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                     Mr. Mark Rossetti (1992) (Mark Hilbert)

                             Registered on: Aug 2 2010
                       Profile Last Updated on: Oct 26 2011

          Title                                   Mr.
       Last Name                                Rossetti
       First Name                                Mark
      Middle Name                              R. Hilbert
  Student Last Name                             Hilbert
  Student First Name                             Mark
       Deceased                                   No
Preferred Email Indicator                    Other E-Mail
   Constituency Type                            Alumni
        Gender                                   Male
     Marital Status                             Single
    Homepage URL     
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      Send Mail To                              nomail
        Degree                                   B.A.
      Degree Year                                1992
     Degree School                               A&S
    Concentration 1                             English
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    Concentration 4

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    Degree Year
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                        Additional Academic
  Preferred Class                                   1992
    Other Year 1                                    1969
   Other Degree 1                                    JD
 Other Institution 1                          Harvard University
    Other Year 2                                    1990
   Other Degree 2                                   Other
 Other Institution 2                      Northwestern University
    Other Year 3                                    1992
   Other Degree 3                                   Other
 Other Institution 3                          Harvard University
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                Salutation                                                  Mr. Rossetti
                 Ethnicity                                                     Other
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Triangle Brain Twister
At Mad Physics we generally specialize in answering random science questions and
blowing things up along the way. Today, though, we have a purely digital problem,
no lab involved! When someone sent us this problem we thought it was good fun,
but when we got the answer we got an idea. We decided to be evil and test you first!

Here is the problem:

In the figure (below) there are two triangles made up of four shapes. The shapes are
constant (they do not change between figures). Since they have the exact same
surface area, why does one triangle have a one square gap?

Look at the diagram carefully what is wrong? The grid is there to help you.

For hints and answers scroll down (don?'t worry they are hidden at first).
Got it? How long did it take you? Our record is <30 seconds! Let us know your time.

To view the hints simply highlight them. The font color is currently white!

Hint One (subtle): Think of it as if it where are graph? y=mx+b

Hint Two (more obvious): How about the slope, hmmm.

Do you give up?

Answer: The second image is an illusion, it is not a proper triangle because it does
not have a a straight hypotenuse.

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         Family, Afrooz. “Triangle Brain Twister.” May 23, 2005 Mad
         Physics. dd mmm. yyyy

                          We are glad to share our knowledge with you as long as you cite all of our info, and
                          contact us before you use anything for non-educational purposes (commercial, etc.).

                          † In the bibliography you must insert the day you visited the site (this is relevant
                          because the site could change at some point), therefore, in the bibliography above
                          replace dd with the day you visited, mmm with the abreviated month, and yyyy with
                          the year (ex: dd mmm. yyyy becomes 23 Dec. 2004).

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sfa 2000 1949f "LSDAS: LSAT 160, 130iq;Mad Physics :: Triangle Brain Twister: Chernobyl nuclear
power facility instructions manual 130iq --> Also try:ncs ep 151016 32 a2803,more..."

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