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									                                                                                                                               Fall 2008

                              Department of
                             The University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business

                                                  From the Chair,
                                                  urton Anderson
                                                  This year marks an important occasion, the 50th anniversary
                                                  of the Department of Accounting Advisory Council.
                                                  ing for Jim, who is a 1993 MPA graduate. His        in Seattle. She will teach financial accounting.
                                                  first-hand knowledge of the program and his         Her specialties include voluntary disclosure
                                                  private and public sector experience will           practices and the relationship of organizational
                                                  make for a strong foundation as he leads the        structure on financial reporting choices.
                                                  MPA team.                                              John McInnis completed
                                                     Four impressive new faculty members              our MPA program and went
SINCE 1958, our ADvISory CouNCIL
                                                  have also joined the Department of Account-         on to earn a Ph.D. from
members have been strong allies, program
                                                                      ing ranks. Shuping Chen         the university of Iowa.
champions, trustworthy experts and good
                                                                      received her Ph.D. from         Formerly, he worked as an
friends, and the department marked the
                                                                      the university of South-        auditor at Ernst & young
group’s anniversary with a special reception                                                                                          mcInnis
                                                                      ern California and was an       in Houston. John’s area
and dinner at the new AT&T Conference
                                                                      assistant professor at the      of interest is earnings management and
Center on october 3, 2008. In this issue of the
                                                                      university of Washington        (conTInueD on PAge 12)
Accounting Times, former department chairs        chen
recall the many contributions our advisory
council members have made to our programs
throughout the years.                               The new dean of the mccombs School,
   Backed by our advisory council, alumni and       Dr. Thomas Gilligan, comes to us from
friends, our programs have been at the top          the University of Southern Californ-
of the charts for the last 14 years. Joining        nia’s Marshall School of Business in
our winning team this fall are colleagues we        Los Angeles. He succeeds George
believe will be valuable assets to McCombs          G a u , w h ose s i x-yea r a p p o i nt m e nt
and the department.                                 as dean ended in August. Both the
                     In June, we welcomed           selection committee and those
                   Jim Franklin as the new          who met Dean Gilligan during the selec-
                                                    tion process were impressed with
                   director of the Master in
                                                    his scholarly credentials, administrative
                   Professional Accounting
                                                    experience and record of leadership.
                   program. It’s a homecom-                                                                                        Dean gilligan

                                                         The AccounTIng TImeS | FALL 2008

MPA ’08 Sunhee Kim to Join
                                                                            Active Alumni Involvement:
IASB as Technical Associate                                                 evonne Tran, bbA ’98, mPA ’98
                         SuNHEE KIM, MPA ’08, HAS BEEN APPoINTED
                                                                            Internal Audit manager, halliburton company
                         by the International Accounting
                         Standards Board (IASB) as a technical              Evonne Tran works closely with the Texas MPA Career Services Office to
                         associate. She began the prestigious               increase awareness of career options in industry. Among her contribu-
                         two-year appointment at the IASB’s                 tions, she has been a panelist for the 2007 Track Night representing
                         London office in october 2008.                     the managerial accounting and controls track; a presenter at the
                                                                            2008 Inaugural Energy Industry Night event; and a participant in
                          The IASB is the private sector indepen-
                                                                            the annual University of Texas at Austin Recruiter Summit, Mock
dent body responsible for developing a single set of high quality
                                                                            Networking event and other mock interviews.
international financial reporting standards (IFrS), used by more
than 100 countries throughout the world.                                    Tran explains her enthusiasm
In her role as technical associate, Kim will report to the director         for interacting with current MPA
of technical activities, and will carry out research and analysis           students, saying, “I believe that
and provide technical administrative support for the IASB, the              students graduating from UT’s
International Financial reporting Interpretations Committee                 MPA program have a world of
                                                                            opportunity ahead of them. An
and the Standards Advisory Council.
                                                                            MPA education opens many
For Kim, the new position is a dream come true. “I have                     doors, and I want to provide stu-
always wanted to work in standard-setting because of its inter-             dents with as much information
disciplinary nature. you get to meet with lots of interested con-           in selecting from those opportu-
stituents from many different backgrounds,” she says. Next year             nities as possible.”
Korea will adopt IFrS, and Kim is especially excited about the
prospect of helping assure her home country’s smooth transition             In choosing to work in the energy industry, Tran says she has enjoyed
to the new standards.                                                       tremendous career challenges and flexibility and was able to make
                                                                            a business impact early on. “You not only review complex account-
Professor William Kinney says Kim will be a great addition to the
                                                                            ing issues, you drive changes in the way your company and industry
IASB staff. “In my capstone auditing course, Sunhee asked many
                                                                            interpret and apply the rules. My awareness of these opportunities
questions. I learned to hesitate before answering because her
                                                                            was limited while still in school, so today, as a corporate representa-
questions addressed complex relationships in global accounting              tive, I try to share this information,” she explains.
and governance that required thoughtful answers. The IASB and
the public will benefit from her inquisitive nature,” he said.              Tran says she enjoys meeting with students and sharing her insights
IASB staff members hail from more than 25 countries, and                    with them so that they can gain from her experiences. “I also like
Kim’s fellow technical associates come from Hong Kong, Poland,              having the opportunity to visit with past professors and share with
Germany and the united States. Kim will join fellow McCombs                 them what I have experienced in my own career,” she says. ◆

graduate Carol Wong, BBA ’04, who began work as an IASB
technical associate last year. ◆

Student Awards and honors
nubia Tamayo, integrated MPA student, was chosen to attend KPMG’s           Accounting doctoral students brian bratten, bernhard Reichert
2008 Fast Forward program last summer. The program teaches leader-          and casey Schwab were awarded University Continuing Fellowships
ship skills to top students from across the country and educates them       for 2008-09. Awards are based on major accomplishments since
on opportunities in the public accounting profession.                       entering graduate school, a well-defined program of research, a
                                                                            strong personal statement and letters of recommendation.

                    michael crawley has received a 2008 Deloitte
                    Foundation Ph.D. Fellowship grant. One of ten
                    winners nationwide, Crawley was chosen from
                    candidates from nearly 100 U.S. universities.

crawley                                                                     bratten              Reichert            Schwab


This Longhorn is a Texas Star
By Kathy Pierce, Deloitte Services

                                                                                                           Professor emeritus Jack Robertson,
                                                                                                           Don wagner, Professor Steve Limberg
                                                                                                           and Department chair urton Anderson
                                                                                                           determined battle against cancer.
                                                                                                              “The Larry Jones Deloitte Foundation
                                                                                                           Fellowship is a $300,000 endowment, plus
                                                                                                           scholarships in the amount of $60,000 for
                                                                                                           two years for students with immediate
                                                                                                           needs. The $300,000 gift will fund perpetual
                                                                                                           scholarships in Larry’s name. A number of
                                                                                                           Deloitte Longhorn alums, as well as others
                                                                                                           are committed to it and have pledged
                                                                                                           $360,000,” said Wagner. He explained that
                                                                                                           they have five years to fund the endowment.
                                                                                                              other gifts include two faculty fellowships
                                                                                                           established in 1983 and a professorship
you MIGHT SAy DALLAS PArTNEr DoN WAGNEr,              Dr. Jack robertson, came out of retirement           established in 2001, as well as an endowed
Deloitte & Touche, is still in college.               to sit beside me.”                                   scholarship established in 1985. Wagner
   He has received both his bachelor of busi-                                                              continued, “This is probably the last thing
ness administration and master in professional        educating future leaders                             I will do with regard to big uT initiatives.
accounting degrees from The university of Texas          With the fanfare and processionals over,          I’m looking forward to retirement next year.
at Austin (uT Austin) in 1971 and 1972, respec-       Wagner explained why he has invested a large         I will be turning over uT to Greg Bailes
tively, but the Longhorns still have their hooks in   part of his life to the university. “I enjoy help-   (Deloitte & Touche partner, Austin). I can
him. or maybe it’s the other way around.              ing deserving students receive scholarships to       stay on the advisory council, but it’s time
   Wagner has continued to cultivate relationships    pursue a higher education. And when you think        to pass the baton.”
with faculty and students on the campus of his        about it, it’s good for business. We add a great
                                                      number of uT Austin grads to the Mid-America         what’s next on the syllabus?
alma mater, and has distinguished himself as a
                                                      talent pool annually. And I’m especially proud          Wagner admits that graduation cer-
premier fundraiser. Another way he demonstrates
                                                      of Deloitte’s association with uT Austin, the        emonies are always a blend of emotions.
his support of uT Austin’s accounting department
                                                      McCombs School and the accounting depart-            They mark the successful completion of
is by serving on the department advisory council.
                                                      ment. our endowments will help uT Austin             one phase of life and the anticipation of
A nomination led to his membership in 1996, and
                                                      maintain and solidify its preeminent status          something new.
in 1998, he was named chair.
                                                      among the other accounting programs across              And speaking of new, Wagner said he and
Star treatment at commencement                        the country,” he added.                              his wife have begun building a house in New
   on May 16, 2008, Wagner attended uT Austin’s          Deloitte recently commemorated a $1 million       Braunfels, Texas. “All four of our children
MPA commencement ceremony as a special guest.         gift to uT Austin from the people of Deloitte        graduated from uT (where else?) and have
He vividly recalled two other monumental occa-        and the Deloitte Foundation, and that amount         settled in the Austin Hill Country.”
sions when he sat anxiously with fellow students,     was matched by the McCombs School. This                 And Wagner is extremely excited about
waiting for his name to be announced so he could      funding will create a “Super Chair” that will        spending more time with his four-month-
walk up on the stage to receive his diploma. on       assure the continued presence of outstanding         old grandson and future Longhorn, Mason
this night, however, he had a different frame of      faculty at the McCombs School.                       Brammall. Beaming, Wagner said the little
reference; he was seated in a place of honor.            According to Wagner, the mammoth                  guy attended the commencement ceremony.
   Before presenting the graduates with their         fundraising campaign lasted seven years.             He said, “urton Anderson, accounting
diplomas, the school first bestowed an honor          Though that astounding achievement could             department chair, welcomed him by broad-
on Wagner; he became the fourth recipient of          be enough for a lifetime, the way Wagner             casting his name in Gregory Gymasium for
the prestigious Department of Accounting              sees it, there’s always another opportunity          all to hear.” Could it be a sign of things
Texas Star Award, an award given to a person          to give. He references a newly-established           to come?
for his or her active support and service to          $360,000 project that he wants to help                  But until Mason embarks on his own uT
the department.                                       kick off to honor the legacy of Harry Jones,         Austin adventure, Grandpa will be there to
   “I was deeply honored and humbled to receive       former Houston office managing partner. Jones,       teach him how to master the famous “Hook
the Texas Star,” said Wagner. “But I was also         a 1970 graduate of the university, passed            ’em Horns” hand sign. ◆
honored because my former auditing professor,         away in July 2005 after waging a lengthy and         This article originally appeared on the
                                                                                                           Deloitte News Network Web site and is
                                                         The AccounTIng TImeS | FALL 2008                  reprinted with permission.
D e pA rT m e n T O f AccO u n T i n g A Dv i S O ry cO u n c i l H 5 0 T h A n n i v e r SA ry

 Fifty years on the Forty Acres:
 The Department of Accounting
 Advisory Council
 I N F E B r uA ry 1 9 5 8 , T H E D E PA rT M E N T o F   Council, some former department chairs gave         fourth-year faculty members would be the
 Accounting faculty called for a special com-              The Accounting Times their thoughts on the          advisory council liaison, and would help
 mittee to study the proposal of an advisory               council through the years and exactly how it        organize the meetings, which all accounting
 committee for the department. Professors                  has made the department what it is today.           faculty members were expected to attend.
 Jim Ashburne, C. Aubrey Smith and Glenn A.                                                                    In the fall, there would be a Thursday eve-
                                                                               michael granof (depart-
 Welsch were named to the committee, and                                                                       ning event, the business meeting on Friday,
                                                                               ment chair 1984-88): As a
 at the spring 1958 faculty meeting they pre-                                                                  dinner Friday night, brunch Saturday and
                                                                               young professor, I decided
 sented these points in favor of the institution                                                               afterward department faculty and advisory
                                                                               on government accounting
 of an advisory council:                                                                                       council members would attend a uT Austin
                                                           granof              as my research specialty,
   • Improved public relations                                                                                 football game together. The spring meetings
                                                           and I soon began plans to organize a confer-
   • Better understanding of industry                                                                          were held at Lakeway, with golf, boating and
                                                           ence on the subject. Then-advisory council
     problems as they influence account-                                                                       family-friendly activities. Through mingling
                                                           member Larry Jobe, a former assistant sec-
     ing education                                                                                             with these senior accounting practitioners,
                                                           retary of commerce, introduced me to Al
   • Closer faculty-industry relations                                                                         I developed not only professional contacts,
                                                           Beerman, a fellow advisory council member
   • The opportunity to bring representa-                                                                      but enduring friendships. I owe much of my
                                                           who worked at Alexander Grant. The three of
     tives of business and the professions                                                                     career to their influence.
                                                           us put together a conference with all the big
     before student groups                                 names, and I was able to get to know all the                            bob may (department chair
   • The opportunity for students to                       important government accounting players. As                             1980-84 and 1988-92):
     confer on a personalized basis with                   a result of the introductions the conference                            The great thing about the
     representatives of the account-                       provided, I later was nominated to the National                         Accounting Department
     ing profession in public practice                     Council on Government Accounting. Larry             may                 Advisory Council is its
     and industry.
                                                           and Al were instrumental in getting me off          important place in a crucial chain of historical
   • Provision of a source for actual case                 on the right foot in government accounting,         events. Back in the early days of accounting at
     and problem materials.                                and I would probably never have met them            uT Austin, the department pursued a strategy
    on September 24, 1958, the voting faculty              had they not been on the department advisory        of hiring faculty members who could write the
 of the Department of Accounting unanimously               council.                                            definitive textbooks in the various branches of
 passed a motion to appoint a department advi-                It was very exciting for me as a young faculty   the discipline—that is, it sought the scholars of
 sory council. The committee of accountants                member to mingle with senior CPAs at the            the day as well as great teachers. During the
 and businessmen would work directly with the              biannual advisory council meetings, which           Great Depression, these highly-accomplished
 faculty and students to promote accounting                at that time were three-day affairs. Third- or      faculty members took a personal interest in
 education through improved relationships and
 cooperation between the groups. Called the
 Committee of the Advisory Council Associates,
 their first formal meeting was on November 6,
 1959. The inaugural committee included four                   Our Texas Star Award winners
 advisors from public accounting, four from                    Bill Ihlanfeldt, Frank Maresh, Don Wagner
 industry and one from government.                             and Liz Yant exemplify the spirit of all
    Today, the council has grown to more than                                                                             Ihlanfeldt               maresh
                                                               of our advisory council members, who
 40 members who represent public accounting                    unselfishly give their time to support
 firms, government entities and a wide variety
                                                               the activities of the department and
 of industries, from oil to airlines.
    on the occasion of the 50th anniversary
                                                               the college.
 of the Department of Accounting Advisory                                                                                   wagner                   Yant


                                                                                                      original members of
                                                                                                      the Accounting Faculty
                                                                                                      Associates in 1959, left to
                                                                                                      right, S. malcolm Vaughn,
                                                                                                      bouldin S. mothershead;
                                                                                                      clark w. Thompson, Jr.,
                                                                                                      Ronald L. mcVey, John P.
                                                                                                      harbin, Lee w. branch,
                                                                                                      R. L. Phinney, and Robert
                                                                                                      J. hibbetts. not pictured:
                                                                                                      Foster Parker.

whether or not their students could get jobs
when they graduated. To help their students,
                                                   Department of Accounting
they had to engage the employer community.         Advisory council members emeriti
   Important traditions grew out of that devel-
                                                   Mark Barfield        Oscar Gellein      Clete Madden         Robert Rutishauser
opment, the formalization of the relationship to
                                                   Dennis Beresford     George George      William Mann         Hunter Schieffer
accounting professionals and employers—the
                                                   Charles Brown        John Gibbons       William Martin       William Schilling
founding of the advisory council 50 years ago      Robert Campbell      Charlie Gill Jr.   W. Baker McAdams     Stanley Scott
(before the business school had one)—and a         Steven Cartwright    Wayne Goettsche    Randal McDonald      John Sloan
faculty tradition of not only caring about our     Richard Causey       Robert Goodman     Ronald McVey         Elliott Smith
personal research and teaching performance,        Charles Chaffin      Les Greenberg      Valerie Meddaugh     James Smith
but also our collective success in producing the   Vicki Chamberlain    Arthur Greenspan   Edwin Merriman       Richard Spivak
best prepared graduates to enter the accounting    Tim Coffey           John Harbin        Gregory Miller       David St. Clair
profession. While it is not unusual for account-   Calvin Collier       Wayne Harbin       Orville Mills        J. Terry Strange
                                                   Steve Cox            Erwin Heinen       Gordon Moore         Bartlett Strayhorn
ing departments to have advisory councils today,
                                                   Robert Cruikshank    Robert Hibbetts    Lance Mosby          Kenneth Studdard
our 50 years of experience interacting with
                                                   Rex Cruse            David Holland      Herbert Noack        L. Greg Swan
professionals and employers who supported,         Keith Cunningham     Edgar Howard       Thomas Nourse        Rick Terry
encouraged and advised us kept our commitment      C. A. Davidson       Kenneth Hurst      Stanley Paris Jr.    Clark Thompson
to program and student success not only alive,     Mike DeCaro          Clarence Isensee   Gardner Parker       Cathy Thompson
but without question the strongest commitment      Dean Deckard         John Jacobsen      Michael Parker       Rick Timmins
that I know of among accounting departments        Phillip Defliese     Jodie Jiles        James Persky         Matthew Timmons
in the country.                                    Tom Dodson           Larry Jobe         Robert Phinney       Kenneth Townsend
                                                   Gary Duke            John Jordan        Lawrence Pickens     William Transier
                  Ross Jennings (department        Scott Duncan         Leonard Kaplan     Leland Pickens       John Trimble
                  chair 2003-07). The members      John Easton          Louis Kessler      David Pope           George Truitt
                  of the Department of Account-    Edward Edwards       Robert Kleckner    Stanley Porter       James Utterback
                  ing Advisory Council bring       Miguel Espinosa      Joseph Kratovil    Dennis Purdum        Malcom Vaughan
Jennings          real-world experiences to        Scott Fordham        Nathan Langston    John Quinn           Samuel Vitkoski
our faculty and students, for example, through     Grant Fuller         Tom Locke          Hugh Robertson       Duke Walser
                                                   John Furst           Al Lopez           Robert Rork          Charles Watson
presentations on the effects of Sarbanes-
                                                   Gus Garcia           Donald Lyda        Glenn Roshto         Bill Webster
oxley and on ethical situations they have
                                                   Alfonzo Garza        Edward Machi       Larry Rosson         John Willingham
(conTInueD on PAge 6)

                                                    The AccounTIng TImeS | FALL 2008

D e pA rT m e n T O f AccO u n T i n g A Dv i S O ry cO u n c i l H 5 0 T h A n n i v e r SA ry

 Fifty years on the
 Forty Acres,
 encountered. They’ve also provided important
 input on curriculum changes, including relay-
 ing to us the knowledge our students need for
 the current accounting environment in terms
 of information technology and international
 business skills.
  The Advisory Council has been a great
 resource that each successive chair has relied
 on and invested in over the years. That invest-
 ment has paid and continues to pay significant
 dividends to the department.
                   Steve Limberg: (depart-
                   ment chair 1997-2003): In
                   2002, the dean undertook
                   a strategic planning process         Accounting faculty circa 1972. Above, left to right, front row, Jack
 Limberg           in which he challenged the           Robertson; glenn welsch; c. Aubrey Smith; michael granof; Tom williams.
 Accounting Department to present the case              back row: Ray Sommerfeld; ed Summers; gary holstrum; Kermit Larsen;
 for continuing the traditional MPA program.            Fred Streuling; charles Smith; gene Sauls; Allen bizzell; charles Zlatkovich.

   current Department of Accounting Advisory council

    craig Allen                  marshall Dodson             bill Ihlanfeldt            Kyle Parks                 Don wagner
    KPMG                         Key Energy Services, Inc.   Shell Oil Co. (retired)    Maxwell Locke &            Deloitte
    carol Anderson-guthrie       Kathleen Farlow             Randy Imhoff               Ritter LLP                 basil woller
    U.S. Government              Deloitte                    Broadvox                   brent Price                Protiviti
    Accountability Office        Patrice Ferguson            nichole Jordan             Sirius Solutions           Reed wood
    Jimmy Averitt                Ferguson Camp Poll, P.C.    Grant Thornton             gerry Ridgely, Jr.         Grant Thornton LLP
    BDO Seidman                  Paul gendron                gary Kelly                 Ryan                       Liz Yant
    greg bailes                  PricewaterhouseCoopers      Southwest Airlines         John Sessions              PricewaterhouseCoopers
    Deloitte                     everett gibbs               chris Kenny                Huselton, Morgan
    Sid bassett                  Protiviti                   Continental Airlines       and Maultsby PC            SuSTAInIng membeRS
    ConocoPhillips               bud giesinger               Jim Larsen                 howard Stecker             martha carnes
    Lyn beaty                    KPMG                        Resources Global           SMART Business             PricewaterhouseCoopers
    Halliburton                                                                         Advisory and               meg conine
                                 Andy gold                   Jerry Levey                Consulting, LLC
    Allen bell                   Deloitte                    KPMG                                                  Conine Realty Group, LLC
    PricewaterhouseCoopers                                                              Rick Stein                 Steve goepfert
                                 craig greenway              Ken Love                   UHY                        Continental Airlines
    mike blue                    SFMG                        Kimball Hill Homes
    Ernst & Young                                                                       chris Thomas               James holtzman
                                 brad halverson              Frank maresh               Reznick Group              Holtzman, Moellenberg,
    Alan campbell                Caterpillar Inc.            Vice Chairman, KPMG
                                                                                        Del Threadgill             Panozzo & Perkins, LLP
    Freescale                    michael hirsh               (retired)
                                                                                        JCPenney                   bob Truan
    Trey chambers                Weaver and Tidwell          Darin mcnelis                                         Dow
    Freescale                                                Ernst & Young              Rick Turner
                                 Susan hodge                                            Applied Materials
    Amy chronis                  Shell Oil Company           niloufar molavi
    Deloitte                                                 PricewaterhouseCoopers


               The department draws on the expertise of
               these accounting professionals in the realms
               of finance, government, trade and industry,
               and our faculty and students benefit greatly
               from their knowledge and experience.
                                                                                                           — Urton Anderson

The advisory council worked tirelessly with         So that evening, upstairs, the advisory coun-   have achieved the notoriety we enjoy today.
me and the faculty to inform the dean of the     cil dinner went on as planned with laughter        The department draws on the expertise of
program’s importance. The council’s support      and good cheer, while the sorrowful restau-        these accounting professionals in the realms
ranged from brainstorming to formally devel-     rant staff wiped tears from their eyes and         of finance, government, trade and industry,
oping the case, and supporting it through        dutifully served our party with professional       and our faculty and students benefit greatly
coordinated written communications as well       aplomb, only to be replaced by tears when          from their knowledge and experience. We
as numerous group and private forums with        they next returned to the kitchen. I was very      look forward to the next fifty years of their
the dean and others. Key advisors marshaled      relieved that the show went on as planned,         friendship, guidance and the expertise they
collective support among all advisors, includ-   and I never mentioned the incident to a soul—      generously share with us. ◆
ing McCombs Advisory Council members.            until now.
I have no doubt that without the Depart-                            urton Anderson (current
ment of Accounting Advisory Council’s role                          department chair): Look-
in this process, the MPA program would                              ing back, it’s clear that the
be much diminished today in size, quality                           Department of Account-          Historical information was taken from
and stature. We owe the program’s on-            Anderson           ing Advisory Council has        Professor C. Aubrey Smith’s book, Sixty
going success to the commitment and ener-        more than fulfilled its original mission, and      years of Accounting Education on the Forty
gies of this important body of friends and       without the council, our programs would not        Acres, 1912-1972.
   one not-so-serious memory of the advisory
council meetings also stands out. I recall
when I was in charge of organizing the
advisory council meetings as an assistant
professor. I had made the dinner arrange-               Department of Accounting endowments
ments at a downtown restaurant, and when I
went by to check on the preparations, I found           Alumni Endowed Excellence Fund
the entire staff crying in the kitchen. When I          C.A. Smith Center for Auditing Education and Research
asked what the matter was, they told me that
                                                        C.A. Smith Accounting Educational Endowment Fund
the IrS had shut the restaurant earlier that
day for delinquent taxes, and subsequently,             Ernst & Young Accounting Education Excellence Fund
they were all out of a job. They wanted to              KPMG Endowed Excellence Fund in Accounting
honor the commitment they had made to                   PricewaterhouseCoopers Endowed Excellence Fund in Accounting
me and the department, though, to serve
                                                        Ryan and Company Endowed Excellence Fund in Accounting
our dinner as promised.
                                                        UHY Mann Frankfort Stein & Lipp Advisors Excellence Fund
                                                        William J. and Shirley J. Ihlanfeldt Endowed Excellence Fund

                                                       The AccounTIng TImeS | FALL 2008

MPA Alumni Build a Five-year Program
at the university of Texas at Dallas
by Matthew Polze, BBA ’99, MPA ’99

(five-year) approach to the Texas Master in
                                                  The experiences that we had in the
Professional Accounting program, Amy Trout-
man (née Bass), BBA ’97, MPA ’97, and I           Texas mpA program helped shape
hoped that our career paths would impact
future generations of accountants, but nei-       us, and ultimately, the program that
ther of us imagined our impact being quite
as direct as it has turned out to be.             we are creating here at uT Dallas.
After graduating, Amy went to work for Price-     the possibility of starting a five-year account-   with their peers, faculty and professionals.
waterhouseCooopers in their Dallas office. In     ing program, which would be modeled on             Similar to the program at The university
2001, she joined the faculty at the university    our great experiences at McCombs. After            of Texas at Austin, there is a lyceum that
of Texas at Dallas (uT Dallas) as a senior        becoming colleagues, we began work on              the students take part in to gain skills that
lecturer in the Accounting and Information        getting the program up and running.                they will need to excel as professionals,
Management Department. After earning my                                                              as well as to have the opportunity to learn
                                                  While there have been some hurdles to over-
degrees in 1999, I went to work in the Dallas                                                        about issues currently facing the accounting
                                                  come, and certainly there will be additional
office of Arthur Andersen, and then entered                                                          profession.
                                                  growing pains, the inaugural class of the Pro-
The university of Texas School of Law in 2000.
                                                  fessional Program in Accounting (PPA) at uT        The students in this first class of the PPA at
upon completion of my law degree, I went
                                                  Dallas formed in spring 2008. There were           uT Dallas have been very fortunate to receive
to work as a corporate and securities lawyer
                                                  approximately 80 applicants, and following         internship offers from the best accounting
with Baker Botts in Dallas. In 2006, I joined
                                                  individual interviews they were narrowed           firms in the market as well as receiving several
Amy at uT Dallas as a senior lecturer.
                                                  down to an initial class of 35 students. The       wonderful industry opportunities. Many of
Even prior to joining the faculty at uT Dallas,   average uT Dallas grade point average among        them have come back to us to let us know how
Amy and I had several conversations about         the entering students was above a 3.6. The         much they appreciate what we have done for
                                                                           selected students         them in setting them on this career path.
                                                                           are some of the
                                                                                                     of course, it is nice to hear the thanks from
                                                                           true campus lead-
                                                                                                     students, but we really feel that a good por-
                                                                           ers, including honors
                                                                                                     tion of the thanks should be directed to the
                                                                           students and athletic
                                                                                                     faculty and staff who are associated with the
                                                                           captains, and they
                                                                                                     integrated approach to the MPA at McCombs.
                                                                           will hopefully go on
                                                                                                     The experiences that we had in the program
                                                                           to become leaders
                                                                                                     helped shape us, and ultimately, the program
                                                                           in the accounting
                                                                                                     that we are creating here at uT Dallas. If
                                                                                                     you want to be the best, you have to model
                                                                            The students in          yourself after the best, and we are fortunate
                                                                            the program will         enough to have graduated from the best
                                                                            take at least one        accounting program in the country.
                                                                            PPA “cohort” class
                                                                            together per semes-      our goal now is to see the five-year accounting
                                                                            ter during their last    programs at both uT Austin and uT Dallas
                                                                            five semesters at uT     ranked first and second in the nation. Given
                                                                            Dallas so that they      the fact that Amy and I share split allegiances,
                                                                            can better network       we won’t say in which order! ◆
Amy Troutman and matthew Polze of uT Dallas


Alumni news
Romana Autrey, Ph.D. ’05, and husband Tito     mary Anne Leichliter-Rice, BBA ’95,
welcomed their
twin baby boys—
                                               earned her MBA from Meredith College in
                                                                                               Practicum receives
Sterling František
Autrey and Adrien                              Albert Lin, BBA ’90, MPA ’90, was elected       Governor’s
Hagen Autrey—on
April 26, 2008.
                                               partner in the corporate and tax group of
                                               the Austin-based law firm Brown McCarroll,      volunteer Award
hamza benamar, MPA ’99, recently accept-                                                       THE ACC ouNTING PrACTIC u M Co u rS E,
                                               John Ly, BBA ’08, MPA ’08, has been cho-
ed a position with EMC Corp., the Hopkinton,
                                               sen as a postgraduate technical assistant at    Federal Taxation of Low Income Filers:
Mass.-based information management com-                                                        Socio-Economic Forces, has received the
                                               the Financial Accounting Standards Board.
pany. As director of finance and audit, he                                                     oneStar Foundation Governor’s volun-
will head the risk management function for     Kathy Parker, BBA ’99, was named partner
                                                                                               teer Award. Since the course was cre-
Europe and Asia out of the company’s Swiss     at Rodman & Rodman, P.C. in Newton, Mass.
                                                                                               ated in 2005, more than 400 McCombs
office. Benamar also became the father of      Parker works with clients on their tax and
                                                                                               students have prepared income tax
Isabelle Lina Benamar in April of this year.   financial needs and oversees programs for
                                               audits and tax returns.
                                                                                               forms for thousands of working poor
In January 2009, Andrew brownfield, BBA
                                                                                               families through Foundation Communi-
                                               Sarah (hutto) Resutek,                          ties’ Community Tax Centers program.
’08, MPA ’08, will begin a postgraduate
                                               BBA ’99, and Robert                             The work of these student volunteers has
technical assistantship with the Govern-
                                               Resutek, Ph.D. ’08, wel-
ment Accounting Standards Board.                                                               expanded the program’s free tax
                                               comed their first child,
                                                                                               preparation capacity by more than
                                               Stephen James, on May
                    The Houston CPA So-                                                        20,000 hours for low to moderate in-
                                               26, 2007.
                    ciety recognized e.                                                        come families. The award recipients
                    Rhett buck, MPA ‘85,       Philip wright, MPA ’02, is practicing corpo-    were honored by Texas State Comp-
                    for distinguished pub-     rate law at Bracewell & Giuliani LLP in Hous-   troller Susan Combs, friends and
                    lic service for his work   ton. Previously, Wright was in the energy as-   families at the Driskill Hotel in Austin,
                    providing free tax re-     surance group at PricewaterhouseCoopers.        Texas, on June 4, 2008. ◆
                    turn preparation ser-      In January 2006 he married Helen (Henry)
                    vices to non-resident      Wright.
students and low-income taxpayers.

     what’s new in Your Life?
     Your fellow alumni want to hear what’s been
     happening in your professional and family life.
     Drop us a line at accounting.times@mccombs.
     utexas.edu to give us an update. Send us your
     high-resolution photos, too. We’ll share your
     news in the next issue of the Accounting Times.

                                                                                               Texas State comptroller Susan combs
                                                                                               and mPA Faculty Director Steve Limberg

                                                       The AccounTIng TImeS | FALL 2008

Kinney Presents at Treasury Department
Hearing on Auditing Profession
By Rob Meyer, McCombs Communications

W I L L I A M r . K I N N E y, J r . , P r o F E S S o r I N                                                      and efficiency of alternative auditing prac-
the Department of Accounting, lent his exper-                                                                     tices. In turn, the research brought insights
tise to a u.S. Treasury Department committee                                                                      and solutions to auditing practice problems
on the auditing profession June 3, 2008 in                                                                        using concepts from psychology, judgment,
Washington D.C.                                                                                                   decision making, economics, political science,
   The Treasury Department established the                                                                        governance, statistics, game theory and com-
Advisory Committee on the Auditing Profes-                                                                        puter science.”
sion to examine the sustainability of a strong                                                                       However, after about 1990, Kinney said
and vibrant auditing profession.                                                                                  the contact between professor and practi-
  Kinney unfortunately brought bad news                                                                           tioner declined. “Some observers believe the
regarding the current state of independent                                                                        decline was due to audit firms’ increasing
audit scholarship at the university level.                                                                        concerns about litigation,” he said. “others
   “The decline of scholarly studies of audit-                                                                    attribute it to cost and perceived competi-
ing on campuses is almost complete,” Kinney                                                                       tive disadvantage, while some say it reflected
said. “This is true at The university of Texas                                                                    de-emphasis of auditing in the mid-1990s.”
at Austin as well. When I was [young] practi-                                                                       The lack of recent behavioral research in
tioners were anxious to get the latest thinking                                                                   the audit process, Kinney said, is cause for
on campus to try to get new ways of solv-                                                                         the greatest concern.
                                                               ing sessions, journal articles and audit methods
ing emerging practice problems, whether                        conferences,” he said. “They often provided           “Behavioral audit process research conducted
it involved statistics or behavioral science,                  access to firm data such as audit adjustments,     largely before 2000 shows that auditors exhibit
because humans don’t process information                       fees and audit labor hours, as well as access      at least a dozen known and substantial judgment
nearly as well as we think we do.”                             to personnel for participation in research         biases when making accounting and auditing
  In lamenting the loss of scholarly research,                 studies.”                                          judgments,” he said. “These biases are strong
Kinney discussed the important role auditing                                                                      enough to appear in laboratory settings without
                                                                 Kinney continued, “The contact improved
research played in the past.                                                                                      real world pressures and without incentives
                                                               classroom instruction for new entrants to
  “Large audit firms shared audit practices                                                                       to please others.” ◆
                                                               the auditing profession and it also facilitated
with professors through audit manuals, train-                  independent research about the effectiveness

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      Thank you!                                   Office of the Chairman, 1 University Station B6400, Austin, Texas 78712-0211


Xiumei Wang, BBA ’08,
MPA ’08: Shall We Dance?                                                                          The McCombs School of Business
                                                                                                  Department of Accounting
                                                                                                  DePARTmenT chAIR
at the MPA commencement ceremony on                                                               Urton Anderson
May 16, 2008, it wasn’t the first time. “I                                                        (512) 471-5339
love being on stage—I’ve been there all my                                                        urton.anderson@mccombs.utexas.edu

life,” says Wang, a former actor, master of                                                       ASSISTAnT To The chAIR
ceremonies and television news reporter in                                                        Mary Ann Fair
China. But her passion is dance. “I started                                                       (512) 471-0040
dancing at age 5, and was touring with a
dance company before I was 20,” she says.                                                         FInAncIAL SuPPoRT
She seemed destined to make an effortless                                                         Amy Miller
                                                                                                  (512) 471-5316
leap into a dance career.
   But China’s conservative culture of the
                                                                                                  Mary Ann Maltz
time brought her artistic aspirations to a
                                                                                                  (512) 475-8179
standstill. “At that time, entertainers, par-                                                     maryann.maltz@mccombs.utexas. edu
ticularly dancers and actors, were looked
                                                                                                  emPLoYeR AnD ALumnI ReLATIonS
down upon,” she explains. Swayed by
                                                                                                  Jim Franklin
societal pressure to “get serious” about                                                          (512) 471-6559
her life, Wang earned a college degree in                                                         jim.franklin@mccombs.utexas.edu
                                                                                                  newSLeTTeR eDIToR
   When she came to the States in 2000,                                                           Dorothy Brady
she was intrigued by the possibility of                                                           (512) 232-7728
attending school again. “In China, once you                                                       dorothy.brady@mccombs.utexas.edu
become an adult and have a full-time job,
                                                                                                  PhoTo cReDITS
it’s almost impossible to go back to school;        Wang will apply the same energy and pas-      Ed Cannon
it’s not socially acceptable, particularly for   sion she brings to the dance floor to her new    Mary Ann Fair
women,” Wang explains.                                                                            Sasha Haagensen
                                                 job in Ernst & young’s New york office. In
                                                                                                  Marsha Miller
   Mastering the English language, learn-        typical fashion, she has joined one of the       Mark Rutkowski
ing the nuances of American culture and          more challenging divisions, financial advi-
keeping up with her schoolwork was a             sory services. She’s looking forward to the
continuing struggle for Wang, but she
persevered. “My daughter and I were
                                                 bustling, competitive atmosphere of the Big
                                                                                                 click and give!
both in school, and I constantly reminded           And of course, she will keep on dancing.     It’s easier Than ever
her how fortunate we were to be able to          “Dance is part of my identity, it makes me
study, and encouraged her to work hard.”
                                                                                                 With our new online donation
                                                 happy. But if I were totally about dancing, I
Wang’s daughter took her mom’s advice            wouldn’t feel as intelligent and educated as
                                                                                                 system, it’s even easier to
to heart, and last year was accepted to 11       I feel now. Earning my MPA has made me a        support the Department of
top universities; she chose yale.                different person,” she says.                    Accounting. To make a donation
   Meanwhile, Wang returned to the dance            As the curtain rises on her new career,      to the Accounting Department
studio as a way to de-stress from her hec-       Wang likens her McCombs professors and          fund or endowment of your
tic MPA class schedule. But she ended up         advisors to directors, producers and stage      choice, go to www.mccombs.
pouring herself, body and soul, into her         hands who work behind the scenes to make        utexas.edu/development/
dance lessons, adding hours of practice          sure the show comes off without a hitch.        givenow/accounting/. Our
to her already jam-packed days. Wang             “I feel compelled to let people know how        dedicated faculty, deserving
recently performed cha-cha and rumba             much I’ve changed—from someone who was          students and innovative pro-
routines for an international Latin dance        limited in many ways to whom I’ve become
                                                                                                 grams will benefit immensely
showcase that benefited the American             today—with the support of the Texas MPA
                                                                                                 from your generosity.
Cancer Society.                                  ‘production crew,’” Wang says.◆

                                                         The AccounTIng TImeS | FALL 2008

 From the Chair, continued
 how it influences financial reporting. He       reporting expert whose work focuses on        and staff, our team grows even stronger.
 will also teach financial accounting.           regulation and its effect on earnings man-    With this potent combination of the old
                            A Massachusetts      agement. He will teach financial statement    and the new, it’s clear our programs can
                          Institute of Tech-     analysis.                                     only gain momentum. I know you join me
                          nology Ph.D, Jeri         We also welcomed five new doctoral         in the anticipation of the many awards
                          Seidman was a          students—Brett Cantrell, Isaac Goodwin,       and notoriety the future has in store for
                          former senior con-     Brent Lao, Tracie McDonald and Erin           the Department of Accounting. ◆
                          sultant at Deloitte.   Towery—who were chosen from 115 fall
                          Jeri’s research and    applicants to our Ph.D. program. Erin is no
                          teaching emphasis is   stranger to the McCombs School; like MPA
                         tax. She specializes    Director Jim Franklin and Professor John
 in the relationship between corporate tax       McInnis, she boasts a Texas MPA degree.
 and financial reporting.                           This fall, as we look back over the 50
    A n d f i n a l l y,                         years of support, friendship and invaluable
 Nicholas Seybert,                               contributions of our advisory council, we
 who received his                                are reminded again of the integral role the
 doctoral degree                                 members play in the department’s success.
 from Cornell, comes                             And as talented newcomers join the ranks
 to us as a financial                            of our advisory council and gifted faculty


                                                                                                                   Austin, Texas 78712-0211
Permit No. 391
                                                                                                                   1 University Station B6400
 Austin, Texas
                                                                                                                   Office of the Chairman
                                                                                                                   Department of Accounting
 U.S. Postage

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