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Listing Specialists: Jennifer Farley & Cain Cox
  828-277-5551      Info@AVLhometeam.com

Dear Prospective Seller,

Thank you for speaking with Asheville’s Home Team. We very much look forward to
meeting you in person. Please take a few minutes to review all the material in this
prelisting package.

We are in a buyer’s market, which requires an extensive marketing plan and
an aggressive approach. We look forward to discussing the details of our
marketing plan with you when we arrive.

Price is likely in the front of your mind – and it should be. We don’t control the
market, but we are very good at interpreting it and positioning your property
effectively to sell for as much money as possible.

We will be on time and looking forward to our discussion.

Best regards,

Asheville’s Home Team
Jennifer Farley & Cain Cox
                         Jennifer Farley & Cain Cox

              SELLERS                                 BUYERS

Providing you with:                        Providing you with:

• Individualized Marketing Plans           • Complete Wants/Needs Analysis
• Pricing Strategies for Today’s Market    • Ethical Representation
• Professional Staging Advice              • Tough & Effective Negotiation Skills
• Local Market Expertise                   • Market & Pricing Expertise
• Clear and Concise Communication          • Total Commitment
• Local, Real Estate Experience            • Honest Communication
• A Pool of Active/Able Buyers             • Quality Listings to Meet Buyer Needs
                          Why You Should Hire Asheville’s Home Team
                               *Our Action Plan to Get Your Home Sold!

    Immediate Action Plan                          Action Plan: 1st 4-6 weeks
•        Professional Staging and Pricing Advice       •   Agent Email Campaigns
•        List in MLS-Database for 1200+ Realtors             –   Coordinate w/ nearby properties for sale
•        Market on over 6,000 websites worldwide             –   Active agents in price & location

•        Create Property Website w/ Virtual Tour       •   Buyer Match Drip Campaign
•        Create Detailed Info Book for Property        •   Direct Mailing to Potential Buyers
•        Pre-Sale Home Inspections with Repairs        •   Broker Open House / Agent Caravan
•        Announce to Realtors and Buyer Database       •   Access relocation & local buyer networks

        Long Term Action Plan                      We Get Results!
    •    Reg. Assessments of Market Competition    •       97% List to Sell Ratio
    •    Bi-Monthly Market Analysis to Seller      •       Average Days on Market: 130 (33% less
    •    Feedback Reports & Monthly Analysis               than MLS average)
    •    Price reductions based on market trends   •       Top 20% of local Realtor Production
    •    Agent & Buyer Match email campaigns       •       99% Customer Satisfaction
    •    Broker Announcements & Postings           •       40% Clients from referrals and repeat
There are Only 2 Things Sellers can
 Control in the Sale of Their Home:

       Price and Condition
                       Notes About Price
It will be tempting to overprice your home because it is natural to feel your home is more valuable
    because of your living experience in the home. Overpricing causes you to lose precious
    momentum which will be extremely hard to create later. Below are some graphs that illustrate the
    danger of overpricing which we will cover during our meeting.

You may be concerned about leaving money on the table, and yet your focus needs to be on pricing
   carefully so you don’t miss your market and end up handing the buyer a good deal three months
   down the road. Here are some reasons overpricing is detrimental to your overall goals:
• Minimizes showings and offers
• Declining salesperson enthusiasm and response
• Less qualified buyer exposure
• Decline in showings
• Limits financing:
                         Notes About Staging
1.   You Will Make More Money: the average staging investment is 1-3% of the home's asking price, which generates
     a return of 8-10%

2. Your House Will Sell Faster Which Equals More Money and Less Headache and Stress: the longer a home stays
    on the market, the further below list price it drops. Homes that sold in the first 4 weeks averaged 1% more than the
    list price; 4-12 weeks averaged 5% less; 13-24 weeks averaged 6.4% less than list price; 24 weeks averaged more
    than 10% less than list price.

3. The Cost of Staging Doesn’t Cost A Dime: home staging typically provides a 343% return on investment!

4. Most Home Sellers Cannot View Their House Objectively: If you can’t see objectively, you can’t “package”
    effectively. Have a staging professional bring your home into its most advantageous condition for showings.

5. Your Online Photos Will Stand-out Amongst the Competition: 85% of buyers are searching for homes online first
    before deciding to visit. Give buyers a reason to drive to your home by having multiple photos of beautifully staged
    rooms that will stand out among the competition.

6. Only 10% of Homebuyers Can Visualize the Potential of a Home: That’s why staging a home is critical! You
    don’t want the advantages of your home overlooked and left up to the buyer’s imagination.

7. Leaving Your House in “AS IS” Condition Will Only Help Sell the Competition” Competition is stiff and buyers
     have very high expectations, as well as many choices. Successful agents know that the key to competing is
     professional staging because it creates compelling online presentations, drives buyer traffic to the home, and turns
     prospects into buyers.

8. You Can Relax: You will have the satisfaction of knowing you have done absolutely everything possible to affect a
    top-dollar quick sale of your most valuable commodity.
             LIST YOUR HOME:                               APPOINTMENT:

•    Copy of Survey, deed, and deed of trust    •   “Working with Real Estate Agents”
•    Copy of Owner’s Association Info               Brochure
      –   President Name and Number             •   “Utility Information” Form
      –   Association Fee                       •   “Residential Property Disclosure
      –   List of Items Covered by HOA              Statement”
•    Copy of Road Maintenance Agreement         •   “Lead-Based Paint Disclosure” form if
•    Copy/List of Community Restrictions            home was built before 1978.
•    Fuel Info (if applicable)                  •   2 Copies of keys for house
      –   Leased Tank? With Whom?               •   A copy of your latest mortgage statement
      –   Underground Tank? Used or Filled?     •   Any and all warranty documents you have
•    Mortgage Company Name and Number           •   Collect any pictures of the home during
      –   Account Numbers                           alternate seasons to help with marketing
      –   Payoff Amount                         •   Make a list of recent repairs & updates
      –   2nd mortgage or home equity?          •   Prepare a list of things you like most about
•    Social Security Number(s)                      your property
•    Any existing/pending Liens? Foreclosure?
•    Lease Agreements (if applicable)
•    POA Information
                        Experience & Education
• Bachelor’s Degree                     • ePro Technology Certified
    – Jennifer Farley - UNCA, 2000:         – 2006
      History/Lit Education
    – Cain Cox - Salem College, 1992:
                                        • Certified Trainer for Market Center
      Psychology                            – 2009
• NC Realtor Status & Licensure         • Seller Mastery Graduate
    – 2005                                  – 2008-2010
• Asheville Board of Realtors Member    • Keller Williams BOLD Graduate
    – 2005-2011                             – 2010
• Professional Broker License           • Leadership
    – 2006                                  –   Members of Agent Leadership Council
                                            –   Coordinated the KW Wellness Program
• Home Staging Designation
                                            –   YWCA Sponshorship
    – 2007
                                            –   Board of Trustee: Eagle’s Nest Camp
• Top Producer Status: Sales Volume         -   BNI Professional Network Member
    – 2006-2011
                                     A Third of Our Business comes from
                                       Referrals and Repeat Business!

                           •   “Jennifer Farley and Cain Cox are two of the hardest working listing agents
                               in Asheville. I look forward to working with Asheville’s Home Team in the
 Call us today to see how       –   Grady Shope - General Contractor, SHO Construction
we can help get your home
 sold for the most amount
    possible, in the least
 amount of time, and with •    “Asheville’s Home Team’s assistance in helping us relocate to WNC has
  the least complications!     been both professional and personable…their patience has been
                               unlimited…and their evaluation for future market value very helpful. We
                               appreciate Jennifer’s and Cain’s hard work and look forward to our new
  Info@AVLhometeam.com         life in Western North Carolina. The entire experience was beyond our
www.WeSellHappyHomes.com        –   Allan and Yuko McLeod
                                                      Interviewing Agents?
                        Make sure you are asking the right questions for today’s market!

Should you hire a single agent or a team?
Cain and Jennifer were single agents during the beginning of their real estate careers. They saw, firsthand, the limitations of a single agent. Joining together as Asheville’s Home Team
       Cain and Jennifer saw their production levels increase tri-fold within the first year.

Is there a connection?
You must be able to trust your agent 100%. This is someone that will be in your home, promoting your best interests, and helping you meet your goals. Make sure the conversation flows
        and your agent takes the time to listen to your needs!

What is the agents marketing plan?
Internet Advertising (97% buyers start their home search on the internet)                             Broker Advertising Campaign
Internet Advertising WITH search placement from major search engines                                  Target Marketing
Open House Schedule                                                                                   Direct Mailing
Call Capture System                                                                                   Virtual Tours
Out-of-State Relocation Marketing

What are the current market conditions?
We keep our sellers updated through consistent neighborhood updates and market shifts. With Asheville’s Home Team, you can feel confident that we are using the best marketing
      strategies for the current marketing trends. Ask us to see our latest Total Market Analysis on the Asheville market!

To test the agents negotiations skills, ask them what their list to sell ratio is.
Asheville’s Home Team has a 95% list to sell ratio! Also, be careful of agents who are quick to cut their commissions in order to get the listing...if they fold on negotiations for their pay,
       what do you think will happen when they are negotiating the sale of your home?

How will you follow up on inquiries?
Asheville’s Home Team follows up with all inquires quickly by phone and e-mail. We utilize a call-capture system for all ads as well as web tracking to focus our marketing and
       advertising on what is working. When an inquiry occurs, we automatically get notification by email and on our cell phones so we can get the buyer while they are hot!

References Available
Asheville’s Home Team is happy to provide a list of references for you to contact:
Rosie Eisenberg — Seller with Asheville’s Home Team 828-273-9089
Julie Shelton—Buyer and Seller with Asheville’s Home Team 423-991-9423
Grady Shope—Builder with SHO Construction 828-230-3159

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