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									                                                 April 10-12, 2011
                                                 The WesTin hArbour cAsTle
                                                    ToronTo, onTArio

                   WeAo Technical symposium
                     and opceA exhibition

                  40Th AnniVersArY

one waTer enVironMenT.

 The largesT Canadian TeChniCal ConferenCe for The wasTewaTer indusTry
     weao TeChniCal syMPosiuM & oPCea eXhiBiTion

                         welcome from the Chair
                         on behalf of the WeAo conference committee, i am             based on the number and quality of abstracts re-
                         pleased to invite you to the 40th Anniversary of our         ceived to date, the Technical program this year prom-
                         Annual WeAo Technical symposium and opceA                    ises to meet the high standard that WeAo members
                         exhibition, April 10-12, 2011, at the Westin harbour         have come to expect.
                         castle in Toronto.
                                                                                      i would also personally encourage you to attend as
                         once again, the members of The opceA bring the               many of the associated conference events that you
                         latest and greatest technologies and services right          can. These include the student Design competition,
                         to our door with over 100 booths to discover in the          WeAo Annual Meeting, icebreaker reception, WeAo
                         exhibition area. please keep an eye out for the free         Awards lunch, opceA reception, operations chal-
                         exhibition passes which will be issued by opceA              lenge, closing banquet, and several others.
                         early in the new year - even if you are not a full con-
                         ference registrant, you can still attend the exhibition      i believe i speak for all of the members of the con-
                         at no charge.                                                ference committee when i say that we look forward
                                                                                      to seeing everyone this coming April, to help us cel-
                         The Technical symposium of the WeAo Annual                   ebrate this milestone 40th Anniversary.
                         conference offers the highest quality and most
                         comprehensive program of any industry conference             rob anderson
                         in canada.                                                   conference chair

                         President’s Message
                         The time to register for our annual conference is here       about the latest advances in the science and technol-
                         again. i’d like to invite you to join us in Toronto, April   ogy of our water environment. We are also pleased
                         10-12, 2011, for the 40th annual WeAo Technical              to announce that the Water environment Federation
                         symposium and opceA exhibition. We have a great              president, Jeanette brown, is planning to attend our
                         team of people putting together the events for the           conference.
                         conference this year and it promises to be entertain-
                         ing and instructive. Join us to get reacquainted with        don Kemp, P.eng.
                         old friends, make some new contacts and learn more           president WeAo

                         The ontario Pollution Control equipment association exhibition
                         opceA expects over 100 member companies to come              to bring yourself and others in your group up to date
                         together to exhibit their equipment and services for the     on what’s new in the equipment and services side
                         Water & Wastewater industry. The opceA trade show            of the industry. new for this year, the exhibit area will
                         will be attended by many consultants, operators and          be open in the morning in addition to the regular
                         other industry professionals who will be looking for new     show times during all coffee breaks and Tuesday
                         ideas, technologies, and professional expertise from         lunch. As always, be sure to also join us for a relaxed
                         the opceA exhibitors. Take this excellent opportunity        get-together during our Monday evening reception.
                                                  The wesTin harBour CasTle ToronTo
                                                                                            APRIL 10-12,
executive director’s welcome
We invite you to attend and participate in the 40th       enabled attendees to gain considerable benefits
Annual WeAo Technical symposium and opceA                 through the Trade show, technical papers, the op-
exhibition being held at the Westin harbour castle in     erations challenge and many new student and new
Toronto.                                                  professional events.

As WeAo’s executive Director i am particularly            enjoy the conference, a valuable opportunity to
proud to be involved in this 40th annual event. There     make new friends, develop contacts, and share your
have been many changes in our world, our technolo-        passion for protecting ontario’s water environment.
gies, and in our daily lives over the past 40 years.      For those of you new to the conference you will see
in my time with WeAo i have seen the Association          high quality presentations and an extremely well or-
evolve to address hectic lives, social networking,        ganized event. This is all due to the hard work of our
and reduced resources of member companies and             many volunteers.
employers. This conference has always provided
exceptional quality for a reasonable registration and     Catherine Jefferson

wef representative
Jeanette brown is the 2010-2011 president of the          she has been an active member of the new england
Water environment Federation (WeF), an internation-       Water environment Association (neWeA), the Ameri-
al organization of water quality professionals head-      can Academy of environmental engineers (AAee), the
quartered in Alexandria, Va.                              American society of civil engineers (Asce) and their
                                                          environmental and Water resources institute (eWri)
she is currently the executive Director of the stam-      and the international Water Association (iWA), serving
ford Water pollution control Authority (stamford,         in a number of positions including president of AAee
conn.) and Adjunct Faculty in environmental engi-         and president of eWri.
neering at Manhattan college in riverdale, n.Y.
                                                          Jeanette has received WeF’s hatfield (1986) and
Jeanette has been a WeF member since 1976 and             public educators Awards (2003); neWeA’s neWpcA
has served on WeF’s house of Delegates from               operator of the Year (1988), Alfred e. peloquin (2000)
2004-2007. she has also been a member of or               and public educators Awards (2002); as well as the
chaired several WeF committees including op-              Governor’s environment 2000 Award for contribu-
erations challenge, Wise committee-Developing             tions to improving the water quality of long island
Guidelines and Training for Wastewater secu-              sound (1993) and an epA region 1 Merit Award
rity, Municipal Wastewater Treatment Design and           (2007), AAee, edward J. cleary Award (2008), AAee
Technical practice as well as WeF’s community of          Kappe lecturer (2008).
practice for Microconstituents and as the facilita-
tor for WeF’s hoD strategic planning sessions and         she is a licensed professional engineer in connecti-
Governance. in addition, she has co-chaired and           cut; board certified environmental engineer (AAee);
authored several of WeF’s publications including          Diplomate of the American Academy of Water re-
Manuals of practice and training courses. she has         courses engineers (AAWre), class 4 Wastewater
also published numerous papers, made numer-               Treatment plant operator; and class 4 collection
ous presentations at WeFTec and other industry-           system operator. Jeanette received a b.s. from the
related events, and is on the editorial board of the      university of Maryland in college park and an M.s. in
Journal of the u.s. sJWp.                                 environmental engineering from Manhattan college.

Keynote speaker: david Phillips
Monday april 11 8:30 a.m.
David has been employed with environment canada’s         umn in the canadian Geographic magazine. David
weather service for over 42 years. his work activities    frequently appears on national radio and television as
relate to the study of the climate of canada and to       a commentator on weather and climate matters. he
promote awareness and understanding of weather            is well-known as an expert on The Weather network.
and climate in canada. he has published several           David is a fellow of both the royal canadian Geo-
books, papers and reports on the climate of canada,       graphical society and the canadian Meteorological
including several essays in The canadian encyclope-       and oceanographic society. he has been awarded
dia, a book on The climates of canada, and two best       the patterson Medal for Distinguished service to Me-
sellers: The Day niagara Falls ran Dry and blame it       teorology in canada, and has twice received the pub-
on The Weather. he is the originator and author of        lic service Merit Award. David is the recipient of two
the canadian Weather Trivia calendar, the most pop-       honorary doctorates from the university of Waterloo
ular calendar sold in canada, and now in its 24th year.   and nipissing university. in 2001, David was named
For nearly ten years he wrote the Weather-wise col-       to the order of canada.
     weao TeChniCal syMPosiuM & oPCea eXhiBiTion

     Conference events
     operations Challenge
     come see some of the best wastewater             confirmed will be the contestants of the
     personnel in ontario display their expertise     2011 Totally Wasted Game show. please
     during the 40th Annual WeAo Technical            contact norma linkiewicz at 905-685-4225
     symposium and opceA exhibition. The              x3286 or
     event will mark the 21st consecutive year        for more information or to register.
     for the operations challenge competition.                                                         to the exhibition show floor for Tuesday
     participants are required to compete in          Pwo Technical session                            afternoon, April 12, 2011. please report to
     five events demonstrating their skills and       Make sure you register Monday to attend          the registration Desk in the Metro Foyer
     knowledge against competitors throughout         this year’s pWo session which will feature       before 8:45 a.m. to receive your name tag
     the province. The five events are collec-        the following topics: the First Municipal        and your complimentary registration to the
     tion system, laboratory, process control,        comprehensive certificate of Approval,           opceA exhibition.
     pump Maintenance and safety.                     F.o.G. (Fats, oils and Grease) and com-          The ontario Water Wastewater certification
     each operations challenge Team must              mercial Dishwashers, Filamentous bacteria        office (oWWco) will provide registration
     follow the Water environment Federation          identification, Ferrous to Ferric conversion     services for all levels of Wastewater Treat-
     (WeF) requirements that team members             and Variable speed pumping in parallel. Al-      ment, Wastewater collection, and Water
     be drawn from professional Wastewater            though the pWo session is geared towards         Treatment, including operator-in-Training
     operators (pWo) members, currently em-           Wastewater operations, all are welcome to        (oiT) examinations, but space is limited
     ployed or retired, from one or more facilities   attend. hope to see you there!                   so sign up soon! participants wishing to
     or municipalities and each team must be                                                           register for an exam must submit their
     comprised of at least two operators in           Pwo Tour                                         application form and fees directly to the
     non-supervisory roles. The winning team is       Join us on sunday April 10 as we tour the        oWWco no later than March 25, 2011
     eligible to represent ontario in los Angeles,    city of Toronto’s impressive r.c. har-           Applications, instructions and fee struc-
     california at WeFTec 2011.                       ris Water Treatment plant. This 950 Ml           tures can be found at http://www.owwco.
                                                      facility was built in the 1930’s and is both a   ca/certificationexams.htm
     interested in Participating?                     heritage historical site and a civil engineer-
                                                                                                       please note that checking the box on
     be a part of the operations challenge            ing historical site. of particular interest is
                                                                                                       the conference registration form will not
     competition by demonstrating your region’s       the 40 Ml residual waste treatment plant
                                                                                                       register you for the examination, you must
     expertise and professionalism by entering        located underground to treat the residuals
                                                                                                       register for all examinations directly with
     a team or becoming a volunteer on the            from the plant. The bus will leave from the
     committee. For more information or to            harbour castle Westin at 1:00 p.m. sharp
     register for the operations challenge,           and return by 4:00 p.m. pre-registration for     new Professionals Program
     please contact norma linkiewicz at 905-          the tour as part of your conference registra-
                                                                                                       Those new to the industry should be sure
     685-4225 x3286 or norma.linkiewicz@              tion is required. space is limited and will
                                                                                                       to take advantage of the new profession- or visit http://www.weao.       be on a first come, first served basis. The
                                                                                                       als (np) program. This includes discounted
     org/committees/Operations_Challenge/             tour will not be cancelled due to weather,
                                                                                                       conference fees, a special social hour
     Operations_Challenge.html                        so dress appropriately. safety shoes/boots
                                                                                                       to meet seasoned professionals, and a
                                                      are required. For more information, please
     “Totally wasted” game show                                                                        “new professionals” technical session
                                                      contact carrie brunet, niagara region at
                                                                                                       on Monday where nps will present their
     Test your knowledge of wastewater. par-          905-685-4225 x3767 or carrie.brunet@
                                                                                                       current projects. To qualify as an np, you
     ticipate or follow along and cheer as teams regarding the pWo Tech-
                                                                                                       must have less than 10 years employment
     compete for top bragging rights and prizes       nical session and Tour.
                                                                                                       experience in the wastewater industry or be
     in the annual Totally Wasted Game show
                                                      operator Certification exams                     under 35 years of age.
     (TWGs) that will take place following the
     operations challenge competition in the          WeAo will be hosting an operator certifi-        student Program
     Metro ballroom.                                  cation examination session at the Annual
                                                                                                       students who are WeF/WeAo student
                                                      conference. it will take place on Tuesday,
     Fashioned after a popular TV game show,                                                           members get free conference registration
                                                      April 12th at the Westin harbour castle
     the TWGs is a fun competition of waste-                                                           which includes all the icebreakers, techni-
                                                      hotel, Dockside 1, Toronto commencing
     water knowledge among contestants. The                                                            cal sessions, equipment exhibition and in
                                                      at 9:00 a.m.
     TWGs is both educational and entertaining.                                                        addition, the first 40 student registrants will
     Teams should be comprised of a consul-           all persons registered for the operator          receive free lunches. There will also be the
     tant, opceA supplier and professional            certification examination morning session        4th annual award for best student presen-
     operator. Don’t delay; the first four teams      will be offered a complimentary pass             tation at the conference.
                                                                                        The wesTin harBour CasTle ToronTo
                                                                                                                         APRIL 10-12,
                                                                                                     weao TeChniCal syMPosiuM
                                                                                                     and oPCea eXhiBiTion 2011
                                                                                                     wesTin harBour CasTle

                                                                                                     Conference at a glance
                                                                                                      sunday, april 10th 2011
                                                                                                      11:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. student Design competition
                                                water for People Canada
                                                                                                      2:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. conference registration
                                                WFpc changes the lives of many people
                                                                                                      1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. Facility Tour
                                                across the face of the earth every day. help us
                                                to help them continue this important work by          4:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. WeAo AGM
                                                supporting our events described below.                6:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. The social hour
                                                                                                      7:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. ice breaker reception
                                                water for People
networking Board                                Monday evening event
Are you looking to hire new employees?          building on the success of last years’ event,         Monday, april 11th 2011
or are you looking for employment in the        we have arranged for another night of fun,            8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. conference registration
water environment industry? if so, then         food, live music and networking, this time
be sure to use the conference’s network-                                                              Morning Sessions
                                                taking in the views of Toronto’s harbour front,
ing board. resumes, company informa-            and all while raising funds for Water For             7:30 a.m.-8:30 a.m. Morning coffee
tion, and job opportunities can be posted       people. please join us at pier 4 storehouse           8:30 a.m.-9:30 a.m. Keynote speaker
on this year’s networking board by              restaurant, a casual waterfront hideaway              9:30 a.m.-10:00 a.m. refreshment break
sending a pDF version to Matt simons at         offering outstanding food and the largest employ-                                                                     10:00 a.m.-3:15 p.m. pWo Technical session
                                                private collection of nautical memorabilia in
ers can request an electronic copy of the       eastern canada, located just a short walk             10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Technical sessions
resumes ahead of time in order to set up        from the conference hotel. Doors open at              Afternoon Sessions
interviews at the conference.                   7pM, buffet dinner is served at 7:30pM, band
                                                                                                      12:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. Awards luncheon
                                                plays 8:30-11pM. Dinner & music tickets are
student Panel discussion:                       $45 and music tickets (after 8:30pM) are              2:15 p.m.-3:15 p.m. Technical sessions
Career Paths in the water                       $25 (cash bar). Tickets are available on the          3:15 p.m.-4:15 p.m. refreshment break
environment industry                            conference registration form, or separately           4:15 p.m.-5:15 p.m. Technical sessions
students and nps are invited to attend          from the WeAo office. For more event info
a panel discussion where experienced                                                                  2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. operations challenge,
                                                and for sponsorship opportunities, contact
professionals from a wide range of back-        Janice Janiec at            process control exam
grounds will discuss career development                                                               4:15 p.m.-5:15 p.m. student panel Discussion
in the water environment industry. The          Charity draw donations
                                                                                                      2:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. opceA exhibition
panel discussion will primarily focus on        As has become tradition at the conference
areas of interest of those in attendance                                                              5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. opceA reception
                                                WeAo and opceA will be holding fund rais-
through a question and answer format.           ing events for WFpc. opceA hosts a recep-
                                                tion on Monday evening and the proceeds               Tuesday, april 12th, 2011
student design Competition                      from beverage sales go directly to WFpc. The
(sdC) Presentations                                                                                   8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. conference registration
                                                charity Draw is another great fund raiser that
everyone is invited to attend the 3rd an-                                                             9:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. opceA exhibition
                                                has become one of the many highlights of
nual student Design competition held on         the conference, with the final drawings taking        9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. operator certification exams
sunday, April 10th, 2011. This competi-         place at the banquet on Tuesday evening.              9:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. operations challenge
tion is intended to promote “real world”        Great fun is had by all as the draw takes place
design experience for students interested                                                             Morning Sessions
                                                and the winners’ names emerge. Many of last
in pursuing an education and/or career          year’s conference sponsors and opceA’s                7:30 a.m.-8:30 a.m. Morning coffee
in water/wastewater engineering and             exhibitors generously contributed items for the       8:30 a.m.-9:30 a.m. Technical sessions
sciences. This year, students will be pre-      charity draw. if you wish to donate an item this      9:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m. refreshment break
senting their designs for the expansion of      year please contact the WFpc coordinator for
the Acton Wastewater Treatment plant.                                                                 10:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. Technical sessions
                                                this draw, Dave Kirkland at 905-670-2660 or
                                                                      Afternoon Sessions
guest Program 2011
                                                                                                      11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. lunch in exhibit Area
The Guest program will start Monday
morning with a light breakfast then off         hotel information                                     1:30 p.m.-3:30 p.m. Technical sessions
to a full day of crafting. We will have a       MaKe your reserVaTions early                          3:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m. refreshment break
stampin up instructor spend the day with        To geT The grouP raTe!                                3:30 p.m.-4:00 p.m. ops challenge Awards
us exploring different ways to be creative      The Westin harbour castle Toronto                     4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. Totally Wasted Game show
with paper. Tuesday we will meet in the         1 harbour square, Toronto, on M5J 1A6
hotel for a leisurely breakfast. After break-   Tel: 1-888-627-8559
                                                                                                      Conference Banquet
fast we will explore some of the shopping       email:                               6:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. pre-banquet reception
that Toronto has to offer. For lunch we will    Credit card or advanced deposit required,             7:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. conference banquet
dine at one of the restaurants in the area      cancellation policy: 48 hours prior to arrival.
and then back to our hotel.                     specify: “weao 2011”
     weao TeChniCal syMPosiuM & oPCea eXhiBiTion

     2011 Conference Technical Program overview
     Monday aPril 11, 2011
     session 1                                          session 5                                        order Delivery Methods through a General
     utility Management                                 wetland Treatment systems                        services contract (Gsc) which is a portion
     The utility Management session will have           This session will provide a closer look at       of the Toronto basement Flooding protec-
     presentations on the challenges that we            recent applications of wetland treatment         tion program, and the construction chal-
     face in the management of our wastewater           technology in canada. presentations will         lenges, and lessons learned. The afternoon
     infrastructure capital assets and resources.       address economic and design consid-              will conclude with the presentation of the
     Topics include lessons learned in asset            erations, while sharing experiences on           analysis of the transportation of the viruses
     management and master planning, prepar-            performance assessment and upgrades of           and the effect of water ionic strength on vi-
     ing for labour shortage and new energy             existing wastewater treatment plants, and        rus transport in rock fracture given the fact
     opportunities.                                     development of new projects.                     that many small suburban communities in
                                                                                                         canada rely on subsurface for both septic
     session 2                                          session 6                                        wastewater and drinking water supply.
     new Professionals–a                                Professional wastewater operators
     This np session features papers presented          (Pwo)                                            session 10
     by new professionals with less than 10 years       All are welcome to attend the presentations      advanced Treatment-B
     of experience or under the age of 35. The          in this session which are geared towards         increasingly stringent regulations on
     morning session will start with research on        Wastewater operations. Topics include:           wastewater treatment and discharge in
     the effects of powdered activated car-             F.o.G. and commercial dishwashers, fila-         ontario are challenging the plant owners
     bon addition on removal mechanisms of              mentous bacteria identification, ferrous to      and operators to find cleaner and cost
     endocrine Disrupting compounds (eDcs)              ferric conversion and vibrations in pumps.       effective solutions for disinfection, and
     in Mbrs. This will then be followed by a                                                            enhanced nutrient removal. This session
     case study of the ontario power Generation         session 7                                        will cover the current issues in advanced
     program called Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) and its        environmental health, safety & security          wastewater treatment in ontario and,
     impact on the viability of biogas cogenera-        The environmental, health, safety and            in particular, will provide evaluative
     tion. Then we will look at the case study of       security committee are please to bring           information on both new and established
     design and engineering services during the         you three presentations. The two safety          technologies in this area. The second
     construction for upgrades to the Amherst-          papers, Digester Gas safety and Work-            part of the Advanced Treatment session
     burg WWTp to improve the effluent quality          place electrical safety (Arc Flash) are very     will present papers on tertiary filtration
     while maintaining growth requirements in           timely in the wastewater industry. The           systems and evaluation of physico-
     the area. Finally, the morning will conclude       third paper Veolia’s Water impact index: A       chemical and biological phosphorus
     with a presentation which highlights the           new Tool for Water Footprinting offers an        removal technologies.
     functionality of custom-built software for         exciting method for stakeholders to identify
     managing large-scale monitoring programs           how our everyday activities affect our water     session 11
     and it’s various applications for The city of      environment.                                     Collection systems Management-B
     hamilton’s combined sewer system.                                                                   The second part of the collection system
                                                        session 8                                        Management session will discuss issues
     session 3                                          asset Management                                 related to hydraulic transients in collection
     advanced Treatment-a                               Asset Management is the process and              systems, review cso monitoring programs,
     increasingly stringent regulations on waste-       way of business in order to optimize the         discuss systems for remote control
     water treatment and discharge in ontario are       performance of an asset through its lifecycle    and storage of wet weather flows, and
     challenging the plant owners and operators         while meeting the intended level of service in   address issues related to climate change
     to find cleaner and cost effective solutions       the most cost effective way for present and      vulnerability in collection systems.
     for disinfection, and enhanced nutrient            future needs. The papers in this session will
     removal. This session will cover the current       touch upon aspects of asset management           session 12
     issues in advanced wastewater treatment in         including: level of service, condition assess-   small Community issues
     ontario and, in particular, will provide evalua-   ment, capital replacement programs and           This session will focus on issues of special
     tive information on both new and established       utilizing information management.                concern to small communities and rural
     technologies in this area. The first part of the                                                    areas. presentations will focus on the de-
                                                        session 9                                        velopment of design principles and display
     Advanced Treatment session will present
                                                        new Professionals-B                              of experiences on challenging effluent
     papers on removal of Quaternary Ammonia
                                                        This np session features papers presented        limits, phosphorus removal and sustainable
     compounds from wastewater, and advanced
                                                        by new professionals with less than 10           biomass conversion strategy for wastewa-
     disinfection techniques using paracetic acid
                                                        years of experience or under the age of          ter treatment plants in these areas.
     and uV disinfection.
                                                        35. The afternoon session will start with a
     session 4                                          story of a canadian engineer working on          session 13
     Collection systems Management-a                    water projects in south western uganda as        Professional wastewater operators
     The first part of the collection system Man-       a part of long-term canadian international       (Pwo)
     agement session will discuss approaches            Development Agency funded initiative.            All are welcome to attend the presentations
     to control and treatment of cso and wet            next, we will look at the city of hamilton’s     in this session which are geared towards
     weather flows and address the challenges           pollution prevention program in support of       Wastewater operations. Topics include: the
     of inflow and infiltration in municipal subdivi-   the city’s sewer use by-law. This will then      first municipal comprehensive c of A and a
     sions and collection systems.                      be followed by a presentation on the Task        presentation from the Moe.
                                                                                The wesTin harBour CasTle ToronTo
                                                                                                                           APRIL 10-12,
2011 Conference Technical Program overview
Tuesday aPril 12, 2011
session 14                                     Wastewater Treatment Facility in northern         for tertiary nitrification in the effluent.
Biosolids Management-a                         ontario. Another paper discusses about            This is followed by a case study of
This session will start with an update on      the study undertaken to identify an effective     the construction of a compact upright
the progress of the non-agricultural source    and efficient combination of blower and           bioreactor for the elimination of nutrients
materials land application regulations         diffuser system.                                  (cuben i) within the industrial wastewater
under the nutrient Management Act. The                                                           treatment process, then a paper on the
remainder of the session will be devoted to    session 17                                        application of a continuous fill intermittent
providing participants with a better under-    Biological Treatment-a                            discharge sequence batch reactor
standing of trace contaminants, including      The first part of this two part session deals     (sbr) as an effective high performance
dioxins, furans, brominated fire retardants    with fixed film and ballasted processes.          biological nutrient removal process for a
(bDe’s), personal care products and            Fixed film systems that will be presented         wastewater treatment plant with a high
pharmaceuticals. The presentations will        include bAF, iFAs and Mbbr. presenta-             infiltration rate, and finally, a paper on the
provide an overview of the nature of these     tions will include important issues such as       interference by activated sludge matrix
compounds, why they are of interest in         startup, re-rating expansion and meeting          in the measurement of sMp (soluble
municipal biosolids and why they may be of     enhanced limits.                                  microbial products).
concern in the environment and a literature    session 18                                        session 22
review on the presence, persistence and        Membrane Bioreactor Treatment                     energy from waste
fate of these chemicals including research     Membrane bioreactors continue to be               This session is focused on the production
from around the globe. The final speaker       popular in the treatment of wastewater and        of energy from biosolids management pro-
of the morning will bring us up to date on     this session will focus on Mbr-related top-       cesses. We start with unraveling the rules
a study of trace contaminants in canadian      ics and technology. presentations include         and understanding the layers. Then on to
biosolids. Does digestion have any impact      discussions related to trends in Mbr              energy production through anaerobic diges-
on concentrations in biosolids and what are    system procurement and applications and           tion, gasification and a look into the future
the concentrations in biosolids that are ap-   technical aspects such as hydraulic capac-        through the WerF optimization program.
plied to agricultural land in ontario?         ity and membrane fouling.
                                                                                                 session 23
session 15                                     session 19                                        Biological Treatment-B
new Technologies and research-a                stormwater                                        The second part of this two part ses-
The first part in a two part session will      Management of stormwater is one of many           sion deals with upgrades, construction
focus on the comparison of digestion of        issues that needs to be addressed from            sequencing and process selections at
mixed sludges in an anaerobic membrane         a watershed perspective. localized and            facilities throughout southern ontario and
bioreactor using a conventional digester,      downstream impacts need to be consid-             with capacities ranging from small to large.
followed by the use of yeast cells to remove   ered. The stormwater session will look at         Topics discussed will include meeting new
heavy metals from wastewater using ab-         a number of projects that have addressed          hydraulic capacities, meeting non-toxic
sorption technology. A comparative study       various aspects of stormwater management          effluent limits, staging construction and
involving disinfection by-products formation   including the implementation of decentral-        process selection.
as a result of the treatment of wastewater     ized stormwater management techniques,
using peracetic acid versus sodium hypo-       long-term monitoring of planned wastewater        session 24
chloride, then a study of the causes of high   treatment plant upgrades through surface          watershed issues
centrate in the centrifugation of digested     water quality monitoring programs, con-           understanding watershed issues is
sludge, and a paper dewatering digested        structed wetlands for stormwater treatment,       essential to establishing treatment
will be presented.                             and climate change vulnerability of dams.         standards for wastewater and stormwater
                                                                                                 effluents. localized and downstream
session 16                                     session 20                                        impacts need to be considered for all
emissions and optimization                     Biosolids Management-B                            parameters; especially nutrients. This
This session covers two categories: treat-     The session will start with a presentation        session will look at a number of projects
ment of air emissions associated with          by the winner of the exemplary biosolids          that have completed watershed and
wastewater, and plant optimization. in the     Management Award for 2011. From there             assimilative capacity assessments to
emissions category, the two presentations      we will move to look at a novel approach to       identify site specific effluent requirements,
address the specifics of treatment option      biosolids management in honduras. A look          treatment and technology approaches.
selected to achieve the regulatory limits.     at trends in biosolids management from a
one of them in particular also details the                                                       session 25
                                               global perspective will be followed by an
authors ‘successful experience in ad-                                                            Collection systems Management-C
                                               update the group on the canadian council
dressing the different regulatory require-                                                       The third part of the collection system
                                               of the Ministers of the environment initiatives
ments, within the project schedule. in the                                                       Management session will address issues
                                               for municipal biosolids management.
optimization category, the two presenta-                                                         related to surface water treatment for public
tions focus on the major component of          session 21                                        amenities, present an innovative design for
the plant operational costs – energy. one      new Technologies and research-B                   cso control and treatment, and discuss
of the two papers presents the upgrade         The second part in a two part session             the iso 50001 energy management
works undertaken towards head works and        involves a paper on using Membrane-               standard with respect to the water and
aeration feed system improvements at a         Aerated biofilm reactor (MAbr) process            wastewater sector.
40      TH ANNUAL
        weao TeChniCal syMPosiuM & oPCea eXhiBiTion

Monday, april 11, 2011
                                                                                                    8:30-9:30 Keynote Speaker - Frontenac Ballroom
                                                                                                  9:30-10:00 Refreshment Break - Frontenac Ballroom
          Session 1                               Session 2                               Session 3                           Session 4                              Session 5                                   Session 6                       Session 7
          Harbour Ballroom A                      Pier 4                                  Harbour Ballroom B                  Harbour Ballroom C                     Pier 5                                      Pier 9                          Pier 7 & 8
                                                                                                                              Collection Systems                                                                 Professional Wastewater         Environmental Health,
          Utility Management                      New Professionals A                     Advanced Treatment A                                                       Wetland Treatment Systems
                                                                                                                              Management A                                                                       Operators (PWO)                 Safety & Security
          Chairs: Vanessa Chau                    Chairs: Erin Longworth                  Chairs: Harpreet Rai                Chairs: Chuck Hudsonroder              Chairs: Germana Numes                       Chair: Carrie Brunet            Chair: Duane Forth
                  Richard Pindler                         Matt Simons                             Brian Gage                          Matthew Ballaban                       John Pies
10:00-    Sewer Use Bylaw Program                 Effects of Powdered Activated           Quaternary Ammonium                 CSO Control in a Changing               The Upgrading of Lagoon-Based              Variable Speed Pumping          Digester Gas Safety and
10:30     Re-Design For Effective Infra-          Carbon Addition on Removal              Compounds Removal at Five           Climate: a Practical Approach to        Wastewater Treatment Systems in            in Parallel                     Handling Systems
          structure Protection                    Mechanisms of 17B-Estradiol and         of the City of Londons Sewage       Planning & Design                       Northern Areas using High Perfor-          Jeff Johnson, ASL Roteq         Jerry D’Ortenzio, Westech
          Chris Barlow - York Region              17a-Ethyinylestradiol in MBRs           Treatment Plants                    Stephane D’Aoust & Adrien Comeau        mance Lagoon-Aerated Engineered                                            Industrial Limited
          Michele Maitre - York Region            Wenbo Yang - Trojan Technolo-           Tony Van Rossum - City of London    - Stantec Consulting Ltd., Louis Julien Wetland Systems
          Vanessa Chau - CH2M HILL                gies, Nazim Cicek - University of                                           - City of Ottawa                       James Higgins & John Langan - Stantec
                                                  Manitoba, Hongde Zhou - University                                                                                 Consulting, Martin Hildebrand - Nelson
                                                  of Guelph                                                                                                          Environmental
10:30-    Risk-Based Approaches to Main-          Brown Gold - Ontario’s New              Effectiveness of Peracetic Acid     Planning, Design, and Construction Windsor Lake Water Treatment Plant              London Fog 2: Com-              Workplace Electrical
11:00     tenance. mprove Asset Reliability       Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) Improves Vi-       for Disinfection of Municipal       of Hamilton MacMaster CSO          Constructed Wetland for Backwash                mercial Dishwashers             Safety - Based on CSA
          and Save Money.                         ability of Biogas Cogeneration          Wastewater - Field Trial at         Storage Tank                       Water                                           and FOG                         Z462. The importance of
          Frank Godin - EMA Canada Inc.,          Darrel Yong & Peter Burrowes -          the Valley East WPCP, City of       Mark Stirrup - Hatch Mott MacDonald, Andrew Niblock -City of St. John’s, John      Barry Orr & Tony VanRos-        following this standard
          Rob Lash - Toronto Water, Sherry        CH2M HILL, City of Barrie               Greater Sudbury                     Jan Hudoba - J&M Structural, Jerry   Pries & Michael Blair - CH2M HILL             sum - City of London, Roy       and providing the neces-
          Revesz - APG                                                                    Tony Cecutti & Murray MacCumber     Parisotto & Susan Jacob - City of                                                  Griffin- Griffin Plumbing       sary PPE and safety
                                                                                          - AECOM Canada, Dan Miron - City    Hamilton                                                                                                           equipment to employees.
                                                                                          of Greater Sudbury                                                                                                                                     Len Cicero, Lenco
11:00-    Toronto Basement Flooding Pro-        A comprehensive Wastewater                Evaluation of Peracetic Acid as     Investigation of Basement Flooding Performance Assessment and Char-                Filamentous Bacteria            Veolia’s Water Impact
11:30     tection Program: Infrastructure       Strategy Allows the Town of               an Effective Disinfectant at the    Alfred Ho & John Presta - Region of  acterisation of Two Natural Wetland           Identification and Their        Index: A New Tool for
          Stimulus and Thinking Outside         Amherstbeurg to Improve Effluent          Dundas WWTP                         Durham, Phil Grey - XCG Ltd., Tracey Treatment Systems                             Control Strategies              Water Footprinting
          of the Box                            Quality While Meeting Growth              Jamie Jupp - CH2M HILL, Andrew      Ehl - Tracey Ehl Harrison Consulting   Collin Yates - University of Waterloo       Jianrong Liu - GENIVAR          Laurent Auguste of Veolia
          Anthony Pagnanelli - City of Toronto, Requirements                              Grice - City of Hamilton                                                                                                                               Water Americas
          Tony Petrucci - CH2M HILL               Kathleen Hum, Terry Hearn, & Tim
                                                  Constantine - CH2M HILL, Lou
                                                  Zalenga & Antonietta Giofu - Town of
11:30-    Taking A Leap in Greening Facili-       Reinstating Harmony in a World          New Developments in Design of       York Region and Area Municipali-       Commerce Township Treatment           Operational Impacts
12:00     ties: Region of Waterloo’s First        of Flow Monitoring Chaos                New LP/HO Ultraviolet Disinfec-     ties - Inflow and Infiltration         Wetland                               of Ferrous to Ferric
          Wastewater Treatment Plant GHG          Marc Telmosse & John Barton             tion Systems                        Tara Clayton - York Region             Robert H. Kadlec - Wetland Management Conversion
          Facility Inventory                      - Stantec Consulting Ltd., Chris        Irwin Osinga - Cole Engineering                                            Services                                    Lucyna Mroczek & Jane
          Zeina Elali & Val Saknenko - RV         Gainham - City of Hamilton                                                                                                                                     Purificati - Ontario Clean
          Anderson Associates Ltd, Stephen                                                                                                                                                                       Water Agency, William
          Graham - SGA Energy Ltd., Kaoru                                                                                                                                                                        Fernandes - Region of Peel
          Yajima - Region of Waterloo

                                                                                                  12:00-2:00 Awards Luncheon - Frontenac Ballroom
          Session 8                               Session 9                               Session 10                          Session 11                             Session 12                                  Session 13
 P.M.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Pier 2
          Harbour Ballroom A                      Pier 4                                  Harbour Ballroom B                  Harbour Ballroom C                     Pier 5                                      Pier 9
                                                                                                                              Collection Systems                                                                 Professional Wastewater
          Asset Mangaement                        New Professionals B                     Advanced Treatment B                                                       Small Community Issues                                                      Operations Challenge
                                                                                                                              Management B                                                                       Operators (PWO)
          Chairs: Christine Hill                  Chairs: Selvi Balcioglu                 Chairs: Harpreet Rai                Chairs: Christine Hill                 Chairs: Germana Nunes                       Chair: Carrie Brunet
                  Nancy Kim                               Dale Jackson                            Heather Brewer                      Mark Stirrup                           Troy Briggs
                                                                                                  Voitek Kozakiewicz
2:15-     Application Layer Technology for        Water is Life                           Double Pass Filtration vs           Hydraulic Transients and Sewage        Establishing Effluent Limits for the Harmony Creek WPCP:                    Q&A and Process
2:45      Water Supply Facilities                 Genevieve Kenny - RV Anderson           Tertiary Membrane Filtration - A    Conveyance - Learning from             Orangeville WPCP: Meeting the Chal- First Municipal Compre-                 Control Event
          Roland Bradshaw - Associated            Associates Limited                      Process, Performance & Cost         Experience                             lenges of Headwater Discharges       hensive CofA in Ontario
          Engineering                                                                     Comparison for Small Full-Scale     Djordje (George) Radulj & Fabian       Michael Hulley - Royal Military College,    Edgardo Tovilla - Ministry of
                                                                                          Facility                            Papa, Hydratek & Associates            Stephen Nutt - XCG Consultants, Doug-       the Environment
                                                                                          Heather Brewer & Haley Piagno -                                            las Jones - Town of Orangeville             Thom Sloley - Municipality
                                                                                          Conestoga-Rovers and Associates                                                                                        of Durham
                                                                                          Ltd., Brett Bloxam - Regional
                                                                                          Municipality of York
2:45-     Watershed-Wide Wastewater               City of Hamilton Pollution Preven- Case Study: Simcoe WWTP                  In Search of the City-Wide CofA:       Recent Experiences Upgrading                Operator Certification
3:15      Treatment Optimization Pilot Proj-      tion Program                       Tertiary Treatment Upgrade               Hamilton’s CSO and Monitoring          Lagoon Based Systems with Tertiary          and Training: Current
          ect for Grand River Watershed           Dave Alberton - City of Hamilton        Bob Fields - Norfolk County, Chris- Characterization Program               Treatment Facilities                        Status and New
          Mark Anderson & Sandra Cooke -                                                  tian Cabral - Veolia Water Solutions Chris Gainham - City of Hamilton, Bar- Paula Steel, Ed Salenieks & Annie Chan     Initiatives
          Grand River Conservation Authority,                                             & Technologies Canada                bara Robinson - Stantec Consulting     - Associated Engineering                   Brian Gildner - Ministry of
          Cameron Walsh & Gerard Wheeler                                                                                                                                                                         the Environment
          - City of Guelph, Geoff Rae - City of
          Hamilton, Paul Mungar - County of
          Haldimand, David Chapman - CPO Inc.

                                                                                         3:15-4:15 Refreshment Break - Exhibition Area - Metro Ballroom
4:15-     Sewage Forcemain Inspec-           Toronto Basement Flooding                    The Economics of Biological         Preparing For The Future - Climate     Omnivorous Closed Loop Sustainable          Student Panel            PWO Meet & Greet
4:45      tions and retrofit for Easier      Protection Program: Task                     Phosphorus Removal in Ontario       Change Vulnerability Assessment        Biomass Conversion for Cost-                Discussion: Career Paths
          Maintenance                        Order Contracting Delivery and               Kim Fries, Jeremy Kraemer &         of the Town of Prescott’s Sanitary     Effective Biofuels, Bioenergy, and          in the Water Environment
          Jean Luc Daviau - GENIVAR Consul- Construction Challenges and                   Laura Seaman - CH2M HILL            Sewage System                          value Added Products                        Industry
          tants, Afshin Naseri - York Region Lessons Learned                                                                  Gustavo Arvizu, John Chadwick & Ca-    Klaus Doelle & David L. Johnson - SUNY-
                                                  Eric Wildschut - CH2M HILL, Ashok                                           rissa Cautillo - GENIVAR Consultants   ESF, Steve Giarrusso - Village of Minoa
                                                  Teli & Teik Lim - City of Toronto                                           LP, Craig Cullen - Town of Prescott

4:45-     The ISO 50001 Energy Manage-            Effect of Water Ionic Strength on       Techniques for High Phosphorus                                             The Integration of An Advanced
5:15      ment Standard & the Water/              Virus Transport in Rock Fracture        Removal in Municipal Wastewa-                                              Phosphorus Removal Technology Into
          Wastewater Sector                       Pulin Mondal & Brent Sleep -            ter and Field Results                                                      an Engineered Wetland System
          Bob Griesbach & Paul Marsh -            University of Toronto                   Christian Cabral - Veolia Water                                            James Higgins - Stantec Consulting, Brent
          Hatch Mott MacDonald                                                            Solutions & Technologies Canada                                            Wootton - Centre for Advanced Waste-
                                                                                                                                                                     water Treatment, Michael Walters - Lake
                                                                                                                                                                     Simcoe Region Conservation Authority, and
                                                                                                                                                                     David Blowes - University of Waterloo

                                                                                                5:00 p.m.- 7:00 p.m. OPCEA Reception Metro Ballroom

         Check for updates to this program
                                                                                                                                                     The wesTin harBour CasTle ToronTo
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                APRIL 10-12,
Tueday, april 12, 2011
         Session 14                     Session 15                           Session 16                   Session 17                          Session 18                               Session 19                       Certification Exams PWO - Exhibition Area
         Pier 5                         Pier 2                               Pier 9                       Pier 4                              Pier 3                                   Pier 7&8                         Dockside 1          (Metro Ballroom)
         Biosolids Management-          New Technologies and                 Emissions                                                                                                                                  Operator Certification
                                                                                                          Biological Treatment A              Membrane Bioreactor Treatment            Stormwater                                                Operations Challenge
         Part A                         Research-Part A                      & Optimization                                                                                                                             Exams
         Chairs: Janice Janiec     Chairs: Susan Hansler                     Chairs: J.A. Aruldoss        Chairs: Mike Newbigging             Chairs: Ed Broeders                      Chair: Adrien Comeau
                 Patty Quackenbush         Heather Brewer                            Andrew Smale                 Voitek Kozakiewicz                  Val Saknenko                            Alireza Shamshiri
8:30-    NASM Regulatory Update         Comparison of Digestion              Addressing Environ-          Lessons Learned on Startup          MBR Procurement: Success is              The Use of Decentralized         Operator Certification
9:00     Michael Payne, OMAFRA          of Mixed Sludges in an An-           mental Regulations for       and Operation of a Biological       in Details                               Stormwater Management            Exams
                                        aerobic Membrane Bioreactor          Improvements to Odour        Aerated Filter for Simultaneous     Val S. Frenkel, Kennedy/Jenks            Techniques in Hamilton Area
                                        (AMBR) with a Conventional           Control Systems              BOD Removal and Nitrification       Consultants                              Nahed Ghbn & Udo Ehrenberg,
                                        Digester                             Alex Cavciumavui & Vi        at the Lou Romano Water                                                      City of Hamilton
                                        Vince Pileggi, Xia Chen, Martha      Lam - AECOM Canada,          Reclamation Plant, Windsor,
                                        Dagnew & Wayne Parker -              Tomislav Hrkac - The
                                                                             Region of York
                                                                                                          Ontario, Canada
                                        University of Waterloo, Peter Seto
                                                                                                          Paul Drca - City of Windsor, Jian
                                        - Environment Canada
                                                                                                          Li - Stantec Consulting Ltd.
9:00-    Legacy Chemicals and           Adsorptive Performance of            Mercury Reduction            Using the IFAS Process to           Spatial Distribution of Bio-Foulants     Long Term Monitoring of
9:30     Trace Contaminants 101         Yeast Cells to remove Heavy          at the G.E. Booth            Re-rate the Peterborough            Across Hollow-Fibre Membrane in          Planned Wastewater Treat-
         Sonya Kleywegt - Ministry of   Metals from Wastewater               (Lakeview) WWTP - A          WWTP                                a Full-Scale Submerged Membrane          ment Plant Upgrades through
         Environment                    Sharam Amirnia, A. Margaritis &      Pioneer in Canada            Stephen Nutt - XCG Consultants      Bioreactor and their Contribution to     the Surface Water Quality
                                        M. Ray - University of Western       William Fernandes -          Ltd., Patrick Devlin & Krista       Irrecoverable Membrane Fouling           Monitoring Program on the
                                        Ontario                              Region of Peel, Germana      Thomas - City of Peterborough,
                                                                                                          and Vincent Nazareth - R.V.
                                                                                                                                              Victor Zhang, Amanada Farquharson,       Grand, Speed and Nith Rivers
                                                                             Nunes - Black & Veatch                                           & Hongde Zhou - University of
                                                                                                          Anderson Associates Limited                                                  Lynette Renzetti & Dana
                                                                                                                                              Guelph, Michael Theodoulou - GE          Summach - LGL Limited, Jose
                                                                                                                                              Water & Process Technologies             Bicudo - Regional Municipality
                                                                                                                                                                                       of Waterloo

                                                                                       9:30-10:30 Refreshment Break-Exhibition Area (Metro Ballroom)
10:30-   Update on WEAO Fate and        Comparative Study of Disinfec-       Optimization of Aeration     Future Expansion of the             Addressing Hydraulic Capacity      Shepard Wetland - The Larg-
11:00    Significance Survey            tion By-Products Formation           Systems - Energy Effi-       Napanee Water Pollution             Limitations in a Membrane Bioreac- est Constructed Stormwater
         Hugh Monteith                  during Wastewater Disinfection       ciencies of Turbo Blow-      Control Plant                       tor - the Port McNicoll Experience Treatment Wetland in Canada
                                        with Paracetic Acid vs Sodium        ers and Fine Bubble          John St. Marseille & Marco          Melody Johnson & Stephen Nutt            Vania Chivers - The City of
                                        Hypochlorite                         Difuser Systems              Vincelli - GENIVAR, Todd Harvey     - XCG Consultants Ltd., Nick Colucci     Calgary, John Pries & David
                                                                                                          - GNU                               - Tay Township, Bob Mayberry - R.J.      Taylor - CH2M HILL
                                        Miaoyi Yan, Onita Basu, & Jeffrey Peter Ollos - Ontario
                                                                                                                                              Burnside & Assoc.
                                        Manthorpe - Carleton University Clean Water Agency
11:00    Occurrence and Fate of         High Centrates Problem in the        Plant Optimization           Ballasted Biological Process        Trends and Scales of Membrane      Adapting to Change: Climate
-11:30   Emerging Contaminants          Centrifugation of Municipal          Through Headworks            Achieves Maryland’s ENR             Bioreactor Applications Around the Change Vulnerability Assess-
         during Aerobic and             Digested Sludges, the Cause          Improvements                 Limits for Nitrogen and             World and in Canada                ment of the Clairville and G.
         Anaerobic Sludge Digestion     and a Solution                       Christopher George           Phosphorus without Tertiary         Sara Arabi - Conestoga-Rovers      Ross Lord dams in Toronto
         and Dewatering                 John Jew                             & Shawn Scott - RV           Filtration                          and Associates                           Fatema Khalfan, Stewart
                                                                             Anderson Associates,                                                                                      Dickson & John Chadwick -
         Shirley Anne Smyth -                                                                             Robert Backman & Steven
                                                                             Brad Johns - City of                                                                                      GENIVAR Consultants LP, Ryan
         Environment Canada, Sonya                                                                        Woodard - Cambridge Water
                                                                             Greater Sudbury                                                                                           Ness - Toronto and Region
         Kleywegt - Ontario Ministry                                                                      Technology Inc.
         of Environment                                                                                                                                                                Conservation Authority

                                                                                              11:30-1:30 Luncheon-Exhibition Area (Metro Ballroom)
         Session 20                     Session 21                           Session 22                   Session 23                          Session 24                               Session 25                       Certification Exams PWO - Exhibition Area
         Pier 5                         Pier 2                               Pier 9                       Pier 4                              Pier 3                                   Pier 7 & 8                       Dockside 9          - Metro Ballroom
                                        New Technologies and                                                                                                                           Collections Systems              Operator Certification
         Biosolids Management-B                                              Energy from Waste            Biological Treatment B              Watershed Issues                                                                                   Operations Challenge
                                        Research-B                                                                                                                                     Management C                     Exams
         Chairs: Dean Iamarino          Chairs: Michael Mark                 Chairs: Elaine Collis        Chairs: Mike Newbigging             Chairs: Troy Briggs                      Chair: John Himanen
                 Lucyna Mroczek                 Wayne Parker                         Sara Arabi                   Voitek Kozakiewicz                  Marek Krynski                           Chuck Hudsonroder
1:30-    Biosolids Management           Using Membrane-Aerated               Anaerobic Digestion          St. Clair Township to Achieve       Surface Water Quality Modeling of        Surface Water Treatment for Operator Certification
2:00     Award Presentation             Biofilm Reactor (MABR) Pro-          Systems: Decoding            Non-Toxic Effluent Using            the Middle Grand River to Assess         Public Amenities on Toronto’s Exams - Water
                                        cess for Tertiary Nitrification      the Codes                    Extended Aeration and UV at         WWTP Upgrades                            Waterfront
                                        in Effluents                         Rina Kurian & Allan          New Regional WWTP            Jim Perrone & Jack Gorrie - Stantec             Dean Whittaker & Abraham
                                        Zebo Long & Hongde Zhou              Martin - RV Anderson         Nancy Liu & Don Kemp - AECOM Consulting, Mark Anderson - GRCA,               Khademi - the Municipal
                                        - University of Guelph, Lori Lish-   Associates Ltd.                                           Jose Bicudo - Region of Waterloo                Infrastructure Group Ltd.
                                        man & Peter Seto - Environment
                                        Canada, Steven Liss - Queen’s
2:00-    Sludge Characterization for The Compact Upright Bio-                A Comprehensive       Sustainable Solution to Plant              Integration of Engineered Wetland-       Innovative Design for CSO
2:30     Municipal Waste Stabiliza- reactor for the Elmination of            Comparative Study on  Hydraulic & Treatment Capac-               Phosphex to Remove Nutrients             Control & Treatment: Vertical
         tion Ponds in Honduras      Nutrients (CUBEN) (I): Design           Two and Single-State  ity Issues - A Case Study                  and other Contaminants from              Treatment Shaft Achieves
         Mahua Bhattacharya - Black and Construction                         Aerobic Digestion     of Denis St. Pierre WPCP,                  Wastewater & Stormwater                  CSO Control Objectives at
         & Veatch, Eric Adams -         Manual Alvarez-Cuenca &              Mirzaman Zamanzadeh & Lakeshore, Ontario                         Syed Hussain, David Blowes &             a Substantially Lower Costs
         Massachusetts Institute of     Maryam Reza - Ryerson                WJ Parker - University of                                        Carol Ptacek - University of Waterloo,
                                                                                                          Jian Li & Tony Berardi - Stantec                                             While Simplifying Operations
                                        University                           Waterloo                     Consulting, Tom Touralias- Town     Gordon Balch & Brent Wootton -
                                                                                                                                                                                       Kurt Giberson - Public Works
                                                                                                          of Lakeshore                        CAWT, Fleming College, Jim Higgins
                                                                                                                                                                                       Consulting, Saad Ghalib - Ap-
                                                                                                                                              - Stantec Consulting
                                                                                                                                                                                       plied Engineering Technologies
2:30-    Trends in Global Biosolids     Application of Continuous            Biosolids Gasification:      Half Capacity, Full Commitment: Keeping It Real: Risk Based Efflu-           Enhanced Monitoring and
3:00     Management                     Fill Intermittent Discharge          A Possible Emerging          Staging at Baker Road WWTP      ent Standards                                Analysis Methodologies for I/I
         Peter Burrowes, CH2M HILL      Sequencing Batch Reactor             Technology                   Jianrong Liu, Ronnie Wang,          Michael Gundry - AECOM Canada            Reduction
                                        Kheir Eddine Khier Chibani -         Mohammad Abu-Orf -           & Mina Yousif - GENIVAR             Ltd.                                     Edward Graham & Chris Steb-
                                        Premier Tech Aqua                    AECOM Canada                 Consultants, Bill Slack & Mark                                               bing - Cole Engineering
                                                                                                          Solomon - Region of Niagara
3:00-    CCME Canadian Biosolids       Inference by the Activated    From Best Practices to               Process Evaluation and Selec- Addressing Policy 1 and Policy
3:30     Management Strategy           sludge Matrix in the Measure- the Plant of the Future:             tion for the Burlington Skyway 2 Receiving Water Bodies With
         Shelly Bonte-Gelok - Ministry ment of SMP                   The WERF Optimization                WWTP Expansion                 Respect ot Phosphorus
         of Environment                Chris Potvin & Hongde Zhou -  Program                        Jeremy Kraemer - CH2M HILL,               Emily Ghosh, Michelle Albert &
                                        University of Guelph                 George Crawford - CH2M Mickey Liu & Steve English -              Jianrong Liu - GENIVAR Consultants,
                                                                             HILL                   Region of Halton                          Mohammed Sajjad Khan - Ministry of
                                                                                                                                              the Environment

                                                                                       3:30-4:30 Refreshment Break - Exhibition Area (Metro Ballroom)
                                                        3:30-5:00 Operations Challenge Awards and Totally Wasted Gameshow - Exhibition Area (Metro Ballroom)
                                                                                      6:00-7:00 Cocktails Pre-Banquet Reception (Frontenac Ballroom)
                                                                                                         7:00-10:00 Banquet (Frontenac Ballroom)
     weao TeChniCal syMPosiuM & oPCea eXhiBiTion

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                                                                                  The wesTin harBour CasTle ToronTo
                                                                                                                              APRIL 10-12,
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     Operations Challenge is the place to be.
     The operations challenge committee
     (occ) would like to extend an invitation to
     all wastewater professionals to compete in
     the operations challenge at the 40thAnnual
     WeAo conference and opceA exhibition.
     now in its 21st year, the one-of-a-kind
     Wastewater olympics will take place April
     12 at the Westin harbour castle confer-
     ence centre in Toronto, ontario.
     The competition consists of five events:
          •	 Collection	Systems
          •	 Laboratory
          •	 Maintenance	(pump)	                    Durham Sludge Hammers 2010 WEFTEC Ops Challenge
          •	 Process	Control
          •	 Safety

     Teams make repairs to pumps, enter con-
     fined spaces, work on collection systems,
     troubleshoot process control problems,
     and perform designated laboratory proce-
     dures, while racing against the clock. The
     events are held simultaneously and provide
     for a lot of action and excitement.
     Teams are comprised of four members
     and are judged on accuracy and the time it
     takes to complete a series of tasks for each
     event. penalty points are assessed by the
     judges when specific event tasks are not
     performed correctly or in a safe manner.
     operations challenge is a wonderful learn-
     ing tool, allowing team participants to use
     state-of –the-art equipment that requires      OCWA Jets 2010 WEFTEC Ops Challenge
     them to learn the latest techniques. The
     challenge is fun and interesting for both      daily activities. Teams consist of a consul-       siduals from the plant. A bus will leave from
     team members and spectators alike. ben-        tant, an opceA supplier and a professional         the Westin harbour castle main entrance at
     efits of fielding and supporting a team are    operator. The game is highly competitive and       12:45 pm and return by 4:00 pm. pre-regis-
     numerous and who would not want to own         great fun for participants and spectators.         tration for the tour as part of your conference
     bragging rights for victory over some of the                                                      registration is required. space is limited and
                                                    The Professional Wastewater Operator
     best wastewater professionals in ontario?                                                         will be on a first come, first served basis.
                                                    Technical Session and Tour offers the
     if that is not enough, the winning team has                                                       This year’s technical session will certainly be
                                                    operators the opportunity for continuous
     the opportunity to compete against the                                                            of interest to wastewater operating profes-
                                                    learning and professional development
     best in north America at WeFTec 2011 in                                                           sionals. check the conference brochure for
                                                    within the wastewater industry. This year,
     los Angeles, california.                                                                          more information on the sessions.
                                                    the tour will be at the r.c. harris water
     The operations challenge committee also        treatment plant, which is both a heritage          if you would like to be involved with the
     serves as organizer for the Totally Wasted     historical site and a civil engineering his-       occ, either by competing or volunteering
     Game Show (TWGS), which is fashioned           torical site. it is a 950-million litre per day    on the committee, please contact the 2011
     after a popular television game show. The      plant that was built in the 1930s and also         operations challenge committee chair
     TWGs quizzes contestants with questions        has a 40-million litre per day residual waste      norma linkiewicz at 905-685-4225 ext.3286
     comparable to those applicable to their        treatment plant underground to treat the re-       or

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