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A highly-rated course for water and                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       U.S. Postage
wastewater engineers, managers,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           University of
consultants, operators, and others…
                                                                                                                                                                     Department of Engineering Professional Development
Membrane Filtration Technology                                                                                                                                       432 North Lake Street Madison, Wisconsin 53706

May 5–6, 2008
Madison, Wisconsin

R Expert instructors
R Detailed membrane information
R Current trends and technologies
R Applications in water, wastewater, and re-use
R Municipal and industrial uses

                    ce p t e d                                ce p t e d
                 ac                                      ac
                  Professional                                Continuing
         14                                           1.4 Education
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                  Hours                                   Units
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                   ionwid                                    ionwid

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 engineering professional

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  College of engineering
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Department of
                                                              n Reduce fouling and maintenance

                                                                                                 n Prevent errors in layout and

                                                                                                                                  n Understand drinking water,
                                                                                                                                                                         n Improve your membrane operations

                                                                                                                                                                                                              n Select the best technology for your
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Benefit from this highly rated course:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Madison, Wisconsin
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               May 5–6, 2008
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Membrane Filtration
                  14 Hours


                                                                problems, and more!


                                                                                                                                    wastewater and water reuse


                                ce p t e d

                  1.4 Units



                                         ce p t e d

Membrane Filtration Technology                                                                    Course Faculty
                                                                                                  John K. Berrigan Jr., PE is drinking water
May 5–6, 2008 in Madison, Wisconsin                                                               process manager for GE Water & Process
                                                                                                  Technologies. Mr. Berrigan has more than 20
                                                                                                  years of experience in process engineering for
                                                                                                  water treatment, water reuse, and wastewater
                                                   Who Should Attend                              applications. His first membrane treatment
An Important Technology                            This course is designed for water and          application was in 1987, an integrated water
                                                   wastewater engineers, consultants, managers,   reuse facility converting hospital wastewater
Drinking water, wastewater treatment, and
                                                   operators and others who are interested        to virus-free drinking quality water for aquifer
industrial water systems are increasingly
                                                   in learning both the fundamentals and          re-injection. His current responsibilities
turning to membrane filtration technology
                                                   the current trends in membrane filtration      include process design and integration of
to meet special needs. In a growing world
                                                   technology for municipal and industrial        membrane technologies throughout the
that has finite water resources, it is difficult
                                                   applications.                                  Rocky Mountain, Plains, Gulf and Great
to overstate the importance of effective water
                                                                                                  Lakes regions.
treatment for municipal needs, industrial uses,
and the beneficial reclamation of wastewater.      You Will Benefit                               Steve Duranceau PhD, PE has more than 20
                                                   This practical course has been organized by    years of drinking water treatment experience,
This highly rated course will help you to
                                                   a senior team of consultants, owners, and      including research, design, permitting and
understand the fundamentals and the current
                                                   manufacturers—all with extensive experience    construction. He is an associate professor
trends for membrane filtration systems and
                                                   in membrane filtration systems. The course     of civil and environmental engineering at
to plan and manage wisely for your current
                                                   will help you to:                              the University of Central Florida and has
and future uses of this technology. You will
                                                                                                  consulted for advanced water treatment plants
leave this course better prepared to use and       • Select the best technology for your needs    comprised of reverse osmosis, nanofiltration,
understand membrane filtration in your             • Improve your membrane operations and         ultrafiltration, and electrodialysis reversal. Dr.
municipal and industrial applications.               maintenance                                  Duranceau serves on the editorial advisory
I hope you can join us in Madison!                 • Gain perspectives from leading consultants   boards for Journal AWWA and Journal
                                                     and manufacturers                            Desalination and is a certified chemical
                                                   • Understand drinking water, wastewater        engineer through the American Institute of
                                                     and water reuse applications                 Chemists.
                                                   • Improve pilot tests and selection            Edward Jordan is director of R&D for
Ned W. Paschke PE                                                                                 Siemens Biological Business Group in
Program Director                                   • Prevent errors in layout and operation
                                                                                                  Edwardsville, Kansas. Mr. Jordan has more
608-263-4705                                       • Reduce fouling and maintenance problems,     than 27 years of experience in process design                                and more!                                    and marketing of membrane bioreactor
                                                                                                  technology and holds multiple U.S. patents
                                                   Program Director                               in this field. His accomplishments include
                                                   Ned W. Paschke PE organizes and directs        developing and commercializing USFilter’s
Comments from Past                                 water and wastewater management programs       MBR technology, integrating immersed
Attendees                                          for the University of Wisconsin–Madison.       membranes into USFilter’s biological
                                                   He served as director of engineering for       processes, and creating a line of small MBR
“Phenomenal introduction to the                    the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage              packaged plants.
world of membrane technology.
                                                   District, as a senior water and wastewater     Michael A. Oneby PE is a supervising
Perfect mix of tech and general
                                                   consultant with Mead & Hunt, Inc., and as      engineer with MWH Americas, specializing
                                                   a member of the hydraulic analysis group       in surface water treatment process design.
“Great training. Very much                         with Harza Engineering Company, Chicago.       Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Mr. Oneby
worth the cost!”                                   He has more than 20 years of experience        has participated in the analysis, design, and
                                                   in the detailed design, construction, and      upgrade of municipal and industrial water
“Excellent presenters. Covered
                                                   management of water-related facilities.        and wastewater treatment facilities across
the fundamentals of membrane
treatment, design, construction,                                                                  the United States and internationally. He has
start-up, post start-up and spec                                                                  experience in a variety of treatment processes,
requirements.”                                                                                    including the integration of membranes and
                                                                                                  ozone into existing treatment trains.
“Will definitely help me implement
a water system for my company.”

“One of the best seminars I’ve
been to.”

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                                                                                                               Past Attendees at this
                                                                                                               Course Include:
 Membrane Filtration Technology                                                                                Advanced Geo Services
 May 5–6, 2008 in Madison, Wisconsin                                                                           American Consulting, Inc.
                                                                                                               Barr Engineering Company
                                                                                                               Baxter & Woodman, Inc.
                                                                                                               City of Brooklyn Park, MN
 Course Outline                                        Tuesday, May 6
                                                                                                               City of Elgin, IL
                                                           7:30 Coffee, Conversation and
 Monday, May 5                                                  Refreshments                                   City of Geneva, IL
     7:30 Registration, Coffee and Refreshments            8:00 Welcome Back—Ned Paschke                       City of Naperville, IL
 	       	 The	Pyle	Center                                                                                     City of Superior
                                                         8:10 Membrane Technologies:
 	       	 702	Langdon	Street                                  Part V—Steve Duranceau                          Clark Dietz Engineers
 	       	 Madison,	Wisconsin                          	     	 •	 Capital	costs                                Crispell-Snyder, Inc.
     8:00 Welcome and Introductions—                   	     	 •	 Operating	and	maintenance	costs
                                                                                                               Eagle Environmental Co.
          Ned Paschke                                      9:20 Break
                                                                                                               Environmental Quality Co.
     8:15 An Overview of Membrane Filtration             9:40 Membrane Technologies:
           Applications—John Berrigan                          Part VI—Steve Duranceau                         Farnsworth Group
 	       	 •	 Types	of	applications	in	water,	         	     	 •	 Post-treatment	considerations                Fox Engineering
              wastewater,	and	reuse                    	     	 •	 Concentrate	disposal                         French Reneker Associates
 	       	 •	 Relationship	to	other	technologies       	     	 •	 Blending
                                                                                                               Garden & Associates, Ltd.
 	       	 •	 Key	terms	and	distinctions               10:40 Break
 	       	 •	 Regulatory	drivers                                                                               Garver Engineers
                                                       11:00 Design of Membrane-Based Water and
     9:20 Break                                               Wastewater Plants—John Berrigan                  Guam EPA
   9:40 Membrane Technologies:                         	    	 •	 Available	membrane	systems                    In-Sink-Erator
         Part I—Steve Duranceau                        	    	 •	 Selecting	and	specifying                      Integrated Separation Solutions
 	     	 •	 Basic	principles	and	materials             	    	 •	 Overall	plant	design	and	layout
                                                                                                               Iowa DNR
 	     	 •	 Emerging	water	quality	concerns            12:00 Lunch—provided
 	     	 •	 The	filtration	spectrum                                                                            MSA Professional Services
                                                           1:00 Understanding Membrane Bioreactors
 10:40 Break                                                                                                   McClure Engineering
                                                                 (MBRs) for Wastewater Treatment—
 11:00 Membrane Technologies:                                    Edward Jordan                                 Missouri DNR
        Part II—Steve Duranceau                        	       	 •	 Current	trends	in	product	evolution	and	   Montgomery County Sanitation
 	    	 •	 Microfiltration,	ultrafiltration,	                       manufacturing
                                                                                                               Nilles Associates, Inc.
           nanofiltration	                             	       	 •	 Materials	and	methods
 	    	 •	 Reverse	osmosis,	electrodialysis	reversal   	       	 •	 How	to	plan	and	specify	a	successful	      O’Brien & Gere
 	    	 •	 Modules,	configurations                                  system                                     Olsson Associates
 12:00 Lunch—provided                                  	       	 •	 Examples	and	case	studies                  Organon API, Inc.
   1:00 Case Studies in Membrane Treatment                 2:10 Break                                          PNS Consulting
         of Drinking Water—Mike Oneby                      2:30 Avoiding the Pitfalls—Mike Oneby               Parametrix, Inc.
 	     	 •	 Replacing	gravity	filters	with	                3:30 Wrap up—Ned Paschke
                                                           3:50 Final Adjournment                              SJE-Rhombus Controls
 	     	 •	 Pilot	testing	and	equipment	
            procurement                                Please note: Some	modification	of	individual	           Shell Canada, Ltd.
     2:00 Break                                        speaker	time	slots	may	occur	during	the	course.         Siemens Water Technologies
   2:20 Membrane Technologies:                                                                                 Strategic Municipal Services
         Part III—Steve Duranceau                      Earn Continuing                                         Thyssen Krupp Waupaca
 	     	 •	 Factors	affecting	membrane	life
 	     	 •	 Types	of	fouling
                                                       Education Credit                                        Tiry Engineering
 	     	 •	 Deposition,	scaling,	biological,	organic   By participating in this course you will earn           Triad Industries, Inc.
     3:20 Break                                        14 Professional Development Hours (PDH)                 US Army Corps of Engineers
   3:40 Membrane Technologies:                         or 1.4 Continuing Education Units (CEU).
                                                                                                               US Bureau of Reclamation
         Part IV—Steve Duranceau
                                                                                                               Village of East Dundee, IL
 	     	 •	 Cleaning	systems
 	     	 •	 System	upgrades                                                                                    Village of Grayslake, IL
 	     	 •	 Membrane	math	and	problems                                                                         Village of Winnetka, IL
     4:30 Adjourn for the Day                                                                                  Wade Trim Operations Services
                                                                                                               Walker Process Equipment
                                                                                                               Walter E. Deuchler Associates

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Future Courses of Interest                                Fundamentals of Drinking Water Treatment                        Cancellation If you cannot attend, please
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March 10–12, 2008, Madison, WI
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Managing Energy in Water and                                                                                              your spare time, you may wish to explore the
Wastewater Systems                                                                                                        beautiful University of Wisconsin campus,
April 2–4, 2008, Madison, WI                              Need to Know More?                                              hike to Picnic Point along the Lakeshore Path,
Course #J947                                              Call toll free 800-462-0876 and ask for                         relax at the Memorial Union Terrace, or enjoy
Legal Aspects of Engineering, Public Works                Program Director:                                               the shops and restaurants of State Street, just
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April 14–15, 2008, Madison, WI                                                             Accommodations We have reserved a block
Course #J980                                              Direct phone: 608-263-4705                                      of sleeping rooms ($104/single, $119/double,
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Operating, Maintaining, and Troubleshooting               Jane Sauer                                                      cab from the airport) for course participants
April 28–29, 2008, Madison, WI                            or e-mail                            at the Campus Inn, 601 Langdon Street,
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Preventing Deficiencies in the Design and                 General Information                                             589-6285 or 608-257-4391 and indicate that
                                                                                                                          you will be attending this course under group
Construction of Water and Wastewater Projects             Fee Covers Notebook, course materials, break                    code 68895. Room requests made later than
April 30–May 2, 2008, Madison, WI                         refreshments, lunches, and certificate. Course                  April 3 will be subject to availability. Your
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