MTA Review June 1996 by jianghongl


METRO    Authority

                                          New Project Manager Hired

                                          Five MTA Employees Honored

                                          $75 Million .for Metro Red Line Segment 3

                                          Bus/Ralf Interface Plan

                                          ATTBAwarded Grant

                                          MTA Wins Seven Safety Cou nci Awards
                                                                                                                                lune 1996

  WESTERN	               NORMANDIE         VERMONT                  WESTLAKE/MACARTHUR PARK
  Offlownearm                                                       •
                                                                                                      CIVIC CENTER •

                                                              7TH ST/METRO CENTER   •                   •	             UNION STATION •
                                                                                        1111144144400100.PERSHING SQUARE

                                                                                                                                         Travel Smart... Take Metro

                                          Don 't miss the grand opening of the Red Line extension set for Juli) 13 and
                                          14 at the three new stations along Witshire Boulevard at Vennont, Normandie and Western. Grand
                                          opening festivities have been planned for euch of the new stations beginning at 10 a. in. and concluding
                                          at 3 p.m. Enjoy entertainment, displays, giveaways, and much more. Free rides will be offered from 5 a. m.
                                          to mp.m. on the entire Red Line during this grand opening celebration. The extension will bring the Red
                                          Line to a total of six miles. Share in the celebration. Mark your calendars now!

                                          Additional Metro Red Line segments                       In 1990, county voters approved another
                                          currently under construction are                         half-cent sales tax increase to speed
                                          Vermont Avenue north to Hollywood
                                          Boulevard and Hollywood Boulevard
                                                                                                   construction of rail and highway
                                                                                                   projects. Known as Proposition C, this
                                          west to Vine Street, scheduled to open
    he Wilshire extension of the Metro
                                                                                                   measure sets aside 40% of its funds for
T   Red Line connects to the existing
five- station, 4.4-mile Red Line subway
                                          late 1998. A Red Line extension to North
                                          Hollywood also is under construction
                                                                                                   improved bus and raul transit. The MTA
                                                                                                   administers these transportation funds
                                          and scheduled to open in 2001.                           for the county. Additional funds are
which opened in 1993 running between
Union Station/Gateway Transit Center      FUNDING:
                                                                                                   provided by the Federal Government and
                                                                                                   when the Metro Red Line is completed
and Westlake/MacArthur Park. The
opening of the Wilshire extension
                                          In 1980, Los Angeles County voters
                                          passed Proposition A, a half-cent sales
                                                                                                   funds will be generated from benefit
                                                                                                   assessment districts.
adds two miles and three stations,
Wi lshire/Vermont, Wi lshi re/Nonnandie
                                          tax for public transportation. Thirty-five
                                          percent of the funds were allotted to the
                                                                                                   The Metro Rail network is expected to
                                                                                                   transport 500,000 people daily by the
and Wilshire/ Western to the current      design, construction and operation of a
subway                                    rail transit network.                                                             continue,c1 on page2
tiNIN  Page 2
                             MTA Board Members
                             Lany Zarian
                              Councilmember, City of Glendale
                             Jan Heidt, Alt.
                                                                   "Facts About the Red Line,"
                                                                   (continued from page I)

                                                                   year 2010. lt will provide Los Angeles        uniformed police. Stations are
                                                                   County with more raul transit than any        monitored by closed-circuit TV linked to
                             Richard Riordan
                                                                   metropolis in the country other than          a central facility. Passengers can talk to
                             ist Vice Chair
                                                                   New York.                                     train operatons or central control via
                             Mayor, City of Los Angeles
                                                                                                                 intercom. Lighting, architecture and
                             Hal Bernson, Alt.
                             Yvonne Brathwaite Burke
                                                                   CONVENIENCE:                                  landscaping are designed to eliminate
                                                                   "Kiss-and-ride" drop offs and buses           dark comers and hiding places in
                             2nd Vice Chair
                             Supervisor, Los Angeles Coun ty       make riding the Red Line easy for those       stations and lots. A comprehensive safety
                             Michael Bohlke, Alt.                  who don't live or work near a railstation.    system includes fail-safe emergency
                             Richard Alatorre                      Red Line riders are able to transfer to the   brakes, shatter-resistant windows,
                             Councilmember, ce, of Los Angeles     Blue Line which runs between Long             emergency phones in stations and
                             Nate Holden, Alt.                     Beach and Los Angeles. Blue Line              intercoms in rail cars.
                             Michael D. Antonovich                 passengens can transfer at the
                             Supervisor, Los Angeles Coumy         Imperial/Wilmington Station to the            EARTHQUAKE SAFETY:
                             Nick Patsaouras, Alt.                 Green Line, which travels between             The Metro Red Line is designed to move
                             James Cragin                          Norwalk and Redondo Beach. At Union           with the earth and continue operating
                              Councilmember, City of G'ardena      Station/Gateway Transit Center in             during small and moderate earthquakes.
                             Joseph Dawidziak, Alt.                downtown Los Angeles, the Metro Red           In the event of a major earthquake, the
                             Deane Dana                            Line provides connections to local buses,     Red Line will be closed temporarily and
                             Supervisor, Los Angeles CounC)        Metrolink commuter rau l lines and            inspected. Subways are among the safest
                             Robert J. Arthur, Alt.                Amtrak long distance service.                 places tobe during an earthquake, as
                             John Fasana                                                                         demonstrated in the Bay Area during the
                             Councilmember, City of Duarte         FREQUENCY                                     1989 quake when BART was able to
                             Beatrice La Pisto-Kirtley, All.                                                     immediately resume service, and in 1994
                                                                   During commuter rush hours 6 am. to 9
                             Gloria Molina                                                                       in the Northridge quake when the Metro
                                                                   am. and 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. trains
                             Supervisor, Los Angeles Coun ty                                                     Red Line suffered no damage. In
                                                                   run every five min utes and during non-
                             Vivien C Bonzo, Alt.
                                                                   peak hours every seven and one half           addition, subways in Mexico City, Tokyo
                             Raul Perez
                                                                   minutes. Service is available from            and Kobe have survived severe quakes
                                                                   approximately 5 am. to 11 p.m.                that caused serious damage to
                             City of Huntington Park
                                                                                                                 aboveground structures.
                             Thomas J. Clark, Alt.
                             Carol E. Schatz
                                                                   TRAVEL TIME:
                             President, Central City Association   Union Station/Gateway Transit Center
                             Richard Alarcon, Alt.                 to Wilshire/Western is 12 minutes, a          The Metro Red Line has been designed to
                             Mel Wilson                            trip that can take twice as long on           accommodate senior and disabled
                             Realtor                               surface streets.                              patrons with station platforms at the
                             Jackie Goldberg, Alt.                                                               same level a s the entrance to the rail
                             Zev Yaroslavsky                       TICKETS/FARES:                                cars. Elevators and escalators combined
                             Supervisor, Los Angeles Coun ty                                                     with barrier-free stations without
                                                                   The Metro System cash fare is $1.35;
                             Robert Abernethy, Alt.                                                              turnstiles or gates and designated spaces
                                                                   discount tokens, sold in bags of ten for
                             Dean Dunphy                                                                         near doorways on rail cars make
                                                                   $9, are also valid as fare. Passes are
                             Ex-Officio Member                                                                   wheelchair and disabled access
                             California Secretary of Business      available for use on the Red Line and the
                                                                                                                 convenient. Ticket machines are within
                             Transportation and Housing            entire Metro System.
                                                                                                                 easy reach at wheelchair level.
                             Ken Steele, Alt.                                                                    Information is provided in Braille for
                             Joseph E. Drew                        SECURITY/SAFETY:                              sight-impaired persons.
                             Chief Executive Officer               All stations, parking lots, drop-off areas
MTA Review isprinled
entirely an recycled paper                                         and rau I line properties are patrolled by
                                         The Board Report MTA Board Activities for June

                                        Fiber Optics                                  service to the Rose Bowl for Galaxy home
                                        Licensing Program                             games. The Board also adopted a round
                                                                                      trip fare of $2. This special service is
                                        The Board approved a call for projects
                                                                                      operated from the Patsaouras Transit
                                             in seeking applications to license
                                                                                      Plaza. The agreement provides for Los
                                        MTA fiber optics assets. The
                                                                                      Angeles Galaxy to reimburse the MTA for
                                        implementation of the Fiber Optics
                                                                                      all costs over revenue achieved.
                                        License Program may assist the MTA in
                                        obtaining additional revenue, in
Metro View                              obtaining additional fiber optics             Metro Freeway
                                        facilities, and in using MTA's fiber optics   Service Patrol
By Joseph E Drew
MTA Chief Executive Officer             System to enhance mobility by
                                                                                          xecuted a three year Memorandum
                                        improving local access to information
We have at times been accused                                                             of Understanding (MOU) with the
                                        services. Such systems are likely to
      of being slow to respond to                                                     California Highway Patrol for
                                        maximize revenue potential, as well as
requests for assistance. lt is one of                                                 operation of the Metro Freeway Service
                                        to provide opportunities for the
my goals to whittle away at our                                                       Patrol program in an amount not to
own bureaucracy, streamline our         creation of televillages or other
                                                                                      exceed $3.4 million. The Metro Freeway
service and be more responsive to       telecommunications centers that
                                                                                      Service Patrol currently operates 149
those we serve. This is exactly the     may reduce congestion by providing
                                                                                      trucks covering over 340 miles of
tactic I have taken with the            telecommunications services close to
                                                                                      congested freeways. Private sector
development of the Construction         homes and offices. The MTA owns or
                                                                                      contractors provide towing services
Impact Response Program.                manages 314 miles of right-of-way
                                                                                      which are supervised by CHP and
                                        and owns a variety of assets necessary
Developed with the approval of the                                                    Caltrans. Studies show that help arrives
                                        to operate a fiber optics
Board, this program has been set                                                      15 min utes faster when Freeway Service
up to ensure a quick solution for       communication system.
                                                                                      Patrol drivers are roaming the
residents and businesses affected by                                                  freeways. Service is provided during
MTA construction activities.            MTA to Provide Bus Service                    peak weekday rush hours and all day
The first of its kind in the country,   to Galaxy Soccer Garnes                       on the loop of freeways surrounding
the program establishes a Rapid         Approved an agreement with the Los            downtown Los Angeles.
Response Team for all MTA               Angeles Galaxy soccer team for the
construction projects. The goal is to   continued provision of dedicated bus                               continued on page 4
respond, and to resolve complaints,
within 72 hours.
Provisions of the program include
                                                                                                                                 The Metro Freeway
good faith payments on claims, low
interest loans, cost of structural                                                                                               Service Patrol
repairs for limited physical                                                                                                     operates 149
damage, short term rental and
                                                                                                                                 trucks covering
mortgage payment support, as well
as other limited expenses necessary                                                                                              over 340 miles of
to deal with the impact of                                                                                                       congested freeways.
construction activities.
The program involves a pre-
construction survey consultant
who will determine areas of
possible construction impact for
               continued on page 4
         "Metro View,"                            New Project Manager for
Page 4
         (continued from page 3)                  Metro Rail East Side Extension Hired
         each project. This will identify                                                      million, with an estimated completion
         properties that are tentatively                                                       date of 2002.
         eligible for assistance under the                                                     Rodriguez has project management
         program. In most circumstances,                                                       experience in the public and private
         we estimate that the area of
                                                                                               sector. His background includes service
         potential impact will be within 100
                                                                                               as senior vice president for a national
         feet of a project alignment.
                                                                                               architectural engineering firm and as
         To identify such areas, a pre-                                                        vice president of construction for a local
         construction survey consultant will                                                   municipal engineering consulting firm.
         consider the proximity of the project                                                 He also performed civil and site
         to the construction site, the                                                         development design work for the
         potential for noise, vibration, and                                                   Metrolink construction program and
         dust from construction, the impact
                                                                                               served as city engineer for Rosemead
         from construction on the physical        Alfons() Rodriguez has been named
                                                  Project Manager/Deputy Executive             where he was actively involved in
         access to properties, and the pre-
                                                  Officer for the Metro Red Line East          municipal engineering and
         construction viability of the business
                                                  Sick Extension.                              transportation issues.
         environment in the area.
                                                                                               About his appointment, Rodriguez
         A mitigation program will be                 lfonso Rodriguez, an executive with      states "It's very exciting. It's a once-in-
         developed for any area that is           A over   12 years of experience in public    a- I ifetime opportunity to make a
         undergoing construction. MTA will
                                                  works engineering and design projects,       positive impact by providing a transit
         work with elected officials,
                                                  has been named the MTAs Red Line             dependent community with a first dass
         community members, and business
                                                  Project Manager/Deputy Executive             subway system."
         organizations to determine the
                                                  Officer for the East Side Extension.
         appropriate level of assistance.                                                      "Rodriguez is an excellent addition to
         The sole goal of the program is to get   As an MTA project manager, Rodriguez         our construction staff. He has all the
         help within 72 hours to people who       will oversee the construction of the first   necessary project management skills to
         complain of damaging effects from        segment of the East Side Extension           lead our East Side Team and we are
         nur construction program. Anyone         which includes four stations over a          fortunate to have him aboard," said
         who receives help from us does not       3.75- mile route. Construction cost for      Stanley G. Phemambucq, MTAs
         waive his or her rights to sue the       this project is estimated tobe $980          executive officer for rau l construction.
         agency. We simply ask that if they are
         represented by counsel, that their
         counsel approves of our program,           The Board Report MTA Board Activities forJune, continued
         and that they acknowledge that any
         assistance will be deducted from         (continued from page 3)                      annually for the installation, Operation
         future court or legal settlements.                                                    and maintenance of the SAFE Metro
                                                  Metro Call Box
         This program is effective                                                             Call Box system.
                                                   A pproved the annual update of the
         immediately and will be funded as                                                     The Board also approved a three-year
                                                  Alps Angeles County Service Authority
         part of the MTA's annual budget                                                       agreement, in an amount not to exceed
                                                  for Freeway Emergencies (SAFE)
         process. Each construction project                                                    $8.4 million, between SAFE and the
                                                  Ten-Year Financial Plan. This bong
         will incorporate a line item for                                                      California Highway Patrol for Metro Call
                                                  range financial plan guides the
         construction mitigation costs tobe                                                    Box call answering and dispatch
                                                  spending priorities for SAFE and ensures
         locally funded os part of the annual
                                                  continued quality call box service to the    services. In a related action, the board
         budget request.
                                                  motoring public. SAFE is financed by a       authorized staff to negotiate with GTE
         This program is one of the ways we                                                    for a telecommunications upgrade to the
                                                  dedicated $1 per year surcharge on each
         are working smarter and being more                                                    system that will comply with the
                                                  motor vehicle registered in Los Angeles
         timely in solving our problems.                                                       Americans with Disabilities Act. •
                                                  County. Over $6 million is collected
 Siecial Feature
                                                                                                                                               Page 5

Five MTA Employees
Honored for Their
     he MTA recently honored five of its                                                                                                  Sterling Hampton
     top employees, naming the                                                                                                            has been named
Authority's number one Metro Bus and
                                                                                                                                          'Metro Bus
Metro Rail operators for the year, as well
as its best maintenanc,e and telephone                                                                                                    Operator of
information employees.                                                                                                                    the Year"
In ceremonies on the Patsaouras Transit
Plaza, MTA Chief Executive Officer
Joseph E. Drew congratulated the five
who were selected from among more
than 6,000 employees.
Sterling Hampton, of View Park, Los
Angeles, an Operator with the MTA for 35
years, was named the top Metro Bus
operator. Hampton drives a bus on Line
                                                                                                OH 01' 111EVE \
212 which operates on La Brea between
Inglewood and Hollywood. He has never
used any sick time in his more than
three decades on thob and never had

what the MTA terms an avoidable
accident, olle in which the Operator
could have taken an action to prevent an       increase in his department's productivity.    Maria Alamilla was named Customer
accident. Hampton has been married 35          Rodriguez is assig,ned to the Electrical      Information Employee of the Year. She
years and has four grown children.             Parts Section at the MTA's Regional           was honored for her courtesy, patience,
Joe Ellis was named the top rau l Operator     Rebuild Center near the Authority's           and bilingual skills in handling calls for
for the Authority. Ellis operates a train on   headquarteis. He is married and the           information from the public. Alamilla has
the Metro Red Line. He has been a train        father of three children.                     been honored as Inforrnation Operator of
operator for the past six years,               Kevin Doan was named Rail                     the Month on four previous occasions
transferring to the raul division after a      Mai ntenance Employee of the Year. As a       during her six years with the MTA.
distinguished career as a bus Operator for     rail maintenance specialist for the past      "These individuals truly serve as
 20 years. He lives in West Covina with        five years, he is credited with simplifying   exemplary role models for this
 this wife of 27 yeais and has two sons.       MTAs preventive maintenance                   organization in providing our
Philip Rodriguez was named Bus                 inspections procedure. This has enabled       customers with high-quality, reliable,
Maintenance Employee for the Year and          the maintenance crew to peiform               and friendly service," said Drew. "They
has been an MTA maintenance employee           inspections in a more timely and              are the backbone of our organization
for 26 yea'rs. He was recognized for bis       efficient manner, resulting in a 10%          and we depend on their dedication and
superior technical knowledge on the job,       decrease in man-hours associated with         service in providing transportation to
and credited with initiating new               maintenance inspections. He is married        over 1 million boarding passen gers
procedures that resulted in a 50%              and has two children.                         every day."
                        Los Angeles Metro Red Line
                        Segment 3
Page 6


                                                                                                                                                   malm Metro Red Line — in operation

                                                                                                                                                    11111111 Metro Red Line — under consfruction
                                                       VENTURA FIREEWA

                                             UNIVERSAL CITY
                                                                                                                                                               Phase I• East Side Extension

                                                                                                                                                               Phase ll•East Side Extension Will be
                                                                                                                                                               built alter the Year 2000
                                                                     HOLLYWOOD/VINE                                                                00          Station

                                                                                              0 VERMEINT/SANTA MONICA
                                                                                                                                     Phase 1                  Phase II
                       ILSHIRE BIND
                                                                                       WILSHIRE/ =
                                                                                                           AGARTHUR PARK   NION
                     OLYMPIC BLVD
                                                                                                                           TAT ION
                                                                              WILSHIRE/	     WILSHIRE/
                                                                              WESTERN	       VERMONT
                                           PICO BLVD
                                                                    \	    OLYMPIC/
                                                            SAN VICENTE


                                                                                        which is now under construction,
         State Allocates                                                                consists of:                                           Bus/Rail
         $75 Million for Metro                                                          • a 6.3-mile North Hollywood                            Interface Plan
         Red Line Segment 3                                                               extension going northwest from
                                                                                          Hollywood and Vine through the
                                                                                          Cahuenga Pass to North Hollywood
                                                                                                                                               for The Metro
         The California Transportation
             Commission has allocated $75                                                 in the San Fernand° Valley. This
                                                                                          extension will have three stations at
                                                                                                                                               Red Line Goes
         million which will fund the North
         Hollywood and East Side extensions of                                            Hollywood/Highland, Universal City                    Into Service
         the Metro Red Line.                                                              and North Hollywood;
                                                                                                                                                     esigned to integrate both Metro Bus
         "This allocation demonstrates the state
         commitment to the Red Line project
                                                                                        • a 2.3-mile Mid-City extension going
                                                                                          southwest from Wilshire and                          D     and Metro Rail operations into a
                                                                                                                                               customer-friendly system, the bus/rail
         and to the economy of Southern                                                   Western to Pico and San Vicente
                                                                                          boulevards; and                                      interface plan for the Wilshire corridor of
         California, " said Joseph E. Drew, MTA
                                                                                                                                               the Metro Red Line has been adopted.
         chief executive officer. "By their                                             • a 3.7-mile East Side extension going
         continued support for the Red Line, the                                          east from Union Station to First and                 The goals of the plan are to reduce
         state is both creating jobs and a system                                         Lorena streets. This extension will                  duplication of service between bus and
         that will help thousands travel through                                          include four stations at Little                      rail, maintain adequate local bus service
         the Southland."                                                                  Tokyo/Arts District, lsVBoyle, Cesar                 for patrons not able to use Metro Rail,
         With this action the MTA has received                                            Chavez/Soto, and lst/Lorena.                         and to provide feeder bus service to
         $120.8 million of the $245.8 million                                          Future plans call for extending the Metro               enhance access to the rau l line from
         committed by the state for Segment 3 of                                       Red Line further into East Los Angeles,                 other transit corridors.
         the Metro Red Line.                                                           toward West Los Angeles, and west across                "We're giving our passengers the
         Metro Red Line Segment 3, some of                                             the San Fernand° Valley.                                opportun ity to choose the mode of travel
                                                                                                                                           Page 7
that best suits their needs," said Joe       be used on the Red Line, along with all
Drew, MTA chief executive officer.           valid passes.
"Our bus patrons who transfer to raul
                                             The bus/rail interface plan incorporated                                       Mim Earl Clark, who
along the Wilshire corridor will see a
                                             public comment received at three                                                            passed away
significant reduction in their travel
                                             community meetings along Wilshire
times. From the Western Station to                                                                                                       recently, served as
                                             Boulevard and at a public hearing.
Pershing Square, the Red Line beats the                                                                                                  the Leader of the
                                             Comments were also solicited from
bus by 12 rninutes. And for those
                                             elected officials and the MTA Citizens                                                      United
passengers who have destinations
                                             Advisory Committee.                                                                         Transportation
between our stations, we're continuing
to provide frequent, reliable bus service    The plan envisions the Wilshire/Western                                                     Union for 25 years.
that will stop at all locations along        Station becoming a prominent transit
Wilshire Boulevard."                         hub, with an initial 4,000 bus riders per              /
                                             day estimated to transfer to the rail line,
Wilshire Boulevard limited bus stop
                                             with several thousand more transferring       United Transportation
service on Lines 320-322 will be
shortened to end at the
                                             to local bus services.                        Union Moums the
Wilshire/Westem Station beginning in         Other service modifications are               Passing of Its Leader;
September. Passengers from those lines       as follows:                                   James Williams
can transfer, free of charge, to the Red
Line or to local bus service provided by
                                             • move the terminus of Line 209 three         Named Successor
                                               blocks southeast to the
Lines 20, 21 or 22. Rail passengers                                                        Earl Clark, the longtime leader of the
                                               Wilshire/Western Station, and modify
traveling west on Wilshire Metro Bus                                                            United Transportation Union which
                                               Line 310 to detour through
lines can likewise transfer to a bus at no                                                 represents MTA's more than 3,800 bus
                                               Wilshire/Western in June;
charge by presenting their rail ticket to                                                  and train operators, passed away
the bus Operator.                            • modify Express Line 497 from                recently. Clark, a native of Iowa, had just
                                               Montclair to operate through                tumed 70. Following service in the U.S.
Another key part of the interface will
                                               Union Station/ Gateway Transit              Navy during World War II, he joined the
be the implementation of a new
                                               Center, and terminate at the                old Pacific Electric Railway, a
limited stop Line 316 from Century
                                               Westlake/MacArthur Park Station             predec,essor to the current Los Angeles
City via Thi rd Street to the Wilshire
                                               in July;                                    County Metropolitan Transportation
Vermont Station during peak periods
                                                                                           Authority, in July, 1947.
effective July 15.                           • extend Lines 21-22 to the Central
                                               Business District from                      A member of the United Transportation
"Opening the Wilshire corridor will be a                                                   Union and its predecessor union since
                                               Westlake/MacArthur Park Station in
tremendous boost to the mid-Wilshire                                                       that time, Clark was elected to the
                                               September; and
area, " said Drew. "The bus/rail plan we                                                   position of Vice Local Chairman in
adopted not only will make the rail          • move the wegern terminals of Line 51
                                                                                           1962 and Local Chairman in 1966. In
system more accessible, but it also will       and 201 one block northeast to the
                                                                                           1970, he was elected General Chairman
make the buses more efficient by               Wilshire/Vennont Station in June.
                                                                                           of the Union which represented drivers
reducing cluplication and using the cost                                                   at the former Southem California
                                             The bus/rail interface plan will begin in
savings to improve service."                                                               Rapid Transit District and took office in
                                             part on _lune 30, 1996 with some
The cash fare of $1.35 will be extended to   modifications being made in July and          1971. He was re-elected to that position
the Metro Red Line beginn ing July 15 to     September. Total system changes will be       six times.
make it consistent with the Metro Bus        completed by the fall of 1996. im             Orte of the most respected and admired
system and the Metro Blue and Green                                                        labor leaders in Southem California,
Lines. The 90(l discount token, good on                                                    Clark played a major role and made
all Metro Bus and Metro Rail li nes, cm                                                                        confinued on page 12
                       Rad Construction
     Page 8
                       Ihnnding Begins From Universal City to Hollywood
                               helma and Louise" are making       number of precautionary measures in          head rather than the digger arms used
                           1. their way to Hollywood again,       place to protect the environment and         in previous tunneling projects.
                       only this time they are in the form of     private property along the alignment.        The tunnel boring machines have
                       two tunnel boring machines at the                                                       been modified to allow them to grout
                                                                  "We're sensitive to community
                       Universal City worksite that have                                                       the tunnel as lt is built, reducing the
                                                                  concerns, and have been very cautious
                       begun mining through the Hollywood                                                      amount of water intrusion and
                                                                  in nur construction approach," said
                       Hills south to Hollywood. The tunnel                                                    lowering the levels of water that will be
                                                                  Stan Phernambucq, MTA executive
                       boring machines were christened                                                         discharged during construction. The
                                                                  officer for construction. "We've limited
                       "Thelma and Louise" by Traylor                                                          MTA has committed to mon itor the
                                                                  nur use of construction explosives,
                       Brothers construction workers.                                                          effects of tunneling on vegetation and
                                                                  enhanced our grouting program to
                       The twin tunnels, when completed, will     reduce the amount of water entering the      wildlife all along the tunnel route.
                       pass 12,630 feet through eight distinct    tunnels, and adopted a special               Work at the Universal City site began
                       geologic formations, ranging in depth      insurance program to allow speedy            last July when the contractor began
                       from 165 to 900 feet before meeting the    resolution of any damage claims."            excavating an access shaft for the
                       Metro Red Line tunnels at La Brea                                                       tunnel boring machines. Workers are
                                                                  Unlike previous segments of Red Line
                       Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard. The                                                     assembling the second tunnel boring
                                                                  tunnel which were built through loose
                       $125.6 million project will link North                                                  machine at the bottom of the shaft,
                                                                  sedimentary ground, the tunnels from
                       Hollywood with two subway stations,                                                     which is 85 feet deep, 63 feet wide, and
                                                                  Universal City to Hollywood pass through
                       two miles of tunnel, and the rest of the                                                371 feet long.
                                                                  solid rock, including formations of very
                       Red Line system.
                                                                  hard granite.                                The second machine will begin
                       The tunnel project, which is being                                                      tunneling in the next two months.
                       built by the construction firm Traylor     Over 90% of the tunnels will be built with
                                                                                                               Tun neling is expected tobe completed
                       Brothers/Frontier Kemper J.V., has a       two mach ines using a rotating cutting
                                                                                                               early in 1997.
                                                                                                                                Traylor Brothers was
                                                                                                                                awarded the contract
 "Thelma" is on her                                                                                                             for the Universal City
                                                                                                                                to Hollywood tunnels
 way to Hollywood.
                                                                                                                                in December 1994.
 "Thelma" is one of                                                                                                             The company has
      two high-tech                                                                                                             completed over 40
                                                                                                                                miles of tunnel
      tunnel boring
                                                                                                                                worldwide, and their
   machines being                                                                                                               experience includes
     used to tunnel                                                                                                             subway/railway
        through the                                                                                                             tunnels in
                                                                                                                                San Francisco,
Hollywood Hills for
                                                                                                                                Buffalo, Baltimore,
the extension of the                                                                                                            Washington, DC,
    Metro Red Line.                                                                                                             and Singapore. en

                                                                                                                                 Photo by Ken Karagozian
MTA Wins Seven National
Safety Council Awards                                                                                                                             3IN
                                                                                                                                                Page   9

                                                                                            Corporation, the Los Angeles-based
                                               ATTB Awarded Grant                           aerospace firm, to design a bus which
                                                    n its way to revolutionizing the        will be significantly lighter in weight
                                               O    manufacturing of buses for the          than conventional transit buses, have a
                                               next decade, the MTA received a federal      low floor for improved accessibility, and
                                               grant for an additional $5 million to        provide longer service life at lower
                                                                                                                                         Officials inspect
                                               continue work on the lightweight, low-       operating costs.
                                               emission Advanced Technology Transit                                                      the test bed for the
                                                                                            Currently, Northrop engineers continue
                                               Bus (ATM).                                   in the prototype design and fabrication      new Advanced
                                                                                            stage of the project. Engineers, operating   Technology Transit
                                               "This technical assistance grant is a
The M1A's Regional Rebuild Center                                                           on an accelerated manufacturing
received kudos from the Greater Los            further statement of support by the                                                       Bus. From left are
Angeles Chapter of the National Safety                                                      timetable, hope to have a prototype
                                               Federal Transit Administration and its
Counci hör its worker safety record.                                                        completed by October 1996.                   MTA CEO Joseph
                                               administrator, Gordon Linton, for this
                                               first-of-a-kind project, which will          "The MTA expects the ATM to become           Drew; Steve Jackson
The MTA swept the top honois in its            significantly reduce pollutants through      the new standard transit bus for the 21st    from Northrop
    category for the fewest accidents on
                                               the use of alternative fuels and hybrid      century," said Bohlinger. "Elements of       Grumman;
the road and fewest injuries to
                                               electric technology," said Linda             the ATM could also have application to
employees at the annual awards of the                                                                                                    Gordon Linton,
                                               Bohlinger, MTA deputy chief executive        rail vehicle design and construction."
Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the
                                               officer. "Our goal is for this new bus to    The development of a lightweight, low
                                                                                                                                         the Administrator
National Safety Council.
                                               produce zero emissions."                     emissions passenger-friendly bus is          of the Federal
The MTA won seven awards for Fleet
Traffic Safety in the Motor Coach              The ATTB program was initiated in 1992       expected to promote the use of mass          Transit
Transit category and for worker safety         with the objective of developing a transit   transit and expand the market for
in the Public Transit (non-                    bus using proven advanced technologies       additional transit buses.
                                               developed in the aerospace industries. In                                                 and Adi Arieli
commercial) category.                                                                       The MTA leads the nation in research,
The first place for safety on the road, with   December, 1993, the MTA awarded a $3.8       development and testing of transit           from Northrop
fewest accidents, went to the Metro Bus        million contract to Northrop                 vehicles powered by alternative engines.     Grumman.
lines operated from MTA Division 9,
serving the El Monte area. Second place
went to MTA Division 12 in Long Beach,
and MTA Division 18 in the South Bay
area tied for third place with MTNs
Division 15 in Sun Valley.
For its worker safety record, MTA's
Regional Rebuild Center for
maintenance took first place. Metro Bus
operators from Division 15 in Sun Valley
placed second. Metro Bus operators from
Division 3 in Cypress Park won third
place honors.
"Safety is our first priority in serving the
public," said MTA Chief Executive Officer
Joseph Drew. "We are pleased to receive
this recognition for the constant,              NORTHROP GRIMMAN
ongoing efforts we are making to provide
the greater Los Angeles community with
safe public transit."
 Page 10            LA Neighborhood Initiative Receives Grant
                    U.S. Department of Transportation              Corridor, Sun Valley, NOHO Arts District
                         Secretary Federico Pefia presented a      and Leimert Park Village.                   $1.2 Billion
                    $1.6 million grant for neighborhood
 CC                 transit projects to eight Los Angeles
                                                                   According to James, "LANI has
                                                                   generated a great deal of excitement
                                                                                                               Earmarked for
                    communities as part of the Los Angeles
                    Neighborhood Initiative (LANI).
                                                                   because the project has so successfully
                                                                   answered the challenge of the Federal
   partnership      The grant, administered by the MTA for
                    use by the City of Los Angeles, will fund
                                                                   Transit Administration's Livable
                                                                   Communities Initiative."
         among      security enhancements at bus stops and
                    on-line equipment for Transit
                                                                   The Livable Communities Initiative          Countywide
      the Federal                                                  was established in 1994 as a small set-
                    Community Stores.                                                                              he California Transportation
  Government,       "This partnership among die Federal
                    Government, the MTA and the City of
                                                                   aside of federal dollars for cities to
                                                                   develop projects which improve              T   Commission (CTC) has approved
                                                                                                               $1.2 billion in projects for Los Angeles
                                                                   mobility and transit services for
   the 111L4 and    Los Angeles assists the City's most            residents in the decisions regarding        County as part of the 1996 State
                    transit dependent neighborhoods,"              their transit-related improvements.         Transportation Improvement Program.
 the City of Los
                    said Rae James, MTA Interim chief              The LANI proposal captured all of the       "We are very pleased with the actions
Angeles assists     of staff and executive officer for             elements the Federal Transportation         taken by the California Transportation
                    Communications. "We should all be              Administration wanted to see by
                                                                                                               Commission," said Joseph E. Drew, MTA
       the City's   proud of the impact that LANI projects         developing an ambitious plan to
                                                                                                               chief executive officer. "The CTC
                    are having in improving the quality of         appoint residents as managers to
   most transit                                                                                                approvals strengthen the local-state
                    life in these neighborhoods." The LANI         implement streetscape improvements
                    proposal was a project of James when                                                       partnership needed to build highway
                                                                   in eight transit-dependent Los Angeles
      dependent     she was serving as the Deputy Mayor                                                        improvements and urban rail projects."
nei ghborhoods.     for the City of Los Angeles.                                                               The state action includes:
                                                                   The FTA previously awarded LAN! $2.3
                    Improvements will include the                  million through the livable                 • $68.8 million to build direct
                    installation of security cameras at bus        Communities Initiative for                    freeway-to-freeway High Occupancy
                    shelters and stops, on-line equipment to       improvements in the eight areas.              Vehicle lane connectors through the
                    provide transit information at transit                                                       57/60 Freeway interchange in
                                                                   In addition, LANI was awarded three
                    stores, and lights adjacent to transit stops                                                 Diamond Bar.
                                                                   grants through the MTA Call for Projects:
                    to increase security.
                                                                   $120,000 in Prop C dollars for more bus     • $62.1 million for construction of
                    "The presence of the cameras and street        shelters, $200,000 in Prop C for transit      interim High Occupancy Vehicle lanes
                    lights will increase the public's feeling of   information counters, and $1.7 million        on the Santa Ana Freeway from the
                    security and deter crime at bus stops,"        in federal Transportation Enhancement         Orange County Line to Rosecrans
                    said James.                                    Activity funds for streetscape                Avenue near the City of Norwalk.
                    Transportation Secretary Pefia                 improvements (pending state approval          These HOV lanes are critically needed
                    announced the grant at a ceremony in           in July, 1996).                               to provide an efficient transition to
                    Boyle Heights, one of eight                    LANI is managed by a volunteer board of       traffic between Orange and Los
                    neighborhood demonstration projects            directors and a three-person staff.           Angeles counties.
                    earmarked for LAN! funds.                      According to James, "LANI has had to
                                                                                                               • $50 million for the Pasadena
                    In this histoiic neighborhood, the             move swiftly to organize itself and begin
                                                                                                                 Blue Line.
                    improvements brought by the grant are          implementing the neighborhood
                    considered crucial to improving security       projects and establish a Recognized         • $45.5 mil I ion to complete the Los
                    and encouraging walking, biking and            Community Organization because of its         Angeles County portion of Route 30,
                    the use of public transportation along         design as a temporary two-year agency,        which will extend the eight lane 210
                    First Street, one of the most heavily used     but the organization has already proven       Freeway east from the Foothill
                    in the city.                                   tremendously successful. It shows what a      Boulevard/Baseline Road
                    Other LANI areas include Highland Park,        community can do to improve its quality       intersection in La Verne to the San
                    Jefferson Corridor, Vermont Square, Virgil     of life."                                     Bern ardino County line.
                                          New Executive Staff Team
• $40 million for construction of the
                                          I n an effort to expedite decision-     Drew also acted on the suggestion to
  Henry Ford Avenue interchange with
                                             making and to strengthen the         create a chief of staff to "unify" the
  the Terminal Island Freeway in
                                          MTAs ability to perform the important   handling of employees with special
  Wilmington at the southem end of
                                          tasks at hand, Joseph Drew, MTA chief   tasks, such as those who handle the
  the Alameda Corridor project.
                                          executive officer has taken steps to    Board of Directors, labor relations,
• $35.1 million to build a southbound     °verhau' its management system to       internal audits and safety. Rae James
  High Occupancy Vehicle lane on the      befiel- focus on serving customers.     will take on the job of interim chief of
  405 Freeway between the I-10                                                    staff and will continue to oversee the
                                          Some of the structural changes
  freeway and Route 90 in the Culver                                              Communications unit.
  City Area. This HOV lane will           were recommended by an advisory
  improve access to the LAX, UCLA and     panel of public transit executives      Judy Schwartz, former Board
                                          who recently conducted a study of       liaison, will oversee the Office of the
  Century City areas which contain
  some of the highest densities of        the agency. According to Drew, "I       CEO, and David Kelsey will manage
  employment and housing outside          embraced the panel's suggestions to     the Administration unit on an
                                          better craft the organization's         interim basis and will also continue
  downtown Los Angeles.
                                          hierarchy by creating two deputy        his duties as County Counsel.
• $30 million to widen and improve        CE05: one to handle customer
  Route 1 and Route 90 in the Marina                                              Jim Reichert, a veteran with 30 years
                                          service, construction and transit
  del Rey area. Route 1 will he widened                                           experience in transportation and
                                          operations, and the other to focus
  from Sepulveda Boulevard to Fiji                                                management has been selected to
                                          on finance and administration."
  Way, including upgrade and                                                      serve os interim executive officer for
  widening of bridges over Ballona        Linda Bohlinger has been named          operations. Reichert will oversee all
  Creek and Culver Boulevard.             deputy GEO for Finance and              bus and raul services and
  Intersection improvements will be       Administration. Bohlinger will          maintenance, as well as operations
  mode along Route 1 at Mindanao          oversee the Finance Department          planning for the Authority's bus and
  Way, Rose Avenue, Sepulveda             including the budget function and its   raul fleet. Reichert recently retired as
  Boulevard, Venice Boulevard and         Administration unit with the            COO/Assistant Executive Officer for
  Washington Boulevard. Route 90 will     exception of Labor Relations. She       the Orange County Transportation
  be widened from Centinela Avenue to     will also act in an advisory role on    Authority (OCTA).
  Lincoln Boulevard.                      state and federal funding to the new
                                                                                  "These changes," stated Drew, "are
                                          Regional Transportation Planning
• $15 million for widening Route 138                                              part of the leadership strengthening
                                          and Development unit and the
  in the Palmdale area. The two-lane                                              effort that I have committed to
                                          Government Relations Department.
  highway will be reconfigured into                                               provide the Authority."
                                          Bohlinger will also serve as the
  four lanes from Longview Road to
                                          interim deputy GEO for the              The Peer Review report was
  Route 18. Route 138 is the major
                                          Construction and Operations units       performed by the deputy director of
  east-west route through the Antelope
                                          until the second deputy chief           the Port Authority of New York and
  Volley. lt provides a northem link to
                                          executive officer position is filled.   New Jersey, the general manager of
  traffic traveling to and from Las
                                                                                  Long Beach Transit and the former
  Vegas, Victorville, San Bernardino      Jim de la Loza has been appointed the
                                                                                  president of New York City's transit
  and Riverside County.                   Interim Executive Officer for the
                                                                                  agency. The individu als were provided
• $14.5 million to acquire the right-     Regional Transportation Planning
                                                                                  with extensive background materials
  of-way for a new expressway on          and Development unit, and Pat
                                                                                  and spent two days at the agency
  Avenue P-8 from Route 14 to 50th        McLaughlin will head the Department
                                                                                  being briefed by Drew and members
  Street in Palmdale. The new route       of Organizational Development
                                                                                  of the MTA staff. •
  will relieve congestion on parallel     and Management.
  Palmdale Boulevard.

                   continued on page 12
  [A1 N Page 12

MTA Review
                                 "Passing of Leader,"
                                 (continued from page 7)

                                 important contributions in the               and improving public transpodation in
                                                                                                                          "Transportation Projects,"
                                                                                                                          (continued from Page 11)
                                                                                                                          • $8 million to build two additional
                                                                                                                            transit stations on the Harbor 1-110
A monthly publication
                                 development of public transit in             this region will be sorely missed."           Transitway. One station will be built
pmduced by the MTA.
                                 Los Angeles County. In addition to                                                         at Pacific Coast Highway and the
Acknowledgements:                                                             James A. Williams has been named
The edi tor woulcl Ilke to       his dedication to the members he                                                           other at Carson Street. These two
thank the MTA Media                                                           General Chairman. Williams was
                                 represented, he has also been                                                              stations will allow planned bus
Relations Unit for their                                                      chosen by the Union's General
valuable contribulions 10 Ihis   well-known for his concern for all                                                         service on the transitway to
newsletter.                                                                   Committee of Adjustment to fil I out the
                                 persons who are dependent upon                                                             function more efficiently and
Joan Caterino                                                                 remaining 31 months of Clark's term.
&herr                            public transportation.                                                                     attract more riders.
                                                                              Williams joined the Southern
Al Moore                                                                                                                  • $6.1 million for construction of
Manager, Prin ngServices         According to Joseph Drew, MTA chief          California Rapid Transit District in
  eve Jost                       executive officer, "We are saddened at the   1966 and held a variety of union offices,     the Santa Monica Boulevard
Pholographer                                                                                                                Transit Parkway from the 405
                                 loss of Earl Clark, a true labor leader of   including Local Secretary and Vice
Anne Roubideaux
                                 national stature. His leadership among       President. He was elected Local Vice          Freeway to Moreno Drive at the
Art Director
Mike Barnes                      the rank and file of the United              Chairman in 1970 and Local                    Beverly Hills border.
Manager; Marketing
                                 Transportation Union, representing our       Chairman that same year. In addition        These projects, most of which are
Warren Morse
Assistan1 Director; Marketing    bus and train operators, was                 to his lengthy service on the General       scheduled to begin in early 2000, are
RaeJames                         outstanding. His dedication and              Committee, Williams was also an             major elements of Los Angeles County
Erecutive Officer
                                 leadership in improving the work             Alternate Vice President-Bus                congestion management programs
                                 environment for his fellow operators         Department, for the UTU's                   proposed to improve regional mobility
                                                                              International Headquarters.                 and the quality of life. •

                                                                                                                                                     0009-U6 (£1Z)

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                                      31VEI >11n8

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