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                   Formerly The Mount Vernon Independent - Rising Media Group, LLC

Vol 19 Number 47                                                   www.RisingMediaGroup.com                                                                  Friday, December 4, 2009

            Purchase Dance Corps’ Production                                                                                   Westchester Pols Moving on Up?
             of ‘Nutcracker ’09’ this Weekend!

                                                                                                                                 District Attorney Janet DiFiore                    Senator Jeff Klein
                                                                                                                               By Dan Murphy
                                                                                                                                     With the elections of 2009 only
                                                                                                                               a few weeks old, it’s time for elected
                                                                                                                               officials throughout the state to reflect
                                                                                                                               upon their political futures. With state-
                                                                                                                               wide elections for governor, attorney
                                                                                                                               general and comptroller, and all of the
                                                                                                                               150 Assembly and 62 Senate seats up
                                                                                                                               for re-election, Westchester’s best and
                                                                                                                               brightest leaders are taking a serious
                                                                                                                               look at moving up to Albany.
                                                                                                                                     Topping the list is Westchester
              Scenes from past SUNY Purchase Dance Corps productions of “The Nutcracker”                                       District Attorney Janet DiFiore, fresh
                                                                                                                               off her big re-election win on Novem-
                                           See story on Page 4                                                                 ber 3. DiFiore is considering, and is
                                                                                                                               being considered for, a run for attorney
                            See more holiday events on Page 10                                                                 general in 2010.
                                                                                                                                     The current attorney general,

                    The Tarrytown House                                                                                        Andrew Cuomo, is readying his run
                                                                                                                               for governor, and DiFiore’s name has                Mayor Phil Amicone
                                                                                                                               been tossed out as a candidate to suc-
             ‘Makes Strides Against Breast Cancer’                                                                             ceed him, joining Cuomo on his slate.
                                                                                                                               DiFiore is being considered as a result
                                                                                                                                                                           win last month. It remains to be seen
                                                                                                                                                                           whether or not Colavita wants to run,
                                                                                                                                                                           especially considering he now has a 5-0
                                                                                                                               of her great political appeal, her record   Republican supermajority on the East-
                                                                                                                               as a judge and DA keeping Westchester       chester Town Board.
                                                                                                                               safe and her winning re-election three            Colavita has been wooed by the
                                                                                                                               times. Rising Media Group has called        state GOP to run before — and has
                                                                                                                               DiFiore one of the most popular and ef-     declined — but, if he wants to run, the
                                                                                                                               fective elected officials in Westchester,    seat is his for the taking. Yonkers City
                                                                                                                               and proudly endorsed her recent re-         Councilman Liam McLaughlin is said
                                                                                                                               election. Now Democrats statewide, in-      to be another interested Republican,
                                                                                                                               cluding Cuomo, have taken notice.           with discussions underway between
                                                                                                                                     Even if DiFiore gets chosen by        Westchester Republicans regarding
                                                                                                                               Cuomo as his successor, she will face       their options.
                                                                                                                               challenges from several New York                  Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone,
                                                                                                                               Democrats, including State Senator Jeff     who is term limited from running for
                                                                                                                               Klein, who represents the Westchester       a third term as mayor in 2011, is also
                                                                                                                               communities of Pelham, Eastchester          considering a statewide run. Amicone,
                                                                                                                               and parts of Mt. Vernon, Yonkers and        who continues to preside over redevel-
                                                                                                                               the Bronx in the 34th District. Rising      opment in Westchester’s largest city,
                                                                                                                               Media Group has heard that Klein, an        is pondering a run for comptroller and
                                                                                                                               energetic and hard-working Senator, is      lieutenant governor.
                                                                                                                               laying the groundwork to make a run for           Finally, Larchmont Mayor Liz Feld
                                                                                                                               New York attorney general next year.        is contemplating a run for U.S. Senate.
                                                                                                                               Klein has considered a run for attorney     “I am actively considering a run for
                                                                                                                               general before, and his work in the Sen-    the United States Senate and expect to
    Team Tarrytown at the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk, held at Manhattanville College                            ate has made him a leading voice on         make a final decision sooner rather than
                                                                                                                               consumer protection issues, — includ-       later. The ever-growing debt coming out
     The Tarrytown House Estate &               They also donated a portion of      tury mansions, as well as a contempo-      ing subprime mortgage lending — and         of Washington is alarming. It will have
Conference Center, managed by Desti-      group sales from businesses booking       rary atrium-style building that houses     his yearly report monitoring unsanitary     serious implications for New York and
nation Hotels & Resorts, raised a total   corporate meetings and events during      conference facilities and guest rooms.     supermarkets and restaurants make him       for the next generation of Americans.
of $4,625 for the American Cancer So-     the month of October. In addition, Tar-   Perfect for business and leisure, the      a strong candidate for attorney general.    Priority number one in this country has
ciety’s “Making Strides Against Breast    rytown House employees participated       Tarrytown House offers extensive lei-            Klein would have to give up his       to be debt reduction and long-term tax
Cancer” during the month of October.      in the 2009 “Making Strides Against       sure and recreational facilities such      Senate seat to run for attorney general,    relief. That will be the major focus of
                                                                                                                               leaving an open seat in the 34th Dis-       my campaign should I formally enter
      The Tarrytown House donated         Breast Cancer” walk at Manhattan-         as a fitness club, indoor and outdoor
                                                                                                                               trict. While Bronx Democrats have the       this race,” said Feld.
$5 per room, per night to the Ameri-      ville College in Purchase.                swimming pools and tennis courts.
                                                                                                                               power to select their party’s candidate           One factor that no one seems able
can Cancer Society every time a guest           Located just 25 miles from mid-           For more information, contact
                                                                                                                               to replace Klein, the Republican chal-      to quantify is how the anti-tax, anti-
booked their special “Making Strides”     town Manhattan, the Tarrytown House       the Tarrytown House at 800-553-8118        lenger may come from Westchester.           incumbent revolt that dominated the
package, which included deluxe over-      Estate and Conference Center, set on      or visit www.tar rytownhouseestate.              The obvious choice in this case       elections of 2009 in Westchester will
night accommodations and breakfast        26 acres overlooking the Hudson River     com.                                       would be Eastchester Supervisor Tony        impact the elections of 2010.
for two.                                  Valley, features impressive 19th-cen-                                                Colavita, fresh off his re-election

                    What’s Inside                                                                    Feed me Fresh Farmer’s Market
        White House Legends at WCC - Page 2                                                                                           R – PAGE 2 with PHOTO

                    Rye Lions Club - Page 2

        Pelham Women’s Club Events - Page 2

  First Annual ‘Stache-Off Fundraiser - Page 11

                  In Your Backyard - Page 4

                Letters to the Editor - Page 6

                     Ask an Expert - Page 6

          Who, What, Where & When - Page 9

                    Celebrate the Holidays
                   in Westchester - Page 10
                                                                                        Back row, l to r: Bedford Audubon Executive Director Jim Nordgren, Mount Kisco Child Care Center
                                                                                              (MKCCC) Executive Director Dottie Jordan and MKCCC’s resident farmer Mimi Edelman
                                                                                              with children from the MKCCC at the last Feed me Fresh Farmer’s Market of the season

       Look Inside for Your                                                              The children of Mount Kisco
                                                                                    Child Care Center (MKCCC) recently
                                                                                                                               grown at the center’s Feed me Fresh
                                                                                                                                                                           garden-to-table, sustainable nutrition
                                                                                                                                                                           program designed to increase the level
                                                                                    hosted the last Feed me Fresh Farmer’s          A portion of the funds raised were     of appreciation for healthy foods and
     Local Community News!                                                          Market of the season. The children
                                                                                    sold potted herbs, fresh herbs and dried
                                                                                                                               donated to the Bedford Audubon Soci-
                                                                                                                               ety in Katonah.
                                                                                                                                                                           healthy choices for children at an early
                                                                                    herbs, the latter two of which were             Feed me Fresh is MKCCC’s

                  Rye City Lions Club Presents Community Service Award
                                                                    On Friday, November 13, at the Rye City Lions Club Annual               the Rye community who has contributed to enhancing the lives of
                                                               Charter Dinner, Helen Roman was awarded the 2009 James A. Shea               its citizens by volunteering services of an outstanding nature. The
                                                               Community Service Award for her lifetime commitment to commu-                award is named as the James A. Shea Community Service Award of
                                                               nity service in Rye.                                                         the Rye City Lions Club in honor of the late James A. Shea, a past
                                                                    Roman has a long history of volunteering in Rye, including ser-         club president and outstanding community citizen who served as
                                                               vice as an active member of the Ceres Garden Club for 15 years               president of the Board of Trustees for the Rye Free Reading Room.
                                                               and the Rye Senior Citizens Commission, and as chairman of the                     Previous award winners include: 2003 - Edward J. Collins,
                                                               Senior Citizen Advisory Committee. She was also very active in the           2004 - Doug Carey, 2005 - Eugene McGuire, 2006 - Rosaleen
                                                               Rye political process and served as a district leader for many years.        O’Neill, 2007 - Josephine DelMonte and 2008 - Marian Shea, James
                                                               During WWII, Roman volunteered for the Red Cross in Purchase,                A. Shea’s widow.
                                                                                                     and later at United Hospital in              The charter dinner also included remarks from Sue Dishart, di-
                                                                                                     Port Chester. She also served          rector of Planned Giving for Guiding Eyes for the Blind, and Guid-
                                                                                                     on the boards of the Rye Girl          ing Eyes for the Blind graduate, Ann Chiappetta, who was accompa-
                                                                                                     Scouts and Midland School,             nied by her guide dog, Verona. Chiappetta, who lost her eyesight at
                                                                                                     and served as publicity chair-         the age of 28 due to retinitis pigmentosa and macular degeneration,
                                                                                                     man for the Rye Conserva-              spoke about the independence and freedom she now has with Ve-
  Above: Assemblyman George                                                                          tion Society. Roman recently           rona. She spoke about how much better her life is now and said that
 Latimer (left) with Helen Roman,                                                                    celebrated her 92nd birthday           she no longer fears for her safety because she has a reliable partner
James A. Shea Community Service
         Award recipient                                                                             and presently resides at The           to show her the way.
                                                                                                     Osborn.                                      Guiding Eyes is an internationally accredited, nonprofit guide
   At right (l to r): Helen Roman;                                                                         The prestigious James            dog school with a 50-plus-year legacy of providing the blind and
  Robert VanderWateren, Rye City                                                                     A. Shea Community Service              visually impaired with superior Guiding Eyes dogs, training and
    Lions Club president; and                                                                        Award was established in               lifetime support services. The Rye City Lions Club was pleased to
  Dave Heller, Rye City Lions Club                                                                   2003 to recognize an indi-             present Guiding Eyes for the Blind with a $2,500 check in support
                                                                                                     vidual who lives or works in           of their mission.

Pelham Women’s Club Events                                                                              White House Legends Appear
                                                                                                         at WCC Presidents Forum
                                                                                                                                                                                 L to r: Mark Shields, political
                                                                                                                                                                              commentator on “The NewsHour”
                                                                                                                                                                                with Jim Lehrer; Joe Lockhart,
                                                             At left: Barbi                                                                                                        former White House press
                                                            DeAngelis with                                                                                                    secretary to President Bill Clinton;
                                                           Pelham Women’s                                                                                                     Ari Fleischer, former White House
                                                             Club member                                                                                                         press secretary to President
                                                            Lynn Nardone                                                                                                       George W. Bush; Joseph Hankin
                                                                                                                                                                                    president of Westchester
                                                            Below (l to r):                                                                                                    Community College; Paul Gigot,
                                                               Program                                                                                                           editorial page editor and vice
                                                           Chairwoman Joy                                                                                                         president of the Wall Street
                                                           DeChiario, Barbi                                                                                                     Journal; and Lester M. Crystal,
                                                              DeAngelis                                                                                                           president of MacNeil/Lehrer
                                                             and Pelham                                                                                                       Productions and forum moderator
                                                            Women’s Club
                                                             Sue Marrella                The Westchester Community Col-         care legislation, the bailout, Afghanistan    event for student scholarships and faculty
                                                                                   lege Foundation presented its annual Pres-   and the upcoming 9/11 trial in New York       and institutional development, has been
                                                                                   ident’s Forum event, News and Views,         City. The panel was primarily split on        presented by the Westchester Community
                                                                                   Election 2008-Where Are We Now?, on          most issues, with Shields and Lockhart        College Foundation for the past 25 years.
                                                                                   Sunday, November 22. The star-studded        speaking out in opposition to statements            The moderator of the forum was
                                                                                   panel included Ari Fleischer, former         made by Fleischer and Gigot, and vice         Lester M. Crystal, president of MacNeil/
                                                                                   White House press secretary to President     versa. Shields said he believes that Presi-   Lehrer Productions. Crystal, a Scarsdale
                                                                                   George W. Bush, and a Westchester native;    dent Barack Obama’s main priorities are       resident and member of the WCC Founda-
                                                                                   Paul Gigot, editorial page editor and vice   health care and the economy (workforce        tion Board of Directors, was instrumental
                                                                                   president of the Wall Street Journal; Joe    development, unemployment rate, etc.),        in preparing the “NewsHour” program for
                                                                                   Lockhart, former White House press sec-      and he stated that he was fairly optimis-     its launch as the nation’s first hour-long
                                                                                   retary to President Bill Clinton; and Mark   tic that health care legislation would be     nightly newscast. Prior to “NewsHour,”
                                                                                   Shields, political commentator on “The       passed. On the 9/11 trial, Fleisher stated    Crystal was president of NBC News, exec-
     The following successful                                                      NewsHour” with Jim Lehrer.                   his opposition to having this case heard in   utive producer of NBC Nightly News and
events were recently held by                                                             The panelists discussed a wide vari-   a civilian court.                             producer of The Huntley-Brinkley Report.
the Pelham Women’s Club:                                                           ety of topical issues ranging from health           The President’s Forum, a fundraising
     Barbi Robinson-DeAn-
gelis, a member of the Brigade
of the American Revolution,
Daughters of the American
Revolution and Association
for Living History, Farm and
Agricultural Museums, pre-
sented a fascinating program
                                                                                                                  Bring Some Cheer
on the 18th-century costume
of American women. DeAn-
gelis sews all of her own cos-
                                                                                                                  to Kids this Year!
tumes, and will appear at Van-
Cortlandt Manor in December                                                                              Buy your holiday cards from Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital
for the holidays.                       November 20. The public was invited
     In addition, the Pelham Women’s    to share in the fun and prizes. For more                                       at Westchester Medical Center.
Club held a Penny Social at the Rich-   information, contact Agnes Guida at
ard J. Daronco Town House on Friday,    914-738-0239.

      Join us at YonkersRising.com
            at the Rising Times blog
       for an interactive discussion
                 about Westchester!

                  Proudly serving the City of Mount Vernon

                     Nick Sprayregen, Publisher

                   Daniel J. Murphy, Editor-in-Chief
                                                                                                                 View the gallery of kid-created designs
                  Millie Gutierrez, Managing Editor
                 mgutierrez@risingmediagroup.com                                                                 at www.WorldClassMedicine.com/Cards
              Elisabeth Ehrlich, Copy Editor/Staff Writer                                                                 and choose your set.

               Sue A. Witt, Assistant to Editor-in-Chief
                                                                                                                     A portion of sale proceeds benefit the hospital’s
                     Rebecca Bertoldi, Art Director
                                                                                                                     Child Life & Creative Arts Therapies Department

               Paul Gerken, Advertising Representative
                             Member of the New York Press Association
                             914-965-4000 Fax 914-965-2892
                             25 Warburton Ave, Yonkers, NY 10701
                             Now online at www.risingmediagroup.com!

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                                                                                                               FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4, 2009 - MOUNT VERNON RISING - PAGE 3


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                                                                    In Your Backyard
Major League Baseball Scene                                                                       News from the City of Mount Vernon
By Moe Resner                               million-person population increase              City of Mount Vernon to Hold             Bureau Announce After-School Pro-           marily grant funded. If it were not for
 Gallo’s Geeezers Celebrate Again           since 1992. Kelly briefly mentioned            Free MWBE Certification Seminar                grams and Weekend Academies              the combined creativity of the bureau
     Happy Bill Gallo of the New York       the pending trial of five terrorists,              The City of Mount Vernon will               At a recent press conference,          and the generosity of government lead-
Daily News showed a big smile when                                                      present a free seminar entitled “How to     Young, Youth Bureau Executive Di-            ers, our youth would not be exposed to
                                            commenting that while he wasn’t ac-
                                                                                        Become a Certified M/WBE” (Minority/         rector DaMia Harris and several dozen        comprehensive youth development pro-
announcing that his Geezers (alleg-         tually consulted, the police force will
                                                                                        Women-Owned Business Enterprise),           youth within the community introduced        grams,” said Harris.
edly over 65 years old) were present-       be ready when needed.
                                                                                        on Wednesday, December 9, from 5:30         a number of programs that are now of-              Williams provided funding for
ing their 14th consecutive month of               Gallo commented that New York         to 8 p.m. in the Memorial Room of           fered through the Mount Vernon Youth         both the Step Up program as well as the
luncheons at Gallagher’s.                   is safer than ever and safer for the        Mount Vernon City Hall, located at 1        Bureau during after-school hours and         Safe Haven program which provides a
     The honored guest was New York         Geezers.                                    Roosevelt Square in Mount Vernon.           weekends. At the press conference,           host of free activities for our commu-
City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.               Boxing genius and talented sports           Participants will receive step-by-    the young people who directly benefit         nity’s young people.
Born and raised in NYC, it seems as         writer Bert Sugar made another ap-          step instructions on the M/WBE appli-       from these programs were given the op-             “I’m thrilled to have worked with
if the only time he left town was as a      pearance without a speech. He nearly        cation process from confirmed speakers       portunity to publicly acknowledge As-        my colleagues, here on the board, to se-
colonel in the U.S. Marines, fighting        didn’t make it because he misplaced         from the Empire State Development           semblyman J. Gary Pretlow and County         cure this allocation for my community,”
in Vietnam. He retired from the Ma-         his hat while asleep the night before.      Corporation and NYC Small Business          Legislator Lyndon Williams and com-          said Williams. “The Mount Vernon
rines after 30 years.                             This writer couldn’t believe the      Services. The seminar is open to the        munity leaders who have partnered with       Youth Bureau works very hard to pro-
     When Gallo introduced Kelly,           news that legendary scout, George           public, and, due to limited space, call-    the city to ensure that these programs       vide essential youth services on a shoe-
Kelly threw in his usual introductory       Genovese, 87, is getting a salary cut       ahead reservations are required to con-     remain accessible to them.                   string budget. When I was informed
monologue by saying, “I had to salute       from $18,000 to only $8,000. He’s the       firm attendance. This seminar comes as             These programs are a part of the       that contracts for several key programs
him because he ranked higher than           same guy who signed Bobby Bonds,            a follow-up to the mayor’s ongoing out-     answer that our city has to curb youth       had expired and were placed in serious
me.”                                        Jack Clark, Dave Kingman and Chili          reach effort to identify local M/WBEs.      violence,” said Young. “Our Youth Bu-        jeopardy, our community had to come
     The commissioner’s record is           Davis.                                            Earlier this year, Mayor Clinton I.   reau has worked extremely hard to con-       together quickly to take necessary ac-
stunning in every way. He has gradu-              Scouts traditionally make too         Young, Jr. and the Mount Vernon City        tinue to expand the amount of programs       tion.”
ating credentials that include a BA,        little. It seems the more great signings    Council were pleased to announce that       available to our young people. We are              Pretlow has been a consistent sup-
JD, LLM and an MPA. He proudly              they have, the less they make.              it has taken the initial steps in the de-   investing and will continue to invest in     porter of the city’s Youth Employment
announced to the packed crowd that                Perhaps you can understand why        velopment of its Minority and Women-        our children here in Mount Vernon.”          program held both in the summer and
crime is down to its lowest level in                                                    Owned Business Development (M/                    The programs highlighted during        throughout the school year.
                                            Genovese took such a cut. You have
                                                                                        WBD) program. The program is de-            this event include, but are not limited            “I cannot emphasize enough how
NYC since 1961. He talked about the         to start somewhere.
                                                                                        signed to ensure minority and women-        to, the after-school employment ini-         important it is to gain work experience
New York City Police Department                   Major League Baseball expenses
                                                                                        owned firms a fair share of opportunity      tiatives as well as two pilot programs       growing up,” said Pretlow. “I have been
now having 20,000 computers, aiding         are running over a billion bucks, so        in the redevelopment of Mount Vernon.       which the Mount Vernon Youth Bureau          a proud advocate and funding source
as a great deterrent against crime.         demoting the scouts’ salary and ex-               The M/WBD program is com-             developed this fall — the Law Acad-          for youth employment initiatives for as
     The commissioner was proud of          penses apparently is making a dent.         mitted to achieving Young’s vision for      emy and Girls Embracing Maturity             long as I’ve been in the Assembly. This
the many police officers, under his                After all, the players must eat.      increasing opportunity for the City of      (GEM) program. The GEM program               is a great day for me because it shows
guidance, who are stationed over-           What’s fair is fair. Meal money must        Mount Vernon’s M/WBEs in the city’s         was designed to service females in A.B.      me that these opportunities mean so
seas as well. The subways are safer         remain a priority or the Players Asso-      database and those yet to be certified.      Davis Middle School during in-school         much to you, the young people of our
than ever, even with the city’s one         ciation would threaten another strike.      A reservation form for the seminar is       and after-school hours and weekends.         community.”
                                                                                        available on the City of Mount Vernon’s     The GEM program is the female ver-                 For more information regarding af-
                                                                                        Web site at www.cmvny.com. Fax or e-        sion of the bureau’s highly effective “all   ter-school programs, contact the Mount
Pelham Art Center Announces                                                             mail the form to confirm your participa-
                                                                                        tion at 914-699-1435 (fax) or mwbe@
                                                                                                                                    male” Step Up program which targets
                                                                                                                                    African American males who are at risk
                                                                                                                                                                                 Vernon Youth Bureau at 914-665-2344.
                                                                                                                                                                                       For more news about the City of
    Open Call for Artwork                                                               ci.mount- vernon.ny.us (e-mail). Inter-
                                                                                        ested parties can call 914-699-7230, ext.
                                                                                                                                    of juvenile delinquency and aggressive
                                                                                                                                                                                 Mount Vernon, visit www.CMVNY.
                                                                                        110 if additional information is needed.          “The Mount Vernon Youth Bureau
      The Pelham Art Center is pleased      music festival planned by local artists        Young and Mount Vernon Youth             has a plethora of services that are pri-
to announce a call for entries for a ju-    and area residents and funded by the
ried, group exhibition entitled “Birth-     Junior League of Pelham. In May
day!,” planned to simultaneously cele-
brate the art center’s 25th anniversary
                                            1970, the first Pelham Art Happening
                                            was presented at Pelham Memorial
                                                                                                                  Local Author to Speak
at its present location on Fifth Avenue
in downtown Pelham and the 40th an-
                                            High School. Events included visual
                                            arts exhibits, musical performances
                                                                                                               at Mt. Vernon Public Library
niversary of its first event, The Pel-       and art workshops. The Art Happen-                Local author Malika Reese Mac-        their experiences with the men in their            Maccabee, a Chicago native who
ham Art Happening. Artists 19 years         ing was held until 1976, when the Pel-      cabee will appear at the Mount Vernon       lives have more in common than they          is married with two children, has toured
and older who live in the tri-state area    ham Art Center began to operate year        Public Library on Tuesday, December         thought. “Stages,” the first installment      throughout the East Coast as a spoken
are invited to submit artwork to be ex-     round and rented a storefront on the        8, at 6 p.m. to discuss her novel “Stag-    of a trilogy, chronicles the meeting of      word artist, motivational speaker and
hibited in a group show on the theme        main street of Pelham. Since 1985, it       es.” The program is free and open to        a group of ethnically diverse women at       facilitator for Sister Circles. She appears
of birthday. All media are eligible         has owned and occupied its present lo-      the public. Copies of “Stages” will be      a global women’s conference. Through         at the Mount Vernon Public Library as
and one $1,000 Juror’s Prize will be        cation, a renovated 5,000-square-foot       available to purchase at the event for      cultural, racial and ethnic barriers, the    part of the Local Authors Series.
awarded. Funding for the prize will         building that was originally a CitiSer-     $14.95 each.                                women try to find meaning in the com-               The Mount Vernon Public Library
be provided by McClellan Sotheby’s          vices gas and auto service station.               In her first published book, the       plexities of being wives and mothers. In     is located at 28 South First Ave., and is
International Realty.                             A vibrant and active regional fo-     Mount Vernon author gives a compel-         discovering their experiences with their     open seven days a week. Call 914-668-
                                                                                        ling account of friendship and sisterhood   husbands and lovers were not unique,         1840 or visit www.mount vernonpubli-
      The jury is comprised of mem-         cal point for the arts, the Pelham Art
                                                                                        developed through personal growth           they form a bond of sisterhood and vow       clibrary.org for hours and information.
bers of the art center’s Gallery Ad-        Center is widely recognized for its
                                                                                        and understanding when women find            solidarity.
visory Committee who are artists, art       many free public programs, a relevant
historians and curators. The exhibit        and varied exhibition program, a large
will be held from May 7 through June        selection of affordable classes for all
26, 2010, and submissions will be           ages and all abilities and art outreach
accepted through February 5, 2010.          programs serving people who experi-
There is a $20 fee to submit up to          ence barriers to participating in art ac-
three images of artwork. For a copy of      tivities. More than 15,000 people are
the prospectus and submission guide-        served each year by the programs.
lines, visit www.pelhamartcenter.org.             The Pelham Art Center is located
      The Pelham Art Center was con-        at 155 Fifth Ave. in Pelham. For more
ceived in 1969 as the Pelham Art Hap-       information, call 914-738-2525 or e-
pening, a two-day, town-wide art and        mail info@pelhamartcenter.org.

 News from Village Lutheran
 Church and Chapel School
     Prayer services are currently be-      fee House stage. The Coffee House
ing held regularly on the last Satur-       opens at 7 p.m. with Green Mountain
day of the month at Village Lutheran        Flavored Coffees and pastries. The
Church (VLC). Beginning at 6:30             concert begins at 7:30 p.m. and the
p.m. (following the regular Saturday        cost is $5 per person and $2 for chil-
service), these brief moments for           dren ages 5 to 12. A love offering will
meditation and prayer offer personal        be taken to offset expenses.
prayers at the altar and the ancient tra-        Join the VLC for its German
dition of anointing with oil. The next      Christmas Service on Sunday, De-
prayer service will be held on Satur-       cember 13, at 4 p.m.
day, December 26, at 6:30 p.m.                   The VLC is located at 172 White
     In addition, the VLC will host the     Plains Rd. in Bronxville. For more in-
Good News Christian Coffee House            formation call 914-337-0207 or visit

                                                                                         AGLOW WITH THE
on Saturday, December 12, as Ser-           www.vlc-ny.org.
vants of the Shepherd takes the Cof-

                                                                                         HOLIDAY SPIRIT
   Purchase Dance Corps’
Production of ‘Nutcracker ’09’
       this Weekend!                                                                                Cross County Shopping Center is bringing the holiday spirit to life with
                                                                                                  a spectacular light and music show at our new 40 foot tall Christmas tree.
      “Nutcracker ’09,” a traditional       while performing as principal dancers                      Watch each night as we light up the center with holiday wonder.
version of Tchaikovsky’s holiday            with the San Francisco Ballet. They                           Shows begin at 5pm and take place every half hour after.
classic, will be presented by the Pur-      returned to the east coast and joined
chase Dance Corps at the Purchase           the Pennsylvania Ballet as principal                                   Visit crosscountyshoppingcenter.com for full details.
College Performing Arts Center on           dancers in 2004. Zachary proposed to
December 4, 5 and 6. More than 200          Julie on stage after a performance of

area children will participate in this      Romeo and Juliet.
elaborately staged production.                   Another attraction of the dance                           Rediscover Cross County Shopping Center.
       Tickets cost $52.50, $42.50 and      corp production will be live perfor-
$27.50. To order, call the box office        mances of Tchaikovsky’s score by the
at 914-251-6200 or visit www.artscen        Purchase Symphony Orchestra, led by
ter.org. Performance times are Friday,      Michael Adelson, the orchestra’s new
December 4, at 7:15 p.m.; Saturday,         conductor. He is a composer, writer
December 5, at 2 and 7 p.m.; and Sun-       and educator on the conducting staff
day, December 6, at 1 and 5 p.m.            of the New York Philharmonic.
      This year’s guest artists, Julie           The starring role of Clara will                        MACY'S, SEARS, OLD NAVY AND MORE THAN 100 SPECIALTY STORES AND SERVICES
                                                                                                                   LOCATED AT THE NEW YORK STATE THRUWAY (I-87) AND
Diana and Zachary Hench, principal          be shared by three young women —                                     THE CROSS COUNTY PARKWAY IN YONKERS. | 914.968.9570
dancers from the Pennsylvania Bal-          Sarah Better and Lily Cosgrove of                                              CROSSCOUNTYSHOPPINGCENTER.COM
let, star in the roles of the Sugar Plum    Greenwich, Conn. and Veronica Org-
Fairy and her Cavalier. The couple met      era of Rye.
                                                                                            FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4, 2009 - MOUNT VERNON RISING - PAGE 5

                                                                 Cold Weather Tips:
                                                                 Save Energy. Save Money.
                                                                 Stay Warm.
                                                                 Conservation is a smart energy strategy year round. Frigid weather brings its own
                                                                 challenges for New Yorkers, and these cold weather tips offer ways to help you keep
                                                                 warm, save energy and get help with energy bills.

                                                                 • Seal leaks around windows and doors with caulk or weather stripping.
                                                                 • Keep drapes or furniture away from heat sources so heat can flow freely.
                                                                 • Open curtains and let the sun warm rooms; close them at night to keep heat in.
                                                                 • Close doors and warm-air vents in unused rooms.
                                                                 • Get financial incentives for upgrades to homes and businesses that will help you
                                                                   save energy and money. Learn more at www.conEd.com/energyefficiency
                                                                   or call 1-877-870-6118.
                                                                 • Find more energy tips at www.conEd.com and www.getenergysmart.org, the
                                                                   web site of NYSERDA – New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.

                                                                 GET HELP
                                                                 • Call 1-800-75-CONED (1-800-752-6633) if you’re having trouble paying your energy bill.
                                                                 • Ask about our Level Payment Plan, which spreads payments evenly over the year
                                                                   so colder months are less of a burden.
                                                                 • If you’re income-eligible, you can get help from the Con Edison-sponsored
                                                                   EnergyShare fund at 1-877-480-SHARE, or the Federal Home Energy
                                                                   Assistance Program (HEAP) at 1-800-692-0557 in NYC or 1-914-995-5619
                                                                   in Westchester County.
                                                                 • If you receive a HEAP grant for another utility or an oil company and pay Con Edison
                                                                   bills, you may be eligible for our low-income rate. To qualify, fax a copy of your
                                                                   award letter to 1-212-844-0110.

                                                                 STAY SAFE
                                                                 • Never use your kitchen gas range or oven to heat your home. It can cause a fire or
                                                                   create lethal carbon monoxide gas.
                                                                 • Never extinguish a pilot light. It could lead to a dangerous gas leak.
                                                                 • If you smell gas, leave the area at once and call 1-800-75-CONED (1-800-752-6633).
                                                                   A gas leak has the smell of rotten eggs. Don’t light matches or use any electrical device.
                                                                 • Report electric service problems at 1-800-75-CONED (1-800-752-6633) or online
                                                                   at www.conEd.com.
                                                                 • If you see steam on Manhattan streets, call us immediately at 1-800-75-CONED
                                                                   (1-800-752-6633) so we can check it out. Steam is caused by water falling on
                                                                   a steam pipe or manhole cover, or it is caused by a leak.
©2009 Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. Ad: Arnell

                                                                                  Visit conEd.com for 100+ tips to go green and save
                                                                                  green. Find us at facebook.com/powerofgreen.

            Letters to the Editor
Dear Editor :
      On behalf of the Westchester/Putnam Central Labor Body, AFL-CIO and
                                                                                                                           Ask an Expert
its families, I want to thank Congresswoman Nita Lowey for doing the right                                                                Content Provided by
thing and voting “yes” on health care reform. Her vote was not only a vote
to provide health insurance to the millions of Americans who currently live
without health coverage and services, but also a vote to support some 22,100
local small businesses in the 18th Congressional District who will receive tax
credits to provide coverage to their employees; 53,000 uninsured individuals
in our area who will gain access to high-quality, affordable health insurance;          question:
8,800 seniors in our area who will avoid the “donut hole” in Medicare Part D;                I’m 56 and have been playing golf for over 40 years. I can hit a wood well but cannot close the face con-
and 460 families in her district that will escape bankruptcy due to unaffordable        sistently with my irons. I need help.
health care costs.                                                                           – anonymous, Yonkers
      This is also good news for our local health care providers, who will receive
payment for $147 million in uncompensated care each year.
      Considering the dismal state of health care in this country, we cannot af-
                                                                                        from Westchester Golf Range
ford to stand back and watch health care costs continue to soar; we cannot af-
ford to let one more family lose health insurance; and we cannot afford to allow                …Both the fairway wood and the iron are square,     a conscious effort to keep the club head square as long
one more person to go untreated for any health condition.                               perpendicular to the intended line of flight. The reason     as possible though impact. In short, if the door is closed
      Thank you, Congresswoman Lowey, for recognizing the dire need for                 the wood is square at impact, while the iron is not, is     (square) in the beginning, don’t open it on the way back.
change.                                                                                 usually because the wood’s face never opens, or the         Then it will be closed (square) when you return.
                                                                                        length of the iron affects the face to be open at impact         Best of luck with your golf swing.
Sincerely,                                                                              by either movement of your body or hands. Regardless,
Karen Magee, Secretary-Treasurer                                                        my recommendation is to the keep the face of the club            Westchester Golf Range is located in White
Westchester/Putnam Central Labor Body, AFL-CIO                                          still (square) on both irons and woods. Check the angle     Plains.
                                                                                        of the iron on the backswing; I prefer it being 45-70           Learn more about this expert business at www.
Dear Editor:                                                                            degrees versus 90 degrees or straight up. Then, make        zoomnia.com/WestchesterGolfRange
      Horses for courses, on December 8, the voters of the Eastchester Fire Dis-
trict will have a very important decision to make! At stake will be the posi-
tion of fire commissioner. I strongly urge voters to re-elect Commissioner Ray           question:
O’Hare.                                                                                      I have MS and each morning and night in bed when I lay down, I get pain and discomfort in my feet. The
      Ray’s, qualifications, pedigree and history with the town and the fire de-          relief I get is for my feet to be rubbed, squeezed, massaged and the small toes to be bent back. ...Once my feet
partment clearly make him the only candidate for the job. No Johnny come                are squeezed and rubbed, I feel the nerve pinched and the feeling/pinching go up to my calf. Would massage
lately, Ray was born and raised in this town, and has played an intricate role in       therapy help that? My neurologist, an MS specialist, cannot specify any treatment. Can you help me please?
its makeup! All one has to do is take a quick look back.                                     – anonymous, Yonkers
      Twenty-nine years as a professional fire fighter plus 11 more as a volun-
teer; with this posted on his resume, Ray could have taken the easy way out.            answer:
The easy way would have been to bow out and retire into the sunshine. Ray,              from Acupuncture Always at Saw Mill Club
however, chose to stick around and try and make things better!                                It sounds as if the increased blood flow brought       The combination treatment of both acupuncture and
      The past 10 years on the Fire Board is evidence of that. When the bell            to your feet via massage offers you some relief. This       Chinese massage offers a more lasting relief that may
rings for the personnel of the Eastchester Fire Department, it is imperative that       is often the case with patients who have varying forms      be worth trying. Also, there are other types of treatment
they have the proper support behind them. Ray’s expertise and knowledge will            of peripheral neuropathy. I have found the combination      modalities that are a part of the scope of Oriental Medi-
help assure just that! This is something that’s extremely difficult to put a simple      of acupuncture and Chinese massage to be of benefit to       cine that you may benefit from.
price tag on.                                                                           patients with symptoms such as yours. Chinese mas-               I have an office in New Rochelle for south
      Undoubtedly the right horse for this course, Stay with Ray to help keep the       sage, also known as tui-na, is a vigorous, push-and-pull    Westchester patients and would be happy to consult
residents safe and the fire department moving in the right direction!                    type massage that stimulates hundreds of acupuncture        with you further.
                                                                                        points in the foot to increase blood flow and bring re-           Acupuncture Always at Saw Mill Club is locat-
Sincerely,                                                                              lief from foot pain. Acupuncture is the insertion of hair   ed in Mount Kisco.
Thomas Hague, Eastchester                                                               thin needles that open up energetic pathways that are             Learn more about this expert business at www.
                                                                                        blocked in the body. This blockage contributes to pain.     zoomnia.
Dear Editor:
     We are writing to support Ray O’Hare for re-election as Eastchester fire
commissioner on December 8. Commissioner O’Hare has given us excellent
leadership for 10 years.
                                                                                       View your favorite paper online ... log on to risingmediagroup.com
     For the sake of sound planning and a rational approach to controlling ex-
penses, thus minimizing increased costs to the taxpayers, we need to continue
with a commissioner who knows the fire protection issues thoroughly, based
not only on experience as commissioner but over 30 years as a fire fighter.
     During his tenure, the board has been able to take maximum advantage of
federal support available to improve equipment as well as obtain compensation
for many of the emergency protection services provided (for example, recoup-
ing overtime payments needed in the flooding a few years ago from FEMA).
     In these difficult times of shrinking financial resources along with height-
ened concern for public safety, residents can ill afford to elect anyone other than
a seasoned, experienced leader for fire commissioner.

Jim and Lucy Mitchell, Eastchester

     New York State Is Failing

       Its SUNY Schools
By Phillip H. Smith
     It’s the time of the year when stu-
                                           with fewer full-time faculty to teach
                                           an influx of additional students. In the
dents attending the State University of    past 15 years, the student population
New York will be heading home for          has risen by nearly 12 percent, while
the holidays to be with their families.    the ranks of full-time faculty have
While parents will be expecting good       dwindled by 11 percent.
grades from their sons and daughters,            And how about families that
the financial grade of the state univer-    are hoping to send their children to
sity they attend suffers by compari-       SUNY?
son.                                             Families that are looking for an
     SUNY is failing, under the            affordable and quality higher educa-
weight of a massive $410 million in        tion? Tens of thousands of New York
state budget cuts in 18 months. That       families who can’t afford private col-
includes the $90 million midyear re-       lege tuitions are looking to enroll their
duction ordered by the governor in         children in SUNY. The result: stiffer
October. The $410 million represents       competition for admission, meaning
17 percent of the university’s operat-     thousands of qualified students will
ing budget.                                find the doors to SUNY are closed.
     Students will have a lot more on            The state is abdicating its respon-
their minds this holiday besides their     sibility for sustaining SUNY. In 1990,
grades. Their studies are being af-        the state provided 75 percent of SU-
fected by state budget cuts. Some will     NY’s operating budget. Now, nearly
be telling their parents that the cours-   20 years later, as the result of the lat-
es they wanted to take in the spring       est $90 million budget cut, students
— including some that are required         are, for the first time, financing more
for them to graduate — are not be-         than half of the university’s operating
ing offered or are full. That raises the   budget.
grim prospect for parents of a delayed           We all know the state is facing
graduation, which would mean they’d        a serious budget deficit, but we also
be paying for another year — maybe         know that the actions taken today will
even more — for their children to at-      have repercussions for tomorrow. We
tend SUNY. New York families are           cannot sacrifice the future of New
already struggling to pay their bills in   York’s workforce, who will power
the midst of an economic slowdown.         our economy, by denying them ac-
Paying for another year of college is      cess to the skills they will need to be
the last thing they need.                  gainfully employed. If we continue
     If your child attends SUNY, ask       making the wrong choice by further
him or her these five questions:            cutting SUNY, we’re not solving New
       Are you in danger of not gradu-     York’s financial crisis. We’d be pro-
ating on time?                             longing it.
        Were you able to register for            Whether you’re the parent of a
the courses you need next semester?        SUNY student or not, we urgently ask
       Are your classes larger?            for your help to protect SUNY. Please
       Can you meet with your profes-      visit our Web site at www.uupinfo.org
sors and advisors, or are they swamped     where you can send a message to the
                                                                                           * With approved credit. Not all members will qualify. Rates may be higher based on
by SUNY’s surging enrollment?              governor and your state lawmakers to
        Are they getting the quality       reverse the $90 million cut and pro-              applicant’s creditworthiness. Requires direct deposit or automatic payroll deduction
education you expected?                    tect the university from further budget           as method of repayment. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) will increase during
     SUNY recently reported the big-       reductions.                                       the term of this transaction if you discontinue payment through payroll deduction or
gest enrollment increase in its history.         You’ll be glad you did.                     direct deposit. Your payments will consist of 60 monthly payments of $20.26 on each
The number of students at SUNY’s                 About the author: Phillip Smith is          $1,000 borrowed at 7.95% APR. Higher loan amounts available over $15,001 at just
four-year state-operated campuses in-      president of United University Profes-            9.45% APR for up to 60 months. 60 monthly payments of $20.99 on each $1,000
creased by 3,711, ballooning to a total    sions, the union representing 35,000
of 222,239 students.                       faculty and professional staff at SU-
                                                                                             borrowed at 9.45% APR. Rates and terms are subject to change without notice.
     At the same time, SUNY is left        NY’s 29 state-operated campuses.                  Certain restrictions apply. Membership is required.
                                                                         FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4, 2009 - MOUNT VERNON RISING - PAGE 7

                  Seniors and Health Care
           SOCIAL SECURITY COLUMN                                                                                                   Phelps Senior VP Appointed
  Financial Planning for the Under 35 Crowd                                                                                          to N.Y. State EMS Council
By Susan Sobel, Social Security             comfortably. Even with a pension,                 The insert also includes help-            Daniel Blum of Chap-
District Manager in Yonkers                 you will still need to save. If you will    ful links to outside Web sites that        paqua, who joined Phelps
     Financial planning is not just for     not have a private pension, you will        can help you. For example, you can         Memorial Hospital Center
people nearing retirement. In fact, it’s    need to save more — and start saving        go to www.mymoney.gov for infor-           as a senior vice president in
a good idea to begin planning for a         sooner. Today’s young workers can           mation on getting credit, paying for       September, was recently ap-
comfortable and secure retirement           expect to spend 20, 30 or even more         education, buying a home, creating         pointed for a one-year term to
when you’re young.                          years in retirement, so saving is criti-    a budget, starting a business as well      the New York State Emergen-
     That’s why Social Security has a       cal.                                        as financial calculators and planning       cy Medical Services Council
new financial planning tool especially            Want to start planning your fu-        tools. Or, visit www.federalreserve.       (SEMSCO).
for the 25-to-35 crowd. It’s a special      ture? There are some easy ways to do        gov for a worksheet that will help you          “This appointment is
mailer with information about Social        so. Take a look at your Social Security     establish a budget to meet your finan-      a terrific honor and it’s my
Security, savings and other items of        Statement, which you’ll receive in the      cial goals. These and other financial       desire to support the EMS
interest to young workers. If you’re        mail about two to three months before       links on the insert will help you be-      agencies who deliver such ex-
between the ages of 25 and 35 and           your birthday, as well as the helpful       come the master of your own financial       ceptional service to our com-
you work and pay Social Security tax-       two-page insert tailored specifically        future.                                    munity. Ultimately I intend to
es, you’ll get this automatically with      to workers ages 25 to 35.                         Don’t forget that Social Security    assure that the best quality of
your next Social Security Statement.             Pay close attention to the infor-      coverage is not just for retirement, but   care is provided to the citizens
     Social Security is the foundation      mation provided, including tips on          also for disability and survivors’ ben-    of the State of New York,” said
for a secure retirement, but was never      saving, getting your employer to help       efits in the event that you are unable      Blum, who is a certified para-
intended to be your only source of in-      with matching contributions to retire-      to work, or you leave behind a fam-        medic. He has been a member                            Daniel Blum
come when you retire. While Social          ment plans and how much of a dif-           ily that depends on your income when       of the New York State EMS
Security replaces about 40 percent of       ference beginning to save early can         you die. Read more about retirement,       Council since 2001 and has                     ancillary services.
the average worker’s pre-retirement         make. There’s even a graph showing          disability and survivors benefits at        been chairman of the Westchester Re-                Blum holds a bachelor’s degree
earnings, most financial advisors say        the significant difference saving over       www.socialsecurity.gov.                    gional EMS Council since 2005.                 in philosophy and a master’s degree
that you will need 70 percent or more       time can make, even if it’s just $25 or                                                     He has held a number of health            in health care administration, both
of pre-retirement earnings to live          $50 a week.                                                                            care administrative and executive po-          from New York University. He is a
                                                                                                                                   sitions. In his current role at Phelps,        member of the American College of
                                                                                                                                   he is responsible for physician prac-          Healthcare Executives and the Medi-
                 Montefiore Recruites Prominent                                                                                     tices, strategic planning and clinical         cal Group Management Association.

                 Women’s Breast Cancer Surgeon                                                                                          Sarah Neuman Residents
     Montefiore Medical Center’s
Department of Surgery has hired an
                                                 “The new Breast Surgery Divi-
                                            sion will greatly enhance our exist-
                                                                                        Montgomery and Wiechmann is the
                                                                                        improvement of care to the many
                                                                                                                                         Help NYC’s Homeless
internationally prominent female sur-       ing, nationally recognized team of          women, including minority women,
geon to provide specialized care and        cancer specialists at the Montefiore-        who do not respond to standard breast
treatment for women patients with           Einstein Center for Cancer Care,”           cancer hormone therapies such as ta-
breast disorders. Leslie L. Montgom-        said Michler. The Center for Cancer         moxifen and herceptin.
ery, MD, joins Montefiore from the           Care provides a comprehensive range              “Up to 40 percent of African
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer             of cancer services, including diag-         American women have a type of
Center, where she was a noted breast        nostic services (mammography, MRI           breast cancer, called ‘triple nega-                                                                          Jewish Home
surgeon, clinical trial researcher and      and ultrasound), surgical treatments,       tive,’ which infrequently responds to                                                                        Lifecare/Sarah
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Neuman Center
director of the breast surgery fellow-      radiation therapy, chemotherapy and         standard hormone therapy for breast                                                                         residents make
ship program. Montgomery has been           hormone therapy.                            cancer,” said Montgomery. “Treat-                                                                          peanut butter and
appointed chief of a new Breast Sur-             Joining the breast surgery team is     ment for these women is now limited                                                                        jelly sandwiches
gery Division completely focused and        Lisa S. Wiechmann, MD, who com-             to chemotherapy and we are explor-                                                                        for New York City’s
dedicated to women’s health.                pleted a fellowship in breast surgical      ing newer options for these women                                                                              homeless.
     “Dr. Montgomery brings with            oncology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering        through clinical research.”
her a wealth of experience and leader-      Cancer Center. Wiechmann’s interests             Wiechmann’s clinical research
ship that will enable us to expand our      include the optimization of multidis-       interests include the psychosocial as-           A group of 14 residents and sever-       sandwiches and clothing donations.
commitment to all women, providing          ciplinary care focused on providing         pects of breast cancer, and the genetic    al staff members at Jewish Home Lif-                 According to Struss, the van made
comprehensive surgical treatment for        women with a clear understanding of         and familial predisposition to breast      ecare/Sarah Neuman Center recently             several scheduled stops and the home-
benign and malignant breast diseases        every treatment option. Montgomery          cancer. These studies seek to iden-        met in the pavilion’s recreation room,         less knew the time and place when the
throughout the New York region,”            and Wiechmann have been appointed           tify women at risk in order to provide     equipped with a kitchen, to make sev-          van would arrive at the pre-arranged
said Robert Michler, MD, surgeon in         to the faculty of the Albert Einstein       them with early treatment.                 eral dozen peanut butter sandwiches            destinations. The men, women and
chief, professor and chairman, of the       College of Medicine.                             For more information, visit www.      to deliver to New York City’s home-            sometimes children, line up for the
departments of Surgery and Cardio-               Among the important areas of           montefiore.org or www.montekids.            less population.                               donations, generally requested at the
thoracic Surgery at Montefiore.              research and treatment that interest        org.                                             The residents and staff also do-         previous week’s stopover.
                                                                                                                                   nated socks, underwear and clothes                   Struss said the project began
                                                                                                                                   as part of a project organized by Mid-         when one of the residents “wanted to

Managing Diabetes While Holiday Shopping                                                                                           night Run, a consortium of more than
                                                                                                                                   150 churches, synagogues and schools
                                                                                                                                                                                  do something outside the community
                                                                                                                                                                                  to help other people. So we came up
                                                                                                                                   in the Metropolitan New York area dis-         this idea and the residents were de-
       With the holidays quickly ap-        you avoid setting it down at a cash        for friends or family members that          tributing clothing, blankets, toiletries       lighted and excited to be a part of as-
proaching, millions of Americans are        register and accidentally leaving it       also have diabetes, shop for gifts and      and food to the homeless. Recreation           sisting those less fortunate.”
preparing for the holiday “shop ‘til        behind.                                    for yourself at the same time. On-          therapist Victoria Struss and commu-                 “Helping people who are down
you drop” season. But for the 24 mil-             2. Arm yourself to battle lows.      line diabetes suppliers and pharma-         nity coordinator Lori Grossman also            and out is an amazing feeling and our
lion Americans living with diabetes,        In addition to diabetes testing sup-       cies like Diabetic Express, at www.         manned the Midnight Run van that               residents are thrilled to join in this
it is critical to plan beyond getting the   plies and medications, pack several        DiabeticExpress.com, sell items that        journeyed into the city to distribute the      community-wide effort,” said Struss.
best sale to ensure diabetes doesn’t        healthy snacks that are proven to          make great holiday gifts, including
interfere with holiday shopping.            quickly battle low blood glucose lev-      fashion-forward diabetes supply cas-
       Marc Wolf, registered pharma-        els. If you feel a low coming on while     es and the latest meters.
cist and CEO of Diabetic Care Ser-          in a store that does not allow food or          6. Relax. According to the Amer-
vices, provides the following tips to       drink, products like Glucose Rapid-        ican Diabetes Association, stress hor-            Important news for people who took
                                                                                                                                       YA Z                          YAS MI N
help people with diabetes prepare for       Spray, available at www.Diabetic-          mones can directly alter blood glu-
the holiday shopping season.                CareServices.com, deliver glucose in       cose levels. Incorporate small tasks
                                                                                                                                                                OR                                              ®
       1. Dress for success. Crowded        spray form that is quickly absorbed.       into your shopping routine that make
                                                                                                                                      Many users of the birth control pill Yaz®,Yasmin® or Ocella® have
parking lots and long lines are a given           3. Make a list … and check it        the process less stressful, including:
                                                                                                                                      suffered blood clots in the lungs, legs and other areas, as well as
when holiday shopping. It is impor-         twice! Cut down on the time and en-             • Read advertisements carefully
                                                                                                                                      strokes, heart attacks, gall bladder problems and even death. If you
tant to wear comfortable, supportive        ergy spent holiday shopping by pre-        to ensure you understand limitations
                                                                                                                                      or a loved one suffered from any of these problems call us now toll
closed-toe shoes and special diabetic       paring a list of items before leaving      on special deals.
                                                                                                                                      free at 1-800-THE-EAGLE for a free consultation. We practice law
socks to protect feet.                      the house. To shave even more time              • Only use cash to avoid spend-
                                                                                                                                      only in Arizona, but associate with lawyers throughout the U.S.
       Also, be sure to give careful con-   off your trip, comparison shop online      ing more than you should.
sideration to how you will carry extra      to determine which stores have the              • Always ask for a gift receipt.                                                                            ay
                                                                                                                                             915 W. Camelback Rd.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   7 deek
diabetes testing supplies and medica-       prices and selections you want.                 • Schedule shopping trips at the                  Phoenix, AZ 85013
                                                                                                                                                                                                en w
tions. With numerous shopping bags                4. Balance is key. Before em-        beginning of the week and later in the                                                                Op a
to tote during an extended shopping         barking on a shopping trip, eat a bal-     day, when stores are less crowded.
trip, consider storing supplies in a        anced meal that includes protein and            For more information, call 800-
purse or satchel with a long strap that
you can sling over across your chest.
Securing your bag this way will help
                                            fat. Protein and fat help balance en-
                                            ergy and prevent low blood sugar.
                                                  5. Multi-task. When shopping
                                                                                       633-7167 or visit www.DiabeticCare
                                                                                       Services.com.                                   DONATE YOUR CAR
                                                                                                                                                            to the Outreach Center “Car for Kids” Program
                                                                                                                                                                                      . Free Pick-up and Tow
                Guerrino Dendistry & Associates                                                                                                             Hurry and Donate Now to
                                                                                                                                                                                      . Any Model or Condition

                 Offers Informational Sessions                                                                                          Help Kids in Need
                                                                                                                                                             Receive Your Year End
                                                                                                                                                               IRS Tax Deduction                 OUTREACH

     This past summer, Dr. Todd W. Auerbach, DDS of Guerrino Dentistry & Associates, visited the Totur-Time
school in Armonk. Auerbach spoke to the children about the importance of oral health and how they can main-
tain their teeth. He explained what he does as
a dentist and answered the children’s many
questions. In addition, Auerbach explained
why dentists wear masks and gloves and
why certain instruments are used to do a
          Auerbach used a model to show
the parts of the tooth and how to do a proper
cleaning at home. The children watched the
educational video, “The Adventures of Wig-
gly Tooth,” which provoked an animated
question-and-answer period. Each child re-
ceived a goody bag of dental products pro-
vided by Guerrino Dentistry & Associates.
          If your school or group would like
a visit from a staff member of Guerrino
Dentistry & Associates, please contact, one
of their three Westchester office locations —
Mt. Vernon at 914-699-6568, Scarsdale at
914-722-6500 or Armonk at 914-765-0093.

             ‘Historic Photos
          of The Hudson Line’
By Sue Ann Witt                           such as Otis Elevator and Alexander                                                               By Joel J. Sprayregen
     “Historic Photos of The Hudson       Smith and Sons Carpet Company, the
Line” tells the story, through pictures   Park Hill section of Yonkers, a class-
and captions, of the Hudson River
Line and its impact on the people,
                                          room at Saunders; the Dobbs Ferry
                                          railroad station; Washington Irving’s
                                                                                                           A Human Rights Organization
places and events of this region. The
text and captions are by Henry John
                                          Sunnyside; Peekskill Hollow; Hudson
                                          Brickworks at Kingston; Mullaly Park                             Attacks the First Amendment
Steiner, a historian who was raised in    in the Highbridge area of the Bronx;
Tarrytown and has been a Sleepy Hol-      the First Avenue Elevated Railroad;                    — Why the ADL Became a Partisan Mouthpiece
low resident for many years. He is the    Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church in the
municipal historian of Sleepy Hollow      Bronx; Riverside Church; University
and a board member of the Historical      Heights Bridge; West Farms; Spuyten
Society Serving Sleepy Hollow and         Duyvil; Yankee Stadium; the Rip Van
Tarrytown.                                Winkle Bridge; the State Capitol at
     The book is a photographic           Albany; and so much more.
journey including the history of the            The book is divided into four
Hudson River Line, the development        periods of time: “Lost Tranquillity
of towns, villages and cities along       and a Changing Shoreline” (1853-
the way and the opportunities af-         1899); “Civic Pride and Civic Proj-
forded to its residents and merchants     ects” (1900-1920); “Through Roaring
by the river and the railroad. There      Times and Ruined” (1921-1940); and
are books that will detail the history    “The War Years and Post War Era”
of the Hudson, but “Historic Photos       (1941-1960s). Many photographs
of The Hudson Line” is different. It      from each era contain landmarks eas-
takes the reader, by means of almost      ily recognized, despite changes in the
200 pages of photographs, from the        surrounding neighborhoods. Sadly,
1800s to the 1960s. Page after page of    some buildings no longer exist, hav-
brief but concise captions provide the    ing been altered or moved, but the
reader with the history of landmark       original structures are preserved in
buildings, bridges, towns, villages       these striking black and white photo-
                                                                                            Joel Sprayregen (left) and Abraham Foxman, in happier times in front of the Presidential Palace
and cities, how they developed and        graphs.                                                       in Buenos Aires, Argentina, after meeting with President Carlos Menem
grew, their connection to New York              This is a wonderful coffee-table
City — financially, politically and        book, and a gift that all New Yorkers            The peroration of my successful ar-              “Had ADL issued a report years              who love this country to sound off. And
commercially — and the impact they        will smile their way through. Pub-         gument in my dream lawsuit — combing             ago that began by accusing Democrats              in the age of the blogosphere, everyone
have had on our historic region.          lished by Turner Publishing Compa-         defense of free speech with advocacy             of creating resentment against Bush               with a laptop can be his own Thomas
     Visit Herrick’s Castle in Tarry-     ny, in Nashville, Tenn., it is available   for Soviet Jews — before the infamous            and then linked opposition to the GOP             Paine. Or Pain.
town; the Garrison Hotel where Bene-      at local retailers, Amazon.com and         Federal Judge Julius Hoffman went like           to extremists who supported Hamas or                    Sadly, there are explanations more
dict Arnold resided; the City of Yon-     TurnerPublishing.com.                      this: “And if the First Amendment pro-           denied al-Qaeda’s role in 9/11, Demo-             embarrassing than ignorance of his-
kers, home to manufacturing plants                                                   tects the right of an American citizen           crats would have rightly cried foul. That         tory (steeped by supercilious New York
                                                                                     to enter a courthouse wearing a jacket           never happened. By choosing to frame              political bias) to explain why ADL
                                                                                     that says ‘F__k the draft’ — as the Su-          its reports so as to associate all those          stumbled so egregiously. As observed
     NAI Friedland Realty                                                            preme Court held in Cohen v. California
                                                                                     — then it surely protects rights of these
                                                                                                                                      who oppose Obama’s policies with the
                                                                                                                                      far right, ADL has stepped over a line
                                                                                                                                                                                        by many, including myself, who have
                                                                                                                                                                                        left the organization, ADL has declined

     Announces Walgreens                                                             young people to enter a museum on pub-
                                                                                     lic property wearing t-shirts which pro-
                                                                                                                                      that a nonpartisan group should never
                                                                                                                                      cross (emphasis supplied).”
                                                                                                                                                                                        into an autocracy where no opinion
                                                                                                                                                                                        counts other than that of its long-time

    Expansion in Westchester                                                         claim, ‘Save Soviet Jews.’” Realization
                                                                                     that political debate in a free society is
                                                                                     often raucous accompanied my journey
                                                                                                                                            Feisty Jerusalem Post Editor Caro-
                                                                                                                                      lyn Glick likewise noted that ADL’s de-
                                                                                                                                      crying only anti-Obama expression “is
                                                                                                                                                                                        National Director Abraham Foxman,
                                                                                                                                                                                        whom the New York Times described as
                                                                                                                                                                                        “a one-man Sanhedrin for life.” When
      NAI Friedland Realty has re-        15,000-square-foot range.                  from work as an ACLU staff attorney              strange given that ADL never put out a            Foxman hatches a crackpot idea like the
ported that Walgreens has entered two          “Walgreens had wanted to in-          to becoming national vice-chair of the           report against parallel anti-Bush move-           “Rage Report,” no one can restrain him.
                                                                                     then-respected Anti-Defamation League            ments.” In condemning only conserva-              Foxman is driven to justify his half-
prime retail markets in Westchester       crease its footprint in Yonkers, and
                                                                                     (ADL), a journey inspired in significant          tive sentiment as unprecedented, ADL              million-dollar plus salary (unmatched
County — Central Park Avenue in           the South Broadway district is a very
                                                                                     part by “refuseniks” — met during an             overlooks evidence stored in its massive          in virtually any other Jewish organiza-
Scarsdale and South Broadway in           desirable, high-traffic retail area,”
                                                                                     ACLU “mission” to the USSR — who                 files (twice in recent years, ADL has paid         tion, including far larger agencies with
Yonkers. The national pharmacy re-        Williams said. “Walgreens was also         were consigned to the Gulag because              damages for unlawful surveillance). Is            more complex mandates, enhanced by
tailer has signed leases to build two     seeking to enter the Central Avenue        there was no First Amendment to pro-             ADL blissfully unaware, for example,              imperial perks including a retinue of
new stores at those respective loca-      market, which is the number one            tect them.                                       that Jon Stewart called President Bush            bodyguards and drivers). Foxman un-
tions. Both transactions were bro-        shopping destination in Westchester              You can thus understand the con-           “a jackass who talks like he’s four”              derstands that ADL has been eclipsed
kered by John Williams, executive         County.”                                   sternation, not only mine, which greeted         while comparing him to a “drug mule”              by the American Jewish Committee in
vice president and retail director at          The retailer already operates two     ADL’s hyped “report” declaring that              or that rage against President Reagan             human rights and inter-religious affairs,
NAI Friedland Realty in Yonkers.          locations in Yonkers at 1046 Yonkers       “rage” expressed against President               led to an assassination attempt? Even             American Israel Public Affairs Com-
      Walgreens signed a lease in ex-     Ave. and at 1230 Nepperhan Ave. Ex-        Obama is un-American. These tidbits              freshmen can quote the intensity of rage          mittee (AIPAC) in Israel advocacy, and
cess of 25 years with Mclean-Jomo         isting stores near its planned Central     reveal the flavor of ADL’s declaration:           against our presidential giants. Herbert          Federations in defense work. To gener-
Realty for the former Foodtown prop-      Avenue location are at 370 White           “Since the election of Barack Obama,             Hoover accused Franklin Roosevelt of              ate publicity for himself, he launches
erty on South Broadway in Yonkers.        Plains Rd. in Eastchester and at 210       a current of anti-government hostility           establishing fascism. The Chicago Tri-            (and then summarily drops) foolish
Walgreens also inked a lease agree-       Westchester Ave. in White Plains.          has swept across the U.S. [creating] a           bune editorialized that President Tru-            initiatives, such as his attack on Chris-
ment in excess of 25 years with 870            “In a time when retail is strug-      climate of toxic rage [characterized by]         man “must be impeached and convicted              tian evangelists, Israel’s most consistent
CPA Realty for the new store location     gling, these two transactions are wel-     shared belief that Obama poses a threat          [for acts] which have shown him to be             supporters, and bestowing praise cum
at 870 Central Park Ave. in Scarsdale,    come good news for the Westchester         to the future of the U.S. [with] an in-          unfit morally and mentally.”                       awards on Turkey’s prime minister, who
which, until earlier this year, was       County economy,” Williams noted.           tense strain of anti-government distrust               More fundamentally, ADL misses              endlessly incites anti-Semitism.
home to the Montparnasse Restau-          “They involve multi-million-dollar         and anger.”                                      the significance of supine pro-Obama                     Perhaps there’s a simpler, if less
rant.                                     investments by a national retailer that          ADL’s perfervidly purple prose             bias in most of the media, which clearly          kindly reason, for this debacle. Foxman,
      Both new stores will be developed   will create jobs both during construc-     belied abysmal ignorance of American             felt that shiver running up its collective        like Obama, has expertise in confer-
                                                                                     political traditions. Thomas Jefferson           legs. Dan Rather insisted on his right            ring and receiving undeserved awards.
by Marc Steinberg, of Mark Develop-       tion and upon the store openings.”
                                                                                     — savaged by the press in his day —              to smear Bush with false documents!               Obama gave the Presidential Medal of
ment in New York City. Construction            Williams added, “Walgreens con-
                                                                                     believed that the purpose of the press           ADL is not troubled by the partisanship           Freedom to ex-Irish President Mary
is expected to begin in earnest soon,     tinues to look to expand in and around
                                                                                     (which he said was more important                of MS-NBC. It is scandalous, for ex-              Robinson, seen by many as anti-Ameri-
with store openings planned for mid-      Westchester County.”                       than government) is to express distrust          ample, that the press has not uncovered           can and anti-Semitic. I suspect Foxman
2010. Walgreens typically builds                                                     of officialdom. Justice Holmes warned             what Obama wrote and read while in                believes Obama will reward him simi-
stores in the 10,000-square-foot to                                                  that “We should be eternally vigilant            law school and college, and minimized             larly for trying to shield the Administra-
                                                                                     against attempts to check expression of          the influence of Obama’s (“G-d damn                tion from criticism. It is equally likely
                                                                                     opinions that we loathe and believe to           America”) rageful pastor. The failure of          that history will judge Foxman harshly
   Notice of formation of Wil-                                                       be fraught with death.” Justice Harlan           mainline media to scrutinize Obama and            for turning a human rights agency into a
   liam Ivey Long Studios                    Connolly Property Ser-                  the Second observed that “One man’s              his mentors incentivizes many people              partisan mouthpiece.
   LLC. Arts. Of Org. filed with              vices, LLC filed Articles of             vulgarity is another’s lyric.” Justice
   the Sec. of State of NY                   Organization on 10-07-09                Douglas wrote that free speech “serves
   (SSNY) 10/23/09. Office                    whose purpose is any law-               best its high purpose when it induces a
   location: Westchester Co.                 ful activity, whose office is in         condition of unrest, creates dissatisfac-
   SSNY designated as agent                  Westchester County, des-                tion with conditions as they are, or even
   of LLC upon whom process                  ignates secretary of state              stirs people to anger.” Understanding
   against it may be served                  to be agent upon whom                   our constitutional patrimony, most of
   and shall mail process to:                process against it may be               the press greeted ADL’s broadside with
   Marino & Associates, P.C.,                served. Copy of process is              a massive yawn (e.g., New York Times:
   30 Glenn St., Suite 307,                  to be mailed to 330 Theall              “Group Finds More Anti-Government
   White Plains, NY 10603.                   Rd, Rye, NY 10580.                      Sentiment”). Several commentators
   Purpose: Any lawful busi-                 #6084 10/23-11/27                       recognized ADL’s naked partisanship,
   ness.                                                                             e.g., Jonathan Tobin, exec editor of
   #6090 11/13/-12/18                                                                Commentary:

       Christmas presents                                                                                             More fun by
       or Christmas presence?
                                                                                                                      the busload.
                        RETHINK CHURCH                                                          ONLY
                        10thousanddoors.org                                                 $
                                                                                               25 Round trips to Mohegan Sun
             Open hearts, Open minds, Open doors.                                                                                   Casino Bonus Package:
             The People of the United Methodist Church                                                              One Full Buffet or $15 Restaurant/Retail Credit
             of The New York Conference
                                                                                                                      Two $10 Free Bets and One $5 Free Bet*
                                                                                                                                               (Package valued at $40)

                                                                                                                                                                                  Day Service (7 Days a Week)
                                                                                                                                                                                 Night Service (Every Fri & Sat):
                                                                                                         Enchanted Coach                                                            Bronx & New Rochelle
                                                                                        914.423.9700 or 1.866.423.9700                                                            Day Service (7 Days a Week):
                                                                                                                                                                                     Riverdale & Yonkers

                                                                                                               Why Drive? For Information Call Enchanted Coach.
                                                                                         Bonus packages are issued to individuals 21 years of age or older. Buffet coupon is valid for a full meal at either buffet or can be
                                                                                         redeemed as a $15 credit at any on-site restaurant/retail outlet. *Not a match play. Offer subject to change without notice. For more
                                                                                         information, call Mohegan Sun 1.888.770.0140. mohegansun.com.

                                          Who, What, Where & When
           ARTS & CRAFTS                 12/8 Christmas Carol, at 9:30 and        gain strength through exercise. The      Village-wide Winter Festival from        range of bargain gifts; from 10 am
     Ongoing - ArtsWestchester -         11:15 am, for grades K-6; 12/12          fall prevention program and screen-      2-5 pm when parts of Palmer and          to 5 pm at Thomas H. Slater Center,
Exhibition: “Inspired by Heritage,”      Steve Songs, cost is $18 for adults,     ing begin at 6 pm and refreshments       Larchmont avenues will be closed         located at 2 Fisher Court in White
on view in the Rotunda at Mount          $13 for children, at 11 am, ages 2+;     will be served. For more informa-        and turned into pedestrian malls.        Plains (at the corner of MLK Bou-
Vernon Public Library, located at        12/12 Danny Aiello, at 8 pm, cost        tion, call 866-374-0007. To learn        There will be something for the          levard and Quarropas Street). For
28 South First Ave. in Mount Ver-        is $60 or $90 for a special package      about Danbury Hospital commu-            whole family: live reindeer and          more information, call 949-6555 or
non, through 1/15/10. Exhibition:        that includes premium seating and        nity health and wellness programs        cupcake and gingerbread decorat-         e-mail info@mlkwestchester.
“Spheres” through 1/16/10; Milonga       reception with Danny Aiello; 12/19       and services, visit www.danbury-         ing for the children, caroling and            December 12 - St. Paul’s
Del Arte, an Evening of Argentine        Get Back! Cast of Beatlemania, at 8      hospital.org.                            restaurant and store specials for all    Church National Historic Site
Tango, on December 4, at 7 pm; for       pm, cost is $55; 12/26 and 27, Pa-            December 13 - An Anusara            to enjoy. Free parking is available at   - A special performance by the ac-
tickets, call 428-4220, ext. 223 or      per Bag Players, at 11 am and 1:30       Workshop - Align with the Devine         the Larchmont train station.             claimed Bronx Opera Company
buy online at www.artswestchester.       pm, cost is $18 for adults, $13 for      with Osi Mizrahi, from 12 to 3 pm;            December 6 - Eastchester            helps to welcome the holiday sea-
org. ArtsWestchester is located at 31    children, ages 2+; located at 153        RSVP at yoga@bedfordpostinn.             Arts Council - and ArtsWestchester       son at 2 pm. The program features
Mamaroneck Ave. in White Plains.         Library Ln. in Mamaroneck; infor-        com (space is limited); The Yoga         present a Holiday Music Program          selections from classic operas as
     Through December 6 - The            mation: 698-3045, ext. 117; www.         Loft is located at the Bedford Post      from France, Germany and other           well as performances and a sing-
Schoolhouse - art works of Yonkers       emelin.org.                              Inn.                                     countries, featuring an instrumental     along of traditional seasonal carols
resident, Biagio (Gino) Civale will           December - The Random                                                        and vocal presentation by the Fei-       and favorites. The site is open from
remain at The Schoolhouse through        Farms Kids Theater - will present               HOLIDAY EVENTS                    gin Duo and others. The program          12 to 4 pm, with tours of the histor-
Sunday, December 6. Paintings and        the new musical “13” at The Tar-              December 5, 6 - Fly Creek           will be held at 1 pm at the Neu-         ic church, burial yard and museum
mixed media, watercolors, wood-          rytown Music Hall, located at 13         Cider Mill & Orchard - Gift Bas-         berger Museum Gallery at SUNY            offered before and after the opera.
cuts and serigraphs will be on dis-      Main St. in Tarrytown, December          keting Workshop on December 5            Purchase, located at 735 Anderson        Parking and admission are free; re-
play. The exhibit will remain open       18-20. This will be one of the first      and 6: fifth annual Gift Basketing        Hill Rd. in Eastchester. Admission       freshments will be served; located
from 10 am to 2 pm on Monday             local productions of the musical,        Workshop, from 10 am until 2 pm;         is free of charge.                       at 897 South Columbus Ave. in Mt.
and Friday; from 10 am to 4 pm on        which ran on Broadway last year          mill gift basket experts will be on           December 6 - Northeast Jew-         Vernon; information: 667-4116 and
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thurs-            and featured an all-teen cast and        hand to provide their skills in cre-     ish Center - presents a Chanukah         www.nps.gov/sapa.
day and during performance times         band. The rock score will be per-        ating a memorable gift. Workshop         Festival, from 1-5 pm featuring               December 13 - 36th Annual
in the theater of “It’s A Wonder-        formed in Tarrytown by members of        participants — basketeers — are          holiday activities, entertainment        Merry Tuba Christmas - Hun-
ful Life” on Friday and Saturday,        The Edge, RFKT on 12/18 at 8 pm,         encouraged to bring their own bas-       and food for children and adults,        dreds of tenor and bass tuba players
December 4 and 5, from 6:30 to 9         Saturday, 12/19 at 1 and 8 pm, and       ket or box to the mill and then select   music, dance, face painting, Cha-        will congregate on the rink at Rock-
pm and from 2 to 5 pm on Sunday,         Sunday, 12/20 at 1 pm. Tickets for       items from the mill’s wide array of      nukah marketplace and comedian           efeller Center in New York City
December 6. For directions and           “13” are $16 (children/seniors) and      Pride of New York specialty foods.       Dale Grand; the story of Chanukah        at 3:30 pm to play Christmas car-
more information, the Schoolhouse        $18 (adults). To reserve seats, call     Basketeers may also bring along          will be told at 3:30 pm; the festi-      ols and other crowd favorites. The
may be reached at 277-8477. The          877-840-0457 or go to www.tarry-         items from other local sources so as     val is free and open to the public;      tubists of all ages will line up under
Schoolhouse is located at 3 Owens        townmusichall.org. Tickets are also      to personalize a regional basket that    Northeast Jewish Center is located       the great Christmas tree and fill the
Rd. in Croton Falls. Information:        available at the door. Discounts are     will remind someone of home. Was-        at 11 Salisbury Rd., off Tuckahoe        area with the organ-line sound of
www.schoolhousetheater.org.              available for groups of 20 or more.      sailing Weekends continue through        Road in Yonkers; information: 423-       low brass.
                                         For more information, visit The          December 20. The workshop cost is        5009.                                         December 13 - Trinity Pres-
         DANCE & MUSIC                   Random Farms Kids Theater’s Web          limited to only the items purchased           December 11 & 20 - Sing We          byterian Church’s - annual
     December 10 - Music Con-            site at www.randomfarms.com.             and registration is not required. If     Enchanted - concert: “Madrigals &        Christmas concert, “A Westchester
servatory - adult recital: A concert          December 16 - The Small             you cannot attend, you may create        Mistletoe: Songs for the Season” at      Christmas,” will take place on Sun-
highlighting the beauty of the tango     Town Theatre Company - presents          a custom basket on the mill´s online     8 pm at Pleasantville Presbyterian       day, December 13, at 4 pm. Snow
in a chamber setting; the students       “Chinamen,” by Michael Frayn, at 8       store at www.shop.flycreekcider-          Church, located at 400 Bedford Rd.       date is December 20. Concert will
will perform original compositions       pm, free of charge; at the Hergenhan     mill.com/index.htm. After filling         in Pleasantville. Suggested donation     be held at The School of the Holy
and arrangements by the Port Ches-       Center in Armonk; call 273-0300 or       your cart with your basket items,        is $15; students/seniors: $10. For       Child, located at 2225 Westchester
ter resident Quartero, at 7 pm. Open     complete online reservation form;        click the “create-your-own bas-          more information, call 610-6701.         Avenue East in Rye. For directions
to all ages free of charge; located at   e-mail info@SmallTownTheatre.            ket” option from the Gift Baskets             December 11, 12 - Tchaik-           and further information, visit www.
216 Central Ave. in White Plains.        com or visit www.smalltownthe-           category and the mill´s gift basket      ovsky’s “Nutcracker” - comes to          trinitychurch.cc.
Information: www.musicconserva-          atre.com.                                experts will create a basket to re-      life on the stage of New Rochelle             December 15 - Mature Jew-
tory.org and 761-3900.                                                            member.                                  High School on Friday, Decem-            ish Connections (45+) - Chanu-
     December 12 - The Small                   HEALTH PROGRAMS,                        December - Larchmont                ber 11, at 8 pm, and on Saturday,        kah Party - Jewish Family Services
Town Theatre Company - The Life               SERVICES & SUPPORT                  Chamber of Commerce - 12/5,              December 12, at 2 and 8 pm, with         of Greenwich and Mature Jewish
and Songs of Elton John, a Jimmy               December 7 - Danbury Hos-          12/12 and 12/19 - Old Fashioned          Ballet Atlantic’s 36th annual per-       Connections invite you to A Taste
Tate Concert at 8 pm at Whippoor-        pital - the public is invited to in-     Holiday in Larchmont Village -           formance of this classic ballet that     of Chanukah from 6 to 8 pm, featur-
will Hall in Armonk; $15 per per-        teract with physical medicine and        Larchmont Village is returning to        is sure to captivate children of all     ing Chanukah hors d’oeuvres and a
son; call 273-0300 or complete on-       orthopedic experts from the Center       the days of old with free horse-         ages. Tickets are $25 for adults, $20    wine bar. Cost is $15 per person in
line reservation form; e-mail info@      for Advanced Orthopedics at Dan-         drawn sleigh rides, candle-lit           for seniors and children under 12,       advance or $25 per person at the
SmallTownTheatre.com; informa-           bury Hospital and the Main Street        streets, roasted chestnuts, hot choc-    and are available for purchase at the    door, at The Delamar Greenwich
tion: www.smalltowntheatre.com.          Physical Rehabilitation Center at        olate and elves to delight visitors of   door. Group rates are available by       Harbor, located at 500 Steamboat
                                         6 pm at Meadow Ridge, located at         all ages. Festivities will take place    calling 813-3139.                        Rd. in Greenwich, Conn. The Cah-
        FILM & PLAYS                     100 Redding Rd. in Redding. The          throughout the Palmer Avenue and              December 12 - Martin Lu-            nukah party is a collaboration with
    December - Emelin Theatre            community health and wellness            Boston Post Road shopping areas.         ther King, Jr. Institute for Non-        The Delamar Greenwich Harbor
- 12/3 The Really Big Once, at 8         program discusses ways to help you       Free parking is available at Larch-      violence - will host a Holiday Fam-      and Whole Foods Market. RSVP
pm, cost is $25; 12/4 Cody Shuler        stay healthy through physical activ-     mont Train Station; Larchmont Old        ily Fun and Shopping Affair in a         necessary by December 11 to Ra-
& Pine Mountain Railroad with            ity, addresses risk factors related to   Fashioned Holiday Festival Sun-          fun family atmosphere, featuring         chelle at 203-622-1881 or rlowen@
Out to Lunch, at 8 pm, cost is $37;      falls and osteoporosis and ways to       day, December 13, a Larchmont            handmade jewelry and dolls, plus a       jfsgreenwich.org.

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  Port Chester Diner                     317 Post Rd                                Port Chester        Mt. Vernon City Hall                   5th Ave/Prospect Ave                      Mt. Vernon
  Playland Market                        488 Forest Ave                             Rye                 Food Town                              31 East Prospect Ave                      Mt. Vernon
  Rye YMCA                               21 Locust Ave                              Rye                 Padaminas Cafe & Pizzeria              117 Gramatan Ave                          Mt. Vernon
  Damiano Rec Center                     281 Midland Ave                            Rye                 Fleetwood Deli                         525 Gramatan Ave                          Mt. Vernon
  Rye Arts Center                        51 Milton Rd                               Rye                 Vending Box-Corner                     Gramatan/Birch St                         Mt. Vernon
  Dockside Deli                          615 Milton Rd                              Rye                 Vending Box-Corner                     Gramatan/Fleetwood Ave                    Mt. Vernon
  Vending Box-Train Station              Platform                                   Rye                 Mt Vernon Chamber of Commerc           65 Haven Ave                              Mt. Vernon
  Rye Library                            1061 Post Rd                               Rye                 Mt Vernon Hospital                     12 North 7th Ave                          Mt. Vernon
  Upper Crust Bagel                      20 Purchase St                             Rye                 A&P                                    24 West Grand St                          Mt. Vernon
  Washington Mutual                      26 Purchase St                             Rye                 Pathmark                               1 Pathmark Plaza                          Mt. Vernon
  Rye Country Store                      47 Purchase St                             Rye
  Rockledge Deli & Flower                280 Purchase St                            Rye                 Eastchester Rising
  Post Office                             Purdy St                                   Rye                 Bronxville Women’s Club                135 Midland Ave                           Bronxville
  Rye Ridge D’Agostino’s                 Rye Ridge Shopping Center                  Rye Brook           Bronxville Village Hall                200 Pondfield Rd                           Bronxville
  Hudson Bank                            115 South Ridge St                         Rye Brook           Bronxville Library                     201 Pondfield Rd                           Bronxville
  Lenny’s Bagels                         200 South Ridge St                         Rye Brook           Crestwood Lunch                        301 Columbus Ave                          Eastchester
  Food Emporium                          261 South Ridge St                         Rye Brook           Huntley Stationery                     30 Mill Rd                                Eastchester
                                                                                                        Eastchester Town Hall                  40 Mill Rd                                Eastchester
  Pelham Rising                                                                                         Eastchester Library                    11 Oakridge St                            Eastchester
  Richard J. Daronco Town House          20      5th Ave                            Pelham              C-Town                                 344 Post Rd                               Eastchester
  Pelham Town Hall                       34      5th Ave                            Pelham              Odyssey Diner                          2047 Post Rd                              Eastchester
  C-Town                                 43      5th Ave                            Pelham              Tuckahoe Library                       21 Columbus Ave                           Tuckahoe
  Marcello’s Pizza                       33      5th Ave                            Pelham              Wachovia Bank                          50 Main St                                Tuckahoe
  Pelham Arts Center                     155     5th Ave                            Pelham              Tuckahoe Village Hall                  65 Main St                                Tuckahoe
  Renaissance Bagel                      309     5th Ave                            Pelham              Scarsdale Bagels                       52 Garth Rd                               Scarsdale
  Pelham Library                         530     Colonial Ave                       Pelham              Giannone’s Deli                        104 Garth Rd                              Scarsdale
                                                                                                        Wachovia                               24 Chase Rd                               Scarsdale
  Sound View Rising                                                                                     Decicco’s                              58 Village Pkwy                           Scarsdale
  Imperial Milk Mart                     14 Chatsworth Ave                          Larchmont           Crestwood Pizza                        286 Columbus Ave                          Eastchester
  Larchmont Senior Center                119 Larchmont Ave                          Larchmont           Corner Store                           230 Main St                               Eastchester
  Larchmont Public Library               121 Larchmont Ave                          Larchmont           First Stop Cafe                        3 Fisher Ave                              Eastchester
  The Corner Store                       1906 Palmer Ave                            Larchmont           New Fresco Market                      31 Main St                                Eastchester
  Larchmont Train Station                Platform                                   Larchmont           A&P                                    668 Central Park Ave                      Scarsdale
  Wachovia                               2065 Post Rd                               Larchmont           A&P                                    777 White Plains Rd                       Eastchester
  Futermans Stationery                   2096 Post Rd                               Larchmont           A&P                                    12-14 Cedar St                            Bronxville
  Mamaroneck Diner                       405 East Post Rd                           Mamaroneck          Pathmark                               2540 Central Ave                          Scarsdale
  Station Stop Grocery                   211 Halstead Ave                           Mamaroneck
  Wachovia Bank                          219 Mamaroneck Ave                         Mamaroneck          Harrison Rising
  Cafe Mozart                            308 Mamaroneck Ave                         Mamaroneck          Richard Halperin Memorial Library      2 Bruce Ave                               Harrison
  Quick Pick Lotto                       328 Mamaroneck Ave                         Mamaroneck          Trotta’s Pharmacy                      5 Halstead Ave                            Harrison
  Hudson Bank                            360 Mamaroneck Ave                         Mamaroneck          Food City                              5 Halstead Ave                            Harrison
  Sarah Newman Center                    845 Palmer Ave                             Mamaroneck          Harrison Community Center              216 Halstead Ave                          Harrison
  Mamaroneck Train Station               Platform                                   Mamaroneck          Masterpiece Framing                    243 Halstead Ave                          Harrison
  Mamaroneck Public Library              136 Prospect Ave                           Mamaroneck          Harrison Post Office                    258 Halstead Ave                          Harrison
  Mamaroneck Senior Center               740 West Post Rd                           Mamaroneck          Belle Dry Cleaners                     285 Halstead Ave                          Harrison
  Avalon                                 255 Huguenot St                            New Rochelle        Butler Brothers                        295 Halstead Ave                          Harrison
  Library                                1 Library Plaza                            New Rochelle        Bagelicious                            379 Halstead Ave                          Harrison
  Community Action Program               95 Lincoln Ave                             New Rochelle        Vending Box-Corner                     Halstead/Byron                            Harrison
  Sound Shore Medical Ctr.               150 Lockwood Ave                           New Rochelle        Sollazzo Center                        270 Harrison Ave                          Harrison
  Chase                                  489 Main St                                New Rochelle        Harrison Town Hall                     1 Heineman Place                          Harrison
  Train Station                          Platform                                   New Rochelle        West Harrison Library                  1 Lake St                                 W. Harrison
  Wachovia                               1307 North Ave                             New Rochelle        Silver Lake Pizza                      79 Lake St                                W. Harrison
  Hunan Ritz                             1335 North Ave                             New Rochelle        Fratelli’s Cafe                        87 Lake St                                W. Harrison
  A&P                                    805 Mamaroneck Ave                         Mamaroneck          Donahue’s                              121 Lake St                               W. Harrison
  A&P                                    366 Pelham Rd                              New Rochelle        The Jottery                            7 Taylor Sq                               W. Harrison
  Food Emporium                          23 Quaker Ridge Rd                         New Rochelle        Silver Lake Cafe                       17 Taylor Sq                              W. Harrison
                                                                                                        Food Emporium                          255 Halstead Ave                          Harrison

    Home for the Holidays                                                                                         Holiday Open House
  Event to Benefit the Ronald                                                                                  at Jacob Burns Film Center
      McDonald House                                                                       The Media Arts Lab at the Jacob Burns
                                                                                      Film Center opens its doors to the public
     The Ronald McDonald House at              The third annual Home for the          on Saturday, December 5, from 10 a.m. to
Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital, lo-     Holidays will also feature themed gift      2 p.m., in partnership with Pleasantville’s
cated at One Woods Rd. in Valhalla,       baskets for every occasion, a raffle to      Holiday Open House Weekend. Staff will
the home-away-from-home for fami-         win Radio City Christmas Spectacular        be at hand to answer questions about spring
lies of critically ill or traumatically   tickets, a 50/50 raffle and the chance       and summer classes and camps, and free
injured children, will host the third     to buy an un-stuffed plush animal you       30-minute tours of the facility begin at 11
annual Home for the Holidays ex-          can stuff with love and fluff.               a.m. and 12 p.m. For more information, call
travaganza on Saturday, December 5,            Ronald McDonald House Chari-           914-773-7663.
from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.                    ties (more information available at
     Ronald McDonald and some of          www.rmhc.org) creates, finds and
the Rockettes will attend this year’s     supports programs that directly im-
holiday season kick-off event, where      prove the health and wellbeing of                At right: The Media Arts Lab
a cast of talented local children will    children.                                       at the Jacob Burns Film Center
perform musical numbers throughout             From 2005-2008, the Ronald
the day to benefit The Ronald Mc-          McDonald Family Room was located             Photo by David Lamb Photography
Donald House at Maria Fareri Chil-        within the Maria Fareri Children’s
dren’s Hospital at Westchester Medi-      Hospital. Plans are to build a new 12-
cal Center.
     Ronald McDonald will make a
                                          bedroom house on the grounds of the
                                          hospital. The proposed Ronald Mc-
                                                                                                     Trinity Presbyterian Church
special appearance from 1 to 3 p.m.,
and the Rockettes will appear from
                                          Donald House can serve almost triple
                                          the number of families served before,
                                                                                                  Presents Annual Christmas Concert
5 to 7 p.m. There will be musical         while providing additional programs
                                                                                           “A Westchester Christmas,”            violinist with the Orpheus Chamber         homily. Childcare for toddlers and in-
numbers by young people from East-        for those families during their stay.
                                                                                      Trinity Presbyterian Church’s annual       Orchestra; Lawrence Dutton, violist        fants, and a craft program for school-
chester, Harrison, Yonkers and other           For more information, visit www.
                                                                                      Christmas concert, will take place on      with the Emerson String Quartet; and       aged children will be provided.
Westchester cities and towns through-     ronaldmcdonaldfamilyroom.com.
                                                                                      Sunday, December 13, at 4 p.m. The         Ann Schein, world-renowned concert               The concert will be held at The
out the day.
                                                                                      snow date is December 20.                  pianist.                                   School of the Holy Child, located at
                                                                                           In addition to a string orches-            Traditional Christmas music,          2225 Westchester Ave. East in Rye.

           WBT Presents                                                               tra, performers include Metropolitan
                                                                                      Opera bass soloist James Courtney;
                                                                                                                                 jazz, pop and classical music will be
                                                                                                                                 performed, and there will be congre-
                                                                                                                                                                            For directions and further informa-
                                                                                                                                                                            tion, visit Trinity’s Web site at www.

      ‘The Christmas Voyager’                                                         Grammy-Award winning jazz bassist
                                                                                      John Patitucci; Richard Rood, leading
                                                                                                                                 gational singing of carols. The Rev-
                                                                                                                                 erend Dr. Craig R. Higgins will give a
                                                                                                                                                                            trinitychurch.cc. There is no admis-
                                                                                                                                                                            sion fee.

     Westchester Broadway Theater
(WBT) is pleased to present the de-
                                          wards, Jayson Elliott, Stacia Fer-
                                          nandez, Jonathan Stahl and Karen                                   ‘The Nutcracker’ Ballet
                                                                                                         Performed at New Rochelle HS
lightful holiday musical adventure,       Zondag.
“The Christmas Voyager,” by Bob                 “The Christmas Voyager” was
Fitzimmons, in a true celebration of      written by Robert Fitzsimmons and
the season, now through December          Kathy Wheeler and musical arrange-                The magic of Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker”
27. All the splendor of Christmas is      ments are by Steven Silverstein. Fitz-      comes to life on the stage of New Rochelle High
brought to life in this magical journey   simmons, who passed away in 1992,           School on Friday, December 11, at 8 p.m., and on
through Yuletides past.                   wrote “The Christmas Voyager,”              Saturday, December 12, at 2 and 8 p.m., with Bal-
     The show features dazzling ef-       as well as several other Christmas          let Atlantic’s 36th annual performance of this classic
fects and many favorite Christmas         shows, which he directed and pro-           ballet that is sure to captivate children of all ages.
songs, including “We Need a Little        duced at WBT and at An Evening              Tickets are $25 for adults and $20 for seniors and
Christmas,” “Holly Jolly Christmas,”      Dinner Theatre. He was a gifted play-       children under 12, available for purchase at the door.
“Silver Bells,” “It’s Beginning to        wright of Children’s Theatre and an         Group rates are available by calling 914-813-3139.
Look a Lot Like Christmas,” “Deck         accomplished director.                            This full-length performance, complete with
the Halls,” “Santa Claus Is Coming             For more information or tick-          fanciful Victorian backdrops, a magically expanding
to Town,” “Let There Be Peace on          ets, call 914-592-2222 or visit www.        Christmas tree and sumptuous costumes, features an
Earth,” “We Wish You a Merry Christ-      BroadwayTheatre.com.                        ensemble cast of professionals, local dancers and
mas,” “Silent Night” and more.                 WBT is located at 1 Broadway           area children.
     The terrific cast includes Nick       Plaza in Elmsford.                                American Ballet Theatre dancers Nicole Grani-
Gaswirth, Ellen Condon, David Ed-                                                     ero, and Roddy Doble will perform the starring roles
                                                                                      of the Sugar Plum Fairy and her dashing Cavalier,
                                                                                      with other lead roles performed by dancers who
         Celebrate the Holidays                                                       have appeared in productions by the NYC Ballet,
                                                                                      the Pennsylvania Ballet, the MET Opera and in “The
               at WPPAC                                                               Lion King,” “Phantom of the Opera” and Twyla
                                                                                      Tharp’s “Movin’ Out.”
                                                                                            This is not the first time on Ballet Atlantic’s
     The White Plains Performing Arts           This show will also include Mark
                                                                                      “Nutcracker” stage for either star. Graniero, who
Center (WPPAC), located on the third      Stuart Eckstein and Kristine Bendul,
                                                                                      was raised in Westchester, graced Ballet Atlantic’s
level of the City Center complex in       from the Mark Stuart Dance Theatre,
                                                                                      “Nutcracker” stage numerous times as a teenager
downtown White Plains recently an-        and tap dancer Chloe Arnold. Also re-
                                                                                      in progressively challenging roles earlier in this de-
nounced a holiday musical extrava-        turning to the White Plains theatre for
                                                                                      cade, while Doble reprises his spectacular 2007 per-
ganza. A jubilant, upscale celebration    this holiday show will be some famil-
                                                                                      formance as Cavalier.
of the holidays, a scripted and cho-      iar and favorite performers, including
                                                                                            Ballet Atlantic has recently moved to 81 Centre
reographed holiday concert, “We Are       Cris Groenendaal, Carlos Lopez and
                                                                                      Ave. in New Rochelle and is happy to have the op-
Lights, ‘Tis the Season and More,” is     Nick Wyman, who will host. Under
                                                                                      portunity to present this year’s “Nutcracker” in the
led by a large cast of Broadway, film      the direction of Walter Winston O’Neil
                                                                                      city it now calls home. Under the artistic direction of   At right: Roddy Doble (left) and Allison Joyce
and TV stars highlighted by incom-        and music director Kim Douglas Stein-                                                                      as the Cavalier and Sugar Plum Fairy
                                                                                      Leslie Otto, this ballet company has been bringing “The
parable Tony Award-winner Melba           er, the four performances will run from                                                                    in Ballet Atlantic’s 2007 “Nutcracker”
                                                                                      Nutcracker” and other performances to Westchester
Moore, as well as Kevin Earley, Liz       Friday, December 11, through Sunday,
                                                                                      for the past 35 years. Formed as a training ground for
Larsen, Marsha Waterbury, Celina          December 13. Tickets are $45.
                                                                                      young dancers and choreographers, Otto is committed to educating and exposing Westchester youth to classical ballet
Carvajal, Kathy Deitch, Jodie Langel,           For further information, visit
                                                                                      technique, through performances of contemporary and original choreography, as well as through the beloved classic,
Jana Robbins, Cindy Robinson and the      www.wppac.com or call 914-328-
                                                                                      “The Nutcracker.”
talented Craig Laurie, Chase Matthews     1600. WPPAC is located at 11 City
and Elizabeth Torres.                     Place in White Plains.

                                                                                                              ‘The Nutcracker’
 Holiday & Advocacy Events                                                                            at the Westchester County Center
 at the White Plains YWCA                                                                   Westchester residents don’t have     audiences of all ages every year. Un-           Advance ticket prices are $18 for
                                                                                      to travel far to see a first-rate produc-   der the direction of Beth Fritz-Logrea     adults, $12 for children (age 2 through
     This December, the YWCA of           Drive (running now through Decem-
                                                                                      tion of everyone’s holiday favorite,       and Jean Logrea, this production fea-      10) and seniors (ages 60-plus); all
White Plains has many advocacy and        ber 18.) The YWCA will be collect-
                                                                                      “The Nutcracker.” The Westchester          tures 90 professionally trained student    tickets are $22 on the day of the per-
holiday activities for the local com-     ing food, hats, mittens, socks, scarves
                                                                                      Ballet Company’s production of this        dancers from communities throughout        formance.
munity.                                   and coats in the front lobby to go to
                                                                                      magical tale of a young girl’s imagi-      Westchester and neighboring coun-               Buy tickets in person at the
     Advocacy Events: The Global          the Children’s Center at the Coun-
                                                                                      nary journey on Christmas Eve rivals       ties, along with professional guest        County Center box office, open Mon-
Women’s Health Forum (December            ty Courthouse, Grace Community
                                                                                      the best productions in the New York       soloists. Add classic choreography,        day through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5
4, from 12 to 2 p.m.) will include a      Church and the Open Arms Shelter in
                                                                                      metropolitan area, and all at a very       beautiful costumes, magnificent scen-       p.m., or Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 4
powerful panel discussion exploring       White Plains.
                                                                                      affordable price, at the Westchester       ery and special stage effects, along       p.m. Or purchase them through Tick-
women’s health issues around the               A Book Sale & Holiday Fair
                                                                                      County Center in White Plains.             with very affordable ticket prices, and    etmaster by calling 800-745-3000, at
world, including sexual health, ma-       will be held from 12 to 6 p.m. on
                                                                                            Performances will take place         it’s a sure-fire hit for your family this   www.ticketmaster.com or at all Tick-
ternal health and access to medicine      December 8 and 9, and will feature
                                                                                      on Friday, December 18, at 10 a.m.;        holiday season.                            etmaster outlets.
for women in third world countries.       books, jewelry, scarves and more
                                                                                      Saturday, December 19, at 12:30 p.m.             And, to help make the holiday             The Westchester County Cen-
     “On the Road to Kindergar-           great gift ideas! Funds will support
                                                                                      and 4:30 p.m.; and Sunday, December        special for everyone, those attend-        ter is located at 198 Central Ave. in
ten,” on December 5, from 10 a.m.         the YWCA Child Care Program.
                                                                                      20, at 2 p.m.                              ing the 4:30 p.m. show on Saturday         White Plains, adjacent to the Bronx
to 12 p.m., is the first of a parenting         Finally, on December 10, from
                                                                                            For the past 13 years, the           are encouraged to contribute to the        River Parkway and Tarrytown Road
workshop series. Led by licensed          7:30-9:30 p.m., join the YWCA for
                                                                                      Westchester Ballet Company has             WHUD radio Toys for Tots collec-           (Route 119).
clinical social worker Linda Stern,       a Zumba Dance Party ($10 per per-
                                                                                      been thrilling County Center audi-         tion on that day at the County Center.          For more information about “The
participants will learn preparation and   son.) For this particular dance event,
                                                                                      ences with its magical production of       Bring a new, unwrapped toy and help        Nutcracker,” call 914-995-4050 or log
transition strategies to help alleviate   RSVP to Mary Thomas, fitness direc-
                                                                                      this holiday classic that has become       make the holiday special for a disad-      on to www.countycenter.biz.
the worries associated with starting      tor, at mthomas@ywcawhiteplains.
                                                                                      a tradition for families and captivates    vantaged child.
kindergarten. Both of these events are    com.
free and open to the public.                   For all other events and activities,
     Celebrate the season of giv-         e-mail events@ywcawhiteplains.com
ing by donating to the YWCA Coat          to RSVP or for more information.

   Y Dance Program Presents
      Winter Open House
     The Y Dance Program and Evolve       show for refreshments and an open re-
Dance, Inc. are pleased to present the    hearsal at Studio A (Gym) at the Fam-
Winter Open House and Performance,        ily YMCA in Tarrytown, located at 62
on Saturday, December 12, at 1 p.m.,      Main St. The performance is free and
featuring performances by Y Dance         open to the public.
students, Y Dance faculty and Evolve           For more information, visit www.
Dance, Inc. Join performers after the     evolvedance.org.
                                                                       FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4, 2009 - MOUNT VERNON RISING - PAGE 11

                First Annual ‘Stache-Off Crowns                                                                                Greenburgh Hebrew Center
                 Top Mustaches in Westchester                                                                                    to Hold Annual Family
                                                                                                                                    Chanukah Dinner
                                                                                                                                  It is almost time for the Luscious                              children — with chocolate gelt for all
                                                                                                                             Latkes and Mighty Macabees to make                                   participants!
                                                                                                                             their appearance at the Greenburgh                                        This year, for the first time, the
                                                                                                                             Hebrew Center (GHC)! Chanukah is                                     GHC will have an early program
                                                                                                                             just around the corner and the GHC                                   and dinner for families with young
                                                                                                                             will hold its annual festive family                                  children before the congregational
                                                                                                                             Chanukah dinner on Friday, Decem-                                    service. The program will begin at
                                                                                                                             ber 11.                                                              5:15 p.m. with songs, candle-lighting
                                                                                                                                  “Bluejean” Shabbat services be-                                 blessings and a Chanukah activity for
                                                                                                                             gin at 6:30 p.m., led by Rabbi Kenter                                young children, followed by dinner at
                                                                                                                             and Cantor Kanarek, to be followed                                   5:45 p.m.
                                                                                                                             by a delicious family-style Shabbat                                       Call the synagogue office at 914-
                                                                                                                             dinner. There will be plenty of latkes,                              693-4260 or e-mail grace@g-h-c.org
                                                                                                                             brisket, sufganiyot (jelly doughnuts)                                to make a reservation for either din-
   Mamaroneck resident Jon Chattman (second from left),                                                                      and other delicious goodies. (Vegetar-                               ner. Adults and children of all ages
‘Stache Off organizer and co-author of the recently released                                                                 ian and child-friendly food available                                are very welcome at either dinner. For
   book, “SWEET ‘STACHE: 50 Badass Mustaches and the                                                                         too.) Rabbi Kenter is preparing for his                              additional information, visit www.g-
      Faces Who Sport Them,” joins contestants (l to r):
                                                                                                                             annual Jewish Trivia contest for the                                 h-c.org.
Irvington resident Don Cohen (third place), Yonkers resident
   Robert Voorheis (first place) and New Rochelle resident
  Victor Minei (second place), at Westchester County’s First
Annual ‘Stache-Off, held recently at the Music Conservatory
                       of Westchester.
                                                                                                                                 Noel Fine Art Announces
                        Photos by Mike Lee
                                                                              Conservatory piano faculty member
                                                                            Irena Portenko (of Rye) introduces her
                                                                                                                                ‘The Christmas Show 2009’
                                                                              performance of Chopin’s “Ballade”                    On December 4, Noel Fine Art                                   the artist. Join Noel Fine Art for your
     Mamaroneck       resident    Jon     before presenting the Met           in G minor at Westchester County’s             will open “The Christmas Show,”                                      viewing pleasure and find wonderful
                                                                              First Annual ‘Stache-Off, an evening           from 5 to 8 p.m., with work from all                                 art that will be food for the soul for
Chattman, co-author of the recent-        icon with the proclamation.
                                                                                  of music and mustache envy.
ly released humor book “SWEET             Backman was named Brook-                                                           the gallery artists on display. Noel                                 both you and your loved ones.
‘STACHE: 50 Badass Mustaches              lyn Cyclones manager just                                                          Fine Art will also be hosting an early                                    For more information about “The
and the Faces Who Sport Them,”            two days later.                           honoree, also lent his expertise as a    Christmas party that evening to cele-                                Christmas Show 2009,” contact Noel
and founder of the music and humor              The inaugural “Best in ‘Stache”     sixth judge. A “SWEET ‘STACHE”           brate its 10th anniversary at its Bronx-                             Degaetano at 914-337-4050, or visit
site www.thecheappop.com, recently        title went to Robert Voorheis (of Yon-    book and Backman signing followed        ville location.                                                      www.noelfineart.com. Noel Fine Art
challenged the greatest mustaches in      kers). Victor Minei (of New Rochelle)     the event.                                     Paintings, watercolors, prints,                                is located at 80 Kraft Ave. in Bronx-
Westchester to the county’s First An-     and Don Cohen (of Irvington) came in            The Music Conservatory of          sculpture, vintage watches and orien-                                ville. The gallery is open Wednesday
                                                                                    Westchester is located at 216 Cen-       tal rugs will be on display. Addition-                               through Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 5
nual ‘Stache-Off, held at the Music       second and third, respectively — each
                                                                                    tral Ave. in White Plains. For more      ally, the show will feature new, one-                                p.m. or by appointment.
Conservatory of Westchester. New          by a hair. The event was emceed by
                                                                                    information, call 914-761-3900 or        of-a-kind designer jewelry, signed by
York Mets World Champion Wally            SiriusXM talk show host and come-
Backman was honored with a life-          dienne Sara Benincasa and included        visit    www.musicconservatory.org.
time achievement of mustache merit
award (signed by NBC sports anchor
                                          performances from a number of con-
                                          servatory faculty and students as well
                                                                                    Follow the conservatory on Facebook
                                                                                    (Westchester     MusicConservatory)           St. Paul’s Church National
Bruce Beck of Scarsdale) for his years
of ‘stache dedication at the “evening
                                          as Chattman’s friends and family.
                                                Guest judges included Green-
                                                                                    and Twitter (@MusicCW), or check
                                                                                    their new blog (www.musicconser va-                  Historic Site
of music and mustache envy,” which        burgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner,        toryblog.org) for the latest news and         St. Paul’s Church National His-                                 on the historic 1833 pipe organ, in-
also served as a fundraiser for the       News 12 anchor/reporter Tara Rosen-       updates.                                 toric Site is pleased to present the fol-                            cluding some traditional carols and
conservatory.                             blum, Hard Drugs lead singer Jeff Lee           “SWEET ‘STACHE” is available       lowing upcoming programs:                                            holiday favorites. Refreshments will
     “Wally wore his mustache like        and co-authors of “The Hookup Hand-       at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.                December 12, open from 12 to                                    be served. Arrive early, at 1 p.m., to
he played the field — with glorious,       book,” Jessica Rozler and Andrea          com, Urban Outfitters and wherever        4 p.m.: opera in the historic church.                                hear a talk about the development of
reckless abandon,” Chattman said,         Lavinthal. Backman, the evening’s         books are sold.                          Join St. Paul’s for a 2 p.m. perfor-                                 Christmas traditions in America.
                                                                                                                             mance by the Bronx Opera Company,                                          December 22-23, 26 and 29-31,
                                                                                                                             featuring favorite excerpts from clas-                               from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.: Family Holi-

 Boys & Girls Club of Northern Westchester                                                                                   sic operas, as well as performances
                                                                                                                             and sing-alongs, of some traditional
                                                                                                                             seasonal carols and holiday favorites.
                                                                                                                                                                                                  day Program; historic games, activi-
                                                                                                                                                                                                  ties, music and demonstrations, de-
                                                                                                                                                                                                  signed for children on vacation from
 Members Honored for Making a Difference                                                                                          December 15, from 10 a.m. to
                                                                                                                             12 p.m.: Bill of Rights program; an
                                                                                                                                                                                                  school, as well as parents, adults and
                                                                                                                             educational program marking the                                            For more information call 914-
                                                                                                                             218th anniversary of the adoption of                                 667-4116 or visit www.nps.gov/sapa.
                                                                                                                             the Bill of Rights.                                                  St. Paul’s Church National Historic
                                                                                                                                  December 19, at 2 p.m.: Christ-                                 Site is located at 897 South Columbus
                                                                            At left: Award recipient Anthony Cepin           mas Organ Concert; a recital by Jan                                  Ave. in Mt. Vernon.
                                                                          (left) with Barbara Cutri, the Boys & Girls        Piet Knijff featuring classical music
                                                                           Club of Northern Westchester’s director
                                                                                         of operations
                                                                                                                             Mail Holiday Packages with Care
                                                                               Below: Barbara Cutri with award                    With 16.6 billion cards, letters                                ready to be shipped, log on to usps.
                                                                                 recipient Jazmine Dessaure
                                                                                                                             and packages to be delivered between                                 com/pickup to schedule free package
                                                                                                                             now and Christmas Day, the U.S.                                      pickup right from your home or of-
                                                                                                                             Postal Service has some shipping tips                                fice. Skip the trip and do all of your
                                                                                                                             to help get gifts delivered promptly                                 shipping online.
                                                                                                                             and safely during the holiday season.                                     The Postal Service recommends
                                                                                                                                  The Postal Service offers free,                                 the following mail-by dates to ensure
                                                                                                                             environmentally friendly Flat Rate                                   your gift arrives on time:
                                                                                                                             Priority Mail boxes as well as regular                                    December 4: Military mail des-
                                                                                                                             Priority Mail and Express Mail boxes                                 tined for Iraq or Afghanistan
                                                                                                                             and envelopes. These supplies can be                                      December 11: Military mail for
     Two Boys & Girls Club of Northern                                                                                       ordered at usps.com or picked up at a                                other overseas bases
Westchester members, Jazmine Dessaure (of                                                                                    local Post Office.                                                         December 16: Parcel Post, the
Mt. Kisco) and Anthony Cepin (of Sleepy Hol-                                                                                      Priority Mail Flat-Rate boxes                                   most economical shipping service
low), received the Westchester County Youth                                                                                  are the best combination of value and                                     December 21: First-Class Mail
Board’s 2009 Milly Kibrick Youth Recogni-                                                                                    convenience in the shipping business.                                     December 21: Priority Mail
tion Award. The awards were recently present-                                                                                One low rate to any state, with no cal-                                   December 23: Express Mail
ed at the annual reception held on October 21,                                                                               culating of postage or weighing nec-                                      Due to security requirements,
at the Davenport Club in New Rochelle.                                                                                       essary. If it fits, it ships.                                         packages bearing postage stamps and
     The aim of the Westchester County Youth                                                                                      The Postal Service also offers                                  that weigh more than 13 ounces must
Recognition Awards is to recognize high                                                                                      pre-packaged shipping products,                                      be presented to a letter carrier or retail
school seniors of the class of 2009 who have                                                                                 READY POST, sold at local Post Of-                                   associate at the Post Office and cannot
                                                                                                                             fices for customers needing sturdy, se-                               be dropped in blue collection boxes.
been involved in building a flourishing, strong
                                                                                                                             cure boxes, envelopes and even greet-                                     Find more holiday tips and infor-
and compassionate community through indi-
                                                                teaching and leading other students. He has served as a      ing cards.                                                           mation at usps.com/communications/
vidual efforts and actions. Dessaure and Cepin
                                                                computer specialist, counselor to the club members in Kin-        When you mail online with                                       newsroom/2009/holiday/hpr.htm.
are among 10 select students who were recognized by the                                                                      Click-N-Ship, you qualify for a dis-                                      The Postal Service receives no
Westchester County Youth Board for their character and          dergarten and first grade and helps out during homework
                                                                                                                             count on Priority Mail and Express                                   tax dollars for operating expenses and
achievements.                                                   sessions. Cepin has also assisted with the club’s various
                                                                                                                             Mail. The more you ship, the more                                    relies on the sale of postage, products
     “These extraordinary young men and women are role          feeding programs, from the weekend backpacks of food to
                                                                                                                             you save. And when a package is                                      and services to fund its operations.
models to today’s youth,” said County Executive Andy            Thanksgiving feasts to the daily Kids
Spano. “Through their work in their communities, they           Café program. A senior at Sleepy Hol-
have touched the lives of many individuals. This ceremony
is Westchester County’s way of showing that we care about
                                                                low High School, Cepin plans to pur-
                                                                sue a career in sports management.
                                                                                                                                         THE BIGGEST HIT ON BROADWAY
and honor these youths for their exceptional efforts.”
     A club member since age 5, Dessaure is president of
                                                                     “Congratulations to Jazmine Des-
                                                                saure and Anthony Cepin,” said Brian                                     THIS YEAR OR ANY OTHER YEAR!”

                                                                                                                                                 A SMASH!
                                                                                                                                                                               –David Richardson, WOR Radio
the Keystone Club and a former president of the Torch           Skanes, executive director of the Boys
Club. She coordinates a step dance competition for teams
from Westchester and the Bronx and started the club’s step
team, Souljah Steppers. Having benefited from so much of
                                                                & Girls Club of Northern Westchester.
                                                                “Jazmine and Anthony have demon-
                                                                strated exceptional character and com-
                                                                                                                                                “                                                                                      ”
what the club has to offer, Dessaure is determined to give      passion for their fellow club members
back. She assisted pre-school teachers for three years and is   and community time and time again.                                                                                       –Newsday
part of the Wilfred Jennings Summer Leadership Program.         Both are extremely deserving of this
She also helps run the club’s SMART Girls program. A se-        recognition from the Westchester
nior at Fox Lane High School, Dessaure hopes to pursue a        County Youth Board.”
degree in education.                                                 The Boys & Girls Club of North-
     More than six years ago, Cepin received a flyer about       ern Westchester is located at 351 Main
the Boys & Girls Club and decided to try it out. “The club      St. in Mt. Kisco and can be reached
turned out to be one of the smartest decisions I have made      at 914-666-8069 or by visiting www.
so far,” Cepin said. The club has given him the strength to     bgcnw.com. To contact the club’s Teen
make new friends, build lasting relationships, and has also     Center, located at 317 Main St. in Mt.
                                                                Kisco, call 914-733-0033.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               PHOTOS BY JASON BELL AND JOAN MARCUS

been a second home. Cepin is deeply involved with both

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