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									                      Nepean Creative & Performing Arts
                               High School
24 October 2011
    Issue 7                           THE LINK

        FOR 2012

                  Cameron White — Captain                           Laura Payne — Captain

            Mitchell Green — Vice Captain                     Larissa Rodrigo — Vice Captain

             Nepean Creative & Performing Arts High School website: www.nepean-h.school.nsw.edu.au
The Principal Writes
                            Rhys Walker – Talented Teen and
                            Shining Light
                            It is with great sadness that we heard of the
                            tragic death of Rhys Walker, a Year 12
                            student of this school. Rhys started as a
                            Year 7 student in 2006. There is always
                            great difficulty in coming to terms with loss
                            in our school community.

                            The school was represented at Rhys’
                            funeral by the School Captains and Vice
                            Captains, as well as a large number of
                            students across all years – accompanied by
                            their parents, carers and many staff from
                            our school and neighbouring schools.

Rhys defied the odds by fulfilling a passion for singing and dancing
despite living with multiple disabilities: cerebral palsy, epilepsy, vision
and hearing impairment. His mother Vicky said “There would be very
few in this community who didn’t know Rhys or at least know of him.
He loved his family, and his family loved him. He was a light for all of

I asked Rhys’ teachers and friends what special memories they
remember most – and there are many:-
    talented singer and performer as a solo artist as well as with the
      Nepean High School Signing Choir
    enjoyed performing at any time
    a fantastic sense of humour and loved telling jokes
    loved ‘The Sound of Music’ and could sing and recite all parts of
      the film
    enjoyed life to the fullest
    loved his sport – Penrith Panthers, Collingwood AFL and
      Australian cricket fan
    loved ‘Abba’ , ESP, ‘Honey, Honey’
    well-liked and respected by all
    larger than life personality

One of our newer members of staff remembers Rhys this way – he said
“Although I had not taught Rhys he stuck out in my mind as a really
lovely student. He would often say hello to me, and initiate it, although
he didn’t know me. One day I had to walk a trolley over from one
building to another across the quadrangle, there were a couple of
raised pathways that were difficult to negotiate with a trolley. Rhys just
offered to help and made a difficult task easy. It was so nice to have
students do this, it makes you feel really positive about the students
and coming to work.”

Quoting from Rhys’ Thanksgiving Mass booklet “Rhys lived a full and
happy life. His needs were few and simple not for him the worries of
the world; what mattered was today..... He gave unconditional friendship
to all he met. Enthusiasm and unrestrained excitement were the
hallmarks of Rhys; being quiet or discrete would never occur to him.
His special gift of singing he used to the full; and this, combined with a
child-like innocence which he never lost, attracted people to him like a
magnet. Hundreds knew Rhys through his singing performances. He
achieved much in a short life, never letting his disabilities hinder him.
Rhys tried so hard in all that he attempted. He loved life; and the joy he
brought to so many will never be forgotten.”

The support given to the Walker family by the school
community including students, families and friends, as
well as the wider community of Penrith Valley and
Blue Mountains, is very much valued and

Our heartfelt sympathies go to the Walker family and
friends at this very sad time.

2012 Captains and Vice Captains
Congratulations to Laura Payne and Cameron White on their election
as 2012 School Captains. Larissa Rodriguez and Mitchell Green were
elected as Vice Captains.

They have been elected because other students, and staff, believe they
have the qualities to carry on the finest aspects of Nepean Creative and
Performing Arts High School’s leadership tradition. They have to be the
best. They have to be an inspiration to all others, to those that will look
up to them and model their own behaviour and development on the
example they provide. Leadership is an active part of everyday life at
Nepean Creative and Performing Arts High School.

The 2012 Captains and Vice Captains were inducted at the Year 12
Graduation Ceremony. We wish them all the best for their new
positions of responsibility. They are senior members of the Student
Representative Council and will play an important role in the school.

Year 12 Farewell Graduation Ceremony
During the last week of Term 3, the school held a number of celebratory
events to farewell our Year 12 students who have begun their HSC
examinations. The Year 12 Graduation Ceremony was held on Friday,
23rd September, the last day of Term 3, to a full house. We were very
pleased the Ceremony was so well supported by parents, relatives and

The Graduation was a day of reflection of the memorable experiences
over the last six years at Nepean High School. Nepean has played a
very important role in their lives, particularly the last two years as senior

It was a time of mixed feelings. Year 12 are ready to make new friends,
explore new scenes and experience the new opportunities of life
beyond school and perhaps beyond home.

Family, friends, Years 10 and 11 students paid tribute to the outgoing
Year 12. Awards for First Place in Courses, Gold and Silver School
Awards and Outstanding Attendance Awards were made to a large
number of students at the Assembly.

A full list of award recipients is included in this newsletter.

The Higher School Certificate
The HSC exams started on Monday 17th October. On behalf of the
school we wish our Year 12 well for their Higher School Certificate and
future careers. Students in Years 7 – 11 are requested to minimise their
time around the hall, particularly on their way home for the entire time of
the HSC and not cause any inconvenience or disruption to Year 12.

HSC Assessment Information Evening for Year 11
Year 11 have completed their Preliminary courses and begun their HSC
courses this term. All Year 11 students and parents/carers were invited
to an Information Evening on Tuesday 18th October in our school library.

The purpose of the evening was to inform students and parents of the
assessment requirements for the HSC and to provide advice and
support on how to best approach the HSC. Our guest speaker was the
Board of Studies Liaison Officer Margo Braithwaite. Topics covered
included Board of Studies rules and procedures, and how to get the
best possible result in the HSC.

The Nepean High School HSC Assessment Booklet was distributed on
the evening.

Year 11 – Study Skills Program – Guest Presenters
Year 11 have now begun their HSC course work. Students last week
participated in a valuable two-hour exercise called ‘Make Your Study
Skills Program Work’ presented by professional external consultants.
The seminars were short, sharp and targeted sessions across the year.

Areas covered included:-
     What is study? How to read a text and how to pull out most
       important points; note taking; how to develop a set of organised
       notes; how information fits together.
     Time management; develop study timetable they can maintain;
       work smart by prioritising the most important work; beat
       procrastination (putting things off).

Comments from students who participated included:
“The study sessions kept us interested and focused”
“It was beneficial in all ways – provided an insight into how to study –
what works for me.”
“Useful information that no other person seems to tell you”
“It gave us greater understanding of how to study for the HSC. Gave us
more confidence.”

Year 10
Trial School Certificate examinations in English, Mathematics, Science,
Geography/History/Civics, Computer Skills test and PD/H/PE were held
at the end of last term and first week back this term. These Trials
aimed to prepare Year 10 for their School Certificate exams which will
be held on Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th November.

Year 10 will also sit for a compulsory School Certificate Computer Skills
online test on Thursday 10th November. On that day Year 10 will also
complete the Board of Studies program ‘All My Own Work’- a
mandatory requirement.

Once students have completed their tests they will return to normal
lessons until their Graduation Ceremony on Friday 9th December. The
Year 10 program of activities after the School Certificate is included in
this newsletter.

Students will not be permitted to attend the Year 10 Formal if the school
clearance procedure has not been completed. Clearance procedures
must be fully completed by Friday 25th November. The Year 10 Formal
will be at the Log Cabin on Wednesday 7th December.

Blue Mountains Dance Festival
Congratulations to our talented dance students and Ms Zoller who
performed at the 2011 Blue Mountains Dance Festival at the Joan
Sutherland on Monday 5th September (matinee and evening
performances) and Wednesday evening 7th September, to packed
audiences. The Festival gave parents and the local community the
opportunity to view and appreciate dance items from local public school
students. This year 2700 students from 49 Primary and Secondary
schools performed in 118 dances.

Nepean’s dance items were exceptional – we set the benchmark for
each of the performances. The choreography of our dances were of a
high standard – all their hard work, skill and team effort paid off and the
excellent reputation of Nepean Creative and Performing Arts High
School has been enhanced.

State Champion – Athletics
Congratulations to Chris Stork in Year 11 for
his success in the NSW Athletics
Championships at Homebush at the end of
last term. Chris won both the 800m and
1500m track events – the 800m was
particularly satisfying for Chris because he
ran his personal best time. To win two gold
medals competing against all competitors in
the state - Combined High Schools – is a tremendous achievement. All
the best in the National Championships.

Chinese Cultural Tour
Eight Nepean High School students travelled to China over the holidays
as part of the Western Sydney Regional Performing Arts Program. All
had a wonderful time – certainly a once in a lifetime experience.

The cultural tour of China was established to promote and expand
cultural understanding between Australia and China.    Forty-eight
students from Western Sydney high schools were selected as
ambassadors and performers.
Caitlin Burgess and Celina Farrugia were selected to dance with the
Western Sydney Regional Dance
Kodie Amos, Tim Drummond, George
Clark, Kathryn Henderson, Kim Regent
and Zoe Carroll were selected to sing
with the Western Sydney Regional
Vocal Ensemble.

The selected student performers
represented the ‘cream’ of the Regional
Performing Art talent. So to have eight of our students selected to
travel to China does say a great deal about the depth of overall talent
we have in our school.

Joint Venture – Emu Plains Cricket Club and Nepean High School
Emu Plains Cricket Club applied for a grant in 2010 through NSW
Communities Sport and Recreation to build a storage shed on Nepean
High School grounds. The building was completed in late August –
adjacent to the cricket nets. It serves a shared storage facility for both
the Cricket Club and Nepean High School.

The official opening of the permanent storage facility was held on
Saturday 10th September. The club has a permanent home training
base at our school. The Club has developed a very good relationship
with our school over the years.

When I attended the official opening I was pleased to see the cricket
nets are well maintained and used extensively by our sporting
community - past and present Nepean High School students. The
facility will be of significant benefit to the cricket community of the Emu
Plains area.

Schools Spectacular – Biggest Ever
Now in its 28th year, the 2011 Schools Spectacular will showcase the
performing arts talents of 3500 NSW public school students. This
year’s theme is ‘Imagine’. There will be shows on Friday 25th and
Saturday 26th November. The Schools Spectacular has grown to be
one of the biggest shows on earth, published in the Guinness Book of
Records as “The World’s Biggest Variety Show”.

This year’s extravaganza boasts a 1200-voice choir; an 80-piece
orchestra; 1500 dancers aged from 5 to 18; and rock, jazz, brass and
marching bands with featured soloists aged from 10 to 18.
Most importantly – Nepean Creative and Performing Arts High School
will be playing a bigger part in the School Spectacular with more
students representing and participating. What an experience for them!

Homework Policy
The Homework Policy has been published in each student’s school
diary (page 9) with information related to ‘Using the Library’. There is a
good deal of evidence to suggest that academic success and regular
home study are closely linked. The diary also gives some suggestions
about managing home study. Should parents have any questions about
homework please feel free to communicate directly with staff in each
subject through the school diary. The important thing is that regular
home study occur each night in each of the major subjects being
studied at school. As we are now approaching Term 4 and the final
yearly exams/assessments, some sort of homework review at this stage
would be of great benefit to each student

The next meeting of the P&C will be on Wednesday 26th October at
7.00pm in the staff common room. This meeting will be our Annual
General Meeting (AGM). Don’t panic, we are not looking for lots of new
people to fill positions!! However, all groups need new blood to ensure
their future success – and ours is not any different. We are fortunate
that we have P&C meetings that are friendly, informal, welcoming and
always have a great turnout.

All parents are welcome to attend.

Enquiries re Child’s Academic Progress/General Conduct/
When you ring the school please tell the receptionist the nature of your
enquiry and to whom you wish to speak.
 Student Advisors for welfare issues and general student conduct
      (refer to back of this newsletter)
   Head Teachers for student progress and conduct in a subject (refer
      to back of this newsletter)
   Deputy Principals for issues/concerns regarding school
           Ms Caro - Years 7, 9 and 11
           Mr Spencer (Relieving DP) - Years 8, 10 and 12
   Ms Dahl for attendance and school lateness issues
   Mr Turner/Mr Bergan for sport issues/questions
   Ms Burden for general welfare issues/concerns
   Mrs Bowman for concerns regarding learning difficulties
   Mrs Charlier for Careers questions/information.

Visitor’s Book
The Visitor’s Book is a requirement of the Department of Education –
and serves as an official record of persons entering the school grounds.
Indeed, everybody who enters the school each day indicates their
presence in one way or another – students have their names marked
on a roll and staff sign on. In the students’ case, there are very real
safety, welfare and legal issues associated with the roll marking – and I
am sure that parents are very appreciative of our efforts.

Visitors to the school are often here to make enquiries about students.
Locating a student in a school the size of Nepean High can be a tricky
business and the very efficient and obliging staff in the front office will
be able to help in most instances. If there are further problems, they
will contact appropriate staff. For the safety of our students and the
smooth operation of the school, it is in everybody’s best interests that
visitors do not come into the school and wander the playgrounds – or
approach class or staffrooms unannounced. We ask that you make
your first port of call to the front office – and our staff will attend to your
enquiries quickly. If it is necessary for a visitor to move about the
school, a “Visitors Pass” will give that authority.

Anti-Racism Contact Officer
Ms Malyn in the English faculty, is the school’s Anti-Racism Contact
Officer. Any complaints by students or staff regarding problems of
racism should be directed to Ms Malyn in the first instance.

Mr A Baldacchino
A Tribute to Our Friend, Rhys

On Monday 5th September 2011, a beloved friend, student, class mate and family
member passed away. This was a devastating and horrifying week, however also a
day never to forget. Rhys Walker was not the type to skip school, bully, or fail in life,
but rather the complete opposite. Rhys will never be forgotten. He will always be
remembered every day by everyone who was close to him. However, one descrip-
tion that family and friends will never forget, was his unique and angel like smile that
cheered anyone and everyone up when seen. It was rare for Rhys not to smile, be-
cause he was always thinking of the bright side of life, therefore it was rare to see
him feeling down. Rhys also loved to dance. If he ever heard a song playing that he
liked, he would not be ashamed to jump up and dance. But one talent that Rhys
carried and embraced throughout his life was his love to sing.

With the voice of an angel, Rhys sang his heart out every chance he got. He
showed everyone that even someone who was partly blind, and suffered hearing
impairment, they can still make a difference. This also shows that for someone who
never expected anything in return, never wanted popularity, or to be better than
anyone else, he became popular and well loved, for being no more than himself.
For all of the love and friendship he shared with so many people, for all that Rhys
had achieved at such an early age, and all of the talent that he held, Rhys may
have had a short life, but the life that Rhys had begun and finished was more full
than most 17 year olds today.

Rhys Walker existed and filled our hearts with warmth thanks to two wonderful peo-
ple, his parents, Nick and Vicky Walker, with help from his little sister, Rhiannon,
they brought up a boy in a warm and loving family, and helped him become a bright,
happy, loving and talented young man.

Rhys’ family and friends have found it a lot more difficult to move on from this dev-
astating news, however for those who are grieving, Rhys may not be here with us,
but his spirit and memories remain here forever, and as long as those memories
remain happy, our thoughts and prayers will reach him.

You will never be forgotten, but will always be in our thoughts.

                             Rest in Peace Rhys Walker


Year 12 Most Outstanding Student
                  Allana Mason

           Gold Award Winners
                 Cassandra Angland
                   Allana Mason
                 Courtney Vreeken

           Silver Award Winners
       Jack Allen                 Mark Myhill
 Cassandra Angland                James Nixon
     Emily Brooks               Callum Partridge
     Steven Bruni              Nathan Robinson
  Kristy-Lee Bulloch            Andrea Seymour
 Rhiannon Campbell               Vikram Singh
    Samuel Coletto              Madeleine Slarks
     Nicole Curtis                 Neil Smith
    Erin Davidson               Brittany Tippett
   Annalyse Fisher                Ebonie Todd
  Brittany Hanrahan             Vaokakala Tupou
Mitchell Jeffreys-Brown        Courtney Vreeken
      Angela King              Kirralee Wilkinson
     Allana Mason              Hayley Wilmshurst

 100% Attendance
Gold Award Winner
    Mitchell Dennis
    Annaliese Wyld

Outstanding Attendance
Silver Award Winners
      Emily Brooks
     Natalie Clarke
     Samuel Coletto
    Mitchell Dennis
     Alison Gordon
       Bradley Jira
    Edvin Jusufovic
   Nicholas McIntosh
    Callum Partridge
   Nathan Robinson
      Tyler Rohloff
      Vikram Singh
     Eva Sutherland
    James Tuckwell
   Hayley Wilmshurst
     Annaliese Wyld
      Yiting Zhang

Year 12 2011 Academic Award Winners
            Cassandra Angland
            Applied Mathematics

               Samuel Coletto
        Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation

              Annalyse Fisher
              Standard English
               VET Hospitality

              Alison Gordon
              Food Technology

              Stephanie Hall
             English Extension 1

              Jessica Jenssen
        Industrial Technology - Timber

               Bradley Jira
              VET Construction

              Mitchell Jones
            General Mathematics

                Kasey Jung
               Modern History

Year 12 2011 Academic Award Winners
              Allana Mason
              Ancient History
              Business Studies
               Senior Science
             Spanish Beginners

              Tyler Rohloff
               Legal Studies

            Madeleine Slarks

            Elizabeth Smith
         Photography Video Media

             Eva Sutherland
             Advanced English
                Visual Arts

            Vaokakala Tupou
              Visual Design

            Courtney Vreeken
            Textiles and Design

               Yiting Zhang
        English as a Second Language
          Extension 1 Mathematics
          Extension 2 Mathematics 

Nepean Success at CHS State Softball Carnival

Thanks to all teachers who helped support our softball team at the CHS
State Softball Carnival. 16 teams across NSW attended the carnival.

Nepean won their first game convincingly against Hills Sports High 13
to 0. Our second game was against Woolooware High. Woolooware
won their first game 22 to 7 and so we knew it would be a tough game.
We won 4 to 2. This promoted us to the top 4 in the State. We would
now face the top three schools in NSW. We drew Westfields Sports
High in the first of these games. Westfields batting was exceptional,
hitting our pitchers out of the ground on 5 occasions. It is very hard
to compete against such batting power and skill. They beat us 17 to 2.

Therefore our last game was a play-off for 3rd or 4th position. We
played Hunter Sports High in this final game. It was highly competitive
going into a tie breaker 7th innings! We led in this game up to the 5th
innings but Hunter scored the tying run in the 6th innings. Hunter batted
first in the tie breaker and unfortunately scored 4 runs which was too
many for us to score.

4th in the State is exceptional for Nepean High school. Well done to all
the boys and thanks to Glen Turner for his support and skilful bus

The Team
1. Michael (odd shoes) Kerr
2. Brodie (should have kept some of that cling wrap for his mouth) Fennell
3. Michael (I need my afternoon nap) Robar
4. Kurt (where's Kurt? Oh last again) Berry
5. Ben (thankfully couldn't hear Brodie 24/7 like the rest of us) Ward
6. Alex (Filthy, but scored on the beach) Flitcroft
7. Dylan (would you like eggs with your bacon) Hovey
8. Jacob (newbies have to wash the dishes) Garland
9. Michael (that's how you play 2nd base) Partin
10 Bayley (newby, ugly but effective under pop-up flies) Muddyman
11. Glen (bus driver/trainer) Turner
12. Graeme (you’re getting even older) Berry

PS We have been officially invited back next year! Thanks everyone!

Graeme Berry
Coach Extraordinaire

Support Futsal Competition

On Friday, 12th August, all the students from the Support Unit travelled
to Penrith Basketball Stadium to compete in the annual Futsal

Nepean Creative & Performing Arts High School had 6 teams entered in
the competition. Teams competed at different levels according to their
ability. Every team competed enthusiastically and showed excellent

All students were awarded with a medal at the end of the day.

Sydney West School Sport Cross Country

Congratulations to Gemma Hutchins of Year 7 and Chris Stork of Year
11 who were both recipients of Silver Medals at the 2011 NSW CHS
Cross Country. These students were successful members of the
Sydney West team and are to be commended on their dedication and
commitment to this challenging sport.

Angie Dyrka
NHS Cross Country Coordinator

Year 8 Sports Action

On Tuesday 20th September, the students from the Year 8 Sports Action
and Year 8 Fun with Fitness elective classes participated in a 2 hour
Golf Workshop. The workshop commenced with a very competitive ‘Putt
Putt’ challenge, which allowed students to demonstrate their putting
technique and strategies whilst socialising with their friends. A well
earned congratulations goes to Monique Wolff – our 2011 Putt Putt
Champion! Following the 9-holes of Putt Putt, students were given the
opportunity to work one-on-one with Golf Professional Westley Rudel,
who coached them through various technical aspects of this popular
individual sport. A special mention must go to Matthew Vella whose
technique was very unique, however it allowed for a win in the AFL Golf
challenge. Well done Year 8!

Term 3 also provided students in Sports Action the opportunity to
demonstrate their creativity and sporting knowledge through the
development of a Sports Board Game. With the assistance of Tiarne
Kerr (Softball), Ethan Vandenberg (Ice Hockey), Jake Nuttall
(Basketball) and many more sporting superstars, all students were able
to produce work of a very high quality, and enjoy the lesson dedicated
to playing these games.
Angie Dyrka
PDHPE Teacher

Penrith Show

This year, the Penrith Show has taken Nepean Creative and
Performing Arts High School by storm again! Our new teacher, Ms
Dobell (who had no idea what the Penrith Show was about) has
done a brilliant job with her students cooking muffins, scones,
biscuits and slices.

While Mrs Manuel (who found out about the Penrith Show, a year
ago!)has been busily baking cakes and preserving pickles and
jams. And Ms Chareunsouk (who only has one class—got away
with doing very little this year!), made meringues, cakes, and
handmade chocolates with her Hospitality group.

With just a few weeks of preparation, chopping, slicing, dicing,
preserving and cooking away at the stoves, busily baking and
decorating cakes, slices and handmade chocolates and many,
many more recipes, our students have done us proud.

Congratulations to all our award recipients who received First,
Second, Third or Highly Commended Ribbons for their cooking
efforts for a fantastic job. We hope to have more prize and award
winners next year! And for now, let the cooking continue, BRING
ON next year’s Penrith Show!

Please see next page for our excellent results!

Nor Chareunsouk
TAS Faculty

Penrith Show Results 2011                             First         Seconds             Third            Highly

Banana Cake - no icing                                                                                   Jack Allen

6 Muffins – any variety, NO paper containers                                            Alex Anderson

6 Plain Patty cakes – no icing, no paper containers                                                      Brittany Hanra-
                                                                                                         Kayla Tupou
                                                                                                         Jack Allen
(6) Scones- Any variety                                             Brodie Muddy-                        Summer Rad-
                                                                    man                                  cliffe
Slice-Any Variety- (6) Pieces                                                                            Emma Robinson

6 Anzac Biscuits

(6) Pikelets                                          Nicholas      Savannah Van        Kalahni Wil-
                                                      Brady         Der Draay           liams
(6) Rock Cakes                                                      Ashleigh Guillard                    Gabby Belan

(6) Small Jam Tartlets                                Sarah Stew-   Maddie Rohloff      Alison Gorden
Shortbread–1 round or 6 pieces                                                          Nathan Scott
                                                                                        Jasmine Price

(6) Decorated Patty Cakes (artificial/bought deco-                                      Tori-Ann         Alison Gruber
rations allowed)                                                                        Klower
                                                                                        Madeleine Goss

(6) Meringues                                         Jack Allen    Annalyse Fisher     Steven Bruni

Any variety of cake/slice.Made by a student spe-                    Tim Cleary                           Robbie Bostick
cial support unit

Hand Decorated Iced Novelty Cake (Butter Icing)                     Jake Jefferys                        Taneka Searle

Coconut Ice (6 pieces)                                                                  Shannon Dennis

(6) Plain Toffee                                                    Maddie Goss         Ben Gibbs        Jake Jefferys

Basket or Box of Home Made Chocolates                 Aimee Lauer   Kadi Khan           Megan Delkou

Rocky Road (6pieces)                                  Adam Rogers                                        Jay Crutch
                                                                                                         Craig Forsyth

Apricot Jam                                                                             Sophie Allen
                                                                                        Kaytesha Dean
Marmalade                                                                               Grayson Clark
                                                                                        Ben Gibbs

Any other variety pickle                                            Chloe Crane         Laura Samuel

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                                                         YEAR 10 PROGRAM
                                                    7th November to 16th December 2011
     Monday 7th November                                      School Certificate Examinations
     Tuesday 8 November                                       School Certificate Examinations
     Wednesday 9th November                                   Normal classes including sport
     Thursday 10th November                                   School Certificate Computer Skills online test
                                                              Board of Studies ‘All My Own Work’
     Monday 14th November                                     Normal classes
                                                              Offer of Work Experience begins
                                                              Year 10 Clearance Forms distributed
     Tuesday 15th                        November             Saitama Sakae Japanese High School Visit/Beacon
     Thursday 17th November                                   Recognition Ceremony rehearsal
     Friday 18th November                                     Recognition Ceremony
     Monday 21                      November                  Peer Support Training(Penrith Pool)
     Tuesday 22nd November                                    Peer Support Training (Penrith Pool)
     Wednesday 23                             November        Year 10 Meeting/Swim. Instructor Training (at school)
     Thursday 24 November                                     Swim School Training (Penrith Pool)
     Friday 25             November                           Clearance completed/School Spectacular
     Monday 29 November                                       Year 7 Swim School – Year 10 Instructors
                                                              Rehearsal – School Musical Performance
     Tuesday 28th November                                    Year 7 Swim School/Rehearsal Musical Performance
     Wednesday 30th November                                  Year 7 Swim School/Rehearsal Musical Performance
     Thursday 1                     December                  Year 8 Swim School – Year 10 Instructors
                                                              Musical – Matinee and Evening Musical Performance
     Friday 2nd December                                      Year 8 Swim School
                                                              Evening Musical Performance
     Monday 5th December                                      Yr 6 – 7 Orientation Day (Peer Support Leaders)
     Tuesday 6th December                                     Year 8 Swim School – Year 10 Instructors
     Wednesday 7                              December        Year 10 Formal (Log Cabin)
     Friday 9             December                            Year 10 Graduation
     Monday 12 December                                       Rehearsal Presentation Evening
     Tuesday 13                     December                  Annual Presentation Evening
     Wednesday 14 December                                    Outdoor Rec. Expedition
     Thursday 15 December                                     Outdoor Rec. Expedition
     Friday 16 December                                       Touch Footy Day

 Normal lessons will continue for students not involved in the above activities
 Year 10 Swim School Instructors will continue their training every Wednesday sport after
     English, Science, Mathematics, History/Geography and PDHPE plan to restructure Year 10
       classes. Programs will include:
                  choice of elective activities / topics within the subject
                  preparation for senior studies workshops
                  Year 11 Orientation and Career Planning activities

Sydney Tower Excursion

On Friday the Creative Cooking and Food Tech classes went on an
excursion to the Sydney Tower Restaurant. We left Emu Plains Station
at 7:30am and once we arrived at Sydney Tower we divided into two
groups. We were given a tour of Sydney Tower which included the
kitchen, where we saw some of the chefs busy preparing meals. One of
the highlights of the tour was seeing the amazing view which showed
some busy parts of Sydney. The best thing for me was the food as there
was a great variety to choose from. There was seafood which included
prawns; hot food which included spring rolls; dessert which included
honey & lavender mousse and much more. For drinks, each table had a
jug of coca-cola to share. After everyone had finished eating we left
Sydney Tower just as it started to rain. Fortunately most of us had
umbrellas and made it to the station without getting wet. Overall it was a
great day, I enjoyed it a lot and recommend going to Sydney Tower.

By Sophie Allen

Maddison Rohloff – Year 11

Maddison has been congratulated by her Sydney Distance Education
teacher for having topped her class with her Business Report.
Furthermore, her SDE teacher added: “I would like to use it as an
example to show students next year what a report should look like.”
WELL DONE Maddie!!

Alma Pepe
LOTE Teacher

USA 2013

In January 2013 students from Nepean High are eligible to join a
group travelling to the USA for a 20 day Cultural Tour. Places to be
visited include Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Universal Studios,
Hollywood, San Fransisco, ski fields outside Seattle, Seattle
Waterfront and spend two days in an American school.

For 10 days you will be hosted by an American family and live the
“American” life.

If you will be aged between 14 - 19 in January 2013, still at school and
interested in this wonderful experience contact Ms Stevens, Support
Staffroom on 4728 7236.

Warragamba Dam Excursion

On Friday, 26th August, S4, S5 & SC-H travelled to Warragamba Dam.
On arrival the classes were met by an Education Officer and were
shown a power point presentation of the Dam. Students then moved
on to participate in many interactive activities, complete worksheets
and try varied hands-on activities.

After that we drove onto the Dam wall and viewed the Dam itself and
the expanse of water which holds more water than Sydney Harbour.
We then drove to the side of the Dam wall and saw the large spill-way
at the front.

After a picnic lunch in the park and games of soccer, football and
frisbee, all arrived back at school having enjoyed an educational and
fun day.

       Warragamba Dam

Work Experience — Year 10

Two students in Year 10 were given the opportunity to work alongside
Harold David on a one day fashion photography workshop which took
place at Lewers Gallery on September 12th.

Harold is a well known fashion photographer and has an extensive
career in fashion.

The two students who participated were: Tori Clark and Bianca Jones.

TaikOz Drumming

TaikOz is Japanese for the word drums. I had the opportunity to try out
for this course just before October. I made it into the drumming and that
day we had an hour and a half session. All up we had 20 hours of
drumming and on some days we did 4 hours a day.

We did 4 performances at the Joan Sutherland Centre and one next to
the Opera House. We were on the “Morning Show” and appeared in 2
newspapers. This was a surprise and we are all hoping to do it again
next year.

by Trent Holloway

         YEAR 7 2012 ORIENTATION DAY
                     Monday 5th December, 2011 

                      Students 9.15am—2.00pm 
                      Parents 9.15am—10.30am 
                     Assemble in the School Hall 

              For more information please contact
         Nepean Creative & Performing Arts High School
                         Ph: 4728 7200

On behalf of all the students and staff at Nepean High School, I would like
to take this opportunity to thank our generous and wonderful sponsors
who have made the Student’s Breakfast Club Program possible.

       Community Business Organisations / Individuals
             Tahmoor Bakery - Tahmoor, 2573
      Bakers Delight - Lennox Centre, Emu Plains 2750
       Woolworths - Lennox Centre, Emu Plains 2750
            Mars Food Australia - Wyong, 2259
            Mrs Bruni - Private Business Owner
 National Foods Milk Limited - Castlereagh Rd, Penrith 2750

                         School Community
                        Welfare Team
             Student Representative Council (SRC)

                    Expressions of Interest
           Any potential sponsors who would like to
        further support the Student’s Breakfast Club,
             please contact Ms Chareunsouk at
        Nepean Creative & Performing Arts High School
                            47 28 7 200

Student’s Breakfast Club

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Senior Year 12
Hospitality Crew for all their efforts and commitment, in the early starts
to set up, prepare and serve the weekly Breakfast Club foods for the
past 3 terms. We could not have done it without their dedication,
support and generosity. The responsibility will now be handed over to
the current Year 11 Hospitality group, who will continue the wonderful
work and efforts of their previous senior peers.

As the weather warms up, and the days are longer, I would love to see
the many happy faces and satisfied bellies every Tuesday mornings
from 7:30am-8:15am. Dine like a King or Queen here at Nepean
Creative and Performing Arts High School and your day will be a

Here are some pictures of the awesomest students in the Nepean
Valley and beyond.

Nor Chareunsouk
Breakfast Club Coordinator

Congratulations to the Senior Dance ensemble, Junior Dance
ensemble and Company Dance ensemble on their amazing
performances in the Nepean Dance Festival. More than 2000
students across the Blue Mountains and Penrith Valley performed
at the Joan Sutherland Centre.

Nepean High Dance ensembles were a definite stand out and Mr
Baldacchino was incredibly impressed with the highly executed
performances. We had numerous students helping with backstage
duties and master of ceremonies. Thank you to all students who
offered to help out at the festival. A new committee member will be
joining the team for the 2012 Nepean Dance Festival –
congratulations to Ms Zoller who will be joining the Festival

Lucia Zoller
Performing Arts Faculty

Senior Dance Ensemble: Caitlin Burgess, Megan Delkou, Alyssa Hanson,
Morgan Hanson, Brittiny Neal, Jasmine Price, Chloe Pye, Aidan Tuaimou–
Gadsdon, Courtney Wainwright

Junior Dance Ensemble: Cheri Arnold, Rebecca Bartlett, Bethany Donnelly–
Single, Celina Farrugia, Taryn Ferres, Riahnn Lethorn, Emma Meredith, Emma
Murrin, Rebecca Parker, Simone Sneddon, Breanna Stewart, Monique Wolff

Company Dance Ensemble: Zoe Carroll, Geril Digal, Elise Drury, Katherine
Goses, Cindy Guanzon, Ebony Page, Crystal Hickey, Courtney Hoarey, Ben
Jenssen, Shannen Krajsic, Annika Loobeek, Tayla Mclntyre–Baker, Bianca
Riggs, Alix Smithard, Wayne Te Whaiti, Keira Watson, Rachael Wilkinson,
Rosie Surace, Taylor Chillingworth

Penrith Valley’s Zonta Award For Outstanding Actress

On 4th October, during the second week of the school holidays, I arrived at the
Nepean Shore’s Hawkesbury Conference room, to receive a prize during a Zonta
Awards Presentation dinner.
For those who have not heard of the club, Zonta is a group, (through service and
advocacy) who aim to advance the status of women worldwide. Founded in 1919,
there are now 31,000 members belonging to over 1,200 Zonta Clubs in 64 countries
and geographic areas. The Penrith Valley Zonta group is known as the ‘Zonta
International District 24 Inc’, and is the group that awarded me the ‘Zonta Award for
Outstanding Female Actress in the Nepean Valley’.
This all began at school, when the CAPA staff had decided to nominate me for this
award for my drama skills, commitment, and determination when it comes to my
drama classes. They received a letter in the mail stating that I was the first winner
for this award, and they wished for me to attend the Presentation Dinner to accept
my award.
On the night, people began arriving at 6:30pm where I was warmly welcomed by a
few of the women setting up. Not long after my family and I had entered the room,
Miss O’Leary and Miss Rudolf arrived. The dinner meeting began at 7pm, where
we were welcomed with two other award winners (Kimberly Gajo and Sonya
Nicetic). I was the first person called up to accept my award. This was followed by a
yellow rose, a cheque given to the school to help me with further funding for drama.
I gave a speech and mentioned how grateful I was to receive this award, as well as
thanking the CAPA staff for nominating me. During dinner, several members
approached me to congratulate me on my achievement and to compliment me on
my speech. After dinner and dessert, the other two girls received their awards.
However, each award was for something different. Afterwards, the award winners
and their guests gathered in the foyer for photos. After I had finished, I
congratulated the other girls, wishing them luck in the future, and headed off home.
I am very grateful for the nomination of this award, however I would not have even
had a chance if it wasn’t for the CAPA staff for nominating me, and especially Miss
Rudolf and Miss O’Leary for being there to support me, along with my family.

Rebecca Waters

Glee Club Australia Talent Development Project

Katie Panucci auditioned for, and has been selected by, the Australian
Institute of Performing Arts as a cast member for the Glee Club
Australia Talent Development Project Cast 2 – 2011. Cast 2 will be
preparing a 26-minute duration 80’s musical over the next few weeks,
which will see Katie being choreographed by Charlie Bartley, runner up
of the second season of So You Think You Can Dance. Katie has been
selected for her vocal talent and she will work hard over the coming
weeks to learn her songs and routine for the show.

Cast 1 and Cast 2 – 2011 will perform one show here in Sydney for
family and friends on 30th November 2011. On 1st December Katie will
be travelling with Cast 1 and Cast 2 to Los Angeles where she will
attend master classes with industry professionals for vocal, dance and
drama. She will work with the casting and vocal directors of the TV
show Glee. Katie will perform at Universal Studios, Disneyland,
Broadway and Knott’s Berry Farm over three weeks. During this time,
Katie will be involved in writing and recording an original song at
Westlake studios that was built especially for the recording of Michael
Jackson’s album Thriller.

Katie will participate in professional Broadway auditions where she will
“workshop audition” in front of the Casting Directors of the hit shows
Glee, Hannah Montana, and I’m In a Band. Katie will return to Sydney
on 23rd December 2011.

Regional Tour of China

On 24th September 2011, 8 students from Nepean CAPA High
School travelled to Shanghai, China for the Western
Sydney Region Cultural tour of China. We had 6 singers (George, Zoe,
Kim, Kodie, Kathryn and Tim) and 2 dancers (Celina and Caitlin). We
travelled with 5 other high schools — Winmalee High School,
Blaxland High School, Erskine Park High School, Penrith High
School and McCarthur Girls School. We performed a number of
concerts in China and also got to do some touristy things, visiting
Shanghai, Ningbo and Huangpo.

We visited 3 schools (2 boarding schools and 1 public school). At the
boarding school they attend for 15 hours a day — waking up at 6am,
going to 4 classes then having a 10 minute break, 5 classes then lunch,
another 4 classes then dinner, and after that, 4 classes of homework.
They do at least 17 lessons of English a week.

They have very different Chinese food to what we are used to. We were
waiting for spring-rolls, sweet and sour pork and honey chicken, but
they had fish head soup, duck tongues, duck blood soup, cow stomach,
skinned frogs and chicken with its head still on!

Overall it was an amazing and memorable experience, we made the
best friends and will remember it forever.

by Kim Regent

P&C News

WOW, what a night—our Trivia night—was a huge success raising just
over $3,000.00!!

The night wouldn’t have been this successful if not for the support of the
companies that made donations and the community who organised a
table and came along. It is always a fun night, so if you missed out this
year, make sure you get in early next year, it’s an event that is growing
quickly. A SPECIAL thanks must go to Alisse and Kevin Canning for
organising the night to happen, without them it would not have been as
successful. And also Gary Baines who ALWAYS gives his time to come
and host the trivia and does a wonderful job.

On behalf of the P & C we would personally like to offer our deepest
sympathy to our Treasurer Nick & Vicky Walker on the loss of their
beautiful boy, Rhys. A tragedy like this brings us even closer as a
community and it has affected everyone. With our love and support we
hope we can comfort you along this journey.

Everyone is most welcome to attend any of our meetings held the fourth
Wednesday of each month at 7.00pm. We are an inviting friendly
bunch, providing cake and coffee. Our next meeting will be our Annual
General Meeting on October 26th, if you feel that you could be an
integral part of our P&C don’t be shy, we look forward to seeing you.

Julie Tyers

                          P & C MEETING
                   Wednesday 26th October
                 Staff Common Room - 7.00pm
                       ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 
                  All positions will be open for election 
                Followed by the October General Meeting 
Come along and:
 Help make decisions on P & C Leadership
 Hear the latest school news
 Contribute your views
                           Everyone is welcome.
          The meeting finishes around 9.00pm with tea and coffee.

Uniform Shop News

Welcome back to Term 4, hasn’t this year flown?

We hope you took advantage of the 20% off sale at the end of last
term and stocked up on your child’s uniform needs. There are NO
EXCHANGE or REFUNDS on 20% sale items.

Don’t forget to retain your receipts from the Uniform Shop if you are
eligible to claim uniforms on your tax (from 1/7/2011). As these
receipts tend to fade ensure you photocopy them and keep with all
your tax items as we are unable to issue copies.

Hope to see you soon,
Vicki and Julie

                  OPEN FRIDAYS
      7.30am - 12 noon and 1.00pm - 3.30pm
              All Junior & Senior Uniforms available

 (Polo Shirts, Skirts, Shorts, Slacks/Trousers, Trackpants, Jackets/
                    Jumpers, Sports Uniforms etc)

     Cheques, Cash, EFTPOS and credit cards are acceptable

                 Please make cheques payable to:


              Banned Items – School Safety

Certain items are banned from school. For the safety of students and staff, a
secure learning environment and items which often cause damage to school
equipment, the following items are not allowed at school. They will be
confiscated and returned as appropriate. Illegal items will not be returned.

Items banned from school include:-

      Illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco or implements for using these items
      Weapons, replica weapons or items that can be used as a weapon
        such as sling-shots, large rubber bands and other projectile devices
      Fireworks and other explosive devices
      Matches and lighters
      Aerosol cans – deodorant, perfumes, etc.
      Chewing gum
      Liquid paper, marker pens, steel rulers
      Water bomb balloons
      Mobile phones are turned off and remain in school bag
      Ipods and MP3 players
      Laser pointers
      High caffeine/energy drinks
      Skateboards, roller blades

Students while at school or travelling to or from school, or involved in school-
related activities are not allowed to:-

      Smoke tobacco or other drugs
      Drink alcoholic beverages
      Use prohibited drugs
      Inappropriately use prescriptions or over the counter drugs
      Inappropriately use solvents or inhalants
      Possess drug-related objects such as syringes, bongs, pipes, lighters
        and the like

Possession, sale, supply and exchange or negotiations in relation to the
above is prohibited. If any of the above are disregarded, the action will be
taken in accordance with procedures and requirements set out by
Department of Education and Community for the suspension and expulsion
of school students from NSW government schools.

                             Mobile Phones
                           Policy/ Procedures
Mobile phones brought to school must be switched off from 8.30 –
2.55pm. Students are not permitted to use the phone for any purpose
during these school hours. The only exception is when the use is a
structured component of coursework. Students who use their phone
during the school day (in or out of the classroom eg. playground, sport)
will have them confiscated and returned at the conclusion of the school
day. On the third occasion this occurs the phone will be confiscated
and given to the Deputy Principal to return to a parent/carer.

The use of the camera function of mobile phones is prohibited at
school. Mobile phones are personal property and any student bringing
one to school does so at their own risk. The school is not responsible if
the phone is lost or stolen.

Parents/carers are requested not to phone or SMS their children during
the school day. In an emergency, parents/carers can phone the school
to contact their child. In order to fulfil our duty of care obligations,
students must report to the Office, with a note from their class teacher if
they are ill and staff will notify parents.

        Procedure re use of mobile phones during school day
1st Occasion        Name taken
                    Phone confiscated
                    Teacher RISC (record In school student welfare program) and labels
                    Phone to DP/ Principal
                    Teacher completes mobile tally sheet
                    Phone returned end of day

2nd Occasion        Name taken
                    Phone confiscated
                    Teacher RISC and labels phone
                    Phone to DP/ Principal, teacher completes mobile tally sheet
                    Sanction - HT / Year Adviser
                    Phone returned end of day

3rd Occasion        Name taken
                    Phone confiscated - to DP/ Principal
                    Teacher completes mobile tally sheet if 3rd occasion
                    DP/ Principal RISC
                    Compulsory Parental interview (CPI)
                    Parents pick-up phone
                    Suspension Warning (persistent disobedience)

4th Occasion        As above
                    Possible suspension


NSW Health warns that there has been an increase in Whooping
Cough among primary school-aged children. Whooping Cough is
    contagious and can be especially dangerous for babies.

  Whooping Cough starts like a cold and progresses to bouts of
 coughing that can last for many weeks. Older children may just
have a cough that is persistent and is worse at night. The infection
           can occur even in fully-vaccinated children.
               Children with symptoms should see a GP
      If your doctor diagnoses Whooping Cough, please let the
       school know and keep your child at home until they have
     taken fives days of antibiotics. Keep coughing children away
                                from babies
       Whooping Cough vaccines give good protection against
      infection but immunity fades. If your school-aged child has
     younger siblings, it’s a good idea to check that they are up to
                          date with their vaccines

                   For more information go to:

                                                  Penrith Star


115 - 119 Great Western Highway, Emu Plains NSW 2750
Phone: 4728 7200                                              Fax: 4735 6141
Email: nepean-h.school@det.nsw.edu.au        Website: nepean-h.schools.nsw.edu.au

PRINCIPAL                              DEPUTY PRINCIPAL
Mr Anthony Baldacchino                 Ms Ann Caro
                                       Mr Alan Spencer (Rel.)

SCHOOL CAPTAINS (2012)                 VICE CAPTAINS (2012)
Cameron White                          Mitchell Green
Laura Payne                            Larissa Rodrigo

Year   7           Ms H Stevens          Mr G Turner
Year   8           Ms C Malyn            Mr P Engelbrecht
Year   9           Ms S Gardiner         Ms A Dyrka
Year   10          Ms C Burden           Mr M Bergan
Year   11          Ms B O’Leary          Ms A Rudolf
Year   12          Ms N Chareunsouk      Mr W Roy

Administration                                      Mrs J Dahl
Performing Arts (Rel.)                              Ms A Rudolf
English                                             Ms C Reynolds
Human Society and Its Environment                   Mr G Berry
Mathematics                                         Mr S Donohue
PD/Health/PE                                        Mr B Berriman
Science                                             Mr I Geatches
Technological and Applied Studies (Rel.)            Mr W Roy
Special Education Unit                              Mrs J Mason
Welfare Coordinator                                 Ms C Burden
Sport Coordinators                                  Mr M Bergan/ Mr G Turner
Counsellor                                          Ms J Hughes/Ms A Babinard
Librarian                                           Mrs C Watt
Support Teacher Learning Assistance                 Mrs V Bowman
Careers                                             Mrs D Charlier

                ‘WHATS ON’ - EVENTS FOR TERM 4, 2011
Monday 24 October             LINK distributed
                              Year 11 Hospitality Work Placement
Tuesday 25 October            Vaccinations
                              Year 12 Dance Excursion (Syd. Dance Co.)
                              State Drama Tech. Rehearsal
Wednesday 26 October          Year Meetings (SRC Elections)
                              P&C Meeting—AGM (7pm)
Friday 28 October             State Drama Festival (11am-7.30pm)
                              VET HSC Preliminary Outcomes
Tuesday 1 November            Year 10 Meeting

Wednesday 2 November          School Assembly (Quad)

Thursday 3 November           Mufti Day

Monday 7 November             School Certificate Exam
Tuesday 8 November            School Certificate Exam
Wednesday 9 November          Assembly (Quad)
                              Final HSC Exam
Thursday 10 November          School Certificate Exam (Computer)
                              All My Own Work (Year 10)
                              Years 7/8/9 Exams begin
Friday 11 November            All My Own Work (Year 10)
                              Remembrance Ceremony
Tuesday 15 November           Saitama Sakae Visit

Wednesday 16 November         School Assembly (Quad)
                              Year 12 Clearance completed
Thursday 17 November          Recognition Rehearsal (Period 1)
                              Year 10 Beacon Excursion (Park Royal)
                              Years 7/8/9 Exams end
Friday 18 November            Recognition Ceremony
                              Year 8 PE Electives
Monday 21 November            Year 9 Camp
                              LINK distributed
                              Year 12 Formal
                              Year 10 Peer Support Training
                              Yr 7 + CAPA (African Drumming)
Tuesday 22 November           Year 9 Camp
                              Year 10 Peer Support Training
                              Year 8 ESSA
Wednesday 23 November         Year 9 Camp
                              P&C Dinner
Thursday 24 November          Schools Spectacular
                              Years 9/10 Swim School Training
Friday 25 November            Schools Spectacular
                              Year 10 Clearance completed

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