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                    L•'$ ß:. L•ke Powell/GtenCanyon                 30
                                                      Nov(KK) andPage Nov(CL). SurfScoters given              is               and
                                                                                                 thatthespecies keptin captivity
          •   N.P                                     had anothergood fall, with 9 reported in Arizona typically single-season
                                                                                                      is        a             post-
                     ß                       øF•      statewide21 Oct-26 Nov. Casualin the state,          summer
                                                                                                    breeding                  Spoonbills
                                                      2 White-wingedScoters at Ashurst 24
                                                                          were         L.           were seen in numbers for the 3rd consecutive
                                                      Oct (NG). A Long-tailedDuck in Glen          were
                                                                                           Reports of oneat A.V.S.T.P. Aug  18
                                                              24                      (ph. PS), 2 at LasCienegas
                                                      Canyon Nov+(CL) wasthe onlyonere-                            N.C.A. 20 Aug
                                                      ported. As expected,Barrow's                         one
                                                                                      (WR, ph. B. Russell), at LasCienegas
                                                                                  Goldeneyes                                    3-
                                        were seen on the Colorado R. late in the sea-                        and
                                                                                      10 Sep(J.Nanatovich), oneat Tres       Rios,
                                        son; 3 were at Parker Dam 26 Nov+ (M. San             11
                                                                                      Phoenix Sep(tHD).
                                                J.          and
                                        Miguel, Feenstra), 20 werebelowGlen             BlackVultures   wereseenagainfarthere.
                                        CanyonDam 30 Nov (CL). Red-breasted than expected Douglas,   at         with 22 there26
                                        Merganser rare to casual
                                                    is               awayfrom the Oct (A. Morehouse, REW). White-tailed
               Gila                                R.;
                                        Colorado 16 such birdswere reported Kites were reportedfrom fewer locations
                                        statewide, including on the earlydateof than in recent seasons:
                                                            one                                               near Portal, the San
                                        26 OctnearFlagstaff  0C)-                     Rafael       the
                                                                                            Valley, Santa               and
                                                                                                             CruzFlats, w. of
                                          A Pacific Loon on the Colorado R. above     Tucson(m.ob.). A wandering      Mississippi
                                        LeesFerry 10-16 Sep(ph. E Talbott)wasa Kite wasin Rio Rico22 Aug (RWr). Single
                                        monthearly.                         at
                                                       Otherswerereported Show late CommonBlack-Hawks               were at Page
                                        Low L_15 Oct (SS),UpperL. Mary 23-29Oct Springs Oct (ph.G. Botello) Tumaca-  and
Mark M. Stevenson    (Non-passerines)                                        10
                                        (B. Gatlin,ph. NG), and L. I-Iavasu Nov cori 22 Oct (KK, JM). The only Broad-
GaryH. Rosenberg     (Passetines)       (A.Z.EO.).The Flagstaff   areaagainhosted winged     Hawkreported    away fromtheGrand
                                        good            of
                                              numbers migrating    Common     Loons, Canyon seen
                                                                                             was        overthePinalMts.26 Aug
       he season                        with
                  began above-average up to 15 on UpperL. Mary 24 Oct-12 (P. Moulton, C. Donald,fide JW). In the
               supporting nesting Nov(T. Linda,
       rainfall,           late      by                 m.ob.).
                                                              Moreimpressive a Chiricahua
                                                                               was               Mts., 2 juv. Short-tailed  Hawks
       some                                         of            6
           species, to finishwith two tightgroup 91 offofSite onL. Havasu
                    only                                                          11 wereseen                       7
                                                                                                with ads.beginning Aug(REW,
abnormally monthsover most of the Nov (A.Z.EO.),blowingthe previous             pub- CDB,ph.J. Pike,ph. G. Wolbek),    suggesting
     Warmtemperatures turnwereassoci- lished
state.                  in                                                out
                                               highof 24 on the L.C.R.V. of the another      successful  nestingthere.Reports   of
atedwith late,lingering          of
                       individuals many water. Also impressive  was a total of 21 up to 3 Short-tailed           in
                                                                                                          Hawks theHuachuca
species.                                              Horned   Grebes on L. Havasu 11-12    Nov     Mts. 13-31 Augwent undocumented.Crest-
                                                                          singleswere docu-
                                                      (A.Z.EO.). Elsewhere,                         ed Caracaraswerewanderingagain.Singles
Abbreviations:A.B.C.(Arizona BirdCommit- mented at Casa Grande S.T.P. 30 Oct-28 Nov                 were seen near Laveen 12 Nov (BG) and at
tee), A.VS.T.E (Avra Valley S.T.E), B.T.A. (•'DJe al.)andPalo      24
                                                             Verde Nov+(TC,ph.                      Whitewater29 Nov (M. Guestet al., fide
(Boyce  Thompson  Arboretum                                 of            was
                              S.E), G.W.R. MMS).A highlight theseason a Red-                        EW). Caracaras have been noted in late fall
(GilbertWater Ranch),H.R.E (Hassayampa neckedGrebeon KearnyL. 15 Nov-1 Dec                          and winter in the Santa Cruz Flats for sever-
RiverPreserve,Wickenburg),                       ph.
                            L.C.R.V(lower (tDJe, GHR,MMS);there      were fewer than                al years(andas far backas 1965), but this
Colorado valley),N.C.A. (NationalCon- 10 prioraccepted    records.                                  season'snumbers greatly         past
                                                                                                                           exceeded ob-
servationArea), ER.D. (Painted Rock Dam),     NeotropicCormorants remained    numer-                servations. Two seen on 2 Oct (RWr) were
S.ER.(SanPedroR.), Sweetwater (Sweetwater ous in the Greater Phoenix area (m.ob.),                          by
                                                                                                    followed a reportof 14 on 4 Nov (M.
Wetlands, Tucson),Whitewater (Whitewater while only onewasreported Patagonia
                                                                    at         L.                   Kehl, m.ob.) and of 22 on 15 Nov (B. Win-
Draw W.A.).                                    (SH). Another  wasat SanCarlosL. 16 Aug terrield),with at least 11 staying     into the
                                               (ph.J. Estis),only a 3rd Gila record.                     The         for
                                                                                    Casual nextseason. reasons thisatypically
WATERFOWL        THROUGH      CARACARA summer          visitors,single             presum- largeconcentration agricultural were
                                                                       frigatebirds,                          in            land
A Fulvous   Whistling-Duck         at
                            found thesame ably Magnificent,      were seenover Tucson    4 not apparent.
location last fall, Chaparral    Park,Scotts- Aug (G. Warren)and Maraua5 Aug (ph.D.
dale24 Nov+ (MMo, ph. C. Oldham),         was Hoffman),  possibly same
                                                                  the                 The RAILS
                                                                            individual.           THROUGH      WOODPECKERS
saidby duckfeeders be resident             A 2 ad. Little Blue Herons at Rio Salado, The ad. PurpleGallinulewas reported
                                      there.                                                                                        at
Cackling   Goose Goodyear Oct+(ph.J. Phoenix
                 in           30                       werelastseen2 Sep(m.ob.).A bird Sweetwater              12
                                                                                                      through Aug(m.ob., John-A.
Jantunen), thesubspecies
             of               minima,  provid- reportedfromthere an imm.LittleBlue23 son). Black-bellied Plovers are rare fall mi-
ed oneof the smallbut growing      number  of Sep-8Oct (m.ob.)turnedout to be an imm. grants.Singles       were a! Palo Verde 13 Aug
Arizona          A
          reports. Tundra         was
                           Swan a casual Snowy        Egretin the photographs    examined. (TC) andWillcox26 Sep(KK), and2 wereat
visitor at Watson L. 30 Nov (B. Thomen). Sin-  Single Tricolored Herons,  alsosummer   and Paloma  Ranch29 Sep(BG). Of 3 foundat
gle male Eurasian     Wigeons  were reported fall wanderersfrom Mexico, were in Green Whitewater16 Oct (ph. SH), 2 remained
              24                        9
fromG.W.R. Oct(DP) andFlagstaff Nov Valley4-7 Aug (R. Wolcott,B. Buttery),                         15
                                                                                        at through Novandone,withaninjured        leg,
(C. Holm). A few Mexican Ducks were re- A.V.S.T.E                               ph.
                                                         10-30 Aug (B. Hester, MMS), was seenuntil 12 Dec (m.ob.). Up to 88
portedagainat G.W.R.throughthe season and at 1VmranaOct 0M) and again29 Oct Mountain Plovers were at sod farms in the
(MMo). Numbers Blue-winged in late (,JM,
                   of              Teal            KK). The enigmatic    White Ibiswasre- SantaCruz Hats 29 Oct+ (DP,m.ob.). A casu-
fallandwinterappear beincreasing the ported
                        to              in                                   to
                                                      againfromArlington Rio Salado, al migrant                               a
                                                                                                      awayfromthe L.C.R.V., calling
Phoenix Tucson               up
                       areas; to 10 wereat Phoenix threeoccasions Aug-9 Sep Whimbrel
                                                        on                   13                      flewpasttheGreen    ValleyS.T.E5
Sweetwater (m.ob.) and 35 at Tres Rios, (BG, TG, D. Leuhrs,                                                        of
                                                                    fide TC); the apparent Sep(RWr,SS).Reports 15 Semipalmated
Phoenix(TC, D. Powell) into Dec. Single prolonged of oneverymobile               individual Sandpipers       s.
                                                                                                      across Arizonarepresented     an
Greater  Scaup                at
                werereported SunSites15 hasled to speculation         aboutits provenance, above-average  number. Other rare-but-regu-

VOLUME        61 (2007)                NUMBER         1                                                                                      119

                  included7 Sanderlings,
lar fall shorebirds                   7           oneat Tumacacori  N.H.P.16 Sep(L. Norris). Catalina 18-24 Nov (M. Weinhold), and
Dunlins, and 10 Short-billed Dowitchers.          A peculiar hummingbird            a Violet- Haunted
                                                                           resembling                        19
                                                                                                     Canyon Nov (M. Plagens).
             shorebirds       a
                      included Semi-              crowned   found at B.T.A.4 Sep+(ph. JHo,
palmated      at      16
       Plover G.W.R. NovOMMo),a                   m.ob.;b. 11 Nov |SWI) wasapparentlyVi- FLYCATCHERS
                                                                                        a                   THROUGH
flock of 37 American Avocets at Ashurst L. 3      olet-crowned   Hummingbird Broad-billed THRASHERS
Nov(NG), perhaps same     flock, avocets
                                30                Hummingbird                     Humming- A Greater
                                                                  hybrid ("Salvin's                   Pewee alongthe S.ER. Escapule
in Flagstaff 9 Nov (C. Holm),a Lesser
           on                        Yel-         bird", a combination documented twice Wash 1-11 Oct (AM) waslikely a late mi-
       in        26
loMegs Phoenix Nov(IC, D. Powell),     a          previously  (fideSW). A singing                          one
                                                                                  maleBlue- grant,whereas in Madera     Canyon  8-16
SolitarySandpiper G.W.R.15 Oct (MMo),
                 at                               throatedHummingbird       was n. of typical Nov (RWr), one in Ramsey        9
                                                                                                                       Canyon Nov
anda StiltSandpiper Willcox14 Oct (KK).           range PinalPeak16 Aug (DP et al.). Re- (R&RT), and one alongthe SantaCruz R.
A flybyParasitic      at
                Jaeger Fort Huachuca   4          portsof Allen's  Hummingbird                          30
                                                                                 were few: 2 nearTubac Nov (GB) wereall likelyat-
Sep(ph., '•DP)wasa surprise; thereis only                                                             to
                                                  banded Arivaca Aug(GW), onein lower tempting winter locally.
                                                          in        1                                                 Alsolate was a
one accepted  recordfor se. Ari-                                                                                Western Wood-Pewee at Tumaca-
zona.Eleven Sabine'sGullsreport-                                                                                cori 23 Oct (RF,BM). Buff-breasted
ed statewide Sep-9 Oct was                                                                                                are
                                                                                                                Flycatchers typically goneby
aboutaverage the season.
           for         At                                                                                                so
                                                                                                                earlySep, 2 in SawmillCanyon
MormonL., 8 Caspian Ierns 9 Sep                                                                                 17 Sep (SH), where they breed,
(I. Linda) was a large number                                                                                                 late, while one in
                                                                                                                were considered
                  Oneat Pi-                                                                                     Ash Canyon was away from
cachoRes.29 Sep(DJe)wasalso                                                                                     known nesting areasand habitat
casual.                                                                                                                                     7
                                                                                                                30 Sep (RB). Rarebut regular,
  Ruddy Ground-Dovereports                                                                                      Eastern       were
                                                                                                                       Phoebes reported   this
      off        from
trailed substantially recent                                                                                                 10
                                                                                                                fallbeginning Oct.LateDusky-
highs. to3 were RedRock
     Up        at       2-                                                                                      capped          were
                                                                                                                       Flycatchers at Patago-
15 Aug(MMS,MP,DJe), wereat
                   3                                                                                            nia L. 13 Oct 0B, ME MMS) andat
                      SH),                                                                                                  22
                                                                                                                Tumacacori Oct (KK, JMo). A
and one was at Iumacacori 22 Oct                                                                                lateTropical              was
                                                                                                                               Kingbird at Palo-
(KK). Barn Owls nestedlate in se.                                                                                            29
                                                                                                                ma Ranch Sep(BG),wherethe
Arizona, with downy young in                                                                                             is
                                                                                                                species not knownto breed.A
Iueson 19 Oct (L. Bates)and Here- This     basic-plumaged       Grebe discovered
                                                       Red-necked was           atKearny Pinal
                                                                                        Lake, County, Arizona wandering
                                                                                                           15                 Thick-billed   Kingbird
ford 21 Nov (MM). An Elf Owl was (here Novernber and                 there      the of           This
                                                                                                    was first
                                                      2006 remained through end Novernber. the of wasalongthe Santa                      CruzIL near
broughtin for rehabilitation several inArizona thewinter 2006-2007.
                                   in         found      during        of                  by
                                                                                   Photograph 6aryl•osenberg.                  30
                                                                                                                Tumacacori Aug (MA), and,
Iucson26 Sep(fideL. Bates);      another at Ramsey
                                          was                        1                                          the
                                                           Canyon AugOJ.& M. Hirth),2 in amazingly, individual hadwintered       that                 in
the DesertBotanicalGarden,Phoenix 2-3 Oct                                                                   the
                                                    MillerCanyon Aug(T. Beatty), another Yuma previous winters,
                                                                   4                  and                                five           returned a for
(A.Iarby, Gatz);     most  have thestate
                                left          by in MillerCanyon Aug(R. Hoyer).
                                                                      12                              6thby 23 Nov(HD, SD).Stillconsidered          rare
mid-Sep.Northern Saw-whetOwls were                    Green Kingfishersmade a substantial butregular thestate    in           during         fall,
                                                                                                                                       early East-
found road-killed      at two locations near                  on
                                                    comeback the upperS.ER.,         with asmany ern Kingbirds       were at WenimaW.A. I Sep
Flagstaff mid-Nov       (CL); no othersigns    of as 7 reported   between    Charleston Here- (GC, DR),at CowSprings 8 Sep
                                                                                        and                                       L.        (CL), and
thespecies'             were
             dispersal noted.         Iwo Lesser ford(MM, SH,AM, m.ob.).        Elsewhere,                                           ph.
                                                                                            singles in Eloy8-10 Sep(W. Flack; JHo,MMS).
Nighthawks Mararia Nov (AC) werelate were at San Bernardino N.W.R. 23 Aug More casual the fall, a Scissor-tailed
             in           1                                                                                        in                               Fly-
in departing. Seldom   detected migration, (REW), Patagonia
                                 in             a                       Roadside 13 Oct 0- catcherwas reportedfrom Papago
                                                                                   Rest                                                        Farms,
Whip-poor-will seenand heardat Ires Bock),and at Leslie
                  was                                                      Canyon                          6                     PK).
                                                                                    N.WR. during PJma Oct(K.Ellzey,fide A Rose-throat-
Rios, Phoenix Aug(IG).
                6                                   thesummer                                                   was
                                                                 season REW).Above-aver- ed Becard heard Guadalupe
                                                                         (fide                                              in              Canyon     6
   Up to 6 White-eared     Hummingbirds    were age              of
                                                       numbers Williamsong        Sapsuckers   were Aug(DK), whereit hasbeenrecorded            breed-
in Miller Canyon Aug(I. Beatty), strong seen thes.,witha fewspilling
                   in                   a               in                                                           in
                                                                                      overintothe ing irregularly the past,        anda female      was
showing thisrarity.In Madera
         for                           Canyon,               at                15
                                                a lowlands KinoSprings Oct (KK et al.), reported               alongthe SantaCruz R. nearTu-
White-eared    lingered                                    City
                          until 23 Oct (GW). Morgan Wash15Oct(TC), andB.T.A.                                   1
                                                                                                  1 macacori Sep(MA), suggesting           possible  lo-
Berylline Hummingbirds                                              S.
                            were morenumer- Nov0- Backus, Stangeland).              Yellow-bellied calbreeding.
ousthanusual.     Iwo (possibly cameto a Sapsuckers
                                   3)                           were reported above-average TheWhite-eyed
                                                                                 in                                      Vireo          at
                                                                                                                                found thePatago-
Portal feeder Aug-5Sep(RAR,ph., *REW). numbers,
              4                                              with reports                                          Rest
                                                                            fromA.V.S.T.E Oct nia Roadside duringthesummer
                                                                                           26                                                  season
In Madera  Canyon, malewasfound Aug, ('•PK), Portal 12 Nov (RAR, ph., tREW), wasseentherethrough least3 SCp
                      a                  8                                                                                      at              OAC,
anda female   appeared started
                         and                                                    R.
                                      nest-build- B.T.A.19 Nov+ (S. Burge, Witzeman,            M. '•MMS,•'RWr;v.r. PD, ph. MBS).LateBell's
ingby 12Aug(M. Bearse, E. Latturner,
                            SF,              ph. Scott),CatalinaS.E 20 Nov OPK), Huachuca Vireos were reportedfrom Gilbert i Oct
O. Niehuis). Ihe nest was abandonedafter a          Canyon Nov OMMS, MP), and Phoenix (MMo), from Tumacacori Oct (KK, JM),
                                                           22                                                                      22
tremendous rainstorm(,J.Burns).One 26 Nov (D. Powell). Casualin the lowlands,a and from Fort Lowell Park, Tucson 6 Nov
came to feeders at the Portal visitors center 22    DownyWoodpecker at Lee's
                                                                           was           Ferry 24 (DS).A Red-eyed       Vireo,stillconsidered    casu-
Aug(H. Snyder), onecontinued Ram- Nov+(CL). Some
                   and                  in                                         of                                         in
                                                                       movement HairyWood- al in fall,wasreported CartCanyon Aug                8
sey Canyon                                                 was             with              in
              through20 Aug (IC). Violet- peckers apparent, individuals the (J. Bangma, Johnson al.). Multiple     '•A.             et
crowned  Hummingbirds unexpected
                           in              loca- lowlands SabinoCanyon30 Aug-20 Sep MexicanJaysat Patagonia 31 Oct (SH)
                                                             at                                                                     L.
tionsincluded at Muleshoe       Ranch   Cooper- (WR), Cluff RanchW.A. 19 Oct (PK), Dead were               away fromusual    breeding  habitat the
ativeManagement 21-24Aug(MA) and HorseRanchS.E 3 Nov (B. Cooleyet al.), species.
                    Area                                                                                                Barn
                                                                                                              Scattered Swallows         lingered  into

120                                                                                                         NORTH AMERICAN                 BIRDS

mid-Nov, perhaps result themild,dryfall
               a       of                        WARBLERS
                                                        THROUGHFINCHES                  apparently            to
                                                                                                    returning past    winteringterrito-
weatherexperienced        s.
                    across Arizona.A          FiveTennessee   Warblers           during ries includedone alongSonoitaCr. above
flockof 15-20Bushtits Topock Marsh11                                     At
                                              the fall, all undocumented. least8 North- Patagonia 2-9 Sep(SH) andonealongthe
Nov (A.Z.EO.) was consideredcasual in the     ern Parulas   werereportedbetween Oct and S.ER.near the SanPedroHouse 27 Oct+ (SH).
L.C.R.V. A late House Wren was in Pasture                       a                  for
                                              12 Nov,perhaps few morethanusual a Another                         at
                                                                                                  wasreported PefiaBianca 27    L.
Canyon6 Nov (CL). Winter Wrenswere fall. Late Yellow Warblers were at Tucson 18 Nov (B. McKnight, Johnsen).    S.            Kentucky
foundin greater-than-usual    numbers  during Oct (MMS), Sweetwater Oct (JB),A.V.S.T.E Warbler,
                                                                      29                          casual        the
                                                                                                        during fall,was     reported at
the fall acrosscen. and s. Arizona, with no 3 Nov (DS),along Santathe    CruzR.w.of Red G.WR. 7 Oct (E Moulton) and Cave Creek
fewerthan28 reported Oct+(m.ob.).             Rock6 Nov (DJe),at FortLowellPark,Tucson Canyon 22 Oct (E D. Hulce). Late
  A lateBlue-gray               was
                    Gnatcatcher in Pasture 6 Nov (DS), at Topock Marsh 11 Nov MacGillivray's           Warblers  wereat FortHuachu-
Canyon Nov(CL).Thepairof Black-capped(A.Z.F.O.),and at G.W.R. 12-16 Nov 0- Al- ca25 Oct (SH) andSweetwater Nov (JB).     8-16
Gnatcatchers along Proctor         Rd. below cock).  Single  Chestnut-sided
                                                                          Warblers at Five Hooded
                                                                                 were                  Warblers  werereported  during
Madera   Canyon         the
                 during summer againwas                                                 the fall, morethanusual.                was
                                                                                                                     F.xceptional a
reported       31
          there Aug(MP,     MMS).Thepairat                                              Painted          at             7
                                                                                                Redstart Sweetwater Oct (JB).The
Patagonia was     reported frequentlythrough-                                           Rufous-capped            that
                                                                                                        Warbler hastaken res-  up
out the late summer,   with at leastonejuv.                                                    in
                                                                                        idence upper    Sycamore            was
                                                                                                                    Canyon lastre-
         2                    M.
present Sep(P.Santinello, Brown).        The                                            ported5 Sep (TC). A late Yellow-breasted
pairin Montosa           was      in
                 Canyon seen thepres-                                                   Chatwasin Phoenixl-4 Nov 0- Jantunen).
     of        4
ence at least juvs.25Aug(RWr). East- An                                                   A lateWestern             was
                                                                                                           Tanager at theB.T.A.      4
ernBluebird         the       near
              along S.P.R. Hereford        5                                            Nov (KR). Giventhe verywet monsoon       sea-
Nov (MM) was noteworthy, this species                                                                                  to
                                                                                        son, it was not surprising find Cassin's
does breed      regularly      this
                         along river.   Scat-                                                     n.
                                                                                        Sparrows of theirnormal       breedingrange in
teredreports            in
              continued Madera     Canyon af-                                           the state, with at least a few observations as
                    with 3 there8-13 Nov
ter the summerseason,                                                                                       (DJeet al.). Clay-colored
                                                                                            far n. as Phoenix
                                                 Magnolia        but    rare
                                                             annual quite intheSouthwest,
(RWr), and another4 reportedfartherup was     at
                                         present Gilbert,    7-20  8)
                                                       Arizona (here October
                                                                          2006.             Sparrows
                                                                                                   werereported greater-than-nor-
canyon Nov (B. & C. Postmus).
       13                     Western Photograph Clark.
                                              byDale                                        mal numbers,with about 24 found between
        were       in
Bluebirds reported moderate   numbers                                                       lateAugandtheendof Nov;a veryhighcon-
acrosss. Arizona this fall. Mountain Bluebirds
                                  TresRios,Phoenix5 Oct (CBa) and at Rio Sal-               centration   of 15 was at San Bernardino
followed withmoderate
       suit,              present ado, Phoenix 11-2'} Nov (TG); se. Arizona
                    numbers                                                                      2                     Sparrow
                                                                                            N.W.R. Oct(REW).A Grasshopper
              areas both the Santa
in agricultural    in              Cruz  Chestnut-sideds  areusually found laterin the in the SantaCruz Flats 27 Nov (DJe) was n.
Flats Sulfur  Springs      by       An
                      Valley lateNov.            season
                                                      duringDec.A Magnolia     was
                                                                         Warbler       andw. of the spedes' usualwinterrange  in
earlySwainson•Thrush at Morgan
                      was          City well documentedat G.W.R. 7-20 Oct (B. Win- thestate. Baird's
                                                                                                A                in
                                                                                                        Sparrow theSanRafael
Wash4 Sep(TC). A WoodThrush,   casualin terrield; C. Marpie, Clark,
                                                 ph.              D.       JHo).Two Grasslands Sep(SH) wasan earlyarriver.
Arizona, in Portal2-7 Nov (ph., ?REW). others  werereported                   at
                                                               withoutdetails Toile- Although               Fox           are
                                                                                                 Slate-colored Sparrows reg-
TheonlyRufous-backed of thefallwas son 15 Oct (BG) andWinkleman 19 Nov (PS, ular in se.Arizona winter,a ratherlarge
                     Robin                                                                               in
oneat theH.R.P. Nov+($L. Hatter;ph.J. J. Mueller, Lasky);
                                                    R.          Magnolia          is
                                                                          Warbler a concentration 10-15 at Oak Flat Camp-
Cochran).VariedThrushes more
                        were     widely casual transient in Arizona and remains on the ground Superior Nov-2 Dec(PD)was
                                                                                               near        24
       thanusual,withindividuals Gran- A.B.C. review list. Male Black-throated Blue unusual.
                                at                                                               Two HarrisõSparrows   frequented
       2                     Kingman
iteBasin Nov(N. & A. Silacci),      13 Warblers at Eagar Sep(DR),H.R.P.
                                                  were           14                 3- the G.W.R. 12 Nov+ 0- Alcock;ph. RD,
Nov (ph.J. Porter),               Desert 9 Nov (R. & S.Skevington), in Huachuca GHR),whileanother in Payson Nov
                                                                      and                                  was            29
Museum 14-21 Nov (L. Sullivan,MP, MMS), Canyon Nov+(H. Hansen,
                                                    25                        A
                                                                        m.ob.). Black- (L. Estis).A LaplandLongspur     was at the
Huachuca   Canyon Nov(AM), Pefia
                   17               Blanca throated Green Warbler, casual in Arizona, Rousseau Sod Farm in Scottsdale 14 Oct+
L. 28 Nov (C. Braun),and alongthe S.P.R. was well documented the B.T.A.4 Nov (L. (ph. RJ);thisis the 3rd time in the pastsix
near the San Pedro House 30 Nov (D.         Mason,  KR;ph. R. Fortes0.Another  wasre- yearsthat thisspecies beenfoundthere.
Beaudette). Aztec Thrushes continued from                         at            29
                                            portedwithoutdetails Tumacacori Sep Chesmut-collared         Longspurs  werefoundn.
the summer incursion. The bird located in   (KK).A Palm           was        at
                                                         Warbler reported G.W.R. of their normalArizonawinterrange,           with
Garden          in
       Canyon Julwas            5
                         refound Aug(TC, 26 Sep(?MMo).A Blackpoll              also
                                                                       Warbler, ca- oneat Scottsdale Oct (RJ), 15 in the Santa
R.Koury); wereat Old Sawmill   Spring,Cart sualin thefall,wasreported Bullhead
                                                                       at          City CruzFlats29 Oct (DP), and15 in Arlington
         15                 ph.
Canyon Aug (L. Epstein, M. Brown); 26 Sep (•J. McMorran).We received re- 24 Nov (TC).
andin Madera   Canyon, least remained portsof Black-and-white
                       at     one                                    Warblerbetween  4    No fewer than 11 Rose-breasted Grosbeaks
along the HopkinsFork through10 Aug Augand29 Nov,about                   for
                                                                  average a fall.Sim- werereported    duringthe fall, aboutaverage
(m.ob.), while a femaleor imm. remainedin ilarly, American
                                                  8                   were
                                                             Redstarts reported     be- now for a singleseason. Late Black-headed
themaincanyon Aug-6Sep Rose al.; tween Augand2'}Nov.
                 28          (V.     et            25                 Slightly regu- Grosbeakswere at Tumacacori23 Oct (RF)
ph.DS),with,perhaps, same     individualre- lar,ProthonotaryWarblers reported
                                                                     were         from andalong  Tanque  Verde Wash5 Nov (WR).
portedthere20 Sep(V. Geber0.The lastre- Portal Aug(J.& T. Gaetzi),
                                                  21                           in
                                                                        singing Sabi- No fewer than 25 PaintedBuntingswere
portwas a male          up           9
                  farther thecanyon Oct no Canyon Sep(WR),andnear
                                                       9                   Tumacacori found,mostlyduringearly to mid-Aug.        A
           A              was
(S.Birky). GrayCatbird in Flagstaff     27 22 Oct (KK, ph.JMo).A Worm-eating      War- Common    Grackle wasat Portal11 Nov (ph.
                        and         was
Aug-9Sep(K. Murphy), another in bler wasin Flagstaff             19-20Sep(?C. Holm, S. DeLong);     therehavebeenfewerthan 15
              2'}                      is
Glen Canyon Nov (CL); thisspecies a JC);thisspecies a casual
                                                           is        visitor thestate. previous
                                                                           to                          of             from
                                                                                                records thisspecies Arizona.
raretransientaway  frombreeding areas the TheonlyOvenbird thefallwasat Sweetwa- An Orchard Oriole was located at G.W.R. 17
                                    in                        of
White Mrs.                                  ter 24-29 Oct (JB). LouisianaWaterthrushes Oct-28 Nov (ph. H. Bond,  m.ob.);thisoriole

VOLUME 61 (2007)                ß NUMBER 1                                                                                       121

is still only casualin the state.The male             Contributors: Moez All, Arizona Field Or- son,MollyPollock,               Gary
                                                                                                                  KurtRadamaker, H.
Streak-backed Oriole that wintered at G.WR.           nithologists(A.Z.EO.), RobertBehrstock, Rosenberg, DonnaRoten,Rose   Ann Rowlett,
in 2005-2006 returned again7 Oct+ (tSG,               ChrisD. Benesh,   GavinBieber,JerryBock, Will Russell,Peter Salomon,ScottSchuette,
ph.J. McKay, Grice). smallflockof 4-5
             B.       A                               Allen Chattier, John Coons, Andrew Core, DaveStejskal, Mark M. Stevenson, Rick &
BlackRosy-Finches reported      alongthe              TroyCorman,  GaryCrandell,Henry Detwiler, RickyThompson,         E.
                                                                                                                Richard Webster,George
VermilionCliffs26 Nov 0B) withoutfurther Suzanne  Detwiler,PierreDeviche,Rich Ditch,                                                     Janet
                                                                                                      West, Erika Wilson, SheriWilliamson,
details; species a casual
       this        is        wintervisitor Shawneen Finnegan,Reid Freeman,Noah                               (Maricopa), Wright.
                                                                                                      Witzeman       Rick
to rocky areas in extreme n. Arizona. Gaines,                Bill
                                                 TomGaskill, Grossi,   Stuart Healy,
Lawrence• Goldfinches were found across s. John Higgins,
                                                       Jack Holloway,  Dave Jasper                        M.      (Non-passerines)
                                                                                                      Mark Stevenson
Arizona                  in
        thisfall beginning lateSep,with (Portal), DougJenness,    RoyJones,Keith                      4201East
                                                                                                             Monte    Drive,
                                                                                                                  Vista    #J207
the largestconcentrations reported the Kamper (TucsonRareBird Alert), Philip
                                   in                                                                      Arizona
                                                                                                      Tucson,              (
Santa CruzR.valley ofTucson. at Page Kline,DaveKrueper,
                   s.         One                             ChuckLaRue,   Michael                      H.       (Passefines)
                                                                                                      Gary Rosenberg
        17                      the
Springs Sep (NG) represented most Marsden, Bill Massey,Alan Miller, Jake                                 Box    Tucson,
                                                                                                      P.O. 91856,          85752-1856
northerlyreport.                           Mohlman,MichaelMoore (MMo), DavePear-                      (

                                           BEAUFORT     SEA

                         B•,.•      across
                   CUVKCmSEA •udhoee.y the      inmid-Sep-
                                          Aleutians     showing,with 2 differentdrakesin the
                      •         •        coupled United
                                    tember, with        Ketchikan                and 28 Nov+
                                                                 area 18 Sep (PAN)
                      • •o=e•ue                                       Fish      Ser•ce
                                                                  States & Wildlife (PR,ph.AWP),plusanother Juneau Sep
                                                                                                             in      29
                                                                                     and againin Nov tfirough leastthe 20th
                 G•.•• •  •• •,                                   transectsinthe of (DM, ph. RA). Theserepresent
                                                              'Ea9•    earlieraccount
                                                                       anexcitMgmonth,                           Ketchikan's
             •            '•"• (•'•-                  •'•o•                pelagic
                                                                                         at the       5th/6th      of         fall    usu-
                                                                                                             records thiscasual migrant
         •'.             •••               •                   t.           season's peak. located s.Southeast.
                                                                                         ally    in                 Wigeons
   BERING           na.•I. • - • • •        •
                                         - •r
                                                      •Z" • "•
                                                                    '•n•           summaries
                                                                             Seab•rd      from passed average
                                                                                                    in            at       Bering
                                                                                                            numbers theusual
             •,      •/•'•;5•
                  .....              •,.•"' the      charter
                                                 VENT wereSea-Aleutian witha peakof69 counted
          •m..     &•. •_•        %•s•               bytargeted Shemya 10 Oct (MS).Ext•alimital
                                            • influenced      at     1.                       Amer-
      • .  •a%• •          aO•o•S• •          chumm•ng
                                        •t•,,u,       andforays Wigeons
                                                              ican              one           8
                                                                         included at Gambell Sep
  •a.              .,•                                              •         discted steep
                                                                                    to    •nks,       (PEL), a Gambellfirst in autumn,and one on
   Amch•' Adak
       L    I.                                                  deep trenches, and
                                             canyons  from both sidesof the Aleutians,
                                             fromSanak   Bankwestof the Shumagin    Is-
Thede Tobish                                      all
                                             lands thewayto Stalemate         just
                                                                         Bank, west
                                             ofAttuIsland.  Gambell          were
                                                                    highlights again
                      fall2006 anom- dominated rarities
           eather-wise,         was                     by                       of
                                                                  frombothsides the
            lous.High-pressure   conditions  BeringStrait,and persistent coverageagain
            xpanded        the
                    across Mainland                    a             for
                                         and produced newspecies NorthAmerica.
displaced Aleutian    Low northward,    such Passerines  dominatedthis season's  rarity
that the season's typicalanticyclone                    all                 but
                                       flows highlights, after10September, lateAu-
were deflected south of the Aleutians. Even  gustand the first third of September--nor-
withexcellent coverage,                           a
                        includingboatload mally productive
                                  a                                   at       sites
                                                               period offshore for
of birdersat Attu for the first time since2000,       Asian landbirds•were     almost devoid of no-
it wasa relatively              species tablereports Gambell on Shemya
                     yearforAsian                  at      and       Is-                                 re•ent
                                                                                                      With           coverage migrationShe-
                                                                                                              increased    during    on
in the western Aleutians. North of the mid-           land.                                           myaIsland,
                                                                                                              Alaska, thewestern
                                                                                                                   in          Aleutian    Eurasian
season   high-pressure band, severalstorms                                                                 has found beregular This was
                                                                                                      Hobby been       to       there. adult
managed drawbothNearcftc Palearctic SWANS
           to                    and                   THROUGH     STORM-PETRELS                             24         (here)
                                                                                                      observedSeptember through   2October2006.
                                                                                                      Photograph     Trotter.
species  into the northern half of the Bering The mild early half of the seasonallowed
     as             The
Sea, at Gambell. season         remained  gen- Trumpeter       to
                                                         Swans lingerin highnumbers,                                             18
                                                                                                      Attu 1. (VENT), wherecasual, Sep.Al-
erallywarmandstorm-free     across Region at leastin the UpperCookInletbasin,
                                   the                                           where                though            Teal
                                                                                                             Blue-winged canbe found most
throughOctober,     when strongArctichigh a late count of 151 was made between An-                          scattered e. Interiorlakes,14 to-
                                                                                                      summers       on
pressure           in         and                     and
          ushered intense widespread chorage Portage Oct(RLS,    21         TT). A fam-               gether,           a
                                                                                                             including female   with 8 youngat
coldformost November.                       of
                             Out-migration ily groupof 5 Trumpeters notable
                                                                        was         off-              KennyL. 12-19Aug (AL), madean excep-
Alaskan breeders was concentrated in the first                              i
                                               shoreat Kodiak,with Tundras Nov (ph.                                              onlyGarganey
                                                                                                      tionalfall total.The season•
half of the season, while the Novembercold RAM).MostTrumpeters pushed nest-
                                                                     are       off                                                     I.
                                                                                                      reportwasof 3 Shemya 18 Sep
ruined most chances for late records. The Vic-                      usuallyin the early
                                               ing lakesby freeze-up,                                 (MS).BaikalTealagain          the
                                                                                                                             reached w.Aleu-
tor Emanuel Nature Tours (VENT) cruise part of Oct. Wood Ducks made a strong                          tians,wheretheyhavebeenregular Sep  in

122                                                                                                         NORTH       AMERICAN         BIRDS

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