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					          Vulnerable and Hard-to-Reach Population FACT SHEET:
            This fact sheet provides information about a population in Florida that is potentially vulnerable
               and/or hard-to-reach before, during, and after a disaster event. Preparedness requires
            understanding the demographics and characteristics of these groups in order to best meet the
                                                 needs of all persons.

         Children are defined as persons under age 18 years.

United States

         72.5 million children
              o 19 million under the 5 years
              o 28 million between 5 and 11 years
              o 23 million 12 to17 years

Source: Census 2000, 2001


         3.6 million children in 3.2 million families (5% of the nation’s children, Census 2000)
              o 180,000 disabled aged 5 - 15 years old
              o 380,000 children in Broward County
         12,000 children aged 5 - 17 years old do not speak English (2004 American Community Survey)
         Over 1 million children are victims of child abuse and neglect each year

General Information
When determining resources to assist in the likelihood of a disaster event, you need to consider the child’s:

         Environment
         Parental influences
         Non-familial relationships
         Culture

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