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The Beginning of Hollywood
            1. Read the text
            Hollywood is a center of american
             cinematography, It is situated in one of the regions
             of Los - Angeles, California. In 1908 a small film
             crew of Zelig Firm from Chicago came to
             California for nature shooting of the film "Monte
             Cristo Count". It was the beginning of Hollywood.
             After that some cinema businessman from New
             York came to Hollywood, because they wanted to
             avoid the prosecutions of Edison Company. Little
             by little producers, actors, and technical stuff
             moved there, production basis of cinema industry
             was created. The first film studio in Hollywood
             was founded in 1911. The natural conditions of
             California, the bright sun the whole year round,
             rich and various nature were very favorable for
             the films production. There were splendid
             landscapes, mountains, valleys, islands, lakes,
             beaches, and deserts, forests, where practically any
             nature of the planet could be created for the
             shooting. The earth was cheap there. There was
             enough manpower around for building and
             servicing of film studios.
The Beginning of Hollywood
           The earth was cheap there. There was enough
           manpower around for building and servicing of
           film studios.
           By 1915 60% of American film production were
           accumulated in Hollywood. In course of the
           following 5 years the system of film studios was
           formed, which allowed Hollywood to become a
           cinema capital of the world. In the 20th
           Hollywood had modern financial and technical
           basis of film production and the professional
           stuff. By the middle of the 20th there were 5
           large studios: "Metro Golden Myer",
           "Paramount", "Fox", "Universal" and
           "Warner". They were headed by the producers
           Luise B. Mayor, Sam Goldwine, Adolf Zuker,
           William Fox, Karl Lemmle and Warner
           brothers. They controlled the fortune of
           american cinematography up to 1960.
The Beginning of Hollywood
             Answer the questions.
             1) Where is
             2) Why is Hollywood
                called the capital
                of filmed
             3) When was the first
                film studio formed?
             4) How many studios
                were in Hollywood
                by the middle of
                20th century?
       Golden Age of Hollywood
2. Read the text
Hollywood producers did not hurry to shoot films
with sound tracks. They perfectly understood that
Hollywood actors used to show fillings with the
help of facial expression and gestures and they
would have problems with dialogues. Many actors
had strong foreign accent. But in 1920 "Warner
Brothers" company had financial problems and to
improve its financial position shooted the film
"Don Huan" with a sound track. The film became
popular. Silent cinema era finally ended in 1927
when the film "Jass Singer" with Al Jolson
appeared. The appearance of sound in cinema was
connected with some difficulties. When the actors
began to speak, they stopped to move, because they
were attached to microphones. Absence of
movement was compensated by dialogues. As a
result some films of that times, for example "New-
York Lights" were called "illustrated radio".
Besides the films were full of music and songs out
of measure to use the possibilities of sound
          Golden Age of Hollywood
But the audience quickly became tired of it and such
musicals did not make much profit.
Change over to talking cinema was very expensive,
that is why Hollywood had to look for money and to
appeal to banks and other business enterprises. In
return for it many of them required to avoid delicate
topics in the films. As a result in 1934 the Heits
Code was adopted. It introduced censorship
limitations. Joseph Brinn controlled the observance
of this code. In accordance with this code in
Hollywood films they could not criticize any
religious convictions, show surgical operations, use
of drugs, hard drinking, cruelty to people and
animals. It was prohibited to use any swearwords.
Strict limitations were imposed on everything
connected with sex.
When Hollywood developed production of the films
with sound track it quickly recovered its image of
the best films producer, which made Hollywood the
capital of the world cinema production. The years
1930-1945 became the golden age of Hollywood.
During this years 7500 full-length films were
shooted there.
       Golden Age of Hollywood
Hollywood was named the factory of
stars. It attracted attention not only by
films, but by the way of life of its actors,
which was described in newspapers and
magazines. In the 30th Hollywood
became a myth. At that time it consisted
of 8 large firms: "Metro Golden Myer",
"Paramount Pictures", "RCO Radio",
"Warner       Brothers",     "Universal",
"United Artists". It was the time of
flowering of Hollywood. After the
appearance of talking cinema only one
new studio was founded - "RCO
Radio". The largest studio was "MCM"
which offered, that they had more stars,
than in the sky.
       Golden Age of Hollywood
This studio specialized in bright and
cheerful family films. "Paramount"
studio shooted the films on the topics of
wealth, power and human passions.
"United Artists" studio did not shoot its
own films, but provided the here of
independent producers films. "Warner
Brothers" studio was not very reach, but
shooted popular gangster films and
musicals. "XX Century Fox" shooted
musicles and historic films. "Universal"
studio did not have equals during the era
of silent cinema, but when talking
cinema appeared they had to begin
shooting of cheap films, mainly horror
films. "Columbia" studio was in
disastrous state and existed due to the
lending of stars and producers from the
other studios.
  Golden Age of Hollywood
Answer the questions.
1. What new information
   have you learned about
   Hollywood and film
2. When did the golden
   age of Hollywood begin?
3. How many studios did
   Hollywood consist of in
   the 30th?
4. What are they?
Walt Disney and His Studio
        3. Read the text.
        The story about Hollywood will not be complete if I shall not
         tell about Disney Studio, being a part of Hollywood. For
         many people in our century Walt Disney's name means the
         world of cartoon. W. Disney has created a lot of short
         cartoons and many longer films. His name is very famous
         and not only in America. Walt Disney (real name Walter
         Elaias) was born in 1901 in Chicago. Then his family left
         Chicago for place in the South of America. When Walt
         Disney grew up he began to draw pictures and create
         cartoons. He became a famous artist, producer and cartoon
         maker. He began to work in Hollywood in 1923. One of his
         first cartoons there was "Alice in the Cartoon Country". One
         day he had an idea to make a mouse the main character of
         the cartoon. He saw his mouse character as a funny friendly
         little thing, who could speak, dance and sing and who, in fact,
         could live like a man. In 1928 the audience saw Mickey
         Mouse on the screen for the first time. Mickey became very
         popular and soon Disney and Mickey became famous stars. A
         famous Disney's hero Mickey Mouse first appeared in the
         cartoon "Mad Airplane". Then came other characters:
         Donald Duck, Pluto and many, many more. Some of them are
         bright, some are not, but all of them are usually kind and
Walt Disney and His Studio
          And Disney's main characters are always
          clever. In fact Disney has created a special
          animal world full of optimism and success.
          Disney's stories end happily. All his films are
          easy to watch and people enjoy his cartoons
          very much. One of the most famous films was
          made in 1929, it is "Skeletons Dance" with the
          music of Sen-Sance. In 1932 Walt Disney
          received "Oscar" for his Mickey Mouse.
          Disney was one of the first producers, who
          began to make colored films. It was in 1933, he
          used the method "Technicolor", developed in
          the USA. His colored film "Three Piglets",
          shooted in 1933 also had "Oscar" prize.
          Gradually Disney's films became famous in the
          whole world and they influenced upon the
          development of cartoon making in many
          countries. Walt Disney died in 1966 and his last
          film was "The Book of Jungle". This film was
          finished after his death.
Walt Disney and His Studio
            For all his films Walt Disney received 29
            "Oscar" prizes. In the 60-th Disney Studio
            began to shoot documentary films about
            animals and different TV programs. One day
            an idea came to Disney. He wanted to create a
            special place, a special land for children and
            parents to have fun together. So he built
            Disneyland. It is in California near Los-
            Angeles. It is a place for children of all ages. It
            is also a place for their parents to return to the
            world of childhood because that is what
            happens when they spend a day at Disneyland.
            At Disneyland you can have a voyage on a
            boat, you can take a train, you can travel to the
            stars, take a trip to the mountains, meet all the
            Disney characters or just sit in the sun and eat
            ice cream.
Walt Disney and His Studio
              Answer the questions
              1. What does the name of
                 Walt Disney mean for
              2. Why is he so famous?
              3. What cartoons of
                 Walt Disney do you
                 know ?
The most famous people of Hollywood
                     William Clark Gable
William Clark Gable was born on February 1, 1901
in Cadiz, Ohio. Later that year his mother died, and
his father sent him to live with his maternal aunt
and uncle in Pennsylvania, where he stayed until
he was two. His father then returned to take him
back to Cadiz. When Clark was 16 he dropped out
of school and worked at many odd jobs before
joining a traveling theater company. On December
13, 1924 he married Josephine Dillon, his acting
coach and 15 years his senior. Around that time,
they moved to Hollywood so that Clark could
concentrate on his acting career. In April 1930 they
divorced and a year later he married Maria
Langham, also about 15 years older than him.
After working as an extra in various movies, he was
offered a small part in the Painted Desert in 1931.
From this point, his acting career flourished, and
in 1934 he won an Academy Award for his
performance in Frank Capra's classic It Happened
One Night.
William Clark Gable
Answer the questions
1. What is he famous
2. What do you know
   about his life?
3. What films with his
   participation can
   you name?
                       EDDIE MURPHY
was born in1961
   Murphy was born in Brooklyn, New
   York, the son of Lillian, a telephone
   operator, and Charles Edward Murphy,
   a transit police officer and amateur
   comedian. Murphy's father left the
   family when Murphy was three and was
   stabbed to death when Murphy was
   eight. Murphy and his brother Charlie
   were raised by his mother and step-
   father Vernon Lynch. In 1982, Murphy
   made his big screen debut in the
   buddy-buddy thriller 48 Hrs Murphy is
   also a singer, having frequently provided
   background vocals to songs released by      * Daddy day care
   the The Bus Boys. As a solo artist,         * Trading Places
   Murphy had two hit singles, "Party All
                                               * Beverly Hills Cop
   the Time" (which was produced by Rick
   James) and "Put Your Mouth on Me" in
   the 1980s. "
    Answer the questions.

    1. What do you now
       about E. Murphy?
    2. What is he famous
    3. What films with his
       part have you
               Vivien Leigh
                       She is an English actres Vivian Hartley completed
                       her later education in Europe, returning to her
                       parents in England in 1931. She discovered that
                       one of Maureen O'Sullivan's films was playing in
                       London's West End and told her parents of her
                       ambitions to become an actress. Both were highly
                       supportive, and her father helped her enroll at the
                       Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.[ s.
                       Vivien Leigh was considered one of the most
                       beautiful actresses of her day, and her directors
  «Anna Karenina»      emphasised this in most of her films. When asked
                       if she believed her beauty had been a handicap,
                       she said, "people think that if you look fairly
«Gone with the wind»   reasonable, you can't possibly act, and as I only
                       care about acting, I think beauty can be a great
  «Lady Hamilton»      handicap, if you really want to look like the part
                       you're playing, which isn't necessarily like you.
Vivien Leigh
      Answer the questions.
      1. Who is Vivien Leigh?
      2. What is she famous for?
      3. What film with her part
         do you like best of all?


        *Play it to the bone
        *Spy kids
        *The mask of Zorro

      Answer the questions
      1. What is he famous for?
      2. What the most famous film
         with his part do you know?
         What is it about? Do you
         like it? Why?

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