Broadway, 773/528-9696
                                                 Maine East High School in Park Ridge.
                                                 JASON BUEHRER (BFA, Theatre Management, „03) is the Patron Services Manager at
 KIMBERLY SENIOR (Faculty) will direct           Broadway Rose Theatre Company in Tigard, Oregon.
 Uncle Vanya, opens 2/20/10 and runs
                                                 JULIANNE BUESCHER (BFA, Acting, '89) is performing monthly in Hollywood at the Avalon
 through 3/27/10.
                                                 and in Jim Henson‟s improv show Puppet Up Uncensored. She is a member of the original
                                                 cast and plays Piddles the Pug, Translation Weasel, Pretty Girl, and many others. She
 JOHN FERRICK (BFA, Acting,‘93) and              performs/voices the real-time digital puppet Coo the cuckoo bird on the Sprout Channel‟s
 JAMIE VANN (BFA, Acting, ‗90) are               morning block. She is also performing in the KCET/PBS series What’s the Big Idea?
 Strawdog Company members.                       YANCI BUKOVEC (BFA Acting Program, „71-‟74) is an assistant professor in the Theatre &
TSNews: Theatre School News                          13 #6 7 April 2008
                                              Volume 11 #9 16January 2010                                                                    4

 MOREthan a few                                   Dance department in the College of Fine Arts at the University of Florida in Gainesville. He is
                                                  an accomplished actor, mime and author. He has toured his one-man show and company
                                                  productions in 30 countries, is a Certified Lessac teacher, has written two books, has taught
    The Oprah Winfrey Show                        extensively in Europe and Asia, and invites you to visit his website.
                                                  DEXTER BULLARD (Faculty) founded Plasticene Physical Theatre Company in 1995 and
                                                  serves as its Artistic Director. SHARON GOPFERT (MFA, Acting, „94 & Faculty) is also a
                                                  company member.
 Management, ‗98) is in her 12th season
 as Senior Audience Coordinator.                  THOM BUMBLAUSKAS (BFA, Scene Design, „92) continues his work designing and painting
 GREG BLOXHAM (BFA, Light Design,                 for the Costa Cruise Lines (Italy) through Q-We Get it. He welcomes you to visit his website.
 ‗02) is a scenic designer, GLORIA ISELI          CHRISTINE BUNUAN (BFA, Acting, „02) is engaged to SEAN FAWCETT (BFA, Acting, „02).
 (BFA, Theatre Management, ‗05) is a              The wedding is planned for sometime this year. Congratulations Christine and Sean!
 (BFA, Lighting Design, ‗95) is a                 RYAN BUTTS (MFA, Arts Leadership,‟07) is the Managing Director for The House Theatre.
 Production Designer, and BEN SPICER              Their next show will be Wilson Wants It All, opens 2/4/10 and runs through 3/24/10.
 (BFA, Lighting Design, ‗01) is a Set             MARY PAT BYRNE (MFA, Directing, „78) is the Arts Specialist for the City of Bellevue,
 Decorator.                                       Washington administering the city‟s arts grants and public art programs. She is also working in
                                                  cultural planning, policy and facility development.
 MOREthan a few                                   PJ BYRNE (MFA, Acting,‟99) is currently/recently filming episodes of Fox‟s Bones, F/X‟s It’s
                                                  Always Sunny in Philadelphia, USA‟s Burn Notice, and Disney Channel‟s Hannah Montana.
                                                  He is in the film Extraordinary Measures, playing opposite Harrison Ford, scheduled for
      Lookingglass Theatre                        release on 1/22/10. PJ played the title character in the Nickelodeon animated pilot T.U.F.F
                                                  Puppy. He is also is Irv Goldman Sachs in CW‟s The Game, Sundays, 7:30PM.
      821 N. Michigan, 312/337-0665
                                                  WILSON CAIN III (BFA, Acting, „82) is the Director of Arts and Education at the Duncan
                                                  YMCA, 1001 W. Roosevelt Rd. He continues to teach in the Freshman Seminar program at
 JAYMI SMITH (BFA, Lighting Design,               Columbia College.
 ‗96) designed the lighting for Icarus,           ANNIE CALHOUN (MFA, Acting, „09) teaches Theatre History and Literature at Chicago High
 through 1/24/10.                                 School For The Arts. ROB CHAMBERS (MFA, Directing, „93 and Faculty) is the Theatre
                                                  Department Head and RACHEL SLAVICK (MFA, Acting, „93 & Faculty) teaches Acting at
 DOUGLAS (BFA, Acting, ‘00) are                   STEWART W. CALHOUN (BFA, Acting,‟07) is in the Take180‟s web series In2ition. He shot
 Lookingglass artistic associates,                the feature horror film The Eves in Texas this past summer.
 LAKISHA JACKSON (Staff) is a                     CASEY CAMPBELL (BFA, Acting, ‟06) is an ensemble member of the newly reformed
 teaching artist, JILL NORRIS (BFA,               American Blues Theatre. Casey and his brother Chris placed second in the New York
 Lighting Design, ‗06) is a production            Television Festival/Fox Comedy Script Competition with their pilot script The Adventures of
 assistant, and BEN SPICER (BFA,                  Brad and Chet. The script is currently in development at FOX; Casey and his brother hope to
 Lighting Design, ‗01) is a production            soon meet with reps at CAA and William Morris/Endeavor. Casey also recently shot a national
 affiliate.                                       Budweiser commercial and he is now making Demo Reels for actors.
 KATE CARES (BFA, Acting,‟03) is a company member of Open Eye Productions. Their next production will be Solid Gold Cadillac, at the
 Athenaeum Theatre, opens 3/5/10 and runs through 4/5/10.
 CAROLYN CARPENTER (BFA, Theatre Management, „01) is currently the executive producer for 5 Talent Entertainment in Los Angeles,
 winner of several awards for its films Son of God and Guardian's Whisper.
 WENDY CARTER (MFA, Acting, „98) is in 30 Days to Die, currently awaiting release; it will also be her first try at producing. She is also
 coaching a synchronized swimming team and will be narrating her first audio book entitled Chronically Happy: Joyful Living In Spite Of
 Chronic Illness by Lori Hartwell.
 JUSTIN CASTELLANO (BA, Theatre Arts, „05) got married on 5/16/09 (Congratulations, Justin!) and he and his wife plan to relocate back to
 Chicago this month.
 JENNIFER CASTELLO (BFA, Playwright, „10) is the chief editor of DePaul‟s Literary Journal Threshold. She is also a published author. Her
 novel, The Messiah of Howard Street, is available at
 CYNTHIA CASTIGLIONE (BFA, Theatre Studies, „02) is the Theatre Curator of Around the Coyote. She is also doing improv and touring
 with pH productions.
 JIM CAVANAUGH (Certificate, Directing, „58
 & BFA, Directing, „67), has retired from his        WAR taking toll on military children
 career which included stage managing on
 Broadway, directing off-Broadway, and in            Children of U.S. military troops sought outpatient mental health care 2 million times
 community, summer and college theatres. He          last year, double the number at the start of the Iraq war, and there was also a spike
 now happily spends his time reading on the          in the number of military kids actually hospitalized for mental health reasons.
 beach, writing, and riding his bike, and would      From 2007 to 2008, 20% more children of active duty troops were hospitalized for
 he be delighted to hear from anyone from his        mental health services, Pentagon documents show. Since the 2003 invasion of Iraq,
 era     who's       still      around      at       inpatient visits among military children have increased 50%.                              The total number of outpatient mental health visits for children of men and women
                                                     on active duty doubled from 1 million in 2003 to 2 million in 2008. During the same
 COLLEEN CAVANAUGH-ANTHONY (BFA,                     period, the yearly bed days for military children 14 and under in creased from 35,000
 Acting, „96) runs a business, based in LA           to 55,000.
 (services available nationwide) called Miss
TSNews: Theatre School News                         13 #6 7 April 2008
                                             Volume 11 #9 16January 2010                                                                5

 Information, a research services company for creative projects such as film, TV, documentaries,   MOREthan a few
 novels, commercials, photo shoots, etc. She and her business partner also have a consumer
 products line of custom made books (travel guides and special occasion gift books: birthdays,            Rivendell Theatre
 weddings, graduations, etc). More info at her newly updated website.
                                                                                                      5775 N. Ridge, #1 773/334-7728
 CAROLINE CAZES (BFA, Dramaturgy/Criticism, „00) works in the theatre department of the
 William Morris Agency in NYC.
 ROB CHAMBERS (MFA, Directing, „93 and Faculty) is the Theatre Department Head of The              Toy DeIORIO (Faculty) is the Internet
 Chicago High School for the Arts. ANNIE CALHOUN (MFA, Acting, „09) teaches Theatre                Marketing Director, and ERIC SLATER
 History and Literature and RACHEL SLAVICK (MFA, Acting, „93 & Faculty) teaches Acting at          (BFA, Acting, ‗97) & JAYMI LEE SMITH
 ChiArts.                                                                                          (BFA, Lighting Design, ‗96) are
                                                                                                   ensemble members, and RACHEL
 LESLIE CHARIPAR (MFA, Acting, „01) lives in Iowa where she runs the Urban Theatre Project,        WALSHE (MFA, Directing, ‗08) is the
 a small in-your-face theatre company. Leslie also teaches at Coe College and does freelance       Director of New Play Development.
 acting and directing. Leslie recently became the Artistic Director for Theatre Cedar Rapids.
 MICHAEL CHIAPPE (BFA, Acting, „05) lives in Cleveland, OH, where he and JAMES LANGA
 (BFA, Theatre Studies, „05) run IMAGINIF Inc., an entertainment company. Michael and James      Their next production will be Mary’s
 plan to continue working on stories and concepts for future original works.                     Wedding at the Raven Theatre
                                                                                                 Complex, opens 1/14/10 and runs
 CYNTHIA CHILDS (BFA, Stage Management, „99) produced the documentary A Place To Live.           through 2/20/10.
 ABBOTT CHRISMAN (MFA, Directing, „88) is teaching Writing, Theatre, Debate, Public Speaking, Media, Critical Thinking at the Geneva,
 Switzerland branch of Webster University. Abbott has completed training as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (kind of trauma healing
 work developed by Peter Levine), is starting his own business doing regular trauma therapy, and group courses for people who fear public
 DONALD CHRISTENSEN (BFA, Lighting Design, „02) is the Associate Lighting Designer at Available Light in Boston, MA.
 EMILY (BALL) CICCHINI (BFA, Acting, „89) has edited a 4-volume series of Mother/Daughter Monologues for the International Centre for
 Women Playwrights (ICWP) that are now available for purchase online ( Each book contains over
 2 dozen monologues from a total of 97 playwrights: Babes and Beginnings, Thirtysomethings, Mid-Life Catharsis, and Urgent Maturity. The
 proceeds will help support the careers of women playwrights worldwide. Interestingly, this project coincided with the release of the
 controversial Sands Report which claims a statistical bias against women playwrights in the professional theatre. Emily served on the
 board of ICWP and is currently serving on the board of the Greater Austin Creative Alliance. Her play Pattern Nation won best children's
 theatre production in the 2009 B. Iden Payne Awards for the Pollyanna Theatre Company, where she has been resident playwright since
 JOHN COLELLA (BFA, Acting,‟92) is in Italian American Reconciliation, Ruskin Group Theatre Co., Santa Monica, CA, through 1/23/10.
 John is also in the short film The Swear Police. JIM ROOF (BFA, Acting,‟92) and ANTONIO MOON (BFA, Acting,‟93) are also in the film.
 BENJAMIN COHEN (BFA, Theatre Technology, „98) serves as Director of Sales and Marketing for Reed Rigging Inc.
 MICA COLE (BFA, Acting,‟05) is the Managing Director at Free Street Theatre. Their next production will be To Kill A Teenager: seven sins
 of the juvenile mind, opens 1/9/10 and runs through 2/6/10.
 (ADRIENNE) MONIQUE COLEMAN (BFA, Acting, „02) is Taylor McKessie in High School Musical, High School Musical 2, and High School
 Musical 3.
 MEGAN COLLINS (BFA, Scene Design, „03) is the executive assistant for Prism Capital.
 WILLIAM COLLINS (BFA, Production Management, „03) is the Assistant Stage Manager at the Court Theatre. JOHN CULBERT (Dean) is
 designing the lighting for The Year of Magical Thinking, opens 1/23/10 and runs through 2/14/10, and The Illusion, opens 4/14/10, and runs
                                               through 6/13/10, both at the CourtTheatre.
 MOREthan a few                               CASEY COOPER (BFA, Acting, „91) runs her own floral design company, Botanicals, and is
                                              now offering classes in floral design. Call 773/269-3142, ext 425.
                                              SCOTT COOPER (MFA, Scenic Design, „95) is the Resident Designer and a member of the
     Draw the Sheep Collective                faculty at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL.
                                              STEPHANIE COURT (BFA, Theatre Studies, „04) attends UC Davis School of Law in
 STEPHANIE CHAVARA (MFA, Acting,              California.
 ‗10), WILL GILLESPIE (BFA, Acting,           JANIS CRAFT (BFA, Playwrighting, „03)‟s play The Sound of Stars Reflecting is a semi-finalist
 ‗10), ANDREW GOETTEN (BFA, Acting,           for the Bonderman Playwrighting for Youth National Symposium. Congrats Janis! She also
 ‗10), RASHAAD HALL (BFA, Acting,             received an Illinois Arts Council Fellowship.
 ‗10), JORDAN SHAPPELL (BFA, Acting,
 ‗10) and SIMONE OLSEN-VARELA                 HONEY CRAWFORD (BFA, Acting, „00) has completed her MFA in Critical Studies program
 (BFA, Acting, ‗10) are the Draw the          at CalArts. Congrats, Honey!
 Sheep Collective.                            KRISSY (BAKER) CROCIATA (BFA, Acting, '97) attends Rush University and will earn a
 Their mission: We believe that theatre       Masters of Science in the Speech and Language Pathology this year. Krissy is married to jazz
 should reflect or refract the stories of     trombonist Andrew Baker and they have a 4 year old son, Charlie. Krissy invites you to visit
 the surrounding communities and then         her website.
 retell them in a unique and engaging         JOHN CULBERT (Dean) is designing the lighting for The Year of Magical Thinking, opens
 way.                                         1/23/10 and runs through 2/14/10, and The Illusion, opens 4/14/10, and runs through 6/13/10,
                                              both at Court Theatre. WILLIAM COLLINS (BFA, Production Management, „03) is the
 Questions and for more info: Email
                                              Assistant Stage Manager at the Court Theatre.
TSNews: Theatre School News                           13 #6 7 April 2008
                                               Volume 11 #9 16January 2010                                                              6

 Studies, „99) is in his 3rd year of his     PET PSYCHIC finds flying chihuahua
 P h . D c an d id ac y i n Mo l ec u la r
 Biophysics and Physiology at Rush           Dorothy Utley and her husband, Lavern, were minding their own business, trying to make a
 University Medical Center.                  few bucks at the Dixieland Flea Market in Waterford Township, Michigan, when a sudden
                                             storm hit, bringing with it 70-mile-per-hour winds. The squall sent Tinker Bell, the couple‘s
 DAVE DASTMALCHIAN (BFA, Acting,             6-pound Chihuahua, soaring through the sky over the adjacent Dixie Highway.
 „99) is Terrence in the feature film The    But all was not lost. Two days later, the Utleys found Tinker Bell safe and sound about
 Horsemen starring Dennis Quaid,             three-quarters of a mile away. The couple credits a pet psychic named Lorrie Woolums for
 avail able on D VD .          He has        the discovery.
 commercials running for Wendy‟s,            More than 50 volunteers helped Dorothy and Lavern search for their dog. After speaking
 Cingular W ireless and Best                 with the pet psychic, Utley says she and her husband headed to a wooded field on the
 Buy.      David also recently finished      opposite side of Dixie Highway. There, they found Tinker Bell. ―We were shocked when
 filming in Head Case and is in Arc of a     we found her,‖ says Dorothy. ―You don‘t know how happy we were. We love her so
 Bird, which was screened in the Short       much.‖
 Films at Cannes. Dave is also a             The black and brown long-haired dog was very dirty and hungry, but thrilled to be back
 company member of Shattered Globe           with her people. ―That dog was so happy,‖ Dorothy says. ―She just went wild.‖ Dixieland
 Theatre where KEVIN HAGAN (MFA,             Flea Market manager Joe Goldberg quipped, ―This is the only pet trick I‘ve ever seen
 Scene Design, „96) is the artistic          where the pet was more blown away than the audience.‖
 MATTHEW DAVID (BFA, Playwrighting, „01) is the Assistant Library Director for the Madigan Library at Penn College in Williamsport, PA.
 Matthew is also on the Board of Directors of Keyhole Theatre Company.
 DARIA (JOLAN) DAVIS (BFA, Theatre Studies, „05) is the Assistant to the Artistic Director at Second Story, part of the Serendipity Theater
 GLENN DAVIS (BFA, Acting, „04) will be in Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo in LA, opens 4/14/10 and runs through 5/30/10.
 SHANESIA DAVIS (BFA, Acting, „89 and Adjunct Faculty) gave birth to a baby girl, Tatum Brees Davis, on 11/29/09. Congratulations,
 STEPHEN DAVIS (BFA, Acting, „95) is an Assistant Professor of Theatre at Centenary College in Hackettstown, NJ where he will direct
 Antigone during the spring 2010 semester.
 GAIL DeBIAK (BFA, Theatre Technology, „82) works at Sculpture Studio, an Architectural Sign company in Elk Grove Village, IL.
 (VICTORIA) toy DeIORIO (Faculty) is an artistic associate at the Next Theatre.
 ADENA DeMONTE (BFA, Theatre Studies, „05) lives in Redwood City, CA, a suburb of San Francisco where she works at the Community
 and Content Manager of - a social activity guide where you can share and discover cool things to do -- from plays you've
 worked on to mountains you've climbed. On Diddit you can check off your "diddits," tell stories about your experiences, and star your
                                               "wannados." She put together a list of theatre companies in Chicago for the site. For
 MOREthan a few                                more information and to contact Adena, visit her website.
                                                    ANNE DETTMER (BFA, Scene Design, „04) continues to do prop design work in Chicago,
                                                    working as Props Master for Chicago Opera Theatre, Drury Lane, and Writers Theatre.
                                                    Anne and JASON BROWN (BFA, Lighting Design, „02) got engaged last March.
          About Face Theatre                        JENNIFER DEVENYNS (BFA, Theatre Studies, „97) is married to ANDREW FINLEY
        Offices: 1222 W. Wilson, 2nd fl             (BFA, Playwrighting, „97). They have a son, Owen (July '04), and a daughter, Annaliese
                 773/784-8565                       (July '09). You can see the family here. Jennifer has been at RealNetworks, a high tech
                                                    company in Seattle, doing Organizational Development (OD) since early 2008.
                                                    JULIA DeVITTO (BFA, Production Management, „02) lives in San Diego, CA where she is
 Directing,‘12) is directing What Once We
 Felt, About Face Theatre at The Center on          a Mortgage Loan Officer with Bank of America Home Loans.
 Halsted, 3656 N. Halsted, previews begin           STEPHEN DiBENEDETTO (BFA, Theatre Studies, „93) is an Assistant Professor at the
 2/3/10, opens 2/12/10 and runs through             University of Miami, teaching Theatre History/Theory.
                                                    LAURA DILLMAN (BFA, Acting, „99) invites you to visit her site.
                                                    RUSSELL DRAPKIN (BFA, Lighting Design, „02) is now in his second season as Lighting
 JOEL     BUTLER       (BFA,     Production
                                                    Director for Ballet Hispanico in NYC.
 Management,‘97) and PAUL OAKLEY
 STOVALL (BFA, Acting,‘91) are Artistic             DENNIS DUGAN (BFA, Acting, „69) directed the film Grown Ups with Adam Sandler,
 Associates at About Face.              CRISS       Selma Hayek and Steve Buscemi, currently in post-production.
 HENDERSON           (BFA,      Production
                                                    DAN DVORKIN (BFA, Acting, ‟11) is the creative director & producer of Two Lights
 Management, ‗86 & Faculty) is on the Board
                                                    Theatre Company.
 of Directors, ALEX MEDA (BFA, Theatre
 Arts, ‗07) is the Director of Individual           JOHN DYKHOUSE (BFA, Lighting Design, „94) is the Merchandise Labor Manager for
 Grants and Giving and JOHN ROONEY                  Disney MGM and Epcot.
 (BFA, Theatre Arts,‘10) is the Senior Artistic
                                                    RYAN EDBERG (BFA, Stage Management, „07) is the Telecommunications Manager for
 Intern.                                            Guitar Center‟s corporate headquarters in Westlake Village, CA.
                                                    PATRICE EGLESTON (Faculty) and Paola Coletto will present The Body of Mask, a two
                                                    week intensive exclusively designed for theater teachers and directors, 7/18—8/1/10,
                                                    Venice, Italy.
TSNews: Theatre School News                           13 #6 7 April 2008
                                               Volume 11 #9 16January 2010                                                                  7

 MOREthan a few                                    LaTESHIA ELLERSON (BFA, Acting, „05) is the Annual Fund Manager/Development
                                                   Associate at Kenny Leon‟s True Colors Theatre Company in Atlanta, GA. She is in the 2nd
                                                   year of the 2-year Urban Policy Studies Masters Program at Georgia State University. It is a
           Provision Theatre                       program that emphasizes social policy and nonprofit leadership. LaTeshia is also
                                                   choreographing dance at her church in Atlanta.
    1001 W. Roosevelt Rd, 866/811-4111
                                                   ALICE ELLIOTT (BFA, Acting, „68) teaches Film and TV at NYU.
                                                   MELANIE (HERMANN) ELLIOTT (MFA, Acting, „94) is a member of Circle X Theatre
 TIM GREGORY (MFA, Acting, ‗97), the               Company in LA, a producer of their annual six week new play reading series. Melanie is
 Founding Artistic Director of Provision           also in the process of getting certified to teach Drama and English in the LA Unified School
 Theater, will adapt and direct the world          District.
 premiere of        The Hiding Place,
                                                   SCOTT ELLIS (BFA, Acting, „78) is the Executive Director of Showtime‟s Weeds which has
 previews begin 4/7/10, opens 4/10/10
                                                   completed 5 seasons; ELIZABETH PERKINS (Certificate, Acting, „81) is Celia Hodes in
 and runs through 5/23/10.                         Weeds. Scott is Associate Artistic Director of Roundabout Theatre Company in New York
                                                   City. He is also a Professional Associate on The Theatre School Board.
 MARIA     CARSON      (BFA    Theatre             JEN ELLISON (BFA, Acting,‟96) is teaching screenwriting for DePaul‟s Digital Cinema
 Management '09) is the Box Office                 Program.
 Manager, and MATT DUCEY (BFA                      JAMES ENGELHARDT (MFA, Directing, „74) teaches Screenwriting, Film Analysis,
 Playwrighting '09), PATRICK SCHLEY                Department Orientation, hosts the Guest Seminar sessions, and serves as Dialogue
 (BFA Theatre Management '10), & TARA              Director (and occasional actor) for the Film Department at the Art Center College of Design
 SMITHBERGER          (BFA    Theatre              in Pasadena, CA. He also hosts the LA television talk show Inside The Industry. Jim invites
 Management '12) are House Managers.               you to contact him at 818/507-6491.
 BRAD ERICKSON (BFA, Acting, „82) is the Executive Director of Theatre Bay Area in San Francisco.
 HEATHER FAIRFIELD (BFA, Production Management, „94) is a Project Executive for a Boston-based general contractor and moonlights
 doing make-up for regional theatre productions with Actor‟s Collaborative.
 SCOTT FALBE (BFA, Lighting Design, „96) owns his own lighting design business, Intelligent Lighting Creations, Inc in Arlington Heights, IL.
 He is married to SAMANTHA (ZIMMER) FALBE (BFA, Light Design, „98).
 WENDY (SCHENBERG) FARBER (BFA, Acting, „95) heads City Center Children‟s Theatre, a non-profit organization with the goal of
 providing education to school-age children through professional theatre aimed toward their life experiences. The company was recently
 approved to bring its Shakespeare to Youth Tour to five elementary schools within the Indianapolis Public School district. The mayor of
 Carmel, IL has agreed that when the city‟s new performing arts center is completed sometime this year, the City Center Children‟s Theatre
 will be the building‟s anchor organization.
 GALE FARNSWORTH-SMITH (BFA, Acting, „82) lives in Bozeman, MT, where she writes novels. For 20 years she and her late husband,
 SCOTT T. SMITH (GSD), had an Equity national touring theatre company, The Illustrated Theatre.
 SEAN FAWCETT (BFA, Acting, „02) is offering coaching for Chicago actors on monologues, audition sides, acting for singing auditions, and
 scenework in general. Rate is $40/hr. Contact him at 773/547-3667 or by email at Also, Sean is engaged to
 CHRISTINE BUNUAN (BFA, Acting, „02). A wedding is set for
 sometime this year. Congratulations to Sean and Christine!               THE living library
 CAMERON FEAGIN (MFA, Acting, „94) teaches Voice at                      What do a Gay Teen, a Politician, an Alcoholic, an Old Lady, and a
 Columbia College.        Cameron was also recently appointed            Buddhist have in common? (No, this is not a joke.) They‘re all
 Associate Artistic Director at City Lit Theatre Company. Their next     titles of ―books‖ to be ―checked out‖ from the Living Library, an
 production will be Macbeth, opens 1/15/10 and runs through              organization that lends human ―books‖ in an effort to combat
 2/21/10.                                                                prejudice by hosting events that encourage one-on-one learning
 PAMELA FERGUSON (MFA, Acting, „00) lives in Toronto,                    about others with different beliefs and lifestyles.
 Canada, and is a founding member of the D.A.'s Office (Driven           Beth Riggs, who has been a Atheist book, to Conscious Choice
 Artists), a theatre arts collective for professional development, and   (Jan 2009), ―You can‘t just walk up to someone in a café who‘s
 a founding company member of its offshoot, Project                      wearing hijab and start asking questions.‖
 Undertow. She invites you to visit her website.                         Developed in Europe, the project spread globally, with Michigan
                                                                         recently becoming the fifth state to hold an event – at which, the
 SHAYNA FERM (BFA, Acting, „99) is a founder, writer, producer           organization reports, ―The Muslim was constantly busy. We had to
 and performer in the NYC based group Fearsome Comedy, and is            take him out of circulation just so he could grab a cup of coffee and
 performing all over NY as a solo music/comedy act. She has              a bite to eat.‖ Even more reason to renew your library card.
 released her first comedy/music album, Blondie, with her band,
 Shayna and The Upper Deckers, produced by Tubby Records.
 She is also performing in the international comedy TV show, The World Stands Up.
 TIERSA FERRARO (MFA, Acting, „99) lives in Milwaukee, WI and works at local professional theatres and teaches Voice & Speech. She
 also does occasional commercial work.
 JOHN FERRICK (BFA, Acting, „93) is in The Artist Needs A Wife at The Side Project Theatre Company, opens 1/15/10 and runs through
 2/14/10. John passed his national boards for massage therapy and bodywork.
 ERIC FIELDING (MFA, Scene Design, ‟76) is a fellow of the United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT). This is an honorary
 designation bestowed for life upon those members who have made a truly outstanding contribution to the entertainment industry and the
 work of the Institute. Eric is a USITT Honorary Lifetime Member. JERRY GORRELL (BFA, Theatre Technology, „65) and NICK (GLENN)
 NASELIUS (Certificate, Lighting Design, ‟50) are also fellows.
 ISABELLE FIELDS (BFA, Costume Design, „06) works at Barbara Matera‟s costume shop in NYC.
TSNews: Theatre School News                          13 #6 7 April 2008
                                              Volume 11 #9 16January 2010                                                                  8

 MAGGIE FINE (BFA, Acting, „02) lives in LA and helped start Steppenwolf School West with
 company members Jeff Perry and Tom Irwin. She is in the film Wild Horses, currently in post-
                                                                                                    MOREthan a few
 ANDREW FINLEY (BFA, Playwrighting, „97) is married to JENNIFER DEVENYNS (BFA,                        Route 66 Theatre Company
 Theatre Studies, „97). They have a son, Owen (July '04), and a daughter, Annaliese (July '09).
 You can see the family here. Andrew has been teaching English and Drama and running the
 Drama Department for West Seattle High School since 2002. His next show, Once Upon a               DAMON KILEY (Faculty) is directing
 Mattress, runs in May 2010.                                                                        The Best Of All Possible Worlds for
 JOEL FINK (BFA, Acting, '71) is the Associate Dean and Director of The Theatre                     Route 66, Murphy‘s Irish Pub, 1/25/10.
 Conservatory at the Chicago College of Performing Arts, Roosevelt University.
 MIA FIORELLA (BFA, Theatre Management, „98) and her husband, Gabe Greene, live in San              KATIE JEEP (BFA, Acting, ‘00) is the
 Diego where she is the Housing Coordinator for Road Rebel, a company that handles all hotel,       Company Manager and on the board of
 air and ground transportation for theatrical touring productions, concerts, sporting events, and   directors of Route 66, PREETI NATH
 film productions She is also the Audience Development Manager at The Old Globe Theatre.            (BFA, Theatre Arts, ‘08) is an Artistic
 MAGGIE FITZSIMMONS (BFA, Playwrighting, „02) is attending law school here in Chicago.              Associate, BLAIR ROBERTSON (BFA,
                                                                                                    Acting, ‘05) is the Producing Director
 CARYN (DAUS) FLANAGAN (BFA Acting Program, „87-‟88) is a company member of Off                     and on the board of directors, and
 Square Theatre Company in Jackson Hole, WY.                                                        ERICA WEISS (BFA, Theatre Studies,
 SHAWNA FLANIGAN (MFA, Directing, „97) is the Director of Arts Education at the Center of           ‗05) is a company member.
 Creative Arts, St. Louis, MO.
 DON TIERI (MFA, Acting, „88) and JASON FLEECE (MFA, Directing, ‟07) are company
 members of the Stage Left Theatre Ensemble. Their next production will be Here Where It’s
                                                                                                    MOREthan a few
 Safe, opens 2/12/10 and runs through 4/3/10.
 MARK FLEISCHER (MFA, Directing, „07) is the producing artistic director of The Adirondack                      Lyric Opera
 Theatre Festival in Glens Falls, NY.
                                                                                                       20 N. Wacker Drive, 312/332-2244
 WIL FLEMING (BFA, Acting, „04) and CALVIN MARTY (BFA, Acting, „05) are in the band
 Calvin Marty and the Sunken Ship.
                                                                                                    JASON BROWN (BFA, Lighting Design,
 KEVIN FORSTER (BFA Acting Program, „02-„06) lives in Haines, AK, and he invites you to             ‗02 & Faculty) will make his lighting
 visit his site where you can purchase unique gifts. Kevin also leads mountain climbing tours       designing debut on The Elixir of Love,
 for Alaska Mountain Guides and Climbing School Inc, website designed by Kevin.                     opening 1/23/10 and runs through
 KEITH FORT (MFA, Acting, ‟78) continues to make a living producing live events and does 20
 to 30 large corporate projects annually through his company, Fort Production Management.
                                                                                                    Jason is also the Lighting Supervisor
 ORIANA FOWLER (BFA, Theatre Management, „05) is the Communications Director for                    at the Lyric, SUSAN (HARRISON) NIEMI
 Cheryl‟s Dreaming Big. She is also the development director for The Neo-Futurists; GREG            (BFA, Production Management, ‗95) is
 ALLEN (Faculty) is the founding director and PHIL RIDARELLI (BFA, Acting, „87) is in the           the Phone Sales Supervisor, BRIAN
 cast of Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind at The Neo-Futurarium, open run.                    TRAYNOR (BFA, Scene Design, ‗87) is
                                                                                                    the Scenic Artist and JULIET WILSON
 TIM FRANK (BFA, Acting, „07) recently shot a T-Mobile commercial that will play through
                                                                                                    (Staff) is the Lyric‘s Facility Operations
 February 2010. He is also in a Captain D‟s commercial, which will air in the south east
 through March 2010. Tim is also in Band Called Catch. Their music video “Green Light” has
 officially been released, they recently played for 25,000 people, played a show at the Goose Island Brewery, and were on TV. You can hear
 some of the music and check out some more videos here.
 SHAWNA FRANKS (BFA, Acting, „90) lives in Phoenix, AZ where she is the artistic director of Space 55 Theatre Ensemble. She also has 2
 sons, Jackson and Samson.
 AMBER (STARR) FRIENDLY (BFA, Theatre Studies,‟05) is in her 1st year of the MFA Acting program at UC Irvine.
 KATE FRISINA-WHITE (BFA, Acting, „85) is a part of the online talk show, LipsticknLaundry. She also invites you to visit her website.
 JONATHAN FULLER (BFA, Acting, „78) has been pursuing his craft for 30 years now. He has worked in the LORT Circuit, off-off Broadway,
 on television and played leads in about a dozen films. Jonathan is now teaching acting and directing at his alma mater, the Alabama School
 of Fine Arts.
 CORAL GABLE (BFA, Costume Design, „08) lives in NYC where she works as a freelance hat designer. She‟s currently working for Rod
 Keenan New York where she designs and makes hats for clients including Brad Pitt, Mos Def, and Yoko Ono.
 SCOTT GALBRAITH (BFA, Acting, „88) is the Vice President of Programming for The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts in Hartford,
 CT. He is responsible for the booking of performing arts events (theatre, dance, symphonic, concert, lecture, etc) in 2 venues, as well as
 front of house operations, marketing & sales, facility sales and facility operations.
 ANDREW GALLANT (MFA, Acting,‟09) and his wife Sommer Austin are co-founders/lead teachers of a series of Meisner based acting
 classes at Green Shirt Studio. DePaul alums can get $50 off their 10-week classes when you use the code “JOHN BRIDGES CANDY
 MATT GAWRYK (BFA, Lighting Design, „04) did full time design work at Mary-Arrchie, A Red Orchid and Piven Theatre this past season.
 MITSU GEE (Staff) and JASON BECK (BFA, Acting, „98 & Staff) are engaged. Wedding will be in October 2010. Congratulations to both!
 GENE GEMPERLINE (BFA, Playwrighting,‟06) is engaged to KRISTEN QUINLAN (BFA, Theatre Studies,‟04). Congrats to you both!
 KENDY GENOVESE (BFA, Acting, „89) is the Gallery Director for the Caldwell Snyder Gallery in Helena, CA.
TSNews: Theatre School News                            13 #6 7 April 2008
                                                Volume 11 #9 16January 2010                                                                     9

 ERIC GILLIOM (BFA, Acting, „85) lives in his native Hawaii and is half of the singing duo The Barefoot Natives. The Barefoot Natives are
                                               featured on Mick Fleetwood‟s Island Rumours. They also perform on Sundays at Lahaina‟s
 MOREthan a few                                Maui Theatre.
                                                   LINDA GILLUM (Faculty) is a founding member of Defiant Theatre Company.
               Theatre Mir                         MEREDITH (WEEKS) GIOIA (MFA, Acting, „99) has a stationary company, Remarque
                                                   Paperworks, offering tasteful and elegant personalized invitations, announcements and
                312-458-9855                       cards. Meredith will be adding to the existing line and debuting a line of personalized
                                                   wedding invitations soon.
 ROB CHAMBERS (MFA, Directing, ‘93 &               MARY (CHASEN) GOLOSINSKI (BFA, Dramaturgy/Criticism, „99) is the Web Editor for
 Faculty) is Theatre Mir‘s artistic director.      Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.
 Their next production will be Beautiful           KRISTIN (DEICHMANN) GOODMAN (MFA, Acting, „98) lives in LA with her husband Eli
 City, at The DCA Storefront Theatre,              Goodman where she is a screenwriter and teaching artist. She invites you to visit her
 opens 3/4/10 and runs through 4/3/10.             photography website. Kristin is an instructor for the LA outreach program The Unusual
 The cast includes ensemble members                Suspects.
 YOSH HAYASHI (MFA, Acting, ‘06),
                                                   SHARON GOPFERT (MFA, Acting,‟94 & Faculty) is a company member of Plasticene
 STEPHEN LOCH (MFA, Acting, ‘06),
                                                   Physical Theatre Company.
 KRISTEN SECRIST (MFA, Acting, ‗07),
 RACHEL SLAVICK (MFA, Acting, ‘93 &                GARY GORMAN (Certificate, Scene Design, „68) recently had his triptych 3 Figures on
 Faculty), MIRA VASILJEVIC (MFA, Acting,           display at the Art Center in Sarasota, FL. Gary is developing the Global Managers multi-day
 ‘06), and JEREMY KAHN (BFA, Acting,               Conference for Estee Lauder, which will be staged at the Wynn in Las Vegas. Gorman
 ‗09) & MEGAN KOHL (MFA, Acting, ‗09).             Multimedia has been in business for close to 30 years, and has received 29 awards for its
 MARIANNA CSZASAR (BFA, Scene                      video and presentation design and productions. For several years Gary Gorman was the
 Design, ‗05) will design the scenery and          Director of The Theatre School East Coast Alumni Association.
                                                   JERRY GORRELL (BFA, Theatre Technology, „65) lives in Fountain Hills, AZ and is a
 Design, ‗08) will design the costumes.
                                                   retired technical director for the City of Phoenix. He is currently a principal of Theatre Safety
                                                   Programs. Jerry has spent over 40 years in the entertainment industry. He is also a fellow of
 Other company members include JEFF                The United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT). This is an honorary
 BUELTERMAN (BFA, Acting, ‘94),                    designation bestowed for life upon those members who have made a truly outstanding
 PATRICE EGLESTON (Faculty), DANICA                contribution to the entertainment industry and the work of The Institute. Jerry joins ERIC
 IVANCEVIC (BFA, Acting, ‘94), HANLON              FIELDING (MFA, Scene Design, ‟76) and NICK (GLENN) NASELIUS (Certificate, Lighting
 SMITH-DORSEY (MFA, Acting, ‘06), and              Design, ‟50). Congratulations Jerry!
 JEREMY YOUNG (MFA, Acting, ‘06).                  MEREDITH GIOIA (MFA, Acting, „99) is now the Associate Director of the Course Catalog in
                                                   Student Records at DePaul. She also continues to run her own business, Remarque
 JEAN GOTTLIEB (MFA, Directing, „02) is an Adjunct Faculty member at College of DuPage and a Professional Advisor for DePaul‟s School
 for New Learning. Jean is the co-artistic director of New World Repertory Theater.
 MAXWELL GRAHAM (BFA, Theatre Studies, „05) is pursuing an MA in Modern Art History at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago
 where he also serves as an assistant professor for undergraduates.
 JULIE GRANATA (BFA, Acting, „99) lives in LA where she is a certified yoga instructor and is currently building a business of private and
 group yoga instruction. She continues to study Advanced View Points at Steppenwolf West. She is an ensemble member at Ark Theatre.
 JAMES GRANT (BFA, Acting, „62) is in Beyond A Reasonable Doubt with Michael Douglas, available on DVD. He, SUZANNE LANG (MFA,
 Acting, „04) and RICHARD PIERRELOUIS (BFA, Acting, „03) are in the independent film What If…, to be released 2/14/10.
 TERRY GREEN (MFA, Directing, „82) runs the motion picture production company Strata Productions.
 JUDY (EVANS) GREER (BFA, Acting, „97) has landed the starring role in a proposed new ABC sitcom, inspired by Elaine Szewcyk‟s best-
 seller I’m With Stupid . She‟s in the film Marmaduke with Ron Perlman, Jeremy Piven, George Lopez, and William H. Macy, set for a 6/4/10
 release date; and Love and Other Drugs with Anne Hathaway, Jake Gyllenhaal, Hank Azaria and Oliver Platt, currently in post-
 production. She is also the voice of Courtney in the currently top-rated Nick at
 Nite series Glen Martin DDS, a stop-motion animated series. Judy has now
 been in over 40 feature films.
                                                                                      SWIMMING is better
                                                                                  As if you needed another excuse to hit the pool, new
 PAUL GREGORY (BFA, Lighting Design, „73) is the Founder and President of research shows that swimmers live longer than walkers
 Focus Lighting, Inc, an Architectural Lighting Design firm in NYC. He has and runners. And not just a little bit longer, either. In a
 received numerous awards recognizing his design work, including multiple study of more than 40,000 men ages 20 to 90 who were
 Lumen Awards as well as the IALD, Waterbury, ASID Awards, and Lighting followed for 32 years, swimmers were 50% less likely to
 Dimension International’s “Lighting Designer of the Year” Award. He is also a die during the study period than were walkers or
 member of Architectural Lighting‟s Solid Gold Hall of Fame. Some of Paul‟s runners.
 projects include the Semiranis Hotel (Athens, Greece), the Toys „R‟ Us
 Flagship store (NYC), the Tribeca Grand Hotel (NYC), the Carlos Miele Retail
 Store (NYC), the Entel Tower (Santiago, Chile), Le Cirque Restaurant (NYC), and Morimoto Restaurant (Philadelphia). Paul is the principle
 designer for the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts in Milwaukee, WI. JOSHUA SPITZIG (BFA, Scene Design, „01) designed the exterior
 PHYLLIS GRIFFIN (MFA, Acting, „78 & Faculty) is directing two one-acts, Herbert III and Contribution for eta Creative Arts, opens 7/1/2010
 and runs through 8/22/10.
 J. MICHAEL GRIGGS (BFA, Scene Design, „86) is in his 16th year teaching theatre design at Harvard University and being the Technical
TSNews: Theatre School News                          13 #6 7 April 2008
                                              Volume 11 #9 16January 2010                                                                10
 Director of the Loeb Drama Center. Michael is a member of United Scenic Artists IATSE Local USA-829.
 MARY GRILL (BFA, Acting,‟03) lives in NYC but will be in Chicago for The Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival, 1/15 & 1/16/10. Mary is a part
 of New Excitement Theatre Company in NYC.
 DENNIS GRIMALDI (BFA, Acting, „69) is a NY Television and Theatre producer.
 CHET GRISSOM (BFA, Acting,‟87) is in the feature film The Crazies starring Timothy Olyphant, set for release on 2/26/10. He will also be in
 the featured film Fair Game, starring Sean Penn and Naomi Watts, and the film Letters from the Big Man with Jason Butler Harner.
 VINNY GUASTAFERRO (MFA, Acting, „76) has been teaching 2 scene study classes in LA, one concentrates exclusively on film and
 television work, and the other exclusively on David Mamet‟s work at The Sport of Acting. He recently appeared on an episode of CBS‟s
 Criminal Minds as Detective Gil Hardesty.
 JULIA GUICHARD (BFA, Acting, „84) is a tenured Associate Professor of Theatre at Miami University, Oxford, OH.
 SEAN GUNN (BFA, Acting, „96) acquired the film rights to Dan Savage‟s best selling book The Kid. LEE KIRK (BFA, Acting, „96) wrote the
 screenplay and will act in the film, a director has been attached to the project, and filming is scheduled to begin sometime later this year.
 KEVIN HAGAN (MFA, Scene Design, „96) is the artistic director of Shattered Globe Theatre, DAVE DASTMALCHIAN (BFA, Acting, „99) is a
 company member.
 STEVE HAGGARD (BFA, Acting, „02) is an ensemble member of A Red Orchid Theatre where he is currently in A Very Merry Unauthorized
 Children's Scientology Pageant, extended through 1/17/10.
 DAN HALE (MFA, Acting, „07) produced, cast and is in the horror film A Cadaver Christmas. HANLON SMITH-DORSEY (MFA, Acting,‟06)
 and YOSH HAYASHI (MFA, Acting, 06) are in the movie as well.
 ALICIA HALL-FLESCH (MFA, Acting, „97) is a company/board member of The Moving Dock Theatre. Their latest show centers on the work

 MOREthan a few
                                          and lives of our country‟s first female astronomers working at the Harvard Observatory College
                                          at the turn of the 19th century. They will be performing at the Adler Planetarium on 3/18 &
 Two Lights Theatre Company includes:     ANGELA HARNER (BFA, Costume Design, „05) is in the 1st year of the MFA in Design for
 DAN DVORKIN (BFA, Acting, ‗11) Co-
                                          Stage and Film at the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU.
 founder, MATT OLSON (BFA, Acting,
 ‗09) Artistic Director of Two Lights and LISA HARRISON (BFA, Costume Design, „92) is a Labor Relations Representative/Attorney
 Park Event, and BRIDGET SCHRIEBER        with the Michigan Nurses Association.
 (BFA, Acting, ‗11) Board Member.         LINDSEY HARTLEY (BFA, Acting, „08) is currently in a regional commercial for QuikTrip
                                               Convenience Stores, is in the currently filming feature film Cedar Rapids with JOHN C.
 MOREthan a few                                REILLY (BFA Acting Program, „83—„87) and Sigourney Weaver; and Lindsey is going to be in
                                               the feature film Blackbeard.
                                               KAREN HASHLEY (BFA, Stage Management, „07) is in her 3rd year of the MFA Stage
       KOLT Run Creations                      Management program at Yale.
 P.O. Box 163805 Sacramento, CA 95816          KAT HAUN (BFA, Lighting Design, „02) lives in NYC and is a senior designer at Elias Design
             916/254-8120                      Group which just merged with SOSH Architects and is working on a new casino project in
                                               Niagara Falls.
 LISA THEW (BFA, Acting, ‗98-‗99)              JENNIFER HAWBAKER (BFA, Costume Design,‟05) was a costumer on the second season
 directedCrime and Punishment, Ooley           of AMC‟s Madmen. She is also working on HBO‟s True Blood, as an Assistant Costume
 Theatre, opens 1/15/10 and runs               Designer.
 through 2/13/10.      KELLEY OGDEN
 (BFA, Acting, ‗99) and RIC MURPHY             STEWART HAWK (MFA, Directing, „77) is the chair of the theatre department at the magnet
 (Former Faculty) are in the cast. The         Garfield High School in the Seattle, WA school district. He is also a part of Theatre Puget
 original production of the script they‘re     Sound, a trade and leadership organization in Seattle.
 using was directed by MICHAEL                 YOSH HAYASHI (MFA, Acting, 06) is in the horror film A Cadaver Christmas along with
 HALBERSTAM (Former Faculty) for               HANLON SMITH-DORSEY (MFA, Acting,‟06). and are in the movie as well. DAN HALE
 Writer‘s Theatre, Glencoe, IL.                (MFA, Acting, „07) produced, cast and is also in the film.
                                               ERIC HAYES (MFA, Acting, „96) is on the board of directors for the Eugene O‟Neill
 Kelley and Lisa are also the founders         Foundation.
 of KOLT Run Creations.
                                               WENDY RICHARDS HAYNES (BFA, Theatre Studies, „90) is the Director of the Performing
                                               Arts Program at the Curie Metro High School for the Performing Arts.
 MOREthan a few                                SONDRA HEALY (BFA, Acting,‟64) is on the Advisory Board for Child‟s Play Touring Theatre.
                                               Child‟s Play has a annual summer theatre camp that uses the TTS Facilities.
            Griffin Theatre
   3711 N. Ravenswood Ave Suite 145,           KAI HECKER (BFA, Theatre Technology, „06) is attending the 3-year Technical Director MFA
              773/769-2228                     program at CalArts.
                                               STEVE HELLER (BFA, Acting, „84) was interviewed by Joan Brunwasser of OpED News. He
 RIC BARLETTA (MFA, Directing, ‗86) is         is a guest blogger on BradBlog.
 the artistic director. PAUL HOLMQUIST
 (BFA, Acting, ‗98), DYLAN LOWER               ZACH HELM (BFA, Acting, „96) wrote and directed the films The DisAssociate, Los Angeles
 (BFA, Acting, ‗00) and VANESSA                and This Is Serbia Calling (the latter an adaptation of the book Guerilla Radio). Zach‟s play
 GREENWAY (BFA, Acting, ‗98) are               Good Canary, directed by John Malkovich, had its world premiere at Theatre Comedia, 4
 ensemble members of Griffin Theatre.          boulevard de Strasbourg, Paris, France, and has been touring the country for a number of
                                               months. Next will be a production in Mexico City (again directed by John Malkovich) and then
TSNews: Theatre School News                              13 #6 7 April 2008
                                                  Volume 11 #9 16January 2010                                                                 11

 MOREthan a few                                     will be done in LA by Zach‟s new theater company, Teatro De Facto, where he is acting as
                                                    Artistic Director.
                                                    CRISS HENDERSON (BFA, Production Management, „86 & Faculty) is the Executive
        Steppenwolf Theatre                         Director of Chicago Shakespeare Theater at Navy Pier. Criss is also a Professional
                                                    Associate on The Theatre School Board, on the Board of Directors of About Face Theatre,
       1650 N. Halsted, 312/335-1650                and is President of The Producers‟ Association of Chicago Area Theatres.
                                                    RACHEL HENNEBERRY (BFA, Production Management, „95) is a staff stage manager at
 N AN CI BU L A -JE NK IN S (Facult y)              the San Francisco Opera.
 designed the costumes for American                 DIANE HERRERA (BFA, Playwrighting, „96) is an artistic associate and the PlayLab director
 Buffalo, runs through 2/7/10. KEVIN                for Teatro Luna where CHRISTINA NIEVES (BFA, Acting, „09) is in Lunatic(a)s playing at
 DEPINET (Faculty) designed the                     Chicago Dramatists, extended through 2/21/10. ALEX MEDA (BFA, Theatre Arts, „07) is the
 scenery, and CHRISTINE FREEBURG                    Managing Director for Teatro Luna.
 (BFA, Stage Management, ‗96) is the
 assistant stage manager.                           ROB HESS (BFA Acting Program, „93-‟95) teaches film at the University of Michigan.
                                                    MINDY HESTER (BFA, Acting, „92) works as a children‟s singer/guitarist, performing all over
                                                    Chicago and the suburbs.
 Acting, ‗03) is havning three of his               EMILY HEUGATTER-MATTHIAS (MFA, Acting, „06) directed Never the Sinner for The
 plays, In the Red and Brown Water, The             Marjorie Lyons Playhouse, and is directing a production of Metamorphoses, that has been
 Brothers Size, and Marcus; or the Secret           chosen to compete in the Regional VI American College Theatre Festival later this year. She
 of Sweet, billed as the brother/sister             is in a full-time tenure track Assistant Professor position at Centenary College in Shreveport,
 plays, done in rep, opens 1/21/10 and              LA.
 runs through 5/23/10. ALANA ARENAS                 ELIZABETH HIPWELL (MFA, Acting, „03) is engaged to Kenneth Blevins. Congratulations
 (BFA, Acting,‘02), PHILLIP BRANNON                 to both!
 (BFA, Acting,‘06), GLENN DAVIS (BFA,
 Ac t i n g , ‗ 0 4 ) , an d J AC Q U E L I N E     CAROLYN HOERDEMANN (BFA, Acting, „92) is in Minna, Trap Door Theatre, through
 WILLIAMS (BFA, Acting, ‘87) are in the             2/13/10. KRISHNA LeFAN (BFA, Acting, „96) is a Trap Door company member. Carolyn
 casts, and they will be directed by Tina           recently wrote an article, Finding My Artistic Voice 10 Years After Acting School for Chicago
 Landau.                                            Artists Resource. She serves as Program Specialist for Chicago Park District.
                                                    CHRIS HOFMANN (Staff) has been promoted to the newly created TTS staff position of
                                                    Director of Production. Congratulations, Chris!
 CHANCE BONE (BFA Acting Program,
 ‗05—‗09) will be in A Separate Peace,              JEFFREY HOFFMAN (MFA Acting Program, „94-‟95) will be directing Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
 opens 2/23/10 and runs through 3/14/10.            with Boxcar Theatre in July 2010 in San Francisco as part of their season of Reimagining the
                                                    MICHELLE HOLDER (STONIKAS) (BFA, Acting, „01) works for Protestants for The Common
 KEVIN ANDERSON (Certificate, Acting,               Good, a social justice organization.
 ‗81) and ALANA ARENAS (BFA, Acting,
 ‗02) are ensemble members.          EMILY          ALEXA HOLMES (BFA, Scene Design, „01) is living in Boston where she is doing carpentry
 GUTHRIE (BFA, Scenic Design,‘09) is a              and furniture making.
 09-10 Apprentice, TOM HORAN (BFA,                  MARY LOU HOLMES (MFA, Costume Design, „77) lives in Shreveport, LA, and is
 Playwrighting, ‗02) is the Donor Records           coordinating clothes for two Shakespeare productions at Centenary College.
 Acting, ‘04) is a teaching artist,                 SARAH HOLTKAMP (BFA, Theatre Studies,‟05) completed her M.A. in Library and
 DANIELLE SHINDLER (BFA, Stage                      Information Science at Dominican University in River Forest, IL in May „09. Congrats, Sarah!
 Management, ‘08) is on the front of                KELLY (HOLDEN) HOOGENAKKER (BFA, Acting, „99) is the Executive Director of New
 house staff and JOHN ZINN (MFA,                    Theatre Collective (NTC) which was founded by VALERIE BLACK-MALLON (BFA, Acting,
 Acting, ‗00) is the Marketing Director.            „01).
                                              JASON HORGAN (BFA Acting Program, „91-‟93) is in the feature film The Joneses, with
 David Duchovny, Demi Moore, Gary Cole and Glenne Headly, set for release on 4/16/10. He is also a Licensed Realtor in Georgia with
 Coldwell-Banker Residential Brokers. Feel free to contact Jason for help if purchasing or selling a home or piece of land anywhere in the
 VALORIE HUBBARD (BFA, Acting,‟84) plays a recurring character on HBO‟s True Blood. She was also a guest star on FOX‟s Glee and
 ABC Family‟s Greek.
 CHUCK HUBER (BFA, Theatre Studies, „94) is on the Board of Director‟s of a non-profit that supports a school in Imo State, Nigeria that
 feeds, clothes, houses and schools 300 kids every year. You can watch Chuck teach some students at the school „Texas‟ English
 here. Chuck is the Southern Director for Pinnacle Performance Company. He is the Principal of St. Bernadette Academy in Keller, TX.
 PATRICK HUDSON (BFA, Lighting Design, „96) runs a FREE
 theatre job listing site for all “behind-the-scenes” jobs in theatre
 and live entertainment—PLEASE NOTE: no acting jobs or                   MORE wilderness protection
 casting calls posted. There is a special section devoted to
 Chicago-area jobs. No memberships, subscriptions, or personal        Two million acres of wilderness in 9 states will receive new
 info needed to use the site, just internet access. You can also      protection under a bill signed into law by U.S. President Barack
 subscribe to the “Mail To You” mailing list        Obama on 3/30/09. The measure has been called the most
 from Patrick‟s site. Here you get all job listings submitted sent    significant conservation victory in the last 15 years.
 directly to you by email the moment they are sent in, before they
 are posted. Current fees are $5 for a month, $10 for three months, $35 annually. If you are a current Theatre School student, faculty or staff
 member, you can get an extra month free with a 1 or 3 month subscription, or an extra 3 months with a 1 year subscription by simply
TSNews: Theatre School News                   Volume 13 #6 7 April 2008
                                              Volume 11 #9 16 January                                                                      12

 following the instructions for payment.                   Then send an email to with both the email address you subscribed with, and the
 following code: “Dean Culbert loves me!” The additional time will be automatically added by
                                                                                                  MOREthan a few
 the webmaster.                                                                                     American Theatre Company
 CHLOE EMMA HUGHES (BFA, Theatre Arts, „08) lives in NYC and is the Assistant                            1909 W. Byron, 773/409-4125
 Manager of Individual Giving at Second Stage Theatre.
 TRACY HULTGREN (BFA, Acting, „85) is the 1st licensed and certified SAQ (Speed, Agility,         DESMIN BORGES (BFA, Acting,‘05),
 Quickness) advanced trainer in the U.S. He is the founder and president of Advanced              CHRISTINA NIEVES (BFA, Acting,‘09) and
 Fitness Training. AFT is dedicated to teaching and developing fundamental movement skills        EDGAR SANCHEZ (BFA, Acting,‘07) will
 that can be integrated into the sports, leisure and fitness activities of all ages. Tracy        be in Welcome to Arroyo’s, opens 4/15/10
 completed a master‟s degree in Human Movement (kinesiology) from A.T. Still University           and runs through 5/16/10.
 Arizona School of Health Sciences earlier and is now an adjunct faculty member there.
 JOE HUPPERT (BFA, Theatre Studies, „04) is the Sound Supervisor for La Jolla Playhouse
 and the UC San Diego theater program.
 KRISTIN IDASZAK (BFA, Theatre Arts, „09) has two of her pieces as part of Yoni Ki Baat (a
                                                                                                  MOREthan a few
 monologue cycle loosely based on Eve Ensler‟s The Vagina Monologues), Strawdog            LENORA INEZ BROWN (Faculty) is
 Theatre, through 1/31/10. Her Sonnets From Last Night or, To Text or Not to Text will be  President of Theatre for Young
 part of Vintage Theatre Collective‟s Sonnet Festival 2010 at the Rough House, one night   Audiences/USA (TYA/USA).                 Fellow
 only, 1/16/10. Kristin is the literary/artistic management intern at Trinity Repertory Company
                                                                                           members include ERNIE NOLAN (MFA,
 in Providence, RI for their 2009-2010 season; EUGENE LEE (BFA, Scene Design, „64) is a    Directing, ‗04) and KAREN SHARP
 Resident Designer there and SHAYNA O‘NEILL (BFA, Stage Management, „08) is a              (Certificate, Acting, ‗82).           CAITLIN
 production assistant.                                                                     HANSEN (BFA, Theatre Studies, ‗07) is
 SCOTT ILLINGWORTH (BFA, Acting, „98 & MFA, Directing, „08) is an adjunct faculty          the TYA/USA office administrator.
 member at NYU/Tisch School of the Arts Graduate Acting Program as well as Marymount Manhattan College. DAVID MOLD (MFA,
 Directing, „97) is an Associate Professor at Marymount Manhattan and RON PIRETTI (MFA, Acting, „75) is an adjunct professor there.
 JAMES IMMEKUS (BFA, Acting, „03) is soon to start work on the independent horror film Supermarket from the folks who did The Blair
 Witch Project and he will be appearing in a new FX series Justifiers. He is a member of the Interact Theatre Company in North Hollywood,
 LA. He is also in commercials for Mountain Dew and Carl‟s Jr/Hardee‟s, and was recently in an episode of Fox‟s Lie To Me.
 EVAN JACKSON (MFA, Directing, „03) is co-founder, Artistic Director and Chair of Idle Muse Theatre Company. STACEY SUBLETTE
 (BFA, Acting, „03) is an ensemble member at Idle Muse Theatre.
 JACQUI JACKSON (BFA, Acting, „08) is Greta in the film Hannah Free, starring Sharon Gless. The film has scheduled screenings around
 the US through May 2010, and won awards at the Montreal International LGBT Film Festival (Best Feature), Philadelphia Q-Fest Audience
 award (Best Feature Film), Austin Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (Best Narrative Feature Film), Madrid Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (Best
 Actress), Best of the Midwest Awards (Best Editor), and Out Music Award for Outstanding Instrumental/Soundtrack Song for “Goodbye
 ANNIE JACOBS (BFA, Theatre Technology, „02) is in NYC working in the Production Management division of Showman, working on several
 Broadway and TV shows including NBC‟s Today Show, NBC’s Football Night in America, and CBS Football.
 JOHN JENKINS (Faculty) is a board member of Plasticene Physical Theater Company. John recently filming Red Blue, produced by
 DePaul‟s Digital Cinema program.
                                                                   LUKE JOHANSON (BFA Acting Program ,‟02-‟06) is in the band Brothers

SEAL PRODUCTS banned                                               of August. They are currently on their first national tour.
                                                                   ANTHONY JOHNSON (BFA, Production Management, „95) is the
                                                                   Production Manager and Lighting Designer for Brentwood School in Los
 The European Parliament has voted to ban imports of               Angeles.
 seal products, including fur coats and even omega-3 pills         JIM JOHNSON (Former Faculty) worked with some other voice teachers
 made with seal oil, in an attempt to force Canada to end          developing AccentHelp, a website that offers recordings and written
 the annual seal hunt.                                             materials for learning a dialect. The site currently offers 20 downloads. Jim
 Th European Union (EU) assembly overwhelmingly                    is the Head of Performance at the University of Houston School of Theatre
 endorsed a bill that says commercial seal hunting,                and Dance. He also has a series of regional commercials running for
 notably in Canada, is ―inherently inhumane.‖ The bill             Southern Dental, and did the voice of Lucky for the animated feature The
 needed the backing of the EU governments, but officials           Last Flight of the Champion, currently in production.
 called that a formality since national envoys had already
 endorsed the bill.                                                NIC JONES (BFA, Lighting Design, „08) is Resident Production Master
 Canada‘s east-coast hunt is the largest of its kind in the        Electrician for the Marriott Theatre Lincolnshire.
 world, killing an average of 300,000 harp seals annually.         LISA JOYCE (BFA, Acting, '04) stars opposite Woody Harrelson in The
 In 2006, Canada exported around $5.5 million (U.S.                Messenger, currently in select theatres.
 dollars) worth of seal products, such as pelts, meat and
 oils, to the EU. The EU ban will apply to all products and      BETSY (LEONARD) KAAGE (BFA, Scene Design, „92) lives in Galena, IL
 processed goods derived from seals.                             with her husband Bill and their 2 children, where she has enjoyed a
 Seals are also hunted in Norway, Namibia, Sweden,               successful career as an artist. Her current work includes a large outdoor
 Finland, Britain and Russia.                                    mural at the historical Arts and Recreation Center, illustrations for the
                                                                 children‟s book Ella’s Funt and several paintings of the beautiful Galena
 scenery. She also enjoys collaborating long distance with friend WENDY (SCHENBERG) FARBER (BFA, Acting, „95) on productions for
 Wendy‟s theater company, City Center Children‟s Theater. Betsy is proud of her business grace E mae, where she paints and sells unique
 and colorful canvas handbags.
TSNews: Theatre School News                           13 #6 7 April 2008
                                               Volume 11 #9 16January 2010                                                                  13

 BOB KALLUS (BFA, Directing, „72) acted and directed through 1981 before switching careers. He is a licensed marriage and family
 therapist living and working in Valparaiso, IN.
 LEVI KAPLAN (MFA, Directing, „03) is teaching theatre and the director of the technical theatre department at Woodward Academy in
 Atlanta, GA.
 STANA KATIC (MFA Acting Program, „00-‟01) is series regular Kate Beckett in ABC‟s Castle, now in its second season.
 LAYNI KATZ (Certificate, Acting, „86) Layni has a CD available. Congratulations, Layni!
 JOE KAZMIERSKI (BFA, Lighting Design, „00) enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 2002. He was deployed to the Persian Gulf from February
 through August 2003. Currently, he is a Damage Controlman 2nd class (E-5) working as a Firefighter/EMT on his ship, the USS LEYTE
 GULF CG-55, in Norfolk, VA. They are currently in a training cycle revving up for their next potential deployment.
 DARIN KEESING (BFA, Lighting Design, '96) is designing the lighting for the entire 09-10 season of Phoenix Theatre Company for Children
 in Columbus, OH.
 ERIN KEHR (BFA, Scene Design, „98) is the Properties Manager at Florida State University in Tallahassee.
 NAMBI E. KELLY (BFA, Playwrighting, „95) was recently nominated for a 3 Arts Artist Award in the category of theatre as an actor and
 playwright; and she will appear in The Lost Boys of Sudan, Victory Gardens Biograph Theatre, opens 3/19/10 and runs through 4/25/10.
 DODI (DOLORES) KENAN (Certificate, Acting, „67) lives in Brooklyn, NY, and is completing a BS degree in Professional Studies, St. Francis
 College, Spring, 2011.
 KATHY KEYES (Faculty) has been a voiceover artist for the past 14 years. Some of her recent work includes commercial voiceovers for
 Bud Light, Kraft, McDonald‟s and RayOVac.
 A. LESLIE KIES (BFA, Acting,‟04) lives in LA. She can be seen in the national Cold Stone Creamery and Target commercials. She also
 recently accepted a role in the full length featured film Last Call.
 BRIAN KIMMET (BFA, Acting, „99) is working with Will & Company, a Shakespeare company in LA.
 BARBARA KINGSLEY (BFA, Acting, „75) is stand-by for Estelle Parsons and Libby George in the national tour of August: Osage County.
 JEFF STILL (MFA, Acting,‟89) is also in the cast. The show will be in Chicago 2/2/10—2/14/10 at Cadillac Palace Theatre.
 LEE KIRK (BFA, Acting, „96) is engaged to Jenna Fisher. Congrats Lee! He wrote the screenplay for Dan Savage‟s best selling book The
 Kid, for which SEAN GUNN (BFA, Acting, „96) recently acquired the film rights. A director has been attached to the project, and filming is
 scheduled to begin sometime later this year. He also wrote and acted in the film Pants on Fire. SEAN GUNN (BFA, Acting, „96) is also in the
 YASMINE KISS (BFA, Production Management, „98) is the Production Stage Manager at the Seattle Opera.
 RYAN KITLEY (MFA, Acting, „98) is the lead in the film The Heart of the Matter, which has been accepted to the Breckenridge Film Festival,
 the Great Lakes Film Festival and the Chicago Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. Ryan also recorded 3 new voices/characters for the next Star
 Wars video game with Lucas Arts. He is also teaching part time and directing at New Roads High School in Santa Monica and Pasadena
 City College. Ryan founded The Ensemble Workshop in LA.
 MARK KLARICH (BFA, Acting, „76) is in a national commercial for Allstate Insurance, currently running. He is a volunteer and participate in
 YoungStorytellers, a Hollywood-backed organization that works with 5th grades to write a short screenplay, which is then performed by
 professional actors at the participating schools. He is also is an attorney and an accountant, practicing tax, business and entertainment law in

 ELSEWHEREat depaul university
   DePaul expanded its presence in downtown Chicago with the acquisition of the historic Lytton Building at 14 E. Jackson Blvd in
   June 2008. The 18-story, 384,000-square-foot structure is the 5th historic building that DePaul owns along Jackson Blvd. The
   facility expands DePaul‘s real estate footprint in the South Loop by roughly 25%, totaling 1.7 million square feet and makes
   DePaul the largest educational institution in the area. The university is currently retrofitting several floors of the building to
   house graduate programs offered by the recently established College of Communication; the School for New Learning is
   expected to relocate there also.
   U.S. News & World Report’s annual ―America‘s Best Graduate Schools‖ was released this past April. DePaul‘s College of Law
   placed among the top 100 in the nation, while the university‘s part-time MBA program earned a spot among the top 10 in its
   category for the 14th time. The College of Law‘s part-time program also ranked 21st in an new survey of such programs by U.S.
   DePaul received a $7.5 million gift—its second largest private donation ever—from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation to establish
   the School of Hospitality Leadership, which will help address the hospitality industry‘s growing need for highly educated,
   diverse management. Based at the university‘s nationally recognized College of Commerce in downtown Chicago, the school
   will offer a bachelor‘s degree in hospitality leadership beginning Fall 2009-10 to prepare students for management roles at
   hotels, restaurants, convention and tourism ventures, spas and related leisure industries.
   Interested in volunteering and donating your time and expertise to students and other alumni? Join the ASK (Alumni Sharing
   Knowledge) Volunteer Network of Alumni Relations and Network, a unique career-focused mentor program devoted to helping
   students and alumni in their professional growth. To learn more go to:
   index.aspx All you need is: a willingness to contribute time and expertise to students and other alumni; a DePaul degree (or
   Goodman School of Drama for alumni prior to 1978); and access to email. The program runs primarily online, so your
   commitment is completely flexible. NOTE: This program is also open to friends of DePaul, not just alumni. For more
   information, contact or 312/362-8282.
TSNews: Theatre School News                          13 #6 7 April 2008
                                              Volume 11 #9 16January 2010                                                                14

 New Hampshire, Vermont and Arizona. He and his wife Ochazania raised 8 children and they           MOREthan a few
 have 10 grandchildren. Mark, his wife and 2 children are members of the musical group
 D’Moja, which has performed throughout New England over the last 18 years.
 RACHEL KLEM (MFA, Acting, „96) and her husband founded Common Ground Theatre in
                                                                                                             Caffeine Theatre
 Durham, NC. Rachel is also teaching Intro to Theatre at North Carolina State University.                P.O. Box 1904, 312/409-4778
 JULIE KLINE (BFA, Acting, „02 is the producer for the Evening Reading Series at Rattlestick        MEGHAN BEALS McCARTHY (MFA,
 Playwrights Theatre in NYC. She is a Literary Associate at Rattlestick Playwrights Theatre.        Directing, '07), a Caffeine Theatre
 She is also an artistic associate of Rising Phoenix Repertory.                                     board member, directs Wild Nights with
                                                                                                    Emily, Caffeine Theatre at the Lincoln
 COLLEEN (WELSH) KNAPP (BFA, Production Management, „02) is married to Alex Knapp.
                                                                                                    Square Theatre, opens 3/5/10 and runs
 Currently, Colleen works at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, where she is also pursuing
                                                                                                    through 4/11/10.            JESSICA
 her Masters in Higher Education Administration.
                                                                                                    (ROSENBERGER) BENNETT (BFA,
 PAUL KONRAD (BFA, Acting, „87) can be seen Monday through Friday mornings as the                   Acting, '07), ANNIE CALHOUN (MFA,
 weatherman on WGN-TV‟s morning news show and is a Professional Associate on The                    Acting, '09), and AMANDA HARTLEY
 Theatre School Board.                                                                              (MFA, Acting, '08) are in the
 DAVID KOVAC (BFA, Acting, „93) continues to regularly perform his comedy/magic act at              cast.     ALARIE HAMMOCK (BFA,
                                                                                                    Costume Design, '09) and SAMANTHA
 Navy Pier, and he is the Kissing Bandit in an independent, currently untitled film shot recently
                                                                                                    UMSTEAD (BFA, Costume Design, '09)
 in Chicago. David invites you to visit his website.
                                                                                                    are Co-Costume Designers; CASEY
 HEATHER (LINDSTEN) KRAUZA (BFA, Costume Design, „99) is a Technical Designer for                   DIERS (BFA, Lighting Design. '09), a
 Babies “R” Us in New Jersey. She recently earned her black belt in Tae Kwon Do and went to         Caffeine artistic associate, is the
 Seoul, South Korea this past May to train with their national team.                                Lighting Designer; STEPHEN
 ADAM KROLOFF (BFA, Acting '93) is the leader (Songwriter, Lead Singer, Guitar Player) for          CARMODY (BFA, Scenic Design, '10) is
 the band Captain Paradox; their debut album, Things Went Too Far, is now available on              the Set Designer; COURTNEY KNYSCH
 iTunes. He is an award winning Sound Designer for stage, TV and Film; a puppeteer and              (BFA, Theatre Arts, '09), a Caffeine
 director of the Paradox Puppet Theater; a music teacher; and has taught an Audio for Video         artistic associate,    is the Casting
 class at Point Park University. More info and links to some of his work can be found at his        Associate; and JENNIFER SHOOK
 website.                                                                                           (Faculty) is the Dramaturg, Associate
                                                                                                    Director and Caffeine Theatre's Artistic
 AARON KUBEY (BFA, Theatre Studies, ‟06) is the Executive Director/President for the                Director.
 National Theatre of the Deaf in West Hartford, CT.
 MACKENZIE KYLE (BFA, Acting,‟05) got engaged to ADAM SIMON (BFA, Playwrighting, „03)
 on 2/14/09. Congratulations to both of you! She is in The Perfume Shop at Asolo Repertory          JENNIFER SHOOK (Faculty) is the
 Theatre in Florida, through 4/1/10.                                                                artistic director of Caffeine Theatre.
                                                                                                    JASON BECK (BFA, Acting, ‗98 & Staff)
 CAROLYN LADD (MFA, Acting, „99) teaches Voice and Speech at the Educational Center for             is president of the Board of Trustees,
 the Arts in New Haven, CT as well as private voice lessons.                                        CHRISTINE ADAIRE (Former Faculty),
 MATT LAMBERT (BFA, Theatre Management, „94) is the 1st Assistant Stage Manager for                 DAVE DASTMALCHIAN (BFA, Acting,
 The Lion King U.S. tour.                                                                           ‗99), CASEY DIERS (BFA, Lighting
                                                                                                    Design, ‗09), and COURTNEY KNYSCH
                                                JOHNNY LANCASTER (MFA, Acting, „97) is              (BFA, Theatre Arts, ‗09) are Artistic
 MOREthan a few                                 the voice of AirTran Airlines, the Pepsi Vanilla
                                                campaign and the Fisher Price Rescue Heroes
                                                                                                    As s ocia tes .    M EG H AN B E ALS
                                                                                                    McCARTHY (MFA, Directing,‘07) is on
                                                toy line. He has voiceover TV spots currently       the board of trustees.
 Sansculottes Theatre Company                   running for Pringles, Hall‟s Fruitbreezers, Zest,
                                                Dannon, Center for Disease Control, Pillsbury, Panasonic, NY Lottery, Discovery Health,
      P.O. Box 256570, 773/540-3576             Showtime, Dentyne Ice and L‟Oreal. Johnny does promos for Fifth Wheel, IFC, Nickelodeon,
                                                MTV and the Cartoon Network. He‟s the voice of the 200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons show
                                                that will run for the next three years on VH1, and he narrates the NBC TV show Olympic Gold,
 TOM HORAN (BFA, Playwrighting,‘02)             which is hosted by former Olympian Summer Sanders. And of course, there are his radio
 is the Artistic Director of Sansculottes.      spots for AOL, Verizon, Staples, Lowes, Titleist Golf Balls and Crown Royal.
 Studies,‘04) is the Operations Manager,        PENNY LANE (SANDI MARCUS) (Certificate, Acting, „66) went into public relations after a
 RILEY COOPER (BFA, Acting,‘03) is an           career in voiceovers spending six years working for a large firm, then branched out on her own
 artistic associate alum, DEAN CORRIN           6 years ago doing small to medium sized accounts. Contact Penny at
 (Faculty) is a board member, JASON             BETHANY LANG (BFA, Theatre Management, „08) is the Grants Coordinator at Chicago
 DEMMA (BFA, General Theatre                    Children‟s Museum.
 Studies,‘05) is a company member,
 MATT GAWRYK (BFA, Lighting                     SUZANNE LANG (MFA, Acting, „04), JAMES GRANT (BFA, Acting, „62) and RICHARD
 Design,‘04) is a company member, DAN           PIERRELOUIS (BFA, Acting, „03) are in the film What If.., to be released 2/14/10.
 KERR-HOBERT (BFA, Acting,‘03) is the           JAMES LANGA (BFA, Theatre Studies, „05) and MICHAEL CHIAPPE (BFA, Acting, „05) run
 Associate Artistic Director, TAI               IMAGINIF, an entertainment company in Cleveland, OH.
 PALMGREN (BFA, Playwrighting,‘01) is
 a company member, TERRY SELUCKY                LAUREN LANSING (BFA, Theatre Studies, „05) lives in Denver, CO, and is teaching 3rd
 (BFA, Playwrighting,‘01) is a company          grade in a dual-language program at Escuela de Guadalupe in Denver, CO. She teaches all
 co-founder, ADAM SIMON (BFA,                   regular classes in both languages (English & Spanish) and helps direct the bilingual extra-
 Playwrighting,‘03) is the Literary             curricular theatre classes as well as the yearly performances.
 Manager, and C. MITCHELL TURNER                KEVIN LAWSON (BFA, Lighting Design, „91) is the Lighting Director for the US Olympic
 (BFA, Playwrighting,‘01) is a company          Committee Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, the Mandela Day Celebration NY, Comedy
TSNews: Theatre School News                         13 #6 7 April 2008
                                             Volume 11 #9 16January 2010                                                                    15
 Central‟s Roast of Joan Rivers, and the NFL Kickoff 2009—Live from Pittsburgh on NBC.
 LOREN LAZERINE (Certificate, Acting, „88) is in the film Fast and Furious 4.
 MICK (MICHAEL) LEAVITT (BFA, Acting, „81) is a multi-Tony Award winning producer. Former
 President of Fox Theatrical, he and partner Stuart Oken formed Elephant Eye Theatrical (EET).
 EUGENE LEE (BFA, Scene Design, „64) is a Resident Designer for Trinity Repertory Company in
 Providence, RI. KRISTIN IDASZAK (BFA, Theatre Arts, „09) is the literary/artistic management
 intern for Trinity‟s 2009-2010 season and SHAYNA O‘NEILL (BFA, Stage Management, „08) is a
 production assistant.
 KRISHNA LeFAN (BFA, Acting, „96) is a company member of Trap Door Theatre. CAROLYN
 HOERDEMANN (BFA, Acting, „92) is in Minna, Trap Door Theatre, through 2/13/10.
 LIZZ LEISER (BFA, Playwrighting, „01) is an active playwright in NYC and is also working at
 Creative Talent Company.
 DAN LeMONNIER (MFA, Acting, „80) invites you to visit his website.
 LINDSAY LEOPOLD (MFA, Acting,‟09) will be playing Sally Bowles in The Hypocrites‟ production of
 Cabaret at DCA Storefront Theatre, opens 4/15/10 and runs through 5/23/10.
 JOSH LEVINE (BFA, Playwrighting, „02) is studying in the MFA Playwrighting program at Rutgers            Juanuario Conrad Stageman (at
 University, where he„ll be studying under Lee Blessing (Playwrighting), Richard Dresser (Writing for     10 months), son of WREN
 TV) and James Ryan (Screenwriting). He also still maintains his web design portfolio and his writing     LONGNO (BFA, Theatre Studies,
 portfolio.                                                                                               ‗99) and Dan Stageman.
                                                                                                               -photo supplied by Wren Longno
 DANA LEWENTHAL (MFA, Acting, „97) invites you to visit her website for more information on her
 professional work.
 KELLUM LEWIS (MFA, Acting, ‟92) is the Director of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Programs at Aurora Las Encinas Hospital
 in Pasadena, CA. He also has a private psychotherapy practice in West Hollywood, CA. Additionally, Kellum and his partner, a visual
 effects artist and trainer, are launching a post-production effects company called MonkeyWeed Pros which will provide a full range of visual
 effects services for independent filmmakers including VFX supervision and coordination, image repair and restoration, animation, opticals,
 titles and production web hosting. They worked on the films 500 Days of Summer, Miss March, and Whitest Kids You Know.
 ANNE LIBERA (Faculty) is the Executive Artistic Director of the Second City Training Center and has written a book, The Second City
 Almanac of Improvisation.

 MOREthan a few
                                               TINA LILLY (MFA, Directing, „92) is the Arts Services Manager for Georgia Council for the
                                               Arts in Atlanta.
                                               ROLANDO LINARES (BFA, Production Management, „99) is the Assistant Stage Manager for
         Goodman Theatre                       the touring production of Wicked.
      170 N. Dearborn, 312/443-3800
                                               NIKKI LINT (BFA, Production Management, „03) is the Child Wrangler for the National Tour of
 SCOTT ILLINGWORTH (BFA, Acting,               Mary Poppins.
 ‗98 & MFA, Directing, ‗09) is assistant       PAULA (CALE) LISBE (BFA, Acting, „93) is a Professional Associate on The Theatre School
 directing the world premiere of The           Board.
 Long Red Road, directed by Phillip
 Seymour Hoffman.      Previews begin          PAM (WOODRUFF) LOBLEY (BFA, Acting,‟82) is a humor columnist for a variety of
 2/13/10, opens 2/22/10 and runs               newspapers and websites and is collaborating on a new musical. Her book You Definitely
 through 3/14/10.                              Know You’re a Mom When…. is available now on Amazon.
                                               WREN LONGNO (BFA, Theatre Studies, „99) is the Director of Communications for Housing
 NAMBI E. KELLY (BFA, Playwrighting,           and Service, Inc, a non-profit that develops and manages permanent, supportive housing for
 ‗95) will be in The Good Negro, opens         the formerly homeless.
 5/1/10 and runs through 6/6/10. Nambi
 is this year‘s Playwrighting Fellow for       LINDA (HICKMAN) LUBELL (BFA, Acting, „91) is a singer/songwriter. You can hear snippets
 the Goodman.                                  from her album, Perfect Heart. She performs regularly in the Chicago area. Linda invites you
                                               to visit her homepage.
 MICHAEL BEGORA (BFA, Theatre                  JACK LUCKY (BFA, Theatre Studies, „92) is an Associate Adjunct Professor at Southwestern
 Technology, ‗05) is the Assistant             Law School in LA. He is also a judge in the Riverside County Superior Court, appointed by
 Technical Director, STEPHEN GEIS              California‟s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.
 (BFA, Theatre Technology,‘90) is the
 Shop Carpenter, KARL KOCHVAR                  DARBY LUNCEFORD (BFA, Theatre Studies, „97) is the Director of Marketing for National
 (BFA, Lighting Design, ‗80) is a              Artists Management Company (NAMCO). He oversees all marketing activities for Chicago the
 Resident Scenic Artist, DAVID NAUTON          Musical in NYC, and the London engagement.
 (Facult y) is the House Audio                 JAMES M. LYNCH (MFA, Directing, „92)‟s book The Hamlet Secret: A Self-Directed
 Supervisor, BIRGIT RATTENBORG-                (Shakespearean) Workbook for Living a Passionate, Joy-Filled Life is now available in stores.
 WISE (Faculty) is the Head Draper,            He is also writing articles for in the Living Section of The Huffington Post. He is the founder of
 KRISTIN TORGRIMSON (BFA, Stage                the Art Walk in Highland Park, IL. James‟ artwork was also featured in the project. James
 M a na ge m en t , ‗ 1 0) i s a s ta g e      lives in Highland Park, IL with his wife and 3 children and is also on that city's Cultural Arts
 management intern, ROCHE                      Commission.
 SCHULFER (Faculty) is the Executive
 Director and ALDEN VASQUEZ                    CELIA MADEOY (MFA, Acting, „91) is a faculty member at the University of Arizona. Celia is
 (Faculty) is the Goodman Theatre‘s            also a company actor with the Arizona Repertory Theatre, where she will be associate director
 Production Stage Manager.                     for The Taming of the Shrew, opens 2/24/10 and runs through 3/27/10, and The Tamer
TSNews: Theatre School News                          13 #6 7 April 2008
                                              Volume 11 #9 16January 2010                                                              16
 Tamed, opens 3/3/10 and runs through 3/28/10. She will also be playing Mrs. Webb in Our
 Town with Rogue Theatre in Tucson.                                                                MOREthan a few
 LAURA MAHLER (BFA, Acting,‟06) invites you to visit her website
 LAURA MALARA (BFA, Acting,‟08) is in Storytown at IO Theatre every Saturday morning.                 Victory Gardens Theater
 MELANIE PLANK (BFA, Theatre Arts,‟11) is also in the cast.
                                                                                                       2433 N. Lincoln, 773/871-3000
 COBEY MANDARINO (MFA, Acting, „04) teaches Acting at the New York Film Academy.
 Cobey is also a script reader for The Public Theater.
                                                                                                   JAMES SHERMAN (Faculty) wrote
 CHIARA MANGIAMELI (BFA, Acting, „94) founded the flamenco trio Idilio, which recently
                                                                                                   Jacob and Jack which will premiere at
 released their debut album. Chiara is teaching Pilates mat classes at Northwestern University
                                                                                                   Victory Gardens.     Previews begin
 in Evanston and she‟s in the process of opening her own Pilates studio in the Logan Square
                                                                                                   5/14/10, press opening 5/24/10, runs
 neighborhood of Chicago. She performs regularly with The Guitars of Spain throughout the
                                                                                                   through 6/20/10. DENNIS ZACEK (GSD
 Chicagoland area, and she is offering flamenco classes on Sundays.
                                                                                                   & BA, DePaul University, ‗63) will
 JOE MANTEGNA (BFA Acting Program, „67-‟69) plays David Rossi in CBS‟s Criminal Minds.             direct.
 He has now completed over 70 films in addition to many theatre and TV appearances.
 JIM MARONEK (MFA, Scene Design, „58 & Professor Emeritus) has been an active member
                                                                                                   KEVIN ANDERSON (Certificate, Acting,
 of the United Scenic Artists for 50 years. Congratulations! Jim and his wife Carole have a 15-
                                                                                                   ‗81) will be in the world premiere of A
 acre estate, Silver Poplar Studios, with Russian-inspired buildings and gardens. It has long
                                                                                                   Guide For The Perplexed, opens 7/9/10
 been an artists‟ retreat in Ellison Bay, Door County, and is now open in all seasons. Jim‟s
                                                                                                   and runs through 8/23/10.
 gallery, located in a unique barn built for large Russian parties, and dubbed Ellison
 Wonderland, features his fine art. Regular Gallery hours are 1-4PM Fridays and Saturdays,
 May through September, or by appointment or destiny. Check out his website.                       BRIAN BARASCH (BFA, Theatre
                                                                                                   Management, ‗09) is the Executive
 TANERA MARSHALL (MFA, Acting, „95) is Assistant Professor of Theater at UIC. Their next
                                                                                                   Assistant, DEAN CORRIN (Staff) is an
 production will be A Midsummer Night’s Dream, opens 2/19/10 and runs through 2/28/10.
                                                                                                   playwrights ensemble member, JAN
 CALVIN MARTY (BFA, Acting, „05) and WIL FLEMING (BFA, Acting, „04) are in the band                KALLISH (Faculty) is the Executive
 Calvin Marty and the Sunken Ship.                                                                 Director, KATHLEEN MUELLER (BFA,
                                                                                                   Theatre Management, ‗09) is a box
 ADAM MATHIAS (BFA, Playwrighting, „96) wrote the book and lyrics for See Rock City &
                                                                                                   office ticket associate as well as a
 Other Destinations, which won last year‟s Richard Rodgers Award. Adam co-founded The
                                                                                                   house manager/bartender, FARREL
 Theatre School's Wrights of Spring new play festival, which will celebrate its 16th anniversary
                                                                                                   WILSON (MFA, Acting, ‗89) is working
 in May 2010. He invites you to visit his website.
                                                                                                   as an artist in residence at several
 KAREN MAUDE (BFA, Theatre Studies, „92) is the Executive Director for the Lieutenant              Chicago high schools for the Victory
 General Timothy J. Maude Foundation that was set up in memory of her father, the highest          Gardens Education Dept., DENNIS
 ranking soldier killed at the Pentagon during the 9/11/01 terrorist attack. Karen is now the      ZACEK (GSD & BA, DePaul University,
 Director of Finance and Administration for the Association of Children‟s Museums.                 ‗63) is the Artistic Director, ZACH
                                                                                                   ZULAUF (BFA, Theatre Studies, ‗06) is
 AMANTHA MAY (BFA, Acting, „93) is the artistic director of The Dunyana Dance Ensemble in
 NYC specializing in contemporary American belly dance.                                            the Education Coordinator.

 ADAM MAYFIELD (BFA, Acting, „00) is Scott Chandler in ABC‟s All My Children. He has national commercials running for Country Crock,
 Coors Light, Taco Bell and Aflac Insurance. He recently filmed 6 shorts for Jerry Zucker and an independent film called Corps Run. He was
 also recently in the film Love Struck at the 48 hour film festival.
 TIM MAZUREK (BFA, Costume Design, „98) works at DePaul‟s School of Music. He invites you to visit his food blog, for which he was
 recently interviewed by Gapers Block.
 JAY McALEER (BFA, Lighting Design,‟92) is in his 6th season as the Technical Director at On the Boards at The Behnke Center for
 Contemporary Performance in Seattle, WA.
 BRIDGET McCARTY (BFA, Stage Management, „04) is the General Stage Manager for Cirque du Soliel‟s North American touring production
 of Saltimbanco.
 TARELL ALVIN McCRANEY (BFA, Acting, „03) will be the director and co-editor for Hamlet with the Royal Shakespeare Company in
 Stratford, England, opens 5/1/10 and runs through 9/11/10. Tarrell was listed by Advocate Magazine as one of the Forty Under 40 in the
 arts, and is the Royal Shakespeare Company‟s international writer in residence. His play Wig Out! is nominated for a GLAAD Media Award,
 honoring fair, accurate and inclusive representations of gay individuals. PAUL OAKLEY STOVALL (BFA, Acting,‟91)‟s play As Much As You
                                                Can is also nominated for the award.
 MOREthan a few                                ERIC McGILL (MFA, Acting, „77) is a member of The San Francisco Gay Men‟s Chorus. He is
                                               also a member of Pan Theatre, an improv company that performs in various venues in San
 Old Town School of Folk Music                 Francisco and Oakland.

    4644 N. Lincoln Ave, 773/728-6000          JOHANNA McKAY (BFA, Acting, „88) regularly participates in a group called P. S. Arts, a
                                               program in the Los Angeles area to put artists into public schools that cannot afford arts
                                               programs. Funding is provided through Oprah Winfrey and Old Navy.
 CAROLYN CRISTOFANI (BFA, Costume              JESSICA McKENZIE (BFA, Theatre Studies, „99) is a publicist for a book publishing company
 Design, ‗92), DEBORAH KING (BFA,              in Salt Lake City, UT and is shooting for the New York Times Best-seller list.
 Acting, ‗92) and MARY PETERSON
 (MFA, Acting, ‗81) are on the faculty,        KENN McLAUGHLIN (BFA, Acting, ‟90) is the Producing Artistic Director of Stages Repertory
 YOLANDA ANDROZZO (BFA, Acting,                Theatre in Houston, TX.
 ‗91) is also on the faculty and is the        GABE McPHERSON (BFA, Acting, „00) is a teaching artist for the conservatory training
 Youth Outreach Manager.
TSNews: Theatre School News                         13 #6 7 April 2008
                                             Volume 11 #9 16January 2010                                                                  17

 DIDyou know?                                              program at Broadway Center for the Performing Arts, Tacoma, WA teaching
                                                           acting, musical theatre, voice, and movement classes, and is the director of the
                                                           summer programs for kids from 3rd grade through high school. His also is in the
 -People do not get sick from cold weather; it's from      band Doxology.
 being indoors a lot more.
 -Visit, type in any            ALEX MEDA (BFA, Theatre Arts, „07) created THE (ARTIST) INITIATIVE, an
 Manhattan address or landmark building, and you           interdisciplinary organization and institution of learning, employing a collective
 will get a shot of what that location looked like in      framework, providing artists with the administrative and collaborative resources
 1609.                                                     needed to develop and exhibit new work. Alex is the managing director of Teatro
 -When you sneeze, all bodily functions stop, even         Luna, currently producing Lunatic(a)s playing at Chicago Dramatists, extended
 your heart.                                               through 2/21/10. DIANE HERRERA (BFA, Playwrighting, „96) is an artistic
 -Modern U.S. presidents have fulfilled less than 70%      associate and the PlayLab director for Teatro Luna and CHRISTINA NIEVES
 of their campaign promises, according to historical       (BFA, Acting, „09) is in the cast.
 studies.                                                  SPENCE MEDFORD (BFA Acting Program, „90-‟91) is the vice president of
 -Babies are born without kneecaps; they don't             development at Swedish Covenant Hospital here in Chicago.
 appear until they are 2-6 years old.
                                                           JONATHAN MEIER (MFA, Acting, „85) is the Director of Theatre at Mundelein
 -The Peace Corps has seen a 24% surge in
 applications in the first half of 2009 compared with      High School in Mundelein, IL where he teaches both acting and technical
                                                           theatre, as well as directing the school‟s productions. At Mundelein, he will direct
 the same periods two years ago.
                                                           Picasso at the Lapin Agile, opens 2/4/10 and runs through 2/6/10; and
 -The average person over 50 will have spent 5 years
                                                           Footloose, opens 4/29/10 and runs through 5/2/10.
 waiting in lines.
 -Roughly one-third of U.S. federal employees –            RYAN MEISHEID (BFA, Theatre Management, „04) is the General Management
 600,000 – are eligible for retirement in the next four    Fiscal Coordinator at BAM, the Brooklyn Academy of Music.
                                                           KYMBERLY MELLEN (MFA, Acting, ‟00) is a visiting professor at Brigham
 -The toothbrush was invented in 1498.
                                                           Young University teaching Beginning and Intermediate Acting and a Musical/
 -The after-tax income of the richest 1% of U.S.
                                                           Dance/Theatre Seminar.
 citizens increased by 256% from 1979 to 2006, but it
 increased only 11% for the poorest one-fifth of U.S.      MICHAEL MERKER (MFA, Directing/Acting, „78) is on hiatus as Artistic Director
 citizens (who make an average of $16,500 a year.)         for World Stage Ministries, Renton, WA.
 -The average housefly lives for one month.
                                                           FRANK MERLE (BFA, Playwrighting, „01) is happy to report that his screenplay
 -The suicide rate for police is at least 50% higher
                                                           Graves Farms has been selected in the MovieHatch competition to move onto
 than the national average, and they generally kill
                                                           another round where it will be looked at by several Hollywood decision-makers.
 themselves with the gun they used in the line of
                                                           He has two other completed screenplays making the rounds in Hollywood,
                                                           Criminality and Ruinous. Frank has two other feature films in development: a
 -40,000 U.S. citizens are injured by toilets each year.
                                                           small-town zombie movie called Bad Batch and a psychological corporate thriller
 -Fresno, CA, was ranked by the Brookings
                                                           called Death Method. He is currently seeking producing partners for Death
 Institution in 2005 as the U.S. city with the greatest
                                                           Method at IndieGoGo.
 concentration of poverty.
 -A coat hanger is 44 inches long when straightened.       JANET MESSMER (Faculty) is the Costume Curator for the Evanston Historical
 -The percentage of workers over 65 is increasing          Society. Her current exhibit, A New Century Opens: Evanston Fashions 1900-
 faster than any other age group, according to the         1910, opened 11/1/09.
 Bureau of Labor Statistics.
                                                           JEN MICHEL (MFA, Acting, „95) lives in Rhode Island and acts in a few different
 -The average computer user blinks 7 times a
                                                           theatre companies. She also runs the Women‟s Online Community for AOL.
 -An island with a total area of less than 4000 square     DARRELL MILLER (BFA, Theatre Studies, „90) is working for Exempla
 miles, Jamaica has 579 species of ferns alone, a          Healthcare in Denver, CO.
 higher density, it is believed, than anywhere else in     MARTIN MILLER (MFA Arts Leadership Program, „07-‟09) is the Managing
 the world.                                                Director of TheatreSquared, Fayetteville, AR.
 -Your feet are bigger in the afternoon than any other
 time of day.                                              PAUL MILLER (BFA Lighting Design Program, „83—„87) designed the lighting
 -Of the 1.6 million acres of redwood forest, 34% is       for Legally Blonde: The Musical, currently on tour. Paul is the Assistant Lighting
 owned by 3 companies, 21% by the state of                 Designer for Phantom, The Las Vegas Spectacular, Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas,
 California and the federal government, and the rest       open run. He is also the lighting designer for the next live touring Nickelodeon
 by smallholders.                                          production called Storytime Live! CURT OWENS (BFA, Theatre Management,
 -Most of us have eaten a spider in our sleep.             „05) is a production associate for Broadway Across America on the show and
 -In a long-term study, 57% of individuals who drank       SUSAN VARGO (BFA, Theatre Management, „98) is the Executive Producer of
 2 or more cans of diet soda per day became                live theatricals for Nickelodeon.
 overweight in an average of 8 years, compared with        JULIE MILLETT (BFA Acting Program, „95-‟96) is a company member of Circle
 47% in the study who drank regular soda.                  X Theatre, based in Hollywood, CA. Julie is a regular cast member of Fake
 -The real reason ostriches stick their head in the        Radio, a group of actors and comedians that perform radio scripts from the 30s,
 sand is to search for water.                              40s, and 50s before a live audience.
 -Frank Langella turned 70 on 1/1/10.
 -Mel Gibson turned 55 on 1/3/10.                          ELLEN MILLS (BFA, Acting, „97) lives in Minneapolis and is the Associate
 -Rod Stewart turns 65 on 1/10/10.                         Producer of the Travel Channel series, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.
 -Kevin Kostner turns 55 at 1/18/10.                       GARY MILLS (BFA, Acting, „91) is the Co-Founder of Pinnacle Performance
 -Jack Nicklaus turns 70 on 1/21/10.                       Company which teaches performance techniques to corporate executives across
 -Diane Lane turns 55 on 1/22/10.                          the U.S. and Canada as well as in London, Amsterdam, Singapore and Sri
 -Tom Selleck turns 65 on 1/29/10.                         Lanka.
 -Gene Hackman turns 80 on 1/30/10.
                                                           DAVID MINK (Certificate, Acting, „62) runs Redmink Productions, which provides
                                                           entertainment for over 600 corporate events, meetings and trade shows
TSNews: Theatre School News                          13 #6 7 April 2008
                                              Volume 11 #9 16January 2010                                                                 18

 MOREthan a few                                annually.
                                               PETER MOHRMANN (MFA, Acting, „89) is the Managing Director for Capital Stage Company
                                               in Sacramento, CA.
          TimeLine Theatre                     DAVID MOLD (MFA, Directing, „97) is an Associate Professor at Marymount Manhattan
     615 W. Wellington, 773/281-8463           College in NYC. RON PIRETTI (MFA, Acting, „75) and SCOTT ILLINGWORTH (BFA, Acting,
                                               „98 & MFA, Directing, „08) are adjunct professors at Marymount Manhattan.

 Nick Bowling, a TimeLine company              JoANN MONTEMURRO (BFA, Acting,‟81) is the Co-Artistic Director and ensemble member of
 member,      will direct the Chicago          Raven Theatre. JoAnn plays Linda Loman in Death of a Salesman, extended through 1/16/10.
 premiere of The Farnsworth Invention,         ALEX MONICAL (BFA, Acting, „99) is about a year away from getting his BFA in Interior
 opens 4/17/10 and runs through                Design at the Illinois Institute of Art, which was just voted one of the top ten interior design
 6/13/10. JOHN CULBERT (Dean) will             schools in the US.
 design the scenery.
                                               ANTONIO MOON (BFA, Acting,‟93) is in the short film The Swear Police. JOHN COLELLA
                                               (BFA, Acting,‟92) and JIM ROOF (BFA, Acting,‟92) are also in the film.
 LARA GOETSCH (Former Staff) is the            JULIE MORGENSTERN (MFA Directing Program, „81-‟83) is an internationally recognized
 Director of Marketing and                     organizing and time management expert and New Times best-selling author. Her clients have
 Communications for TimeLine, JULIET           included American Express, Microsoft, the NYC Mayor‟s Office and Microsoft. She is a
 HART (MFA, Acting,‘95) is the Living          frequent guest on shows including The Oprah Winfrey Show, the Today show, Good Morning
 History Education Programs                    America, and NPR.
 Coordinator, PJ POWERS (BFA,
 Acting,‘95) is the Artistic Director, and     TOBY MORRIS (BFA, Acting, „92 - „94) has launched his photography website.
 BENJAMIN THIEM (BFA, Theatre                  CHRIS MORRISON (Certificate, Acting, „84) is the National Director of Country Marketing for
 Studies, ‘04) is the Literary Manager.        the Universal Music Group based in LA. In his position, Chris gets to work with many
 Timeline Theatre Company is the               superstar artists in the Country genre including Rascal Flatts, Shania Twain, George Strait,
 recipient of this year‘s Richard              Reba McEntire, Toby Keith and Willie Nelson. He‟s been with Universal Music in various
 Goodman Strategic Planning Award              capacities since 1994.
 from the Association for Strategic
 planning.                                     KEVIN MORRISSEY (BFA,Scene Design,„89) is an Associate Professor and Department
                                               Chairman of the Theatre Academy/Department of Theatre Arts at Los Angeles City College.
 Kevin invites you to visit his website.
 JULIA (MEADOR) MOSS (BFA, Scene Design, „03) lives in NYC and works at Showman Fabricators.
 KAREN MOULD (BFA, Acting, „95) is a singer, songwriter, violinist, and lesbian activist. She was half of the group Bitch & Animal, but is now
 working on her solo career as Bitch.
 KATHLEEN MUELLER (BFA, Theatre Management, „09) is the Company Management Production Assistant with Addams Family—A New
 Musical. The show closes 1/10/10 in Chicago; Kathleen is going with the show to NYC. Previews on Broadway begin 3/4/10 at the Lunt
 Fontanne Theatre, 205 W. 46th, opens 4/8/10, open run.
 MICHAEL MUHNEY (BFA, Acting, „97) is Adam Wilson in CBS‟s Young and the Restless. Michael is in The Portal with Michael Madsen;
 Columbus Day with Val Kilmer and Marg Helgenberger; and No Man’s Land: Reeker 2.
 CALLIE MUNSON (BFA, Acting, „06) is currently filming as the principle role for the independent film Veracity which will have a run at Gene
 Siskel in May 2010.
 KATE MURA (BFA, Acting, „01) is a co-founder of Fuse Theatre Ensemble in Portland, OR.           She invites you to check out her website with
 performance, design and teaching information.
 CARLOS MURILLO (Faculty) spent last summer at the Sundance Theatre Lab working on Diagram. He completed the Berkeley commission
 of A Thick Description of Harry Smith. His play Dark Play had its German premiere this past Fall at Theatre der Stadt Aalen, and recently
 closed at Forum Theatre in Washington, DC. Carlos has been commissioned to write a new play for Playwrights Horizons. Carlos is the co-
 chair of the Playwrighting program at The Theatre School for the 2009-10 academic year and will become the chair of the program beginning
 in 2010-11. Congratulations, Carlos!
 KEVIN MURPHY (BA, Speech, „57 & MA, Sociology, „73) is the secretary and webmaster for
 the Calumet Stewardship Initiative. The Calumet Region includes much of Northwestern               MOREthan a few
 Indiana and the Southeast corner of the city of Chicago. It is defined as that segment of the
 two-state area drained by the Grand Calumet and Little Calumet Rivers. In addition to the            The Actor‘s Gang Ensemble Theatre
 southeastern sections of Chicago, the region includes Gary, East Chicago, Hammond,                    9070 Venice Blvd, Culver City, CA
 Whiting, Crown Point, Chesterton and Valparaiso, among others. Check out the site for                           310/838-4264
 opportunities to help the environment; many of them are free. Also check out an online copy of
 the special Calumet issue of Chicago Wilderness Magazine.
 KIMOSHA MURPHY (Faculty) is the Managing/Artistic Director of the ALYO Children‟s Dance            ROB ADLER (BFA, Acting, ‗99), JASON
 Theatre, an art education effort to develop the talents and knowledge of urban children            DENUSZEK (BFA, Acting, ‗99), BRIAN
 through the dance and music traditions of Africa.                                                  KIMMET (BFA, Acting, ‗99) and CHRIS
                                                                                                    SCHULTZ (BFA, Acting, ‗99) are
 NICK (GLENN) NASELIUS (Certificate, Lighting Design, ‟50) is a fellow of the United States         company members.
 Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT). This is an honorary designation bestowed for life
 upon those members who have made a truly outstanding contribution to the entertainment industry and the work of the Institute. JERRY
 GORRELL (BFA, Theatre Technology, „65) and ERIC FIELDING (MFA, Scene Design, ‟76) are also fellows.
 MICHAEL NEFF (BFA Acting Program, „89-‟91) is a Sergeant First Class in the army, has been reassigned from somewhere in the desert
 between Jordan and Baghdad, to the Army Reserve Training School for Maintenance at Fort McCoy, WI. His mission is primarily to train
TSNews: Theatre School News                           11 #9 7 April 2008
                                               Volume 13 #6 16January 2010                                                                19

 MOREthan a few                                   soldiers who are deploying to combat areas on maintenance issues they will encounter with
                                                  new materials and methods. Michael is also working toward an MA in Education and a
                                                  Certificate in Counseling.
           Northlight Theatre                     DAVID NEW (BFA, Acting, „87) is a guest lecturer at the University of Chicago.
        9501 Skokie Blvd, Skokie, IL              MARC NEWMAN (BFA, Theatre Arts, „08) is in the MA in Film/Cinema Studies program at
                847-673-6300                      Columbia University in NYC.
                                                  CHRISTINA NIEVES (BFA, Acting, „09) is in Lunatic(a)s playing at Chicago Dramatists,
                                                  extended through 2/21/10. DIANE HERRERA (BFA, Playwrighting, „96) is an artistic
 DEMETRIOS TROY (BA, Theatre Arts, ‗04)           associate and the PlayLab director for Teatro Luna where ALEX MEDA (BFA, Theatre Arts,
 is in Awake and Sing. Directed by Amy
                                                  „07) is the Managing Director.
 Morton and featuring Mike Nausbaum
 and Rondi Reed, the show opens 1/21/10           TIM NORDWIND (BFA, Playwrighting, „98) is in the band OK GO. He and the band also
 and runs through 2/28/10.                        wrote and performed the theme music for the National Public Radio‟s daily program
                                                  Odyssey hosted by Gretchen Helfrich. Their third album, Of the Blue Colour of the Sky can
                                                  be pre-ordered here. Their single and video WTF? is also available here.
 MEGHAN BEALS McCARTHY (MFA,                      KATIE NOVELLO (BFA, Costume Design, „00) is the Assistant Costume Designer for
 Directing,‘07) is the dramaturg/literary         NBC‟s Law and Order: Criminal Intent and is also a member of United Scenic Artists Union.
 manager and the curator for Northlight‘s
 reading series.      BRENDA METELKA              MATT O‘BRIEN (BFA, Acting Program, „82-‟85) is the Producing Director for GreatWorks
 (BFA, Theatre Studies, ‗04) is the sound         Theatre, a regional touring company focusing on literature and history-based plays for
 engineer for Northlight.                         students in grades K-9. He is also the artist director for the new Foxrock Theatricals, a new
                                                  project that will tour Samuel Beckett productions originally produced for Irish Repertory and
 the Buckets O‟Beckett festivals in Chicago.
 RYAN O‘DONNELL (MFA, Acting, „03) is on the faculty at Berkeley Repertory Theatre, working as the outreach coordinator.
 COURTNEY O‘NEILL (BFA, Theatre Studies, „06) is in her first year of the MFA in Scene Design program at Northwestern University in
 Evanston, IL.
 LEANNE G. (MEDEIROS) O‘NEILL (BFA, Theatre Arts,‟08) is the Director of Education for The City of Fairfax Theatre Company in Fairfax,
 VA. She runs classes for kids age 5 through 18 in playwrighting, audition skills, creative movement, and improv.
 SHAYNA O‘NEILL (BFA, Stage Management, „08) is a production assistant for Trinity Repertory Company in Providence, RI. KRISTIN
 IDASZAK (BFA, Theatre Arts, „09) is the literary/artistic management intern for Trinity‟s 2009-2010 season and EUGENE LEE (BFA, Scene
 Design, „64) is a Resident Designer .
 ZAK ORTH (BFA, Acting, „92) is Keith in the film Peter and Vandy with Jason Ritter and Jesse L. Martin; the film The Wonderful Maladys, to
 be released sometime this year; and the film Monogamy, also to be released sometime in 2010. Zak was in an episode of Comedy
 Channel‟s Michael & Michael Have Issues.
 DAVID OSIPOVICH (BFA Acting Program, „93-‟94 & BA, LA&S, „96) earned a JD in May from the University of Iowa College of Law and
 recently passed the Pennsylvania Bar Exam. In January, he will be starting as an Associate Attorney at the Pittsburgh office of K&L Gates,
 CURT OWENS (BFA, Theatre Management, „05) is the Production Associate at Broadway Across America. He is working on the next live
 touring Nickelodeon production is Storytime Live! PAUL MILLER (BFA, Lighting Design
 Program, „83-‟87) is the lighting designer for the show and SUSAN VARGO (BFA, Theatre
 Management, „98) is the Executive Producer of live theatricals for Nickelodeon.                  MOREthan a few
 MICHAEL PACAS (MFA, Directing, „90) invites you to visit his website.
                                                                                                     Chicago Shakespeare Theater
 RYAN PALMER (MFA, Acting, „03) and his wife Maggie live in Portland, OR where Ryan is
 the Course Manager for the Principles of Clinical Medicine course at the Oregon Health and            600 E. Grand Ave, 312/595-5600
 Science University.
 TOM PARDOE (Certificate, Acting, „89) is teaching a Movement to Music class in LA, and           BEA BOSCO (Faculty) is the Associate
 recently directed a cabaret show for Tony Award winner from A Chorus Line, Sammy                 Director of Education for Chicago
 Williams. He invites you to visit his website.                                                   Shakespeare, KATIE CORDTS (BFA,
 KEITH PARHAM (BFA, Lighting Design, „98) designed lights for the Serbian Premiere of             Costume Design, ‗08) is a wig attendant,
                                                                                                  KEIRA FROMM (MFA, Directing,‘09) is
 Tony Kushner‟s Homebody/Kabul at The National Theatre in Belgrade, opened 10/25/09.
                                                                                                  the Casting Associate, CRISS
 BRENNAN PARKS (MFA, Directing, '05) and ANDREW BLOCK (MFA, Acting, '05) curate a                 HENDERSON (BFA, Production
 late-night series, producing 3-4 works each season, for Rogue Machine in LA.                     Management, ‗86 & Faculty) is the
 MARY ELLEN PARK (MFA, Costume Design, „99) is a dresser/stitcher for Broadway in                 Executive Director, ORA JEWELL-
 Chicago. Currently she is the Assistant Wardrobe Supervisor for Jersey Boys at La Salle          BUSCHE (BFA, Costume Design, ‗04) is
 Bank Theatre, through 1/10/10.                                                                   a draper and wig knotter, and LISA
                                                                                                  STEC (BA, Costume Design, ‗75) is a
 TARA PARKS (BFA, Acting, „94) had her first book, about hauntings in NYC, published by           draper.
 Schiffer Publishing.
 TERI PASTORE (BFA, Acting, „85) lives in Oregon and is an adjunct writing instructor at MHCC, PCC and PSU's Center for Excellence in
 Writing. Teri has also reviewed fiction and non-fiction for the Oregonian's ArtWeek section.
 LINDSEY PATE (BFA, Costume Design, ‟06) is an adjunct faculty member at Roosevelt University teaching Stage Makeup. She is also a
 lecturer at Indiana University (Gary campus).
 VIVIAN PAVLOS (BFA, Costume Design, „02) is a member of United Scenic Artists Local 829.
TSNews: Theatre School News                         11 #9 7 April 2008
                                             Volume 13 #56 16 January 2010                                                             20

 MOREthan a few                              CHRIS GARCIA PEAK (MFA, Directing, „04) is in a dual position at Illinois State University as
                                             assistant professor in Theatre, and Marketing Director of the Illinois Shakespeare Festival. He
                                             is teaching Intro to Theatre Management and Directing 1. Chris is the Artistic Director of Cock
                                             and Bull Theatre Company.
          MPAACT Theatre
                                             JAY PECORA (BFA, Acting, „89) is an Assistant Professor of Drama at the State University of
     P.O. Box 10039, 312/409-6724
                                             New York, teaching theatre history and educational drama courses.
                                             ELIZABETH PERKINS (Certificate, Acting, „81) is Celia Hodes in Showtime‟s Weeds, co-
 KEVIN DOUGLAS (BFA, Acting,‘00),            starring Mary-Louise Parker and Kevin Nealon, Mondays, 9PM; the show has completed its 5th
 EDDIE JORDAN III (BFA, Acting,‘04)          season. SCOTT ELLIS (BFA, Acting, „78) is the Executive Director of Weeds. Elizabeth has
 and NAMBI E. KELLEY (BFA,                   been in almost 40 films.
 Playwrighting,‘95) are company
 members of MPAACT, SHEPSU AAKU              BECKY PERLMAN (BFA, Dramaturgy/Criticism, „05) is the literary manager for CollaborAction
 (REGINALD LAWRENCE) (Faculty) is            Theatre Company and for Pavement Theatre Group.
 the Executive Director/Managing             MARK PERRY (BFA, Dramaturgy/Criticism, „04) is the Associate Artistic Director of the Candid
 Director.                                   Theater Company. He was the Summer Fellow at the Electronic Privacy Information Center, a
                                             leading public interest research center in Washington D.C., working in the areas of Public
 Their next production will be First         Privacy and Open Government. He is attending the University of Illinois College of Law.
 Words, opens on 1/15/10 and runs
 through 2/28/10.                            DEREK PERUO (BFA, Acting, „08) invites you to view his online acting and choreography
 CAREY PETERS (BFA, Acting, „97) has a national Secret deodorant commercial running. She is a health counselor and has her own
 nutrition counseling business, where she also teaches classes on nutrition.
 MOSHE PETERSON (BFA, Theatre Technology, „03) is the Design Engineer for Chicago Scenic Studios Inc. and the Design Engineer for
 the Sun Light Exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry opens in February 2010.
 MATTHEW PIERCE (MFA, Acting, „05) moved to London a year ago. Currently, he‟s an education associate for the Derngate Theatre in
 Northampton, teaching workshops for the Young America season.
 RICHARD PIERRELOUIS (BFA, Acting, „03), SUZANNE LANG (MFA, Acting, „04) and JAMES GRANT (BFA, Acting, „62) are in the
 independent film What If…, to be released 2/14/10. Richard invites you to visit his
 AMY PIETZ (BFA, Acting, „90) was in an episode of TNT‟s HawthoRNe.
                                                                                         BASEBALL curse
 ZANE PIHLSTROM (BFA, Scenic Design,‟03) is a part of the theatrical design              In 1920, the Boston Red Sox sold Babe Ruth,
 collective entitled Wingspace. He also welcomes you to visit his website.               their best player, to the New York Yankees,
                                                                                         thus incurring the notorious ―Curse of the
 RON PIRETTI (MFA, Acting, „75) is the fight director for the Broadway revival of West   Bambino.‖ The Yankees went on to win 26
 Side Story at Palace Theatre in NYC, open run. He is also the fight director for In The World Series, the Red Sox, none, till 2004.
 Heights at Richard Rodgers Theatre in NYC, open run. Ron is a Fight Director/
 Certified Teacher of the Society of American Fight Directors and he invites you to visit his website. He has taught at Ann Reinking‟s
 Broadway Theatre Project in Florida for many years and currently serves as the Acting Department Director there. This summer marked the
 program‟s 17th season. Ron is also an adjunct professor at Marymount Manhattan College in NY teaching Acting 1 in the BA program.
 SCOTT ILLINGWORTH (BFA, Acting, „98 & MFA, Directing, „08) is also an adjunct at Marymount Manhattan and DAVID MOLD (MFA,
 Directing, „97) is an Associate Professor there.
 SARAH PITARD (BFA, Acting,‟07) is attending The Central School of Speech and Drama in London, UK, pursuing a MA in Writing for the
 Stage and Broadcast Media. While living in London, Sarah has started a blog to share her experiences. She is also an artistic associate at
 Ouroboros Theatre Company.
 MELANIE PLANK (BFA, Theatre Arts,‟11) is in Storytown at iO Theatre every Saturday morning. LAURA MALARA (BFA, Acting,‟08) is also
 in the cast.
 KEMATI PORTER (MFA, Directing, „03) is an Artistic Affiliate at the McCarter Theatre in Princeton, NJ and the Producing Director at eta
 Creative Arts Foundation.
 LISA PORTES (Faculty) directs the world premiere of Tennis in Nabulus with Alliance Theatre in Atlanta, GA, opens 1/29/10 and runs
                                          through 2/21/10.
 MOREthan a few                              KIMBERLEY PROSS (BFA, Lighting Designer, „98) is the production manager for Holzmueller
                                             Productions in San Francisco. The company provides theatrical rentals, production services,
     ABroad Stage Company                    equipment sales and permanent installations.
                                             BILL PULLINSI (MFA, Directing, „65) is the Artistic Director of Theatre at the Center in
                                             Munster, IN. Their next production will be Noises Off, opens 2/18/10 and runs through 3/21/10.
 GRACE LOWMAN (BFA, Acting,‘08) is
 a founding company member and               KEN PUTTBACH (BFA, Production Management, „91) owns Flaire Design Studio for weddings,
 director of the New Play Development        special occasions, gifts, and home décor. Ken is also a member of the Chicago Gay Men‟s
 Series. The first play, Freakish, had       Chorus.
 its first public reading on 12/10/09.       KRISTIN QUINLAN (BFA, Theatre Studies, „04) is engaged to GENE GEMPERLINE (BFA,
 Grace was in the reading with fellow        Playwrighting,‟03). Congrats to you both! Kristin is the HR Coordinator at Ogilvy and Mather.
 Acting, ‗08) and WILL VON VOGT              MOLLY QUINN (BFA, Theatre Studies, „05) is a Directing graduate student in the theatre
 (BFA, Acting, ‗08). KATE WEINBERG           department of The Royal Holloway University of London, Egham, Surrey, UK.
 (BFA, Acting,‘07) is also a founding        JAYSON RACKLEY (BFA, Acting, „03) is an Artist in Residence for Thresholds Psychiatric
 company member.
TSNews: Theatre School News                         11 #9 7 April 2008
                                             Volume 13 #6 16January 2010                                                              21

 Rehabilitation Centers here in Chicago. His work consists of interviews, games, and            MOREthan a few
 exercises with members of the Thresholds community in order to create plays, monologues,
 scenes and works of poetry that they eventually perform in productions open to the public.
                                                                                                     Dog and Pony Theatre
 PHYLLIS (FOX) RAVEL (BFA, Acting, „74) is the Artistic Director at Marquette University in
 Milwaukee, WI. She will soon be the Chair of the New Plays Program for Region III of the             P.O. Box 13105, 773/360-7933
 Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival.
 ROBERT REID (Certificate, Acting, „78) is the Managing Director of Bas Bleu Theatre            DAN KERR-HOBERT (BFA, Acting, ‘03)
 Company, Fort Collins, CO.                                                                     is the puppet designer for The Twins
 JOHN C. REILLY (BFA Acting Program, „83—„87) is Larten Crepsley in Cirque du Freak: The        Would Like to Say at Steppenwolf
 Vampire’s Assistant opposite Selma Hayek; John is in Cyrus opposite Marisa Tomei; he is in     Theatre, opens 2/28/10 and runs through
 The Extra Man opposite Katie Holmes; he is currently filming Cedar Rapids with Sigourney       4/25/10. JOHN ROONEY (BFA, Theatre
 Weaver and LINDSEY HARTLEY (BFA, Acting, „08); and he is in pre-production for Red             Arts,‘10) and is stage managing.
 with Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Mary-Louise Parker and Helen Mirren. John has been
 in almost 50 films and is a Professional Associate on The Theatre School Board.
                                                                                                KRISSY VAN DERWARK ER (MFA,
 DALE REMLEE (GSD,‟54) is having her show In Yonder Green Glen performed at Crea                Directing,‘12) is the Artistic Director of
 Theatre in Amsterdam.                                                                          Dog and Pony. MATTHEW GAWRYK
 PHIL RIDARELLI (BFA, Acting, „87) is in Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind, The            (BFA, Lighting Design,‘04) and PAUL
 Neo-Futurists, open run. GREG ALLEN (Faculty) is the founding director of The Neo-             OAKLEY STOVALL (BFA, Acting,‘91)
 Futurists, ORIANA FOWLER (BFA, Theatre Management, „05) is the development director.           are Artistic Associates.

 LAURA RIDDLE (MFA, Acting, „87) is the Chair of the theatre department at the University of
 Wisconsin, Green Bay.                                                                          MOREthan a few
 LESLIE RILEY (Faculty) invites you to visit her website to view some of her work.
 LAURIE RIFFE (BFA, Acting, „94) is receiving an MFA in Shakespeare and Renaissance              Lighting Design Scholarship
 Literature, emphasis in Acting, from Mary Baldwin College in partnership with The American
 Shakespeare Center. She will appear as Constance in a spring 2010 production of King
                                                                                                The Theatre School has created its first
 John at the Blackfriars Playhouse in Staunton, VA.
                                                                                                Lighting Design endowed scholarship
 MARTHA RING (Certificate, Production Management, „83) is a Real Estate Consultant in           through the help of alumni.
                                                                                                SCOTT FALBE (BFA, Light Design, ‗96)
 DAVID RISPOLI (BFA, Acting,‟07) is in the digital short Antonio Banderas New Fragrance El      and his wife SAMANTHA FALBE (BFA,
 Pollo.                                                                                         Light Design, ‗98), PAUL GREGORY
                                                                                                (BFA, Light Design, ‗73), PAUL MILLER
 WALTER ROBERTS (Certificate, Acting, „82) co-founded The Black Stripe Theatre, a theatre
                                                                                                (BFA, Light Design, ‗87), BOB SHOOK
 company in Tokyo, Japan.
                                                                                                (BFA, Light Design, ‗72), his wife LESLIE
 SHEILA RODIN-NOVAK (GSD, „69) founded and runs LifeStories, a company that produces            SHOOK (Staff & Adjunct Faculty) and
 oral histories for families on video tape. Feel free to email her at for more   RICK SPAUDLING (GSD) each
 information.                                                                                   contributed $10,000.
 ALISON (LONESOME) RODRIGUEZ (BFA, Acting, „93) teaches in the film directing                   Scott and Samantha Falbe own the
 department at Columbia College.                                                                Chicago-based Intelligent Lighting
                                                                                                Creations, Paul Gregory is the founder
 JIM ROOF (BFA, Acting,‟92) is in the short film The Swear Police. JOHN COLELLA (BFA,
                                                                                                and president of Focus Lighting based
 Acting,‟92) and ANTONIO MOON (BFA, Acting,‟93) are also in the film.                           in NYC, Paul Miller is a Broadway
 MICHAEL ROOKER (BFA, Acting, „82) is in Pure Shooter, Super Capers, Louis, and                 lighting designer, Bob Shook is a
 Bolden!, all currently in post-production. Michael has made almost 70 films so far.            partner of the Chicago-based lighting
                                                                                                firm Schuler and Shook, and Leslie
 JESSICA ROSENBERGER (BFA, Acting, „07) and TIM FRANK (BFA, Acting, „07) are in a
                                                                                                Shook is the Theatre Manager and head
 short film Anatomy of Numbers which has been shown at the Santa Barbara International
                                                                                                of the Theatre Management program at
 Film Festival, the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, the Los Angeles Femme
                                                                                                The Theatre School.
 International Film Festival, and the San Francisco Independent Film Festival.
 LAURA ROSS-WHITE (BFA, Acting, ‟76) teaches Acting as an adjunct faculty member at Suffolk Community College in New York. She is
 also the Chair of the Fine Arts Dept at The Knox School where she teaches Acting and Directing. Laura is a coordinator and director of the
 Oberon Foundation which brings performances and the arts to Long Island.
 MICHAEL ROURKE (Faculty) is the owner of Reeder and Rourke Lighting Design.
 BENJAMIN ROVNER (BFA Acting Program, „03-‟07) recently co-wrote and co-produced A Big Gay North Hollywood Wedding in Los
 Angeles, CA. You can also catch him on the Scream Awards on Spike TV as a new character in the campaign.
 LOUISE ROZETT (MFA, Acting, „97) has a monologue in the new collection of Young Women’s Monologues from Contemporary Plays and
 in New Monologues for Women by Women.
 JAMES RUBINO (BFA Acting Program, „00-‟02) is now stationed and serving our country as a USAF Cardio-Pulmonary technician in San
 Antonio, TX. He continues to pursue professional endeavors in new media, film, and television and is signing with Calliope Talent of San
 Antonio, TX.
 LINDY RUSSELL-HEYMANN (BFA, Costume Design, „00) teaches 5th grade at Thomas Pullen Performing Arts Magnet School in Landover,
 MD, and lives in Washington, DC with her husband Alan, where they are vegan activists. She invites you to visit her website.
 TESLEN SADOWSKI (BFA, Theatre Technology, „06) is the Theatre Teacher/Theatre Technicianrson at Grayslake Community High School
TSNews: Theatre School News                   Volume 13 #6    7 January 2010                                                              22
 in Grayslake, IL. She has recently been working at the Metropolis Performing Arts
 Center in Arlington Heights, IL as a teaching artist.
 JESSICA SALETNIK (BFA, Theatre Studies, „99) is in the 2nd year of the 4 year UIC
                                                                                            MOREthan a few
 Family Nurse Practitioner Ph.D. program.
 JOSH SALETNIK (BFA, Theatre Studies, „04) is the Assistant to the Senior General                         Hypatia Theatre
 Manager at Richard Frankel Productions in NYC.                                               
 MARISOL (VELEZ) SANCHEZ (BFA, Acting, „02) is the Head of Drama at her church
 in Bolingbrook, IL, and she is doing some photography work.
                                                                                            ERICA WEISS (BFA, Theatre Studies, ‗05) is
 MICHAEL SANFILIPPO (BFA, Production Management, „83) is the Company                        the founding artistic director of Hypatia
 Manager for the touring production of Dreamgirls. The show will be at the Cadillac         Theatre.        ELIZABETH        BREEN     (BFA,
 Palace Theatre in Chicago, 1/19—1/31/10.                                                   Dramaturgy/Criticism, ‗02) is the director of
 PATRICK SCHLEY (BFA, Theatre Management, „10) is the Theatre Program                       communication, AMBER (STARR) FRIENDLY
 Coordinator for Bucketworks, the world‟s first health club for the brain. He is also the   (BFA,     Theatre       Studies,‘05)    is   the
 Box Office and House Manager for Lake Geneva Theatre Company in Lake Geneva,               communications           associate,     CAITLIN
 WI.                                                                                        MONTANYE PARRISH (BFA, Theatre Studies,
                                                                                            ‗06) is a founding member and the literary
 BETH SCHMESKI (BFA, Dramaturgy/Criticism, ‟09) is the 09-10 Education intern at            manager, and ZACH ZULAUF (BFA, Theatre
 Seattle Children‟s Theatre in Seattle, WA, KAREN (WEINSTEIN) SHARP (Certificate,           Studies, ‗06) is an artistic associate.
 Acting, „82) is the Education Director there.
 TODD SCHMIDT (MFA, Directing, „86) is the Managing Director of the George Street Playhouse, New Brunswick, NJ.
 ELIZABETH SCHUCH (BFA, Scene Design, „02) lives in London. Her company Immortal Longings, is producing Shakespeare illustrations
 for The Globe Theatre in London, Ontario‟s Shakespeare Festival, The Metropolitan Opera in NYC and Chicago Shakespeare. You can view
 her portfolio, her business website, and purchase her artwork.
 KAREN (WEINSTEIN) SHARP (Certificate, Acting, „82) is the Education Director at Seattle Children‟s Theatre in Seattle, WA, BETH
 SCHMESKI (BFA, Dramaturgy/Criticism, ‟09) is the 09-10 Education intern there. Karen is married to DALE SHARP (Certificate, Acting,
 „81). They have two daughters, both in college.
 BRIAN SHARPE (BFA, Acting, „99) invites you to visit his website for more information on his music and performance schedule.
 LILY SHAW (BFA, Acting, „95) is the Publicist for TwoCityPictures Production Company, currently under construction. She does publicity for
 Santa Smokes.
 MARLENE SHELTON (BFA, Theatre Studies, „01) is the managing director of the Cape Fear Regional Theatre in Fayetteville, NC.
 KAREN SHERIDAN (MFA, Acting, „86) is a Professor at Oakland University in Michigan.
 BRIAN SHERMAN (BFA, Theatre Technology, „03) lives in Richmond, VA where he is the Head Carpenter/Flyman for Richmond Ballet.
 KARLIE (NURSE) SHERMAN (BFA, Acting, „01) runs Studio Nest, a company where she creates custom artwork which she sells online
 through Etsy, the marketplace for all things handmade.
 LESLIE SHOOK (Faculty) is a Board Member for Season of Concern, a Chicagoland theatre community working to raise money to fight HIV/
 RACHEL SHTEIR (Faculty) wrote the book Gypsy: The Art of the Tease. She is also on the advisory board of Ghostlight films, maker of the
 Broadway: The American Musical documentary series for PBS.
 GAIL SILVER (GSD) recently finished filming for the film Flight, and was recently in a webisode of P.I.T. To check out some of her work, visit
 her website.
 ADAM SIMON (BFA, Playwrighting, „03) is in his 3rd year of the MFA Playwrighting program at UCLA. Adam's work will also be published in
 an upcoming Smith & Kraus book providing audition material for younger actors. Adam is engaged to MACKENZIE KYLE (BFA, Acting,
 „05). Congratulations to both of you!
 JESSICA SIMON (BFA, General Theatre Studies, „05) is a company member of Sea Beast Puppet Company and will be performing in Hans
 My Hedgehog, 1/18/10, Glencoe Public Library. Jessica attended a week-long Puppetry Conference at the Eugene O‟Neill Theater Center in
 New London, CT. At the festival she created 2 short films.

 CRAZY about cats                                             HARDEE SIONG (BFA, Playwrighting, „96) completed a law degree at the John
                                                              Marshall Law School after her Theatre School degree. She is the host of The A
                                                              -List TV highlighting up-to-date events in and around Chicago and interviewing
 Tampa, Florida, was named the nation‘s most cat-             notable Asian-Americans.
 friendly city by the CATalyst Council at the American
 Animal Hospital Association‘s conference.         The        JAY SKELTON (MFA, Directing, „93) is an Assistant Professor of Shakespeare
 council, a coalition of veterinarians, academics and         at Notre Dame in Indiana.
 animal welfare groups, made its decision based on            RACHEL SLAVICK (MFA, Acting, „93 & Faculty) teaches Acting at The
 factors such as a city‘s cat population, the                 Chicago High School for the Arts. ANNIE CALHOUN (MFA, Acting, „09)
 percentage of microchipped cats and the number of            teaches Theatre History and Literature and ROB CHAMBERS (MFA, Directing,
 members of the American Association of Feline                „93 and Faculty) is the Theatre Department Head at ChiArts.
 Practitioners. Bonus points were given if the city‘s
 mayor had a cat.                                         BRAD SMITH (BFA, Acting,‟02) was interviewed for the 12/3-12/9/09 issue of
                                                          Time Out for his song “Help Yourself”, which he wrote and performed for the
 movie Up in the Air starring George Clooney, Jason Bateman, Vera Farminga, Anna Kendrick, Danny McBride, Zach Galifinakis and JEFF
 WITZKE (BFA Acting Program, „88-‟89), currently in theatres (Brad‟s song begins at about 1:39 into the trailer). He recorded an album
 entitled Love is Not What You Need.
TSNews: Theatre School News                           11 #9 7 April 2008
                                               Volume 13 #6 16 January 2010                                                              23
 KEITH SMITH (BFA, Lighting Design, „89) is the Production and Lighting Director for
 McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert, CA.                                                        MOREthan a few
 JAYMI SMITH (BFA, Lighting Design, „96) is in a tenure track position of Assistant
 Professor of Lighting Design at University of California, Irvine. Recent projects include
 Mauritius at Pasadena Playhouse and Junie B. Jones at South Coast Repertory.
                                                                                                     Drury Lane Oakbrook
 Current/upcoming projects include Mary's Wedding, Rivendell Theatre Company
 (1/14/10—2/13/10), and 39 Steps (7/3/10—8/27/10), Pride and Prejudice (7/2/10—
                                                                                             DAVID NEW (BFA, Acting, ‗87) plays Mr.
 8/28/10), and Great Expectations (7/1/10—8/28/10) with Utah Shakespearean Festival
                                                                                             Renaldi in Funny Girl, through 3/7/10. NIC
 in Cedar City, UT.
                                                                                             JONES (BFA, Lighting Design, ‗08) is assistant
 JENNIFER SMITH (BFA, Production Management, „91) is the production manager for              lighting designer, JACK MAGAW (Faculty)
 Northwestern University‟s Theatre program. She invites you to visit her website.            designed the scenery, and RAY NARDELLI
                                                                                             (Former Faculty) designed the sound.
 MATT SMITH (BFA, Acting, „91) is in the film Weapon, currently in post-production. He
 is also the network voice for Playhouse Disney.
 SCOTT SMITH (MFA, Acting Program, „78-‟80) is acting in an indy film called Shakespeare’s Cat. Scott is also a licensed massage
 STEVE SMITH (BFA, Acting, „77 & Former Faculty) is in his 8th year as writer and director for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, mounting large
 scale Parade Spectaculars for their huge mega-ships. At the end of the year, he will be a part of the “Take-Out Team” for the newest mega-
 ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet, The Independence Of The Seas. He is happy to be back for his 4th collaboration with the Big Apple Circus
 as co-creator and director for the new edition of the show titled Bello Is Back! which opens this Fall at Lincoln Center in NYC.
 TARA SMITHBERGER (BFA, Theatre Management, „12) is the box office intern at Backstage Theatre Company. KIM VAN TUYL (Staff) is
 the Director of Audience Development at Backstage. Backstage‟s next production will be Orange Flower Water, at the Chopin Theatre,
 opens 2/26/10 and runs through 3/27/10.
 HANLON SMITH-DORSEY (MFA, Acting,‟06) is in the horror film A Cadaver Christmas along with YOSH HAYASHI (MFA, Acting, 06). DAN
 HALE (MFA, Acting, „07) produced, cast and is also in the film.
 ADRIAN SNOW (BFA, Acting, „08) is in The Crucible, Infamous Commonwealth Theatre at The Raven Theatre, opens 3/20/10 and runs
 through 4/25/10.
 MEGAN SOLIAH (BFA, Production Management, „02) lives in LA and the Coordinator for Creative Services at Fox Broadcasting Company.

 MOREthan a few                                  JEN (McARDLE) SOLOWAY (BFA, Theatre Technology, „01) is the Finance Director of the
                                                 José Limón Dance Foundation in NYC.
                                                 BEN SPICER (BFA, Lighting Design, „01) is in his 2nd year of the three year Masters in
            Lifeline Theatre                     Architecture Design program at Illinois Institute of Technology.

   6912 N. Glenwood Ave, 773/761-4477            JOSHUA SPITZIG (BFA, Scene Design, „01) works at the architectural lighting firm Focus
                                                 Lighting in NYC. PAUL GREGORY (BFA, Lighting Design, „73) Is the Founder and President
                                                 of Focus Lighting.
 MALLORY NEES (BFA, Acting, ‗09) is in           MISTY BRODIAEA SPRINGER (BFA, Acting, „95) is a Peace Corps volunteer working with
 Last of the Dragons, through 2/21/10.           two San (Bushman) tribes in Africa, the !Zun and Khwe, writing a play (at the request of the
 She will also be in Lifeline‘s next             South African San Institute) about the tribes‟ experiences with the Angolan war.
 production, Mrs. Caliban, along with
 Lifeline ensemble member JENIFER                KATIE STACK (BFA, Costume Design & Costume Construction, „03) has a website where
 TYLER (BFA, Acting,‘87), opens 2/15/10          she sells scarves, hats, knitwear and hand dyed yarns. She is the Co-Interim Costume
 and runs through 3/28/10.                       Director for the Shakespeare Theatre Company in Washington, DC. Katie also got a write up
                                                 on the fashion blog, Daily Candy.
                                                 BRIAN STACY (BFA, Lighting Design, „95) is a lighting designer for the Seattle Art Museum.
 Lifeline ensemble member PHIL                   LESLIE STAGER (MFA, Acting, „81) lives in New Zealand where she recently played Katie
 TIMBERLAKE (Faculty) will be in                 Best in the play Soulmates. She has a recurring role on the Greenstone Pictures television
 Neverwhere, opens 4/30/10 and runs              show Amazing Extraordinary Friends which will air in New Zealand on TV2 and in Australia
 through 6/20/10.                                on Nickelodeon. Leslie is also working on an article for publication titled Actors and
                                                 Organizational Development Consultants: Parallel skill sets.
 The artistic ensemble of Lifeline               JOEL STEDMAN (BFA, Acting,‟70) has produced and directed over 300 corporate marketing
 includes VICTORIA (TOY) DeIORIO                 programs for Fortune 500 companies winning over 100 Industry Awards. He recently
 (Faculty), ALAN DONAHUE (Faculty),              completed a video for Abbott Labs which will be shown in Africa and South America
 and PAUL HOLMQUIST (BFA,                        educating young children about HIV/AIDS.
 Theatre Technology, ‗06) is a teaching          STEPHANIE STEELE (BFA, Acting, „93) lives in NYC and is executive producing a talk show
 artist and ROCHE SCHULFER (Faculty)             about film on AMC titled Movies 101. Guests have included Martin Scorsese, George
                                                 Clooney, Julianne Moore and Daniel Day-Lewis.
 is on the Board of Directors.
                                             BETH STEGMAN (BFA, Stage Management,‟05) is the Production Stage Manager for Rough
 Sketch with rUDE mECHANICALS at 59 East 59th in NYC, opens 1/14/10 and runs through 1/31/10; RICHARD AVEN (MFA, Directing, „87)
 is co-producer. Beth is the Stage Management sub on the 1st national tour of Dirty Dancing.
 BRAD STEVENS (MFA, Acting, „02) is playing Martin Luther King in different schools with Historical Perspectives this month. He invites you
 to visit his film company. He is also part of Stranger Danger Improv Troupe and is teaching improv at Chicago‟s George Washington High
 School. He is the executive producer of a documentary on a local House Music DJ. Brad‟ screenplay, Chase, has a released trailer. He is in
 the intro for the HBO series, True Blood, and is a member of Barrel of Monkeys Theatre.
TSNews: Theatre School News                      11 #9 7 April 2008
                                          Volume 13 #6 16January 2010                                                         24

 JANUARYSof the past
 5 YEARS AGO: The American Cancer Society reported on January 19, 2005, that cancer had passed heart disease as the top killer
 of U.S. citizens 85 and younger.
 5 YEARS AGO: The United Nations broke with years of protocol and commemorated the 60-year anniversary of the liberation of
 the Nazi death camps, directly linking its own founding with the end of the Holocaust in some of the strongest language ever on
 January 24, 2005.
 10 YEARS AGO: With the arrival of the new year on January 1, 2000, there were no terrorist attacks, Y2K meltdowns or mass
 suicides among doomsday cults.
 10 YEARS AGO: The last new daily Peanuts strip by Charles Schulz ran in 2600 newspapers on January 3, 2000.
 10 YEARS AGO: Census 2000 officially got under way on January 20, 2000, as Census Bureau Director Kenneth Prewitt knocked
 on the door of a small wood-frame house in Unalakleet, Alaska, to begin the nationwide head count.
 20 YEARS AGO: David Dinkins was sworn in as New York City‘s 1 st black mayor on January 1, 1990.
 20 YEARS AGO: L. Douglas Wilder of Virginia became the nation‘s 1 st elected African-American governor as he took the oath of
 office in Richmond on January 13, 1990.
 25 YEARS AGO: The space shuttle Discovery was launched from Cape Canaveral, FL, on the 1 st secret, all-military shuttle mission
 on January 24, 1985.
 30 YEARS AGO: Then U.S. President Jimmy Carter announced in his State of the Union address on January 23, 1980, that he
 would reinstate Selective Service registration and pledged military force, if necessary, to protect the Persian Gulf region from
 Soviet Aggression.
 35 YEARS AGO: The Wiz, a musical version of L. Frank Baum‘s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz featuring an all-black cast, opened on
 Broadway on January 5, 1975.
 40 YEARS AGO: Diana Ross and the Supremes performed together for the final time on January 14, 1970, at the Frontier Hotel in
 Las Vegas.
 40 YEARS AGO: The 1st regularly scheduled commercial flight of the Boeing 747 began in New York and ended in London some 6
 ½ hours later on January 22, 1970.
 50 YEARS AGO: U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy (D-MA) announced his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination on January
 2, 1960.
 60 YEARS AGO: Former U.S. State Department official Alger Hiss, accused of being part of a communist spy ring, was found
 guilty in New York of lying to a grand jury on January 21, 1950. Hiss, who always maintained his innocence, served less than 4
 years in prison.
 60 YEARS AGO: The Knesset, Israel‘s parliament, proclaimed Jerusalem the capital of the Jewish state on January 23, 1950.
 60 YEARS AGO: Raytheon engineer Percy Spencer patented the microwave oven, January 24, 1950. The idea came to him when
 working with magnetron tubes for use in radar, he discovered they melted the chocolate in his pocket, then popped some nearby
 corm. Initially sold for commercial use for $2000, today microwave ovens cook in over 90% of U.S. kitchens.
 60 YEARS AGO: India officially proclaimed itself a republic on January 26, 1950.
 60 YEARS AGO: Then U.S. President Harry Truman announced he had ordered development of the hydrogen bomb on January 31,
 65 YEARS AGO: Then U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt was sworn into office for an unprecedented 4 th term on January 20, 1945.
 65 YEARS AGO: Soviet troops liberated the Nazi concentration camps Auschwitz and Birkenau in Poland on January 27, 1945.
 75 YEARS AGO: Bruno Hauptmann went on trial in Flemington, NJ, on January 2, 1935, on charges of kidnapping and murdering
 the infant son of Charles and Anne Lindbergh. He would be found guilty and executed.
 85 YEARS AGO: Nellie Ross succeeded her late husband as governor of Wyoming on January 5, 1925, becoming the 1 st female
 governor in U.S. history.
 90 YEARS AGO: Prohibition began in the U.S. as the 18 th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution took effect on January 16, 1920. It
 was repealed by the 21st Amendment.
 95 YEARS AGO: The U.S. House of Representatives rejected a proposal to give women the right to vote on January 12, 1915.
 95 YEARS AGO: The U.S. Coast Guard was created by an act of Congress on January 28, 1915.
 110 YEARS AGO: Baseball‘s original American League was organized on January 29, 1900, with teams in Chicago, Milwaukee,
 Cleveland, Detroit, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Minneapolis and Buffalo.
 120 YEARS AGO: Greeted at the train station by a horde of cheering readers, New York World journalist Nellie Bly, 25, arrived in
 New Jersey on January 25, 1890, a record 72 days 6 hours 11 minutes after leaving, to beat Cosmopolitan’s Elizabeth Bisland in a
 race around the world. Bly‘s 21,740-mile journey included a meeting with Jules Verne, creator of Phileas Fogg, whose 80-day
 record she believed could be bested—and by a woman, to boot. On her return Bly—born Elizabeth Cochran, she took her pen
 name from a Stephen Foster song—published an account of her trip, Around the World in 72 Days, to robust sales.
 140 YEARS AGO: The Democratic Party was represented as a donkey for the 1 st time in a cartoon by Thomas Nast in Harper’s
 Weekly on January 15, 1870.
 145 YEARS AGO: The U.S. House of Representatives passed a constitutional amendment to abolish slavery on January 31, 1865.
 150 YEARS AGO: Anton Pavlovich Chekhov was born, the son of a grocer, in Taganrog, Russia, January 29, 1860. A doctor by
 profession, Chekhov as a young man was known for his comedic stories, His writing took a more serious turn with the publication
 of a novella, Steppe, in 1888. More than 50 short stories and plays—including The Seagull (1896), Uncle Vanya (1897), Three
 Sisters (1901), The Cherry Orchard (1904) - followed. The works masterfully chronicled the mundane lives and pent-up emotions of
 his three-dimensional characters. Chekhov died of tuberculosis in 1904, at the age of 44.
 165 YEARS AGO: The U.S. Congress decided that all national elections would be held on the 1 st Tuesday after the 1st Monday of
 each November on January 23, 1845.
 350 YEARS AGO: ―Blessed be God, at the end of the last year I was in very good health.‖ On January 1, 1660, English naval
 administrator Samuel Pepys began one of literature‘s most famous diaries. For a decade he chronicled London affairs—of the
 state and the heart—the war with the Dutch, a plague outbreak, and the Great Fire of 1666. His colorful details—a murderer, on
 being drawn and quartered, looked ―as cheerfully as any man could in that condition‖ - made the diary good history and, after its
 publication in 1825, good reading. Pepys died in 1703, at the age of 70.
TSNews: Theatre School News                          11 #9 7 April 2008
                                              Volume 13 #6 16January2010                                                                 25

 CHRISTINA STEVENS (BFA, Theatre Studies, „02) has two semesters left at
 Columbia College Chicago before she becomes a certified interpreter for the
                                                                                   IN MEMORIUM
 deaf. She is also a tour guide at the Historic Chicago Theatre.
                                                                                   COREY HOLMES (BFA Acting program, ‗02-‘03 & ‗04-
 JEFF STILL (MFA, Acting,‟89) is in the national tour of August: Osage County.     ‘05) died on the morning of 12/30/09.
 BARBARA KINGSLEY (BFA, Acting, „75) is also in the cast. The show will be
 in Chicago 2/2/10—2/14/10, Cadillac Palace Theatre.
 DOMINIQUE STOCKMAN (BFA, Theatre Arts, „07) is a member of the improv group F.E.W. (The Fifth Element Warriors).
 TOM (PETRY) STRAUSS (BFA, Acting, „65) moved to Berlin, Germany, in 1980 following a career in public broadcasting at WTTW in
 Chicago. Tom has worked in film, TV and radio in Berlin and was a speaker for DeutscheWelle TV (Germany‟s BBC) from 1992 through
 2005. You can also get some information on Tom‟s farm in Berlin by going here and clicking on ferienwohnungen (the site is written in
 MEGHAN STRELL (BFA, Acting, „91 & Faculty) is the Artistic director of Local Infinities Visual Theatre, a Cheerleader for the punk circus
 marching band Mucca Pazza which recently played at the New Lincoln Hall, and is an artist in residence at Links Hall.
 STACEY SUBLETTE (BFA, Acting, „03) is an ensemble member at Idle Muse Theatre. EVAN JACKSON (MFA, Directing,‟03) is the founder
 and artistic director of Idle Muse Theatre.
 STEPHANIE SULLIVAN (MFA, Acting,‟06) is now working at Keller Williams Realty.
 KRAIG SWARTZ (BFA, Acting, „85) works at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival.
 BRIAN SWIBEL (BFA, Acting, „02) produced the record-breaking web-series Cubby Bernstein, starring Cynthia Nixon, Nathan Lane, and
 Patti LuPone. The episodes have been released as a DVD. He also developed and is producing Xanadu The Musical currently on its
 national tour. Brian is producing a film of the book 15 To Life, and is developing the musical To Die For with MAGGIE FINE (BFA, Acting,
 ‟02), and developing and producing a new TV series with writer/director Tim Busfield (West Wing, Studio 60), and MAGGIE FINE (BFA,
 Acting, „02). Brian is the co-founder of The Starmaker Group, a company dedicated to creating high quality film and theatre in an educational
 setting. He continues working on his Zia Indian Theatre Project (See Theatre School News, August, 2002, page 7) now with an editor to
 create a short documentary, narrated by Ali McGraw, to be used to raise funds for a full program.
 ROBBIE SWIFT (BFA, Acting, „02) is Ed the hyena in The Lion King tour.
 AUSTIN TALLEY (BFA, Acting, „07) will portray Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, delivering his 1967 A Time to Break the Silence speech as part of
 DePaul University‟s King Day Events, DePaul University Student Center, Sheffield & Belden, Rm 120, immediately following a 7:30AM
 breakfast, 1/18/10. The event is free but you need to make a reservation for the breakfast at or 773-325-7759.
 CHRISTOPHER TANI (BFA, Stage Management, „05) is the Associate Production Manager at West Bay Opera in Palo Alto, CA. He is also
 a freelance Stage Manager.
 DAN TAUBE (MFA, Directing, „92) is the new artistic director of Village Players Performing Arts Center in Oak Park, IL. Their next

 MOREthan a few
                                         production will be Lost in Yonkers, opens 1/16/10 and runs through 2/21/10.
                                               PAUL TEI (MFA, Directing, „95) is the founder, artistic director, and president of the board of
                                               directors of Mad Cat Theatre Company at The Light Box in Miami, FL.
           Teatro de Facto                     MICHELLE TENNANT NICHOLSON (BFA, Theatre Studies, „93) is the founder of Wasabi
                                               Publicity, Inc. in Saluda, NC. Among directing campaigns with Sarah Ferguson (The Duchess
             Los Angeles, CA                   of York), Rosanne Cash and Paige Davis, she and her staff of ten are now representing family
                                               movies, such as, Choose Your Own Adventure's The Abominable Snowman featuring Felicity
                                               Huffman and William H. Macy. Check out her website.
 MICHAEL DUNN (BFA, Acting, ‗96) is
 the ensemble director, ZACH HELM              KRISTINE THATCHER (Former Faculty) is the Artistic Director of BoarsHead Theatre in
 (BFA, Acting, ‗96) is the artistic            Lansing, MI. MARLENE SHELTON (BFA, Theatre Studies, „01) is the Managing Director.
 director, JESSICA HANNA (BFA,                 LINDSAY THEO (BFA, Scene Design, „04) is in the process of finishing her course work for an
 Acting, ‗93) is the managing producer,        MA in Intercultural Youth and Family Development, University of Montana in Missoula.
 BRIAN KIMMET (BFA, Acting, ‗99)is a
 company member and AMY PIETZ                  BEN THIEM (BFA, Theatre Studies, „04) is the Member Services Manager for the League of
 (BFA, Acting, ‗91) is a company               Chicago Theatres.
 member.                                       JULIA THUDIUM (BFA, Acting,‟89) is the artistic director of Mother Road Theatre Company in
                                               Albuquerque, NM.
 DON TIERI (MFA, Acting, „88) and JASON FLEECE (MFA, Directing, ‟07) are company members of the Stage Left Theatre Ensemble. Their
 next production will be Here Where It’s Safe, opens 2/12/10 and runs through 4/3/10.
 SARA TOLBERT (BFA, Theatre Management, „04) heads the radio/television promotions department of Touch and Go Records in Chicago.
 STEPHANIE TOWNER (BFA, Theatre Technology, „96) is an associate at Freeborn & Peters LLP doing intellectual property law. She plays
 traditional Irish music on the fiddle and does a session every once in a while in a pub around town.
 TEISSIA TREYNET (BFA, Acting, „06) lives in LA and has her own wedding/event planning business. Discounts are offered to DePaul
 MONICA TROMBETTA (BFA, Acting, „91) is on the New York national board for SAG.
 MELISSA TROPP (Staff) is a company member of Will Act for Food.
 STEPHEN (SMITH) TROVILLION (MFA, Acting, „85) teaches at the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point. Each summer he acts in the
 Summer Shorts Festival, City Theatre, Ring and Broward Center, Miami, FL.
TSNews: Theatre School News                          11 #9 7 April 2008
                                              Volume 13 #6 16January 2010                                                              26
 DEMETRIOS TROY (BA, Theatre Arts, „04) is an company member emeritus and
 founding member of Oracle Theatre.                                                          MOREthan a few
 SHUNDRICE TUCKER (MFA, Acting, ‟03) is the Arts Managers for the McGaw YMCA
 in Evanston, IL.
                                                                                                         Writers Theatre
 LEVITICUS TURNER (BFA, Theatre Studies, „04) is the Resident Production Manager
                                                                                                325 Tudor Court, Glencoe, 847/242-6000
 for Boxer Rebellion Theatre.
 NATALIE TURNER-JONES (Faculty) successfully completed her Master‟s degree in
 Theatre Practice (defending it via Skype!) and was awarded a distinction for her work       CLAUDIA ANDERSON (Faculty) is the dialect
 (distinctions are awarded to work that is marked above the "A" or "1st" numerical           coach and KEVIN DEPINET (Faculty) designed
 indicator). One of her papers was so popular that they have asked if the American           the set for Oh Coward!, through 3/21/10.
 Studies programme could use it to discuss the training differences between the US and
 UK. Congratulations, Natalie!
                                                                                             DAVID CASTELLANOS (BFA, Production
 ZYGGY BRIAN TYLKE (BFA, Lighting Design,‟04) is living and working in NYC in
                                                                                             Management, ‗88 & Faculty) is this season‘s
 television production and art direction. Currently he is the Product Integration Producer
                                                                                             Production Stage Manager for Writers Theatre;
 for the Women's Entertainment Television bridal show, My Fair Wedding (season 2); he
                                                                                             L‘OREAL JACKSON (BFA, Acting, ‘06) is a
 served as the Production Coordinator for the first season. Also recently, he was Field
                                                                                             teaching artist; LAURA MAHLER (BFA, Acting,
 Coordinator for Bravo's The Real Housewives of NYC season 2, Set Decorator for
                                                                                             ‘06) is a teaching artist; JIMMY McDERMOTT
 MTV's Making the Band 4.3, Production Coordinator for VH1‟s I Want to Work For
                                                                                             (MFA, Directing, ‗99) is the Associate Artist
 Diddy, and continues to do design for various projects.
                                                                                             Director; SARA POORMAN (BFA, Stage
 SARAH UNDERWOOD (Certificate, Acting, „91) is teaching at the Orange County High            Management, ‗06) is a marketing associate;
 School of the Arts in Instrumental Music, and she continues playing the sax 5 nights a      and ADRIAN SNOW (BFA, Acting,‘08) is the
 week.                                                                                       understudy for Writers Theatre‘s MLK Project,
                                                                                             currently touring to various locations.
 KATIE VANDEHEY (BFA, Theatre Studies, „93) is an ensemble member of Eclipse
 Theatre. Their next production will be Resurrection Blues, at the Greenhouse Theater,
 opens 3/25/10 and runs through 5/9/10.
                                                                                             NAMBI E. KELLEY (BFA, Playwrighting, ‗95)
 AARON VAN GOSSEN (BFA, Playwrighting, „03) is in the dual degree program at                 has been commissioned by to develop a piece
 Chapman University in Orange, CA working on his MA in English and MFA in Creative           that will be the centerpiece of their outreach
 Writing.                                                                                    program; it is a 2 year commission.
 KIM VAN TUYL (Staff) is the Director of Audience Development at Backstage Theatre Company. TARA SMITHBERGER (BFA, Theatre
 Management, „12) is the box office intern at Backstage. Backstage‟s next production will be Orange Flower Water, at the Chopin Theatre,
 opens 2/26/10 and runs through 3/27/10.
 SUSAN VARGO (BFA, Theatre Management, „98) is the Executive Producer of live theatricals for Nickelodeon. The next live touring
 Nickelodeon production is Storytime Live! PAUL MILLER (BFA, Lighting Design Program, „83-‟87) is the lighting designer and CURT
 OWENS (BFA, Theatre Management, „05) is a production associate for Broadway Across America.
 STAR VELAZQUEZ (BFA, Acting,‟05) lives in LA and is currently filming her first pilot The Money Shot.
 CHRIS VENTRESCA (BFA, Lighting Design, „04) lives in NYC and works as a design director for Jack Morton Worldwide. Chris is a member
 and LEED Accredited Professional of the US Green Building Council, and serves on the Associate Board of the Designer's Lighting Forum of
 FRANK VENTURA (MFA, Acting, „77) is the Artistic Director of New York‟s Musical Theatre Training Conservatory at CAP21 (Collaborative
 Arts Project 21).
 AJ VICTORIA (BFA, General Theatre Studies, „05) is the Manager of Performance Programs in the Education Department for Citi
 Performing Arts Center, Boston, MA.
 TIFFANY VILLARIN (BFA, Acting, „06) was recently in The Seagull with the National Asian American Theatre Company in NYC.
                                               BRIAN VOELKER (BFA, Playwrighting, „98) is the web manager at Humana Inc, Louisville,
 MOREthan a few                                KY.
                                               KATHRYN WAGNER (BFA, Costume Design, ‟85) is an Assistant Professor at Western
                                               Michigan University.
          The Living Room
                                               SARA WALBRIDGE (BFA, Costume Design, „02) is the set costumer on HBO‟s True Blood.
    P.O. Box 50937, Los Angeles, CA
                                               LOGAN WALTERS (BFA, Acting, „06) lives in Colorado where she is teaching theatre at a
                                               middle school. She recently directed Evita and The Sound of Music with Jayne Gottlieb
                                               Productions, Aspen, CO.
 ROB ADLER (BFA, Acting, ‗99), PAT             MICHAEL WALTERS (BFA, Acting, „06) is a licensed Illinois Real Estate Broker and is now
 BELTON (BFA, Acting, ‗97), JEFF               self-employed as a Sales Agent under contract with Sudler-Sotheby International Realty.
 BROWN (BFA, Acting, ‗97), WENDY
 CARTER (MFA, Acting, ‗98), ELI                TOMMY WALTON (BFA, Acting, „84) is a fashion instructor at the School of the Art Institute in
 GOODMAN (BFA Acting Program, ‗88-             Chicago. He is half of the Chicago-based clothing design company Price Walton Couture Lab.
 ‘90), BRIAN KIMMET (BFA, Acting, ‗99),        He and his partner Roger Price have been designing custom-made clothing for 20 years.
 RYAN KITLEY (MFA, Acting, ‗98),               DAN WARD (BFA, Acting, ‟94) is teaching yoga at YOGA Co in Santa Monica, CA.
 STEWART LEVINE (BFA, Acting, ‗98),
 and KELLY McADAMS (BFA, Acting,               JACK WARNER (MFA, Directing,‟78) frequently works with Teatro la Fragua in El Progreso,
 ‗97) are company members of The               Honduras. MARGO WICKESSER (MFA, Acting,‟78) was recently the artist-in-residence.
 Living Room.
TSNews: Theatre School News                           13 #6 7 April 2008
                                               Volume 11 #9 16January 2010                                                               27

 KIMBERLY M. WETHERELL (BFA, Production Management, „94) has                     A GROWING disease
 begun to write for the creative non-fiction literary blog The Nervous
 Breakdown .    She     invites    you     to    visit   her  website:           More than 35 million people around the world are living She is also the Associate Producer on               with Alzheimer‘s disease or other types of dementia, says
 the new independent film 7 to the Palace. Her film Why We Wax has               the most in-depth attempt yet to assess the brain-
 been chosen for release by both Current and Seventh Art releasing               destroying illness – and it‘s an ominous forecast as the
 companies.                                                                      population ages.
                                                                                 The new count is about 10% higher than what scientists
 WIL WHALEN (BFA Theatre Studies Program, „93-‟95) lives in South
                                                                                 had predicted just a few years ago because earlier
 Portland, Maine, where he works as a freelance writer, graphic artist and
                                                                                 research underestimated Alzheimer‘s growing impact in
 music promoter for the band Blackout Money. He is also the promoter at
                                                                                 developing countries.
 Flask Lounge in Portland, where he hosts their “That 80‟s Happy Hour”
                                                                                 Barring a medical breakthrough, the World Alzheimer
 the last Friday of every month. His photography and blog write up of a
                                                                                 Report projects dementia will nearly double every 20
 “cutter” recently inspired a cover story in the Phoenix Newspaper, in which
                                                                                 years. By 2050, it will affect a staggering 115.4 million
 his photography accompanied the article. His nature photography was
                                                                                 people, the report concludes.         ―We are facing an
 also featured in the Portland Arts Walk. His blog is a 2009 nominee in the
                                                                                 emergency,‖ said Dr. Daisy Acosto, who heads
 Best Blog for the Best of Portland Awards, an award he won in 2007. You
                                                                                 Alzheimer‘s Disease International, which released the
 can vote for his blog. His current side project is doing promotional work for
 a new band out of New York City which features the drummer from the
                                                                                 The United States and other developed countries long
 New York Dolls.
                                                                                 have been bracing for Alzheimer‘s to skyrocket. But the
 PATRICK WHITE (MFA, Acting, „00) is in the feature film Making Change           report aims to raise awareness of the threat in poorer
 with Jonathan Trent and Steve Guttenberg.                                       countries, where people are finally living long enough to
 PAUL WHITE (BFA, Acting, „91) is Co-owner and Coordinator of Special            face what is mostly a disease of the 65-and-older
 Events for Prairie Moon Restaurant in Evanston, IL.                             population.
                                                                                 While age is the biggest driver of Alzheimer‘s, some of the
 DALE WIBBEN (Certificate, Costume Design,‟81) is the draper/cutter for          same factors that trigger heart disease – obesity, high
 the feature films Nine and Tim Burton‟s Alice in Wonderland.                    cholesterol, diabetes – seem to increase the risk of
 MARGO WICKESSER (MFA, Acting,‟78) recently was awarded the J.                   dementia, too.
 William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship to teach acting to students and
 educations at the National Pedagogical University of Honduras in Tegucigalpa for the 2009-2010 academic year. This will be the first-ever
 acting curriculum in Honduras. She will also direct and teach at the Autonomous University of Honduras. She was recently the artist in
 residence at Teatro la Fragua in El Progreso, Honduras working with JACK WARNER (MFA, Directing,‟78).
 STEPHANIE (GLAZER) WIELAND (BFA, Acting, „99) is artistic director for the LA-based non-profit theatre company City at Peace, which
 recently opened the first premiere of its newest Program, The Next and Last Stop Is... City at Peace is an organization dedicated to creating
 cross-cultural understanding and conflict resolution using the performing arts as a vehicle for change and advocacy. Each year, the teens at
 City of Peace write, produce and perform an original musical about their lives and ideas for change.
 LISA (MESSIER) WILCOX (BFA, Theatre Studies, „99) is working on her certification to be a childbirth educator in the Bradley Method of
 natural childbirth. Her classes will begin as soon as she has students in place; she‟ll offer a discount to any TTS alums. She‟ll have a
 website up at in about a month.
 SARA WILCOX (BFA, Costume Design, „99) is the resident costume designer for Hardcover Theater in Minneapolis, MN.
 ALEC WILD (LEX HARRINGTON) (BFA, Acting, '90) is the Artistic/Producing Director of the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival at Winona
                                       State University, Winona, MN. He is also an adjunct professor in the theater department at
 MOREthan a few                        the University of Massachusetts.
                                                   ALLISON WILLIAMS (BFA Acting Program, „93-‟95) is the founder and artistic director of
 Remy Bumppo Theatre Company                       Aerial Angels, a circus arts company. She appeared on Canada‟s reality TV show Dragon’s
                                                   Den and won a quarter of a million dollars to stage her dream circus. That became Stand
    3717 N. Ravenswood, 773/244-8119               Up Eight which is currently on its North American tour.
                                                   DAVID WILLIAMS (BFA, Acting, „87) is the Director of Project Management for Redbox
 ANABEL ARMOUR (GSD), LINDA GILLUM                 Workshop (formerly LaBrosse Ltd). Redbox is the Midwest‟s, and beyond, preeminent
 (Faculty) and NICK SANDYS PULLIN                  studio for interactive children‟s exhibits. David is married to JEANNE (DWAN) WILLIAMS
 (Faculty) will be in Les Liaisons                 (BFA Acting program, „81-‟83 & Staff)
 Dangerouses at the Greenhouse Theatre             CRYSTAL MARY WILLINGHAM (BFA Theatre Studies Program, „97-‟98) is working in
 Center, opening 3/17/10 and runs through          corporate HR, dancing and doing freelance photography in New York City. She is also a
 5/2/10.                                           board member of DPU‟s Alumni Board and regional liaison to the NY Alumni Chapter. She
                                                   would love to hear from regional alumni about their projects and performances at
 (Faculty) and NICK SANDYS PULLIN                  FARREL WILSON (MFA, Acting, „89) is working as an artist in residence at several Chicago
 (Faculty) are Artistic Associates. LINDA          high schools for School for Little Children, and she is assistant directing as part of the
 GILLUM (Faculty) is also the casting              production team at Special Gifts Theatre.
 director and is teaching three classes at         SHERRI WINKLEMANN (Certificate, Acting, „85) runs Wink Productions, a full-service
 Remy Bumppo this Fall.            KRISTIN         entertainment company in the Chicago area. Sherri does a variety of theme parties for
 LARSEN (BFA, Production Management,               children, adults, and senior citizen groups. Winky the Clown is one of her characters. For
 ‗87) is the Executive Director, and               more info, call 847/890-5531. Sherri also dances professionally with the Latin Street Dance
 KRISTIN QUINLAN (BFA, Theatre Studies,            Company in Chicago.
 ‗04) is the Development and Marketing
 Coordinator.                                      JEFF WITZKE (BFA Acting Program, „88-‟89) is in the film Up In The Air, with George
TSNews: Theatre School News                         13 #6 7 April 2008
                                             Volume 11 #9 16January 2010                                                                 28
                                                                                          Clooney, Vera Farmiga, and Jason Bateman,
 WARD OFF electromagnetic fields                                                          currently in theatres.      BRAD SMITH (BFA,
                                                                                          Acting,‟02) was interviewed for the 12/3-12/9/09
 While it can seem as though danger lurks around every corner, there‘s a way to           issue of Time Out for his song “Help Yourself”,
 protect ourselves – and it involves jewelry. Nobody knows the long-term effects          which he wrote and performed for the movie. Jeff
 of our exposure to electromagnetic fields from cellphones and laptops. But               plays Brian in the finished pilot House Husbands,
 there‘s cause for concern, scientist believe, Here‘s a product to fight the              and plays Billy in the film Reconciliation, currently
 negative effects: Clarus‘ Q-Link Pendant, made of stylish titanium to strengthen         in post-production.
 oru immunity to EMFs. And done worry, guys: The design is unisex. Available at           CASSIE WOOLEY (BFA, Acting, „03) has a new                                                            website up, designed by JOSH LEVINE (BFA,
                                                                                          Playwrighting, „02). If you go to the media section,
one of the selections, “All There Is To Say,” is from the musical See Rock City and Other Destinations, book and lyrics by ADAM MATHIAS
(BFA, Playwrighting, „96). The musical won last year‟s Richard Rodgers Award.
MOLLY WYSE (BFA, Theatre Management, „08) is a Ticket Sales Associate at the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, GA.
ERIKKA YANCY (BFA, Acting,‟98) is part of the GalleryEquality showcase, which features work for gay and straight artists to support marriage
and families of all kinds.
DALE YOUNG (BFA, Acting, „88) lives in Pennsylvania and is in a tenure track Assistant
Professor position in the theatre division of Lock Haven University.
DENNIS ZACEK (GSD & BA, DePaul University, „63) a Professional Associate on The Theatre
                                                                                                  MOREthan a few
School Board.
LORA ZANE (Certificate, Acting, „81) is the senior lecturer at the School of Theatre at the        Nothing Without A Company
University of Southern California, where MEGAN BREEN (BFA, Dramaturgy/Criticism, „02) is in                     (832) 721-6920
her 3rd year in their MFA Playwrighting program.
                                                                                                  ANNA ROSE EPSTEIN (BFA, Acting
AMANDA (FRIEDBERG) ZAR (BFA, Theatre Studies, „03) is the Coordinator of Special Events           Program, ‗03-‘05), EVAN FILLON (BFA,
for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Greater Illinois Chapter Chicago.                             Dramaturgy/Criticism, ‘07), and IKE
SCOTT ZIEMBA (BFA, Stage Management, „92) is the Project Manager for Kobotech Inc, which          HOLTER (BFA, Playwrighting Program,
manages all of Chicago‟s festivals and the Grant Park Symphony.                                   ‗03-‘07) are the founders, LAURA
                                                                                                  MAHLER (BFA, Acting, ‘06) is vice
LOUIS ZORICH (GSD Acting Program, ‟55-‟58)‟s book What Have You Done? The Inside                  president.
Stories of Auditioning From the Ridiculous to the Sublime, is available in bookstores.
                                                                                                  They are currently seeking new works
ZACH ZULAUF (BFA, Theatre Studies, „06) is the owner of New Wave Coffee.                          for their 2010 season. Requirements:
                                                                                                  must be an original work; must be site
                                                                                                  specific; full length, one act, or 10-
                                                                                                  minute plays; musicals & plays with
                                                                                                  multimedia are encouraged.
                                                                                                  Submit         your     work     to:
                                                                                                  It should contain your name, address,
                                                                                                  project title & phone number in the
                                                                                                  body of the email; script should be
                                                                                                  attached as a .pdf.
                                                                                                  For more information on the company:

THE X-FILESof lost alumni
 Here is the latest list of lost alumni. If you know anything about them, I'd appreciate your either passing it on to me, or contacting
 the alum and letting them know that we're looking for a way to get in touch with them. I can be reached by email, by phone 773/325-7943, or by mail c/o The Theatre School, 2135 N. Kenmore, Chicago, IL 60614.
 If YOU are on the list, it means that though we may have an email address for you, we don't have any other contact information:
        Larry Hogan              Jeanne Hubbard             Frances Isbell             James Janek              Arlene Johnson
      Jennifer Hogue               Maris Hudson               Gloria Iseli              Nick Janik               Crista Johnson
    Joseph Holcombe                Craig Huebing          Danica Ivancevic            Gerald Jarman             Crystal Johnson
        Kelly Holden              Paul Hufstader            Julie Jackson            Sterling Jenkins             Dan Johnson
     Dodie Holderfield          Robbie Hungerford          L‘Oreal Jackson             Terry Jenkins             Gregg Johnson
       William Hollis               Caitlin Hunt             Maike Jacobi        Ruby Jennings Zussman          Virginia Johnson
       Jason Horgan              Diane Hutchings           Curtis Jacobson           Jeanne Jerrems                Daria Jolan
     Merilee Hornung                Ruth Hytry               Ibrahim Jalal             David Jewell               Jason Jones
    Molly Ann Howard                 Wail Isaily            Breck Jamison             Luke Johanson                Jerry Jones
                                            ―We have 2 lives – the one we learn with and the life we live after that.‖

 LAST lines                                                                                                            -Bernard Malamud

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