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Mark as Final

Ulysses R. Gotera
Finally! (Mark as Final)
Author: Ulysses R. Gotera
                                                       ‘Mark as Final’ 1 is a salient feature in MS Office Word, Excel
                                                       and PowerPoint which not so many people know about. Now,
                                                       why do want a document ‘Mark as Final’? What good will it
                                                       gives you in clicking it?

Papers and softcopy papers (such as Word or Excel) are usually passed around your colleagues and superiors for
various reasons such as collaboration of an idea, streamlining or creation of processes and/or
guidelines/policies and correctness of data. A paper can be stamped or note attached as ‘Final’ as means of
preventing other members of a group in writing further comment(s) on it because it is already meant to be
signed by either an officer or a group of people. This goes similar to a softcopy but before MS Office 2007, you
have to set the file to read-only 2 to prevent other people to accidentally or intentionally editing it.

Microsoft Office Team thought of a way for people to easily mark a softcopy as final and prevent anyone from
editing, hence ‘Mark as Final’ feature came out starting with MS Office 2007. This may not seem much but the
document whose status is set to final means it is a finish product of an agreement thru a concerted effort of
numerous individuals intended for publishing or distribution. This is to inform or affect a change in an
organization or community. You can also use this feature to prevent yourself for some unintentional editing
such as deleting a sentence or a paragraph. Make it a best practice to communicate to other members of your
office or group (even to you) that the softcopy is in its final version.

How to do it in Word, Excel and PowerPoint 3
    1. Open the document that you want to mark as
    2. Click the ‘Microsoft Office’ button in the upper left
       hand corner.
    3. Choose ‘Prepare’ on the left menu.
    4. Click ‘Mark as Final’.

  ‘Mark as Final’ feature started in MS Office 2007 version.
  A lot of people are unfamiliar with the term ‘read-only’ because it is really seldom used in the business and only the geeks
and the slightly geeks know it.
  This applies to MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint 2007, 2010 and most probably higher versions. The procedure is also
the same if you want to unmark the document as final.
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Finally! (Mark as Final)
Author: Ulysses R. Gotera
Although it prevents accidental or intentional editing of data for Word, Excel and PowerPoint it is not an
absolute protection against malicious intent. A more secure 4 feature of Word, Excel and PowerPoint are as
     1. Use of ‘Protect Document’ 5. This has an optional password to prevent others from editing.
     2. ‘Encrypt Document’ 6 not only prevents editing but it also enforces7 a password to allow viewing its

    The following illustrations below shows ‘Protect Document’ in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

                                                         MS Word

                                                          MS Excel

                                                      MS PowerPoint

  ‘Protect Document’ and ‘Encrypt Document’ are not shown here for they are worthy of another write up but go to
‘Further Readings’ if you could no longer wait.
  ‘Protect Document’ in PowerPoint does not have an editing restriction.
  The document’s (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) information is really concealed by means of adding codes to make it
unreadable, it is thru supplying the correct password it will restore its information.
  Be careful in placing password in your document as Microsoft Office Team will not be able to help you unlock it. My
suggestion here is to make another copy without the password restriction and label it ‘(Unlocked)’.
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Finally! (Mark as Final)
Author: Ulysses R. Gotera
                                                    Quick Access Toolbar
 The figure below shows the ‘Encrypt Document’
                                                    Here is how to create a shortcut to quickly access ‘Mark as Final’
 feature of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

 ‘Mark as Final’ appears below the status bar in your Word, Excel and Powerpoint. A sample screen shot in Word is
 shown here.

Helpful Key Shortcuts
It is much faster and efficient if you know to use key shortcuts as your fingers do not leave the keyboard.
        Alt+F, E, F – hold the ‘Alt’ and ‘F’ keys then release, press ‘E’, and press ‘F’ (see screen shot
        below). This is the same for Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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Finally! (Mark as Final)
Author: Ulysses R. Gotera

        Here is another key shortcut if you have placed ‘Mark as Final’ on the ‘Quick Access Toolbar’, press
        ‘Alt’ and the indicated number (see screen shot below)

Make it a habit to mark your document (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) as final to prevent other members of
your group for unintentional or accidental editing. In a personal level, it gives your psyche that your work is
done. Now, if for a good reason you really need to do a correction or add information to a document, just
remove ‘Mark as Final’, review your material and remember to place it back.

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Description: Shows the importance and use of 'Mark as Final' in MS Office 2007 (Word, Excel and Powerpoint)