; April 19_ 2011 This regular meeting of the Jerome City Council was
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April 19_ 2011 This regular meeting of the Jerome City Council was


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									                                                                           April 19, 2011

       This regular meeting of the Jerome City Council was called to order by Mayor
Shine at 5:30 p.m.
       Present: Councilman Chris Barber, Councilwoman Dawn Soto, Mayor John
Shine, and Councilman Robert Culver. Councilwoman Schmidt arrived at 5:35 p.m.
       Also present were Assistant Finance Director Kathy Cone, City Administrator
Ben Marchant, City Attorney John B. Lothspeich, Public Works Director Walt Appell,
Assistant to the City Administrator Micah Austin, Fire Chief Hatfield, City Engineer
Rick Wuori, and Police Chief Dan Hall.


       Mayor Shine led the audience in recitation of the pledge of allegiance.


        Councilwoman Soto made a motion to add items to the agenda and consent
agenda, all of which were received after the deadline to post, to approve Change Order
No. 4 for Idaho Sand & Gravel for the 93 Corridor Tech Park Project, and to approve
claims to Magic Valley Labs, Ovivo, LLC, and Rain for Rent. Second to the motion was
made by Councilman Culver. After consideration the motion passed unanimously by the
following vote: AYES: Councilman Culver, Councilman Barber, and Councilwoman
Soto. NAYS: None. ABSTAIN: Councilwoman Schmidt abstained as she just arrived
and did not hear the motion.


       Those items contained in the consent calendar are as follows:
       1. Approve the minutes of the April 5, 2011 regular meeting and the minutes of
          the April 14, 2011 special meeting;
       2. Officer’s reports – Fire, Building, Library, Law Enforcement,          and
          Treasurer’s Quarterly;
       3. Approve payment to Magic Valley Labs in the amount of $19.454.05 for
          drinking water and industry testing;
       4. Approve payment to Ovivo, LLC in the amount of $13,251.84 for flux
          enhancer drums;
       5. Approve payment to Rain for Rent in the amount of $17,651.24 for pump
       6. Claims
            9/11 Patch Project, $502.50; AAA Rental & Serv Co Inc, $741.00; A-D
            Technologies, $8,303.39; AFLAC, $1,329.07; Airespring, $861.42;
            Alvarez-Garcia, Maria, $52.87;; American Backflow Prevention Assoc.,
            $70.00andy's Heating And A/C, Inc., $134.86 Apex Equipment, $4,980.00;
            Appell, Joan, $174.15; Aqua Engineering Inc, $1,944.00; Arellano-Tapia,
            Javier, $13.52; Argo Company, $270.00; Arteaga, Erica, $24.98; Assoc Of
Jerome City Firefighters, $100.00; Associated Business Forms/Sys,
$230.49; Austin, Micah, $293.65; Avesis Third Party Admin, Inc., $296.10;
B & R Bearing, $307.08; Baker & Taylor Books, $427.90; Barracuda
Networks, Inc., $349.00; Barry Rental, Inc., $1,555.88; BC Sales Co., Inc.,
$359.90; Bhs Marketing LLC, $4,382.85bio Tech Soils, $750.00blue Cross,
$49,682.74burks Tractor Co. Inc., $27,432.00; Burnham, Allen P, $21.90;
Cain, Charles, $15.00; CDW Government, Inc., $188.94; Center Point Large
Print, $91.28 Central Equipment Company, $398.35; Cervantes-Rogelio,
Jose, $16.29; City Of Jerome, $305,880.10; Clark & Sons Inc., $192.50;
CNH Capital, $3,361.68; Code Enforcement Professionals Of Idaho, $50.00;
Cole-Parmer, $613.25; Colonial Life & Accident Insur, $139.03; Columbia
Electric Supply, $68.60; Compressor-Pump & Service, $197.14; Con Paulos
Inc., $40.25; Cone, Kathy, $21.24; Consolidated Electrical Distri, $57.76;
Costco Wholesale Membership, $126.88; Culligan Soft Water Service,
$78.50; Custom Electric, Inc., $2,592.50; D & B Supply, $1,833.73; D & S
Electrical Supply, $1,814.07; Dan Lafferty Construction Inc, $133,063.53;
Darrington, Ryan, $87.30; Data Support Co Inc, $603.00; Davis, Diana R,
$17.91; Day-Timers Inc., $31.94; Dell, $50.00; Delta Dental Plan Of Id.,
$5,757.60; Dept Of Environmental Quality, $1,831.34; Dewitt Diesel,
$3,652.32; Dig Line Inc, $78.84’ Dimension Systems Of Idaho, LLC,
$2,969.86; Doctors For Id Fire Services, LLC, $700.00; Don's Irrigation,
$1,793.41; Environmental Resource Assoc., $93.06; Ergometrics,
$1,000.00; Eric's Custom Upholstery, $150.00; Executrain, $1,050.00;
Farmore Of Idaho, $403.64; Fastenal Company, $685.98; Ferguson
Enterprises, Inc., $330.00; Fetterly, Chrystal, $35.73; Fiberpipe, Inc.,
$69.90; FMI-EPS, LLC, $552.96; Franklin Building Supply, $1,421.80;
Fred Kenyon Repair Inc., $2,341.86; Gem State Paper & Supply, $168.74;
Gem State Welder's Supply, $358.63; Go-Fer It Express, $292.00; Goold
Mfg. And Machine, Inc., $56.00; Great America Leasing Corp., $169.98;
H.D.Fowler, $1,505.53; Hach Company, $178.95; Hall, Daniel, $28.83;
Hall, Tamara L, $39.43; Hanson Janitorial Supply, Inc., $255.81; Harrison,
Monica, $131.00; Harvey's Office Plus, $169.14; Hastings Entertainment,
$39.94; Hatfield, Raymond Mike, $22.50; Helena Chemical Co., $1,258.47;
Henage, Douglas R, $9.36; High Country Fusion Co Inc, $105,764.08;
Hodge, Nathan, $38.53; HSBC Business Solutions, $520.86; Id Child
Support Receipting, $548.00; Id Dept Of Commerce & Labor, $4,688.18; Id
Electric Motor Service Inc, $760.00; Id State Tax Commission, $10,911.00;
Id Transportation Department, $92.00; Idaho Police Canine Assoc, $240.00;
Idaho Power Co., $45,719.56; Idaho Power Company(Corp Cashier), $2.44;
Idaho State Police, $1,406.25; Ifca 2011 Conference, $175.00; Ikon Office
Solutions, $40.47; Industrial Fabrics Corporation, $1,500.70; Ingram Book
Company, $1,423.56; Intermountain Fabrication LLC, $115.74;
Intermountain Gas Company, $2,454.74; Interstate Battery System Id,
$164.90; Itt Water And Wastewater Usa, $3,118.96; Jaeger, Christina,
$15.00; Jerome Chamber Of Commerce, $60.00; Jerome City Water
Department, $191.94; Jerome County, $19,967.82; Jerome FF Local Union
4589, $520.00; Jerome Printshop, $561.86; Jerome Recreation District,
$3,911.50; Jerome Urban Renewal Agency, $90,000.00; Jerome Veterinary
Hospital, $50.00; Jim's Repair & Distributing, $193.53; Kaminsky &
Associates, Inc, $350.00; Karen's Kleaning Konnection, $1,180.00; Keck's
Plumbing & Salvage, $247.35; Keller Associates, $9,910.00; Kings No. 22,
$73.58; Kirk, Sean, $15.00; Lab Safety Supply Inc, $1,513.15; Lacal
Equipment Inc., $28.17; Lacelle, David, $15.00; Land View, Inc, $2,090.00;
Larsen Fire Apparatus Service Co, $553.66; Lee's Radiator, $250.00; Les
Schwab Tire Centers Inc, $40.50; LHTAC, $120.00; Lopez, Ruben, $39.58;
Lyn Distributing, L.L.C., $460.66; M. Lee Smith Publishers LLC, $387.00;
Maires, Martie, $18.33; Manley Services, $6,584.05; Maplogic Corporation,
$250.00; Marchant, Ben, $1,274.03; Markus, Katherine, $144.90; McBride,
David, $15.00; Mes-Northwest, $5,106.30; Metroquip, Inc., $674.30; Miller,
Jeffrey G, $9.52; Modern Machinery Co., Inc., $12,950.00; Monsen
Engineering, Inc., $1,203.53; Mower Office Systems, $1,432.99; MV
Business Systems, $243.64; MV Labs Inc., $19,454.05; MV Pipe & Steel,
$144.52; MV Private Utility Locates, $130.00; MWI Veterinary Supply,
$236.50; Napa Auto Parts, $205.96; Nasro, $40.00; National Rifle Assn Of
America, $35.00; Ncpers Group Life Ins C356, $304.00; New Tech
Security, $284.24; Norco, $300.07; North Idaho Fire Chiefs Association,
$70.00; Northside Implement Co., $28.86; Northwest Sand And Gravel,
$29,894.59; Northwest Specialty Gas, $244.56; Olson, Ronnie, $580.20;
Orchard, Sally, $200.00; Ovivo, LLC, $13,251.84; Palacia-Ramirez,
Roxana, $34.26; Pitney Bowes Inc., $351.00; Platt, $676.19; Post Academy,
$245.00; Postage By Phone, $6,161.00; Powells.Com, $121.77; Principal
Fin Group Inc , $514.21; Pro Green Supply, $121.84; Pro-Flame, Inc,
$20.40; PSI Environmental Services Inc, $12,792.69; Qal-Tek Associates,
$261.51; Quality Books Inc., $507.15; Qwest, $1,782.39; Radar Shop, The,
$783.00; Rain For Rent, Inc., $18,647.86; Regence Life & Health,
$5,062.37; Reis Plumbing And Heating Inc, $221.00; Riedesel Engineering
Inc, $1,753.80; Road Work Ahead Const. Supply, $618.75; Robertson,
Jason, $14.41; Ron's American Car Care Center, LLC, $1,311.21; R's
Mobile Mini's, $440.00; Rush Truck Centers Of Idaho, Inc., $166.61; Safety
Supply & Sign Co, $289.80; Salt Lake Wholesale Sports, $1,153.81; Sassy
Solutions, Inc, $1,734.00; Sawtooth Veterinary Services, $372.26; Signed
Sealed & Delivered, $111.02; Sirsidynix #774271, $257.00; Smokin
Cowboys, LLC, $175.00; Snake River Veterinary Hosp, $150.00; So
Central District Health, $171.00; Something More, $72.71; St. Benedict's
Hosp., Inc, $28.00; Sterling Codifiers, Inc., $5,836.00; Stutzman Inc.,
$50,444.44; Sunbelt Software, $1,777.50; Sweet's Septic & Backhoe, Inc.,
$64,662.00; TCS-The Cop Shop, $31.25; Tek-Hut Inc., $649.85; Times
News, $121.98; TKO Construction, $2.36; Tore Up, $25.00; Treasure
Valley Coffee, Inc., $120.90; Trebar Kenworth Sales, $4,383.61; Triple C
Concrete, $635.47; Twin Falls Rentals, $6.49; Twitchell, Vesta, $2.00; U S
Bank Credit Card, $5,396.54; U S Postmaster, $1,407.60; Unified Office
Services, $256.59; Unified Office Services C/O CB, $321.52; United
            Laboratories, $2,279.65; United Pipe & Supply Co., Inc., $181.80; USA
            Bluebook, $396.5; UV Doctor Lamps LLC, $203.76; V & M Partsland,
            $800.38; Valb Inc, $105.04; Valley Co-Op, $41,454.08; Verizon Wireless,
            $3,004.14; VSP, $1,080.38Wal-Mart Community, $526.21; Ward, Patricia
            K., $356.82; W-Cubed, Inc., $988.95; West Circle Books, $132.72;
            Westech, $2,220.24; Western Fire Equipment, $352.00; Western States
            Equipment, $469.00; White Cloud Communications, $907.25; White, David
            D, $7.92;Williams-Meservy & Lothspeich, LLP, $8,118.58; Wilson, Frank,
            $2,601.23; Wonderware Pacwest, $9,424.95; ZGA Architects & Planners
            Inc, $3,390.00
       Councilwoman Schmidt made the motion to approve the consent calendar as
presented. Second to the motion was made by Councilwoman Soto. After consideration
the motion passed unanimously by the following vote: AYES: Councilwoman Schmidt,
Councilman Culver, Councilman Barber, and Councilwoman Soto. NAYS: None.


        Mayor John Shine presented Sergeant Jim Baker with a certificate and gift card
and recognized Officer Baker’s contributions to the city of Jerome as an outstanding
employee. Chief Hall stated Officer Baker has been with the city for a very long time
and has served in numerous roles. He’s a patrol sergeant and serves as a mentor to the
people he supervises. Jim is community minded and thinks of other departments. He
recently was instrumental in getting some equipment for the library.


        Rosa Paiz, owner of El Sombrero Restaurant and Wendy Florence, owner of
Academy Di Firenze appeared to discuss parking issues on Alder and Main Street. Ms.
Florence noted at one time her customers were able to use the private parking lot behind
her business, but now the owner of the lot will not allow it. The owner has the cars in the
private lot towed within three to five minutes of parking, which she feels borders on
harassment. He contracts for towing and charges are between $100 and $185 depending
on whether the vehicle actually gets towed or not. Ms. Florence is asking that the owner
of the lot be required to rope it off or have better signage so her customers don’t
mistakenly park on the lot. She also asked if diagonal spaces are an option to gain more
parking on Alder. Ms. Paiz also asked if diagonal parking is possible. Upon inquiry by
Councilwoman Soto, Mr. Marchant responded the city has no authority to tell a private
property owner what they can and cannot do. Mr. Austin stated parallel parking is the
safest form of parking, so diagonal parking is not recommended for Main Street. Public
Works Director Walt Appell stated Alder is not wide enough to accommodate diagonal
parking. Commissioner Barber stated he would be willing to contact Mr. Ortega to see if
an amenable solution can be mediated. Mayor Shine thanked Commissioner Barber for
offering to do that and further asked staff to review possible solutions.
        Deborah Gabardi from the Crisis Center of Magic Valley appeared to request
program support. The center has been doing business for 29 years and provides service to
victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. They helped over 500 Jerome residents
last year. A new program, funded by a grant, is being provided for victims that do not
speak English. Outreach to the Hispanic population is extremely important because they
are often unable to help themselves when they cannot speak or read English. The center
is also part of a sexual assault response team, which lessens the victim being further
victimized by having to tell their story over and over. Mayor Shine thanked Ms. Gabardi
for the services she and the center provide. Upon receipt of an invoice, the city will give
financial support to this program in the amount that was budgeted for this year.
        County Commissioner Cathy Roemer appeared to invite the council and mayor to
attend proposed meetings with Jerome county commissioners and officials of Eden and
Hazelton to discuss county-wide issues. The council supports the concept, stating it’s a
great idea.
        Kent Baldwin appeared to discuss a house in his neighborhood that is in total
disrepair. He asked if there is a way for the city to regulate properties that are visually
displeasing and possibly unsafe. Mr. Austin stated some of the problem is tracking down
the responsible party. Misdemeanor citations can be written, but it’s a problem when the
owner does not respond. Mr. Austin suggested abatement procedures should be put in
place to handle this type of situation. Mr. Lothspeich stated about three years ago the
nuisance ordinance was rewritten to update the definitions regarding junk, etc. on the
property and the police department has actively cited people into Court to abate those
properties and we’ve worked with those people. The property discussed tonight might be
an exception for some reason, just in terms of proper notice to the landowner, but the city
has city-wide addressed those problems. Chief Hall will have the ordinance officer take a
look at this property.
        Mr. Marchant read an e-mail from Arlene Gray asking for immediate action to
control goat heads, which are a noxious weed. The proliferation of this puncture weed is
evident throughout the city. This is the time to spray them because they go to seed in
July. Also noted in the e-mail is the fact weeds are extremely difficult to control. The
seeds are known to survive for at least 20 years in dormancy in the pods. The e-mail
cites the Idaho statutes making failure to control noxious weeds a misdemeanor. Mayor
Shine stated the compliance officer can follow-up on any particular properties for which
complaints are received.
        Beverly Beem, homeowner since 1989, discussed her water bill which seemed to
be high. After closer review of her bill, she realized it was high due to incurred penalties.
She discovered her check for payment was delivered to the wrong address and so she
incurred penalties due to late payment. She asked to have the penalties waived and
further stated she has never made a late payment on her account. Mr. Marchant
explained staff does not have the statutory authority to waive fees so Ms. Beem was
referred to the council for consideration of this request. The council gave staff the
authority to waive the penalties.


       Sales Manager Les Reitz and Regional Director Josh Brown of PSI
Environmental, Inc. discussed PSI’s proposal of March 9, 2011 for a single stream
recycle program. The program, which was recently implemented in Twin Falls, is
successful. The city of Jerome is a cart-only service so Mr. Brown feels this program
would be even more beneficial to the residents. Almost all residential garbage is
recyclable. Glass and wet food waste are not recyclable. Upon inquiry by Commissioner
Barber, Mr. Brown stated if recyclable commodity pricing spikes, the volatility becomes
less risky if there is volume. However, PSI would assume that bad risk. If the city were
to implement this program, all residents would be required to pay the additional cost. Mr.
Brown stated the rewards points program could be by subscription for Jerome residents
for an additional cost. All residents would be required to pay the lower cost for the base
program; however, the option would be available for those who want to pay a higher
premium for the rewards points. PSI would require a contract with a minimum seven
year term for the recycle program. Mr. Lothspeich advised this is an ordinary and
necessary expense, which is an exception to the constitutional prohibition, so he does not
see this as a problem for contracting beyond one year. Council agreed they would like to
discuss this issue in further detail in a workshop setting.


       Councilman Culver made the motion to approve the purchase of a John Deere
XUV 825i for weed spraying and fertilizer application the parks and streets for the
amount of $10,076.41. Second to the motion was made by Commissioner Barber. After
consideration the motion passed unanimously by the following vote: AYES:
Councilwoman Schmidt, Councilman Culver, Councilman Barber, and Councilwoman
Soto. NAYS: None.
       Mr. Appell stated this is a budgeted item. This piece of equipment will help our
parks employee to maintain the city’s parks. All of the alleys and streets will be sprayed.


        Councilwoman Schmidt made the motion to approve Change Order No. 4 for
Idaho Sand & Gravel to perform additional trench backfill and compaction at the 93 Tech
Park in the amount of $126,283.51. Second to the motion was made by Councilman
Culver. After consideration the motion passed unanimously by the following vote:
AYES: Councilwoman Schmidt, Councilman Culver, Councilman Barber, and
Councilwoman Soto. NAYS: None.
        Mr. Wuori explained that due to soil conditions, weather, and lack of manpower,
the city asked Idaho Sand & Gravel to assist with the compaction and all the road work
so the paving can be completed. Idaho Sand & Gravel stated they can complete the work
in about two to three months, which meets the EDA deadline to complete the grant. Mr.
Wuori also noted the EDA approved this change order late today.


       Councilwoman Schmidt reported she will attend the Idaho rural forum at the
Idaho State Police building on April 21st. She also reported the Urban Renewal Agency
will meet at 2:00 p.m. on May 5th.
        Mr. Marchant reported he met with the Mayor and Ross to discuss budget options.
In the next few weeks departments will be putting together numbers different from what
was presented at the strategic planning workshop. Mr. Marchant is proposing to have a
budget workshop in late May using these hard numbers. He also reported the water
works department will be putting information on utility bill in May the requirements for
backflow devices. An alternative enforcement ordinance regarding backflow will be
forthcoming. He noted this Thursday he will be the speaker at the Jerome Chamber of
Commerce business savvy series to talk about how to promote Jerome.
        Mr. Austin noted the area of impact needs to be revised. He met with Art Brown
and they have agreed upon a map to be used. It is in the best interests of city to get the
area updated. The mayor needs to appoint three people to serve as a liaison committee
between the county commissioners and the council. Three members from the city
council, which could include the mayor, must also serve on the City Area of Impact
Committee. Combined with the three county commissioners, the state code calls it the
Committee of Nine. The Committee of Nine will convene and agree on area of impact
negations and the ordinances that need to be passed. It will then be taken to both the City
and County Planning & Zoning Commissions and then to the governing board. In
summary, it first starts with the Committee of Nine, both planning and zoning
commissions, and then both county and city governing boards.


      There being nothing further to discuss, this regular meeting of the Jerome City
Council adjourned at 7:04 p.m.

                                                            John Shine, Mayor


Kathy Cone, Acting for City Clerk

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