Hungarian Valentine Pattern

					              Running Stitch

                                                  Hungarian Valentine
                                                       Felt Embroidery Pattern by Amy Gibson

                Back Stitch

               French Knot

                                                   Craftsy Meetup Party 2012
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What You Will Need:
   red & white felt
   white embroidery floss
   embroidery needle
   pinking sheers
   tissue paper
   glue stick
   pencil
   straight pins
   small length of twine or ribbon for loop to hang

1. Cut out template along solid line, trace edge & cut out large
   heart shape in white felt with pinking sheers.
2. Cut out template along dashed line, trace edge & cut out
   medium heart shape in red felt with pinking sheers.
3. Using a window as a lightbox, trace the dotted stitching lines,
   including the smallest heart shape, onto tissue paper.
4. Carefully center tissue paper template over red felt heart &
   pin in place using 2 or 3 straight pins.
5. Using white embroidery floss & an embroidery needle, stitch
   the design using a running stitch for the heart outline, French
   knots for the dots, and a back stitch for the flower.
6. Carefully tear away the tissue paper, using the needle to pick
   away any leftover bits between stitches.
7. For the hanging loop, cut 8”-10” of ribbon or twine, fold in
   half, and paste the ends to the center of the white heart using
   glue stick.                                                           = Stitching
8. To attach the 2 hearts together, dot glue stick to the back of
                                                                         = Cut red felt
   the embroidered red heart, and press it firmly onto the white
   heart, on top of the hanging loop ends.                               = Cut white felt
9. Gift to your special someone, or hang anywhere you need a
   little dash of folksy cuteness. Enjoy!