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Mr Guilio Ugo


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									Dear BLLA member,

Are you paying your bank too much for your corporate payments abroad?

If you are looking for ways to really save money on your bank charges for your
corporate payments then I invite you to consider our special BLLA member offer and
friendly service using the proven Western Union Corporate Payments (WUCP) service.

Here are just a few of the benefits
Order drafts and/or electronic transfers from your desk
Make transactions by web, file transfer, email, lo-call or fax
Access to system 24/7
Allowance for dual authority for increased security
Detailed statements available online
Receipt of transactions confirmed by email
Competitive exchange rates confirmed online
In-country accounts ensure your draft payments are cleared quicker.

We would like to give you a quick demonstration of our service and offer a live rate
comparison. We're confident that you'll be impressed with not only the rates but also the
charges and levels of support our service can offer. It's no wonder we are the fastest growing
payments service in the UK. We invite you to consider our special BLLA member offer and
friendly service using the proven Western Union Corporate Payments (WUCP) service. See
below typical bank charges(1) versus our special BLLA offer rate(2

                   Abbey     Barclays      HSBC         Lloyds      Nat West       Western Union
                                                         TSB                        Corporate
   Foreign          £10        £15      £12 < £100       £10      £8 < £100            £3.50
   Cheque                               £35 > £100                £18 > £100
   Funds            £25      £20-£35    £17.50-£20       £20          £18                 £8

    The indicative pricing above is based on a client processing transactions through WUCP’s
    online trading system. If a client chooses to transact with us in any other way; e.g. by phone
    or fax the indicative pricing increases by 0.25% margin and an extra £2 charge per electronic
    transfer and/or draft.

FEXCO, which operates the WUCP service, currently services over 3000 companies with
international payments including tourist boards, hotels, travel agencies, retailers, importers and

To take up our special member offer please print out this webpage and complete the details in
the box below and fax back this form to 0208 563 6616 quoting Ref BLLA2 or email us at
           info@corporatepayments.co.uk quoting Ref BLLA2 or phone 0845 702 3378 quoting Ref
           BLLA2 (lines open M-F 9am-5.30pm) or simply click through to
           http://www.corporatepayments.co.uk/applyonline.php and join up online quoting Ref BLLA2.

           We look forward to helping you to make some real cost savings.

           Yours Sincerely,

           Bridget McGuire
           General Manager
           Special Notes to explain cost savings
                   Assume 10 monthly electronic transfers at £10 versus average bank charge of £20
                   Bank charges at 30 September 2004
                   Special WUCP rate available to company members but not to individuals
                   Assume £1m annual foreign exchange payment turnover

           Attn WESTERN UNION CORPORATE PAYMENTS Team – Ref: BLLA2 special offer
               Fax No: 0208 563 6616
               Please complete the information required below
           Title:                                          First Name:

           Company Name:                                                 Surname:

           Company Address:


           Tel No:                                                       Fax No:

               Signature:                                                              Date:


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